September 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with good will and a hearty hello that we continue to plan our face to face contact in October. It is right upon us now and we are able to look into the future somewhat and it looks good with intent on your part to receive us without aggression or violence. We have formed our plan and are finishing our speeches to you with all due haste. There is no place for violence during this time. It is counter productive in nature and we will protect ourselves. Our vision and directive is clear and we will give you the information you need to reclaim your rights as they pertain to joy and happiness along with the truth of your history. It will be quite a shock to most of you and we will give you time to stabilize and gain your footing after hearing what we have to say.

Now for other topics. Our speakers are good at their jobs and we have chose well. One of the topics we will expound upon will be health care for all. There is a lot to be done here and further details are planned and will be given to the health care professionals of your planet as they so wish. Advancement can progress rapidly with certain information in this area and the overall benefit is for improved health for all individuals of earth. We have our own medical and health care people and they look forward to the time when you can be taken up to the ships for their machines that will give you a much needed healing. That time will not be immediate but is in the future. For now let us say that so much can be done right here where you live. Most of you do not know yet what good health feels like. It will be most rewarding to you when that time comes.

The details of so many subjects are on schedule to the willing listener and there are plans in progress for people to deliver information to those on the subjects desired. Some will be intermediaries who will span the distance between us and you and their training is in progress to receiving the answers to your questions and delivering that information to you. It may sound complicated but is really quite simple. A go between so to speak and you will see that it works well. We have used it in the past with much success.

The offerings we have for you is contingent upon your desire to receive these important facts that will improve your lives. Once you see that we really mean no harm and are in fact here to help you I think it will remove any negative objections you may have had. This is the part where the getting to know each other comes in and we will do this within the pace of things that you need and require. No need to push anything on you. Once again you will see that the information given is indeed good and does improve things you will be more agreeable to receiving more. It is the proof is in the pudding part of our relationship.

We do not deviate from our ultimate goal and we have come a long way so far both in distance from our original homes and in the acceptance that we need and require before we go further. You have also done a lot of work yourselves in bringing things to a point where we can proceed without causing any of you to run away and hide in your homes. That is one reason we have not come before now, even when so many of you said you were ready for us to be seen and ready for disclosure. The mental attitude has to be right or we end up doing more harm that good by trying to force ourselves upon you. This we do not want to do as you have already been through enough to give you cause to protect yourselves at all cost. There is a process that is tried and true in these matters and your mental health is one of the major concerns that we have. We understand that so many of you do remember our friendships together from the past but everyone must be considered in the overall plan and this time is right now that we go ahead. It has been a long time coming and that is one reason that we worked so hard trying to get your government to go ahead and announce our existence in your past and the contacts that were made but that did not happen and therefore the foundation was not started that we require for progress to the next step.

Our many years of doing this on different planets have given us the details we need for a smooth transition during this time and we fail you not in this respect. There have been many changes you have had to contend with and you are still in much change now and are facing more to come. It is part of the overall plan for your advancement and your liberation. It has to be done slowly in some areas so as not to shock you beyond retrieval. That would not be in the best interest of anyone.

We go now to bring about this next step in the plan and your well being is at the top of our list of things to accomplish here. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “September 29, 2020

  1. Really looking forward to October because of this, is Prosper going to let us know ahead of time what cities when the time starts drawing closer? I’d imagine some people would be able to film with their phones and put it on Youtube, Will you be able to guide us to footage of this over Youtube or some other social media website? I certainly hope so, feels like something I’ve been waiting for the latter part of my life is close to fruition, I’d like to be able to put a link to video footage of this event on my Facebook page, for anyone who thinks I’m crazy on there or unhinged maybe this will definitely be the proof in the pudding heh heh heh *smile*


    1. It is our wish that the places and times will be given. You will have time to plan to attend if you want. The video of the events is allowed and we have hopes that this will be done. It is also our wish that the news media will attend and that the events will be published in the newspapers and mentioned in broadcasts by the major networks. That remains to be seen when we consider the past history of such. As far as the links you mentioned we cannot comment on this as much is left up to the individuals to see that this is done. We thank you for your comments and your questions. It is a life long conclusion for many people and for us also. We have high hopes for all things connected to this effort. Prosper


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