June 1, 2021

Let us begin. We need to come to an agreement on earth quite soon now that there are people from other planets visiting and somehow everyone has to accept this truth. It serves no constructive purpose for anyone to deny the evidence and things will progress more smoothly with this understanding. It does not mean all have to involve themselves in anything. It just means that the truth of the matter is foundational and is necessary for further advancement as a whole society. It is a major turning point to acknowledge there is other life elsewhere and broadens the understanding of creation and the vastness of everything. No longer should anyone base their beliefs on the premise of intelligent life being only on one planet and this is a major mile marker, such as learning there is more than the continent you were born on. You can imagine what this opens up for you and how it gives you encouragement to all other beliefs.

It is easier to be closed on this issue and continue living in the same mental place you have been for years. You can advance in other areas of your life but this one principle is necessary for a lot of concepts that are awaiting your understanding so you can continue your total conceptual beliefs. It is the next step and we are glad to see this is happening now. It has been a gradual process and we hope that enough information to this end has been given now that it will not be such a grand leap. Those who do not believe in intelligent life on other planets are about to be challenged with visuals and truth they will no longer be able to deny. When one way does not work then others will take place. It is a natural process for the next step. Let me say here that no one will be forced to take part in anything they do not want to as far as making new friends or listening to educational information we plan to give, but they will not be able to keep overlooking what is introduced to earth on a global scale. As with any new concepts it will come gradually for many and this is the safest way for them.

Now let me speak of entertainment. Your entertainment industry is about to have a major overhaul for what is in existence now is not based on good transactions and there is much that needs to be re-done. The dark influence has had their hands heavily involved in the production and providing of individuals, movies and music and this needs to be cleaned up and all needs to abide by the laws of God. We are often amazed at the talent on earth in these areas for other planets have not expanded upon this wonderful part of sharing this with all others as you have on earth. Music alone has advanced greatly and you do not yet understand how amazing this art really is that you have created. Then we come to acting and movie making and here is another amazing advancement that you have developed in leaps and bounds. Using this avenue to introduce certain lessons and concepts into your society has been more successful that we ever hoped at the beginning for it took hold to a large segment of people and took off from there. You are a creative people as a whole and very talented in many artistic fields and it is sad that there has been this dark influence controlling so much, if not all of what gets to come out and be shared. A lot of talent has been held back and discouraged and many folded up and went home rather than play the sordid games that were necessary to get ahead. Expression of talent is necessary for an individual and a society for happiness and advancement.

I would like to talk now of focus and what your attention will be turned to. Is it really important to know what someone else eats for lunch and to see a picture of it? We are not speaking here of those who teach cooking, for variety in food and preparation is so helpful. But so many mundane things of others take up time and focus of people that it is a wonder that anything is private anymore in anyone’s life. Maybe we could decrease this exercise somewhat and focus on other things that are more meaningful in life. It is fine for anyone to be concerned about what they eat or wear but to have a majority of people on earth concerned about what someone else does at the table is rather strange to us. Does this really influence what you eat and wear if someone else does a certain thing? What happened to that individuality we have discussed and charting your own course in life. If you must look at what someone else does, let it be someone that is worthy of being studied and someone who has attained a certain level of advancement and authority in a subject that can be followed by their example and their teachings. Pay attention to where you put your focus and consider the source of what you are spending time watching. Look at the background and record of whom you are imitating or copying. Need I say more on this subject?

I leave you now to think of your focus during your day and hope that if need be it will change by your own free will to more helpful things that will lift you up in some way, either by entertainment or by knowledge in a helpful field. Spend your time wisely for you have been led in the wrong directions for some time now. You hold this power and control to change anything for the better and you will no longer be controlled as you once were. See what you can do with this freedom.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 1, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph, regarding disclosure through proof of ships that people will see in mass is there a set date in stone for this or is it a moving target? Those of us on this beautiful earth now who can see and feel and think for themselves and follow the light of Christ which sustains ones conscious witnesses 100% that most if not all governments are illegitimate if for nothing else than the clear fact that they do not keep thier own rules. How can we live and prosper under such conditions. Thank you for mentioning the marker in evolution that must take place – the knowledge for all (all who will see) that we are not alone in the cosmos. I’m hoping and know many others are hoping that irregardless of what ‘government officials’ may feel like holding back, “we the people” on the other hand at large are ready and truly do desire disclosure. Thank you again Joseph. We love and admire and respect you and each individual among the host you represent. Jacob


    1. It is reasonable that you cannot prosper under the inadequate governing in existence now. This will come to an end. The date for disclosure is within certain parameters of dates and we give you free will to disclose information within these dates. If not we will encourage disclosure and we can be quite encouraging. At present we see no hindrance to disclosure. Joseph


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