July 3, 2021

Let us begin. Being fraught with inability to achieve our goals has been discouraging to say the least but we have more up our sleeve and we continue. There is no giving up. We aim to cause the least amount of stress upon the masses but we must forge ahead.

I would like to speak today of adventure into the unknown. This is a term most often used for deep sea diving and space exploration. Man thinks he has charted most everything on the surface of earth. The seas and oceans hold many more surprises and there are those who accept this challenge. The space exploration also holds many surprises and await those who feel so inclined. There is much more than your own universe. Millions of planets are in existence and they are only the ones you can see for there are many existing in different dimensions that are as real as your own. In God’s heaven there are many mansions and all of them are not in your dimension. Life is abundant and this includes many types of life you do not yet know of. There are many ways to express God and His creations show this.

Let us talk about the unknown closer to home and I mean the parts of yourself that you have not thought of as yet. The wonder that is your mind, or your brain still holds unknowns and you are using much more than the ten percent that has been discussed. It is active and speaks to you in its own language but largely is ignored. You have perceptions that are stored in your memory that were put there by your previous awareness and you can call upon them when you wish. These include perceptions concerning people, places and situations. You have previously not believed in these in depth perceptions so you do not realize you can pull them up and review them.

Suppose there is a person you have focused on and have questions about. Your body receives information about this person and stores it. You can recall this information when you choose now that you know and you can review it when needed. Mentally call on this information by specific encounter or incident and ask that it be know in your consciousness and be alert to what is given. Do not be surprised if it comes in the form of a dream at night while you sleep. This also applies for locations as to whether it is a safe place to visit or to live. If you have been there in person before you were picking up details about the environment and vibrations and they were stored. How detailed this information was depends upon how much focus you gave it at the time. You might also try this for relationships, although your wants and desires tend to distort what you see as truth in this instance. Your emotions play a big part in what you remember and you must try to tune out your own feelings and keep the information pure.

This memory can be and is combined with current perceptions upon what is asked for and is ready to make life much more interesting for you in facts concerning most everything. You, as yet, do not realize what you possess in your DNA, mind and body. They are a most magnificent creation by God and are gifts of great magnitude to your form of God’s expression.

I leave you now to think on these things and explore the possibilities that are open to you to use in your journey. Explore the unknown for life can be exceptionally rewarding and exciting.

I am Joseph In His Service

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