December 4, 2021

December 4, 2021

My Dear Ones,

I come to you in these last days of this chapter on earth to tell you that in spite of what you are receiving as information, all is well. I know it all sounds like chaos but you are in the hands of God and it has not been otherwise since He has given the word to intervene and have things go His way. Somehow He manages to have things all work out to His direct orders and liking and I may never understand how this is done but I will always be amazed at the end result and how it is accomplished.

It is being accomplished, even if it is taking longer than once planned. While we are on the subject of how long it is taking, I am sure you want to know what has slowed things down or what has delayed them. We have had many dark attempts to get things off course and to derail them all together. Going back and realigning our progress in correct order again does take more time but in all cases things have been corrected and they are going now according to plan. I would have thought they would have given up by now but it seems they are getting their second wind and they threw all they had into everything positive that is being done and it caused a pause. Some things were prevented in the first place but others had to be re-done and fixed. If you only knew what lengths the dark would go through to stop any sign of right acting and right thinking where your freedom is concerned you would be amazed.

Imagine spending all your waking hours trying to be devious and destructive. All your actions are geared toward destruction of any progress and your total energy is spent on doing harm and shaping you into the non-thinking automatons they so desperately need to keep their plans going. Life means nothing to them and they have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They would sacrifice any amount of your lives to gain what they want. It is a constant vigil to keep close eyes on their every move and all plans would have happened according to our plan if they were not motivated by ingrained dark thoughts to their very core. I often wonder just what it would take to get them to give up because surely they understand they have lost and will never succeed. They have made statements that as long as they have breath they will oppose God’s hand on earth. They do not have enough light in them to realize their future and the payment for their destruction and evil thinking. Many hours have been spent trying to get them to see they are done.

Take heart my eager ones and know that you are not disregarded or forgotten in any manner and thousands are working behind the scenes not only to track and keep an eye on what is left of the dark remnants remaining but to overtly carry out the devised plans toward returning your earth back to you with a clean beginning. Yes, it is taking longer than hoped and longer than planned but it is being done and there is no stopping until it is accomplished. Don’t be down trodden or discouraged in your thoughts of the future but remain in the chambers of the light under God’s direction for your lives. It has been directed and it will be done. Your future dawn of light is just beyond what difficult seas are left to traverse. Be ye strong with courage in your hearts and hear the whispers of God in your minds for you are His children.

I am Manning

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