January 10, 2022

I am here after a seemingly long battle of doing all I can and others doing all they can to turn things in the correct direction. Certain ones are doing their best to turn things into their own brand of war and war like actions to cause the worst possible actions for everyone. This is unacceptable by Father’s direction and decisions and will be opposed at every wave of energy to the detriment of man and living things on earth. It has taken so many to try and counter the actions of the dark and we were working non stop to see that their God-less energy was not profiting them anything.

Temporarily we are taking a breather. What has happened is that the remnants of the dark leaders worked to cause unrest, which developed through the United States and Russia into a bitter disagreement which resulted in actions hindering the peace that had been established in the past. How sad that this happened for it became dangerous to everyone on earth because of possibilities that might further develop. I, and millions of others, dove into action, with little rest to do away with the negative energies and there have been numerous positive actions on our part to do away with the evil that was intended. Little do you know or realize what darkness is in the hearts of the few left to do away with every living thing upon Gaia. This also includes them, for they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to carry out revenge.

I am, along with being tired with millions of others, not feeling that successful, for the few left are still with us. There are those now who are hunting them down and making arrangements for their travel plans to either other planets, incarceration or uncreation and this last one is of their own choice. It is sad enough for someone to cause this upon themselves but even sadder to think they would inflict their darkness upon anyone else. Once again I say that there is no place for them to hide and they will be dealt with. Please realize there is so much going on that you cannot see and much you will never know about. Many work through the night to right the low energies being put out by the very dark that have been given opportunity after opportunity to give up their ways and turn to the light. There have been some successes and for this we give thanks.

We will go into full work mode again if necessary and will not give up for any reason as long as we are directed by Source to continue. Gaia will not fail and neither will you in bringing her along with yourselves into the higher vibrations envisioned by Father. I most certainly have never forgotten about you, my readers, but it was necessary to take this step under the dire circumstances that brought one country against another. It is not over but has been taken to a different trajectory on the higher planes. I come to you in this moment of rest that you may know what so many have been doing, not only on your behalf but that of the entire universe for all energies are sent out. Be resilient and ever thinking forward to the higher energies you long for and work for on a daily basis and some of you on an hourly basis. Be vigilant about seeking time to pray for the smooth transition into this new earth for it has been anything but.

I must go now for I am spent and have little energy left. I will return with all good speed and good spirit and we will join together in truth in the written word. Be strong and persevere.

I am Manning

7 thoughts on “January 10, 2022

  1. Thank you Manning and others for your tireless work. Please know there are those on earth who are also working to negate the negative energies of the dark ones, Jay


  2. Curious are there any issues or times when Father God Himself has dealt with evil? I know He is capable and beyond capable. If He wanted this to end it could be ended by His Power instantly.


  3. Thank you Manning, and all the others working with you for all that you are doing, tirelessly for us stuck on Earth!
    Please forgive me for this thought, but I need to state it: I echo Jacob’s point, Why can’t God Himself deal with the evil, as he can instantaneously do away with it once and for all? Why are the Billions of us here held captive just for the sake of a handful of truly evil beings? It seems that the Light is held powerless by the dark, at every turn and every corner, the dark thwarts the light!!! Why is this? I have been awake since the early 2000’s and every month and every so often a supposed break through or a “We are Winning” message comes across, and here we sit with no benefit and no forsee-able relief from the dark. Outside of suicide I for one do not see any way out unless visible, viable, “Shock and Awe” actions are taken. Show the public, Isolate the evil ones, Take over all our TV screens, make whatever needs to be done quick and visible. There are plently of lessons that can be learned by this and not the glacially sloooooooooooowwwwwwww way that is being done now!
    As I said, I’m not meaning any disrespect or trivializing what you are doing but come on! I may be in amnesia and have to continue suffering with the rest of the billions stuck here, but I know this can be dispensed with quickly and the age of LIght and Life can truly begin!
    Thank you for allowing me to vent.


    1. Dan, this deserves a response and I hope you understand what I will say. Earth was set up for this chapter of the good versus the evil intent under certain rules and regulations. They will continue until this chapter is permanently closed, which we are close to now. One of the rules is that the work will not be done for you. You will have help and this has been the case but you must do the work yourselves. What we do and have done from our side is when things get so close to causing major damage by the dark we step in and level the playing field so that you on earth can continue to work to gain back that which has been taken from you.

      You will not learn the lessons you need to learn if God steps in and does it for you. You are responsible for not seeing what was perpetrated upon you all these decades. Yes, it was done with skill and deceit but still you had every opportunity to study God’s commandments and step up to wrong and overcome the attempts to place you in bondage. You on earth desecrated the earth with pollution and a few with greed and now that must be brought out and repaired and corrected. It has always been the case that you must see how this was done to you and you must regain earth in a better condition or how else will you know how to prevent this from happening again. It will not be done for you.

      I agree that you have been here a long time and longer than was planned. You have had help so much more than you realize and this has been to keep you going so that you can overcome the dark influence but it is still up to you. Yes, God in His infinite power could put a stop to it and could have long ago. This was not the plan. Think of yourself as a created soul that will live forever. You need to learn under this situation, not only for now but for the future. You will need this experience of overcoming and it is a valuable lesson that will not only benefit yourselves but others in your soul journeys. We do feel your pain and there is suffering we know but to do it all in an instant for you would not give you what you need.

      I see that the Light you have worked so hard to bring in is now and has been so much more powerful than the dark. It is the way the energy of the dark is set up. Nothing that exists is from any other source than the Light, therefore the dark turns the light into their dark intentions. This makes them vulnerable to the stronger power of the light being able to overcome the dark energies every time. You as a collective have done the work in the past and continue to do so. Yes, we know you are suffering and we know it is hard, but there is much progress as we have stated. It has to be finished and because of free will there are those on earth who strive to make those moves you have suggested of an all out show and display of strength to earth. This has not come from us but from the fruit of your labor on earth and from humans working hard to make it happen. This was and is the plan for you to learn how to overcome that you may always be cognizant of what happened and why and how much work it took to get out of the control over you. It is working and you are learning how to overcome.

      I hope this helps in some way for you to understand that the many lives you have lived on earth have not been in vain but have produced much results of turning to God and Source for your strength and abilities to see what has happened and to break free from it. It has been a long hard journey and must be brought to the proper conclusion. Please take my words and bring them before your Light and see their worth. There is a much bigger picture than just here and now. You are not forgotten nor are you left behind for any reason other than God is in control. The reasons are of infinite wisdom. We will always continue to help you and we are working with you. I hope this has helped in some way. Manning


    2. It does feel like the entire thing will just rott to death. The level of un seen before depravity is so systemic at this point it seems like each day that passes with all of its atrocities against innocence in the most vile of ways is solem mockery against the dignity and value of life itself. Quite frankly it’s intolerable. There are scriptures that indicate clearly God will step in at the right times and in the right ways. It’s just oh how long and dreary is this road. There is infinately far more good and beautiful and creative in existence overall yet we are here in the dregs. It feels purposeless at times. Oh well one day will look back with greater perspective and peace.


      1. Thank you Jacob for your sincerity. Let us walk this dreary road together, and maybe in the process, we can make each other smile a little. Your friend, Jay


  4. Hi Manning,

    Thank you for your well said explanation to the degree of how much you can say with my limited understanding.
    I appreciate your hard work to help us along.
    I am aware that those of us here have to, and need to do the work to dig ourselves out of this mess. It just seems that the more we confront the dark, the more power they have over us, as we take three steps forward, they push us back 2, so at least that’s a 1 step forward than before! But wow, it is exceedingly hard.
    I don’t know if the great changes will occur while I’m still in my “meat suit”, but I’m thankful for your presence and the presence of all the other Celestials here to help.

    Thank you,
    Your brother Dan


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