June 24 2020

Confronting us are events of great magnitude and proportion. This is serious. I come to you with the welfare of millions on my agenda and they are all children of God. Be at peace in the secure knowing that these messages are of utmost importance and relevance to our situation at this time. God is in charge of this forthcoming event. Once in a great while does this happen, the sending of energy from the Central Sun. How can I describe it? A feeling, vibration of extraordinary blessings from Father Creator to you on a wave which contains upliftment and advancement in the manner of Love and priority emotions. How can I make you understand how fundamental and euphoric this can be? I fail at communicating the scope and purpose of this event.

Carry out your instructions of informing people. We are jubilant at the aspect of this renewal of earth. Be in joy and revival for it is coming. It is done.

I am Prosper

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