January 10, 2022

I am here after a seemingly long battle of doing all I can and others doing all they can to turn things in the correct direction. Certain ones are doing their best to turn things into their own brand of war and war like actions to cause the worst possible actions for everyone. This is unacceptable by Father’s direction and decisions and will be opposed at every wave of energy to the detriment of man and living things on earth. It has taken so many to try and counter the actions of the dark and we were working non stop to see that their God-less energy was not profiting them anything.

Temporarily we are taking a breather. What has happened is that the remnants of the dark leaders worked to cause unrest, which developed through the United States and Russia into a bitter disagreement which resulted in actions hindering the peace that had been established in the past. How sad that this happened for it became dangerous to everyone on earth because of possibilities that might further develop. I, and millions of others, dove into action, with little rest to do away with the negative energies and there have been numerous positive actions on our part to do away with the evil that was intended. Little do you know or realize what darkness is in the hearts of the few left to do away with every living thing upon Gaia. This also includes them, for they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to carry out revenge.

I am, along with being tired with millions of others, not feeling that successful, for the few left are still with us. There are those now who are hunting them down and making arrangements for their travel plans to either other planets, incarceration or uncreation and this last one is of their own choice. It is sad enough for someone to cause this upon themselves but even sadder to think they would inflict their darkness upon anyone else. Once again I say that there is no place for them to hide and they will be dealt with. Please realize there is so much going on that you cannot see and much you will never know about. Many work through the night to right the low energies being put out by the very dark that have been given opportunity after opportunity to give up their ways and turn to the light. There have been some successes and for this we give thanks.

We will go into full work mode again if necessary and will not give up for any reason as long as we are directed by Source to continue. Gaia will not fail and neither will you in bringing her along with yourselves into the higher vibrations envisioned by Father. I most certainly have never forgotten about you, my readers, but it was necessary to take this step under the dire circumstances that brought one country against another. It is not over but has been taken to a different trajectory on the higher planes. I come to you in this moment of rest that you may know what so many have been doing, not only on your behalf but that of the entire universe for all energies are sent out. Be resilient and ever thinking forward to the higher energies you long for and work for on a daily basis and some of you on an hourly basis. Be vigilant about seeking time to pray for the smooth transition into this new earth for it has been anything but.

I must go now for I am spent and have little energy left. I will return with all good speed and good spirit and we will join together in truth in the written word. Be strong and persevere.

I am Manning

December 23, 2021

My Dear Ones,

I have come to the conclusion this is a long drawn out endeavor because those who cannot come to rational thinking continue to bring as much havoc on all of us as they can. How disgusting was their behavior in the past and how disappointing their behavior now. There has been an all out assault on everything good and all attempts on our part at correcting the wrongs that have been perpetrated. The remnants of the dark influence have made it their business to disrupt and destroy all they can here at the last and all because they continue in their thinking. This is in spite of the obvious truth that prevails. Surely they can see what is before them, and yet they continue. It is beyond my thinking that they do this. Their days of review and charges before the court system are scheduled and yet they continue. I do not understand.

I have missed my time with you but our Father has been determined that the dark influence not get any success in their attempts and this has caused all of us to be involved in mitigating their energies of a negative kind. Our Father’s plans will go forward with the hope they are totally uninterrupted. This is what has taken all our attention is the preventing dark energy from causing any problems. We hope this is the last of it. I, for one, am having trouble with my charitable thoughts toward their actions of late. I will continue to work on this within my meditations. Love is the answer in all things.

Now, I know you have questions and I have not had time to take a look at them but I feel there is uncertainty regarding the days ahead and what to expect. Do not worry about Planet X, Nibiru or such like, for events on earth will take place as God intends it to. This planet, or heavenly body is only one of millions in your skies that can possibly have meaning for earth, and yet you are under God’s hand and things will continue to be in His wisdom of events. Take heart and contend yourselves with that which has been given to you to do. These tasks will be varied but remember how important your efforts are, not only for you but for others who will take notice and follow. You are bringing along many with you on this journey of enlightenment and advancement and for most of you this is paramount in your efforts.

Forgive me for this short message as I must return now. Your positive thoughts are seen by us and your focus is there upon Gaia, as it should be. Continue your work and I will try not to be overly inflated with pride in your works so that I do not tell all who will listen that these are my readers. Another aspect of my personality that I have to work on. Remain safe and surrounded by protection in all facets of your daily life. Please know that the number of individuals turning to the light are growing.

We know you are weary and worn in all aspects but do not give up. All will be worth your efforts when you finally get to look back upon your lives. What you are doing has no way of letting you know how important you are. You are making a difference and it is far reaching. I send you my love and I will return.

I am Manning

December 12, 2021

My Dear Ones,

Let me clear things up in some respects. You/we are making progress and this is important but know that Gaia is somewhat in charge of her reciprocal actions coordinating with the planet some call Nibiru. Yes there is a planet close enough to cause a reaction and Gaia is very much aware of it. She is working very closely to the planet’s movements and this is as it should be. You have heard that the New Madrid movement is close at hand and this is true. It is hoped that the Nibiru cover up will be seen by all soon and the truth will come out.

For so long you have known of the rather harsh adjustments of earth and the pole shift but it was not always in tandem with another heavenly body coming close to earth. These two will be in concert for this event and this is almost beside the point for the offer of evacuation is still planned and will happen. Does it matter about the influence of the orbiting unknown to many, heavenly body? Yes, because of the massive cover up and its part in the coming changes. You were not to know of the massive changes until it was not able to cover them up anymore. This would give time to the “elite” to take to their underground cities and try to survive. This would leave you in the lurch trying to live in unbearable conditions and failing to do so.

This information does not really change things for they will continue to happen but it is an integral part of the overall picture and there in corroborates the validity of the predicted actions of earth and our messages of the severity. This has happened before and will happen again this time. Take heart for this is part of the Creator God’s synchronicity of all things working together for good. You were never meant to be deceived in such a manner. I bring this to you for His Will Be Done. Place this in the proper perspective and do not be unduly concerned. This is just another piece of the entire puzzle that has been denied you and is now being revealed. I bid all my readers steady travel in life’s difficulties. You are the strong ones.

I Am Manning

December 9, 2021

My dear Children,

I come to you with visual evidence that I have witnessed myself that you are making progress and your efforts to usher, not only yourselves, but others along with you, are indeed propelling you forward into higher vibrations and this is wonderful. Many of you are daily divesting yourselves of the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimension and are rising in light into the lower 5th dimension, a few even higher. This thrills my heart and I wanted you to know your work is paying off in big dividends.

Now, about the earth in general terms. It is unfortunate that all efforts to get everyone to open their eyes and see what is going on is falling short with many and they are comfortable where they are and refuse to take the hints being given. So be it, after all it is their decision and they are entitled to remain where they are if they so choose. Try not to let their refusals bring you down no matter how much you want or desire to make a difference for them. It is their choice in all respects of free will. There is usually the storm before the calm and that is what is happening now with all the quiet behind the scenes and all the confusion out in public. Could there be any more degree of opposition from one side with another short of all out war. The lines are being drawn and the mandates are falling short of being received with success as more and more are standing up and thinking what is this that is happening. They may not come to the right conclusion but they are questioning. This is good and may lead to more steps forward.

It is taking longer to get this done than anyone thought and this is disappointing to say the least. By now we had planned to be much further ahead and long down the road to having everything in its place so that secondary plans could begin. How often this has happened with the earth struggle. I am speaking in generalities here but I’m sure you get the picture. I was hoping to have many of my readers in front of me for a heart filled greeting and a taking of names for some of my teaching classes but that has not happened. Be it known that many of you are sitting in my classes now and then while you sleep. This is also a great pleasure for me but falls short of the physical body presence before me so that I can see your colors and know your understanding of my words which leads me to the next words I use. Sort of a custom designed lecture or teaching. This has been one of my wishes or fantasies is to have you in my classes but then you may have your own fantasies of what you would like to do when you get home. I am somewhat of a wishful thinker.

I know you have questions and one is how much behind are we. It is hard to tell but earth is continuing with her plans and major adjustments have not been put off. I ask that you still be prepared. If the dark have worked to keep anything and everything in question, they have not succeeded in most cases. Only slowed somewhat but their contrivances have not penetrated Gaia’s intent to proceed. She is impervious to their dark deeds and she will continue. Earth rumblings continue to increase and are still being either disregarded in readings or under reported in strength. Continue to pray for her strength and accomplishments to sling off dark pockets of negative energy, no matter how embedded they may be. Her methods are proven successful and these pockets of negativity will be replaced by certain improvement in light and energy. Be at peace with her activities as much as possible in your thinking for it is her way of getting this accomplished.

It would be hard for me to explain how busy I have been. Let me say I rest very little and continue to give all I can of my time and experience to the cause of getting things accomplished and getting earth down the road. Continue to give of your light and visualizations regarding what is needed for the coming new earth and don’t forget to surround yourselves in protective light, thoughts and vibrations for your own safety.

I continue to make contact with you as much as I can to see how you are doing and my love surrounds you when I do. If you feel me do not hesitate to say, hello Manning. You are getting there and we will all celebrate when the time allows us.

I am Manning

December 4, 2021

December 4, 2021

My Dear Ones,

I come to you in these last days of this chapter on earth to tell you that in spite of what you are receiving as information, all is well. I know it all sounds like chaos but you are in the hands of God and it has not been otherwise since He has given the word to intervene and have things go His way. Somehow He manages to have things all work out to His direct orders and liking and I may never understand how this is done but I will always be amazed at the end result and how it is accomplished.

It is being accomplished, even if it is taking longer than once planned. While we are on the subject of how long it is taking, I am sure you want to know what has slowed things down or what has delayed them. We have had many dark attempts to get things off course and to derail them all together. Going back and realigning our progress in correct order again does take more time but in all cases things have been corrected and they are going now according to plan. I would have thought they would have given up by now but it seems they are getting their second wind and they threw all they had into everything positive that is being done and it caused a pause. Some things were prevented in the first place but others had to be re-done and fixed. If you only knew what lengths the dark would go through to stop any sign of right acting and right thinking where your freedom is concerned you would be amazed.

Imagine spending all your waking hours trying to be devious and destructive. All your actions are geared toward destruction of any progress and your total energy is spent on doing harm and shaping you into the non-thinking automatons they so desperately need to keep their plans going. Life means nothing to them and they have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They would sacrifice any amount of your lives to gain what they want. It is a constant vigil to keep close eyes on their every move and all plans would have happened according to our plan if they were not motivated by ingrained dark thoughts to their very core. I often wonder just what it would take to get them to give up because surely they understand they have lost and will never succeed. They have made statements that as long as they have breath they will oppose God’s hand on earth. They do not have enough light in them to realize their future and the payment for their destruction and evil thinking. Many hours have been spent trying to get them to see they are done.

Take heart my eager ones and know that you are not disregarded or forgotten in any manner and thousands are working behind the scenes not only to track and keep an eye on what is left of the dark remnants remaining but to overtly carry out the devised plans toward returning your earth back to you with a clean beginning. Yes, it is taking longer than hoped and longer than planned but it is being done and there is no stopping until it is accomplished. Don’t be down trodden or discouraged in your thoughts of the future but remain in the chambers of the light under God’s direction for your lives. It has been directed and it will be done. Your future dawn of light is just beyond what difficult seas are left to traverse. Be ye strong with courage in your hearts and hear the whispers of God in your minds for you are His children.

I am Manning

November 29, 2021

I am come to inform you that earth changes are close now and you should be aware of this. Those close to fault lines or the coast of any large body of water should have a plan to be prepared. This information is not to frighten you or cause distress, only to prepare you so that you may think ahead and listen for news of any directives given. As always go within for any instructions given or urges for actions and ask for protection. In these cases an accurate degree of changes is unknown and precise description or numbers cannot be calculated.

There are those who advocate not giving energy into dire circumstances and bringing these visual disturbances into your thoughts, and I agree but I am of the opinion that it is far better to be informed and prepared of certain eventualities that are pending than to go uninformed. This information is at the risk of upsetting some and this is not the purpose of such. Go in informed peace with knowledge of pending changes so that you may act in a correct manner corresponding with earth events. Be Noah in your thoughts building upon the God force within you concerning these end times. I cannot tell you what steps to take but I give you confirmation of Gaia’s actions in front of you. Again a time frame cannot be given as this is left up to her. I do not want to step over the line of pushing fear upon you. I am like the mother hen spreading her wings over her chicks to shelter them from storm. You are greatly loved.

Place yourselves not only under the shadow of my wings but under the hand of the Almighty that you will be held in guided action. Those of you receiving shelter in place, be at peace with this. I also watch and wait.

I am Manning

November 25, 2021

November 25, 2021

It comes to me that you need a day of rest to consider all that is going on. So many of you that I touch are yoked with difficult duties and labor long hours providing for the necessities for you and your family. My wish for you on this day is one of contemplation and relaxation so that you can regroup and continue forward. You are worried and worked down and need help. I will give to you a special blessing this day that you may enjoy a few moments of happiness, joy and peace. Have this day of Thanksgiving all over the world and know that you are loved.

I am Manning

November 19, 2021

I come to you with changes occurring at present. We need to understand that even if these changes look negative they are in fact leading us to the preferred end result as difficult as that may be to understand. Now the energies themselves are turbulent and changing rapidly and this is causing a different response in each of you. It might be an unsettling feeling of no stability. This along with the mood altering affects of the eclipse will have you possibly on a challenging ride of ups and downs and these may be difficult to take at times. Expect the emotions to be challenged with mostly lows and not that many highs. Try to ride these out for they will soon level out and be manageable. These emotional episodes may involve things from the past that have been difficult to overcome and once again they are rearing their ugly head for you to try and overcome, or at least come to terms with and put them in their proper perspective. They are basically an opportunity to deal with them and do not think you are the only one having old things return.

Also along with this are the many who are being processed in your own court system and in spite of what they would prefer their names are being put in the news for all to see and read. This is a small number compared to how many are being brought before the galactic court system on our side of things. There are several courts taking place at one time and there are very few delays or rescheduling of dates, as you have on earth. We have streamlined this process while keeping all laws and it is most just. Those in charge have to study many years to reach their positions of responsibility and they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. It is a fast tracking system, but then we all knew this time would come and the thousands of dark followers would have their time before the law as it can never be avoided when the time comes.

Along with this are the earth changes and unless you follow them closely on the few sources that are accurate you will miss the many rumblings and earthquakes taking place. There is a cacophony of smaller earthquakes taking place and most are not even mentioned by the major sources who give this information, even though they are recorded. They leave these out and just give the bigger ones. Your recording devices are sensitive now and can detect and record these, as slight as they may be. The major point is that they are a forerunner of bigger things to come. The movement is now affecting plates all around your globe as adjustments are made. Most will go unnoticeable by you. They tell of things to come.

On the plus side there are people coming forward to take their place in positions of importance. These may be small steps at first or positioning steps that will lead them into their proper places. God does move in His own ways to get things done and most of these steps forward will only be seen in retrospect as to how certain ones were chosen for leadership. You might think they appeared on the scene out of nowhere but their path was chosen long ago. Part of this movement has to do with the urgings and energies within the people themselves that bring about the impetus for them to step forward. Again God moves in His own ways. The ultimate goal is to re-vamp your governmental system into one of accountability with everything being apparent to everyone.

The money reevaluation and adjustments necessary are continuing to flow in the right direction and you may have noticed some strange actions regarding your banking systems, such as banks closing for 24 hours for so called software updates. Or maybe only ATM machines available for obtaining money from your account for a day. These are all part of the switch over to new banking rules and systems. Almost all of this you will not see or know about until it is completed but it is going well.

This is all I have to report at present and I wish you well during these challenging times. Continue to go within and communicate with your God within for instruction and direction. I will remain in close connection with those who monitor this changing situation hourly and report back to you when necessary. My love be upon all of you who read here. You have become close to my heart.

I am Manning

November 16, 2021

I am considering bringing forth information more often of conditions because we are getting closer to the end of this chapter. There are some things that are coming about that I do not want you to miss as I feel they are necessary parts of the whole. I know how busy you are with your daily lives and the work you find necessary just to live on earth. Some things are most necessary elements that have to be comprehended for a good foundation of what is to come out and have it make sense when looking at the bigger picture.

So, here we are at the precipice of change with so many elements fighting for center stage. The first that comes to mind is the political stage and my opinion is that the people behind political issues think they have center stage because they are self centered. Some are fully invested in the future of the earth arena and are well meaning and immerse themselves in this field and are not aware of a bigger picture. Policy and procedure are about to change and the ones engrossed in self promotion will fall away and new faces will appear. There will be a new set of requirements brought about by the masses for office holders and the people will have to represent the citizens in a better fashion than ever before. A lot of dead wood will be cut away and this will bring about a better governing agency for everyone.

Now regarding the new information coming in I see a shifting of focus for the average person to include a broader view of the known world. There is coming a wave of expanding reality including beings not of earth that will take some getting used to. This will be a process and will take different times for different people but it will not go away. It has to be for it is one of the things included in the advancement of your society in that you are not the only ones ever created. There are many others around and most of more experience with a few of lesser experience. I think this transfer over to accepting of this fact will take a shorter time than most imagine for the reason that those proposed to be in contact with people of earth have been condensed to well meaning service to others type entities. It does not mean there are no more harmful willed beings but it has been secured that your area, for a time being of this adjustment, will be off to a better start, for it has been ordered from high above. Your history will be given.

Also now there has already been a shift for the clean up of earth and quite a few have jumped in and started working in this area and have been quite successful. I see this going on and growing, especially in the area of oceans and waterways. Your air quality is an open field of need at this time and is an area that will be addressed sometime in your future and many helping hands with a desire to dedicate time and energy to this cause are needed. Consider this field more in depth if you feel interested.

There is about to be a topic and field to be directly created by means of need in child care and education. Two branches will be established and one is a branch of reconstruction of educational material for children of school age and the other is care for children of special needs in the way of love and individual correction. You might not understand how skewed children who have been abused are in their thinking as it regards to their approach to life itself. It will take some time and a very educated attitude to assess the needs of everyone on an individual basis, a sort of customized education for however long it takes. This needs to be done and it has been ordered that it will be done.

Now we get to the educating of the adult who may also have a skewed attitude and foundation of life itself and there has been and will continue to be a need for this. This is unclear at present as to how many fronts will be approached on this issue but needless to say there will definitely be more than one approach when it comes to bringing new ideas to the public. There is much work still needed in this area but it is coming and has also been directed from higher above.

These things are all thought based and have been for some time now and you would be surprised at how many have already been involved in these issues. Your earth conditions have been the focus of so many experienced, and I mean for hundreds of years, people with energies of love that have dedicated their lives to improving the concepts of the people of earth. Many have seen the roads you have traveled and wanted to help with giving of truth and correct information to everyone. This includes many fields such as medicine and health care. These are not wagons that are just now being jumped on but streamlined propulsion systems already constructed in form and means of application formulated by millions who have given of their lives so that others can come about to a more healing way of life. You are blessed in the attitude of others who have traveled their road to Source long enough to see that their happiness is in your happiness. It is their way of life, so give thanks for their dedication and desire to try to undo so much harm brought to you for so long. It is a dream come true for you and your challenge is to allow it to happen. We are all hoping that at some point the bigger picture will come into focus for you and you will comprehend what is being offered to you. You are in God’s hands and will and it is necessary that you see this and understand where you stand with the things being offered. And so we continue until the time you do see and understand.

There is much more but I give you these things that are on the horizon for you so that you may know what is happening and what is ahead. Be of good cheer for the light is getting brighter for everyone.

I am Manning

November 11, 2021

We see that there are those on earth that will not change and no amount of truth or information of a correct nature will sway them from their erroneous beliefs. They have been indoctrinated quite literally with mind control and repetition for decades and they will not budge. Therefore waiting on them to come to the light is useless in our opinion and a waste of time. Those who were approachable have been moved with the energies coming in and are at lest thinking on different lines. It is sad when we see the low numbers for we were hoping for a bigger response to the energies and our words.

This brings us to a point of wanting the announcements to go ahead and come out and encouragement on our part has been put forth and our will, or suggestion, is known. Time is a high factor now because of the earth changes and they are large ones. We are hoping that those in the position of these announcements will go ahead now and make their move. This has been left up to the individuals involved.

Let me make a point here of those who give of information gained through their own searching and meditation and make their findings public in some way. It is difficult to always receive 100% accurate information and this is for everyone. I try here to review my words with my scribe for accuracy and even then it can be difficult to receive the correct word usage I intend. I am not complaining for my trust in my scribe is great and I feel we have done well in our accuracy. There are those who mean well but are misleading many with their words. No one around me has any influence of anything but Source light and this has endured under the scrutiny of many much higher than I am. We strive continually to see that our words are truthful and not only that they are timely for your needs. Truth given at the wrong time can do harm for several reasons.

Please, when reading words from others, including me, go within and bring them before the fires of God and see that they ring true within yourself before taking them in for remembering. Your road is difficult enough without falsehoods being spread out before you for your review, but when they are see that they are tested, as always. Unfortunately the vibrations now make it difficult for information to stand and be uninfluenced. There are many now touching our side and trying to gain information and it does not always turn out the way it should. Be careful with what you bring before the alter of your soul.

Continue in your light, as difficult as your road may be to travel. I know we have many in dangerous places and situations that are difficult to imagine. Life is not always a sure thing for them at the end of their day. My Chelas, pray for others of light who are in harm’s way that they will find the security and safety they need to continue. I try to reach out and touch each of you and your paths are surprising to me. I cherish each of you reading here and know that you are sincere in your learning. You spend much time on my mind. Always surround yourselves with the protection of light and the love of God.

I leave you now with heightened anticipation of forthcoming announcements and at least more information of truth. Let it come forth as an artesian well with pure water. It will not be received by everyone as truth, but it has been directed to be given.

I am Manning