March 2, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress being made from our point of view. We also see that there is disappointment in some because you have not seen progress. It is difficult to wait and there are many times in life when the best approach to things is to have patience and wait. It does not mean you are not progressing or making advances. There is a timing of the mind and heart that requires contemplation and assessment of things and this is action, even though it seems that nothing is being done. When circumstances present themselves for you to have these moments use them to take a breath, a rest, a moment for clearer thinking and give thanks for them. They can be gifts and you do not have to swim so hard and you can float and relax and ride the waves of what is for a moment. So do not be afraid to take this action of being in harmony with what is by being seemingly inactive and having patience for you are with the current of things. Even the birds of the air do not flap their wings all the time and they choose to float on the currents. They are still being supported by what is.

You are now so used to instant everything and when you see nothing happening you feel stagnant. Remember there are more senses than what you have been told and begin to use the other abilities you have, or will remember you have, to assess things on a different level. Not all of God’s appointed workers are working the same shift and people clock in at different times for appointed missions. Just because you feel inactive does not mean others are not working their minds and abilities in overdrive to do their part at the right time. We all have different assignments and they kick in at different points of advancement for that is the only appropriate time it can be done. Let the active puzzle pieces fall into place and fit together for a perfect picture that God has in mind and do not worry because you do not perceive anything is being done. The ball in play is hot from activity and has scored many points for the home team while you were looking in another direction. This game is so far ahead of what the dark are thinking as they are still trying to find ways to keep you occupied so you will not realize you have been lied to. All the while their secrets have been known by higher entities working for your freedom on God’s behalf.

You have gotten past what you have decided was a lull in things before. Reality is a tricky thing and we could discuss this aspect for some time. Just let me say that not all things are revealed to you automatically as they happen. The elements of positive movement were set into motion long ago for this transition of your earth and great minds both in your heaven and on your earth were cognizant of what was needed to be done to get the ball rolling. It was done and was not revealed at the time. Certain aspects were set in stone to be relied upon now. It has been coming together for the past few months and there is definitely action and activity of progress even if you do not perceive any. This being the case there is no need for disappointment. If you must we cannot stop you for it is your decision but when things are revealed you will know. Remember, “The evidence of things not seen”.

There are times in your history where it has been my failing and maybe ego is involved also, where I want to say, “Did I not tell you this was the case or this would happen”. I am preparing a statement now, so please forgive me and I will continue to work on this aspect of my character. I leave you with these thoughts to consider and hopefully I leave you with a better understanding of the workings of the intervention of Creator in the liberation of earth. See with the eyes of belief in the majesty of the workings of the Father to bring about his Will in whatever way He pleases.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 1, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to speak of mounting energy coming in which is God given and this energy is what is needed for all to feel the Love element more clearly. The soul is designed to be love driven and is created by and in love through creative Light. You can deny love and you can refuse it but it exist and is there anyway in all of creation. The God within you is Light and Love and is the source of all that is and turning within and acknowledging what you are opens so many doors for you to other things.

The energy coming in is bringing love from Source into your earth environment and you can feel it surround you with each wave. There are other potential elements contained which are needed at this time and each wave is custom designed for what is needed for everything. This love is making a real difference in all things and not just people. All elements are affected and can never go back to the way things were. Everything is working together on a different energy as they function now and the potential for greater things is being created by this change. God has ways you know not of at this point in your learning and you still, at times, limit not only what can be accomplished but how it can be accomplished. Set aside your limitations and allow the ways and intentions of God to be the source of your existence in every way and His love that is already within you will be realized more fully. You look at what is and most of the time do not think about how it is or how it became. Everything that is, is so much more than you can contemplate and has more reason behind it and do not forget that each of you belongs here at this time for a reason that has so much depth and scope and purpose. Don’t waste time questioning if you belong here. The energy being sent in these waves gives of many things and a fuller understanding of the power of love and the way it works is one of them.

Yes, let us speak of the way love works. It is a living thing, an energy, that is of such potential when existing in its fullest form. When that love energy is thriving within you it expands your perception of being and makes way for a better understanding of life, not only for you but a better understanding of others. It is like putting on glasses and allowing you to see more clearly. It gives you that desire to serve and to make things better than they have been for you now see so many opportunities. You care about others on a higher level and as love abounds in your own life it is gifted to others around you. Love can grow, expand and multiply higher energy and lifts you up to a higher plane of being and existence. Love can bring others to a higher level also. It is sort of contagious and reaches out in its potential to help others in ways you cannot imagine, when shared. This is the opportunity that you have now with the love that is coming in. You can understand why it is transformative and why earth will never be the same. Feel it and let it abound and give love its due respect by being thankful for not only the love already within you but for the gift of love that is being given with each wave that comes.

Things, time, plans are progressing, growing and establishing your new ground rules and there are shifts in energies and the dark influence is decaying and dissolving as planned. Their influence weakens with each new day as Light overtakes what they had planned. Work with what is given and has been given to you and as you are directed to do so. Each time you mentally intention to join with others of like mind and use the energies given we can see this happening. Do not every wonder if you are doing any good for it is so evident. We know there are times when you question your work and you have periods of doubt but we tell you that you are doing great things and making changes you cannot imagine. This is what was intended when the decision was made to send all of you into this earth environment. Your work is what has been needed and is still needed today to continue in the manner God wills for your future of earth. The moment God intended intervention for earth, it was felt throughout all that is and the energy was set into motion. Still there are many moments for us when we stand in awe of the power and glory of Creator.

I leave you now to think on these things and hope that my words have given you a deeper meaning of love and the power of God. Please do continue your work and co-create what will be with God.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 28, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you today. We here are so glad that you have come this far for there was a long way to go at one time. I reviewed a few of the messages from years ago and it is so gratifying that many of the things that were on our minds at that time have been resolved or done away with. Primarily you have advanced from your experiences to a point that it has been easy to work with you regarding the energies and the Light. You have been through an educational process where that is concerned and you responded well to our urging for what needed to be done. This review lifted me up while reading it and I wish I could have shared the experience with you. Let me just say that the monumental task that was before all of us years ago has been whittled down to a much smaller size.

Now, let us look at the monetary system. This is one of the things that has taken so much longer than expected. By now we had planned for you to be so much further ahead in your ability to enjoy life by not having to work so hard but it did not happen because of several reasons. The agreements that were made were not honored by those in control. It was a gargantuan task to get them to agree to anything in the first place because of their greed and desire for control and prominence in the world view. This one particular thing has been a struggle all the way but I can say now that the gold needed is now where it needs to be and the world banking system has been planned down to the last detail. This is one of the things I want to see done and it will be gratifying for each and every one of you in its end result.

You have been victims far too long and have spent most of your lives laboring long hours for little gain after taxes. Those that were in control of the majority of the stored gold would not give it up nor were they satisfied with what they had. You would think that after all these years they would have learned where the real happiness resided and it certainly wasn’t in the having of hoards of money or valuable goods. We have been first hand observers of so many that have personally owned so little and we see them as joyful in their life and their relationships and connection with their God and Source of all things. These people who owned little by all standards had power, joy, friends and all the things that life offers everyone and brought Love to so many others during their lifetime. We rejoice over their discovery of riches within.

Where do you stand today? This is one of the things that is going to be implemented and the switch over will most likely happen in steps regarding all the banks and also your personal monetary worth. We have no date for this nor can we give you an idea when this will happen but so many steps have already been taken and many pages have already turned toward the goals that were set for your freedom regarding personal wealth. Do not give up on this for it is alive and well.

I would like to speak of transgressions and the process of forgiveness. This is a much bigger issue in your lives than you might imagine. It is one of the most difficult things to get over is the wrongs that have been done to you. All are in the process of learning and when someone perceives a wrong has been done it is only natural to feel hurt and sad. Lashing out is one result that happens and then the hard feelings go deep into your being and so many times they remain within the mind but also within the body. So many of you are carrying around a body with stored negative hurts in joints and parts of your body and they have caused you to have problems physically. We are not talking about who was right or what the other person should have done. We understand that many things have been done against you all through your life and you were the recipient of others lack of learning and their insecurities. How do you go about getting these end results of hurt out of your mind and out of your body?

Let us start with recognition and that comes from asking within the relationship you have with your body and also the relationship you have with your Creator. Ask what needs to be forgiven from the God within you. Ask to see the negative thing(s) you carry around with you and have not released. This can be from yesterday or it can be from childhood long ago. I tell you the hurt you have been through in the past, if stored within your body, will remain and cause problems if the issue is not recognized and somehow forgiven and removed. Start with your mind. These things will be shown to you mostly by dreams and visions and you will be reminded. Take them one by one and lay them upon your alter before God and ask that you learn how to forgive what and who is necessary to resolve these issues. This may take some time if it is a big issue but it has to be done for it will not go into the higher vibrations and will hold you back. Understanding of why the other person did what they did will go a long way to solving this issue. It is usually their lack of love for themselves and lack of security in their place on earth that makes people travel alone without their self worth. So many fight every day for their place in the world and it is easy to hurt others when you are hurting yourselves.

No matter what the reason you can acknowledge that you still carry the hurt within you over what has happened to you. Prayer and meditation on releasing hurt can go a long way when your intentions are true. You do not have to agree with what the other person did but you need to release it from your mind and body and take that energy that you were giving to the resentment and anger and transform it into something positive and that something is forgiveness. However long it takes do not give up and you will be surprised at how you feel when you no longer carry this weight with you. Do not spend time wondering if they will be punished for what they did. They are responsible for their actions as everyone is and it will follow the same energy rules that apply to all. This is not your focus for this is no longer an issue with them but it has become an issue with “you”. You have taken it from two people down to one and that is yourself. Do not literally take it in your mind and hands and damage your own life by holding onto it. Realize the other person has most likely gotten on with their life and you did not because you stopped time and held onto it. Let the God given love that is available enter this incident and surround it and ask that you forgive not only the other person but yourself for harboring this for all this time. Turn it over to God and let this be His issue and not yours. Release it into His hands and let Him deal with it so that you can be set free and then release it and see it as being gone from your mind and body. Replace this in your mind with the knowing that it is no longer your will to hold onto any part of it. Ritual cleansing of the body is good and ask that all negative energy be removed from your body and set free. This can be visualized or another element can be used such as water. Smoke is sometimes used also. If necessary do this more than once and ask if you have released the negativity from your being. Feel the difference as this heavy weight is removed and then give thanks for you have freed yourselves from this negative issue that has been and will hold you back, if not released. It takes work but most of all it takes love of self.

During this process of moving down your road of experiences you will have to deal with many issues of experiencing and learning. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to learn but is one of the most rewarding because it involves the energy of love, not only for others but for yourselves. You are loved, no matter how you feel about yourself but love of self is needed in your understanding of all things. We keep coming back to this issue of love and how important it is for all things. It is the answer to most all questions you will have in your learning experience and we keep focusing on love because it is so important in your understanding of all that is. God is Light and Love, so when you get to know love you get to know the God that is within.

Before you move up that ladder of dimensions you must leave all things behind that will not travel and thrive in the higher vibrations. It is impossible to take them with you if they are negative. It is well worth your time and effort to ask if you have anything that needs released from your past. You will be shown what needs work sooner or later and then work on these issues. Many have asked how ascension works and how does one ascend into the higher planes of existence. Continue learning and continue recognizing that God is within all things and within you. Ask these questions and when an answer is given work on what needs to be changed and what needs to be forgiven. This is how.

I leave you now on your path and all others on their path and this is also how things work. None of you are at the exact same place on their path so have patience with others as they struggle along like you have had to struggle along on your path. Show them understanding and remember that love is needed along with forgiveness. These are answers I give you for your questions of advancement. They are laws of energy as they regard to different levels of existence. They cannot be defied or ignored. Advancement requires work and this also applies to everyone. You are doing well. Do not give up now. Love one another.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 27, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress, even if you cannot. Energy is hard to see in its many forms but it is changing very rapidly for several reasons. The dark influence is becoming less as many are removed from the stage, the waves of Light are continuing to influence not only the people but the earth and the people themselves are changing for the better, which changes the energy and collective consciousness. So few can feel or see on a perceptive level the energy of everything. All who do can tell you that things are changing. Now many can feel the influence of the energy and know it is changing for the better. Others notice the changes in people and their mood, demeanor and propensity toward kindness and brotherly love. So many more individuals feel the love influence but because of inhibitions will not exhibit this brotherly love because it makes them feel vulnerable. The mental inclination to help is there, even if it is not brought out into the open on a daily basis. It still changes things because the individual has changed.

We speak in terms of soon and now and near and in your reality it is weeks, months and years in some cases. It is a long term view for us into your future, when you consider thousands of years of your past history, it is soon and near. When you have a history of decades of a certain behavior, what is a few more weeks or months. Unfortunately this is misleading for you when you think in terms of soon and near as being next week. It is a shortcoming in our means of conveying information to you and has brought up some major problems because it has been mingled in with delays that have changed the time table of things and therefore seen as inaccurate or incorrect when viewed as a whole or total block of information. This is unfortunate for big reasons. Our credibility is vitally important to us in the process of conveying information to you and we need you to see us as truthful and trustworthy in our words. There are two different areas here: One is our concept of time being different than yours and our inability to change the wording of information to fit your concept of time. The other is the many delays that have taken place causing doubts and misgivings in your mind. The two have been lumped together into one big thought of falsehood which labels all we say. This is incorrect.

We have worked hard to try and correct this misunderstanding and it has damaged our credibility to some extent. Some of you understand this has taken place and have made adjustments accordingly. We are thankful for this as we do need you to see us as truthful. So much influences what happens from day to day and when we tell you something it is as seen at that moment. When there is something that is solid and in stone we try also to give you that understanding and one of the things in stone is the will of God to intervene in earth affairs and bring the earth and its people back in line with what was intended in the beginning. This intention of Creator is not and has not been changed, once initiated. It is being carried out and will continue until completed. As far as the other subject of our difference in terminology and in the way we view time as compared to your way of viewing time, it is so ingrained in both our concepts that this remains a sticking point to this day. My scribe thinks it would be easy for us to learn your way of thinking and correct our way of explaining things time related. I have heard her think that we, as the help that have come, should have studied your ways of word meaning and adjusted our conveying of information as needed for a better understanding on your part. This sounds good but she does not understand what levels of existence our thoughts have to go through that are energy related from our minds into your receiving of information and how those thoughts from us are distorted through these levels of energy. We try most accurately to see that what we intend is what you receive and this is a monumental task on a hourly basis and so much is dependent upon the receiver. We know that our words are also taken as different meanings in different people and they are the same words. We wish it could be more accurate in the delivery and in the receiving. We need this accuracy most assuredly and wish as much as you do that it was this way.

There are many obstacles to this communication and the distortion of our thoughts to you is a big one and we work on this all the time as best we can to see that correctness in intention of messages is given. Do not let this side track you in how you see our truthfulness and intentions. We have enough trouble with interference from the dark to completely do away with our messages and distort them. Try to see that differences in the way our two cultures view things where time is concerned will be different and adjust your understanding as we try to adjust our understanding of how we word our thoughts to you. We wish all misunderstandings could be erased from the past and this would make things much better where this is concerned. Time in itself is difficult for you to understand because it changes from place to place or from dimension to dimension as the scientific laws are different governing that plane.

As this relates to the here and now there will be announcements and there will be much change in your government when information is revealed and truth comes out and this will happen within the next few weeks as we see it from our perspective at this moment. Could this possibly change, yes, but the background of evidence is completed and ready for this revelation and the energy for revelation is there and waiting. This will start the ball rolling. Are earth changes pending in plate tectonics and pressures needing to be equalized, yes, and we see this as happening within the next few months from our perspective at this moment. Also on your horizon is ascension and this is harder to speak of as the timing is not known to us and depends upon the people themselves. Our bar is set high for accuracy and we attempt perfection in our information delivered to the best of our ability and this is every day. You have a wonderful future ahead of you when speaking of your new earth and the promises concerning the type of life offered and available. This is another one of those rock solid things that will not change because it is a promise made from a higher authority.

So, you see our challenges all along the way of this earth mission are many and some are quite large. We seek to always gain your trust in all we say and do. Our love for you is real and does not falter. Our intentions are God directed and God driven and we are here to help however we are allowed by Creator. We ask that you do not let anything stand in your way of receiving God’s love no matter what disappointment you may be going through regarding man or us or delays in anything. This is real and this is happening on a grand scale and it will be completed. God does work in mysterious ways at times and it may not be in the way you expect but His “Will” will be carried out without question in this matter of earth intervention and deliverance from the dark. Their days are over and some of them will be removed from all things permanently. Some of their energy remains now and it is in the process of being removed. There is nothing more definite than God’s finality. You are loved more that we here have ever been able to express to you. I leave you now in the hands and love of your Heavenly Father and Creator of all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 26, 2021

Let us begin. It baffles me that some are floating along with total trust in their government of the US and not questioning anything. It is easy to get wrapped up in requirements of your life and not take an interest in something that has been left up to others to control. Unfortunately others are not always trustworthy to handle certain areas of your life and have led you down the wrong path. You are in such a situation now that it cannot be retrieved and has to start over almost from the beginning. This is why it will take time and much care in getting everyone on board with what is needed. I will not say you are going back to the beginning for you have the added experience of all these years in your US history to rely on as far as what does not work. It will take a certain political frame of mind to construct or structure the wording and environment for your new country and let me be clear about this, only those who really care about your country and its citizens should be afforded the opportunity to have any say in the matter.

I would like to change subjects here and go to lives lived. Many do not believe in reincarnation and it is a controversial subject. I tell you that you have lived many lives in your learning experience and your earth was set up for this to be helpful to you in your learning process. Much of the teachings of living more than one life were taken out of your Bible and this was very misleading. Only by continuing to learn can you advance on your journey and you are given many opportunities to do this. Not all planets are set up this way and some have inhabitants who live long lives so they can continue to learn and grow. Your planet rules afforded you the many lives option and you would call it the fast track to learning. It gives you not only a second chance but many chances at taking what you have learned and bringing it forward into another situation.

You might ask why this method is better than living a long life. Like your country, sometimes it is better to come clean and start over again with another opportunity to do it right or do it better. In your early development like most of you are in now, if given a long life you could get so fouled up and so far down a wrong path that it would only make things worse to continue. Starting over seems the best way to wipe the slate clean and start over as far as your decisions are concerned. This does not mean you were automatically given freedom from transgressions in your lives but that you now have the option of learning from past things and making better decisions in the new life. The laws of energy would still apply in all lives and what you send out will return with all of its facets to contend with. As far as remembering you may or may not remember your past lives but hopefully the learning from them will remain in clarity so that you gain ground in your journey. There are many nuances to living more than one life and as you might guess the same people are repeated in your lives to give meaning to recognition of what does not work. The same goes for them regarding actions toward you.

As you can see the best case scenario is a life grounded upon the laws of God, His Love and also forgiveness. This gives you the best environment for not having to try and correct negative thoughts or actions in the next life. So, you can understand that even in this life if you are doing your best not to harm others and live your best life you may be carrying over some negative activity from a past life that has to be dealt with. This answers the question of why some people have all the luck and others live a good life and have all the bad luck. Actually luck is sort of a false premise and all things are connected to the reality of cause and affect. Do not fall into the trap of thinking there is no point in even trying for it will all come back to haunt you for this is a false idea. Each and every life is God given through love for your growth and your free will choice. It is researched in advance to give you the best opportunity to live it to the fullest and take care of anything that needs to be focused upon for action of any kind. You are not haphazardly thrown out into another life just hoping you will make the best of it. Far from the truth.

This new earth you are venturing into will have somewhat different rules and the fast track into learning will not be the same. Ascension into higher vibrations will also have different rules governing lives and you will be living longer and having a clearer vision of everything. It is a grand transition you are making those of you who are advancing. There is much to learn and so much more to enjoy. Friendship with others will have a different tone and depth considering there will be no tendency for hate, envy, revenge and other negative emotions. Respect will prevail, even if others do not have the same ideas you do for you will be tolerant of their culture and background. No one will want to force their ideas on you and try to get you to live like they do. I hope you can see this happening.

Your month of March will be one of great activity in all ways as we see it from here. Stand in your Godly ways and keep counsel with that which is good, honest and trustworthy. Choose your close friends wisely and do not spend time in negative environments. Let others make their decisions, even if you see them as unwise, unless they ask for your help or advice. Do not let criticism wound you for it is between you and God. Refrain from activities not leading to better times and enjoy your life in all things possible.

I leave you now with these instructions we give in the highest of our intentions and with love.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 25, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that all is going according to plan and the evidence needed has been gathered. Now we await the action all have been hoping for. Well, maybe not all, but most. Things need to be righted and corrected and the background has been laid. The movements of the legal system on earth are quite complex for this type of correction and it took some time to get everything in order. Now we wait for the next move.

There are several things looming on your horizon and it is difficult to understand which one will happen first. The earth corrections are approaching and their timing is unknown and we are speaking of earthquakes here. Then there is the continued legal procedures concerning all those who have already been arrested. Also waiting are more waves of energy and opportunity there for all to take advantage of in the way of better vibrations and body improvements and more indications of Light and Love. We also have announcements waiting to be brought out for all to experience and this will be large in scope. Then there is the major earth adjustment in pole shift and this may be done in stages, but a major adjustment none the less. Then there is the great flash of light that awaits and this timing is also unknown. Don’t forget about ascension also and this timing is unknown to us. So you see there are quite a few large events waiting in line and we do not know which one will be first. Things were delayed on purpose at times to let other events progress and this caused a backlog and now we have this situation waiting.

While we wait and we know you are ready to get things moving, you should have your body uppermost in your mind and give it the best care you can with rest, proper food and exercise. It will help you to get through everything that is to come and you will have so much on your mind that it is imperative that your body be functioning as well as possible. It is easy to forget about the needs of your body but this is an important time and care should be taken now for several reasons. Your body is changing at a rapid rate into a crystalline form and this has to be done for you to move up into the higher vibrations. Take note to get as must rest as possible. Drink plenty of clean water. Eat more of the vegetables and fruits.

The needs of the people who do not realize what is going on are somewhat dependent upon your Light work now to aid them in their adjustments. The opportunities are there for them but so many are not taking advantage of them and remain in the dark concerning educating themselves to everything that is happening. You are the vanguard group that is making way for not only yourselves but others to make this trip through this major shift in all that is for earth. They have no idea. Things are unfolding on a day by day basis for so many now and unfortunately many are getting left behind because of their actions and by their inaction. Some have made decisions on a soul level and need extra time to experience and learn before they make a move ahead. This is their need and their choice. All is done with love for them.

You Light workers are understanding more than we expected you to and continue to give of yourselves in your mission work so that progress can be made in the changes needed. It is so difficult for us to explain about energy and vibrations and time lines and a multitude of elements that are in play at this time but you continue none the less and have faith in the plan that is in force and directed by the Will of God. It could not be done this way without you. Do not think that we take you for granted but you were chosen for your experience and abilities and many wanted this opportunity that the earth experience would provide. Little did we know that it would take this much effort and time because of the entrenched attitude of the dark to remain at all costs, no matter how difficult their ending. We also had hopes of more coming to grips with who they are and what their mission was. It is your determination against the efforts of the dark that have impressed up the most. Your dedication to seeing this through against the dark is what keeps you at your best here.

There are times in this event that you have been in a holding pattern and even though so much is happening right now we get the feeling that you feel you are in one of those holding patterns. The energy is swirling around you in patterns of greatness and correct foundations are being laid but most of you are not aware of them. The dark would certainly tell you that things are changing for them and not for the better. There is no holding pattern for them in their legal processes. They are being processed as quickly as possible.

Light workers do continue your work and carry out whatever is asked of you. The work you have done at each step has been important but now is a critical time when stability is needed for everyone to hold onto in this time of change. The bigger picture here greatly needs your input and it is difficult for you to understand how important your work is to everything else that is happening. The elements you work with are of such formative nature that they have to be correct and you can do this and at this time on earth no one else is in a position to contribute what you are giving and doing. Things seem to be gathering for so much to happen at once and each one of the events will shake some in great ways. Things happening all at once, as they appear to be lining up, will cause an even greater need for your work and steadfastness. Be at peace with your work and know how important it is, not only in the end result but in the doing of it for this is your calling.

I leave you now with the understanding that we cannot tell you what will happen next, first, or in sequence of events. All is left up to Creator, Gaia and the action and reaction of everyone. We love you greatly and look forward to the progress awaiting your journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 24, 2021

Let us begin. It is our observation that you are skilled now in certain areas and know enough that you remain in a state of mind to continue learning. When I say skilled I mean in coming to a planet and bringing it back to the Light that was intended. This takes time no matter how adept you are at doing this and you have put in the time. We do not mean in any way that you know it all but you did rise to the demand for this place and met the challenges that confronted you. We only wish that more of you came to the knowledge of what their mission was and also that more of you were not side tracked with false information. This put a larger task in front of the ones who did confront the enormity of what was needed. There is yet work to be done in the complete eradication of the dark for there are numbers, influences and deeds still around in different stages of completion. As I have said before I would like to see every last bit of dark influence gone from each person on earth.

You are in the process of moving your intentions a bit from working with bringing Light into the earth realm to now taking new instructions regarding uniting with others of the same intent on earth to establish the foundation of the new earth without any dark influence. A little different but so important that this part be done regarding vibrational standardization of a beginning foundation work for a higher requirement. The codes are different and you don’t have to worry about this as it will be done through the giving of the proper creative Light. You do need to learn how to work with and within these new parameters of instruction and that you are doing. You see, you have been doing this all along as circumstances have required it of you. Do not get stuck thinking that all your Light work is the same. Be open to the instructions and Light given as the creative potential of Light is vast, or should I say endless in its ability to create what is needed. You are just now beginning to understand how important you have been and how important you are in your work and in completing your mission for it is not over just yet. A chapter has been completed and a new chapter opened.

Not only is there a new chapter but the beginning of a new earth so do not fold up your tents just yet, even though much has been accomplished. Your abilities to adjust are needed now to usher in the materials, for lack of a better word, being used for this project. Even though all dark has not been extinguished just yet it is important that new construction be started within the needed vision of the new and this vision will become your reality and that of all others on earth. It does not work to come to the river for crossing and not have at least an idea of how to build a bridge. You need to know the dimension of the bridge, the materials used, the time it will take and most importantly who the engineer in charge is. A sloppy analogy but you get the picture. Actually when needed the bridge will be there and you will have the means to cross it.

One of your challenges now along with everything else you are doing is to bring others with you. Help them when the occasion presents itself but do it gently. This is a mission of love foremost on the part of everyone concerning earth. A lot of this work for others you have already done and continue to do. Now is not the time to retire or take a sabbatical. More information is coming in that will nudge people to notice the changes and turn toward the Light and all that encompasses. This process continues to continue and this thought may not be what you wanted but it is what is needed. We get the idea that you wanted a huge clock on earth that was counting down the hours and minutes and when the time came you would take your time card and slip it in the slot and log out for the last time. This is not the case here.

In this last part of change the energies have been so changing and we mean from moment to moment, that what was needed from you has also changed frequently. Your adaptability has been greatly needed and upcoming is an example of that need. You will see grand changes soon. The outing of the dark influence and negative activity they put into motion is in direct correlation to the new vibrations being established as they come in. Continue what you are doing in your work. Take the instructions given, and a lot of this will be at night as you sleep, and work wholeheartedly as you have been in the God directed freedom of this earth. So much is yet to be done and it will become more clear to you as things progress. You see this freedom of earth has been one of the largest challenges ever proposed and there were a few in the beginning that thought it could not be accomplished. Many knew it was possible and spent countless hours telling others that it could. Your accomplishments speak for themselves and what is needed now is for you to continue. There will be more information available on this beginning of plans at a later date.

We come this day to encourage you to be the Light beings that you are and remain steadfast in your commitment to your mission and promise now to complete the energy and Light work needed to take out the last of the dark. They are at their finish line and most cannot even see it. The new establishment is here and taking over and this will be a shock to the dark that are left. I leave you now with the vision that we see from here and it is everything we have told you in its wonder and God given design. Soon you will also see for yourselves.

There is so much more I wish for you to know but this morning I am needed elsewhere and must be off.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 23, 2021

Let us begin. We offer all sorts of advice and counseling, depending on what is needed and most of the time we do not hesitate to tell you what you need to know. In most all cases we do get through to you and you have the option to accept or reject. There are cases where information is imperative for you to know, even if you do not understand and this is one of those cases.

We are coming upon the time of crossing the bridge and you have heard of this before. We asked you to plan long ago for this time and how to conduct your life so that you could ascend to a higher vibration and way of living and most all of you reading wanted to do this because of what you were leaving behind. You did not fully understand what you were going to other than it was a vast improvement over what was. We now tell you that you should have prepared already and done your work in the choosing of thought and actions that would bring you into harmony with what was needed to cross that bridge. When the time comes, it comes and this is the first time where a planet and the people are given opportunity to do this in tandem.

Ascension and learning of any kind can be done at any time and can be done at a later day when the requirements are met and there is no shame in not being ready. It is a process and the way of being that you continue to learn and rise up to a higher level. This instance on earth is a little different and Gaia was adamant about her children going with her in ascension and this is one for the history books. She is ready to take her children with her now and she waits for you. The time approaches and we can tell this, even if no one knows the hour or the day. It is all in God’s timing and at His will. We are instructed to inform you of this and we are telling you that the time approaches. The way of ascension has been explained to the best of your understanding in the past and it was up to you to prepare. The universal laws are simple and all that cannot survive in the higher vibrations will not go and this goes for all other things on your planet also. Plants, animals, sickness, disease, greed, avarice and the list goes on. It is a simple law of universal energies and the science of it is easy to understand.

You have free will and if you choose not to go it is your right to do so. There will be opportunity for this to happen when you are ready and have done your homework. Things will not be complicated as some imagine and the process, even now with some, has been such that many are living in the 5th dimension and a few even higher. What you achieve automatically draws you to where you belong. The division of family and loved ones is what most people worry about and this also is not as complicated as some think. Energies of your being will remain with those not ascending. Those ascending will not feel the pain of separation as you might imagine. This is hard to explain but is a blessing on both sides.

Also on our list of things we are encouraged to inform you of are the earth adjustments concerning earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The hold that was once put on these activities has been released and they are free to express and seek their energy adjustments as are needed in all places. It is being done as far as being in process now and will continue as earth requires. All systems that have been involved in this long process of earth adjustment and the overtaking of the dark influence have worked together in the will of Creator and Father, Mother God have seen to this. In this case it took more than a village to be involved and make this happen. It has taken millions in your skies, or heavens as you call it, and many on earth to bring this about. The hosts of heaven were called to action and they have followed instruction as to what was needed at the moment. As you might imagine this changed often. If you imagine the biggest production for an event that you could, it has taken even more and the love that abounds for you is more than you can imagine also.

I have taken you from basics of individual thoughts and actions to the enormity of a production so vast it has taken many life times and years to bring about into reality and even now it continues. It doesn’t matter if you understand but it does matter if you are ready. We stand ready to give to you the information necessary and have done so in the past. We have done our part and now it is up to you to stand strong in your advancements of the God within so that your journey will also continue, no matter where you are on your path. We love you all and hope that you will seek the heights to which you can achieve in all times of your being for you are the expression of the Light and Love of God within. I leave you now with these thoughts and our love and hopes go with you on your journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

(There was a previous question concerning ascension by a reader on December 6th and it was answered by Prosper on December 8th. You may want to refer to this information.)

February 22, 2021

Let us begin. We see a trend now forming and your desires for your new earth are taking on the energy you are giving it and it is establishing the foundation that is needed. This new foundation is made with no dark influence and will serve you well as you add to it with everything that is needed for the correcting time. It could not be formed or made with fragments of dark energy intertwined within it. This does not mean that all dark energy is gone but it means you have chosen to use the energy that has been given for this purpose and it is pure in intention and you have chosen well. There are instructions given at night on how to do this choosing of energy and joining together with others of like mind and desire to construct or form the necessary beginnings of a sturdy cornerstone to build on. As we have said these days will go down in history as they are being recorded now. The earth chapters will be studied for a long time and be helpful to others. It is noteworthy that you are quite ready for this creating to happen and are enthusiastic about starting and eager to learn how to make this change. You only want to see these days under the dark influence in your rear view mirror.

There are some of you that are eager and willing to devote much of your time to this at night while you sleep. Others are very willing but demands of the day and night, usually involving children, limit the amount of time you can devote to instruction and work. We notice that all pray heavily and can only be likened to a huge army of Light workers who have banded together and are marching forward in your desire to change the world. I would certainly not want to be one that tried to stand in your way. Your determination is self evident in your actions and your Light is beginning to be known far and wide. There is no way now to stop this energy you are using and Creator is at the helm. As we have said the dark in no way have any idea what force they are dealing with or how God works through His many souls to bring about the desires of His heart for His people. You have made yourselves open to this instruction and will and things are getting done. We see it clearly here. Your fortitude is outstanding and brings some of us to tears for it has been so long that you struggled to be set free.

It takes courage to rise up against the dark or any opposing entity that wants to keep you from your connection with your God that is within and His laws that govern. The desire to maintain the dark influence had the upper hand for so long but is in no way strong enough now to face the band of Light workers in force that spent the time and effort and a lot of it on their knees in prayer. It needs to be mentioned here that the angels rejoice any time someone comes to the Light but when all of you join your powers of directed energy to use for good, all of heaven rejoices and takes note at what you have done. Now that you have established yourselves together we wish you could see the energy moving and taking shape into the formation that is of Light and will prevail. You faced some difficult days in facing the dark and some of you paid a high price for you were targeted in different ways. You kept going and did not give up for your desire in coming here was reinforced by your past successes and your inner knowing of the importance of your mission and of the success that was needed. That determination will see you through in continuing to learn and work for what is needed.

The status of things continues to gain ground in the right direction and we await announcements concerning the legal platform that is being established to once again return your world into what was intended in the beginning. So much of the world is rebelling against the restraints that have been placed upon all individuals and you are ready to regain your freedoms in all forms. A lot of what happens in the US will affect the rest of the countries in their actions toward freedom also. The relationships of one country with another will slowly change for the better and so much that is being lost now in rhetoric and posturing will be put aside and more respect will enter this field of communication. Fear will subside in your dealings with other countries and more trust will grow. We look forward to seeing this happen for you and this is what you deeply desire. Imagine your world with no fear! You can accomplish this. (I am seeing here many hearts having their hopes and dreams come true and the joy it brings.)

We await a more open contact with you in your coming days and we have wanted this for some time. There is so much we want to tell you and hopefully all of it will bring about better days and lives for everyone. There are many specialists, as you would call them, here to give you the information you need in making the changes necessary for great improvements. There has been free energy for some time and it is being developed for all to use. We know that so many of your thoughts concerning children are uppermost in your minds and that challenge will be met. Improvements in food production can be vastly improved concerning the nutritional content and you will also reap rewards from better health. The improvements list goes on and that does not take into consideration the brand new things that can be learned that will amaze you. We stand ready and waiting.

I leave you now with your grand force for creating this new world and we will meet you when you are ready. This is a strange statement since so many of you have been communicating with us for some time now and as some think this is not an imaginary, made up story from a deranged individual. If your friends only knew what you have been up to they would be amazed. As of now you are just thought of as different while all the time you have been in contact and communicating with people from other planets and other dimensions. ARE THEY GOING TO BE SURPRISED! We are your friends and we hope that your contact and connections with us have proven beyond any doubt that we have been sent here by Creator and we have your best interest at heart. We are no threat by any means. We will get to say that it is so good to finally get to meet you face to face after all this time. We know you well.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 21, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning to me that some are not questioning further all that is going on. So much of it doesn’t make sense and has never happened before and you’d think everyone would want to know why. This has been one of the biggest problems of your past is that most just accept and don’t question. They take for granted that those in charge will dispense justice and good works in a legal manner and there it stops. You have taken so many wrong things for so long that it is now second nature to accept without question and this needs to change. If you do question most do not follow through with getting an answer and this does not lead to change. Some strong voices are speaking out and are not afraid to go against what is being asked of them and this is good. Keep it up and your theme of questioning will grow and catch on. This is what is needed for some to lead the way in asking those important questions and expecting an answer. When the answer is not acceptable then more is required. It is a path and a way of accountability for those in government and leadership to explain why they do certain things. I feel there is a turnover coming and some dead wood will be cast aside and that should have been done long ago.

It is easy for me to stand here and see things clearly and tell you what you should do. Do not be offended by my suggestions and take them with the love that is intended for your advancement. I am just pointing the way for you to begin. All people at certain times in their lives need teachers to suggest and point the way to understanding. This is the whole purpose to our being here is to help you see things that you have been programmed to let slip by for this has been done to you for so long now. We have sounded the alarm bells and now you are awake and are looking at things with new understanding. It is much easier for me to suggest than it is for you to take action and change. There is a process in change and first the wrong parts have to be removed form the machinery for it to ever work properly. No machine every worked well with needless parts and this includes people, departments, oversight committees, public relations personnel and some government financed studies. Does it take six million dollars or more to answer most questions? Do office supplies or simple mechanical tools need to cost so much? My, how you have let so much get by and most of this is behind the doors and included in invoices and labeled wrongly. How can a weekend holiday at a top notch resort for employees and their friends be labeled as a seminar for instruction? This is what has been going on.

The watchdogs have been keeping an eye on things and there are many in your independent news reporting that do their jobs quite well with the sources they have painstakingly developed. Many are not afraid to print the truth but from a legal standpoint there is only so much they can say that will lead you to further investigation yourselves. The laws being what they are keep some things from being said without verifiable truth behind it even if it is blatant. It is good that proof is needed but the path to truth is often met with closed doors and lies to cover up. When others are afraid not to comply and cover up for others it makes it difficult to get to what is really happening. It is evident now that many are watching your leaders and office holders and things are not as easy for them now as they once were. This will continue until it is known which parts of your government need to be removed. Some amount of detective work is required.

Do not walk through your days with burdens you carry alone. Bring your concerns to us and we will do our best to understand and help in any way we can. Never feel you are alone with what is happening to you and let us see if there are things we can suggest or help with that will make your journey easier. We have been here for some time now and have gotten to know you much better. You have changed considerably while we have been here and are more alert to all that is happening and some spend their days trying to find answers to the various questions that arise. There have been times when some answers were not ready to be given for various reasons but the time of revelation is upon you and you have much to look forward to. Do not give up at this late date but do not think that the powers that have been over you will continue much longer. You are living a life of dates and times and these are not the benchmarks that are being used at this time. It has to do with prominent or abundant vibrational frequencies or energies leading to the next step that we look at and this gives us our signs for correct timing.

It is difficult for you to see how far you have come in your attitudes and this would be helpful if you could but you did have a long way to go. Keep the learning from the difficult experiences and try to let the unpleasant part dissolve with understanding and forgiveness. Continue forward with your learning and confront those challenges with strength and knowing that you can overcome more than you ever imagined. Be prepared for some turbulence with this transition for those entrenched in their places will not be uprooted easily. Some have played their part for so long that they have become to believe in themselves. Progress continues and more is being done every day to bring about the desired result and that is to set your government straight on the path of better leadership. Pray for your country no matter what country that is and give of your visions for fair and legal leadership with representation of the people. Know you do have a voice in what happens and the governance you require. You have worked hard and your leadership should reflect your wishes for your country.

We are coming to a more peaceful time for all countries and one of productivity for what is needed for all the people and not just a few. Remember people should be free and not bound by massive legalities that keep being added to. Find that balance that is needed for your country and don’t settle for less. Keep looking and working until the laws are adequate and not excessive. You have much to create.

I leave you now to bring about the changes necessary in a non violent way. There are those who may not comply so guard yourselves from these individuals and surround yourselves with the Light that is freely given for protection. We see so much potential with people ready to act favorably to change things and we have great expectations for your choices. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service