June 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to tell you what is in the works at present. All is ready for announcements and it is going forward, thank goodness. We have all worked for this to happen and agreements have been made and this time we pray they will be kept. If we were doing it ourselves it would have already been done but it is better that this comes from those on the ground so the validity factor will be in full effect. We await this moment and it is a rather pinnacle in these events to come. I shouldn’t be so excited myself for this is for you, it is just that there has been so much going into this and waiting so many times that it is difficult not to let the tension build here on our side. We see it happening for you now, where as before it was murky and would not solidify. Pray that all will keep their word as given.

Un-kept agreements have gone a long way to ruin and destroy the faith you have had in us and we know how you have planned on what we announce to happen but we have no control over those who go back on their word. This time we have hope again that it will happen and there will be so much to follow. The timing for this to begin is this month of June, so I go out on a limb here with this statement and have not been quite so specific before. Dare I give this month when all have waited so long and even held their breath in some cases for so little word that has been foretold? We are doing the same as you and watch and listen for what will be happening. So be it.

I would like to speak now of the validity of the soul. You cannot see it or hear it with your usual senses but it has weight and takes up space and can certainly be detected with other senses available. So many do not believe in any life after death whatsoever and they live without hope or faith in gain or achievement of the soul. For them all is lost at the point of death and it colors their life so totally differently than anyone who knows of the soul’s existence. How do you prove the existence of the soul? This has been a question persisting for some time and there are those who have tried without much success to prove their point. The soul is created and has a life that maintains and thrives from the energy of God and is nothing outside of God. It is possible to have a body of some sort without a soul and there are many of them existing now on earth and even some in your skies. It is difficult to tell if a soul is not present just by looking for they appear as everyone else but a focus with your senses will come up against the cold and lifeless feeling when probed. It is evident to us from the lack of the God energy usually found within the souled body. With them the body does die a final death and it is no more.

Once acknowledged the individual opens doors and information and additional God energy comes into play and the person begins their journey along the path of enlightenment. Before the soul is acknowledged there are road blocks to learning and achieving and this holds you back somewhat, even though suggestions and markers are given to the unfolding of the soul existence. Those helping you do all they can to show you the validity of your soul and sometimes many times do they repeat their efforts. Even your body takes on a new meaning when you realize it houses the soul and life itself takes on new meaning. When this is done questions arise of what the soul actually is and what it contains. Is it just a higher form of life itself? The soul is the same energy and creative light that is in creation and all that is and is no different from the existence and creative energy of God, or what you call God. There is nothing that is not God and nothing that is created in less than perfection of this energy that is God. This is who and what you are. There is no subservient creation less that God that has to live in fear of an angry God meting out punishment for infractions of laws. You do not go somewhere else to meet God and worship for God is within and is you. The process of achievement along life’s path is your realization of this fact and of who and what you really are. If you think you are full of sin and a lowly unworthy soul then that is the life you will live. On the other hand, if you realize your soul and your being is no different than the almighty creative energy that has created all that is, then this is the life you will live.

There is no limit to what you can achieve and no limit to how far you can travel on your path of enlightenment, once you come into this knowledge of who and what you are. We on this side do all we can to help you come into this reality and knowing of this information. Most of the time it is a slow process because of all the false teaching you have come in contact with while growing up. There is a lot to overcome and this makes it difficult to come into this truth. The journey and learning continues and it changes everything.

I leave you now to think on my words and consider them in depth for your own enlightenment. It is one of the biggest changes you will make in your life when you realize who you really are.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 18, 2021

Let us begin. We need to keep in mind that all is in the hands of God and under His direction. It is so difficult at times to see how any of it could come to a good conclusion from the part that we can see. I have been through several adjustments, change overs, and revisions of situations and at times wondered how any of it could turn out to be a positive or a desired conclusion but it always does when the Will of the One is energetically calling the shots of it all. Faith is a strong thing to have but sometimes more difficult to maintain in the midst of chaos when we look at things with our physical eyes. There have been times when I have questioned a positive outcome in the past only to be amazed at how things came together in a way I could not have imagined. There is a perfection that is above our own understanding because it is on such a high level as to be un-thought of in our un-experienced minds. Have you ever known all that is to create anything that is less than perfection? We need to forge ahead with this in mind.

I would like to speak now of imitation and how something may look exactly like something else. There is a way we can be deceived with the effort of a practiced deceiver and taken in by movements and events that look like a favorable thing. As much as we have talked about the dark being defeated and on the way out I would like to remind you at how practiced and experienced they can be at imitation and deception. It is not a time to let your guards down and accept all without caution. Take all to question in your own process of holding it up to truth and see how it stands. Do not let yourself become vulnerable in an open situation before first standing everything up to the Light of God to see if it withers under His power and inspection. Feel the results in your minds and hearts and let it be stripped of any hint of falsehood. Be practiced in this method and do what works for you with all new concepts that may come out.

At present there are attacks going on, perpetrated by the dark, that are taking place in your skies. Those who fled from earth are trying to regroup and gain supporters to challenge all who took away their planet and their plans for total control. So far they have been rebuffed and again their plans have been destroyed but they continue, motivated by hate and revenge. Somehow they are unable to see their efforts would be put to much better use if they would use their energies for good. Your experience has been hard gained but it will remain in your minds and it is possible it may have to be used again to protect what you so diligently fought for. Cherish your past and your work and hold dear your resolve never to let any dark influence come between you and your envisioned future of peace and a better world. It is a promise to yourselves that will remain.

The strong will of each of you will create such energy that will create a time line that is so far above any that you have held before in your life time. The strong influence brought about from knowing what it was like to live under strong control will give you the strength to maintain such high standards that you will not let your guard down. This is how things are created and kept on the forefront of freedom and individual expression and nothing can replace the experience of your past. You understand now what it is taking to come out from under it all and gain the ground you need to bring about your promised earth. The records of it all will not be forgotten.

My words to you are one of encouragement and continued progress in your focus for what you want in your new world. In all that is yet to happen do not loose sight of this goal for yourselves concerning how you want to live and express the God within on your earth. There are opportunities waiting for you that you have not yet imagined and concepts that are above any thoughts of achievement you have had. It is a beautiful sight you are coming into concerning this liberated environment and we want you to have every opportunity to create what you can from the love and light that is given.

I leave you now to think on these things for you are at the creating point in the now, as is always the case of creating. Hold high your bar of excellence for what will be. Express the God within and hold back nothing of a loving and noble, compassionate life.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 17, 2021

Let us begin. We know it will be difficult for you to transition into this new age that has been promised for the changes that need to happen are great. There has to be this large energy of darkness to be removed and it will not always be without consequences in the physical world. So much energy has to either be transformed into something more compatible or either be totally removed and this will take some doing in many cases. Gaia, herself is ready and her adjustments are not gentle. Many individuals of dark influence who have made their choices will have to be physically removed in some manner or go down the drain in this process. They will not be allowed to remain in their present form and influence. So be it.

Try not to enter into the chaos that will ensue during this process of transition and remain grounded in your Light and faith. Your understanding will serve you well during this time for it is knowing the reason and the necessity that will carry you through. Life itself is a long sequence of changes and adjustments and you transverse them mostly without any problem. You are very stalwart in your character now and adapting to change is in front of you. Your biggest challenges are the people that are not ready and do not understand what is happening for they will not be prepared. This is understandable for they have not chosen to search the reasons behind what is going on and they will be surprised. Travel with caution during this time and through these waters of heavy currents and do not get swept away in the flow of emotions from the masses.

I would like to speak now of transitions of heavenly content for you need to tap into the subjects of the codes given. These codes contain information that you need and that will serve you well in the coming months. They will allow the changes to be made within your mind and body that will be compatible with the energies coming in and the transformation into what your body needs to be for your soul to travel in comfort. All along you have been making changes within your body to conform to this new energy environment and they will continue. Mentally accept the codes of a directing nature and bless these changes into the intention and execution of the new for your new body will serve you as it should and you will not have to think twice about it being ready. The uncomfortable symptoms you have been going through will discontinue at some point and you will have completed them.

The transitions of a mental nature will not be so automatic and it will take patience on your part for the new to take hold and be implemented into your daily lives. All along you have been accepting these new energies and codes of change and the new you is arriving a little at the time. The end result will be like a whole construction crew will have come in and remodeled your mind completely for your DNA is being redone to give you what you once had and this will feel new. You have come through a lot of this change already and do not realize it. It was done with minimal discomfort and the new available abilities will come on line slowly as you accommodate them and begin to use them again. Remember all this was once yours in the way of these abilities and they will return and it will take practice on your part.

We believe the mental approach to life now is one you have wanted for some time and many have prayed for now for decades. An atmosphere of love and harmony without the negativity of the former life. This will be the really noticeable part and appealing in nature to transition into. All these changes will happen together, and have been happening together. Do not let them become anything other than the gift they are for your new age and the new you. You are so different now than you were long ago and we wish you could stand beside yourself to make the comparisons and see the big changes in every part of your physical and mental state of being. You have come such a long way and there is still a ways to go. We encourage you to be at peace with these further changes as best you can and again the biggest challenges will be in those that are not prepared. Your work, study and understanding have gone a long way in taking you across some difficult times and it will continue to do so. Rely heavily upon your knowing and experience of going within for instructions and answers now. We are standing by.

Be at peace my children in all ways you can. Face each new day with your every increasing vibratory rate that gives you open doors to new information and understanding and this leads to accomplishment and wisdom. I leave you now with this view of how far you have come and the vastness of your journey in how you have grown and what you have accomplished. If you could have our view you would be surprised. So, take the new you and know that whatever comes now you are ready and have the experience to deal with it in a positive way. You are the individual expression of the God energy and you will overcome as you have in the past. You have all been so needed in this journey of reform and hold new positions in all that is. Come fully into your own being of God.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 16, 2021

Let us begin. We know the time is now and the stage is set. We just need all involved to play their part they have agreed to. Information will proceed and be delivered as prearranged. There is a perfect time in the course of events for each thing to happen and this follows intent to deliver. We look forward to what will be given. It will be like setting the table for everyone and putting food out. All that is needed is for everyone to partake of it in a serious manner. Examine it, consider it and decide on it one way or the other but give it serious consideration and your focus and then you can at least say you gave it your all.

I would like to speak now of events to come. There will soon be an end to the devious plots of the dark and you will not be blind sided with thought up continued events to put you in fear and subjugation. There will be no more of that and part of us will gladly be out of a job. We ever so happily look forward to this time when that will no longer exist but for now there are still dark thoughts about that try to ensnare you into their way of acting and thinking. Please consider all information that will come out and examine it completely as to context, content and especially origin. We cannot stress this enough for there is still mischief afoot in the minds of discontented ones that are giving it one more try. If something worked one time it may work again. Do not be fooled and hold it up against the Light and truth and see how it bears witness in the name of God. You are no longer sheep being led into darkness but the one Shepherd is your guide.

The continuation of generated lies keeps being pumped out like free candy waiting for you to gladly pick it up, its poisonous content ready to work the demise of individual thought in freedom and desire to overcome any control. Stand up in your own Light now and say no more and you will hear the reverberation of all voices echoing in the cosmos from earth for it will be that strong. This is my message today and it is a strong one that I could not have given before now. You have arrived at this point of knowing and your sight has been burnished by the fires of truth and your resolve is strong from the result of all your hard work and struggles. Let truth be rung on the bell of Holy Words and thoughts and walk tall in your individuality. Earth is being liberated one moment at the time by another voice who will say loudly, NO, no more.

Examine, hold everything up to the Light of God and proceed in your knowing for the time is now.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 15, 2021

Let us begin. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. So have you. It has taken a lot of work to get this far but it has been done and you will see the benefit of all your trials and challenges. The dark has been defeated and the last remnants of their influence are being rooted out and removed. It is a beautiful sight from our side and we rejoice we at every inch that is gained in your victory. There are things waiting to manifest into the physical on your earth and the way is now clear. You continued your work and you will never forget the difficulties nor the rewards of your labor. The clean up is continuing and soon you also will be able to see the difference and feel the change in your environment.

I would like to speak now of the meaning of finality. The infiltration of the dark was so complete that the destruction of your souls was threatened and that of your children’s also. We now have a different situation and never again will this circumstance take place. You will soon see the fruit of your hard work and the overcoming of it all. Your challenges remain in the rebuilding of your earth but your sight is clear concerning what you want and it only remains that you attempt and continue with this endeavor. Of all the things you brought forth in this battle the most important in my thinking is your will to continue, for that is what kept you going through everything and has brought you to this point in time. The finality of closing out this chapter of earth history does not contain all of the emotions involved in the every day of work when just reading about it. More than millions will read of what went on concerning your earth but you were the ones in the middle of it all and you know what an impact it had on your entire life and how you accomplished the challenges that arose each day. This record kept in your personal history, which can never be removed, contains it all and this is the finality that I am addressing. It is yours and it tells the true story of earth and not some words on paper or in a book. Our recording of things brings with it much more emotion than your printed word but still the full impact of it all will be kept with you in each life lived during this time. This is the finality and true end to it all I am speaking of. When someone in your future says, oh, yes I remember reading about that time on earth, this will not tell the whole story for you had to be here going through it all and so many of you will be asked to share your feelings and perceptions of what took place and this will be told before thousands.

Some stories are finished with a good ending but there may be dark elements to come back and visit the story again but your finality of this ending does not leave any room for energies of this kind to ever come back and visit earth. For one thing the earth circumstances will never be the same for that type of opening to be available to anyone again. This is what I mean when I say that you have a need to know the details of what went on behind your back so that you will have all the pieces of how this was done and you will be knowledgeable to any attempt in your future. Your wisdom in this matter of finality is growing by the day now and it continues with each piece of information given concerning corruption and manipulation. With each step back the dark influence takes, you take a step forward into your future of freedom and this determination you have developed not to be controlled broadens out into your future as far as we can see. This is the finality I am speaking of.

So now you have before you to listen to what is going to be revealed and with each word are the nails that close the coffin on the past that you will never let happen again. This completion is now in front of you to process and to finally rejoice over and this will happen. I am being positive here and it all sounds lovely, and is more than that but there are still things of discomfort to go through. It is not time to relax or drop your guard for difficulties remain. We are so pleased that you are better prepared mentally now in your fortitude and overall approach to whatever remains. Your focus is here at this moment and your abilities are still to be used in the loose ends that remain and some of them are whoppers. We share with you our encouragement and our love as you see your future unfold before you in the only way it can. Only the reaction of all the people is not certain for the dark will be completely defeated.

We need to mention here that the road is once again free to travel forward with scheduled events and will transpire in due time. If it is possible be in good cheer, even in the dark revealing of it all and know that this telling of the details is necessary for many reasons. The victory celebrations will happen and you can plan them later but for now the finality of the ending is upon you and its events may be difficult. Take heart and prevail in your strength. The way is busy with revelations but at the same time is clear in its overall meaning. Do not get so caught up in the details that you loose sight of the Godly ending for make no mistake about it, this is God driven.

I leave you now to think on this finality of it all and what you have left to endure. The players are standing by for their last scenes and lines and they are ready. Be prepared.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 14, 2021

Let us begin. In all of this we are making progress. Sometimes it is hard to tell for there are road blocks and steps in retreat, but over time we have come forward and made such progress that it is easy to see the total picture. Our focus has always been to remove the influence and control of the dark and we are doing exactly that. Those in agreement on earth are still being threatened by the dark and some are afraid to help. We go on the assumption that the agreement, once made, will continue and that does not always happen. Over the years it has been so disappointing when this happens for we have to start all over with someone else in agreement to help us and that is not the difficult part. What is difficult is to find someone in the correct position of control and decision making to help us.

We spend a lot of our time trying to encourage you not to give up and to try and understand that a disappointment along the way will happen. We sometimes fall into disappointment ourselves and feel like we are not making the progress we would like and we have to re-group and encourage ourselves in the whole focus of things and begin again with renewed vigor and a positive attitude. We have always come out of any slump and had success in every facet of this mission concerning earth and if you could see how far we have all come you would be greatly relieved for the influence of the dark has been greatly reduced. There are still challenging areas that need to be overcomed but the picture of completeness is looking good. The pockets of underground tunnels are being done away with and there were so many to begin with, and so many more that are being discovered in the process that this is an ongoing work that continues to this day. The hiding places have greatly been reduced in number and removing them has been a big factor in gaining ground in this battle and make no mistake about it, there are people on the ground that are physically battling it out with those who would love to keep things as they are and don’t mind taking lives to do it.

So, while millions are above ground doing much needed Light work that is so necessary for victory, there are thousands all over the world facing the enemy on a very physical level and putting their lives on the line to gain ground and many of them are underground and forced to fight weapons you cannot imagine. Many on our side have lost their lives and we mourn each one of them and marvel at their courage to continue, but they do. Men of such courage that train extensively and know the enemy and their capabilities in battle and while we value and cherish each life, the enemy does not. Little is given about our teams that engage in this dark battle and they seek no notoriety or fame and they are also a big part of any progress we have made. Give thanks for them and give them of your love and light for they need your encouragement and well wishes as they face these challenges, as you yourselves do your work that is so necessary for overcoming the dark. There are not only casualties from individuals going over to the dark side, but there are casualties from loss of life in our troops of men on the ground who face such hardships of endurance and unspeakable dangers, yet they continue. On my best day I would not be this tough.

We are all doing our part and using our talents and training to end this control and overcome any influence of domination by the dark. All of our efforts are so needed in this plan to gain back earth and see her continue in the Light that was intended. Each of you please continue your work, no matter what this may be, and don’t give up. When you become discouraged try to find a way to get beyond it and continue this battle that must be won for there is no alternative that gives you the freedom that winning this conflict does. We are in a situation where there is no compromise on the directives that Father has given for His wishes concerning earth. We must win completely.

You have gone from mild mannered citizens to enlightened worriers against entrenched numbers of the dark and you are gaining ground toward the ultimate goal. I leave you now with millions of reason to continue for it is in the interest of every soul on earth that you keep up your work along with others working in Father’s battle on and for earth freedom. Take your moments of rest when necessary but always consider what is at stake and then continue for we really must overcome the dark.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 13, 2021

Joseph was needed elsewhere and could not give a message. This is a re-post from Prosper.

June 29, 2020

(I was thinking love was necessary for a good connection)

Yes, love. We are transmitting a message of importance this day. Be at peace with what is happening in your world, it is necessary for energy transference from old to new. Complications do occur but this process is in the hands of THE ONE. Thousands work on this transition for the welfare of all involved.

I alone control certain aspects that remain hidden and cloistered from view. Empirical wisdom and knowledge are required in never ending amounts for a process like this one. Hallelujah, Christ is in the building! Allow me to be funny. I AM allowed.

Things look good from my point of view. Be at peace and consider all good things will come about in good time. I promise. It is written Comfort and pleasure will remain a side line until this course has been traversed. Bear with it. It is so little to ask of you to be patient for the reward is magnificent to behold and I exaggerate not. You will see for yourselves when the day comes and I will be watching all of you do it. I, myself am in wonder over this whole thing never before experienced like this. If you only knew.

Compliance is necessary for an optimal outcome and you are needed to complete this mission. Do not falter for the rewards are too great. I believe in you dear ones. My faith is bursting at the seems. Indulge me in this picture of a fait accompli if you will. I am in a good mood.

Be at peace, I am Prosper

June 12 2021

Let us begin. In the order of things we have certain rules that are followed for everything to work correctly. There is a logic and scientific rules that have to be followed. Sequential order must be followed and that is what we are waiting on now. We cannot have B coming before A and this is in the energy you cannot see with your eyes and this applies to the flow of information pertaining to announcements. I mentioned that certain things had to happen first before announcements and disclosure and this is what I was talking about. There is a proper set up pertaining to flow of energy and that is happening now. It is like a platform or foundation that has to be laid out in the elements of all that is on earth. Difficult for me to explain but evident none the less. This is forming and taking place as we speak. We can see it here from our side and it may be slow but we are getting there. After all this time you have been through we are still asking you to have patience and we know this is an old statement you are tired of hearing. We feel you saying, “get on with the show” or something close.

Your reality is different from ours and different rules for your reality must apply. Your reality was specifically designed for the purpose of the conflict between the Light and the dark or the opposition between the two and all the degrees of incompatibility between the two. Therefore we must follow the rules pertaining to your earth as you see it. The time from thought into reality here on our side is much quicker than in your created reality. Things move much slower there and we have to keep this in mind. This is a positive thing and also a hindrance. It would not do to have your thoughts manifest as quickly as ours do. Certain abilities have to be learned first before that is granted. Your minds are quick and some of you are rack track drivers in your thinking, so speed is not the issue. It is the wisdom to know what to think and what to bring into manifestation that is needed. Even though this time has become shorter there it still takes a certain amount of time for things to come about and manifest into reality. This is one thing that is taking a long time. There is a complex set of changes taking place at the same time and this has all the energies swirling and they will eventually set into their proper places and become the reality you are waiting for.

At present you have the dissolution of the dark energy that is bringing such fear into those that want their control to continue. This reaction to their end of reign is quite upsetting to them and the fear and apprehension they are creating is entered into the over all energy prevailing. Then you have the formation of increasing Light energy you are inviting into the earth level that continues to grow and this is taking over the dark energy that was once well established, but is now on its way out and these two energies are very active and finding their place and level in the mix of things. Then there is the dissonance and discord of rebellion in the hearts of so many that causes resistance to the dominance of energies that were in place and this resistance is taking place in your prevailing energies and this resistance is combining with the energies of change. It is quite a reaction to see all these different energies trying to mix with each other and it is a good thing that it is being done slowly for you can imagine what an energetic reaction there would be if it happened all of a sudden. As it is you are still thinking about what is happening. This is what you are dealing with at this time. Energies are the result of thinking and prevailing energies are the result of change. You are getting there and it is happening, just not as quickly as you would like.

I would like to comment now on how you are adjusting to these changes. Whether you realize it or not your ideas and concepts of things are changing. If you could go back in your mind history you would realize that your attitude on certain things is different now than it was at one time. Your tolerance for governmental inadequacies is much less and you are wanting better representation than you have now. This is reflected in your speech and in your outward actions in the form of protests. Your information of what is going on in your world is much greater now than it was and this is giving you a better understanding of what is needed and what needs to be changed or improved. Also your understanding of creation and other life forms is growing and you are on the verge of accepting the truth of life existing on other planets or in your skies.

Remember not all cities reside on a planet for some exist on ships and are capable of movement from one place to another. These ships are that complex and that large that they can contain all that is needed for entire societies to take place and live in comfort and in peace. It suits our needs completely.

Your ideas are changing and growing to contain all the new information coming out and your wants are changing. You are continually receiving this new information and forming new opinions and this is also changing the energies for what you wanted to create 10 years ago is not what you want to create now. You can imagine how active all these energies and elements are and how they are all trying to exist at the same time and some are being rooted out while some are taking over.

Then there is the factor of earth herself and the changes Gaia needs to make to restore balance to her energies and this also needs to be somewhat compatible with what is going on and she is reacting under the heavy burden of negativity and trying to make things better in a way that is the least disruptive for all who live on her and this is difficult if not impossible for change is coming.

With all this going on you can better understand why you feel the way you do in the middle of all of these changing energies. We have not even talked about the energies being sent to earth that help to make things better and diminish the upheaval that could so readily take place without them. There is no wonder that you feel out of sorts or like something is going on but you aren’t sure what it is. There is a lot taking place that cannot be seen with the eyes but can so readily be felt with the body and perceptions other than the senses you are used to. Make your way as gently as you can through this massive transition of energies and adjustments and be mindful of what your body needs and the peace your mind so deserves for the best reactions possible. We were not kidding when we told you there would be changes coming and the changes happening now are them. Get enough rest, eat the best food you can and try not to get caught up in any turmoil that is existing. Drink plenty of water while your bodies are changing and try to stay in a state of balance and peace as best you can.

I leave you now with this information to think on and now you have a better understanding of things. It is indeed a time of transition into a better life and the one that has been promised to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 11, 2021

Let us begin. We seem to be waiting for something to happen. There is a movement now that is coming out not only on private web sites but in the news concerning sightings and history of UFOs. The public is slowly being informed and the information is cumulative. This is setting a good foundation for an all out disclosure and at some point this will happen. For now it is being brought out slowly and this helps to make for a better understanding and reduces fear somewhat in those who would have a problem with any visitation from anyone outside earth.

I would like now to speak of eradicating the enemy. This is an all out war and has been and that is the way we are handling it here on our side. There are times when we hesitate to tell you just how serious this conflict is but the dark are cunning and difficult to overcome because they are so embedded into every aspect and group of society on earth. This is from the highest levels down to the everyday individual. A difficult part is that so many do not realize they have sided with the dark and they think they are doing the best thing for themselves. So many have given their lives in this battle when they opposed the dark on the side of right and Light. It is hard to fight someone on an individual level when they are unknown to not only us but to themselves concerning what side they are on. We think we have cleared a group or a movement and then things do not progress only to find that someone, or more, on the inside is working against us. Then we have to ferret out the ones who are opposing, and they feel they are doing the best thing for everyone. The dark have become so effective in what they would have everyone to believe that the indoctrination has taken on a hue of respectability and good purpose in the minds of those deceived. This is difficult for us to overcome. At times there is no clearly marked enemy and only time tells us who is doing what. This makes for slow going and all the while more and more of the long tentacles of the dark finally mark the ones in control that have been duped.

It does no good to feel sorry for ourselves and we must continue in fervent resolve to weed out the influence of the absence of Light, no matter how difficult. One thing that is helping us at this time is their struggle to survive in these last days because they become more open in their attempts to remain active in their ways of staying in control. It makes them plainly visible. Working with someone you think is on your side only to have them reveal their true nature is deflating and disappointing. In some cases they have been threatened with harm themselves or with harm to loved ones and they dare not take a chance. There is nothing the dark have not done or will not do to remain in control and this is their means of getting ahead. The work you are doing gives us a backdrop of Light and the dark ones are easier to spot under these circumstances and environment. Their own ways make them show up and stand out now and we ask that you continue your work to bring more Light and Love to earth. It is still greatly needed.

I would like to talk now of being in the Light of God and living with the highest intentions of His laws. Continued practice of living in His word gives you the best opportunity to learn and attain higher energy and wisdom. This will set you apart on a planet like earth and most likely you have felt that you do not fit in. Keeping in touch with others of the Light gives strength to your journey and theirs and this is possible now with the world wide internet and ability to post and publish messages from one to another.

Unfortunately this method is being used by the dark also and their communications have to be taken out and stopped. Those in the field are doing great work and there is so much going on now in that respect of removing their connections and means of getting messages from one to another. It is beginning to be spoken of in your news media now concerning arrests. It is hard to completely shut down something quickly that has proliferated for decades but slowly it is being done.

We are still having our meetings now and are adjusting as the circumstances change and this is our focus to be flexible to every move that is taken or made so that we can remain on top of things and be successful. You are a great part of this with your work within the very element of dark upon earth. What you do is within such close proximity to the inception and execution of control that it is of great consequence to overcoming their movements. This is why at times you become targets and the need for you to remain in the Light is paramount concerning your safety and security. Do not forget to surround yourself with the security of protection afforded by living in the Light.

I have to be off now and about my work for we are very busy on our side at the moment. Our best efforts are continually given in removing every last dark influence from earth. We send all of you our love and ask that you remain faithful in your efforts to continue your work.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 10, 2021

Let us begin. After coming to earth you began your learning experiences with each incarnation. The lessons from one life are carried over into the next life and you continue from there. Some lives were intense with learning experiences and some were more relaxed and easier to get through. All learning is kept for you to use again when needed. You take advantage of situations coming up that have the right conditions for you to receive the circumstances that will give you the best opportunities for learning and this includes your choice of parents. If they are not available you waited until a better set of circumstances came along for you to be brought into. Certain unfinished relationships were harder to match so you would wait until they presented themselves with the people involved to finish out what was needed. You then were presented with the opportunity to work out any challenge with the same people that were needed. You could finish your learning with them or you could refuse and the need would carry over again to another life and another opportunity. Some of you have been in lives with the same people for many life times in order to finish an involvement that needed a different approach such as forgiveness or offer of help. In some lives others were given the opportunity to correct a wrong action against you from another life. It all meshed together with different scenarios but with the same focus on the challenges for learning a certain lesson.

These lives could be simple and straight forward in their focus or it was more likely that they were complicated for you also had the opportunity to create other difficult relationships and need to correct the actions for learning with another focus. This could be done within the same life time or if you persisted it would carry over into another life. This brought out the necessity for many life times until the individual advanced with the elements of love and compassion for others, or for all life and the cycle of that earlier challenge was completed and no longer needed. So many of you will have all these life times running through you mind now in review, or at least a specific part or reference in that life. You may be confused for the character you feel you were is not the one you have now and you will feel you were a different person. Most all of you have been different genders and have lived a different number of years in each life and exited each life by a different means. It is a little like playing a part on stage with a different script but with the same actors playing different parts also. The switch from life with a body into life without a body and back into life with another body is not as difficult as you might think. The difficult part is the living of that life and trying to find the reason for it and why you are here. These are the answers you need to find in each situation. Some retained learned lessons well from one life to the next and some did not. It usually depended on how much emotion was given to the circumstance as to how well it was remembered. An earth shattering experience with lots of emotion will be remembered whether it was in just one following life or many.

You will have tendencies in the next life to lean toward activities you enjoyed in the last life and this applies for talents also. Abilities will carry over strongly, especially if the time between lives is short. This also applies to aversion or things you strongly want to avoid, such as the fear of something. Someone having died in a previous life from drowning for instance may have a fear of being in or on the water. This is why we have advised you to ask that all negative energies that may hamper your soul growth be dropped from previous lives. Some emotions you do not want to carry over into the next life so you can focus on other things. All these elements can become confusing and detracting from your main objective of any life time.

Now, while you are in the process of doing all that the ones sent here to aid in the bringing of Light into the earth also had a focus of fulfilling those challenges given to Light workers and this did make for a complicating life at times. While juggling learning of lessons in one had you were taking direction for fulfilling your contract, in what ever way that may have been, in the other hand. Usually all this was with the feeling of being different and not fitting in to society as others did and this made for a foundation that brought up more questions that needed to be answered. Some adjusted better than others but even at its best you did have things to work out and the list was long. Fortunately there was help available and that is where the unseen people came in with their mission being one of council and encouragement. Your task was not a simple one nor was it straight forward in its execution. Some of you bounced around looking for something steady to hold onto while others never found anything they could recognize as being of true consequence or benefit. The coming around to your mission was a time for celebration for us for this opened doors for better changes in the collective consciousness and opportunities for you to make positive changes in all areas. It has been the attempt at forging these partnerships between you and correct counseling that has kept us busy and it has been the living out and executing these correct moves needed for earth that has kept you busy. So you see we are strongly invested in your lives and have been for some time now and our love and highest level of compassion have always been the foundation of any action on our part toward you.

This mission we have has been God driven and it continues now into the days ahead and our words of council and encouragement we give to you are of the highest intentions. Never have we ever wanted to cause any of you harm. Unfortunately earth was open for visitors in the past and there were those whose influence was not the same as ours and their intentions were for their own advancement. Lines were crossed and wrongs were committed and some of these emotions resulting from traumatic experiences have persisted to this day in some of you. You can understand why there is a reluctance to feel good about people coming from the sky to visit earth. This will be difficult to overcome and we may not accomplish this in some of you in this life time of yours. We continue to try and we are so encouraged by those who have welcomed us thus far. There is so much information that will improve your lives and we look forward to the days ahead.

I leave you now to think on these things and to know that opportunity awaits you. Maybe you are beginning to realize how much has been accomplished and what an important part you played in the advancement of earth. It could not have been done without you.

I am Joseph In His Service