January 22, 2021

Let us begin. We are seeing that you are still wanting something visual to prove what you have been told by us. There have been no volcanoes, no earthquakes of sizable force in the US and you question everything. Then if our words are not enough you will have your visual proof as time goes by. We know you have been disappointed in the past and you have been manipulated and lied to many times and we understand the tendency to want proof. It is unfortunate that you still need this.

I am inclined to give you words of comfort as this is one or our purposes for being here. We help in all ways possible. You know in your past and ours also that there have been setbacks and it stands to reason in your thinking that they could happen again. We understand but again I tell you that things are progressing as they should, even if there is no physical proof. There is activity that you have not heard of yet or have not seen, that is going on concerning those who are being arrested. It is being kept quiet, as much as possible, by those who do not want this information to get out. It will come out. Those who transgressed against the laws of God will be brought forward to account for their actions. This is the law also.

It is your right to question but this does not mean it is in your best interest to do so if the truth comes from Source. We advise you always to question information given from different sources and this is for your own verification. We do not think it wise to question information from Source for this is truth. We would hope that your experience in the past would give you the verification in Source and the information given. Do go to Source and find your answers. We do highly recommend this as your truth and act accordingly. Base your day upon the God given answers that you receive and lay your course of activities upon what is true. You will know what is right and you will find that things are following what is needed for all to be concluded in the proper way. Give of yourselves into that understanding and live in His service for what is asked of you.

These are the times when you may step out of your comfort zone to follow instructions a little differently than usual because of the abnormal circumstances that we are in today. Energies are different than they have ever been and we must act accordingly. Always shield yourself with the protection of Light given and do believe that all is well. There are those who still are free to act and they do not mean well. Be at peace within yourselves as these days go by for they will end in a most glorious way. Do not be concerned that certain things have not gone as you expected. Accept that what looks logical to you is not always the path that God has planned to get to where He wants to go.

Be more at peace my dear ones for things are more in God’s control than you can see right now. I bring you these words of comfort for you to think over. I go now and hope that the peace that God brings will steady you and help you in your belief.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 21, 2021

Let us begin. I, Joseph, come to you after much attention to your earth happenings. It is with pleasure that I tell you things are progressing, even though you cannot see them or feel them. Our indications are that things have played into the exact place they need to be. You are coming along as you should.

This is just a short note because we are extremely busy at the moment in your time and our attention has to be given to performing certain duties, but it is nice to be needed. You are loved greatly and that word is not adequate, nor is there one I have been able to find that is. We see that many are in a state of frustration and are perplexed because of what has not happened. It will come. I tell you all is well.

Please, now more than ever, continue your Light work and bring the codes and Light energy down to the surface of your planet as you have in the past. Do not give up in your actions or in your faith. We do not have enough carrots to dangle before you to equate to the temptations you have accused us of. Yes, we want you to keep going in belief and faith and trust in the plan that has been laid out before you. The big picture is that we have actions and proof to back up these plans. It is not only our word on the matter but it is the Father’s word. There is no other proof needed than this. Did you see how Christ healed the sick and made the blind to see? No, but you believe it happened and some of you were there. You are about to live the proof for yourselves. Remember my words.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 18, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you with joy that things are progressing as they should. The legal part that is hidden from you has been taking hold and paperwork is being done. The announcement you have been expecting will be made soon and this will get things rolling. There should not be any delays. All is in place and ready. Take heart dear ones for that which has been promised is coming about and is happening. Do not worry. We can see it from our vantage point and it is looking good.

I have started of with encouraging words and my wish is that you remain positive in all your hopes and expectations for what is to come. God does not always work with show and flourishes so that everyone can see. Many times He works in the background within the hearts of men and women and he has also been known to work in the actions of animals and with nature. So, with the thought of His capabilities in mind, do not doubt or be concerned in this instance about what He can bring about, whether you are able to see it in its entirety or not. It will be done. The proof you are seeking will be shown.

Now let us begin to understand what is going to happen. All things are being done legally and once again the United States will be the country of the people. No longer will there be back room deals and money, or favors of some kind, changing hands. You are watching history being made and there will be no doubt when it happens. The announcement you have been expecting will be shocking to all of you and even those who feel they know everything about what is going on and what has gone on. There are circumstances of reality that need to be exposed and they will be. Have faith and when you hear what is to be revealed remember this needs to be done, so hold onto your grounding in Source and remain in His Light for there are those who will not know what to do and how to go ahead. It will change things for all but all will not have the steadfastness that you possess. Give thanks for your understanding and also for your courage.

You need to review and take stock in what you have already come through and what you have accomplished. You are stronger than you realize and finding your way in the midst of chaos has been your element. You have met tough times before and have taken them one step at a time and come through some very difficult challenges, so do not underestimate your abilities in this instance. Your vulnerabilities are still there but they are experienced now and being vulnerable also means that you feel strongly in the areas of love and compassion for all others and you will need these qualities. So stand tall my dear ones in the days to come and feel that strength that you have so gallantly gained through the times past of all your lives and call on us when there is a need. We are here and will be.

We understand you are tired of all the going around the specifics and details of what is to happen and you are wanting to know what gives. We have done much to give you all we can and there are circumstances that govern the energy of what is to come and to give you too much information would change things and it must be played out in the energy that is necessary for all this to work correctly and in the manner it needs to. That is not much comfort, I know but this is the way it has to be. Sometimes you just have to go ahead with what information you have and trust that God’s will is being carried out. This is one of those times. You may be becoming tired of the phrases of trust, have faith, and go with the flow but this is our advice and encouragement and we would not steer you wrong in this. You, because of your knowing, do not live in the same world of the unenlightened as so many do and will not traverse the next few days in the depths of despair like so many will. Be of help whenever possible and always be the example that you have become with your life.

You will be happy to know that the information containing truth in the workings of the dark is coming out in leaps and bounds over your computer websites and by radio and more and more people are being exposed to the truth of what is and what has been. There are more people putting it all together because of what is being exposed and we are delighted that this is happening. It has been a long time coming.

I leave you now in your Love with no bounds and this is also encouraging to us to see your state of being. My dear ones you are of such Light now and we can see you from afar. Do carry our offer of help with you at all times and remember we are here for you. If ever you need us for direction or help and the answer from Source is not clear, do call upon us and we will hear you. We are in your service. Think of us as an additional insurance policy in your name.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 17, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that you are living lives that have to be overthrown because of those who want to control you. The natural inclination of a person is to live in freedom and to be happy. You have lived in different circumstances for so long that you were coming to accept the lack of freedoms and you sure accepted the lack of happiness. You were willing to let your happiness go and accept the fight for just getting by. This goes against the laws of God for all living things are meant to be free. I think the lack of happiness bothered me most of all. I long for the day now in which you will awake to a day of joy and happiness and think it is normal.

The harmony you achieve not only applies to your mind but to your body. It was created to also be in a state of happiness, so to speak, and all parts functioning in harmony with all other parts, like a beautiful symphony. You have to have good food, clean water and clean air for this to happen. You have a long way to go in this area and becoming one with body and mind in a state of happiness or harmony is the goal to hold onto. There is much to be done on earth and the people willing to meet these challenges are already willing to get started on them. There is no lack of good intentions on this part. We are here to help you and guide you in this process and one of the first things is the air you breathe. We have to stop the chem trails in your skies and this has diminished greatly already. One of the things that goes along with them is re-gaining the habit of breathing deeply and fully. Make it a practice to stop during your day and just breathe for a few minutes. Your life style has taken your focus and breathing fully went by the wayside. The shallow breathing you have become accustomed to is not getting the job done.

Another thing to work on is getting back to clean water. There was a time when water was all there was and this worked wonderfully. Again we will help you to eliminate the things in your water that do not belong and in the meantime do work on eliminating all the undesirable drinks that now fill your lives. Most drinks have sugar and there is an abundance of this in your food already. Learn to give water a chance again in your daily routine and then we can start to focus on your food. Here is a huge area that needs work also and there is so much to say about what you are eating.

You can see that there are many areas to give your time to as far as reclaiming earth, not only for yourselves but for the next generations. How can you follow your path and gain wisdom and understanding with less than a healthy functioning body and mind. Start taking the small steps toward a healthier life by watching how you breathe, what you drink and what you eat. Then present yourselves before God each day willing to let Him work in and through you. The body is to be respected and cared for and it should not stand in your way. The dreadful things planned for you in your future were more of the same debilitating practices that brought you to where you are now. Do not let them continue and break out of the habits that draw you down and rob you of your energy and clear thinking. Learn to hold yourself to a higher standard in your practices where your body is concerned and do treat it as worthy of housing your soul.

While you are making these changes to live healthier lives you can receive the truth and understanding available to you each day and this is where we come in. We understand big changes start with smaller steps and we are here to serve you in this transition, which will take more than a few months. There is nothing holding you back now from small changes concerning your health in breathing and clean water. This can be done and there is no point in waiting. Other opportunities will follow as time goes along. Your food needs to have more life giving qualities and this will be addressed. This beginning is not in your future, it is in your now. Embrace these changes you can make and are available to you. No one is holding you back on beginning for this is within your power to do so.

You will see big changes within the next few days. The attempt to control you has not been given up and continues. Hold your freedoms high in your prayers and meditations and continue to bring in the Light to earth and all her inhabitants. This is a mighty time of transition going on and there is still much to go through. Remain in faith that God’s plan is working toward His goal for you and trust that what is going on will lead to the conditions and state of play that is necessary for you to live the life that was intended. Be at peace with the steps toward total freedom.

I leave you now, hopefully working on a healthier life style and healthier habits for your soul to enjoy.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 16, 2021

Let us begin. I am bringing to you this morning a message of hope for the resolution of disturbances around the world. There is another wave of energy coming that contains large amounts of the energies to broaden your perspective of peace and love for one another. This wave is not like others in that the contents of energies are different. It has greater potential than the energies of the past. It has already been set into motion.

The proper way to receive these energies is to greet them with gratitude, not only in what they can do for everyone but also gratitude for the sender, which is Source. Take them into your being in all aspects and process them to the best of your abilities and let their potential magnify your love and compassion. You have worked hard to be where you are and this additional opportunity can be utilized fully in your receiving it with an open heart. There are those that will be resistant and cannot combine or blend with what is given and this will not be comfortable for them. For those that can take them in it will be a greater step in the right direction. This wave does have potential to bring about what is needed in the progress toward peace.

I see that all is still flowing in terms of agitation and discontent for many reasons. Your dislike for being kept at home with requirements of isolation from others is growing by leaps and bounds. You will seek ways to try to combine what is mandated for your health with more freedom and you will have a difficult time in combining the two. Some of your governments are very restrictive and severe and this is not going well in the implementation of fines and arrests. Illness is serious and death even more so but there has to be some freedoms left for you to own. Remember to be free in your minds and your thinking and let this help bring about the manifestation of freedom in reality. When you focus on creating your future you concentrate on what is wanted and desired, not what you don’t want and what is. If you want more prosperity do not focus on lack but on abundance. Think in terms of the positive aspects of what is needed or desired.

You are in a time now that does create things more quickly than in your past. Remember to give the time line of what is wanted the most energy and not the time line of what you don’t want. The more people that give energy to good health and freedom the better the chances of creating it quicker into manifestation. Bring to life that which is positive and good in all things. Start your days with intent on things becoming better and spend your time living that attitude of becoming that which you want to live. It works in all good things. We still have some things that need to come about and they will but do not let the release of darkness keep you from the visions of the peace and freedom you deserve. You have to drive through the garbage dump before you get to the promised land, but it is there.

Now I speak of finalities and closing of doors and chapters. There are many who have played their parts in this time of your history and their story is over. They will find a way to step out of this time one way or another. Some will see and experience the joys of returning home to family and loved ones. Others will be reviewing their consequences regarding their actions while upon earth. You might wonder how it could turn out well to leave your families and loved ones here on earth and expect to be happy anywhere else. Make no mistake the love and friendships made while here on earth will be remembered and the good times will not be forgotten along with the lessons learned. The homecoming in store for those returning home is full of love and emotions also and it will be a joyous time for all involved. You have worked for many life times and have waited longer than was expected to return home and this will be a happy time for you. Embrace the thought with great and positive expectations.

We see this time of conflict getting in your way of knowing the positive outcome ahead. The conflict is looming ahead and clouds your vision for what is on the other side. It is understandable that this does happen but do not let it take over completely and so much that you give up on the good that it will bring. It is necessary that you do keep the time of promise before you and you do give this thought energy and see it as truth for it will be. Hold onto the positive aspects of this process and do not hold onto the part that has to be to get there. If I could show it to you I would but it is already in your being and knowing. If you do not have it in focus now, then find it and pull it forward.

I leave you now with a new world in creation. It is yours.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 15, 2021

Let us begin. It comes to me that there is more talk of dissension between your political parties. Both sides are really set in their opinions and beliefs. There doesn’t seem to be a common ground for any type of talks to spring from concerning getting along. Evidence is coming from the Republican Party concerning wrong doing about the vote count and this will cause more concern for the public on both sides. Is there not thought of differences of opinion without violence and this much hate? It should be possible to work things out with no one being harmed but there are some very dark forces behind all this and they are feeding the conflict. One movement is wanting your current President out of the way and another movement is trying to divide your country further, no matter what the circumstances. The end result for this is to cause destruction of your country internally so others can take over and this is coming from both inside and outside your country.

You are wanting peace but are opposing several dark forces and all are wanting the same outcome but for different reasons. It seems all are against you and even yourselves are opposed to each other. There has been intervention now working behind the scenes and there will be much more turmoil before the end is in sight. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done. What you are seeing is not the whole story being told just yet. Almost none of what is on your news is anywhere near the real facts of the matter. There is so much information you need for foundational reference in order for things to make sense of what is happening now. This story started a long time ago. Under the circumstances the beginning of the story will be difficult for some to believe and this is presenting a challenge as truth comes out now about what is really going on.

Do not be concerned about the final outcome for there is Divine intervention in this process. Accept that you are progressing toward the goal and it will be achieved. Divine intervention is a beautiful thing and I have witnessed it and always it brings about a reverence within me for God and a respect for His Love for his people and the ways in which He goes about bringing things to Law and order. There is always a way with God. His means are so spectacular in their coming about and if you look carefully you will see His hand in all things. Do not make the mistake of thinking something cannot be done or accomplished for with Him all things are possible. There is man’s achievement and then there is man’s achievement with God and this is the life you want to live. God is always available for you but you have had free will to block Him out of your lives. You are in the process now of learning how He resides within you and you are the evidence of His expression. It seems to be difficult for you to know that all things are of God and in Him you live, move and have your being, for you are of God. There is no other expression. You choose to allow or to deny and the dark have long denied God and it has led them to no good end.

The life you choose to live with the knowledge of God within is multiplying all your assets. Your opportunities for learning may still be difficult for you but the hills and valleys presented are not as torturous in their experiencing. You are part of a whole and you become a support and a source of Light and Love that helps all beings and all things. People make choices all the time and few consider how God would want those choices to be made. Seek His council in your daily living and think of His direction each morning when you face a new day. This is an ongoing process if living in His will and you are never removed from or outside His ability to guide you in all things. It is not as if you decide one day to go to God and let Him in, for He is already there. You become aware of who you are and that is an expression of Him. How closely you express Him in your lives is your choice but He is always YOU. Consider this statement for a moment and see where it brings you in your thinking. So many are afraid they are putting themselves above God when they do this and that is not so. There is no above God, there only IS. Be in the moment and be of God’s expression in that moment in all things you do and think.

I am hard pressed to bring you a higher teaching than this one. It is everything and I would like for you to come back and review these words again, if you will. Take them in an let the meaning find its place in your mind. I will leave you now for these words are of tremendous meaning for you and all your future moments. If you remember nothing else I have said, please remember these words. Make my day.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 14, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you and tell you how things are going. Progress is being made, even if it seems this is a slow process. The events that need to happen are happening, arrests are being made and people are being held accountable for their actions. The wheels of justice are turning. All the things we told the dark would happen are happening. There are many whose role is not fully known and you may never hear of their sentence or penalty but all are being processed through a legal system and justice, by God, will be served. The day has come for them and if they have not been taken already, they will be. The illegal actions that they got away with for so long will stop. There are many to deal with as this web of wrong doing was pervasive and world wide. It is continuing and many are being brought in. No one will fall through the cracks or get by.

As this is happening the energy of earth is changing and pockets of dark and heavy energy is lifting or is becoming smaller. The continued dark actions caused much dark energy and it has to be dissipated or removed in some manner. This is where your earthquakes and volcanoes come in. Some of these actions are caused by or are exacerbated by this dark collective of energy and something has to give. You see, all is connected with everything else and this is why your work of Light and Love is so important. It has a direct bearing on EVERYTHING. A kind word, a soft touch or a smile may seem like small potatoes to you but it all has energy and plays a part just as the opposite action of darkness does. You are heading toward a world of good actions and good intentions and this will create the world you have wanted for so long. This energy we speak of is in all things and is so mutable and is changing all the time. This is one reason it is so difficult to say what will happen and when. It is all subject to change.

There are prevailing energies and time lines that carry much energy with them and these are the ones that give the most promise for happening and these are the ones that we tell you about as being manifested in your future. This does not mean it is one hundred percent for happening for the energy given to it could change and this is what happens many times as we speak of what will come. It is a “this moment” type of reading of circumstances that we are seeing and telling you about. We know it is disappointing to be told something will happen and then it does not and most of the time this has been what occurred. The energy shifted and this is caused by intentions changing or more energy being entered into the probability of a different sort and it changed the picture of manifestation. This is why we tell you that you create your own realities by your thoughts and intentions for it is being done all the time.

When a person goes on day after day thinking of the worst possible things that could happen to them and giving these thoughts their energy, either because of fear of past history, it creates that type of solidity in manifestation for them. Their worst case scenario happens as they thought and this just reinforces their thinking that nothing good ever happens to them. The reverse is true and you bring about the things in your lives. There are certain limits of course as now when God has brought His hand into earth and has taken control, then His energy, being all powerful and all knowing, is what is manifested. This is what is happening now and why we tell you certain things are one hundred percent going to happen. There is a difference between our energy of probabilities and God’s energy for His never fails once the decision is made to set things in motion. The dark’s energy of free will was put to a halt and what they gave their energy to and wanted to happen is no longer valid and has been superseded by God. Again we say that the concept of God’s power and control never was fully understood by the dark and they kept going with their unlawful ways and this was God’s laws they transgressed against and not just man’s. Woe unto them for their lack of understanding.

It is a sad thing for us to witness their actions for so long knowing the end result. Also a beautiful thing to witness the intervention of God and seeing things righted and brought back into the Light of His being and the Love of his intentions for earth. It is very moving and emotional and so many of you don’t realize yet what has been stopped or who is responsible. Now, as the influence of the dark is lifted, you will have an opportunity to learn and find out all that has been going on in your history and we have a part to play in this education. There is no reason to lie to you or to deceive you and what we will bring to you will be the truth of the matter, even though is is difficult to believe. It is our directive and we will do this truth telling. After a time of adjustment you can move on and live the lives you were given in the freedom that was intended with understanding and that joy I have been telling you about.

Conditions over the world are all changing and each country has their own history to bring about to right and this just takes awhile. Some countries are steep in their set ways and will take longer to give in to what is needed, while others are ready to change and bring about anything better than what they have been experiencing. More all the time the people are in greater charge of what is happening and the will of the people is being known. It can be done with a change over that is quite difficult or one that is less violent. We are seeing all these options being played out now over your earth. First the conflict has to be brought to attention for all to see how wrong the conditions are and then the actions to make it better come about. This is rather a large goal world wide to bring about the changes in all countries but it is necessary to get to where you want to go. In your distant past all the countries were not as closely related to one another as they are now. What happens in one country has grand effects in all others for they are so intricately connected. What is happening in the Untied States at present will bring about changes world wide.

I leave you now with the most important thought of what you think and how you act is so vitally important not only for you but for all other things and all other people. This is why we ask you to join with others in your Light work to make it even more powerful because it is a force of energy that is creative. Never again feel that your thoughts are of no consequence to anything. Entertain the thoughts of goodness and Light in all manner. Be a beacon to others in your actions for you now have been tempered as steel with the earth experience and you have become a Universal being, if not greater.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 13, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that your political situation is in no way resolved. Such strong feelings on both sides and no compromise. This is a struggle between Light and dark and there is no middle ground to be had. The dark want total control and this means to use the people and make no mistake about it, they were in the process of getting rid of those who could not be of benefit to them. If you were retired and not paying into the system, you were of no use to them at all. You think things are bad now. If the dark had their way you would automatically be eliminated after a certain age or in the event you could not work. The system was slowly being set up to do that very thing.

Nothing comes from keeping people in bondage and using them for the purpose of greed. This goal was set long ago on your planet and when taken in small steps, as was the case, it wasn’t that noticeable to most. Your tax dollars were used for secret things and your income was taxed at a higher rate as time went by. Even if you had questions there were lies to be given and the bonds on your freedom became stronger and stronger. Now there is a chance for things to change and you will have your freedom again.

With freedom of choice comes responsibility and guidance will be given to all.

We have come to be of service to you and there have been many occasions when we visited you for this reason. In your history there are stories of our visits and most all are taken as representing something else for how could it be that there were always people on other planets waiting to help and this was not known or revealed to you. It is true that not all visitors were benevolent. Some did mean harm and some did remain here and that is your source of dominance today is from visitors of long ago. Things are progressing to free the earth of their plans and their greed. Their time is over now.

Your individual path to perfection is difficult in the learning and many opportunities are given for insight and wisdom. This process is something we all have to go through and there is never a place where you stop learning and growing. Al least there should not be. Many put learning aside for various reason and one is control or influence by an outside source. One of the ways you have been kept in control is by influencing or altering your minds. It is done with much experience behind it and reinforced with trigger words or signals and you become an agent that will do whatever has been implanted in your mind. So many have fallen under the influence of this type and it was becoming more prevalent in obtaining what was desired. The messages received in some are subtle and guide you into actions you would not otherwise take.

Consider the advertising business. Continued messages out in the open repeated many times drives your children to want certain toys and foods. Not only children but adults will begin to look at certain means of transportation with a deeper desire for something they feel is necessary and they cannot live without. This goes for most anything that is repeated many time to your mind. Think of what could be accomplished if the messages were good things and brought you to better health, behavior and happiness. The option is yours to pursue.

One of our directives is to achieve the wisdom of knowledge in as much as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation. Part of the responsibility of freedom is to keep learning and know what the laws are that we are bound by. There are so many ways on earth to take your minds off the difficult challenges that you have to confront. It is easier to come home and turn on the TV and to get your mind onto something other than what is bothering you. After awhile you do not even realize you are avoiding living in general and just marking time until you have to get up the next day and go to work. Where is the enjoyment in that type of living? Chemicals to help you forget your problems are consumed widely and frequently for this purpose and many times this gets out of control and leads downhill. You must take control of your lives and look for the sustaining values and strength that comes from Source to bring you to a place of facing what is happening in your world. Forgetting about it or hiding from it has gotten you no where and has allowed others to take control. Be alert to what is going on and also be of knowledge concerning the laws of living and being. Strive each day not only to live and align yourself with God’s laws but continue learning and spending time in His council. Consider how you are spending your time and make sure you are considering happiness and joy as one of the things on the list of good ways to be in alignment with God.

We all have times in our life of sadness and grief. How much better it is to face these times with the understanding of the laws and with the desire to walk in light and love. You have a place of strength and a source of love that is never restricted or forbidden to you. Spend your time there in the closeness with creation and Source and know that as difficult as things may be you are always sustained by what is within you from Creator. Let that be your strength in the knowing of who you are and that all things are possible in going through hard times and in recovery from any setback or devastation. Knowledge of Divine things gives you a different perspective of everything and makes it possible to continue through all as Daniel did in the lion’s den. Let the intentions and workings of Father into your life and see what can be done and what you can withstand. You will not get as far on your own.

I will leave you now with what you already know. Be in the Light and Love of God and consider all can be accomplished and even more than you can imagine with His guidance. Find that place of strength and let the winds of life blow around you for there is more to come before you get to the green pastures.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 12, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that there is so much unrest around the world. Your United States is in a series of adjustments at present and it will be upsetting for you as these are made, but do not be concerned at the final outcome. All will be handled as it should be and things will fall into place as the days go along. Proper plans were made as far back as several years ago and the proper foundation was laid for this to happen. Please continue your meditations and Light work and ask for God’s will to be done in all things.

Now for the Yellowstone National Park concern. The pressure is building more so than usual as this has been building for some time now. There is a confinement of pressure rising to the top and as time goes by the level of this pressure gets closer to the ground level. If it does not find some other way to relieve this pressure or some other avenue it will come out onto the surface with force. This is a big concern for it is rather large. It is hard to predict when this will happen but the area is not safe at present.

In your journey of life it has been necessary to bring before you circumstances that give you an opportunity to learn the lessons you need to learn in order to progress. Your lives are custom designed for you in this respect and believe it or not you have had a say in this. You might think I would never bring this upon me but in fact you do want to learn and grow and if you do not learn from the present opportunity then another one will be presented until you do. Earth was designed for a learning situation and this was given to you as a gift of learning in this respect. There are many other reasons you are here but learning was a big one. This process as it was set up for repeated lives and opportunities at learning has been altered now because the book is closing on this chapter in earth’s history. The design coming in your future is for longer lives and not the repeated short ones you have had.

The period of peace as promised is upon your horizon and the learning of lessons will be done in a much better atmosphere and without so much pressure upon you to accomplish other things. Life should become increasingly more enjoyable with more time to pursue the things of interest to you and to spend more time with your family and friends. The strict lives you were living were not suited for good health or a good state of mind and this presented many problems in coping with trying to get through the day. We are all directed to learn the laws set forth by God and to continue to learn His teachings to bring about an alignment with His will for our lives. This should be part of our lives and part of each day. In the past you have been hard pressed to do this with all the other requirements made upon you. In the coming days you will have more peace and more time to do this.

Certain events in progress will surprise you and some will shock you and you should try to adjust to the truth of the matter as best you can. Remember so many of you wanted to be here at this time and in this instance it is a privilege to be here for many were denied. You most likely had an important part to play and a promise or contract to fulfill and there were many that did not wake up to realize what this part was and who they were. Those of you who did wake up took it upon themselves to try and bring others with you through your anchoring of light and through your examples of living and reacting to what life was bringing. This was done along with having to struggle through the challenges you were presented in your own lives. It has been a balancing act to be sure and one that you have worked on for years now. In the broader vision of things working to better all that is is a big challenge in itself but doing this while upon earth and under the circumstances that prevailed at the time made it an even bigger effort and challenge. At times we held our breath to see how you would adjust. To say it was a big assignment is an understatement.

You have done well and continue to do so. Even now in the tremendous changes upon you from several different directions you continue to live by your code of belief and faith and do what is asked of you to bring about the end result needed, which is a tall order. You have proven yourselves time after time and more people are waking up and letting the new gifted energies work in their minds and hearts for a better outcome for all. You are now about to receive the blessings of your efforts in a most positive way and you will be able to feel and see the end result of all your hard work. Your questions will be answered in the education part of this plan and that is coming up before you.

As you have noticed we tend to talk in terms of long periods of time where as you usually speak in terms of days, months and years. This has been confusing for you and sometimes for us. Our view is so much different than yours where time is concerned that we sometimes forget to word things in a more understandable frame so that we will be somewhat on the same page with our meaning of time. Sometimes our words have not had the same meaning as the same word you would use. This is something we both have had to overcome. Our view is long into the future and our lives are longer than yours and as in all things it depends on ones perspective. When I speak of things coming up before you now I do mean within the next few months in terms of your political activities. These circumstances are changing at a rapid pace at present and there will be a change in direction from what was presented in the last few weeks. The struggle is not over between political parties in the United States and this is being worked out with surprising turns of events.

I ask you to be observant to what is happening and to hang onto your faith in the plan and continue your work to bring about a more love filled earth. I leave you now with these things on your mind and hope that you remain steadfast in the hands of God and in His understanding for your lives.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 11 2021

January 11, 2021


It is seen that there are some dangers progressing in the area of the United States in the form of pressure presenting a possible eruption near the Yellowstone National Park area. We have been watching this for some time now and the pressure is building. We suggest that you not visit this area until the pressure has gone down. It is possible this could happen without an eruption but the likelihood is that this will not be the case.

Take precautions and act accordingly. We give you this caution so that you may prepare.

I am Joseph In His Service