May 13, 2021

Let us begin. We need to be clear here concerning our coming and I mean landing. Certain things have to happen first before we are comfortable with landing and walking out of our craft. We do not want to be met with firearms of any kind and put our people in danger. We have lost enough people by coming into hostile situations and we need certain assurance that this will not happen. We understand that this is not up to you for you are ready for this to happen. False flag attempts are planned and we may not be able to do away with all the hype completely and we do understand heads of families wanting to protect their loved ones.

We do not have the capability of advertising our non-threatening and friendly purposes like they do on your televisions every 15 minutes and the word may not get out that we want to be of help. The ones in your government that know of our willingness to be of service may not spend time on a campaign to educated everyone to our plans and therefore we would be taking a large chance to come before disclosure or announcements are repeated. We have had planned for a long time that walking on your planet, in plane sight is the best way if all goes well in our reception. At present there are so many that do not want this to happen and we will use caution here. Trying to walk among you, dressed in your clothing has not been met with any belief that we are real, no matter what we say. You are so programmed that we will be seen in some type of metallic suite and strange shoes that you will not accept anyone looking like your average person. This is counter productive since we already walk among you and have been for decades. Also incarceration is not our goal here and we would rather not be locked in a room for study. So, we wait for better timing and circumstances.

I would like to speak of coming home for many of you. There is a time for this to happen when chapters are closed and life missions are completed. The earth experience has taken its toll on many of you and we have not been certain of your mental ability to make a good transition back into your previous lives. This is a large adjustment and should be done with care. Most of you think you would do fine and long for this to happen but it is more complicated than you might think. First of all there is the big adjustment of having to leave your possessions behind and these are the things you have worked for to acquire. Some of them are very meaningful and we do understand this. The adjustment of relocation itself into a new neighborhood of friends, no matter how loving, is still an adjustment. Then there is the fact of loosing all of your material things in the process and this will most likely be challenging.

Care will be taken to face these challenges when you return and all will be done to make you feel at home but still there will be many differences. A big concern for you will be the change in food and even though our food is better for you in all ways, you will not be able to find any fast food drive thru anywhere. No home delivery and no number to call for ordering ahead for pick up. Our society is structured differently as you know and the positive parts will far outweigh other things but there will be things to overcome from habit alone. There will be no locks on your doors for we know when there are inappropriate times to be calling on someone from the energies we receive when inquiring. You will not be able to go to a window and raise it for fresh air to the outside if you are in one of our ships. Our air quality is perfect indoors. You will not have vacuum cleaners for carpets nor will you have to dust the furniture. There is also our adjustment to you. Yes, we will have to get ready for your thoughts that will run the gamut of topics and some will be inappropriate until you learn social customs and overcome habits. It will be interesting to say the least.

So, when you think of coming home please know that the abounding love you will find will help to overcome any difficulty that may arise and everyone will adjust in time. There will come a time when you will most likely realize you will not be returning to earth after the weekend is over. You do not yet realize what great adjustments you have had to make to go through the lives on earth you have lived. Also you do not realize that it will take time to adjust back to the life you did once live with us. Keep in mind that where you came from is your real home and what happened on earth was only temporary. The earth you left will have you accustomed to instant everything and when you return, adjustment will not be instantly accomplished. It will come and all will return to your knowing. We ask that you have patience and understanding.

We tell you all this to inform you for time is drawing closer to when you will be coming home and it will follow on the heels of so much that has yet to come on your earth. You have yet to go through some big things there, so place all this concerning coming home in the back of your mind for future reference and tackle what you need to looming in front of you first. We do anticipate your eager return home once the timing is right after the last curtain call.

You have done well in living a double life, one in the earth environment and one connected to your real home and stored memories, which have been kept for you. Continue your assigned work whenever possible, whatever that directive has been and stand firm in your faith and understanding for you are tenured now and are no longer a novice on earth and untested. Let God’s Light, Love and Will flow through you with each now moment and bring as many home to God as you can with your continued work. So many are depending upon you. You have long passed the time when you questioned what was happening to you and kept asking if this was real. You are in important times now more so than ever and what you do and how you react to what will happen is paramount to arrive at the best outcome possible.

I leave you now with these words and thoughts to ponder and review in meaning. I hope you feel their importance.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 12, 2021

Let us begin. We see that now is the time for all to come forward and we are looking vibrationally at this. It will set off a storm of sorts but all eyes need to see and become aware of what is coming out. Sometimes the truth is hard to handle and some will not deal well with it. Some will out right deny it thinking it is opposition rhetoric. Be not afraid or side lined over the reaction of others for they will come around during the process of proof coming out. I am convinced that this is the only way, is for the truth to be told. Be cautious of crowds contemplating aggression.

Let us speak here of other lives. You have been given many chances to express in other conditions and environments to gain learning and wisdom and some of these lives were very difficult for you. A lot of them were short compared to now but had learning opportunities none the less. Let me be clear here, there is reincarnation and all of you have experienced it. By now you should be experiencing some type of clues of other or past lives, either in visions or in dreams. Some of you have had several lives and some have had many but all have been in different bodies with different circumstances. Many come back into the same group of people, who are also coming back in different bodies. Positions of authority do change places.

Some of the influences experienced in one life will often hold over or come back into another life. This is especially true of physical concerns. There needs to be mental work done on negative aspects of hold overs and an attempt at releasing negative aspects of other lives. A conscious effort at releasing these negative influences is helpful and sometimes very successful. They can be addressed after they are realized and many times minimized upon discovery. What helps the most is to come into knowledge of what caused the problem and if others were involved, such as in violence related issues. These are more complicated and there may be forgiveness involved.

The positive side of many lives is lessons learned, leading to wisdom and this is the ideal purpose. Much can be accomplished from this and continued attempts are made at learning from the same circumstances and often involving the same people. There are so many possible scenarios leading to the same conclusions. Not all planets have reincarnation and learning may take longer this way but also the lives are longer and the memory is not faded as with rebirth. Carrying over of information from one life to another is not with total recall but this is the way it had to be. If you had a deep dislike or hate for someone you are given another chance to correct that feeling. Many times you will come into another life with a dislike for someone not really knowing why and this gives you an opportunity to deal with it in a positive manner. You already know that life is challenging. It usually brings before you the things in full spot light that you need to work on. If you do not see it or if you do not deal with it then you will get another opportunity until it no longer is a problem. There is not much way you can disregard something you need to process or work on to completion.

This is one reason we talked to you so much about dropping all influences of negative emotions from the past before going on because they did not need to carry over into your further learning and advancement toward ascension. This also needs to be done for physical concerns from other lives from accidents or illnesses. These energies concerning negativity will not need to be carried any longer as they serve no positive purpose in learning. Additionally the energies of dark feelings and emotions will need to be cleared and dropped and this has to do with coming to the end of an energetic cycle where the rules change somewhat going into a higher dimension. There has to be certain preparation work when advancing into a higher dimension and you have done much work in seeing that this is done whether you are aware of it or not. The energies coming into your environment have helped with this processing and dropping what is not needed. So much has been left behind and this also has helped the collective consciousness to advance. Just think if all the hate were suddenly removed from your plane you would notice it immediately in the lighter feeling. Some was removed gradually and therefore may have gotten by your awareness.

Another feeling that needed to be corrected was gilt and that is a big one. Also envy, regret, greed and gluttony. On gluttony there are the health factors involved with this one and it is a complicated issue. Work is still being done on this one with many. Your food does not supply what it needs to and therefore you keep eating to supply what the body needs. This will be resolved in time but work on improving your diet now. Of course addictive behavior needs to be corrected, even to the thoughts of not trusting life in general. There are many complicated issues that will need to be healed. We are speaking of things here that do not need to be packed and carried with you into the higher dimension and many will not go into the higher dimensions and so you will need to take care of them now. Ask to become aware of anything that needs work and see that there is a focus on these issues. Much work has already been done.

If you take a look back at your lives you should be able to tell that you have changed in a big way and things are not at all what they once were. Your attitudes have changed and love is much more abundant in your lives, both in the giving of love and in the receiving of it. The energy of love works in all directions and keeps on giving dividends. It does not diminish with distance or time and is held back only by thought and behavior not allowing it to thrive. Love is such a creative concept and is life affirming and life giving in its energy. There is nothing else like it in its abilities. With the same thought of not giving love is the inability to receive love and usually brought about by thoughts of unworthiness. As we have stated life is complicated but was intelligently conceived, planned and initiated into reality on your earth.

Be at peace as much as possible with what you have and do not have for material possessions are not the goal of life. Concerns of the heart are much more important and here we can be of help. We, although, have given you information of how to manifest things you want into reality but this is not entering into the conversation of ascension here.

I leave you now to think on these things. Continue to clear all negative aspects still remaining for this is important. We give you our love and council but there are some things that you must do on your own.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 11, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are changing and responding favorably to the energies coming in and also that your body is responding well to what it is asked to do. No big problems there. The adjustments mentally would go along more smoothly if the individual were aware of incoming energies and mentally agreed to think positively of the process and sent a message out that the body was to make the necessary changes. The mind is the commander of the body in most cases and an agreement works better if done. Some have made this agreement with the body and this is noticeably going better when this is done. The changes will happen anyway but is done more smoothly and faster when in agreement with the mind and under its positive leadership. The body should process the incoming energies to the best of its ability at all levels. These are good signs that things are going well in both mentally and physically processing the energies.

Having said this it is also noticeable that so many are just unaware of what is going on, not only with the incoming energies but also with the raising of vibrations and steps toward ascension. They are not only unaware of any incoming energies but also unaware that any steps toward ascension should be contemplated or made. How to reach these people has been on our minds now for a long time and we still linger on this challenge. How can you even attempt to better yourself if you do not even realize there is a need. The real purpose of life has not taken hold in the minds of many and we wish to get their attention and bring so much into their focus for thought. Better to do it in a gentle way than to have all these changes and informational topics jump out at them all at once. If only we could reach them.

Sometimes we feel so inadequate in the challenge of coming to earth with information because we have been so blocked with getting through. As simple as it seems to give information to someone and have them write it down or verbally give of the information, it is quite a process in most cases to set up this dedicated communication between us and the recipient. So many things have to be in order and correspond for it to go smoothly. The most important thing is that the recipient has to be able to receive accurately and with good intent. Do not be mistaken in thinking that when God wants to give you a message that it is a challenge for this to take place, for it is not and it gets accomplished one way or another. If you do not take the hint that something is trying to get through to you then a bigger attention getter will be used. We are talking here about repeated messages on a regular basis as we are doing now.

I would like to speak now of bringing your mind into receivership of harmonious energy, which gives you a better chance of communicating with all positive information that can be given. You might say, well Joseph I know someone that drinks and smokes and really doesn’t care about it but they receive messages. This may be true but the rule is that the better you care for your body and the more you align yourself with the higher vibrations, the more the deeper meaning the information has will resonate with you. As we have said there are usually different levels contained within certain messages and it is better if you can receive all levels of the information that are possible. We know so many of you want this communication of verifiable information and this will come in time but for right now it is something that is coming.

There is a difference between direct and dedicated communication, and tuning into the psychic abilities you have where you receive impressions or images from different avenues of influence. The first is from a person wishing to give of information to another and the second is perception regarding your ability to tune into what is and what energies are being given out, for you are a receiver. Most all people are receivers but do not interpret such information into noticeable substantial content. This is done through practice and keep in mind this also brings in non harmonious information that is also of substantial content. Psychic ability opens you up to all sorts of information and along the way you will learn to filter out some of it. The bringing into line of harmonious information first needs to come into the mind as not only a possibility but as something that definitely can be done. Why go a round about way of getting direction when you can go to source and partake of truth. This is the ultimate goal and what so many want to happen. You are connecting on a more definite level now and this part is progressing at a pace that is compatible with what is needed for you. Until then be discerning of all information given and see how the developing of the returning senses respond to all information considered. Remember this is a process and will improve.

Until such time that all are directly receiving from Source we will continue to give of messages with the best accuracy we can bring about. Intent is so important in this issue and wanting to receive only truth holds the parameters in a better place of your receivership.

So many of us are now coming to you and developing avenues of information in one way or another. It is easy for some avenues to be distorted so we continue to increase accuracy and most of this is concerning the receiver of the information. We strive to reach you in any ways we can now and also in the past for so much needs to be given. Our directives continue in this attempt and it is on going.

I am undeniably concerned about the reaction of the uninformed to all that is coming out. I do believe that many mentally focusing on the best case scenario with prayers, meditation and visualizations can change the energy and increase the likelihood of a better outcome. We can alter the energy of a time line and improve the circumstances immeasurably in its content as this has been done in the past and a good example was inauguration day of this year. It was changed and a better road was followed as far as aggression was concerned. We need this to happen again so that all souls are not distracted by emotions to what is happening on the side lines and are better able to focus on the content of the information given. This is where you can help.

I leave you now to continue your work in expressing the Light and Love that is God given and making a difference in all that is. You have yet to realize the full impact of your actions and its far reaching effects.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 10, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are making advances corresponding toward ascension. This is the focus and the energies of Light, Love and codes are making a big difference. Collective consciousness is advancing and as a whole, you are in a much better place to accept truth than you ever were. Delaying everything, and especially evacuation has been of great benefit to everyone, including Gaia. If it became necessary to evacuate everyone from earth 10 or 15 years ago there would have been so many more that would not have been ready and would have declined. We are hoping that great numbers are now seeing that the changes of earth and the need to leave will not be so complicated or difficult for them. Fear is being removed and this is good.

The words of truth are coming out from many individual places and more readers and listeners make it easier to reach many more people. This was the objective and this is being accomplished. The avenues of truth are opening up and finding a way of getting to the people and this is helping. When someone can get on the computer or go to websites on their phone it makes a big difference in finding truth. There will come a time when these teachings of truth will not be automatically rejected but listened to and hopefully thought out and contemplated.

The soul is an energetic reality and has weight and takes up space. It thrives individually or within a body and functions as it should. It is an individualistic fractal of God or source of all that is and is the same energy. This energy is in everything that exists and there also is the same as God experiencing being or living. We are like exploring messengers going out and experiencing everything and sending all our findings back to Source. So you see if someone chooses to see and experience their life differently, it is their way of sending back new information to Source and all this is recorded in their soul. If everyone did everything exactly the same and lived exactly the same, what would be the point? There would only need to be one exploring messenger. As it is Source has many ways of getting the experiencing from many souls and great information is obtained from different ways of expressing God. What does God do with all this information? We do not know for sure. I, and others, think that any information added enhances and broadens the whole of everything by strengthening and enlightening.

It is stated over and over not to criticize or ridicule others but to lift them up, either by works or thought energy and this increases the strength and enlightening of the whole, including self. Once someone comes into the understanding that we/all are connected, it stands to reason that by helping others, conditions or the environment that ones self is also helped or improved in some way. This connection is just now being explored by your science on earth. This connection is not a wisp of ephemeral something that soon evaporates from lack of substance but it is a real energetic and intelligent message from one part of itself to another part of itself and that is how it is seen and this is how it functions. This also applies to closed energetic life such as your body and why it is important to take care of this relay of information from one cell to another for this transfer of information. This cannot be done as efficiently within your body when it is not fed properly or given enough water and these same principles apply also to nature and all creation. You see God’s laws are wise and well thought out in all of creation and all that is. These laws are mathematically endorsed and supported and they do not waver in content or meaning. And now hopefully you have come to a little bit deeper meaning of all that is for it is a beginning of understanding of all that is. Do we know it all, no but we share what we can with you.

When there is a great oil spill in the oceans and much life is destroyed it affects the energies of earth and also the messages you receive on an electrical and energetic level. You are not separated or oblivious but receive these changes on several levels in your being. The same applies for improvement or enhancement and this is the principle of raising the entire collective consciousness of earth because when one part or person is advanced then all are advanced and here I mean all life. Your past has given you the idea that you are confined on your beautiful planet but this is not the case for what happens here is also messaged out to all other life with a ripple effect and life is changed. Amazing, isn’t it. There is no hermit strictly speaking for energy is ever present and shared by laws from one energy to all others in some form or manner. What you do does make a difference and this also applies in changes, such as your governments. Fortunately God’s laws apply overall and do not change from one place to another. That underhanded, cheating business deal behind closed doors is no more kept behind those doors than you can control lightening in the heavens for the thought and heart that created this activity is energetically shared with all that is. So much for thinking there are real secrets.

Take these words and see them as applying to all life and also see them as a different way to live and experience your life. I leave you now to think on these things and hope that you understand the meaning of what I have told you.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 9, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you this day with a message of hope, for we see that all things are in order. From our vantage point the signs are clear for information to be given regarding what has been hidden from your view. All the behind the scenes progress has paid off and the corrections that need to be made are ready to come out and be seen by all. You have waited for this for some time now and some have given up on ever seeing anything and we understand why this is so. All along many were working to have this come and you could not see what was going on. Enough talk, you want hard evidence and this will be given. It will be worth the wait.

We have talked of synchronicity and all events working together before and I can tell you that there is nothing by chance in nature or in human events. The Master architect in charge of all that is works constantly to bring about what is desired and needed to fit with everything else and this does not fail. In the grand scheme of things there is a plan and the best way I can describe it so that you will understand it is to let it happen before your eyes. What is unknown is the various receptions and responses of humans to what will be told and we know these will be varied. We will all await this part.

I would like to speak now of awaited news concerning what has taken place in your past. This goes back a long way in your history. We have planned for information to be given to you concerning your planet’s history and we need for you to know what led up to the events of today and who was involved in the struggle on earth and why it happened. Your earth is rich in materials and minerals that are needed by many and its location is also an advantage and this set things up long ago for those who wanted to control her. This led to struggles of ownership and control and there were many visitors to earth along the way. Your evolution has been influenced by many and there are signs today of other worldly structures and information. This helped to separate the different people on different continents for some of the influences were not friendly and there was bloodshed and the taking of life. Visitors were seen as gods and were worshiped for their power. As time progressed most of the information given was lost and the stories were distorted and strange descriptions somehow remained and persisted.

More recently your planet was overtaken by a strong and powerful group with darker and more sinister plans and they made themselves at home and stayed. These are the individuals with no regard for life and they are the ones that remained until the intervention of God to rid them from your planet. We are not sure you understand how cunning and smart they were but this is one reason they were so difficult to remove and why their minions remained so long and did not want to give up or give in. The influence of the leaders of this movement was so complete that many joined their cause and they banded together in loyalty with promises of grand design and these promises were thrown around carelessly to all who would listen. In the beginning it appeared that these promises were being kept.

We come to today and there are those whose names you would know who have fallen for the promise of things that were valuable to them such as wealth, fame and success. We see that some of these agreements were kept but what we know is that there is a disappointing ending to this agreement and those who are involved have a large awakening coming up that is inescapable for them for there is no way out. The voice that made these promises and agreements cares no more for the individuals involved than they ever did for any life other than the source of energy that can be extracted from their being for their own selfish purposes. Slowly earth is being cleared of these leaders that so meticulously laid out their plans for as strong as they thought they were, the hand of God is stronger and this fact was clouded by their own clouded ego and perception. They mistakenly took the loving offers of God to change their ways and turn toward Him as weakness and reluctance to show that indeed the dark could be removed with clarity and speed. There is no weakness where God is concerned and no deviance from perfection of creation and Divine intention, only misperception and misunderstanding from an undeveloped mind so caught up in its own importance that it fails to believe.

This show of evidence in the inception of God’s plan to bring about the results that are needed is what you will soon witness if you look closely. The questions of how things were done and why events led to the corrections of wrongs will fade away when you realize how things evolved. The blueprint of Divine energy is pure in intent and execution and it never fails to coalesce and solidify into the reality under Divine law. You are seeing with a small range of years involved in your life time but if you could look at the bigger picture over eons of time you would see the influence of power in design and all creation of a Master carpenter and developer being expressed in many ways and you would not doubt this intelligence in any work that was willed. This Master Creator is more than worthy of your reverence and respect and you will come to wonder why you ever doubted the majesty of this source of all that is.

I leave you now to contemplate these words I have given for there are several grand events coming your way and my hope is that you are moved in all aspects of your being as to the wonders of God.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 8, 2021

Let us begin. We see that some are exercising their independent right to freedom and going about their day without restrictions. They have broken free of imposed rules to breathe better and follow their own needs for socializing and meeting with friends in small groups. Some places are removing their restrictions and people are getting back to a normal way of life. You will find that Covid will not become more of a threat when you are breathing better and exercising more. Compromised immune systems make people vulnerable to most any debilitating illness and not just Covid. Build your health and immune systems with providing your body with what it needs in the way of fresh vegetables and fruits and vitamin supplements if needed. We are not advocating that you break laws but we do see a need for necessities of good health to go hand in hand with good health laws and practices.

I would like to speak now of the advancement of the soul. The soul is designed to express the God self with all the energies that entails. You are a vibrational and an energetic being made for expression and this is how you experience and learn. The God force within you lets the energy flow in from source and flow out in the form of expression and creation. There are two ways this can be hindered. One is that you close down and do not express because of some type of fear. This will cause problems within the body for energy is coming in but not going out and this is problematic for beings of all types have to express and experience. The other way to hinder advancement is to not have energy coming into the body. You are expressing but the energy and power is lacking and you are tired and lethargic. This also needs to be corrected.

The perfect scenario is to have the energy you need to express the God within for this is the way you advance through activity and the way you grow and learn. Sitting and doing nothing may bring no problems that you can see but this is not the way the body was created to behave and not only this but this is not the way the soul was created to express and experience life or being of God. Life is to be experienced within the laws of creation and you cannot do this without activity of some sort. Exercise is one way of keeping the body energy flowing but you cannot advance on exercise alone. You need interaction of some sort with others and relationships are a good way to learn about self.

Conflict resolution through the means of loving self and each other brings about much learning of not only others but of self and why you feel the way you do. Examine your thoughts and actions and ask yourself why you dislike, hate or disapprove the words or actions of another. This is the key to self exploration and the way to advancement concerning any insecurities or low self esteem. Self realization of why you were created and why you are here not only answers major questions but the reasoning behind such questions gives you the realization of why you should love and respect yourself. This leads to understanding why others are also deserving of this respect. Seeing that we are all in a state of expressing and learning and are at different places on our journey gives meaning to all steps of learning in others and is why we should have patience and understanding with ourselves and others. We are so busy at times with our own growing and trying to learn that we forget that others need understanding also with their steps of learning on their own path. This is like taking a large school and putting all the grades in one large room and expecting everyone to try to learn with others of lower and higher grades surrounding them and they are also trying to learn. This is the understanding you need for your own growth so that you do not criticize others for being at a different place on their path than you are. They are probably learning their lessons as fast as they can and would benefit with your example to follow.

This leads us to the thought of what type of example are we setting while we are endeavoring to learn our own lessons and advance on our own road. We end up being an example to others whether we want to or not as others see how we react to disappointments and excessive demands of life. Fortunately we do not have to worry about being a good example for others if we are trying the best we can to express the God given love coming into our lives from source. You will not get to a place in this life you have now where you know it all or have learned everything. We are all in the same learning experience environment with different methods of dealing with life. Unfortunately most all learning comes from experiencing what doesn’t work and it may have to be repeated several times. It is so much easier to see it in the behavior of others and sometimes we need to ask ourselves why that is. Mistakes have a bad name and are actually a very helpful tool if examined closely as to why what you did, did not work like you expected. Take time to examine reactions from decisions you made as to their success or less than success. What were my feelings when this happened and why did I feel that way. Be a detective of human behavior in yourself and others and learn basic trends and adjust your thoughts accordingly. An example would be, why do I yell at my children and why does this not get the behavior from them that I want. Why do I get so angry in traffic when people will not get out of my way.

Do not fall into the trap that everything unpleasant that happens to you is someone else’s fault. Take time to quietly examine your thinking and know that stress of trying to get more done than you have time for is going to bring problems. You may try to simplify your life and those of your family members for more rest and relaxation. Uncomplicate your life as much as possible and re-examine your wants vs your needs. Quiet time is underrated and the benefits are also. Become a family unit again instead of separate members living at the same address. We see so many that are caught up in time consuming activities that don’t really improve the quality of life. One good question to always ask is, “Is this necessary?” Do I need to spend more time with my children and if so, where is that time coming from. I do not need to tell you something you already know, that life is not easy. It will go better if you try to slow down and give the burdens over to God and ask for help. This sounds so basic and simple but also learn to listen for answers by going back to your source of life.

I leave you now to think on these things I have talked about and to examine your life for ways of removing conflict. Are you living what is expected of society or are you living what is life enriching and soul comforting?

I am Joseph In His Service

May 7, 2021

Let us begin. We need to be better at perception of conditions that are not seen with the physical eyes. This was taken away from you long ago and now is returning. Allow other perceptions to analyze things that are not perceived with the usual physical senses. Bring the lost abilities back on line and use the new abilities. Try to tell differences in conditions, vibrations, energies and such like with your knowing that has been restored. Practice intuition and other forms of communication other than verbal for a change and know that mental communication can be achieved. There are many that want to do this and are willing to give it a try. These things were used all the time long ago and transfer of thought is very fast and efficient. What you can do is practice with someone else and I would venture to say that you are using some of these abilities now and don’t even know it. You are so used to just believing what you get with your 5 senses that you fail to give credit to anything else. Perception in several ways is a handy thing and being aware of them is the first step. You can begin now to practice using your other means of perception and also your mental communication when you give it some thought and know it does exist. It has been brought back to you.

I would like to speak now of repressed knowing. There are things that you have learned long ago and this information has been stored behind the curtain that came with your taking on a physical body at birth. This was done on purpose and gave you a chance to develop further and learn without being hampered from certain information of who you were and what you knew before. This information is now being made more aware for you and you should start to have moments and glimpses of past information. Remember this is not new information but truth about what you knew and what you achieved in your life before you came to earth long ago. We told you that you would come to a time that this information would be revealed to you and the curtain would be lifted and you are beginning that time of knowing and it will come in different ways. Mostly at the beginning it will be in dreams and you will see scenes of people, places and happenings that once were. Many of you dismiss these dreams as not important but some of them are true. You light workers were and are leading a double life at present; one that is only backed by what has happened in this life and another that has been hidden from you for your life times on earth. You are capable of much more than you realize and many of you are already getting information of who you really are. This will continue and at some point all will be revealed and you will come into the reality of who you really are. This information is coming to you now, but slowly. It would be a real shock if it all came to you at once.

You have been so confined to this one life time in your mind that it is difficult for us to convince you of anything else. First you must be open to other information coming back and not dismiss everything that doesn’t seem to fit into this life. Just be aware that you were different people with different abilities before your earth journeys, with capabilities that you have not had for some time now. Open this door to your past and to your truth and be aware of what is given to you to know. You will know what is real by how it is received and also how it is repeated and the pieces of the puzzle will start to give the picture of someone that fits well within your mind and heart. What seems strange at first will settle into your knowing and you will start to change from the earth confined being with limited abilities into the person you took years to become before coming here. This is a process that will take awhile in most cases but try not to block all of this out, but acknowledge it and give the information a chance to be validated with your perception. It will come.

You have taken a journey into another land and way of living to bring light and love into the earth plane and to also give you a chance at learning how to overcome difficulties and gain compassion for others. To say this has been an interesting trip with many lives is an understatement. Your lives will also come back to you and I would venture that many things have already come back to you in your dreams. Other situations, circumstances and other lives. The different settings you have taken on were synchronized with others and coordinated with their lives and the settings available to you were quite thought out to bring together into your lives what was needed to finish out a pattern or learning. They certainly were not random. Many times whole families are brought back together and not only that but communities and areas have been the same. You have identities also connected with countrys and continued movements or thought advancements. Things were not left hanging and continued on to finish a meaning, a concept or what you like to call karma. All lives were woven into a fabric of earth that had meaning from the very beginning to the end and as you might imagine this took lots of planning and thought by higher abilities to bring this about. God is all knowing and the opportunities for learning were many and you gained many lessons that you will always take with you now. No matter what you feel about some of your lives, they were well spent for many reasons. These lives you lived were brought about to combine the two objectives of learning lessons with the opportunity of bringing the light and love into the earth plane and they fit together quite well in most cases. It was much more than a one objective idea and now you are beginning to understand just how much you accomplished. Along the way you took time to help others and this too was a difficult task in the ways you found to be of service. If you could not help in one way you found another way to be of help to others. It has been amazing for us to watch this unfold. Your lives were multifaceted in your accomplishments and sometimes we marveled at your abilities to do what you have done.

Your journey is not over yet and there are those who still have things to do. Put yourself completely and wholly into your purpose for your days to continue in God’s will for your life. I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder of what your lives have brought you and what they still have to offer. It is up to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 6, 2021

Let us begin. After all the talk of disclosure we are finally at that process and more and more is coming out in your news concerning what you call UFOs. There are some from your own planet and this information has been kept from you. Overcoming gravity is quite a step for you and there is yet a lot to learn before it is used as a dependable avenue of transportation. The subject is coming out more all the time and it will not be kept quiet any longer. It is more a process now from different sources instead of a formal declaration from your government of the past history with people not from your planet. We will take what we can get and go from there. There is so much to tell. Different people will come forward with information once the door is opened and pressures to suppress will not be as meaningful or threatening as they once were. Progress will be made.

Hearing of UFOs from different sources and having more sightings leads to belief that they exist but bringing about a relationship with entities from other planets is two different things and this part needs to have a good beginning. There have been plans of deceiving you with thoughts of invasion, take over and aggression to deter any type of real meaning for trust and there are several reasons for this. Ultimately there are those on your planet who do not want any type of friendly relationship between you and anyone that could possibly give you information of what has been going on in your past. We are seen as a real threat in the way of truth and exposure of lies and cover ups. What better way to have you running scared than fear of harm from us. We continue to try to overcome any thoughts of apprehension and possible fear and if possible we will not let you be deceived more than you already have.

I would like to talk now of becoming and this is in reference to a real turn in thinking and believing when information comes out in the form of truth. So much has been brought before you by your news media and so much of it is information to detract or defect from what is really going on. Most all countries do this and use news to mold what they want you to believe. There will be a change in your future concerning what is given and it will start to resemble authentic news to inform you of truth instead of what is happening now, which is a form of manipulation to have you believe what is desired. It is sad when information that is termed alternative has to come in through the side doors and this will change in the course of events when truth is given. There are too many avenues now coming out with valid sources of news and they will soon have a bigger voice and have increasing numbers of listeners. This will continue and at first the public will be impressed at the difference between what is given and alternative news and this will be of interest. Times are changing.

We have information that will, at first, be seen as audacious and surprising but time will provide proof and our words will bear the weight of scrutiny and finally be accepted for it will be the only conclusion. This ripple affect of truth will bring about a big turn in thinking and cause more questions to be asked and this will start the ball rolling in the way of bringing out past dealings between your governments and people from other planets that have been going on for a long time. We are hoping this will not take a long time for listeners to believe for there is so much more that needs to be given in the way of improvements and health care. One thing will build upon another and a better life can be lived by all.

We see the wheels turnings toward big changes and progress being made in a big way if we are given a chance to come in peace and give you vital information that will improve your ways of doing most everything. Do not give up on this time for you have waited so long as it is and this time draws near. So many attempts have already been made and more of you are now eager for the help we can give.

I leave you now with this time of change before you and it will not be stopped. Big things are brewing.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 5, 2021

Let us begin. We need to convey the information to you that will help you travel through what is to come with strength and confidence. You are in the middle of bringing out all that needs to be seen so that it can be dealt with openly. This needs to be done because so much is not realized and is left hiding in your mind for this is where it originates. In order to get past the challenges, they have to be brought out and faced, and then accepted as a problem to advancement. It is easier to put things inside and close them up and this is avoidance and does not get you through this process. What I am telling you is that many things now that have been repressed and avoided will now be brought out for the light to shine on it and for you to have to deal with it for there is no other way to cross this time period. There can be nothing hiding under the rug, so to speak.

When I speak of problems coming out I am talking about transgressions, hidden agendas, hatred and deception carried out on a grand scale. The public must know what has been used against them and what agenda is behind it. There are several associated things that have to be acknowledged and one is all the devious plots to keep you ignorant and docile so that you can be controlled. It is difficult to think that the goal of a few is world domination but this is the truth and I doubt all of you really fathom what you have been up against. These hidden agendas are so dark that it will be difficult for you to go there, even as a possibility. This is one reason they will need to be proven and another reason is that they need to be stopped and dealt with. You will need to look at the facts with clear eyes and admit what has been going on for years in order for the energies to start to clear. This is the transition period you are in now. The muddy bottom will rise to the top and be exposed.

Now I would like to speak of happiness. It is difficult to look ahead during dark times and see the happiness on the other side of conflict and challenges. This is what I would like for you to contemplate now. You are in a process that will be resolved and changed and there will be happiness on the other side of all that you will go through. It is another step in the process of many steps that have to be taken and the path will lead to better times and these times will have been purified by fire and the Light of Creator. When things look out of control to you, try to see the result being one of necessity and being in control by God, no matter the appearance from the outside. There is a plan and it has been well thought out. Do not get caught up in any negativity resulting from fear and intense apprehension but hold to your faith and belief that this period is temporary. It is coming and will not be stopped, but just as sure as this needs to be done is the love and guidance you can be given by closeness with God. Focus on that which has led you through any darkness before. There is happiness waiting.

We, on our side of things will be here to help you in all ways that we can. The tsunami of information is coming and the impact on some will be large. Transverse this time period of revealed truth with your faith and hold on to that which is deep in your knowing. You have learned well certain lessons and going to God within is one of them. Be at peace as much as possible within yourself for you will be bombarded with reactions to these things with various feelings of others and some may be irrational and off the wall. Human nature is hard to predict.

This is what is facing you now. When you ask what will happen, this is our answer for we see it coming. We have crossed the bridge of planning with food and water and we have crossed the bridge of being patient and standing by with continued work of Light and Love and now we are at the bridge of transition with truth. The winds of difficult acceptance will be swaying this bridge and you must hold on. Take heed for we give you good council. You are well versed as to where your source of strength comes from and cling to this.

I leave you now, not to read and forget but to read and retain. One of our reasons for being here is to prepare you for the things that will happen and I hope that I have done my job well.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 4, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be said here that things are in order and ready to come out and be revealed. The time is right for this and we should hear it quite soon now. The information to get the ball rolling and start the reveal of information will lead to further arrests. All of us need this and we have waited long enough in your timing for this to happen. It is difficult for us on this side to determine the length of time for anything but we see it as now and we believe this is accurate. Where will it come from? It is unsure which worker or leader will come forth to announce what has been going on all this time behind the scenes to make this possible, but it will come forth. It may be a few days yet but to us that is now. We await for this with great anticipation and we know you do also.

The legal aspects of all this work will mean some will be arrested outright and they will be charged with crimes against the country of the United States. The charges will be listed and the evidence will be given. The process will begin in the open. All the work to bring this about has mostly been hidden and unknown, except for the ones doing the work. This will lead to others being indicted and charged with crimes and will have their days in court. It will take some time but it will be done. Quickly the United States will be under a more positive leadership and control and there will be a journey back to the republic that was first established in your early history and it will continue from there to a country more strongly controlled by the people and I mean all the people and not just a few.

This will most likely be a shock to many who are unaware of how this came about and will be a major adjustment for them but time will bring about laying out all the information of how and why this is taking place and we will just have to wait and see how it is received by everyone when it happens. There will be a lot of discussion taking place and a lot of explaining of the law. There will be challenges and they will be met with facts. In time things will settle and life will continue on a more organized foundation and life will continue. This change will also make differences with the relationship with other countries and that will have to be dealt with in an amicable way. The relationships of one country with another are very important and they must respect one another and this has not gone well in the past and some things must be repaired. Orderly trade must resume and ways should be found to once again recover from restrictions placed on everyone from the virus and this is world wide. It will happen.

I would like to speak now of these restrictions and say that they will be reversed and people will heal and come back together again like they were living before. This is necessary to remove all restrictions and you will find that this will not be a bigger threat than before and will help people recover from being kept at home and without freedom. Freedom is very important for good mental health and this needs to be restored. There comes a point where restrictions start to do more harm than good and you have long since passed this point. These restrictions will have long range effects and these will have to heal. These conditions that were placed on you will need to be explained and they will be. This is part of the revelations that will come.

You have been on a long and winding road on your earth and all people will benefit from what will be revealed because it will relate to everyone. We will watch and see how it is received and accepted or not accepted. Time will tell. The evidence is there and will be shown.

Now I would like to speak of degeneration of self expression for in this time of incarceration you have been restricted so much that you do not yet realize that you have ceased to express yourselves in a healthy manner. Mostly it involves the physical expressions for the most part but also verbal expression. There will need to be more physical activity of the body in some form of exercise and this will help in getting back to a normal expression that has been missing all this time. There is more to life than breathing and eating. The body is so closely associated with personality and character that when it is restricted there is a ripple affect that hinders the person in their mental expression and this causes problems with energy flow in the body. If not corrected and any blockages removed, it will cause more problems, so it is our suggestion that you get out and exercise more. If possible spend time in nature and take a walk.

It is also of benefit to you to put your thoughts down on paper or on the computer somehow and this will also help you to express yourselves. If you are inclined paint, sculpt or express in some form of art work or like avenue. Restore used furniture or an old car or an old house. These things help the flow of energy to not only flow out in the form of creating but helps the energy to come into the body as the energy is flowing out. Life is to be lived and experienced. This energy is a gift and is designed to be used and to have it stopped or restricted in any way is not good for the body or the mind.

So you see you have been under unusual circumstances that have greatly affected your lives in many ways that you may not have thought of. I leave you now to think on these things and to restore your mind and your bodies with freedoms that were taken from you and now you need to take care of things and let that energy of creativity flow again for better health, both for mental and physical reasons.

I am Joseph In His Service