March 12, 2023

We, the group that is known as the Enlightened Ones, come today in your time to give of information which will be of concern to you. We are a rather large group helping at this time with your ascension and the time is close now. Listen well to our words and take them into your minds and hearts and feel free to share them with others as well.

Many on your earth at present do not have the God Spark within them and are soulless and are rather android in movement and computerized in thinking. These will not be included in the ascension process and will cease to be to the ones ascending. Another group do have souls but are in a somewhat dead state and are not that connected with Source at all. These still have lessons to learn and will be delivered to other places of learning to continue their learning. These will also cease to be to the ones ascending.

There is a group who have been overtaken in thought and actions by mind control and some are retrievable and some are not at this time. They will go to appropriate places to continue a type of healing and then become students of the proper lessons and teaching for their liberation and growth. We see this group as having become useful to the dark and this has saddened us considerably. They will be taken care of with love and understanding.

Now we come to the group that is in the higher levels of understanding and awakening and ready to face the progression of ascension as it will take place. These will go on to continue their learning as all do continue their learning, no matter where they are but in this case we mean the ascended earth and the new world that you have heard of. This is the group that has the responsibility of forming and shaping the conditions of not only the material things but the mental, emotional and spiritual things of the new life that will be given. There are no boundaries of achievement.

This will be a time of considerable help coming from our side to give suggestions and instruction for the foundation formed with the new options available. This is an important time and must be done according to certain rules and considerations to face the right direction for the optimal parameters of living and moving ahead. You see, you will not only be establishing the foundation but the guidelines of behavior for all involved and you can understand how important this is for it will take off from there for all involved.

This is not in any way a control over anyone’s free will but a loving teaching to be used in your creativity and insight of how you would like your new world to be laid out for those living now and for those to come. This is an immense undertaking and involves many areas of living such as, food, health care, industry and so on. You will need to discover or form your interests so that you can enter the creative side of this undertaking and move forward with your creating. Do not look upon this as such an immense challenge but see it as living each day in the Light of Paradise and take this new energy one day at a time and it will all work for the betterment of all souls involved.

Relax when you think of this and do not be overwhelmed with the thoughts involved. You will now have love and truth surrounding you in an atmosphere you never experienced on earth and you will be surprised at how this can bring out your dreams and wishes for the living of God’s children and what they want for their children and so on. It will bring forth thoughts of safety, freedom, healthy living and so many wonderful things you have only dreamed of and a freedom you have never experienced. Hopefully you will be involved in a field of your liking and be free to explore new avenues never available before. We are anxious to see you involved in this but more so anxious to see you in your free state to create the lives you want surrounded by your loved ones in a clean and wholesome atmosphere.

Now there will be more words given for this endeavor at the appropriate time and there will also be ones before you that are seen to either visit or live among you to help and counsel in matters of interest. Gaia will give of her earthly gifts and there will be more Light that ever before. We eagerly anticipate this time and know that however eager we are to have this happen we cannot come close to the group you belong to wanting it also. You have certainly paid a rather unlikely long journey to achieve this transition. Until we meet again we will close now with a welcome home to your new ascended earth in our hearts and in our hearts for you. Our love has always been with you.

We are your Higher Counselors and Instructors

In God’s Word to you.

We are The Enlightened Ones

February 23, 2023

We are speaking as a collective now and have these words.  We know you are weary and worn and have remained longer than planned.  You have stayed in faith and persisted even though complications came, time after time.  Often we were amazed at your fortitude to overcome what has been so strong a dark force on earth, and other places for so long.  You have done remarkable work and it is over, except for sweeping up the dust that remains.

Some major moves are ahead of you and because of your consistent channeling of God’s love and light many of the difficult earth changes required at this time will be less devastating.  We cannot give you measurements or degrees of things but your work has made a huge change and the measures taken to balance energies will come as needed with less destruction.  It will be difficult enough as it remains and I tell you these things because you need to know what you have done.  It will not be apparent from the outside but your work is certainly logged and recorded in addition to the help and changes you have brought about.  Only those who look deeply and also know the hearts of the light carriers will know what they have achieved.

It will not be much longer now.  Good things await all of you and these days will fade in your memory, leaving only the lessons learned and deepening of good works in your hearts.  Bear with it a few days longer.  We leave you with our love and with proud feelings in our hearts over what has happened on earth.

The Collective of Teachers

February 23, 2023

I do not speak here because this is not about me, but I would like to say I have been shown amazing things.  When this web site first started I had no idea I would see such solid, dependable support as I have from the readers.  Because of the words channeled the response has been surprising and this shows a lack of faith on my part.

I should have known that when God steps in and directs there are no boundaries.  I thank all of you for your strength, determination and desire to achieve Source directed steps against the darkest of foes.  You not only have taken in the messages given but have shown me I need to step up and review my own faith where God’s hands have touched and brought about change.  My gratitude is given.

Taylor M.

February 12, 2023

We see that you are trying to prepare for things to come and this is good.  There are so many unprepared and will suffer consequences from all that will transpire.  The world is constantly increasing their numbers of those who want the truth and are tired of the circumstances existing today.

I would like to tell you words of encouragement but your challenges ahead of you are large and not only will you need to take care of yourself but you will have to surround yourselves with security of white light and God’s protection.  Do not hesitate to ask for it.  It has been asked why you have not been allowed to go home and miss the devastation to come.  The answer is that you are more effective within the remainder of the third dimension arena and your energy of love and compassion will be of massive help to all as a collective and to individuals who know you and come to you for words of help.

Please know that you have not been forced to do this against your will and on another level you have agreed to stay for the time being.  At any moment you will be retrieved when necessary and you are in God’s hands.  As has been told to you before you do not as yet understand the greatness of your higher learning and vibrations and how they influence the energy of the planet and all living things around you.  If this were not so you would not have been given permission to come to earth in the first place.  My ones who read here, try to find some joy in your service and that of giving to not only earth and the collective of those faltering in their path but it goes far beyond that.  You are beings who have gained in power in your being and each of you is well known to us.

We continue to help all we can but there will be things you will face that are daunting and more.  This is the end times and all that will come, you have been given knowledge to conquer for yourselves and others if they listen.  Carry yourselves in faith and try to rule out fear for it is not productive in any way.  Caution, yes, but not fear.  Our hearts and our help are with each of you.  Travel these times with the greatest of faith in Source and who you are and know where your strength comes from.

I am Lanto and I bring you truth.

January 21, 2023

My Dear Friends,

I felt a need to give of these words.  Much is going on in the way of clearing out and processing those who perpetrated evil things against you, Mother/Father God and the Host of Heaven.  It is a long process for this judicial system of ours but it is thorough and full of mercy.  It is the only balanced way it can be done.  These things are not seen by you but hopefully you will feel the Light coming in to earth as those ones are removed, if you do not already feel it.

There have been periods of slowing caused by a long list of ones to be processed but it is happening as fast as possible.  There are those on our side who are working with little rest to keep things moving as much as possible.  We know you are weary and ready to come home and this will happen.  Quite a few have already been taken back to their original place of origin.  Some by ending their life there on earth and some by being picked up by a craft or ship.  It has not been noticed by the public as a whole.  There is a plan at times for some of that person’s energy to remain in a body form so as not to upset loved ones.  Those under these circumstances will appear later to pass from this life in a normal way and close out this portion of things on earth.  This way is given to mercy.

There has been a long list of those waiting to return and this has been delayed for several reasons and the main one is the incompatible energies causing it to be difficult to find an energetic time that is safe for the ones being taken.  There will not be an attempt to remove you until it is safe to do so.  This prolonged period of incompatible changing energies was not foreseen in the closing out of these cycles and this information was not given to you.  This left you wondering, I am sure, why you were told you were going to be removed and then it has not happened.  Your time will come as soon as the energies pertaining to transferring you are non threatening to your health.  It has nothing to do with a change in your removal plans for you have been permitted to go.  It will be done at the first opportunity that does not harm your body.

As to other plans or happenings we are also waiting to see what Source has for us in the way of a time line of events.  There are several things waiting in the wings to manifest.  We have had several lessons of finding out our best plans can be re-organized by Source and the Infinite ways of scientific process.  We continue to learn about the closing out of more than one cycle and also the closing out of a closed planet system that has had so much dark control embedded so thoroughly within the people and the planet itself.  Please hold on to your Faith as God is still in control and Creative Light is coming in to earth for a future you cannot imagine.  All will manifest as has been told about the love and freedom of the New Earth upon ascension for it is happening and in process now.

My/our love to you all who read here.  Many who found I was going to give this message wanted me to carry their thoughts and love to you from them as they remember each one of you and think highly of you.  You have made such positive impressions on so many on our side and this will not be forgotten.  God’s Light of protection on you all.

I AM Joseph and a Messenger of The Word

December 22, 2022

It has come to our attention that there are many who have so much love in their hearts that it will be difficult for them to move forward when the time comes. Please be aware that there is conscious awareness you have only from this life and the conditions you live under there on earth during this life time you have now.

There is another awareness present in your being that supersedes your “now” knowing and this is what you will be returning to when you leave earth. This larger knowing has information you do not yet recognize and will make this departure from loved ones easier and definitely with a better understanding of their journey and yours. Please do not get bogged down in the sadness of departure from friends and loved ones for there is information waiting for recognition and comprehension that makes your decisions concerning leaving earth imminently more understandable and easier in its entirety.

My dear ones, there is so much waiting for you in several categories that will fill in all the gaps and help you to continue your life where you left off. The love you have for these individuals on earth will never be lost or wasted and you will not grieve over them as you might think. There always has been a plan in place for this procedure as it was meticulously thought out before implementing. So much is in place for your reentry into your previous lives that you cannot imagine now or understand and love is at the basis and was the beginning point of it all. It has never been intended for you to have pain and suffering upon your return.

I come to you with this message so you will understand more why you are asked to let others choose their own path and make their own decisions concerning leaving earth when the time comes. Do not fear for them or try to make them see their need to leave if it is against their will to do so. You will be comforted upon your decision and your return. This transition is done in God’s will and at his directives with His love for you all and He will have none of his children in emotional suffering after their return. It will be taken care of in ways you cannot now imagine. Those who do not choose to walk the same path you do will be taken care of as they walk their own path under God’s direction. Remember all of you are under the same hands of God’s leadership.

Walk in the Light and hold your decisions in understanding and with faith in the outcome of all facets of this return home. We will be with you and have never forsaken you. Your time is short now upon earth.

I am Lanto helping to bring you home.

December 17, 2022

Dear Readers,

I come to you with good news that, even slowly we might be progressing, it is of upmost importance that we have succeeded in getting the results that were needed.  God’s love has blanketed the earth recently with His Light and Love and the energies to complete this rather large and long enduring conflict of Gaia.  It was laboriously fought by so many who not only held the Light but shared it with all others along the way and held the helm on a steady course.

We continue to see advances made as are needed for all to be concluded in a desired way that has long been our wish and desire from the beginning.  The middle of the conflict was sometimes in question but there were very few that actually gave up.  Many had to rest and gain courage to continue at times but they did continue and are still with us to this day.  We could not ask for more to be given.

There has been somewhat of a delay in some of you returning home and these hindrances have been overcomed and there should be a clear path now for return.  There is the flash from the sun to experience and many are wanting to experience this while on earth before their return and this wish shall be granted if at all possible.  Energies are still somewhat unsteady but the energies that are needed are getting to earth and uplifting all who are open to them.  We can only pray for the rest and those who are having trouble with all that is going on for they are not receptive to any of it.

We encourage you by saying that we are most pleased with how things are going right now and have every hope that they will continue on this path.  We send you our love as always and reach out and touch this group with our presence and always we will remember each of you and your contribution to the earth and the conflict as a whole for it could not have been done in this way without you.  You have already gone down in our history recordings.

Be prepared for strange things in the way of weather and the conflict that may come with it.  It is looking to be volatile in nature so be careful with strange elements where nature is concerned.

Be of good cheer as we remain connected to you now in perpetuity by our experiences together and the love that binds us forever.


November 25, 2022

I have been asked to pen a message to you readers of these communications in a somewhat final wording.  All those who have given of messages and lessons wish for you to know what a positive experience this has been and we cherish it in its entirety.

In this struggle to overcome the dark there were many disappointments and we consider this website one of the successes we have had and it has been brought to our memory so many times to lift us up and keep us focused on the possibilities of success in other areas of effort to earth.  Thank all of you for your thanks, your love and your interest in our words for we feel all of these and they help keep us going with a bright smile.

We wish you an easy shift back into your real life and know that you have been enriched as a result from your determination to succeed with bringing Light to earth.  We send our love to you.

Prosper, Joseph, Manning, Lanto and many more.

November 22, 2022

There are things happening now that are taking everyone’s attention and this message will be short.  This is necessary for closing out this earth venture in bringing Light to what is needed.  Thank you for being the attentive readers that you have been and moreover it is to your benefit that you have dedicated so much of your thinking to all that has been given over these past months.

Thank you to our scribe that they have given so much in the way to time and effort to bring to you the words of those before me who are highly revered in their learning and teaching skills.  This may be my last message but only for lack of time as I love my work and would gladly devote to you what you need and want.  You have been a blessing to me and getting to know you has been a joy.

Now I go to do the work that is necessary and will look forward to meeting you in person should the opportunity arise.  I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto having been blessed by each of you.

November 20, 2022

Now it comes to me that many of you see life as a one time thing with all learning in that life being all there is. Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter what planet you are from or whether you came to earth to experience on a mission. You will have multiple opportunities to learn in many different ways no matter who you are or where you live.

Your life can be short or long and you may express your self in different forms but you will always have opportunities to learn in different settings and scenarios. This is part of walking your path and striving to attain more wisdom leading back to Source, or back to your beginning. Learning comes in many different ways and forms. Teachers can be entities or teachers can be life itself and can choose the speed orchestrated by the learner. All learning is designed or created in its characteristics by the actions of the learner. It may take many lessons of the same kind to learn a major lesson or it can be learned in one setting, depending upon the impression it brings and the intensity with which it is experienced.

Not all planets are designed the same way and learn in the same format. Earth has, or had a reincarnational learning design for a faster learning opportunity. Some planets have entities that live long lives and theirs is a long term learning endeavor. Many planets have teachers that have classes leading the student in a structured way to learning and then hopefully to wisdom. Regardless how learning is conducted it is following the same path of mind and soul memory of information gained and this brings about the path to experience of the learning. Experience is the best way because of the impressions it leaves with the student or individual. Experience is not the only way that learning leads to wisdom but it is the preferred way because of the ramifications it brings about. This is what you experienced on earth and can come about at a faster pace. You still have the opportunity to take longer for learning any one particular lesson if you wish and this is entirely up to the individual and their expression of life itself. Learning is very individualistic in nature and travels at the speed desired by the individual. Once the lesson is learned, no matter what method it has come by, it remains a permanent part of the psyche and mind and experience and does not need to be repeated. You do not draw to you the circumstances for that learning again for you have it down with all the past feelings that go with the learning of it.

On earth ego steps in the way of learning in a reoccurring way for some time before it steps aside to reveal the secrets of the learning of a lesson and this may take many lifetimes or only one or two. The beauty of the experience is the expression of the individual and the desire to live life at ones own choosing. It all depends on how long it takes for you to put the information together that there is a way of choosing to look at an experience with the love and Light attitude or without it. Is it a position of victim you have chosen or a position of creator to draw out the elements of the happening and turn it into a positive experience to the best of your ability. What is your perspective of the situation. Learning is in the eyes of the student, so to speak. Once you learn to view something that is painful or disturbing or downright traumatic from a different point of view it can be turned into something of a more positive leaning experience and be used in the future for reference of a good nature instead of a horrible experience or seen as a bad thing. This turning point makes a big difference in your life when you learn to look at something from this advantageous point of view.

Two different people can have the same thing happen and come away with entirely different learning experiences depending on how they view it. Ask yourself what you can learn from an experience that is positive and can it serve a positive purpose in your life. This brings to you the open doors you need to advance learning. The learning of a lesson helps you to understand others on a much better level and have compassion for them in different ways because you now understand what they have gone through or what they are going through. This brings you closer to the connection with all others.

I leave you now with these elements of learning to consider and remember that truth is in the learning and is ready for you to discover it has always been there. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto, here for the learning for I too am on a path of learning.