April 16, 2021

Let us begin. We see many changing their attitude toward people from other planets. Of course talking about it is much different than the reality of having them land on earth. If they only knew how many people on earth were from other planets at this time they would be surprised. The time is coming when visitors on earth from off planet will be a reality, or let us say when people know about it. There are different reasons for visitors now. Some are here to observe, some to help and some want earth metals, or different things for their planet. Gone are the days of abduction of people for help with their DNA.

There are aliens that came in your past and took certain people for DNA to try and save their people or to try to use certain characteristics to bring into their own DNA family. It was a matter of life and death to them and they did not want to do away with anyone, they just needed help with continuing their race. Most of the aliens in your past who came here stayed for a period of time and left their imprint upon the people they contacted and changed certain societies. Most all the short term visitations were of a good kind and improved many aspects of living while they were here. Some stayed for many years.

So, you see there are reasons some people here on earth have past memories of fear concerning people from other worlds because they were picked up for a period of time and it is quite possible they have children at another location. A few have been contacted to inform them of their children or they have dreams of having children elsewhere. These are not dreams and are real memories of being told of children or having visited them. There are almost no pure blood lines on earth and your DNA is a mix of vast numbers of races from other planets. We know this is hard for you to accept but your history is full of visitations from other planets along with the taken DNA to save races, which resulted in beings that now reside there. There will be some reuniting of parents and children in your future. This is a topic worth much teaching and discussion and it will come for the children are mostly aware of having a parent living on earth.

There are close relationships you have with relatives from other planets who have followed your progress and journey for many of your lives. You did not appear here on earth with pristine, untouched DNA and you have not lived here exclusively since you began. There are connections abounding in all of you from your past and many of those connections are even now alive and continuing whether you are aware of it or not. Cherished friends and loved ones cross the miles and years and time lines waiting for the time when you will be returning to your original homes to be with your extended families after the last page is turned in this book of earth changes and at that time you will have the feeling of great emotions of joy at returning home. It may sound like a fantasy or a dream now but this is truth and nothing to fear. Some of you will be going home.

Many of you will be returning to earth to continue here when the earth changes are over and Gaia becomes inhabitable again. The restoration and healing of the earth will take many of you and there will be peace on earth and the beautiful planet you have come to know will again be your home. Some of you have options but most have already made their decisions on a soul level and know where their future work is to take place. You just need to enlarge your view of creation and take in all the beings from other places that exist and realize earth is not the only inhabited planet. All that is, is much bigger than you have ever imagined and the time is now when you come into that understanding. Your planet, earth, will take its place in the planet of worlds with representation and have a say in the rules, laws and governing of what goes on in the vast neighborhood. Your future is exciting and expanding in scope and especially in education and learning.

You have spent so long a time now in the struggle for freedom and had the liberation day as the goal that you may not have considered what would go on after. Now you must see in a more long range scope of things and realize this is also a beginning for you and there is much you need to know. Broaden your horizons and do not be apprehensive in your options for continuing for it is a bright future you have before you. Information will come and education will be given and you will not be without continued help in the learning of what you need to know. You know that saying, the sky is the limit? Well you will have a much larger scope than this and you will be limited only by your imaginations. You do not have the understanding now to know what is possible for you.

I leave you now for you to start moving your frame of reference into your future while thinking on these things. As always go within and let God be your guide in all things.

I Am Joseph In His Service

April 15, 2021

Let us begin. I am Albert and I will be giving the message this morning. Joseph was called away for service elsewhere. We here are in service to Creator and have come to help earth and her inhabitants through a most difficult time in breaking free from the clutches of the dark. Earth was selected by a group of entities to inhabit and they have taken a most beautiful creation and destroyed everything they could to have the empire they envisioned. With no respect whatsoever they have used earth’s resources for personal greed and taken the people who were here and used them for the purpose of servants in order to dominate everything. Every law has been broken and time after time opportunity was given for them to repent of their ways and cease their activities but to no avail. It has been one of the most prolonged deviations from the Will of the Father that has ever taken place in your quadrant.

Long ago, individually we received the message that earth needed help and many left their homes to come and be of service. As time went on more calls went out and more came and thousands were here to view what took place upon earth and it saddened our hearts. Our efforts to help were persistent and around your clock and they were two fold. One was to help each of you on an individual basis to lessen pain and suffering and teach you as best we could how to break free and overcome what was happening to you. The other was to coalesce into a group of some sort that could fight the dark on their own level and this took some doing as we had to do this in their dimension. We are of a higher vibration and we had to ask into service of those who could lower their vibrations to come to earth.

Fortunately there was a system in place to take souls that volunteered into the birth process upon earth to parents and have them grow up hoping they would remember who they were and what their mission was. Thousands responded and the candidates for legions of fighters came about. In addition there were some from our realms that did not go through the birth process but lowered their vibrations through their own discomfort, and came to earth by ship in a physical form. They were challenged to the extreme in every way possible. Earth was difficult for them but they gave of their efforts to help by several means. One was by giving of information to as many as possible because they still had all their memory but finding people and opportunities to do this were scarce and most of the time their words did not reach many.

The other way was to fabricate a background so certain positions with possible influence could be entered and this, of course took time. You would be amazed at the number of people who have served in this position who are well known and many still serve to this day. There are those in many fields of employment and in many countries but the political arena was targeted with the most wanting to serve as it was hoped this was a key place for change. Unfortunately the infiltration of dark influence was so strong that it was almost impossible to get much done. Many more came to the political aspects of governing through the birth process and they did not realize who they were. This whole process was one of difficulties.

As time went on progress was made in small amounts and then Father and Mother God, through Creator decreed that an intervention would take place as all other avenues had not given the desired changes needed and here we are today after years of Light workers giving of their efforts and thank goodness they remembered enough to bring about changes with the help of those in the ships surrounding earth. So many have been involved in the past and many teachers of high rank have come to earth, taught throughout their lifetimes and given of their Light so people could hear truth and improve their lives.

Millions are here in your skies today with the same love and determination to complete this long journey in the way Father and Mother God have instructed. You are not the only ones who have gone through delays and disappointments and sometimes heart rendering experiences in this process but we continue because our mission is comprehensive in its intent and desired conclusion. Warriors are long suffering and you can certainly be called that, both warriors and long suffering.

I come to you this morning to tell you that together, you and we, have made a difference and with the intervention of Almighty God and the Light that has been sent, victory has come, first above and now it is happening below on earth. Do not give up for you are approaching the finish line and even though weary and worn you will complete this, your mission, in glory and understanding. There will, shortly, come an understanding from within that is activated from the God within that will give you a fulfillment of purpose for you think you know it now but you do not have the complete picture. You will in all cases be glad you did not stop, hesitate, falter or slow down in any way for we know what is ahead of you.

So, without further words I close now and ask that you trust in my words of continuance and bring forth your will of steel and have that victory that is in some cases already yours.

In God’s Will I am Albert

April 14, 2021

Let us begin. We see that you are tired and also tired of waiting. We know how long this has been for you and how difficult it is to continue when so many signs and words have been given to indicate that this would all be over soon. There is that word again that means shortly or within the next few weeks. It is what we want for you and how nice it will be for you to rest physically and also in the knowledge that the struggle is over. There has been opposition all along the way, including push back and refusal to keep to agreements. So much pressure has been put on everyone and if they are not afraid for themselves then they are afraid for their loved ones. What a good example it is to have someone say no to control and then for others to watch them meet with a tragic accident or have a sudden heart attack and have to attend their funeral. This is one reason it has taken so long for certain things to come about. Who among you is willing to sacrifice their life for the cause. There is power in numbers and certainly you have this going for you but keeping you ignorant of as much as possible has also been a key piece for the dark being able to continue.

Now things have changed and you no longer cower in compliance and knowledge has been your freeing agent for you have always had available to you the strength you needed for this liberation of earth. This is why education is so important and facts need to be given to all about what has gone on. It is different when looking from the outside and the view is clear to see your past and what has been put upon you by those in control. Their plan was well practiced and thought out in advance and you were so thoroughly deceived. Now you are ready for it to be over and have long since had enough and are willing to stand up and oppose and know that your ranks are deeper by the day. This is why so many labor behind the scenes to bring about the legal process to correct the wrongs that have been committed. With one hand you are still eradicating the dark and with the other hand you are bringing about the conditions needed to beat them at their own game. Intervention was needed and it was given and it is still working in your favor. Have faith that this will be over and it will come to an end and you will continue with the promise of freedom but you and your energy work concerning the Light are still needed.

There are those who are not young and are still working and all along have been hearing of things to come only to be met with delay after delay for different reasons. Yet you are still counted as warriors with your own abilities and continue to fight in this war against the dark, whether it has been against the leaders or their followers. You are still here and being counted. Yes, it has taken a long time but experience has taught you that giving up will get you nowhere and you have had good leadership in the God that has given you strength and determination when your own was depleted. Somewhere in your memory is the knowing that many have done this type of thing before and persistence is the only way to succeed. Your course was set before you and now take a breath, rest and then continue for you are now a practiced individual but more than that you are part of a whole that is winning and bringing about the liberation of earth. There is strength in numbers and the energy you bring about is so much more powerful than the dark could imagine.

I would like to speak now of heritage in that there have been those who have gone before you and left their imprint upon the cause. So many have played a part in this plan to bring light to earth and they gave you a start and are unknown and their deeds unknown but you have reaped the benefit of their having lived and worked against the dark. All those who witnessed the deceit and cover up and were pressured to remain quiet and spoke out anyway and were ridiculed and called liars and paid a heavy price for their thought that people needed to know. You are unaware of the many who lived and fought in this cause and died from old age never seeing the concept of victory in their sights. They are part of this success also and are unnamed for the most part. So you see it has been quite a struggle and a long time coming. The momentum has really increased in the past ten years. Do not give up now.

Be at peace within concerning your calling and your promise here on earth to overcome the choking hold that was put on you for you are succeeding. Just a little while longer for you are also working for others who do not see yet what is going on. You are bringing them with you in this journey.

I leave you now to consider these things with all due respect and to give thanks and gratitude to God for His hand in all things for you would be amazed if it were all laid out before you. You have been given the truth and work within its meaning for earth. It is God’s will.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 13, 2021

Let us begin. We are monitoring all sensing devices regarding the changes of earth and especially regarding changes in surface movements. What information we have given you regarding a need for evacuation is still holding true and we will keep you informed with update information. You are not getting the full story in your news media and soon it will be such that you will not be able to avoid or overlook what is happening. It continues to require balancing of stress points and relieving of pressures.

I would like to speak now of spreading of information. As long as the main stream media are so controlled by those that would keep certain information from you we will not be able to give out world wide information with their agreement. We would like to have had this agreement but we feel it will not be forthcoming. Do not worry for we have our ways and they will be quite sufficient for news you need to know concerning whatever is necessary. You will not be left uninformed when the time comes for opportunities to leave earth. We are still leaving disclosure in the hands of some on earth for them to take the lead for at present this is the plan. The work to restore earth is still your responsibility and we will not do it for you.

There is a strong movement now for much news concerning truth to come out on independent web sites and this is being done at their own risk but they are forging ahead anyway. So many now feel this information has to come out and get to the people We are so pleased to see that this is being done and more and more are finding it and listening to it every day. There is a lot of information that is given from person to person and this news travels fast in the circles of the people who are interested and value this news and these messages highly. Many are getting removed or censored but there are several places now this information can be given and it is getting out. Those who would stifle the truth are playing a game of whack-a-mole and losing the game. It is getting to the point where truth cannot be stopped and will find a way regardless. This is most encouraging to us and we think this will not only continue but increase. It started slowly but is gaining momentum. Again be selective in your accepting of information and verify all that is given from within.

Of all the ways you can react to what will happen now regarding these last days of this earth chapter, be fully in your Light and in the connection with Source and follow God in the instructions given to you personally. Do not give in to doubt, fear or insecurity. You have come this far and been true workers with your own sacrifices to receive the information needed to bring earth out of the terrible darkness and into the Light. Continue for the last words are being written into the records as we speak and your continued work is paramount. The beginning of your journey in this life was filled with maybes and faint messages and possible importance and you have far surpassed that point to today where you are confident of the connection you have and you can hold your knowing and path you have chosen with respect and reverence throughout the rest of this mission. There are no questions of God’s legions of workers here on earth. You are cloaked with the Light of truth given and it is a beautiful energy of golden Light around you. You were chosen and you are marked by His hand now. We see you clearly and you are known. Keep yourself under protection for your Light shines brightly to all and there are those who would do all they can to remove this light. Know that Light is stronger than darkness on any playing field and under any conditions but do be consistent with your work in protecting yourselves.

We cannot predict how others will respond or react to anything that will happen from here on out for there are too many variables. Remain vigilant in your continued work and cherish your time spent in connection with God and express the love principle you have come to know. This love is quite the foundation cornerstone of everything. Do not, however, become enmeshed in others negativity, fear or panic and remove yourself from these emotions. Your desire to help others is strong but you must remain steadfast in your strength. I continue to urge you to eat of good foods, drink clean water and get plenty of rest. This is important. Spend your time wisely.

I leave you now with these reminders for you are not new to this information. You have your personal backgrounds and strengths and you are important in the days to come. Your stage is waiting and your part is ready to play. This is not acting but is destiny.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 12, 2021

Let us begin. In the event there are revelations coming, it will be given rapidly and possibly by more than one person. There are several who are poised to speak of the atrocities in your past. These people are on earth but know that there are numerous here on our side that have been anxious to give of this information for some time. What has kept us from public address? It has been the strong hold on your television and radio stations that has forbid us any time on the air. Great effort was put out to gain access for this purpose and even if agreed upon, it was soon negated and retracted. It has been a most difficult journey to reveal information to you and we are fortunate to have this much in the way of communication. Fortunately there are those brave souls, and I mean that literally, who have taken it upon themselves to speak publicly on the different websites of their truth. Tragedies have taken place and we have lost some people to the physical world, but do not fear, they are on our side now, just in a different form and they continue to work.

Revelations are planned and have been for some time by several ones who want everyone to know what has been done by the dark. If given time they will happen for it is time the people knew. Truth is a special energy that knows how to harmonize and be compatible with the energies and it has its own light that lives long in any conditions of earth. It is most positive and remains truth forever, for it doesn’t wither or fade. It synchronizes within the heart and this is why we say you can learn to tell the truth because it sits well within the body. The opposite is true concerning falsehoods or lies. It is discordant and grates against the energies of the body and you would do well to spend time in practice of this learning the difference when it is given. This is also true when one takes it upon themselves to give of lies. Remember that nothing is really hidden in totality for it has energy and this is the telltale sign. It is like being painted pink and trying to act green. It can be seen by those who are practiced in this perception.

I would like to speak of the soul. It has weight and takes up space. It has a place within the body near the heart but its energy is through out the body it inhabits and remember that all souls are not placed in a body that resembles yours. God has created many receptacles for the soul and they do not all look like yours. It is a recording device also that takes the energies of what has happened and vibrationally records them upon or within its own energy and nothing is lost. The soul is an individualized energy that is an expression of God and certainly does not die when the body does. It is so strong that when the body does die, it takes a few days for the life force of the living energy and its light to completely leave the body. There are no disposable or throw away souls created and they will go on forever. There can be an exception in the case of uncreation but for these purposes we will not discuss that here.

The body has been given to house the soul and keep in mind that a body, or container, is not required for the soul to function in complete totality of capabilities. You, as yet, do not understand the gift of life on earth that you have been given. Many have not had this opportunity and many will not get to experience life upon such a beautiful planet as earth. Be also advised that those of you who think that we on our side do not understand what it is like to live upon earth are mistaken in that many of us have lived more than one life upon earth and we are experienced with what is required to be given a life and maintain it in your realm. We understand more than you realize for we also have struggled and known sorrow and challenge in its different states. This is one reason we feel in reality what you are going through because we know what that means and what it takes to overcome the difficulties. We also know the joys and beauty of living on earth that can be offered by Gaia and here also is another gift that has been given.

So you see we are not totally clue less up here thinking it is easy for you to accomplish things. Many of you understand our desire to be of help and we can relate to what is happening. Our challenges are also of great importance in that we need to reach as many as we can with the truth of what has happened and what is most likely to happened and the biggest challenge is to have you believe us. It is as if our hands are tied in doing this for our every attempt is hindered or blocked. We all take joy from any success we experience. Please give our words credence and know that our love for you is quite an energy that as yet you do not understand in its completeness. We continue to strive to give you all we can in the way of help and information that is guided for us to give at this time. We hope that our words would be given to everyone on earth to read and this is our goal. Our energies at present are to give you a sense of time drawing near for resolution of events in all forms. We continue to encourage you to remain in your Light and feel the love that comes with this Light. Remember that joy and happiness is a high form of energy and serves you well.

Cherish your soul and its Creator and respect your body in all of its energies and maintain it well for it is a grand gift for this time upon a most beautiful planet. I leave you now to think on these things.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 11, 2021

Let us begin. Often it comes to our attention that we notice many with the understanding that certain information has to come out in the world before a closure can happen on this earth chapter. It is as if it is fated for things to be revealed first and wrongs need to be known by all so the depth of deceit can be fully understood. We understand this belief and this plan has never been removed or taken off the list of things to happen. This time line is strong and fully energized and so many have given of their prayers for this to be.

In the mean time Gaia has had her adjustments on a list of things to happen and these have been known by us for some time also. So many things were delayed or interrupted for various reasons and quite a few of them were to buy time for more souls to come to God. Now Gaia has taken off all the holds that she self imposed and her changes are not being held back. The big question on many minds is which one will happen first, or will both happen with the information coming out first and then the earth changes. There is a certain build up for both. Earth changes evolve in their order and revelations of truth also have a process to their unfolding. We would love to be able to tell you what time each would happen but both are a process.

For many years the liberation of earth has been planned and life times have been preparing certain ones to fulfill positions concerning this time of earth. This overcoming of the dark and bringing control to a halt has been the object and focus of many on earth and also above your earth. This energy has not been removed. In the plan of all things the energy behind Gaia and her changes has not been removed either. As we have said in the past there is a certain synchronicity in the movements and hand of God’s intervention and things will come about in perfect order and timing. There is no rule that one event removes the other and both can happen if the revelation of truth comes first.

The preparation of earth evacuation is most necessary and as we have said we give information sometimes far in advance so plans can be made and people can be informed and become accustomed to what is to happen. The pressures of fault lines are increasing and we cannot judge with certain accuracy when they will make their move. Sometimes it is such that we also wait to see when things will come about. This is one of those times. In no way are we trying to confuse anyone.

Now I would like to speak of having the right attitude and perspective for what is to come. Life on earth has not been easy by any means but it has been predictable. Certain weather related issues have come about but they have been localized. There has been an increase in wild fires and severity of all weather issues but nothing world wide as yet. This is about to change and more people will be affected by erratic weather and earthquakes. Times of the old West in America where you had so many uncertainties and were lucky to live past the age of 30 are gone but there will be new uncertainties to face and being prepared will help you through these times.

What is the attitude you should have when facing what is before you? The unknown is the most difficult to prepare for but the same source of help and strength remains within you and is always available for you to make that connection. God does not leave his children without help in times of trouble. Do not look for your stability and strength outside of you. Do not depend upon your government or prominent people to give you the words you need to remain faithful in the power and intelligence infused in everything that is happening. You will wonder how such possible devastation can be the plan of God but you have been told of this time from long ago and words to prepare have been repeated from many sources. There is a serenity and peace that comes from a close relationship with Creator and once established you will not be happy with anything else. Will there be strange and tumultuous times and earth shaking events, yes, but there is also the peace that passes all understanding attained from within. This is why we tell you that you will stand out from all others in your knowing and understanding of what is going on around you. You will be the calm within the storm and uncertainty will not touch you because you are fortified with unimaginable strength from within and your connection with God.

Others will wonder how that can be that you have something they do not have . Is it that you do not understand what is going on? Just the opposite in that you do understand what is going on. You have worked and studied and searched for truth and see that all things come from God and you are not daunted in these end times of what is to come. Be the Light that you know and have become and do not let the uncertainties of everyone else attach to you and take hold. Do not hesitate to go within and ask for protection from all negativity that is going on around you. Have faith that the will of God is in all that is happening and this is the attitude and perspective you should have when facing your future.

I come to a close now with these things for you to consider. Listen to our words and prepare both physically and mentally in the ways that have been suggested. There are so many things that we cannot do for you and you will have to prepare your lives and your hearts for yourselves. Do not hesitate.

I am Joseph In His Service

A Reference From August 29, 2020

This is a paragraph from last year and given by Prosper and has relevance to information concerning the ships.

“Now onto other things of the lesson. Our ships are quite advanced to your thinking and come in most all sizes up to and including 3 miles long. They are cities in the air and many use this as their permanent home. Generations have been brought about and lived their entire lives on ships and they are most majestic in form and procedure. So many things are available to us here and we avail ourselves of most all of them at one time or another. Hospitals, gardens, lakes, yes lakes, and just about anything one would need to live a full productive life. They are grandiose and are thought based in their movements. They accommodate us in many ways such as temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort areas like spas and quiet times. A customized wonder land of just about anything you can imagine. You will be amazed”. I Am Prosper

April 10, 2021

Let us begin. We need to say here that we understand your apprehension for leaving your homes and going somewhere you have never been. It is almost unthinkable at present but when the need arises and there are earthquakes of destruction and volcanic eruptions then the motivation will be strong for wanting to get away to a a place of safety. When you are motivated to leave in a hurry you will find out quickly what is important to you. The things you will be able to take with you will be limited. It will almost be like a house on fire. Would you stop to grab something on the way out or would you just want to hold your family close and get away? Yes, it will be that important if you want to survive. In the beginning it will start slowly but then it will progress until all the energies have reached their balance. We must come close to the beginning of the changes because to remain in your skies as the changes progress would not be safe and we will not take this chance when you have time in the beginning of evacuation to make your decision.

As in a house on fire, will all be lost? In most areas of the earth the answer is yes for destruction will take place. In many places the land will be inundated by water. Earthquakes more severe than you have ever experienced and more that one or two volcanoes will shoot ash and rock high into your skies. This ash will pollute your skies world wide as it spreads and make it impossible to breathe. There will be no place to go, except for possibly deep underground and that is questionable in that it would be difficult to find a safe place and then what would you do for food? This is not exaggerated and is generally accurate in its facts. This is a much better option than it would be if you rocketed out into space looking for a new place to live. We have places already planned for you to live until earth has recovered from these changes. Will you be able to return? Yes, at some point you will and many will return. Some will choose to remain for it will be their returning to home. This is where they originated from before coming to earth for their many lifetimes. It all depends on their choice and if their mission has been completed. The contracts signed long ago were for different goals and the people chosen are of different talents and abilities. Many will want to return and carry out earth’s recovery and return to original condition before all the pollution. The work will continue on until this is completed.

Often when this happens to a planet the people returning do very well and there are no obstacles in their continued possibilities for happiness. The plants will return and the animals that have been picked up will return and life will continue on a better level than before. You will have a world without darkness and imposed control and you will create your own governance based on a true will of the people and not some distorted contrivance of a few. The better life you have been promised will be given and then it will be up to you to make the most of it through your own work.

We would prefer you think on these things now instead of putting them off until you only have 15 minutes to decide. It is the better option. If time is available we will answer more of your questions for we do not know Gaia’s schedule, only that it will happen because it has to happen from a scientific standpoint. I leave you now to think on these things for there is much to consider and yet it is very simple. Let God be your guide in all decisions.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 9, 2021

Let us begin. Often when a planet is ready to ascend there are no people going with it. In this case the timing of the ascension is directly related to the co-ascension of the planet and the inhabitants on that planet. This is very unusual and is at the request of Gaia because of her love for her children. She sees all of you as her children and wants to make this journey into the higher dimensions together. This has been a long term goal for her and she prolonged her suffering so this joint ascension could be accomplished. Her dedication to you has been extraordinary. Evacuation is not ascension as they are two entirely different things. Evacuation will not negate ascension.

The time has come, however where she needs to make adjustments in her surface because of pressures and she can no longer put them off to give anyone more time to come to God. This has to be done. This will necessitate major corrections in the tectonic plates all over the earth and also relieving of pressures concerning volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately this much needed adjustment she so desperately needs is dangerous for many in certain areas and the extent to which it will cause disruption is unknown. One thing usually leads to another and it is a trigger affect for other pressure sensitive areas. So many will be in danger.

We have spoken of evacuation before and it has loomed around earth several times in the past in many of your lifetimes. One reason was because of possible problems at one or more of the atomic energy plants producing electricity and another reason is war that possibly would go too far. Another reason is earth’s need to balance the pressures and this is what Gaia chose to delay. So you can see this is not a new concept we are talking about and has been prepared for long before now. The need, until now, did not materialize. We will not be able to deflect or postpone this need to remove people from earth any longer.

The plan is simple and as I have stated before we have done this before many times and we are practiced and have experience. With so many planets in God’s creation there is always a planet now and then that needs to make changes for different reasons and the beings will need to be relocated, either for a short period of time or longer. This is earth’s time for changes and many places will no longer be safe in the initial adjustments and the ash and smoke from volcanic eruptions will make it unsafe world wide if they are large enough. The air quality will be affected world wide. The availability of food, gas and other commodities will be disrupted and life will become difficult.

We know you are concerned but life can continue elsewhere while this is being done and you will no longer be in danger if it is your decision to leave. We will not force anyone to leave earth. We would highly suggest that you do for there has been provided for you places for a comfortable continuation of your lives and we think you will find these places very pleasant. New opportunities will be provided and an amazing array of teachings and healing will be available. You will still have your free will choice within limits and I mean no harm to others will be allowed.

What will happen when evacuation is necessary? We will appear in your skies in our ships and you will know time is of the essence, as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not give much notice. Your experts in this field will likely warn the masses of impending danger. We will come low over your surface and a beam will become visible below. You will step into this bean and remain very still and be lifted up into the craft and the process will be repeated until everyone is given a chance to be evacuated or time has run out and we can no longer safely remain this close to the surface. It will not be long that we are given. You need to be prepared mentally in advance for this opportunity.

What will you see when you are lifted into a craft? These will be shuttle craft and are used to transport you to another location. They are comfortable and the atmosphere will be to your liking regarding air quality and gravity and pressure. There are many large crafts that can accommodate everyone who will be leaving earth. That is no problem and yes, they are this large. We have lived on them for many years and everything you need will be provided as we have stated before. It will be different but considering the other alternative of an uninhabitable earth it seems the better decision. There will be no fast food drive thrus. Our food quality far surpasses yours and you will feel the difference in your energy. There are no liquor stores or illegal drug connections to be made for they are not available. Our medical facilities also far surpass yours in our ability to heal and this will be a definite plus for you.

Will there be places for pets and yes there will be but there are limits regarding size. We expect to have 15 minutes available, once the need becomes known, to evacuate everyone who wants to be taken. Yes, it can be done and has been. Will there be confusion because of separation from loved ones at time of boarding and yes there will be but adults have their own free will to accept or reject and we cannot change this. Children will be returned to parents and that is the exception. Others will make their own decisions.

Even though this is a large undertaking it is manageable. There have been requests to know what it will be like and we have tried to give you answers to your questions. All details of what will transpire are not known because of the different reactions of the people. Many will not listen and many will be afraid. We had hoped to give you more information long ago regarding this time but it did not happen. Please consider all these things and know we provide the best plan we can for you under the circumstances concerning the dangers seen. Others have done this and been very happy. We think you will be also.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 8, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to talk now of rules and things to live by. We need rules to keep us within parameters of action and there have to be road signs along the way. You have your rules of conduct for social behavior and the laws of the land. There are also laws of conduct for Universal behavior between planets. Most people know of the commandments given in your Bible and there are 10 of them. I am here to tell you that there are more and there were more given to Moses at the time on the mountain top.

These commandments were in stone and all of them were not put into your Bible. Moses did receive them but they were purposely left out because it was thought that they were too strict and people would rebel against having to live under such rules. Many things were left out of your Bible for different reasons and certain things were added to keep people manageable and fearing God. Attempt to control you goes back that far. Who ever heard of God asking you to kill one of your children! This did not happen in the way you think and the story was distorted to give the example of complete compliance to rule. This should have been a big clue that something was not right when you heard of this happening. Translations have also been inadequate in some cases concerning word usage and meaning.

The teachings given and commandments to live by go on to tell that it is not enough to act within the laws but you must also give importance to your thoughts and emotions against all others. Do not harbor ill will against anyone, whether you act it out or not for this energy has meaning and influence. We often wonder what your world would be like if you had been given the actual words that were given for you to read and know. Would this have made a difference? It would certainly have included the concept of reincarnation and also some information concerning UFOs. The distortions are many and the real messages would have taken the fear out of living. Fear God and keep His commandments was not intended then and it is not intended now. Fear has no place in the same sentence with God. Understanding of the laws of consequences from actions does. It is all a matter of the attempt to control you by getting you to fear living outside the rules that were given by those in power. It made it easier to punish people publicly so others would see and be afraid to live any other way.

We know you hold your Bible in respect and the words and concepts that were given are sacred and at the time truth was given when Esu walked the earth. I come to give you life and give it more abundantly was indeed what he was trying to get across and He did a good job of doing that while He was here. There were also other teachers that came to earth to give of truth and they also did a good job while here. Unfortunately they were not given the importance at the time for a lasting and correct record of their words and examples to remain as a truthful written word to be handed down in your history. The attempts were made and usually with a big sacrifice but accuracy became corrupted as time went by and you have only what is left of this attempt to teach truth and give you the real meanings of the words spoken. So you have whole religions based on some truth but not all and also based on some falsehoods. It surprised us as to the number of different beliefs that branched off into individual concepts and interpretations of what you had and these formed different religions that you have today. So much conflict over the basic truth of love one another.

It is most interesting to read of the development of life on a planet and to see how they attempt to take the information they have and weave it into their every day life. Earth was infused so many times along the way with visitors from other planets. Some stayed for long periods of time and some did not but all left their mark and beliefs upon the people they touched at the time. Your concepts, therefore took several turns in societal meanings and many records still exist today of these different influences. Your planet has not been a pristine and untouched civilization of one original set of thoughts on how to live, but many civilizations touched at different times by other worldly concepts leaving you with the diverse beliefs you have today. People usually end up believing what their parents did and depending on their opportunity to come into contact with other worldly beliefs, end up picking one that mostly corresponds with how they feel. Some people refuse to buy any of it and remain untouched by the positive aspects of belief and live a life of not believing in anything other than the one life of pursuit they are living at the time. How daunting to think it will all be over in a few decades and you can understand how this view greatly affects how you spend your time.

Just where do you go for truth and how do you know what to believe? Fortunately there are common threads of belief over the years that remain in the many teachings that tell of study, meditation and going within for answers. It takes many life times to make your decisions and it is unusual for someone to take in the many aspects of the opinions of prominent teachers and come out with a solid footing on things in just one life time. So many are born, believe as their parents do, live from that view and die believing the same thing and never take the time to listen to anything else or anyone else. It is a one concept life from beginning to end. This would be lovely if their belief gave them the truth they needed to make headway along their journey through their may lifetimes. Take the time to consider the many ways to look at life and see what resonates with your own mind and heart in a positive way. This is why we tell you to go within for your confirmations because there are so many different views in the world and all claiming to be the truth to live by.

It is now upon you to take hold of your beliefs of life and we hope that they are well founded and will give you the support you need to get through any difficult times you might have. In the beginning there is love and this will never change. In all our recorded history we have available to us this remains true in all instances. We highly recommend that whatever you believe that it contain this core truth that love is the beginning and is the way you should live your life. It is the basis for all your actions and not only that but all your thoughts. It should permeate all actions of every society and every relationship and construct of family. If you remember nothing else we have said remember this, that love is the foundation for all life and you should live in love and base all you do on this concept. This is how you are judged.

I leave you now to think on these things and to think of why you believe what you do. Is your life and your thoughts based on love, not only for one another but for yourself?

I am Joseph In His Service