January 7, 2021

We come to you this morning with sad expectations of things working out concerning your political situation. We were hoping for some type of reconciliation of minds concerning the ballot count and the final vote but this is not happening. Legal papers have been presented and that is in order but there doesn’t seem to be a positive outcome as far as all being happy with what will transpire from this action. The energies are still agitated over this whole honesty issue and it continues to dwell upon itself with distrust and ill feelings. We can only ask that you Light workers continue to do your work and focus on bringing in more love concerning this issue in hopes this will augment what brotherly love there already is toward this outcome. We continue to monitor this situation closely. Your work is invaluable.

Now is the time for love to come into your plane of existence with great gusto for the energies coming in will give greater opportunity for this to happen. Circumstances prevail in this issue and the intent of this next wave is multipurpose in that it is bringing in the elements that will allow for more love to enter the heart and the total being but also an element of not only moving forward but establishing a strong desire for freedom and movement again. Both are needed at this time and many will take advantage of this feeling and go forth seeking movement and freedom with their daily lives.

We know this goes against what is being mandated in most all places of the world at this time and there will be a conflict. Any time the individual is held down for a long period of time it goes against the natural state of being in the mind and body and this causes problems in both. God created you to be free and this is the natural state of the I AM being. The difficulty comes in the belief that at this particular point in your Covid problem actions of freedom will be seen as problematic concerning the law and also in some minds. This is a controversial issue to be sure and as we have stated cautions should be taken in all countries that would normally be taken when confronting a flu season to keep it from spreading.

Therefore there is a question of what to do with these energies that are asking freedom of you. We suggest that you do take advantage of them in that you work on the mental aspect first of knowing that you are free to work and live and you will again when the economy comes back and there are jobs to be had. In the mean time follow your inner guidance as to how to go about bringing this freedom of movement back to your country with non-violent actions. Use some sort of exercise program for the body and see that it is held in freedom of movement each day and this will take away much of the lock down feeling. It is difficult for me to suggest total freedom but I do suggest to work in that direction toward regaining your total freedom again in some peaceful way. Do take walks alone at first and do breathe fresh air when possible. The pall falling upon the mass of people can be lifted but you are going against the desire of the dark to keep you separated and not coming together as a group and resisting is your inner energy direction at this point. Freedom from the mandated lock downs all over the world is the goal and going along with this is the idea of peaceful movement. Caution is one thing but total lock down is another. Find your balance in all this and we know this is not an easy thing to do.

Some countries are actually arresting those who go against mandates and use good judgment when deciding how to deal with the new energies giving you desire and thoughts of being free in your being and in your mind. This is a delicate balance for not only are you dealing with the laws that are coming down to the individual cities from your government officials but you will also be dealing with the mind set of the people who believe that they should be followed. Let your minds and your bodies feel this freedom in all ways you can even though you are still somewhat restricted in your movements for this mental image of freedom will help you deal in a more positive way with what is happening. Remember, no one can own your mind and your abilities to heal and frame your truth but you. If you feel the God given freedom in mind and body you will live in freedom no matter what your circumstances are. The mind is leading the way on this one and you will reap the benefits both now and in the future if you give in to the freedom of your mind. It will set the course for your overcoming what is trying to be imposed upon you. Create this freedom in your mind first and reality will follow.

We see both a diverse attitude and also a coming together in different areas. Much has been done in the area of collective mind and loving one another. Never before have we seen so many gather together in their desire for love, peace and overall focus of care and compassion for all beings and this is not only for humans. You have traveled many difficult roads in your history and you are wanting better for you and your children. Caring for one another and loving one another is reaching to new levels and this is difficult considering what is opposing you at this time. You will not be held back in this perspective you have because you have a taste for it now and you know this is the way in which you want to live, grow and continue forward. It is a most delightful sight from our point of view to see you advancing in this manner. Do nurture this intent you are encouraging in yourselves and see the wonderful places it is taking you. Confront the big problems of distance and mistrust of one another and use your propensity to the basic levels of all things, which is love, for that is how we were created and how we are to live. It is coming about and you are making it so. The diverse part is still present but even this can be overcomed by the strength of love that you are presenting, to not only the world you live in, but this is a much bigger picture and involves other beings and other planets.

I will go now and hope that you maintain your hard won freedom of increased love for all things and all people. You are expressing the most important part of the God within and this is love.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 6, 2021

May we begin. It is joyful that things are progressing as they should regarding the legal avenues taken concerning the voting and the ballot count. The evidence that will be presented is overwhelming and one reason is because the opposition was so intent on having things their way that they were careless in their actions. In the first place it surprised them that the majority of votes were for Trump and they had to hurry to manipulate the ballot numbers. It was somewhat of a last effort for them to be in control and they had to win the election at any cost. They think they have it made now and the inauguration will go on as planned.

It is a big defeat for them to realize that it is possible that they will not be shown as the winner of the Presidential election and even a much bigger defeat that they will no longer be in power to act as they please. There are those who appear in control, but they are really not as they are being used themselves to bring about the result that is wanted by a few, who want to remain unseen and unknown.

Then there are those who follow the few at the top and these numbers are much higher. The payoff for them is the result of study concerning that person as to their weakness and that is what is used to bring about the compliance into the workings of the real dark in control. The workers, as you would have it, can be bought and it worked for awhile because they lived with the result of their wrong doing and their reward. It was a glorious set up for them and they were so pleased. The long term plans had been paying off for years and everyone was happy at the way things were going. The citizens of earth were coming into line and the pandemic scare was the great last nail in the coffin of independence and creativity the dark needed to place the citizens into the final mind set that was needed using fear. This would propel them into non threatening groups ready to do the bidding of the dark to stay alive and away from Covid.

Now the clear eyes of those who were searching for truth concerning this ridiculous lock down and all that goes with it started finding discrepancies in information and numbers and chose to question what was going on. Could it be that the plan was not going as smoothly as the dark had hoped? Now they had to think of a way to reinforce the fear that was fading in the minds of the people and so they came up with two very effective ideas. One was the vaccine and I can’t put too much emphasis on this statement. It contains elements that are detrimental to your bodies and to your health. It was not tested thoroughly enough and was pushed through with not enough time and there will be long range consequences for those who are not in top notch health. We have studied it here and know what they contain. The real desire and purpose of this is to thin out the population with a long range plan that takes just enough time so no one can say that it is connected to the vaccine.

The second ideas that was to keep fear going in the minds of individuals is the mutated virus that will threaten everyone and will be even more deadly than the first. Just the sound of that statement when they give it on the news puts fear in the minds of those who dare to think of going out and resuming their lives like they had before. I have to give them credit for being devious in their actions for this thought is working. Unfortunately the ones who have already started to question are going even further into the numbers and statements and find major elements in question. Could there be a plot that is so large that it is world wide? What is the real threat here and why would someone go this far to hide the truth about the whole matter.

Lives have been lost because of the Covid 19 virus and that is true. We wait for more to wake up and realize what is going on and hope that the fear will subside enough that all can see what is really going on in the world. Do not buy into the slanted numbers, which have included not only the Covid deaths but also the regular flu deaths that occur every flu season. They have been combined into the same category with the Covid death numbers and this gives a false inflated view of what is happening. There is concern with the flu and with Covid so take precautions as you normally would during this flu season. Do not let fear back you into a corner of your homes and cease to be free to live your lives. It is stressful for you to live this way and you do not realized how you are compromised in your living.

Now I will change subjects to one of a more lighthearted nature. We seek here to give you the information you need at the time and hope this gives you insight into what is happening on your earth. The enormity of opportunity for happiness is upon you when speaking of the new energies coming into the range of earth. Take these into your total being and allow them to invade every aspect of your mind and body. You have been so long deprived of plane old happiness that it may seem strange to have this feeling in the midst of what is going on but this is the way and magic of love energy. It is more than magnificent.

The security of living in the Love of God and within His laws is what is available to you and what is meant for you at all times, not just a few moments out of your year. See Him in all things and know that Creator God is ever present within you and this is real happiness and joy. This is not so serious a subject that you cannot laugh and find peace in all of creation. Study nature if nothing else and if you do not want to read volumes on the topic then look at flowers and listen to the birds and watch children play. Walk by a pond or lake or river and know that the same Creator that gave you these gifts is within you and think of what He can create guiding you in your life. Allow Him to work in and through you and be amazed. Seek him in all things and know that living in His Light and Love is the most fun and happiness you can have. I am not being irreverent here but telling you that you are meant to be happy. So let it be with you.

I will close here and leave you to think on these things. My wish for you is that you so connect with the God within that you find yourself smiling and being happy. This not only can be done but is your right to do so and is your highest choice in the pursuit of God’s path. Be in peace but also be happy.

I am Joseph in His Service

January 5, 2021

This is Joseph and one of my highly skilled team members. He will deliver the message this morning and has much to say. Prosper

Yes, I am Joseph and as Prosper is quite busy I will give information of current standing. We see that currents of energies are swirling in place and show a distinct polarity in thought in the United States. It will become even more evident in the days to come and burst into protest and more. There is no easy way to solve the predicament that you are in. Beliefs are so strong on both sides that it would be hard at this point to bring about a truce in the election effort. You have been a strong two party system for some time now and other parties have emerged with limited success. We anticipate protests, no matter which side takes office.

Facts will be presented before the courts that show unfair practices during the voting process and many votes were falsely counted for Joe Biden for President and this was done with forethought and done deliberately and perpetrated by the dark influence so that he could be used to keep you further in bondage and controllable. This will not be allowed and the court system should take action from the evidence given to bring about an investigation into what happened. We come to you this morning to tell you that God’s hand is in this to bring about in His own way the correcting time that He wants for the world. Make no mistake about what happens in the United States affecting the rest of your world. Your leadership will make a decisive difference in the lives of most all people in all countries, it is that important. It may be hard for you to see right now but time will show that events of the dark movement in the past were focused on continuing the direction of making themselves rulers over all the earth and making you subservient to their wishes. This involved your being lied to and told all that would keep you at home and separated from others. This is what they feared the most, was your collective thought of freedom for that was your strongest weapon.

The thoughts concerning Covid 19 are still divided today and again there are two lines of thoughts concerning the seriousness of this virus. It is fatal in some cases of already compromised immune systems but not nearly as deadly as the news media would have you to understand. The news, in most cases, are being pressured to present a slanted version of what is happening and you need to understand that the dark do have that much power to influence the giving of the truth, or in this case the non-truth. The dark were becoming so pervasive in all aspects of your lives that they were close to bringing about the overall plan they set out to accomplish many years ago. It was a total take over they wanted and they are still in shock that this has been stopped. Now many just want to get out with their lives and many more want to cause destruction in any way they can before they leave. Many have already been removed from you public and some replaced by doubles and in some cases by clones. Replacing anyone by a double or clone is a tricky matter and circumstances did not always give enough time for the substitute to be educated in the proper way. There will most likely be questions by people who have noticed a difference in appearance or manner. This will become more prevalent.

I would like to speak of residual energies you are now having concerning freedom and these will start to take more hold in the days to come and propel you forward to actions you would not have thought of in the past. These energies are exacerbated by new incoming energies that will combine with your desire of being fed up with what is happening to you and will unite with others and become a large force against all insidious and unlawful actions taken against you. Your eyes will be open wide and you will turn to look in your past and you will see the twists and turns to mentally give you information that served a devious intent. Then you will become angry against those who did this to you. We know you have the right to do this and we understand how this can be but consider your best course of action in this instance. You need to forgive and move on to your future that you want and it will be free of the dark influence. This has been promised to you.

Actions are being taken at this time to remove that influence which had you headed in the wrong direction and some of the people active in this movement are the ones in the legal system who have to go through the proper court procedures required to bring out the evidence to prove their point. This takes time and many have been doing the paperwork for weeks now to make sure all is in order in listing the evidence and obtaining witnesses that were present when these actions were committed. Things have been double checked more than once. You will be surprised at what will follow in the days to come. We see it clearly from our view point. Be prepared for objections, no matter what is presented before the courts for people already have their minds made up. The job was so well orchestrated in deceiving you that many accepted what was put before them as the truth. It will take some doing to straighten out.

I close now with appreciation for giving me the opportunity to speak and look forward to coming back again in your service. I envision your creative energies to bring about your most beautiful future.

I am Joseph in His service

January 2, 2021

Let us begin. It is with concern that I come to you this morning. I have taken a look at the energies and the closer we get to January 20th the more the vibrations and energies become agitated in appearance. I am concerned about what might happen regarding the two opposing thoughts of politics when push comes to shove and things do not happen like both sides want. Oh, my, how tempers can flare. People do not like to be disappointed and I think half of the people are going to be disappointed on inauguration day. There is no way both candidates can be President of the US but the feelings are strong and some will strike out beyond peaceful protest. Be advised there is difficulty coming when many are deprived of what they expect to happen. Take care and avoid crowds of violent actions. Be at peace with God’s plan.

I may be gone, or not available for a few days over some points that will take my full attention. There is much work going on here and it will become more demanding for us as we apply ourselves fully to the work that is needed. I have enjoyed coming to you and giving these messages. My scribe has been faithful to rise early at my bidding and my contact with her has given me insight into how thoughts are received. It is indeed an education for us to delve into the mind of someone else, with permission, to see how information is being received and we do learn many things. This education process is not only one way and it has helped us in the way we deliver information and also what we focus on. As you might know being a teacher is a heavy responsibility and we try our best to give what is needed to you for that moment in your time. Being able to adjust our information and the way in which we deliver it because of knowing how it is received is a big help to us. Thank all of you for your thoughts after reading our words and speaking to us in your mind. It is a big help if you disagree with us also because you explain why and we need to know. I will come back when I can and let you know how things are going if I am permitted to share the information. You have given me so much joy in knowing each of you and you are so dedicated to learning more.

Now I would like to speak of spirituality. The spirit is part of your being and is the impetus for being alive and it enhances the living experience to the fullest. Being filled with the energy of spirit is one of the biggest gifts a person can receive and there are those that have not received the gift of spirit in their being. It is somewhat difficult to explain what spirit is. It is the working part of the soul in that it is energetic in the carrying out of the deep feelings of wanting more and seeking to find it. The term spirituality is used often and is usually teamed with the word religion. Religion is associated with a church or a building most of the time and this is not what I am talking about. The spirit part of a person is one of the first things we see about a person. Their desire and wanting to feel alive in the law and word of God. Spirit is the living part of knowing that God does exist and you acknowledge this in your life. Spirituality is looked upon with reverence and is cherished and most times not appreciated enough in your life. Give thanks for the spirit part of your being. It is an enhanced gift you receive when ready and helps you to live life more fully in your path. Think of spirit as being your expression of God on steroids. Spirit makes it all more real for you concerning the God expression you choose to exhibit. Go with it and give thanks for it for there are those who have not yet experienced it.

Now I would like to talk of meaning behind words. There is a process in your communication that has bypassed emotion and meaning when using words. You are confined to the word itself, whether spoken or written. We, who use mental communication can impart emotion and meaning with our words when we use them and there are those who also can impart colors and sound associated with them in mental communication. You have a lot to look forward to. Have you noticed when you read some of the messages given by different highly advanced beings that you also receive feelings in addition to the words? The intent of the speaker is connected with the theme of the message or a specific word that is used. This becomes an added help when trying to convey messages from one person to another or to others and is used most all the time by us when giving information to you. It enhances the message with more meaning and emotion behind the words. This is something that you can learn how to do with training and practice. There are so many things you have to look forward to in your future. The opportunities are wide open to you with desire and practice on your part. Imagine reading words given by someone and along with the words comes additional feelings, colors and information. This is being done now by some and is very effective in delivery and acceptance by the reader. If you do have a trusted giver of information, open yourself to receiving additional information associated with the words themselves and see if the speaker has gifted his or her words with these characteristics. Just make sure you have a trusted speaker. There are many ways to communicate thought from one person to another and this is a more enhanced way.

Your future offers many other interesting concepts and they are waiting for you to encounter them and use them in your travels. Life in the physical is an opportunity to feel so much more of the physical senses that many do not have. Think of us here on a ship in your skies. While we are here we can only experience certain things through you. The wind on our face, the birds singing, the mountains and their snow capped peaks and so much more. We might have this opportunity back home where we came from but we do enjoy seeing your earth and the beauty offered. Give thanks for being given the physical and take advantage of knowing your planet when you can. We take joy is teaching you some of the things you at one time had but these things were taken away. We also enjoy your enjoyment of the things we do not now have the opportunity to experience. The world awaits you.

I will go now and attend to what is before me. I leave you with these thoughts and hope that you will consider them. Go in peace as I do.

I am Prosper

January 1 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your New Year. We are starting out with high hopes of disclosure once again and this will set the tone for the coming year of change. Our records show you are abundant with new Light being brought in and this also will set the tone for the coming year. Revisions are being made and are on schedule for more to come to the people and to Gaia. Revisions of thoughts, meanings and a new way of living with God’s laws being kept and people being free.

Now the unseen must be brought forward to be revealed to all and to be healed. As difficult as this may be for some, they will adjust with the new vibrations being given and all will move on. You are in good standing with your stability. It would be wonderful if all people were grounded as those reading here for we have come to know you and see that you are tempered as steel now and well versed in holding on through rough times and disappointment. You will take what news that comes and continue to move forward where as some may be stymied in their tracks and need a period of adjustment to continue. This is the hairpin curve I am talking about in the way of revealing what has been going on behind the scenes. Disappointment in well known figures whom you respected may take you into uncharted territory for a period. People who have done unlawful things have become good actors at presenting themselves as upstanding, but their acting skills will get them nowhere when judgment is here for them.

Now may I speak of definitive decisions and defining moments to come. The inauguration of your next President will bring some surprises and could turn out to cause much more than a second glance at what is happening. Things do not always turn out like planned and it is a sure thing that the Democratic Party is planning to take over, with Biden at the front. He is being led and encouraged by some who do not have the people’s best interest at heart and this will not be allowed. The time for that is over, as you will see in this new year for the motivation and direction for what is to come in leadership in the world is being directed by the intervention of God’s will for earth. It is undeniable and will not be moved. This is one of the definitive decisions that was made and that was the intervention of God in the United States election process. It was decided that the honest and true will of the people be shown in their voting process, and it doesn’t matter how many are working against this, the truth will come out. The people must have an honest reflection of their vote.

Another definitive decision was to remove the dark from the planet and this has been going on now for some time and will continue until completed. There are several ways to do this and one is by death of the physical body. Another being physically removed by force, which may or may not involve a double to replace them, and another is through the earth’s judicial system and the legal process. These are all being used at this time. God has many ways to bring about His desires for what needs to be done.

I would like to speak of integrity. There are those who possess this quality but few of these are willing or capable to lead a nation or country. Circumstances will encourage those who need to lead to be drawn to positions that will use their character to be of service to others and they will hear their calling. We will see how many give in and accept their place at the head of your country for decision making purposes. They are out there and are being encouraged at this time to follow in that direction. Sometimes you see what is happening around you and come to the conclusion that you could do better yourself. This is what is happening in many cases and they are correct. There will be a change over coming, so get ready for it. Change is the name of the game now and it has to be done. You, as individuals have a part to play in all this and you are also being led and encouraged to help make the changes needed in your leaders. You may say it is not time for a vote yet or not time for someone to step down, but I have seen from experience that you should never underestimate the ability of God to bring about His will in all matters he chooses. He will plant the seeds and then give them the energy to grow into what is needed at the time and it may not be the way you expect or would imagine but it gets done. The integrity that is needed will be brought forth for the purpose of the United States and all will help to bring this about in one way or another. Pray and envision for this to happen through God’s hands. This is your new world we are talking about and it will grow into new life before your eyes. Not by itself, but by the help of all and you are not exempt.

Now I would like to speak of expectations on your part. Above all expect that work is involved and things will not happen with the touch of a magic wand. They will be invigorated and encouraged but the actual work for Gaia will be done by its inhabitants all around the world. This is one way countries will join together to bring about the necessary changes and healing. It will take all of you working together to get this done and yes, the expectations are high for the new world to come but the man power is available and the desire will become great for this is your world and your children are waiting on you to be the leaders needed to get this done. Your children will know you were not limited in your desires by any controlling force and they will hear you speak of what used to be in the past and your children will be free from birth now. You can imagine what they can accomplish being free from birth, while seeing your example of freedom in all things. Your expectations should be of unlimited potential and do give this idea to your children for it has been a long time in coming. We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish now. Your time has come.

Make sure you do not limit yourself with closed off thinking just because you were not allowed to do it before. Habits are hard to break and you have been so controlled in the past it may take some time to work together in different groups with different objectives but you will learn and it can be done. We will not be leaving you and will remain to follow through with the same help available in your future. Step into your new calling and this will take some amount of bravery. Believe that there is a way to get this done and take into consideration the creative Light energy that flows in each one of you for this purpose to accomplish good things. It is more powerful than you have allowed it to be yet in your lives. Acknowledge it and use it and this may also take a little time. Always remember it is available to you.

Now let me say that I have attended many meetings lately and there are many more to come. Things are being observed and discussed at our tables and we have encouraged you in the best ways we know how. We have become close to you and see your desire to get out from under what control is left, for you yearn to be free. We do not encourage you to be law breakers but we do see that you need to oppose control that has kept you so in bondage. Speak up on this issue and look at what is happening in the way of attempted false setbacks. Pray for truth to show itself before you and make your decisions accordingly. Do not follow blindly but be willing to oppose what you know is not true. Study the facts and figures being given and ask questions. Your lives are God given and no one has the right to put you in bondage or keep you there.

I need to conclude now before I incite a riot. I make light of this but it is a serious topic worthy of much discussion in all countries for most all countries are facing the same problems. Chart your course in the way you want to go and think of your children s’ future. I go now with high hopes in your abilities and it gives me peace. I hope that you will go in peace also.

I am Prosper

December 31, 2020

Let us begin. There are things happening and I need to give this message early today so that I can be off to observe. I come to you with the thoughts that things are beginning to unravel for the dark and their reign of terror and control is over. Their demise is upon them and they are facing the inevitable. Most are cognizant of what is happening to them but some remain in real darkness and are trying to force the issue and it is not working. It is sad, really, their blindness continues and their base of reality is not serving them well at all right now. It is almost as if they are going mad with panic. Some still remain free but will be removed shortly and as unkindly as this sounds, I would like to see this for myself. They are all treated fairly and are given every representation in legal means but the law is upon them and their freedom is almost gone. It is completely gone for most of them already. It is like reading the last pages of a book and we are in the last chapter.

Now strange energies are about and need watching from our point of view. We give thanks for God’s intervention on earth and His hand in all this is really beginning to show. I come in reverence and respect for what I see and most of all gratitude. Nothing is happening by chance and even though it may be difficult to see that, it is so. This is something the dark never understood. There is a mighty force much greater than they ever were at work here and this force has always been. The dark always thought they were in control and could change things to their liking. They had no faith in the words of the Father that His law was and is and always will be. Now they will see for themselves. That is the trouble with being unenlightened, you are unable to take in the truth of the power of All That Is and you continue to think in terms of your limited belief systems. Therefore, the dark continued to by pass the enormity of what they were doing in their transgressions against the laws of God. They falsely assumed they had real power and continued their dark work. Well, they were wrong and now the time has come for them to see for themselves just how meaningless their power is when it comes to what God has directed regarding earth. They thought all our words of warning and invitations to come to the light were not backed up by anything and they were wrong. It is sad to see that they are so surprised at what is happening. Their bad days are just beginning.

Now let me speak of incarceration and that is pertaining to those who have already been picked up and taken into custody. They were going along as usual and suddenly several entities show up and remove you from your reality and you are taken to a place of no escape and your rights are given to you. Your world changes and what was, is no more and you now have to take orders from someone else and you have no authority in the matter. It is devastating for them, this change in their surroundings and their freedoms. There is no freedom, it is gone. In the case of the earth courts there was some reality left in that the dark knew what was happening and where they were going and still they were surprised that they got caught. In their minds they would just go on forever because they “were in control” and had been for so long that it was stuck in their brains that this would always be the case. Slowly what is happening is sinking in for those who have already started the legal process. Some have been before the courts and judgment is upon them, but most are awaiting to see what their sentence will be.

The incarceration they are experiencing with proper food, a comfortable temperature and medical attention when needed is nothing like the enforced circumstances they forced on those on earth who had little choice in how they lived their lives. A daily routine including hard work with the thought of paying bills and trying to remain healthy was a constant challenge and these were the ones at the top of the list. Those at the bottom had much harder circumstances to contend with. Did they know what they were doing to the innocent who could not defend themselves? Yes, they were aware but did not care and this is what was so sad. They did not care. A reverence for life itself in any form, be it nature or human is necessary for every thinking being and disregard for this brings about returning energies of events from transgression of the laws. It is all being explained to them by their council for some actually do not get it.

This is what is going on at the moment in a large way. For now it has been hidden from you but is all too real for those involved. They are seeing a dead end road with no place to go. And now let me speak of the laws of God facing not only them but all of us. There is a certain premise that all is based upon, creation and everything. These are the laws set forth by Creator and is in all things for it is in the Light force of creation itself. When you respect this creative Light your lives will be with God and there is no opposition. When you transgress, there is a resistance to all Godly things and you wonder why things are not going well for you. You fail to see that you, yourselves are of God and are created under these laws and are maintained by them and function with them. It is only natural that things in your life are not going well. This is what your learning is about in that you come to a realization that all things are of God and you need to be in accordance with the laws that are in existence. This is how you thrive in the goodness of life. This does not mean all will be wonderful but it does mean that you are on the path of returning to God and your learning is as it should be. No one is outside the laws of God. There is no null zone where they do not exist and the sooner a person learns this the better off they will be. The term of going with the flow has real meaning for you for there is an energy of life that is God given and it is real. Help others to see this by example and by living your lives according to the laws of God and your lives will speak loudly to others without you having to say a word. Then let your words be respectful of all that is and of God’s laws and others will know that you have what they want out of life. Live the God that is within you and surround yourselves with His Light, not only for yourselves but to help others see what can be done in His will.

I come to a close now and hope you consider these words I have given. Be of God and hold steady for the coming days. I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

December 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see our progress is not being thwarted in any way right now and people are in agreement finally. It is a wonder but we will accept it and give thanks for it. At present disclosure is scheduled in a new year’s message so we hope they will follow through with it. It may not be as comprehensive as we would like but we can finish filling out the message with our contacts. It will start the year off right and get us on the road to people knowing we are here and then we can ease into the program of education. We must start for other things depend on it. You of all people know how slowly things have unfolded and there is movement in the political scene that needs to be addressed.

Now let me speak of ascension, both you and Gaia. This is a tandem transition, even thought Gaia has gone on ahead, she is waiting for all those to follow her and she is locked into the collective of earth soundly. It is her wish that this be done in this way. You, as a collective, have helped her and she has helped you to the ascension platform. Her deep abiding love for all her children has never failed or faltered. She was adamant about this, even in her darkest and weakest hours. Your bringing in of Light and your prayers and wishes helped to give her more strength for her recovery into a position of going forward and she is thankful for every one of you. She awaits and will guide you to her 5D position when ready. Then the work will continue. You are still scheduled to lead and to bring others with you because of your work. We are pleased at the way this has been successful and it is happening. The knowledge that is needed for those who do not know will come and hopefully their hearts and minds will be opened to the Love that is offered to them and the new dimension that is available. The energies will continue to come and will help with this part of their acceptance. As yet so many do not realize what is going on in the real world and they are still looking at the superficial happenings of 3D. They need to catch up and open their eyes for things are progressing.

May I speak of closure for all that needs to be left behind and for the chapter that is ending. We feel at times you thought this day would never come and we understand but it has come and a new chapter is beginning and much needs to be done in closing out the old. Your soul work in dropping or leaving behind what does not serve you anymore has to be completed. Some of you have made great progress on this and are ready to proceed. Others still have a few things that need to be mentally seen as not needed and you need to detach from them. Then you can go forward into the new energies and vibrations without any baggage. Process this request mentally to be shown if there is anything that needs working on to be left or dropped. Then be perceptive for an answer to be given. Focus on any thought or vision brought up and ask that any work be completed to process this part of your ascension and then examine what needs to be done. Most energies are waiting to be left behind if they no longer are needed so they should be easy to identify. Replace these left behind energies with Light of a creative nature and ask that they be turned into what is needed for the new life on earth. This is a whole new show and is the real deal now with opportunities you may not have had before. Explore your freedom to choose.

I need to speak of where you are going. What is happening and what will happen shortly is a game changer and it will seem that you are headed in an entirely different direction. It will be a whirlwind for a short time but will settle into what will work out in the long run. Continue to have faith that God is in charge and try not to let events unnerve you in your focus of the good earth that is to come. The energies are continuing to churn and have to be worked out to completion. If ever there was needed an enlightened group of people in faith and love who will not be deterred it is now. Be those people and be that collective with focus of what is God given for the new earth. Remain steady in your thoughts of closure and new beginnings of the promised gifts that are given. Do not be swayed by any negative, last gasp efforts put forth by the dark in their attempts to survive. They had their day of control and corruption and that is no longer in their power to do so. You have risen above this and they are clinging to such small things now that it will not last. They are horrified at their future and fear is upon them at this moment. The chickens have come home to roost and their night has fallen. All the wonderful promised things of new earth are not for them and it was their decision and actions that made that determination. You are in control now with your collective efforts and you know what to do.

I would like to close here with the thought of you being in control now. Make no mistake God is directing all efforts but your work for what is needed has continued and now with experience that you did not have before. We are please to see this happen. I go in peace now and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

December 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. I see things in order and disclosure is once again scheduled to happen in a reasonable length of time. Not saying much since it is long overdue but scheduled none the less. People who were followers of the dark are being taken either off the planet or into custody and in some cases doubles are being used in their place. This is done to create less disruption and chaos at present. It just makes it easier at the moment. It will all make sense later, but for now a smoother transition of removing them is needed.

We see things changing dramatically and the pressure is being put on your President Trump to give up and give in and he will not. This is not happening and it is infuriating the opposition considerably. President Trump knows some things need to happen and he is strong in character and is what is needed to stand up to what needs to be done. He is in touch with counselors on our side. He is aware of his contacts but does not know the full extent of who they are or what is at stake. He is rightly driven to make things better and believes in the respect of the United States and has a good idea for what needs to be done. He is being given help in the form of stamina and on some health issues. We know he has limits and he is pushing himself to serve the American citizens for much is expected of him.

Now, onto other things. At present our ships are closer to the earth than they have ever been. We are prepared for most contingencies and will be of help in case of earthquake or volcanic eruption. Both of these are looming before you in some areas. Help can come with the agreement of the individual if it becomes necessary for them to be removed. I guess that is one way of saying “we are here”. That will be up to them for we do not force it upon them. We are looking at the ring of fire for changes and also at stress points in the US. Italy is also a place to keep an eye on. There are actually quite a lot of places that have increased their pressure underground. They will all express themselves in different ways and intensities. It is one thing to receive help but another to be picked up by a strange space ship and leave everything behind. It is asking a lot from those who are unaware of us and we understand this. We have taken people before that were in danger and would have lost their lives and it took some adjustment but they are all doing well now. Most of the time there is no record or news of them having disappeared and it is assumed they were consumed in an explosion or such like. We do this in complete agreement with their life plan and they continue their path in peace in another location not on earth. There are strict rules regarding this action and they must be followed. We are here to serve.

Our records show you are advancing greatly and putting everything you have learned to good use. The light is continuing to increase and Gaia is beckoning you to follow her to higher levels. You should start to remember past lives, or at least bits and pieces of them and they may come in dreams and visions and you may dismiss them as being unimportant at first. If possible examine them and see where they lead. Also you will start to use your other gifts such as what you call intuition and communicating by mind thought instead of words. It will come so give it a chance. You will be impressed by mind communication for it is quite handy to have. One of the biggest problems we see people having is they cannot tell the difference between their thoughts and the other person’s thoughts they are communicating with. This will take practice and you will become better with time. The grandest thing is that distance is not a barrier and in no way slows down the thought. It is the same for one mile as it is for thousands. It is now becoming an option for you. Most of these returning abilities can be most confusing at first and maybe to the point of wondering if you are of sound mind. Be patient in this transition and give yourself a chance to experience them without first denying them and refusing to consider them. They were once yours and are returning.

May I speak of hairpin curves and you are about to take one. Changes are all well and good but what is to be revealed is a lot to take in for anyone. We have talked of this before and we still suggest to be kind to yourselves and give everything time to sink in and then to consider. If you wish to throw it all away that is your choice also but remember that most news of this drastic content takes time to process in the mind. There is no easier way to do this but to bring it out into the open and let it be viewed and reviewed by everyone. That time is near. You have a lot of changes and at one time it was not known that you would have the virus to contend with along with these major revelations. It would have made a difference but now you have Covid to deal with and there will be revelations concerning this also.

We know you are tiring of all the talk of what is to come and you are ready for action. Any action of any sort and you just want to see something with your own eyes to prove to yourself that all we have said is true and things are indeed progressing. This will happen. We give you these things in advance so that you may adjust in a better manner and it is unfortunate that you do not see some of the changes yourselves so that you will know. They are here for you to feel and perceive if you will. This has been a sticking point with most of you in the past is the visual evidence of what we are saying. The energies have come as we said. There has been a large increase of UFOs in your skies as we have said. There have been plans for disclosure on many occasions as we have stated but these have been changed by those refusing to follow through. You are wanting disclosure and we understand for we want it also. We do understand your reluctance now to place hard belief in some of the things we say. This has been a most difficult process dealing with those in charge around the world and it has taken so much longer than we planned at first. We have met with formidable opposition at most all turns but we continue as ordered and will not give up. We deal with what we are given and this makes it difficult but we must go forward to reach our goals.

Now may I say that our goals, for the most part, have not changed and we are making ground in all avenues whether it seems like we are or not. Ground has been gained and more communication has taken place with your leaders and of course this has been kept secret. This communication has been going on for decades now and we have spoken of it in our contact with individuals taking our messages and some of it has ended up in books. Your leaders around the world have been contacted on more than one occasion at various times in your history and some countries do reveal their records for the public. Those of the United States do not and this practice continues. It remains to be seen just how much they will admit to. Full disclosure is unlikely but we want a chance to get our foot in the door and we will take care of the rest. We can do disclosure as a follow up, we can do it as an announcement ourselves and we can do it just about anyway you would allow us to do it and we are ready.

We are still in contact with your HAM radio people and the conversations are continuing in grand style and those interested are still wanting to receive information from us. They are still challenging us with in depth questions and I am surprised you have not heard more concerning this contact than you have. What is it about our communication that automatically says, “keep this quiet!” Someone is doing a magnificent job at controlling this information and refusing to let it spread.

I close now as we continue to reach out and be of service to you in all ways we can. I go in peace and hope that at some point soon our information will break loose and be there for all to hear and see.

I am Prosper

Go in Peace

December 28, 2020

Let us begin. I am coming to you with joy in that things are looking good. It seems it takes a King’s army to get people moving but we can do that once we have the OK. Your new year reads that it is fraught with opposition to what is coming, so beware. You have had one bombing already as a warning from the dark to give up but you will not and we will not. We are going forward so protect yourselves. It is sad that it has come to this.

I am going to speak on tectonics as regarding your earth and the volcanoes and earthquakes. The energies are free once again to do as they need to balance things and they will. They had been stopped for a period of time to allow your voting process to happen in peace but that time is over and Gaia must be allowed now to proceed with her changes. We anticipate more of both, volcanoes and earthquakes, to alleviate the pent up forces which needs to balance. We cannot tell how strong they will be or exactly when they will happen but readings show there are several pressures waiting to go forward. Again prepare with food and water in case distribution of goods is interrupted or stopped for awhile. Things have to move forward and this is one of them. Unfortunately the volcanoes affect the air quality in big ways and we will try to help with this as much as we can.

Now may we talk of talent you possess. Most do not know what they are capable of doing when it is called for. Mothers rise to great strengths to aid their children when necessary. Most strength is hidden until it is needed and many will find that they are many times more capable of doing great things both physically and mentally than they ever imagined. The coming days may call for it. Do not be discouraged but go forward with your strengths and help where you can in all ways possible. You have developed great concern for your fellow man in the past years and this is what will be needed in the coming days. We would hope the two things of concern at the moment, the earth changes and the threat form the dark, will not be large but we see evidence of swirling energies concerning both at this time. Reach deep for your strength and remain in God’s Light and protection and continue forward. We are here to help as much as possible but some things like earth changes are inevitable. Your talents are many and your strength is much greater than you know because you are drawing upon Creator’s power to overcome and that is limitless. Avail yourself of this avenue of renewal.

I would like to talk of forgiveness. We have spoken of this before and there will be lots to forgive when you hear of what has taken place. This may take some time for revelation and also for forgiveness but we see the need for both. Do not burden yourself with hate for the choices others have made for it will weigh you down and keep you from going forward. Do your best to not only forgive those responsible but forgive yourself for any part you may have played in not realizing how bad things were. There are those who will feel guilt over this and wonder what they could have done to stop it. It is done and now in the past and so we must go forward and forgiveness is part of the healing process necessary for going forward. It may take time but it needs to be done. Those responsible will meet their ending in whatever way is fair. Do not let them double their deeds by you holding hate in your heart and being against them. Be healed yourselves as they need to be healed but as yet have not given up. We see you coming out on the other side of this dark time of retribution in a much better place than you have ever been. Sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

Now may I speak of gratitude in the form of paying attention to the gifts given by Gaia. We have seen many planets in our travels and your earth is most beautiful in its form and visual appeal. It has been described as a jewel and it most definitely is. You are offered so many different options for places to live, enjoy and visit and not many planets have this selection as you do. Look around you and see what you overlook and pass by day after day. Each and all of it has been a gift for you to enjoy to the fullest without damaging any of it, I might add. Take time to notice all of it now for most likely it will change somewhat with the earth changes coming. Some of the opportunities have been removed for you to get out and enjoy things because of the restrictions place upon you. Take advantage of what you can. Your planet has been fought over for many years and its beauty is one of the reasons. We see many of you going out into the forests and the hills and the sea side. Not only is this enjoyable but it is healthy. Do what you can to remain outdoors away from crowds. It is life giving.

Now I come to a close and remind you to remain grounded with Gaia and surrounded in love and light. Things are changing. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

December 27, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We have made progress and without giving too many details I will say that taking things into our own hands has paid off in a big way. We are on schedule and there is a saying about if you want things done right you need to do it yourself. This has worked for us. We will now move forward in the way we need and people will not get in our way. I am once again happy.

May I speak of energy moving in the right direction. There is an uncomfortable feeling about being stagnant in your energy as it pertains to moving forward. The body is made for movement and the mind is also made to move along life’s path forward. We need to progress in our learning and understanding of things. So many give up on learning and are content in enjoying the pleasures of the moment. They are important for they bring joy but learning is a life long thing. We, here, still seek learning and it continues. The understanding goes on and seeking truth of things takes time. Do not give up this pursuit for it also brings happiness and joy. There is a good mix of both learning and pleasure and both are important for they both bring joy but in different ways. Not moving forward brings ill health for the body and for the mind if prolonged. There is a natural process when asking for answers to your questions. Continue to seek and ask and the answer will be given somehow. Do not give up on this. We see this happening for you so many times. Believe in this process and expect the answer to come in some way. The answer may not be what you want or what you expect but it will eventually be given.

Now I would like to talk of honesty as it pertains to self. One of the most important things you can do is be honest with yourself. Do not try to cover up the truth or bend it or alter it for yourself. You have to have a basis of truth so you can go forward in your understanding or else everything is off or distorted. Admit to all that pertains to you, even if you don’t want to see it. It is the only accurate way you can correct and improve. We all make errors and mistakes and this is how we learn. So start from truth about yourself and if you don’t know why a thing is a certain way with you then ask until you see or until it is given to you or shown to you. Then you will be challenging the problem accurately instead of lying to yourself about whatever it might be. Assessment can be most helpful if done periodically. You might even want to take notes. You are the most important person in your life. Treat yourself well for you deserve the respect.

Let us move on to anticipation of some type of resolution to your political problems as they pertain to the relationship with other countries in the world. Differences in attitude, culture and long held beliefs have always stood in the way of relationships. It is imperative to understand the beliefs concerning another country before you can ever expect to relate in a positive way with them. All leaders recognize this but not all leaders are willing to give the time in trying to understand the reasoning behind the actions of other countries. Up until now most actions have had a basis of deception hoping to lead to some type of power play or domination in the world arena. This needs to change. It is possible to let another country keep their core beliefs and attitudes and forge out a respect for them toward a positive relationship.

Your technology has helped you to learn many things regarding other countries and also it has been a hindrance when trying to spy or find out information. Somehow relationships have to change to one with more respect and negotiations have to be based on truth and at least some amount of trust and this will take time. So many things now are based on outward appearance and not real facts. So much is given to other countries with the intent of receiving something in return which is not on the up and up. Buy offs, payoffs, bribes and such like are the name of the game while citizens in your own country go without and suffer. Cannot you see there is something that needs to be changed? The incoming energies will offer you a better opportunity to change things regarding your relationships with other leaders of all countries and take care of the people within your own who depend upon you for the help they need. The thought that you have to do all this giving of money to others in order to get along in the world today is flawed. It CAN be corrected. Countries are poor for a reason and things can be done to correct this within that country. Opportunities will be given.

We come to a point of no return. You will never go back to being ruled and dominated by a small group who are only in it for themselves. This is being corrected now and those responsible are being removed. Your way forward still has some bumps of large proportion to get over but on the other side of that it will improve greatly. There is no going back to the way it was. Feel your freedom and feel the heavy constraints being lifted. Finding your way with your new freedom will take some time but it is yours to explore and know. We are most pleased to see you doing this. The time of promise has come.

I go now with these suggestions laid out before you to consider. Your facts of truth will be given about your planet and its people. I go in peace now and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper