February 23, 2021

Let us begin. We offer all sorts of advice and counseling, depending on what is needed and most of the time we do not hesitate to tell you what you need to know. In most all cases we do get through to you and you have the option to accept or reject. There are cases where information is imperative for you to know, even if you do not understand and this is one of those cases.

We are coming upon the time of crossing the bridge and you have heard of this before. We asked you to plan long ago for this time and how to conduct your life so that you could ascend to a higher vibration and way of living and most all of you reading wanted to do this because of what you were leaving behind. You did not fully understand what you were going to other than it was a vast improvement over what was. We now tell you that you should have prepared already and done your work in the choosing of thought and actions that would bring you into harmony with what was needed to cross that bridge. When the time comes, it comes and this is the first time where a planet and the people are given opportunity to do this in tandem.

Ascension and learning of any kind can be done at any time and can be done at a later day when the requirements are met and there is no shame in not being ready. It is a process and the way of being that you continue to learn and rise up to a higher level. This instance on earth is a little different and Gaia was adamant about her children going with her in ascension and this is one for the history books. She is ready to take her children with her now and she waits for you. The time approaches and we can tell this, even if no one knows the hour or the day. It is all in God’s timing and at His will. We are instructed to inform you of this and we are telling you that the time approaches. The way of ascension has been explained to the best of your understanding in the past and it was up to you to prepare. The universal laws are simple and all that cannot survive in the higher vibrations will not go and this goes for all other things on your planet also. Plants, animals, sickness, disease, greed, avarice and the list goes on. It is a simple law of universal energies and the science of it is easy to understand.

You have free will and if you choose not to go it is your right to do so. There will be opportunity for this to happen when you are ready and have done your homework. Things will not be complicated as some imagine and the process, even now with some, has been such that many are living in the 5th dimension and a few even higher. What you achieve automatically draws you to where you belong. The division of family and loved ones is what most people worry about and this also is not as complicated as some think. Energies of your being will remain with those not ascending. Those ascending will not feel the pain of separation as you might imagine. This is hard to explain but is a blessing on both sides.

Also on our list of things we are encouraged to inform you of are the earth adjustments concerning earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The hold that was once put on these activities has been released and they are free to express and seek their energy adjustments as are needed in all places. It is being done as far as being in process now and will continue as earth requires. All systems that have been involved in this long process of earth adjustment and the overtaking of the dark influence have worked together in the will of Creator and Father, Mother God have seen to this. In this case it took more than a village to be involved and make this happen. It has taken millions in your skies, or heavens as you call it, and many on earth to bring this about. The hosts of heaven were called to action and they have followed instruction as to what was needed at the moment. As you might imagine this changed often. If you imagine the biggest production for an event that you could, it has taken even more and the love that abounds for you is more than you can imagine also.

I have taken you from basics of individual thoughts and actions to the enormity of a production so vast it has taken many life times and years to bring about into reality and even now it continues. It doesn’t matter if you understand but it does matter if you are ready. We stand ready to give to you the information necessary and have done so in the past. We have done our part and now it is up to you to stand strong in your advancements of the God within so that your journey will also continue, no matter where you are on your path. We love you all and hope that you will seek the heights to which you can achieve in all times of your being for you are the expression of the Light and Love of God within. I leave you now with these thoughts and our love and hopes go with you on your journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

(There was a previous question concerning ascension by a reader on December 6th and it was answered by Prosper on December 8th. You may want to refer to this information.)

February 22, 2021

Let us begin. We see a trend now forming and your desires for your new earth are taking on the energy you are giving it and it is establishing the foundation that is needed. This new foundation is made with no dark influence and will serve you well as you add to it with everything that is needed for the correcting time. It could not be formed or made with fragments of dark energy intertwined within it. This does not mean that all dark energy is gone but it means you have chosen to use the energy that has been given for this purpose and it is pure in intention and you have chosen well. There are instructions given at night on how to do this choosing of energy and joining together with others of like mind and desire to construct or form the necessary beginnings of a sturdy cornerstone to build on. As we have said these days will go down in history as they are being recorded now. The earth chapters will be studied for a long time and be helpful to others. It is noteworthy that you are quite ready for this creating to happen and are enthusiastic about starting and eager to learn how to make this change. You only want to see these days under the dark influence in your rear view mirror.

There are some of you that are eager and willing to devote much of your time to this at night while you sleep. Others are very willing but demands of the day and night, usually involving children, limit the amount of time you can devote to instruction and work. We notice that all pray heavily and can only be likened to a huge army of Light workers who have banded together and are marching forward in your desire to change the world. I would certainly not want to be one that tried to stand in your way. Your determination is self evident in your actions and your Light is beginning to be known far and wide. There is no way now to stop this energy you are using and Creator is at the helm. As we have said the dark in no way have any idea what force they are dealing with or how God works through His many souls to bring about the desires of His heart for His people. You have made yourselves open to this instruction and will and things are getting done. We see it clearly here. Your fortitude is outstanding and brings some of us to tears for it has been so long that you struggled to be set free.

It takes courage to rise up against the dark or any opposing entity that wants to keep you from your connection with your God that is within and His laws that govern. The desire to maintain the dark influence had the upper hand for so long but is in no way strong enough now to face the band of Light workers in force that spent the time and effort and a lot of it on their knees in prayer. It needs to be mentioned here that the angels rejoice any time someone comes to the Light but when all of you join your powers of directed energy to use for good, all of heaven rejoices and takes note at what you have done. Now that you have established yourselves together we wish you could see the energy moving and taking shape into the formation that is of Light and will prevail. You faced some difficult days in facing the dark and some of you paid a high price for you were targeted in different ways. You kept going and did not give up for your desire in coming here was reinforced by your past successes and your inner knowing of the importance of your mission and of the success that was needed. That determination will see you through in continuing to learn and work for what is needed.

The status of things continues to gain ground in the right direction and we await announcements concerning the legal platform that is being established to once again return your world into what was intended in the beginning. So much of the world is rebelling against the restraints that have been placed upon all individuals and you are ready to regain your freedoms in all forms. A lot of what happens in the US will affect the rest of the countries in their actions toward freedom also. The relationships of one country with another will slowly change for the better and so much that is being lost now in rhetoric and posturing will be put aside and more respect will enter this field of communication. Fear will subside in your dealings with other countries and more trust will grow. We look forward to seeing this happen for you and this is what you deeply desire. Imagine your world with no fear! You can accomplish this. (I am seeing here many hearts having their hopes and dreams come true and the joy it brings.)

We await a more open contact with you in your coming days and we have wanted this for some time. There is so much we want to tell you and hopefully all of it will bring about better days and lives for everyone. There are many specialists, as you would call them, here to give you the information you need in making the changes necessary for great improvements. There has been free energy for some time and it is being developed for all to use. We know that so many of your thoughts concerning children are uppermost in your minds and that challenge will be met. Improvements in food production can be vastly improved concerning the nutritional content and you will also reap rewards from better health. The improvements list goes on and that does not take into consideration the brand new things that can be learned that will amaze you. We stand ready and waiting.

I leave you now with your grand force for creating this new world and we will meet you when you are ready. This is a strange statement since so many of you have been communicating with us for some time now and as some think this is not an imaginary, made up story from a deranged individual. If your friends only knew what you have been up to they would be amazed. As of now you are just thought of as different while all the time you have been in contact and communicating with people from other planets and other dimensions. ARE THEY GOING TO BE SURPRISED! We are your friends and we hope that your contact and connections with us have proven beyond any doubt that we have been sent here by Creator and we have your best interest at heart. We are no threat by any means. We will get to say that it is so good to finally get to meet you face to face after all this time. We know you well.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 21, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning to me that some are not questioning further all that is going on. So much of it doesn’t make sense and has never happened before and you’d think everyone would want to know why. This has been one of the biggest problems of your past is that most just accept and don’t question. They take for granted that those in charge will dispense justice and good works in a legal manner and there it stops. You have taken so many wrong things for so long that it is now second nature to accept without question and this needs to change. If you do question most do not follow through with getting an answer and this does not lead to change. Some strong voices are speaking out and are not afraid to go against what is being asked of them and this is good. Keep it up and your theme of questioning will grow and catch on. This is what is needed for some to lead the way in asking those important questions and expecting an answer. When the answer is not acceptable then more is required. It is a path and a way of accountability for those in government and leadership to explain why they do certain things. I feel there is a turnover coming and some dead wood will be cast aside and that should have been done long ago.

It is easy for me to stand here and see things clearly and tell you what you should do. Do not be offended by my suggestions and take them with the love that is intended for your advancement. I am just pointing the way for you to begin. All people at certain times in their lives need teachers to suggest and point the way to understanding. This is the whole purpose to our being here is to help you see things that you have been programmed to let slip by for this has been done to you for so long now. We have sounded the alarm bells and now you are awake and are looking at things with new understanding. It is much easier for me to suggest than it is for you to take action and change. There is a process in change and first the wrong parts have to be removed form the machinery for it to ever work properly. No machine every worked well with needless parts and this includes people, departments, oversight committees, public relations personnel and some government financed studies. Does it take six million dollars or more to answer most questions? Do office supplies or simple mechanical tools need to cost so much? My, how you have let so much get by and most of this is behind the doors and included in invoices and labeled wrongly. How can a weekend holiday at a top notch resort for employees and their friends be labeled as a seminar for instruction? This is what has been going on.

The watchdogs have been keeping an eye on things and there are many in your independent news reporting that do their jobs quite well with the sources they have painstakingly developed. Many are not afraid to print the truth but from a legal standpoint there is only so much they can say that will lead you to further investigation yourselves. The laws being what they are keep some things from being said without verifiable truth behind it even if it is blatant. It is good that proof is needed but the path to truth is often met with closed doors and lies to cover up. When others are afraid not to comply and cover up for others it makes it difficult to get to what is really happening. It is evident now that many are watching your leaders and office holders and things are not as easy for them now as they once were. This will continue until it is known which parts of your government need to be removed. Some amount of detective work is required.

Do not walk through your days with burdens you carry alone. Bring your concerns to us and we will do our best to understand and help in any way we can. Never feel you are alone with what is happening to you and let us see if there are things we can suggest or help with that will make your journey easier. We have been here for some time now and have gotten to know you much better. You have changed considerably while we have been here and are more alert to all that is happening and some spend their days trying to find answers to the various questions that arise. There have been times when some answers were not ready to be given for various reasons but the time of revelation is upon you and you have much to look forward to. Do not give up at this late date but do not think that the powers that have been over you will continue much longer. You are living a life of dates and times and these are not the benchmarks that are being used at this time. It has to do with prominent or abundant vibrational frequencies or energies leading to the next step that we look at and this gives us our signs for correct timing.

It is difficult for you to see how far you have come in your attitudes and this would be helpful if you could but you did have a long way to go. Keep the learning from the difficult experiences and try to let the unpleasant part dissolve with understanding and forgiveness. Continue forward with your learning and confront those challenges with strength and knowing that you can overcome more than you ever imagined. Be prepared for some turbulence with this transition for those entrenched in their places will not be uprooted easily. Some have played their part for so long that they have become to believe in themselves. Progress continues and more is being done every day to bring about the desired result and that is to set your government straight on the path of better leadership. Pray for your country no matter what country that is and give of your visions for fair and legal leadership with representation of the people. Know you do have a voice in what happens and the governance you require. You have worked hard and your leadership should reflect your wishes for your country.

We are coming to a more peaceful time for all countries and one of productivity for what is needed for all the people and not just a few. Remember people should be free and not bound by massive legalities that keep being added to. Find that balance that is needed for your country and don’t settle for less. Keep looking and working until the laws are adequate and not excessive. You have much to create.

I leave you now to bring about the changes necessary in a non violent way. There are those who may not comply so guard yourselves from these individuals and surround yourselves with the Light that is freely given for protection. We see so much potential with people ready to act favorably to change things and we have great expectations for your choices. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 20, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that you have denied yourselves so much joy and happiness. It is almost that you feel you are not worthy. I hear, “I could be happy if…” or “If he/she would change I could be happy. Happiness has an energy of its own and thrives in the most dire of places and circumstances because the individual knows the secret. It does not come from the outside of you. It comes from inside and the connection you have with your source of life and the God within. God is the creator of Light and Love and within that is the happiness and you seek it out like buried treasure and invite it into your consciousness. The happiness overtakes you and thrives within you and is always there. You become connected with it when you allow God given creative Light into your being and you acknowledge it and therein lies the happiness you seek. It is yours, always, as is the Light of God. There are days you just don’t feel it but that does not mean it isn’t there along with the Light, for God, along with the Light is in everything. You can think, how can I be happy when I have no money and the bills are coming in and we need food? Is not your Father the giver of all things sustaining the heart and mind no matter what the circumstances might be? Work with the Light and through it and partake of the meaningful energy that comes with it and you will find that happiness contained in this type of journey. It is not dependent upon outward things but inner connection. It does not favor one over the other.

We see so many of you who have worked hard to overcome so many things being in the joy that God brings and you are not wealthy. You do not live in luxury and drive an expensive car, yet you thrive in the power and glory of God given Light and the love that comes with it and the joy cannot be held back. It is because you have allowed. You are already a creation of the Father just by being and you see the possibilities in the creative force that comes with the connection. You have been so used to living in such a state of poverty where happiness is concerned that you think it is normal and you do not have enough going for you to be happy. Try to reorient your thinking to knowing that you are loved no matter what you have or own and are deserving of a Light filled life and therein is your happiness. When you continue to remain in the lower vibrations of 3D it is difficult to experience happiness. The higher vibrations make it so much easier to connect with that source that contains all the things that are available that you seek.

So many think they will have to give up so much in 3D if they want to move up but the real things that are lasting and bring a better path of life are always available with that connection with source and this is what is propelling you into 5D. You need to think about the things you think bring you joy and ask if they are lasting and do they build upon your path to higher existence. Will you take these things you have valued in the past with you when you loose your physical body. You will not find the higher vibrations in the lower aspects of 3D living. Giving up certain things does not mean giving up happiness, even though it may seem that way. Your value system has lived in wrong thinking of what is important for so long that you continue to seek material things.

Most of you reading here have risen above that and know where the life sustaining source of joy and happiness is. If appropriate help others and know you are always an example to them by the way you live your life. You have worked so hard to help others come along with you in this journey toward ascension. Each time you bring more Light into your realm you make the way clearer for others to travel higher in their path. You see others are still struggling with wrong thinking and this is concerning for you. So much of this journey has to be done by yourself and there is only so much you can do for others as you have found. Do not take on their burden but given an opportunity be of help to them.

You may think I am trying to encourage you toward happiness because of the many things of a negative nature that will be brought out before the public and this is true but my words are also a reminder that when you are overcome by any emotion of a lower nature, such as grief, hate, sadness and such like you will know where to go and how to connect to overcome these. It is only natural that you are concerned over what has happened in your world and there will be a healing process because of it but keep in mind where the source of overcoming and healing is. Do not forget this and do not let others who do not understand as much as you do take you down so low with them. This is your journey and your mission and you will travel this part of the transition knowing you will overcome and regain your equilibrium if you become unbalanced for a moment. Do not question your ability to recover from anything you might encounter or be challenged with. You have been through so much and risen above at other times and at present you do not remember this. You are stronger than you think.

I leave you now facing the next steps in your journey to fixing and correcting what needs to be changed in your world. Remember only the strong were sent.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 19, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that adjustments in medical practice have not made the advancements that were expected. Progress has been made but is being hampered by the restrictions of volumes of documentation and records that are multiplied for excessive verification due to insurance purposes. This is restricting the healing process and in my opinion health care should be the right of every individual on earth. Unfortunately my opinion doesn’t matter to those who are making money from all areas of the health care process. Let me rule out here those who have dedicated their life to healing and have the patient uppermost in their mind. Sadly these people are greatly restricted and confined by the requirements placed upon them and their healing ability is hampered resulting in a lesser quality of health care.

There is coming a time when the health care will also take in the environment, the mental attitude and any influences of trauma from past lives lived. So much is brought over from other lives that greatly influence the health of someone in their present life. Let me give you an example. My scribe once lived a life of an American Indian as a female in early America. She was partnered with a brave and had two young children. A group of male settlers on horseback came in a surprise raid and killed most of the inhabitants of her village including her husband and two children. Fortunately she was spared but stood there in shock as her village burned and the smoke rose around her. This life time has been plagued with traumatic physical memories of this incident, even though it was not known to her, and it reveals itself in allergic reactions to smoke of any kind. Considering one has to breathe this has been of considerable influence. Respiratory problems have come and gone.

The repairing of this physical problem brings about two aspects in the healing. One is to find out what the causes of any residual influence in this life time are and the other aspect is in the removing of them. There can be different amounts of energy in both aspects as the energy is given by the individual and this is complicated. Suppose one knows why the trauma originated. You’d think it would be solved with the understanding. But what if the reaction in this life has been so long standing the individual has a solid belief in the reaction so strongly that it is not easily removed, even with the understanding. The mind has constructed a belief that if A happens then B happens and therein lies the problem of removal. These are to be considered when healing of the body takes in consideration that of the mind concerning the ailment. So you see there is more to healing than the physical and also just that of this lifetime. Understanding is the key but brings in all aspects of any physical problem origin. Just because the cause is ferreted out does not mean the patient will automatically and immediately give up a life time of reaction to the past. A healer has to be multifaceted in their approach to a better life for the patient.

Once the problem is manifested in the body from the mind it becomes more difficult to correct. The ideal situation is to live a life that takes in how to release negative influences, be they great or small, before they become so heavy with emotional energy that so much is given to a time line of reaction to that negative influence and the individual suffers through out their life with something that should have been dropped long ago through proper healing techniques.

And how do you go about practices yourselves that would help solve problems of this sort. Prayer and affirmations have been very helpful for most. First ask where the source of any long term physical problem comes from and listen for any revelations. Even if the reason is not immediately known or revealed you can approach a healing by affirmation and prayer that trauma or negative energies from past lives that were brought forward be brought forth, understood and healed. So much has to be forgiven from any past and then released so that it can be transformed into a more positive aspect of the total soul experience. Ask if there is anything that needs to be forgiven from your past that you need to work on. There is an interesting point here that is worth mentioning. The life given to you will give you an opportunity to heal past negativity and most times will point the way for this to be done. Two of the men in the raiding party that burned down the Indian village were brought back into the life of my scribe in this lifetime for the opportunity of healing and forgiving on her part. As you might imagine this is no small task.

Do not underestimate the amount of study, planning and love that has gone into the opportunity of each life that you have lived. The plan and power of love that God provides for your growth and learning is unimaginable and opportunities are many when trying to figure out what in the world is going on in your life and why. There is a plan for you and your challenge in all lifetimes is to work with that plan and not against it. This is why we say to ask every morning when you wake up what God favors you to do that day and how. Develop a strong bond with your Creator and commune often by referring to the owner’s manual. Go within and ask your questions of the Source and refrain from taking the advice from your BFF. It is quite likely they do not know what is best for you. Train yourself to always consider forgiveness in what has been done against you, for as you can see it will not go away on its own.

I hope these words have given you an idea that energy is very alive and whether positive or negative can be long standing. This energy is given by you regarding your life and what happens to you. It can be a hot potato of negativity that needs to be cooled down. The wonderful thing is that you have the power and the means to correct what needs healing or changed. Always consider forgiveness.

I leave you with keys to understanding.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 18, 2021

Let us begin. I come to tell you that the tide that has been building to prosecute the mass law breakers is drowning them in evidence of their actions. These are the consequences they brought about by what they did and have been doing for some time now. In our place the results are very accurate according to what was done and how many times. There on earth the criminal could get by with a lot in the past but that is not the case this time. There is the all seeing eye of God working on the legal team and in that there is nothing hidden. Bringing about the evidence takes time to put the puzzle pieces together to make a valid legal picture. Fortunately some are talking and I believe the term you use is “spilling their guts”. We here are still with you in waiting for an announcement to the public of what is being done. Much is leaking out and this is good.

The time line containing the evidentiary processes and end result are heavy with energy and prevailing. So many are now in some type of incarceration and awaiting ultimate sentencing before a judge, others await their trial to be represented as the evidence against them is brought out. They have the right to council. Very few cases are lacking in proper evidence and no doubt this will be found out and shown. My dear ones, there are so many involved in this from light involvement to very large perpetrators. So much pressure toward hurtful actions against family and children was used as coercion to involve people when they did not want to comply and this makes it difficult to decide what punishment is needed. There was no one to go to when your loved ones are to be harmed or killed as a result. There is mercy needed in some cases but this is just my opinion and I am not associated with the legal aspect of these cases in determining the sentencing. That is probably a good thing as this has to be done lawfully without emotion to sway one’s opinion.

Parts of the United States at present are being held in a grip of cold involving ice, snow and rain. This has hampered deliveries of everything and caused much interruption of food deliveries for the masses. Many are trying to dig out of the snow and resume some type of normal behavior but the weather is making it difficult, if not impossible. Strong resolve is needed as lack of electricity becomes and end result in many cases and hopefully supplies were gathered before this wave of cold hit. If nothing else one has gotten to know other family members on a deeper level. This may also call for a strong resolve at remaining level headed and seeking a peaceful state of mind. This has been a rather large test that was not expected as we thought supplies would most likely be needed for other reasons and not cold weather, especially this far south in your country of the US. I know there are questions from some of you about weather manipulation and this is a possibility. At this point I do not have information either confirming or denying this possible interference. Your weather study has advanced enough to give you some hours to prepare for what is to come and hopefully many of you were able to obtain what was needed.

As we have mentioned before time is accelerating and things are coming to a head speedily now as we see them. It may still appear as if nothing is happening but there is more and more information coming out concerning what is happening and we are happy about this. Try to find it in your sources and give all things the test of truth within your being before it is accepted. Our encouragement continues for you to hold steady in your faith that God is in control, for He is. Our hope is that you will not become discouraged or lacking in determination to stay the course.

I leave you now wanting to keep my hand in this message giving as I have grown to liking this process of revealing information and encouragement. There is more of a positive nature coming and I will tell you as soon as the elements are ready for revelation. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 17, 2021

Let us begin. It is going to take some time for everything to be changed. Earth traveled down the wrong road for so long that a whole generation of people do not know any different and don’t realize how badly things have become. There is not the experience of a Godly earth to compare it to. This makes it more difficult in explaining things when the teaching comes down. It is like that saying of having to go back to the drawing table and start at the beginning again. Earth is such a beautiful gift from Creator and was designed to care for and sustain life for all people in the original will of Creator and earth is still a beautiful planet today. When you stop and look at the picture after the creation and compare it to today it saddens the heart and you can plainly see the results of what transgressions have taken place. It is understandable that young people having only the experience of their now don’t realize what has been done and this lack of information will be changed.

Again I feel that many people reading this think I am jumping ahead in my expectations of your thinking on a time line and I tell you that all things are first in thought before they are in reality. You have just become used to the long time between the thinking of an idea and the reality of it. You are moving up into a higher frequency and vibration of ascension and this also mean that things become reality quicker than where you were. You will come to see that you must take care of what you think much more responsibly than you ever have before. This advancement covers a lot of territory and it may take some adjustment for with this ascension you all want comes responsibility and accountability concerning turning thought into matter. Use it with care and repair your damaged earth accordingly.

So you see it is not to early to be thinking of your life and daily means of expressing your God self under the new rules of a higher vibration. Get to know the territory you will be living in, you new residents of advanced earth. Not surprisingly it comes with advanced parameters and rules of conduct, not that you would ever want to return to the old ways. Even with your dedication these parameters and rules deserve to be mentioned, brought out and studied in advance. Now that I have you attention let us continue.

Start your days, as you have been, with the same ways that propelled you here. Ask of Father, Mother God how it is favored for you to express that part of yourself this day. Keep uppermost in your foundation and your mind the origins of your being and your purpose for the gift of life that you have been given. Work openly on your responses to adverse challenges and your reaction to them and try to overcome negativity that has overtaken you in the past. Set forth mantras and ideas of positive habits in your thinking that encourage you in all things and not that automatic “stuff” that loops in your mind of putting yourself down. Treat yourself with respect in the manner that would show love for the creation of the God fragment that you really are and hold yourself to a higher level of esteem just as you do for other expressions of God. And we cannot forget that joy and happiness that I have been talking about that is already yours for the taking. Let it blossom, bloom and never wither in this new earth for you certainly will have come a long way and they were hard earned miles to get to ascension and beyond.

Yes, you still have a few hard earned miles to travel, but compared to what you have already been through it will not take a long time and especially when you remain in the frame of mind that got you where you are today. You are not a novice anymore and this is worth noting for so many are removing the shadows and unknowns to the realization of who they really are and what they have done in their past. This is a big chapter that will take some explaining but it will be done and you will be so much the wiser for having experienced it. This can never be taken away from you now.

So remain steadfast in your knowing for God is your author and writer of your life and you have certainly lived it. I leave you now with much still to accomplish but so much will be on a higher level than what you are experiencing now. So welcome to the new neighborhood you will enter upon ascension and the keys are waiting for you to unlock all that can be thought.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 16, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I can see what is going on in your world. The darkness influence is lifting and dissolving away and is being replaced by Light of the Creator. Nothing could be a better sight in this process than that. It is most rewarding. We are waiting for the process to become public for all to see so that you can have the confirmation you have been needing. It has been like swimming up stream for some that are working on the legal side of this as most of the dark energy has been focused on keeping this from happening. In the past there were more to fight the progress being made but now the dark are dwindling and the opposition is not so impressive.

It seems that the weather is intense in some areas and it keeps people at home by their heat source in the far northern hemisphere. This has slowed things down a bit but it will come out into the open soon, nevertheless. Nothing can stop this advancement of righting wrongs at this point. It seems more and more people are working on this as time goes by when they find out what is being done. Good news does get out and does spread around and some what to add their efforts to that direction. All are sick and tired of what has been going on and even those who do not know the whole story have not been happy with the way things were going. The wool has been pulled over many eyes and removing it will take a lot of doing now. This can be accomplished for those who want to know the truth but there will still be those who feel any thing being done to discount the inauguration in the United States is an effort on the part of the Trump supporters to unseat Biden and they will not accept any amount of truth that comes out until it is so overwhelming that it has to be recognized.

We ask that you still refrain from any violent actions of destruction to property and also refrain from harm to any individual for this is a transition of returning things to the peace that was in the original plans for earth. It is not something new in that it is a fulfillment of conditions designed by Creator a long time ago. This can be done in a more peaceful way if all get on board with the idea of correct conduct and setting a proper example in this process. I am not asking everyone to remain quiet and not speak. I am asking that everyone do so in a civil manner. You have the right to speak up. This is what has been wrong recently with the restrictions placed upon you regarding the virus plans of extended proof of vaccinations to give people the right to work, travel and buy goods. Fear is a dangerous weapon and when used as it has recently can control large numbers of people for some time. We see this here on your planet and it has been successful in doing just that. More bondage and less freedoms on top of everything else.

Now, let us plan for the future. You may say that we have not come to a point where this is appropriate but dear ones, we have. There is a lot to be done at and after the point of freedom and it is definitely not too early to be thinking and visualizing what we want for our earth and for our children and grandchildren. First you must join with others in creating and this mean joining energies to do so and you need the same goals and focus. There are many areas but some of the main ones are environmental and governmental. You are tired of money being taken from you for reasons you do not approve. We see that there is enough money to go around for everyone to have a very comfortable life with time to enjoy life. That has been one of the things largely missing from your life is the enjoyment of it. Where is the joy? The work schedules and hours are much too long for anyone and they should be adjusted in many places around the world.

One of the challenges is taking your energy and placing it with the right group so that it can be multiplied for a positive outcome. It will be counterproductive to have everyone working independently and all in different directions. Think on what you feel compassionate about and this is where you place your efforts and your thoughts. Find a way for this to be done.

I have given you much to think about regarding your plans for creating a better earth, not only for Gaia but in the sight of God. Keep his commandments close to your heart and let this be the basis for your days. I leave you now with vistas of a beautiful future that is possible. Take this energy and turn it into reality.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 15, 2021

Let us begin. It comes to my attention that some people are actively working for a better and more comprehensive government that would serve all the people. They are struggling to break the bonds that keep everyone held back and in line with the bigger picture of the dark. As the dark are being removed it opens up the opportunities to form a more perfect Union that was originally intended. The field is becoming agreeable now for much better things to come forward. All that is needed is for certain ones to get out of the way so this can happen. There are good and well meaning people already in your government that want to design and carry out a fair and honest government but have not been allowed to do so. We will encourage these people to step forward and give of their ideas when the time comes.

In so doing your country will have a sort of overhaul and it must be supported. This is going to take some time and effort and the litany of negative statements always criticizing everything that happens needs to turn into positive statements of courage and understanding toward those who give of their time and designs to form this new government that represents the people of your country. This applies to the world and every country. People must be free to govern themselves in a manner that represents the majority with rules and laws that represent what the people want. This is their right. Listen to new ideas and educate yourself to what your country needs and see what can be done to correct the governing of the people in a more equitable way.

Change has always been difficult for some people no matter how good the change because it is easier to remain where you are but I think this is one instance where most all people will see the wisdom in a change for the better when it comes to removing the laws and rules that keep everyone beat down and in bondage. Support those whose job it is to try and get this done and keep up with what they are doing and why. You have a voice and a vote and change needs to come so that it does in fact represent the will of the people and not just a few at the top. Most countries have a long way to go in this respect. We cannot do this for you and you must get involved and see that this is done for yourselves. We can suggest and help motivate but the work to bring about a true government of the people is up to you. You are coming to this time in your history where this will be done.

Most people aware of the real shift around your world had a deadline of sorts that they focused upon. For some it was the appearance of UFOs in your skies. For others it was the removal of the dark and for others it was the earth changes that Gaia needed to make for her healing. These are not bad goals but you now need to move your focus longer out into your future and finish this transition and not stop with your thoughts at any one point I have mentioned. This is an ongoing transition that involves many changes and encompasses so many people helping to get things done. There is room for all to get on board and help with the work but do not limit yourselves by having a stopping point in your mind of an end. This continues in God’s hands and He has no intention of having you stop at any point in this growing and becoming of what was intended. The word, “becoming” gives you an idea of continuance with no stopping point. Certain things have to be removed and taken out of play before you can continue to grow and learn and be free to do so. Do not visualize a stopping place in all of this for God is eternal in all things and because of that so are you. This is a story with many chapters and the book will never have an ending, only the beginning of a new chapter. So let your thoughts and your energy remain high in the creating of your futures and see where the allowing of God’s will and power can take you on your journey to creating a new earth.

I leave you now with these thoughts and suggestions and a strong vision of peace, harmony and love of self and for one another. It has been a long time in coming but it is here. Rejoice, it is happening.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 13, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that so many are not ready to receive the information that will have to be brought out. I know everyone wants to be told the truth but it is always harsh when the truth is this difficult and also difficult to understand why things were not stopped long ago. Most people are judging others with their own set of beliefs and hardly anyone would ever imagine that humans would choose to conduct themselves in a manner they have. It is one thing to cheat, swindle and lie for money or power but to treat children in such a manner and keep them in prison camps is entirely a different subject.

My dear ones, you have not been dealing with reasonable humans that have your same sense of values and this makes them very dangerous when you consider they feel life is disposable. You will most likely outright reject the truth that certain activities have been going on for hundreds of years and longer. The big question is why wasn’t it stopped. The answer is that once addicted to adrenochrome the end result of stopping is aging quickly and then death. No one wants to die but certainly not before their time. My question is why did people ever start to consume the blood of others in the first place. Surely the offer of staying younger and in much better health was not worth the death of others, either children or adults. What would make that offer so hard to refuse? Was there not some spark of love that forbid them, even the thought of taking another person’s life, much less the continued action of taking another life on a regular basis?

Those reading here are probably familiar with this concept from reading other places or hearing the talk of others researching this activity but let me tell you that we see with a clear view from here and as experienced as we are with behavior of the people of earth we are saddened to a degree that I cannot explain. Experiencing this ourselves is why we know you will have problems with what you have been praying for in being told the truth. We are concerned for you in hearing this in mass numbers, especially when it starts to sink in after the denial. The mind has a way of trying to protect itself and the first step is to reject. There will be evidence and I am sure that when those who have been arrested try to defend themselves that pictures will be brought out. This second step of the mind, when accepted as truth is where we advise you to move slowly through this information and know that it is possible to process this and start to heal. Don’t underestimate God to move and work in His ways to bring his children lovingly into a better place. With God all things are possible and this is one of the reasons we were sent here is to help also.

This was foreseen and one reason everything is interwoven with other concepts of the dark in their master plan to use all people of the earth for their purposes. Good people of God will find it hard to imagine that anyone could do these things. This is also one reason it has taken so long to work out a long range plan to overcome all these areas of Godlessness that were established and had a strong hold. If God had not intervened the dark would have completed their plans to eliminate those not producing, put all others in bondage and kept their baby farms for the continued supply of adrenochrome for their own use. They would have been victorious and you would be a long time in trying to figure out what happened and why. I’m sure you might think no, this would not happen but we can hear their conversations and their plans and this is what their goals were. My question is who would have stopped them when no one has stopped them up until now? Make no mistake about it, God’s hand and power is moving upon the earth through many people to end this and when I say a long range plan I mean many life times for hundreds of key people to take their place in this life.

This brings another question of this planning to stop this so long ago, then why wasn’t this stopped before now? Again we come to the concept of right timing and a completion of actions on the part of people of the Light to awaken and become part of the intervention that was needed to overcome all of it. There is more involved but this is one simple answer. Let me just say that it was planned for more Light Workers to awaken than actually did and also to awaken earlier than they did. The prayers of all those who knew help was needed certainly was heard and answered no matter how much they did not know. The group consciousness of those who wanted a better earth grew in numbers and intensity. Once established it became a strong energy. This is why it must continue at this time to finish this entire time period on earth of negative energy being in control because it is crumbling now and every last energetic spec of negativity of the dark needs to be annihilated from Mother earth and you can feel my emotions in that statement and those of all of us here.

Your higher vibrations that you have accepted to take in to your being and also the work you have put out for yourselves and for all others is a progressive venture and you have found ways to rise above even the expectations of everyone. Continue to eradicate the hold that the dark once had with your Light work and visualizations and prayers and whatever else you can find that works to remove every one of them from freedom and into the courts where the laws will be observed. Our strong hopes are somewhat lived through you as we see your dedication and continued desire of freedom. We have been wanting you to succeed for a long time and this is no time to breath easy or give up or think it is over. It is in process.

I leave you now with my high emotions of removing the dark influence from everyone on earth. Think on these things I have said and bring yourself into a place of great stability for the truth that will come out shortly to everyone. Do your best to help others with this news. We stand by to help in all ways we can when this happens. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service