April 10, 2021

Let us begin. We need to say here that we understand your apprehension for leaving your homes and going somewhere you have never been. It is almost unthinkable at present but when the need arises and there are earthquakes of destruction and volcanic eruptions then the motivation will be strong for wanting to get away to a a place of safety. When you are motivated to leave in a hurry you will find out quickly what is important to you. The things you will be able to take with you will be limited. It will almost be like a house on fire. Would you stop to grab something on the way out or would you just want to hold your family close and get away? Yes, it will be that important if you want to survive. In the beginning it will start slowly but then it will progress until all the energies have reached their balance. We must come close to the beginning of the changes because to remain in your skies as the changes progress would not be safe and we will not take this chance when you have time in the beginning of evacuation to make your decision.

As in a house on fire, will all be lost? In most areas of the earth the answer is yes for destruction will take place. In many places the land will be inundated by water. Earthquakes more severe than you have ever experienced and more that one or two volcanoes will shoot ash and rock high into your skies. This ash will pollute your skies world wide as it spreads and make it impossible to breathe. There will be no place to go, except for possibly deep underground and that is questionable in that it would be difficult to find a safe place and then what would you do for food? This is not exaggerated and is generally accurate in its facts. This is a much better option than it would be if you rocketed out into space looking for a new place to live. We have places already planned for you to live until earth has recovered from these changes. Will you be able to return? Yes, at some point you will and many will return. Some will choose to remain for it will be their returning to home. This is where they originated from before coming to earth for their many lifetimes. It all depends on their choice and if their mission has been completed. The contracts signed long ago were for different goals and the people chosen are of different talents and abilities. Many will want to return and carry out earth’s recovery and return to original condition before all the pollution. The work will continue on until this is completed.

Often when this happens to a planet the people returning do very well and there are no obstacles in their continued possibilities for happiness. The plants will return and the animals that have been picked up will return and life will continue on a better level than before. You will have a world without darkness and imposed control and you will create your own governance based on a true will of the people and not some distorted contrivance of a few. The better life you have been promised will be given and then it will be up to you to make the most of it through your own work.

We would prefer you think on these things now instead of putting them off until you only have 15 minutes to decide. It is the better option. If time is available we will answer more of your questions for we do not know Gaia’s schedule, only that it will happen because it has to happen from a scientific standpoint. I leave you now to think on these things for there is much to consider and yet it is very simple. Let God be your guide in all decisions.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 9, 2021

Let us begin. Often when a planet is ready to ascend there are no people going with it. In this case the timing of the ascension is directly related to the co-ascension of the planet and the inhabitants on that planet. This is very unusual and is at the request of Gaia because of her love for her children. She sees all of you as her children and wants to make this journey into the higher dimensions together. This has been a long term goal for her and she prolonged her suffering so this joint ascension could be accomplished. Her dedication to you has been extraordinary. Evacuation is not ascension as they are two entirely different things. Evacuation will not negate ascension.

The time has come, however where she needs to make adjustments in her surface because of pressures and she can no longer put them off to give anyone more time to come to God. This has to be done. This will necessitate major corrections in the tectonic plates all over the earth and also relieving of pressures concerning volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately this much needed adjustment she so desperately needs is dangerous for many in certain areas and the extent to which it will cause disruption is unknown. One thing usually leads to another and it is a trigger affect for other pressure sensitive areas. So many will be in danger.

We have spoken of evacuation before and it has loomed around earth several times in the past in many of your lifetimes. One reason was because of possible problems at one or more of the atomic energy plants producing electricity and another reason is war that possibly would go too far. Another reason is earth’s need to balance the pressures and this is what Gaia chose to delay. So you can see this is not a new concept we are talking about and has been prepared for long before now. The need, until now, did not materialize. We will not be able to deflect or postpone this need to remove people from earth any longer.

The plan is simple and as I have stated before we have done this before many times and we are practiced and have experience. With so many planets in God’s creation there is always a planet now and then that needs to make changes for different reasons and the beings will need to be relocated, either for a short period of time or longer. This is earth’s time for changes and many places will no longer be safe in the initial adjustments and the ash and smoke from volcanic eruptions will make it unsafe world wide if they are large enough. The air quality will be affected world wide. The availability of food, gas and other commodities will be disrupted and life will become difficult.

We know you are concerned but life can continue elsewhere while this is being done and you will no longer be in danger if it is your decision to leave. We will not force anyone to leave earth. We would highly suggest that you do for there has been provided for you places for a comfortable continuation of your lives and we think you will find these places very pleasant. New opportunities will be provided and an amazing array of teachings and healing will be available. You will still have your free will choice within limits and I mean no harm to others will be allowed.

What will happen when evacuation is necessary? We will appear in your skies in our ships and you will know time is of the essence, as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not give much notice. Your experts in this field will likely warn the masses of impending danger. We will come low over your surface and a beam will become visible below. You will step into this bean and remain very still and be lifted up into the craft and the process will be repeated until everyone is given a chance to be evacuated or time has run out and we can no longer safely remain this close to the surface. It will not be long that we are given. You need to be prepared mentally in advance for this opportunity.

What will you see when you are lifted into a craft? These will be shuttle craft and are used to transport you to another location. They are comfortable and the atmosphere will be to your liking regarding air quality and gravity and pressure. There are many large crafts that can accommodate everyone who will be leaving earth. That is no problem and yes, they are this large. We have lived on them for many years and everything you need will be provided as we have stated before. It will be different but considering the other alternative of an uninhabitable earth it seems the better decision. There will be no fast food drive thrus. Our food quality far surpasses yours and you will feel the difference in your energy. There are no liquor stores or illegal drug connections to be made for they are not available. Our medical facilities also far surpass yours in our ability to heal and this will be a definite plus for you.

Will there be places for pets and yes there will be but there are limits regarding size. We expect to have 15 minutes available, once the need becomes known, to evacuate everyone who wants to be taken. Yes, it can be done and has been. Will there be confusion because of separation from loved ones at time of boarding and yes there will be but adults have their own free will to accept or reject and we cannot change this. Children will be returned to parents and that is the exception. Others will make their own decisions.

Even though this is a large undertaking it is manageable. There have been requests to know what it will be like and we have tried to give you answers to your questions. All details of what will transpire are not known because of the different reactions of the people. Many will not listen and many will be afraid. We had hoped to give you more information long ago regarding this time but it did not happen. Please consider all these things and know we provide the best plan we can for you under the circumstances concerning the dangers seen. Others have done this and been very happy. We think you will be also.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 8, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to talk now of rules and things to live by. We need rules to keep us within parameters of action and there have to be road signs along the way. You have your rules of conduct for social behavior and the laws of the land. There are also laws of conduct for Universal behavior between planets. Most people know of the commandments given in your Bible and there are 10 of them. I am here to tell you that there are more and there were more given to Moses at the time on the mountain top.

These commandments were in stone and all of them were not put into your Bible. Moses did receive them but they were purposely left out because it was thought that they were too strict and people would rebel against having to live under such rules. Many things were left out of your Bible for different reasons and certain things were added to keep people manageable and fearing God. Attempt to control you goes back that far. Who ever heard of God asking you to kill one of your children! This did not happen in the way you think and the story was distorted to give the example of complete compliance to rule. This should have been a big clue that something was not right when you heard of this happening. Translations have also been inadequate in some cases concerning word usage and meaning.

The teachings given and commandments to live by go on to tell that it is not enough to act within the laws but you must also give importance to your thoughts and emotions against all others. Do not harbor ill will against anyone, whether you act it out or not for this energy has meaning and influence. We often wonder what your world would be like if you had been given the actual words that were given for you to read and know. Would this have made a difference? It would certainly have included the concept of reincarnation and also some information concerning UFOs. The distortions are many and the real messages would have taken the fear out of living. Fear God and keep His commandments was not intended then and it is not intended now. Fear has no place in the same sentence with God. Understanding of the laws of consequences from actions does. It is all a matter of the attempt to control you by getting you to fear living outside the rules that were given by those in power. It made it easier to punish people publicly so others would see and be afraid to live any other way.

We know you hold your Bible in respect and the words and concepts that were given are sacred and at the time truth was given when Esu walked the earth. I come to give you life and give it more abundantly was indeed what he was trying to get across and He did a good job of doing that while He was here. There were also other teachers that came to earth to give of truth and they also did a good job while here. Unfortunately they were not given the importance at the time for a lasting and correct record of their words and examples to remain as a truthful written word to be handed down in your history. The attempts were made and usually with a big sacrifice but accuracy became corrupted as time went by and you have only what is left of this attempt to teach truth and give you the real meanings of the words spoken. So you have whole religions based on some truth but not all and also based on some falsehoods. It surprised us as to the number of different beliefs that branched off into individual concepts and interpretations of what you had and these formed different religions that you have today. So much conflict over the basic truth of love one another.

It is most interesting to read of the development of life on a planet and to see how they attempt to take the information they have and weave it into their every day life. Earth was infused so many times along the way with visitors from other planets. Some stayed for long periods of time and some did not but all left their mark and beliefs upon the people they touched at the time. Your concepts, therefore took several turns in societal meanings and many records still exist today of these different influences. Your planet has not been a pristine and untouched civilization of one original set of thoughts on how to live, but many civilizations touched at different times by other worldly concepts leaving you with the diverse beliefs you have today. People usually end up believing what their parents did and depending on their opportunity to come into contact with other worldly beliefs, end up picking one that mostly corresponds with how they feel. Some people refuse to buy any of it and remain untouched by the positive aspects of belief and live a life of not believing in anything other than the one life of pursuit they are living at the time. How daunting to think it will all be over in a few decades and you can understand how this view greatly affects how you spend your time.

Just where do you go for truth and how do you know what to believe? Fortunately there are common threads of belief over the years that remain in the many teachings that tell of study, meditation and going within for answers. It takes many life times to make your decisions and it is unusual for someone to take in the many aspects of the opinions of prominent teachers and come out with a solid footing on things in just one life time. So many are born, believe as their parents do, live from that view and die believing the same thing and never take the time to listen to anything else or anyone else. It is a one concept life from beginning to end. This would be lovely if their belief gave them the truth they needed to make headway along their journey through their may lifetimes. Take the time to consider the many ways to look at life and see what resonates with your own mind and heart in a positive way. This is why we tell you to go within for your confirmations because there are so many different views in the world and all claiming to be the truth to live by.

It is now upon you to take hold of your beliefs of life and we hope that they are well founded and will give you the support you need to get through any difficult times you might have. In the beginning there is love and this will never change. In all our recorded history we have available to us this remains true in all instances. We highly recommend that whatever you believe that it contain this core truth that love is the beginning and is the way you should live your life. It is the basis for all your actions and not only that but all your thoughts. It should permeate all actions of every society and every relationship and construct of family. If you remember nothing else we have said remember this, that love is the foundation for all life and you should live in love and base all you do on this concept. This is how you are judged.

I leave you now to think on these things and to think of why you believe what you do. Is your life and your thoughts based on love, not only for one another but for yourself?

I am Joseph In His Service

April 7, 2021

Let us begin. We see a movement to overcome the dark and it is quite deliberate and is large. It has grown and solidified recently and is strong and growing by the day. The enslavement of the people of earth is moving to be over and freedom is the thought on the collective mind. This is a very strong energy and is active and working for the good of mankind. The energy is substantial and will overcome what is left of the attempt to control the masses. The long standing attempt to control the masses will fail and dissolve into very small fragments, which will have no holding on anything of importance. The movement of the group of Light contains strength and understanding of their efforts and directly targets the dark and is now in control in its forward directions. It is quite supported and is led by the strength and direction of the Father and source of all that is. There is no other way for it is established in His word and will.

Now that this has been done we implore you to continue using exactly the means that have been given to you and practiced by you to complete your efforts regarding the conflict of Light and dark that has been going on for far too long. What a battle it has been but the Will of God is not denied by any means and even though it was a long time coming it will be complete in its entirety, when finished. The finality of the word of God is exact and definitive in its execution and result. This is what was explained to the dark on numerous occasions and the meaning, leading to belief, never quite seemed to sink in and they continued their efforts in vain.

Now we come to the conclusion of it all soon and the process of facing what has been done is gathered for exposure. Do not be deluded into thinking it is exposing itself for the hands and minds of many have labored long and hard to bring about each step in this large effort to lay it out before you. If you could only see the wisdom in each move and counter move executed it would reveal the hand of God and there is no other way to describe it. God at work by whatever means is chosen to bring about the result needed. It will all be easier to see in time and many will study for ages what has taken place and what continues to take place now on earth. There will no doubt be speakers and lecturers before large audiences telling of what men and women did to liberate earth, but make no mistake about it for it was the work of God through these individuals.

We have come to many of you individually asking that you remain unmoved by fear and apprehension for you are the base and structural foundation upon which others find their footing to move ahead after such a shock when all is revealed and comprehended. Many must have help to get through this with their determination to gather themselves up and begin again without the restrictions they have lived under for many years. Liberation will be daunting for them for they have no experience with it in this life time. New freedom needs direction and you will again come into play regarding which way to go and you will set this by example of how you live your lives. Speaking loudly with your examples as you say very little at first for your faith and belief speak loudly for you. You will show out like a jewel in the dried up mud for that is what you have gone through. The Light and Love of the Father has dried up all the dregs of society and what is left is a new beginning. Let me not get ahead of myself.

The ending has not yet transpired and you cannot yet sit in a comfortable chair with popcorn and drink and watch the remainder of what is to be shown. You are the actors and crew on hand that bring about what movements are remaining and God is the production manager and producer. Study and know your parts thoroughly and completely for you are up now on stage and slowly the focus lights will be on you for complete illumination. Let your Light shine from within and play your part well for this is also a reason you were sent and you must complete what was set out for you in the beginning. The curtain is not down yet. The instructions will be given and the delivery and execution of God coming through each of you will weave the most beautiful fabric of new life needed, for each of you is a different expression in His service and you fit together most elaborately and extraordinarily. The coming together like the facets on a jewel to make the light available to all and everything. It is up to them to make use of it.

We have done our best to give you what you have needed along the way and now it is time for you to use all this information and direction for going within to gain the information you need to continue. Do it with reverence and understanding of the respect to be given in this completion on earth with every move you make. Many others not on your earth are depending upon the outcome. I leave you now to know that you are fully capable of doing what is needed.

Think on these things and draw upon the experience and the knowing you have. Be confident in the power of God working through you as He goes about directing his children for this monumental completion of a long journey earth has taken.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 6, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me to think that all on earth need to prepare for what is to come. I wish I could give you an itinerary of the events in question and their order of happening but there is no way it can be done. There are so many variables and unknowns concerning what will happen next. We see the unfolding of truth to the masses and that will be done. Then there is the surprise of earth adjustments to be made concerning earthquakes and such. We also have the reaction of the people regarding rebellion of being kept at home for so long for the people want to be free. All these things are unknown as to when they will happen.

You know that things are about to come forth in events and maybe you are more prepared than I realize. We know there are quite a few who are giving of this information on different web sites and many are viewing and listening in an attempt to gain information as to what is going on. It is impossible to keep everyone devoid of truth all over the world. Our attempts to inform you are met with a minimal amount of success for those who really need to be informed will not take the time to look for it and worse, if they should see it they will not take it in as truth. We attempt anyway and continue. Maybe a word or two will be remembered and they will come back for more.

We spoke in the past of giving of information over the radio and television and we were blocked at every turn in this plan. We still have avenues we can use and our information can be delivered when the time is right. This is a big plus for us and we would like for this to happen as soon as possible. We, however, cannot push ourselves upon you without some kind of preparation or introduction and this needs to be done without delay. The long awaited and coming forward of disclosure concerning people from other planets is still needed and hopefully will happen soon. It should fit nicely into the cauldron of shocking news that awaits you. What a time is upon you now with everything coming that you have to adjust to. We wish it could be different and planned for it to be that way but the push and resistance against our existence was strong and ever present. This is where you are greatly needed in your knowing and experience with us. We are hoping all the information concerning us will not be seen as harbingers of doom and you can give of your knowing for some kind of reassurance to others. There will be a lot for everyone to take in.

And who will help the helpers? We are here to do what we can and our actions depend on the events and the reaction of people on earth as to what we say and do. This is why it is so difficult to say what we have planned for all is predicated upon what this reaction of everyone will be. We stand ready in any event.

As the truth comes out the energies will be reflecting of the mental environment of the people and that means they will be unsettled to say the least. Be prepared for confusion and changing of the energies for awhile before all settles down to a state of acceptance. Change and adjustment will be the state of things for some time. We ask that you observe now what is coming out and try to put it all together in a comprehensive manner that makes sense.

The energies are turbulent at present so this will be short. I leave you now to observe, hear and formulate the real foundation of truth regarding what has taken place upon your earth. You will go from not knowing to knowing and then all knowing and this is a long journey. We wish you well in this journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 5, 2021

Let us begin. We see that things are indeed changing for the better. This story you are hearing of the cargo ship wedged in place and now being off loaded is an example of what has been going on all along. The inhumanity of transporting human beings this way and having many of them die in transit is sad to say the least but now it has been documented and brought out to the world. Your logic tells you that it would take many in agreement to pull this shipping of people off and yet it has been going on and for what purposes you might ask. Now the story will be revealed for all to see and hear. The mind will have a hard time in accepting this but the proof is there. Let this sink in for it is part of the picture and is the truth you wanted.

Us telling you that there were terrible things going on in your world does not quite get the job done as pictures of the real events coming forward will accomplish. Filling out the reality with documentation and proof is needed in all aspects of this world deception for you to see the depth of darkness that was taking over. How could people sink so low as to imprison a whole world? It was being accomplished one step at the time and the attempt is still on going. It was and is like a noose around your neck that slowly tightens and then it is to late to try and escape for you have no room to move and no place to go. It was a long range plan being carried out until the final use of all people on earth for the needs of the dark and then it would be to late. We have been trying so hard to get you to believe us and to see what was going on. The reality is upon you and our words pale against the truth.

Many more things will now come out and the proof will be there also concerning being used for the purposes of the dark and it will shatter your trust in the motives of so many for you were used against your will and did not realize it. The curtains are being pulled back now and it is beginning. We have advised you not to believe everything you see and hear from your news media but take a look at what manages to come through from other sources for it is the emergence of what will soon overtake all news and it is inevitable. Those who have been in control will not be able to stop it now that evidence is there in plain sight. Soon anyone denying it will look foolish and will give evidence of a cover up. Certain ones will reveal themselves without half trying. You will understand how God works in His own ways to bring about his will, even if you do not know the many synchronous events bringing it about. Once intervention was decided it was wise not to stand in His way for God is mighty in all aspects of His strength, plan and will. You are witnessing the unveiling of the largest cover up you have seen and it is just beginning.

What will you do with this new information? It needs to become the foundation of understanding regarding so much more that will come out. Let the evidence build upon itself until the entire picture slowly begins to take form and shape in your minds as to the horrible reality of what is or what was. It may take your mind some time to comprehend it all but whether you take time or not the truth remains. Take this information and move forward to acceptance and then to recovery. This may also take some time for you to get over and begin to think of where you go from here. Adjustment is necessary and the truth of it all needs to be processed for you to plan your future. We are here to help you during this adjustment time. You, who are reading here, have an advantage over others who are hearing of this for the first time. Be compassionate of them and understand their position for it will be difficult for everyone but more so for them.

Come about in the understanding that your strength comes from only one source and that is the God within and the source of all that is. So many will look for avoidance of comprehension in the form of chemical assistance and this is not the choice to make. We understand it will be difficult. I leave you now with all things for you to consider for it is beginning.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 4, 2021

Let us begin. After all this time you have learned so much about what is going on and also about yourselves. In this process you discover the process of being and becoming. It is a forever journey. We understand it is difficult to place things in your mind like living in the moment and also planning for the future when they are one in the same thing. Living in the moment is creating your future. Many ask how you know what is supposed to challenge you in this life you have and which parts are up to your free will choice. This is part of going within and having that communication with source. There are things given to work on or to overcome in each life time and they are set out before you come into this physical life.

You might ask how do you know the difference between what is up to your choice and what is set out for you to work on. You always have free choice and this is how earth was set up. You will always be confronted with what you need to work on in life because it will be brought before you no matter how much you try to avoid it. The choices you have made in other places and other life times will be considered and the things you have not learned, or have not overcome will continue to come about for you until they have been knowledged within you. You make the list up of things to do and also the list of things you have learned and know. As much as your parents or loved ones try to advise you and tell you what works out best, you still have to experience most things for yourself until the heart and mind have a high degree of understanding of the experience. It is a first hand, on the job experienced learning.

Going through tough times, trials and tribulation gives you an in depth understanding of what others are going through when you see them under the same circumstances. No matter how much others try to get you to understand how they feel about what they are experiencing, it does not really resonate within you unless you have experienced somewhat the same thing. Then you really understand and can have the empathy and compassion for what they are going through. Experience is not only the best teacher but in most cases is the only teacher. Others can tell you what parenting is like and you can see the difficulties but you will not fully understand until you go through the experience yourself. That is the teacher most profound for knowing.

When does experience of something become knowledge and wisdom? When the element of love is infused within each aspect of the experience. Someone can experience something and get from it hate or revenge or other negative emotions but when it is perceived through love it takes on a different meaning and processes with a different understanding. This brings forth positive results and is processed as knowledge leading to wisdom. To receive information from an experience when you are in the state of insecurity and doubt about yourself, you will go into a defense mode and the result is a negative reaction. When you are secure in your being and your source of power and you know you are loved you can experience even something difficult and have it viewed under an umbrella of resolveability. You remain in that state of self assuredness and the conclusion will be one of learning with positive memory for future reference. See the difference looking at things with the love that has been given to you makes in the way you think and process difficult experiences and very hard challenges in life. Love will always be your beginning point of looking at things and also processing things and this can only result in positive results, even if the thing experienced was quite awful in nature. It will get you through life with the door open for a greater understanding of reasoning when the answers come.

You must remember that the answers will come in your journey. This is part of the promise of asking for you are not forgotten in your questioning but it is a journey in the receiving of answers and they are not instantly received. Very seldom does someone instantly have the neon lights start flashing and the red arrow pointing to the answer or the way you should go when a question is asked. That mostly happens only in the movies or on TV. Most answers come in unit form after a process of connecting within and having things fit together to make a whole, understandable picture leading to the end result of an answer. Answers are given when you gain a certain experience so that you can fully understand and make complete use of the answer. It would be foolish to give an answer so fully complete to someone who could not use it in its proper form of understanding. You would receive it and look at it and say, “what?”. You see there is an intelligence in the growing, learning and experiencing of life that gives of answers in not only the proper time but also in the proper form of depth and completeness. The same question in one part of your life may have a simple answer and later on in life have a much deeper and more comprehensive answer and both are what you need at the time.

It is seldom that one thinks of the wisdom of rules and understandings of giving of answers. The God that is responsible for Universes and planets and the love of a mother for her child, or for children in general is also responsible for the giving of answers when they are asked. It is not a simple, “here it is” type of thing. Your development along your path determines the answers as when a child asks a question of a parent. Answers given are perfect for you in that moment and gratitude and thankfulness should always be given for they are for no one else but you. This is one reason answers are not chiseled in stone for all times for everyone. Commandments are for all time and are for everyone. Answers are custom designed with reference to advancement and individual.

Accept that you are a being of change and always learning and growing and you will find that your questions will change as you do. They become more in depth and need more explanation in the answering. Very few answers in life are like answers to mathematical equations with only one answer. This is the very reason you are asked to go within and ask of your own questions and not take others answers for your own. What if they don’t fit? Seek out your own understanding for it is very individual in nature and need. Be thankful each day for what you have learned and understand that you have learned with help and understanding from your Creator for you are not left to struggle alone. It should be a close partnership between you and God.

I leave you now with these things to consider and with encouragement to ask your questions always. Do not go without asking for even in the forming of the questions do you learn.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 3, 2021

Let us begin. We see many changing their ways and looking at things differently. The love coming in is affecting so many in a positive way and compassion is more prevalent. There are so many on earth that are far from the love for one another that is needed at this time. We are under certain environmental issues now that cause old feelings to come to the forefront and be acted out. Often feelings of distrust are shifted from one group to another and without reasonable cause. Being locked down and made to stay away from others causes certain psychological reactions that are not conducive to good behavior. There needs to be a time of healing for all of you and as yet it is not happening. People are social beings and need to interact with each other.

So you have these groups in conflict and solutions are present but not given a chance to come about. Now is the time for allowing and letting things go. Be compassionate with each other and realize that many have issues that need addressed and need a voice. You can allow others to speak if it is done without violence and these issues can be brought out as a society. There will always be differences of opinion but conflict resolution is what is needed in a positive way so that you can live with each other without hate or desire for damage of any kind or bodily harm. One thing we see here in a lot of issues is the holding of old hurts or wrongs from long ago. It is not dropped, even though it originated from generations ago. War is a good example. This has mostly been settled but some still cling to old divisions that have morphed into other issues and the emotions still rise to the top with feelings of distrust regarding conflict on all sides. Lifetimes of conflict and death of loved ones have not gone away and these feelings and issues need to be forgiven and dropped as they will not go into the higher dimensions. For some it is more important to live out differences and bad feelings than it is to love, forgive and be better people. Think on these things and see what you are preventing yourself from doing and being.

We come to a time when all things are agitated in your world and holding onto love and compassion becomes more difficult within the prevailing environment. Remaining within a habit of prayer and meditation on a daily basis takes you a long way toward a more peaceful life. Your thoughts radiate out from you and touch others and this is a wonderful thing when these thoughts are positive and loving. You are in the business now of ascension and it doesn’t come automatically with your life. It has to be earned and this means worked for. There are rules that have to be followed and half hearted attempts on one or two days a week do not get the work done. It comes from within on an every second level and resides at the basic premise of your reasoning, thinking and doing in all aspects of your life. If your boat, floating across the lake of life, has a hole in it do try to fix it solidly and then you can be assured of getting to your destination without sinking.

If you see the importance of upkeep, repair and tending to your car, your home, your possessions but do not see the importance of tending to your soul then you have missed the point. We speak to everyone now. Many attempt to be better people and start out doing well but then someone will make them mad or someone will try to cheat them at some level and these are the real tests of life. It is much easier to be a good person when all others are good. This is not the world you live in and what is required is a knowing inside that this life is between you and God as all your lives have been. How do you express the God within you? Are your dealings with others God driven no matter how others treat you. Can you walk away from negativity knowing you maintained the right attitude? The Light workers in the world provide a profound contrast and background for us to see those who are not trying. It takes a strong team to pull the load up a hill. We suggest that you try to focus upon Godly issues and face the issues within before you tackle the issues you see in society. It all starts within you.

Taking the world to a better place requires the work of all its inhabitants and not just a few. This time offers the best opportunity for making the most of the love coming in. Those who have love outpouring are helping in a major way but those whose heart is closed against all improvement are not dealing well with being in these waves coming in. It is best to stay our of their way for there is discord within them. Let your Light shine and be guided as to your actions in the following days. We are somewhat in a time of uncertainty as to how many will react to what is to come. We know changes are coming and some will be big ones. We sometimes give you information well in advance because time is difficult to determine. The churning and changing elements of what is going on do not follow a clock and are constantly in flux and this is hard to base anything on regarding time tables or events.

What can I say or give you that I have not already given? You know what is required. The doing of it is what is important. Give yourself the opportunity and time to devote to becoming a better person from within. These times are difficult and you need all the support from within you can bring forward. I leave you now to think on these things.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 2, 2021

Let us begin. We think it best if you continue your work with the Light at this time. Circumstances may change and something else might be called for but for now continue what you are doing with the Light. We have to tailor our work for what is needed and you are quite adaptable in your endeavors to do this. This is one reason you have been successful is because you take instruction well This is very much a joint effort and working together is the only way success can be achieved. Of course you will continue your individual work on your own but when we call upon you in the middle of the night for instructed work you have come through no matter what was asked of you. Your willingness to get the job done is admirable and this is seen by us as not only determination but desire to fulfill your mission contract. This agreement before you came was until the job was completed and you have certainly continued and given it your all to vanquish the ever present dark. At the beginning, the view was dire and the dark had their talons sunk into every facet of life on earth like an eagle who has captured a fish. This control has certainly changed and the picture is much different at present.

We come to a time here at the end of this conflict where work on your part is still needed to compete and end this very long war, for this is what it has been. An all out war to remove the influence of the dark from everything on earth. Do not give up or let up. Even though the end can be seen it is still necessary to keep at it until all are free and the energies can continue to be raised. Again I wish you could see our view from up here, a distance from your surface. We are stationed all around your globe in our ships and over time have come even closer to your planet. The view is magnificent to this beautiful orb of blue but it is more so now that the dark areas of contrasting low energies have been removed or diminished. You are like the combat soldier fighting in the fields and shores and you do not know the complete disposition of everything until it is over and you read the reviews. This is one reason we try to give you updates as to what is going on regarding progress. Another reason is to try and encourage you if you become down trodden and want to pull your entire wagon off the main road into the woods and set it on fire and walk away. We know how difficult this has been because we feel your disappointment and pain.

There are some that need space to take a rest and renew and then they are ready to continue with renewed vigor and zeal. Some have remained dedicated under all circumstances and the cost to other areas of their life has been great. We don’t believe there has been even one who has not had to sacrifice in great amounts to do this work and keep walking in your shoes of light workers as boots on the ground. You have been asked to do a lot in every facet of your life and forgo much at different times. Those who chose the ones to come to earth did well in the choosing and you have performed above what was expected and given what was required. We have to say that in the beginning there were doubts because of the steepness of the mountain that had to be climbed. It was touch and go at times but ground was gained, sometimes an inch at the time, but you did not give up and here we are. The status today is still one of battle being in the field of play and it goes on but the circumstances have changed. Before the dark were not this desperate and today they are all this and also determined to destroy everything they can on their way out. We have told you before that there is also power in the dark and they are pulling on all their strength to do as much damage as they can. This is why we encourage you to ask for protection. What was not counted on was our strength from God, His Light, Love and Truth and it has and will prevail in this intervention in all circumstances and variations of sin and corruption concerning the breaking of the laws.

We are coming to a point of completion and an end to this chapter and this book. What an experience it has been for everyone, including the millions who came from other planets and star systems to either help with this work or view with their own eyes what transpired and what will take place in the next few months. All who worked created a different picture of things and the job was not for the faint of heart but for the strong who had the mind to see it to the very end, no matter what was needed to get it done. Do not close the book just yet but continue.

We, here, looking down upon all that is with your planet, have done our best to do everything we could to help defeat this insidious existence of the dark.  I refer to them as a group when in actuality there are different degrees to which they have influenced so many.  Some, just a little and others totally.  We feel you worry and know your concern at what has gone on.  We wish you could know the love we have for all of you, but especially the workers who have done so much.  Much was required and it has been a long and hard journey.  There will be time for us to rejoice and we look forward to seeing you face to face soon.  Let it be so.

I leave you now, not looking back, but looking forward at the vastly improved view that you have helped create. Do not ever think it could have been done without you and I mean each and every one of you. Now with the changes still before you it is necessary you continue to draw upon this strength to adjust to what is needed. Stand tall and be counted in these last days.

I am Joseph In His Service

April 1, 2021

Let us begin. After all this time of diligently working for the Light you have gained experience and insight that will follow you wherever you go. You will have a sign or mark that you were here on earth during the struggle and fight against the dark and others will be able to tell that you experienced this huge transition. It will be a badge of honor and courage and cannot be taken away from you ever. This has been one of the longest and most in depth endeavors upon any planet that has taken place so far and the dark will never be allowed to take hold this completely and do this much damage ever again. There are many benefits other than winning the war against the dark that have taken place and you will learn of them and be shown the evidence of your work brought about by your diligence, devotion and determination to complete your mission. It is not over yet but at present you are better fortified now than you were at the beginning and you have gained strength and know how to continue. Completion is imperative and you will see it through and we are certain of this. You have coalesced into a unit or cohesive group working with one another of the light and have become a mighty force. With heavenly direction you have made it possible for those who are ready to step forward and accept the Light and become people with intention to learn of love. I would not want to be one to go up against you.

Remember the dark were once well organized with many followers and they were structured in their ways and evil also has strength. They have targeted as many as possible to stop this wall of Light workers at every turn and think nothing of the value of life. Wreck and ruin lays in their wake and people have suffered because of them and their intentions. In these last days of what is left remember to surround yourself with the Light of protection and ask for it every day. Your work is not without hazard in your ranks and many were touched in various ways. Travel forward with your shields high and know you are working in full concert with unseen backup to guide you. The direction you receive is important for clear vision is given and used by those on high. Be alert for changes in what is instructed for counter moves will be necessary at times. Rapt attention may be necessary for what is coming in your connection with God and what is needed for this end chapter. Do not be daunted or afraid but cling to your faith and convictions as it was in the beginning no matter what happens and know that command changes are in order now and they will be big ones. Your devotion and obedience to the order and bravery you have displayed in the middle of the chaos will get you through this mess and you will walk on the other side with your heads held high. Protect yourselves foremost and not as an afterthought at the beginning of each day for this is serious work and always return to the strength of Source within and especially when there is question of events. You are doing well in your choices of working with the light.

For those who have not yet seen the underbelly of what is going on concerning earth, well, you will be caught by surprise and woe be unto you if you lack direction and belief in Creator and your source of being for the time of choosing has past for you to gain information and reason now in abundance. People need all the truth and information they can get for things to make sense and time is so short for this. As a Light worker try not to get caught up in the fear and uncertainty of those who do not know what is going on for it will be around you in abundance. Do what you can but do not give away your strength to others who will want to take it from you for their own purposes. They are seeking to be saved and you are not responsible for millions now. When asked speak kindly in truth and move on for things will start to happen quickly once it begins. You cannot give of information and catch people up on everything in 10 minutes when you have worked for years gaining experience and truth for this venture. Stick to your focus and remain on track when things seem to come unraveled for you will need to continue on course.

If this message sounds serious remember the peace that passes all understanding and know that it is available and within reach to you at all times when things around you seem unbearable and we are here to help you. We cannot be the “everything” you need nor can we do this for you. You have responsibility but you are fully capable of carrying out your instructions in the manner required. We see you now in a different light and not as beginners but then you were not beginners when you first came to earth. Draw upon your strength and experience when needed and it will come. Your past choices to walk the Lighted path and hear the voice within give you knowledge to make the same wise choices now when questions come and the view is uncertain. We do not know exactly what will happen but we do know you will be challenged.

I leave you now to review my words and think on them for the finale is about to be upon you shortly. You know our sense of time is different than yours and most of the time it takes longer than you think but nevertheless it is upon you.

I am Joseph In His Service