June 9, 2021

Let us begin. I need to explain why things are being delayed. We have a situation where certain events need to take place before disclosure is brought about and we are waiting on them to happen. The platform has to be set in a certain way for disclosure to take hold and get the attention it needs. If this atmosphere is not set then disclosure will come and go and not be given the notice that it deserves and we don’t want that to happen. We are looking for an attention getter for this background and it has to bring about a focus on this issue of UFOs. The sequence is planned in this way so it will not get swept under the rug like it has so many times in the past. This time it cannot happen that way for it must be given the proper credit and validity it needs. This means it has to be framed correctly. Dates keep coming and going without this happening and I know you are ready for disclosure. I am pleased that this plan has been set and the energy is there.

I would like to speak now of reliability and what it takes for this to form and take hold in an individual. A belief in certain types of character traits as being desirable causes a person to strive to become reliable in the way of following through and being dependable. Can you be counted on to follow through and to be as good as your word. What causes one person to be reliable and another not to be? A steadfastness and belief in the meaning of words given brings this quality about and causes others to know you have this quality and can be relied upon. This comes about by experience and training and is a most desirable thing to have. This is rated highly in a friend, employee, loved one and family member. This brings us to the words that are used and the power in them.

It is so common to not pay attention to the words you use and to forget what has been spoken saying it was just used as joking or you didn’t really mean it. Words have vibrations and energies, like thoughts do and set the intention in a certain direction and are used without much thought on earth. The importance they have is not understood and has been misused. When a word is spoken or used it has a meaning that generates a belief and should not be wasted or given lightly. Why would you put out a false meaning into the energy of intent? Pay attention to your words and see that they are spoken in truth and meaning without all the words used that are really unintended. This is so important in setting your energy on solid ground and having your thoughts take hold as they should and leads to the characteristic of reliability. If all words spoken, or in our case given in thought transfer, could be seen in their power and energy once given, you would understand better why it is so important not to clutter all that is with extraneous energy that is not consistent with what you mean and the focus toward what you desire.

Let us take for example your self talk and self doubt. These words go a long way in bringing down any belief in yourself when repeated on a daily basis condemning your actions and character. Do not take part in this destroying yourself from the inside. These words have meaning for you and make them positive and spoken to build you up. Another example is speaking behind someone’s back and this is usually done in a derogatory manner. This puts forth negative energy and does no good for you or for the other person. This energy is sent out into the whole of things and does have an effect upon the person spoken of. Refrain from this negative approach to another and let your words be kind or do not speak them at all. You are not seeing what is happening when you do this or you would know how it all comes back to you in energy of the same kind. This is what you draw to you and be assured it will come back. Give more thought to the words you speak to yourself and to the words that are spoken to others and think on their meaning. Have them be positive in their meaning and stand behind them in your reliability and others will come to hold true what you say and they will know you are as good as your words. Do not become know as the type of person that is disregarded when they speak and no credence is given to any of it. This does not mean you have to be serious all the time for life is to be enjoyed but do pay attention to your words when given.

Now let us think of having things come about in truth. We give you certain indications of what is to happen and they are given in all good faith of probabilities to happen. These are based on the prevailing energies and this means the most likely time line having the most energy placed in it. This is given and at times the energies will change and another time line will take over as having more energy. When God intervened into the energies of earth to bring bout His will the energies were changed and now things are coming about in the name of truth and are being brought forward into the light and seen clearly now by all who care to look. The energy that brings this about has been changed and the power and majesty of God’s hand in all that is becomes apparent and known for what is desired. His will is being done in truth of all that is. Truth has an energy and power of its own and stands tall and strong in its being and this is where everything is headed. Before the energy of pure truth is, there is the mix of turbulent falsehoods scrambling with nowhere to go but out and this is what you are going through now. If all things had color of energy you would understand more clearly by seeing the muddled colors of deceit, envy and lies that have given your landscape the disasters that have taken place. This blackened and dark picture is being cleared slowly in the frequency of truth overtaking it all with its own energy and this changes everything. Imagine a painting that is alive and flowing in color at all times and is changing from dark colors to those of lighter tones and then those of all light. This is the picture that is coming about at this time in your world. The picture that is being painted is harmonious and compatible with colors that are dependable and in truth and it contains no falsehoods. Give of your energy in prayer and meditation to this new picture that is being painted for all to enjoy for it is the will of God that this come about and He is changing it all in His will. He is working through so many at this time to bring about the honesty and truth needed and it is a large endeavor for everyone.

I leave you now to think on bringing about the will of God in all things on earth. It is being done and the dynamics of it all will be seen more clearly as time goes on. Give thanks for these changes, even if they seem unrelated or counter productive at the moment for God is true and reliable in all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 8, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you this day with hope and a positive outlook on how things are going. More is coming out in your news about us and it is a gateway to bigger things. At least the gate is open and we can come in through this. The political path in the US is also coming open in an apparent way. This will be a Summer of much change for everyone. You have a saying which is something about being slow as molasses and this is appropriate in getting things started but it is happening. The signs are there.

I would like to talk now of being drafted for work under the will of God. The obedient heart is concerned with service to others and is quick to share love and has compassion for all life. You are not forced but you are so thoroughly filled with the Light and Love of the Father God that it would be impossible for you not to be compassionate with others. The love that you have come to be in all of your being can only act in a way that is telling of this Love that you have been born from and it is who you are. You are on a higher vibration and are drawing things to you that are also on a higher vibration. No longer do you live where there is hate and revenge and all the other lower elements of emotions that were so prevalent in the third dimension. Others may not understand how you can be this kind but it is your world now and you will not go back into what was. You will continue to study and seek and learn with a new understanding and life will continue to open up to you in a new way that has not been seen before. There will be new meaning in what happens in your life and you see God’s hand in things that here to fore were not known. The truth that you obtain will only encourage you to go forward in your new understanding and life will start to show you its secrets with your new senses coming back on line and being used. You live in gratitude and thanksgiving for each new day. This is your new state of being now and you have earned it.

It may be hard for you to imagine but you will continue to progress and your journey will take you to even higher learning and understanding and this will become wisdom and even greater doors will open for you. This is the road for everyone. This is how the beings of a higher dimension traveled at one time and how they are able to come to you with their wisdom for they have traveled the road where you are now and they are able to relate well to where you are. They know the challenges you are facing and they know how to overcome them. So many are available to teach and give of their messages and they are filled with love for you and see you struggling and wanting answers. Just as they are wanting to help you, so you will be willing to help others along their path and just as you have free will to accept or reject, so will the people you speak to. You will understand the seeking heart for they will have questions of you and this will be your opening to tell of your experience. Even if it does not seem they accept what you are saying, you have planted a seed and the information will come again into their minds when the time is right.

So many times you will not have to speak but you will be seen as to your actions and your way of living. Those who are seeking will take note of how you react and how you overcome obstacles of life. It may not be understood how you can be happy without being rich or famous and as time goes by they will want what you have that gives you this composure. You help others by your Light and Love whether you know it or not and your experience of attainment gives back to the group consciousness and offers a better way for everyone. You cannot walk into a room without changing it in some way and that goes for changing the whole of all that is. All life is connected.

I would like to speak now of this connectedness for it is a fact of being a part of creation, which contains all the expressions of God. All things come from God in Light and when there is darkness, even it is made from Light for there is nothing else to make it from. This may be difficult to contemplate but there is only God. There is nothing that has been created by God that you are not connected to and this is why what you do and the expression that you are gives to the whole because you are part of that whole and all this is. Nothing exists apart from it or outside of it. If you are created from God, which you have been, it is impossible to be outside of it at any time. When you feel alone or forgotten it is because you have placed yourself in that position and are not seeing the connection to your being and your origin of life. Change your way of looking at things and know that help is available and it is always within reach. It is not outside of you but within for you are that being and that connection. There is no division between the two; no division between you and God for you are God in your expression of being for that is where you are from and what you are. That is what life is all about is the learning that you are this true expression of God and it just takes awhile to understand this unfolding of expression of the true perfection of God. Think on these words for a moment. You are in the process of unfolding the truth of your connectedness with the perfection of God for it is within you and who you are. You are attaining the knowing of this fact and this is your journey. You have never been and never will be a lowly being that is not worthy of higher understanding and the perfection of God. This is your origin for God did not create in imperfection. There is no second best in creation. Your journey is beautiful in the way it is offered and you control the speed of your own travel. Give thanks for all things along this path and you give of wonderful things back to the whole of everything. You help make everything what it is.

I leave you now to think on my words and hope that you will come back later and go over them again. I love you in your understanding and desire for learning.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 7, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to try to give you the information you need now. We see a tendency for most all people to be unaware of what is really going on and it will be a big shock to them when they find out the undercurrents behind everything. All is not what it seems and those reading here have been seeking for some time now and have a better understanding of things in all areas. It is hard to get people to seek better news when they have no idea there is more to learn than what is being told. If you don’t know, then you don’t know to look further and you accept what is given. That is how lies persist and live on. Then if someone comes along with more it may sound unreasonable and false if the proper background has not been established. It is just easier to label it a conspiracy theory and be on your way. The sources of some of this truthful information are not given the credit they deserve and it is hard for anyone to question the main stream media news when it is supposed to be verified and given to the public. The cover up or at least the slight of hand with the news is not perceived, seen or believed. It will take some doing for the public to even consider what has been happening, even when it is logical that is has been happening. This is what we are up against now.

It has been known for some now that it is going to take something big to even get the attention of the masses to focus on the back side of what is being given. All need to take a second look behind the scenes and this will happen when certain information comes out. The news media is in for a shake up in their information and some things in procedure will go in a different direction and the news will take on a new light. It remains to be seen if the same venues will stay on and re-vamp their news or if they will retire and new news concerns will come forth and take over in the giving and reporting of news. Either way there are changes coming in the news and how it is reported and this is a good move.

I would like to speak now of infiltration of information coming out now that should have been brought out long ago and I am talking about human trafficking and UFOs for a start. There are many more items that should have had the spot light on them and been brought out in the news but were deliberately not given. Too much pressure was put on those in charge and there was too much at stake to think about going against the elite few who had the power and money. You would be surprised to know some of the pressures used to keep things under wraps and hidden from the public. There are those in the past who tried and paid a heavy price. In spite of all this, real news is coming out concerning many areas and now it is even coming into the major news. Never before have we heard so much being talking about concerning UFOs, even if it is still framed into a class of unverified or unknown. Getting it before the public is important in any case. There are documents out now from the freedom of information act that give a much better picture of what has taken place in the past and this will continue to be revealed. This is happening because of those who will not give up on their quest to uncover what has been hidden.

I would like to talk now of predestination; what is free will and what is per-determined to happen in your life. There is and has been a lot of thought in the line of certain events happening in your life and there was no way you could avoid it. There are certain opportunities planned for your life that will prevail and this gives you the freedom of what to do with them and how to react to them. You always have your free will and free choice to deal with these challenges or to reject them and have them presented later in a different setting. You are never forced to act in a certain way to these challenges given. These situations are brought forth by your previous actions and until a lesson is learned they will keep repeating and coming back into your life until you face them and learn the correct lesson from them and they will no longer be a challenge. The return of unlearned lessons are per-determined by you for your own growth but your reaction to them is up to you as to how you deal with them. If something keeps repeating in your life it indicates the way you have dealt with it in the past did not give you the information you needed for you to overcome the issue. Usually this means that love, compassion or forgiveness was not introduced into the dynamic of your actions and it will come around again. What you did in the past did not work. You will need to see it from a different perspective and usually one of more understanding and less hate or negative emotions. It will not quit coming into your life until this is done or it may come back into your life but will not be seen as a challenge for you will have conquered the reaction to it. Once you learned as a child how to add, subtract, multiply and divide it was no longer seen as a challenge and it did not slow you down at all. You looked at it in a different light because it had been learned. Same principle.

So, I do not think of life as predetermined in a strict way, only that your past always gives you opportunity for growth and this continues in your learning process. Lets just say that you still have a lot to learn and it will continue. You may want to take a time out for awhile but progress and learning will continue at some point and you will continue your journey. Journeys are varied because people are varied and are different expressions of their God essence. One may be a adventurer and want to explore and another may be a home body and want to enjoy the security of a home base and family. They are both expressions of God and just viewing life from a different point of view and giving of their experience back to the whole of everything. Again we address the diversity of all life as it is expressed and it all gives of its own experience back to the whole. Diversity is not to be condemned as long as it is expressed withing the laws of God. Forcing someone to act or speak in a certain way goes against the law that no one should be controlled. On your planet society has set strict limits concerning what is acceptable behavior. Experiencing life is a privilege and it needs to be done with respect for all others. Criticism and blame comes too freely to the lips and is spoken before real thought is given. Many need to think more at first before they speak.

When making decisions on how to act when given a challenge, if possible think what action is in the best interest of all concerned and go forward from there. If given time, go within and discuss this with your Creator and be aware of any response or answer. There are times when you do not know all the facts behind a challenge and guidance is needed. So you see not all things are per-destined and you have much freedom in your actions. So many times we go into prayer for answers and an answer is give and it is not the one we were willing to accept. Also we go into a prayerful plea for help and when it is given we are surprised. Go into prayer for help with the understanding that it will be given and then allow it to take as long as it will. What good does it do to put forth the effort of asking if you are not going to accept what is given. Accepting answers takes practice. Do not give up for guidance is there.

I leave you now to consider what I have given and maybe this information is even an answer to a question you may have had. The answers are there for those who ask and seek. Accepting in patience takes practice. God does not abandon his children but gives them the opportunity to come to knowing. Again, you are never alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 6, 2021

Let us begin. It is close now, the time of major changes and there are several things lining up at the same time. The political topics that were so close to everyone at the end of last year have taken second place to the major earth changes that are happening now. There are more volcanic eruptions and just major activity within the volcanoes themselves that are making themselves known around the world. Also more movement of the earth plates that may or may not be seen or heard. Most people do not keep up with earthquake activity unless it is right upon them. There is much going on right now under the surface and this will become more intense as time goes on. We have tried to prepare you and it is difficult for so much is unknown. We do not want to alarm you by over doing the news of activity but we also do not want to say it will amount to nothing harmful, for it will be of consequence for those in the activity area. Have your supplies ready and be prepared.

Now I would like to talk of struggles to get through any difficulties resulting in these major changes in governments around the world. Large groups in most major countries will make their wishes known in some form of action and it may not be lawful or safe. We encourage people to oppose undue oppression by speaking out but we do not condone aggression or harm for others in this process. Find a way to make your wishes known without hurting anyone or causing damage to property. Everyone has worked hard to build a business or become a valued employee for a company and to cause damage involves many when destruction is present. You are depriving many from their livelihood or a means of making a living, or at the least halting a pay cheek in your process of expression with property damage. Words backed by numbers of people wanting the same outcome can do a lot to make known what the masses would like to happen and all without negative actions. If you think a crowd is prone to violence do not take part in it. Wait until you can make your wishes known in a more peaceful manner. This is the time for change, but make it peaceful change and it will not take as long for you have removed so much from the recovery time of any change.

I would like to make known the desires and wishes of us on this side of the veil. We come to offer help and see that so many times you would do better if you would at least listen to our words for we do have a better view of things from our perspective. This is the business we are in at this time and we offer the best of advice in matters that are before you. We are sent from a higher authority and we do our best but so many times our words and efforts are left on your doorstep and the content is never opened. We have sought more ways of getting our words out to as many as possible and this has been difficult with all the opposition we have encountered. Do take notice of what we say and try to get it to as many people as possible. This is well worth your time for the more that know of us and listen to our messages, the better all will go. We continue to have as a foundation for all things the Light and Love of God, the creator of all that is and this will not change. So when we give of things to come, or we give advice it is done with the understanding that at the very beginning of your days and of our messages that it is based on the premise of this thought of Love and that is the highest energy that can come about. Please go over and read again our messages and take them into serious consideration and apply them to your own lives.

Because there are so many variables in what is to come we continue to ask that you live in harmony and compassion for all others. Help others as much as you can. Do not let concerns and fear take over your good judgment and desire to remain in the steadfast position of the Will of God. You will be tested and you need to remain in the highest vibrations possible. We hope we have prepared you fully and you have met our words with serious attention and planned ahead. Use good judgment in all things and continue to go within as much as possible for your guidance. I leave you now to consider all that I have stated here for we do all with love for you as best we can to have your days go better.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 5, 2021

Let us begin. We see that the time is drawing near for more information concerning UFOs to come out but as yet no one on the official side of the news is ready to admit that they are anything but unidentified. They do not say that they are from another outside source. I fail to see that logic. They remain unidentified. I guess they need to have one in their hands first. Unknown to a lot of people that very thing has already happened. Several craft have been recovered from accidents and are now kept in hiding for study and duplication. Not often accidents do happen and craft are retrieved but they have been severely damaged. These have been studied and craft have been duplicated for your own military but they are lacking in several of the main programs that would make them capable of traveling long distances without problems. This whole project of craft duplication has been hidden and kept from your public. They have, however, been seen by individuals and witnessed on several occasions. These craft do fly but have had problems that persist.

It is that time in your history for further flight inventions and with our help could become a viable means of transportation. We are not sure how successful long range travel would turn out with the attitude that now exist in your military. A modicum of understanding must take place first before anyone from your earth traveling in space could safely travel and confront others. Conversely there has been interaction for years now between representatives of earth with others from different planets and this has been for trade and supply exchange and has been successful. Most of this takes place on another planet at bases built specifically for this purpose. Your hard earned tax dollars are used for this purpose and labeled as something else and continues to be supported by your money. It appears that all divisions of your earth intentions concerning space travel are not communicating well with others on earth and there are some things kept in secret from others in the same field. The basic intention of some for space domination is a goal that will not flourish and for the most part will outright fail. Doesn’t it stand to reason that just by looking at the maneuverability of some UFOs that the occupants would be more adept at defending themselves than those of earth? Indeed we are and we have no intention of getting into some unwanted battle with anyone. This whole area of communication with us is greatly needed for a peaceful coexistence in your universe. After what you have been through on earth it would stand to reason that no one would want to be dominated, either on earth or anywhere else, but that is what we are dealing with by some of your people. The negotiations for peace are greatly needed by all and not just a few, on your earth and off. You are about to embark upon other neighborhoods and you do not yet understand what you are dealing with when contemplating space travel. This is why conversation is needed between us and it has to be with your leaders and space travel parts of your governments.

I would like to speak now of individual contact. We have been very successful with those we have contacted not in an official capacity and great advancement has been gained in this manner. The numbers have grown over the years and more and more people are reading our words and hearing of our contact. We have been very pleased with this exchange and communication but now what is needed is this same success with the heads of your countries and this has to be done before further progress on a greater scale can be accomplished. It has been such a huge road block in the past and we need to remove this hurdle so further help can be given to your world. There is no reason that information given by us cannot be a great service to everyone and we would hope that no one would stand in the way of this happening for your advancement in all areas of your life. Such progress can be made in the major fields of health care and science. We have already in place ways this can happen on a larger scale to benefit more than just a few and we need your agreement for this. We want to take nothing from you, only to give and be of service. This has been our plan from the beginning. In the past we have busied ourselves with giving what we could to individuals and they have been most grateful but now the next step, which is all important, is the relationship with your governments. This cannot be avoided for our plan to give of important information to you as a whole and this will include everyone on earth. It has to be presented under a certain understanding of peace so all will know of our intentions and also know of your agreement that this will be done. It is the only way it will work.

So, we look forward to certain unfolding from some in key positions to come forward with agreements and ways that this can be accomplished for many have already been contacted by us for this purpose and they know of our plans. In private they are agreeable and grateful but in public it has been a different story. We are now waiting for this to change and see that the timing is right for this to be more open and agreements to be made. It may take longer than we would like but it will happen. Once this agreement has been established you will make progress in leaps and bounds and this is greatly needed for information of a scientific nature has been kept from you for far too long now. We look forward to first contact, which is in itself a false statement for we have been in first contact for decades now. That ship has sailed long ago.

I leave you now to think of contact on a much larger scale and you are more than ready for this to happen. If all had the attitude of those reading here it would have already taken place and with great success. We are thankful for your support and we continue our attempts to reach this goal. Our efforts are waiting for agreement and we continue to show ourselves in your skies.
I am Joseph In His Service

June 4, 2021

Let us begin. I know it is hard to wait and you have been doing this for a long time now but things will transpire as they should and all will come about for this dispensation will close and another will open and the new will be the promised one. There is a time for all things and the time for revealing truth is now. There is much that needs to come out in the way of truth and there has been reluctance in the past but news about UFOs is coming out from private sources and some government officials. The slow way it is coming out now gives people a better chance to take it all in and this is good. We will get there.

I would like to speak now of the importance of preparation as it pertains to the elements of having to move away from certain areas of your earth. There are places in areas subject to radical changes and these will not be safe. Take a look at the ring of fire on your maps and see that islands are in danger areas. When changes come it may be a better move to go where there is power and food available instead of trying to remain where the struggle is too hard. Some of these adjustments, especially to islands will be such that repair will take a long time and relocation is preferable. Do not rule out trying to take precautions before something happens instead of after. Consider these options for change is coming. Many will be relocated in the coming times for it will be necessary.

May we speak now of the breaking down of society in times of great change from calamity. There are several avenues of challenge facing you at this time. Food shortage is one and the weather has played a part in this along with the Covid virus. You are beginning to get back on track with delivery and transportation of supplies and food but the weather has hampered the growing of crops and there will continue to be a shortage of some items. Another area of challenge is your economy and the threat of over spending and expecting the people to continue to be taxed to fill up any void. Watch your stock market and the economic structure as a whole for it is weak at this time. Any challenge now caused by weather or disaster such as earthquake will need funds to recover and they will be in short supply if available at all. You are vulnerable in this area of financial stability and do not need another stressful situation. This applies almost world wide. There needs to be a recovery time provided for your economy to regain some proper financial management and this may not happen anytime soon. Be forewarned to be circumspect in your spending and in your preparation for possible difficult times in the financial arena. Do not expect your governments to always be there for aid in financial matters, no matter what they are.

It is a good time to really be aware of what is going on around the world and in your own country as most are already stretched in the way of everything supportive for individuals. If possible grow some of your own food, even if it is a small garden and learn to live on less as far as luxuries you have become accustomed to. The bubble of what prosperity there is may burst leaving many in need with no way to speedily recover. Over spending and not preparing by governments has left areas vulnerable and you may not have time to repair the damage, if repair is even available. Circumstances did not lead you into this area of repair and preparation and the Covid restrictions dealt a mighty blow for difficulties in most all areas. Society as a whole has been stressed and has not yet recovered. Continue your prayers and meditations for repair and recovery for all these areas and for all to be steadfast in their purpose of strength. It may be necessary to go through a little hardship but keep in mind the positive attitude and imagine the best case scenario for everyone and hold to this outcome for everyone. We have seen this determination in you to overcome and you will bring this forward again in your desire to continue.

I am not painting a beautiful picture for you and this is deceiving for the important parts of any situation is your connection to your God source within and this is your strength and endurance of anything that comes. This is the beautiful part of your life struggle and should remain strong and viable in everything you encounter. Continue to make this a priority now, no matter what comes your way and keep your faith in a purpose of a higher plan for in the road ahead is always a higher plan and outcome. Hold strongly to this belief and don’t let your focus waver from this thought for you will be tested. It is part of you now and again you will be an example and others will take notice. You have lived a double life and your strength is not coming from the superficial reality that most see but a deeper meaning of everything based on the Light and Love you have taken into your being and this changes what you see and how you live. This is the support of steel you have acknowledged and utilized in your life and it has served you well in all things.

I leave you now to bring about the best possible action and reaction available to you when challenges come. Keep the Light in your life always and remember you are not alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 3, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are ready for what is to come. It may be more than they anticipated but part of the overall changes never the less. Often when chapters end there are extreme changes or balancing of energies that have to be brought about. Corrections must be made in several fields and one is the earth itself. Another is the energy field and this also has to come to a certain balance so things can continue in harmony. All things must fit together correctly for everything to proceed well. These changes have been expected for some time now and were delayed several times but are proceeding at this time. We have certain movements of the earth that have to happen and they will be large in scope, one thing leading to another. Pressures of plate tectonics will be relieved causing rather large earthquakes and some of these will be in the oceans causing water disruptions bringing water onto land in certain areas. Be prepared if you live on the coast. It is difficult to measure beforehand how much the water will be affected by these shifts.

Several documentaries concerning earthquakes and their history are available and a few with tsunami information. These would be helpful to watch, giving you an idea of the enormity or the possibility of major destruction possible. We are concerned at this time with Indonesia and possible adjustments causing water to come upon the land. Another area is the New Madrid fault, which is set up for major equalization of pressures now at any time. With the pressure building, the longer it holds and does not release, the larger the quake resulting once it does. It is difficult to measure the pressure building but we can see that several places are building and when an area is balanced in movement it will affect others and may cause several adjustments back to back. Energy moves in certain directions triggering movement along the fault lines and these are the avenues the energy takes. Once in motion the energy will run along these lines until the end of the plate or until the resistance to the energy is greater than the prevailing force in action. It reminds me of lightning, which has to discharge when forces build up. Some of these adjustments will be in unknown paths along the fault line, like fingers on a hand and they take forks off to the side. Hopefully people will be prepared.

Let me speak now of major preparations in the way of education concerning these adjustments. Those who are in the business of studying earthquakes have done well to inform you on preparing for these events with listing first aid materials and supplies. If you reside on or near these known fault lines it would be wise to go over these suggestions. We are not trying to scare you but to inform you of impending adjustments, which have to happen and they are not years away. Make plans in advance and do not wait until it is to late for at that time the need for help will be great. Forewarned is forearmed.

Now I would like to speak of adjustments in the way of mental ability to maintain your balance when severe earth changes occur. This may be a summer of storms and extreme weather and again it is hard to predict when and where these will take place but conditions are looking favorable for adverse weather patterns all over the world. Have supplies ready and especially food and water. If you are in a cold area have ways to keep warm if there is no electricity or fuel available. You can make do with a lot less than you imagine if you do plan ahead. Develop your ability to adjust and continue with the circumstances prevailing and don’t give up. Try to help one another when necessary for first responder services may be stretched to the limit and may not be forthcoming immediately. Your mental attitude is important in your desire to overcome and prevail.

We have spoken of these times in the past and now they are upon you as earth can wait no longer. There are those who say everyone needs to think positively and choose the time line without catastrophic events. This is good to focus on the best case scenario but there are some adjustments that have to be made and cannot be avoided. If you continue to go within and be guided by your connections with God then you will know how to avoid as much destruction as possible. Listen closely and take to heart the advice you are led to acknowledge. I leave you now to be informed and listen to inner guidance in all things. These are the times we are in now upon earth. Take all information and test it with your own understanding and verification.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 2, 2021

Let us begin. We see that there are those who do not comprehend what is going on and they will need help getting through what is to come. Most know there are changes happening but not sure why or where the changes come from. We are still confounded by those that are waiting for some type of communication from outer space, when all along so many have been receiving messages from us for quite some time now. Do they not know that you have been receiving messages all this time? From our point of view, we have been seeking to deliver information for decades now and there are still those who do not recognize our existence. It can be disappointing but that is how things are done on earth. If you are not authorized in certain eyes, you do not count or you are not validated. Everything has been Let us begin. We see that there are those who do not comprehend what is going on and they will need done in the past to keep our messages and communications a secret.

Now our existence is finally being told and is coming out and it is making a difference in the overall belief but we prefer not to be categorized and lumped together in one group of little green men. There are so many different places we come from and we all have different characteristics and can be told apart. It is like lumping all the people of earth together. It will all become more clear as time goes by but for now we are just aliens to most people. At least some are giving of truth and saying that we are here to help and we mean no harm.

I would like to speak now of the importance of daily meditation and how it impacts your life. A time of quiet and going within to seek guidance on a consistent basis goes a long way in tuning in to higher thoughts and vibrations and has a way of drawing you into the desire to continue that connection. It opens you up to certain vibrations that advance you along your way and broadens your perception to all things beneficial. It helps you to draw those advantageous things to you and also helps keep you focused on the positive attributes of life. Our advice is to always find time in your day to be alone and focus on that connection within and do not give up for it will produce positive results. There are now verifiable results comparing those who meditate with those who do not meditate and these are available in the health and insurance fields. Meditation is recognized as beneficial for peace, happiness and in some cases in reducing blood pressure. There are many other beneficial physical and mental improvements but these have not been proven yet, even though they exist. It is a concern that all the things that are not seen with the eyes and cannot be graphed on paper are not yet given credence in your health related medical groups but they do happen. Continue your endeavors to find time for yourself each day in meditation.

Let us talk now of the importance of energy flow within the body. We have spoken before of the importance of artistic expression and how it can be blocked and cause problems within the body and the mind. There is an energy within creation that is taken into the body and then expressed and this is a flow that helps continue life and well being. It is the essence of life itself and if either the taking in of this energy or the expressing of it is hindered it will cause problems for you. A creative person who is not allowed to create in some way feels stifled and ill at ease until that flow of creation is reestablished in their life. Also the person who does not have that inflow of energy will suffer physical concerns and their health is not what it should be. There are many reasons for this. There is much energy in nature and in the out of doors and under the sun. If possible spend time out of doors away from all the many man made waves of receiving signals and walk in the energy that is not an artificial chemical boost in a can. Universal energy is free to all and can be utilized without problems. Then find that you are more creative in your talents, whatever they may be, and do not hold them within. Expression is necessary for all of any age and this applies to nature also. There is no nature in its natural form that is without expression. This is the flow of energy. Give yourself some form of expression each day and this will also encourage the energy to come into the body for it is a natural process of life.

We like to see that you continue to seek and ask questions of life and you are inquisitive. You are so consumed in keeping up and dealing with the every day tasks of living that you do not often have the time or energy to pursue the answers you would like to your questions. Life should not be like this and everyone should have enough free time to rest and continue to learn. Changes will continue to be made and your world will be a more compatible place to live for everyone and not just a few at the top. Living in abundance is for all and this was one of the things that the person you call Jesus came here to tell you. You are in a society of haves and have nots and life is for all people in abundance of fulfilling needs. This is God given and will be restored.

I leave you now to think on these things and to focus on what should be for your expression of life. There are many things now that hold you back and some you do not yet realize. Freedom is also God given and is for everyone and this will happen. We look forward to the achievement of what was intended for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 1, 2021

Let us begin. We need to come to an agreement on earth quite soon now that there are people from other planets visiting and somehow everyone has to accept this truth. It serves no constructive purpose for anyone to deny the evidence and things will progress more smoothly with this understanding. It does not mean all have to involve themselves in anything. It just means that the truth of the matter is foundational and is necessary for further advancement as a whole society. It is a major turning point to acknowledge there is other life elsewhere and broadens the understanding of creation and the vastness of everything. No longer should anyone base their beliefs on the premise of intelligent life being only on one planet and this is a major mile marker, such as learning there is more than the continent you were born on. You can imagine what this opens up for you and how it gives you encouragement to all other beliefs.

It is easier to be closed on this issue and continue living in the same mental place you have been for years. You can advance in other areas of your life but this one principle is necessary for a lot of concepts that are awaiting your understanding so you can continue your total conceptual beliefs. It is the next step and we are glad to see this is happening now. It has been a gradual process and we hope that enough information to this end has been given now that it will not be such a grand leap. Those who do not believe in intelligent life on other planets are about to be challenged with visuals and truth they will no longer be able to deny. When one way does not work then others will take place. It is a natural process for the next step. Let me say here that no one will be forced to take part in anything they do not want to as far as making new friends or listening to educational information we plan to give, but they will not be able to keep overlooking what is introduced to earth on a global scale. As with any new concepts it will come gradually for many and this is the safest way for them.

Now let me speak of entertainment. Your entertainment industry is about to have a major overhaul for what is in existence now is not based on good transactions and there is much that needs to be re-done. The dark influence has had their hands heavily involved in the production and providing of individuals, movies and music and this needs to be cleaned up and all needs to abide by the laws of God. We are often amazed at the talent on earth in these areas for other planets have not expanded upon this wonderful part of sharing this with all others as you have on earth. Music alone has advanced greatly and you do not yet understand how amazing this art really is that you have created. Then we come to acting and movie making and here is another amazing advancement that you have developed in leaps and bounds. Using this avenue to introduce certain lessons and concepts into your society has been more successful that we ever hoped at the beginning for it took hold to a large segment of people and took off from there. You are a creative people as a whole and very talented in many artistic fields and it is sad that there has been this dark influence controlling so much, if not all of what gets to come out and be shared. A lot of talent has been held back and discouraged and many folded up and went home rather than play the sordid games that were necessary to get ahead. Expression of talent is necessary for an individual and a society for happiness and advancement.

I would like to talk now of focus and what your attention will be turned to. Is it really important to know what someone else eats for lunch and to see a picture of it? We are not speaking here of those who teach cooking, for variety in food and preparation is so helpful. But so many mundane things of others take up time and focus of people that it is a wonder that anything is private anymore in anyone’s life. Maybe we could decrease this exercise somewhat and focus on other things that are more meaningful in life. It is fine for anyone to be concerned about what they eat or wear but to have a majority of people on earth concerned about what someone else does at the table is rather strange to us. Does this really influence what you eat and wear if someone else does a certain thing? What happened to that individuality we have discussed and charting your own course in life. If you must look at what someone else does, let it be someone that is worthy of being studied and someone who has attained a certain level of advancement and authority in a subject that can be followed by their example and their teachings. Pay attention to where you put your focus and consider the source of what you are spending time watching. Look at the background and record of whom you are imitating or copying. Need I say more on this subject?

I leave you now to think of your focus during your day and hope that if need be it will change by your own free will to more helpful things that will lift you up in some way, either by entertainment or by knowledge in a helpful field. Spend your time wisely for you have been led in the wrong directions for some time now. You hold this power and control to change anything for the better and you will no longer be controlled as you once were. See what you can do with this freedom.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 31, 2021

Let us begin. Now we see that more news of a truthful kind is coming out concerning sightings of UFOs and this is good. There have even been thoughts of UFO activity being kept secret by governments. Slowly but surely the truth is being revealed and it will continue. Right now there is so much in your news of other activity that a lot of it may get pushed into the background. That is alright for it will be harder to dismiss when more sightings are being reported. Progress is being made.

Now let me speak of individuality and the thought that there is a place for everyone. The line between normal and deviant behavior is set at a different place in everyone’s mind. Some expect total compliance with society and others allow certain different behavior to be acceptable. God’s children all express in a unique way and see their reality a little bit differently than anyone else. You are all different expressions of the God energy and will see things like no one else ever has. Do not expect to fit a mold or pattern and live life like anyone else does, for you are an individual expression of God on purpose and this is how you were expected to perceive your own reality, as long as it is within the laws of God. Do not let society force you to fit into their standards of normal behavior. Love yourself as an individual expression and then live your life on your own terms with love and compassion for all life. You will find that you fit into Divine Will and God given energy of life quite nicely as you experience each day to the fullest with individuality. What a unique gift you have been given in that you are like no one else. You will bring a perspective and energy to the whole that is needed and wanted or your uniqueness would not have been created in the first place. Think on these words for a moment if you will.

So we now have all these different life energies and experiences giving back to God and all of creation and could it be that this was the plan all along? All your journeys finding out new things and what makes you happy and what does not, seeing that following God’s laws takes you through any experience with more compatibility in joy and happiness. It is a concept that needs to be understood and will be learned by all of you along your way but all in different timing according to your uniqueness of soul learning. It is no wonder that there are so many different ways of looking at things for you are all on a different mile marker of your life and seeing with different understandings of what you have experienced. All the while society wants you to act within certain parameters of “normalcy.” These boundaries of normal behavior are set and enforced from a point of fear, for living and acting in a different manner is outside conformity and this brings about an uneasy feeling. Could it be that this feeling of uneasiness was forced upon you along the way and then reinforced again and again to get you to conform to certain life styles of subservient behavior? This is a concept that needs further study and focus. Why has society grown to expect everyone to be somewhat the same? Have you ever wondered what your world would be like if everyone could be different and doing work they enjoyed expressing themselves in a way that brought satisfaction and fulfillment? Would this not be a better way for society to accept individual behavior?

I would like to speak now of not rocking the boat of life. It has been much easier for you to go along in expected ways because it just complicates things to be different. No one at your work place wants you to work in a different way and your loved ones like it better when you act a certain way at home so as not to give them question about your mental status. It is too much trouble to be different and causes too many problems to even go down that road of thought to express your life in a way that would bring you into the flow of energy that would be creative and unique for you. Just get up, get dressed, eat the same breakfast and go to the same work you have always done and live your life not making waves or rocking the boat. How bound and void of individual expression this is and not what God had in mind for you when life was given. I’m not talking about being in jail and on the news every day, but a calm thought out way of making yourself happy in your life by your own wants and creativity. Just ask yourself if you are living the life you want that makes all your time worth while to live by your own desires and interpretations.

Until this time of complete freedom in expression, try to find a way of expressing God in the job you do have and give yourself to the fullest in love of self and of others and see that God energy being expressed as close to compatibility with free expression as you can. Your world will soon start to change and each expression of life will start to come into more freedom. I leave you now to think on these things and to contemplate changing your world for the better. There is only one person that can do this and that is you.

I am Joseph In His Service