July 9, 2021

Let us begin. We know you are ready for something positive to happen. The angels and counselors assigned to you are very accurate in their assessments for they have been highly trained to be and have many years of experience. Most have been assigned to you for years and know you well. You would be surprised to know how much they have to go through to get to this point of being assigned to you. All people have one angel assigned to them and some have two or more. Usually only one is full time. The group that is the angel force continues to learn and have levels of attainment and have rank. For the most part they are not judgmental and do not possess any negative emotions. They do feel sadness and they are directly connected to the person they are assigned to by Source decree and also by the love they have for you. When you are troubled or feel pain or sadness they know it. They can read your energy levels and your aura and know when you are physically or mentally ill at ease. Most of the time they do not know the details of what causes your concerns, only the end result in your thinking. So you see we also get confirmation from them on how unhappy and tired you are and how you want change and an end to all the sordid, distasteful events in the world.

The process of their counseling is quite interesting and since they are so closely assigned to you it is imperative that they be of the highest moral character. You will not hear a booming voice in your head of their words but you do feel their influence in a most encouraging way. All are given Divine law based encouraging suggestions for your behavior, words and actions. Some of you are so laden with thick walls to protect you from life that you block out all messages of the angelic nature and repeated attempts to get through to you continue for they never give up. A few of you give in to the suggestions given and respond well to them. Fewer still have a recognition of their presence and communicate with your angels. This is an ongoing process and as you progress you may be assigned different angels or counselors during your lifetime and they will have different attainments depending on what is needed. You see there are types of specialists in the angelic realm and the association with you is very close. Are you able to get something past their knowing or perceiving? Not in your energy levels, your emotions or your thinking. This determines what type of help you will receive and there is never an incorrect response from them.

This is all wonderful and cozy but the challenge is getting you to respond in a positive manner to their influence. They do not compel you to a certain action but gently suggest the correct response for you to exhibit. All freedom is given to you and most of the time a suggestion is not given until you have already acted, either in thought or physical action. The completeness of their influence depends upon your perception of them. The more you are aware of their suggestions the more influence they have. You might say you don’t want someone dogging you all the time and telling you what to do and this is certainly your right to refuse their help. Most individuals want help and guidance and pray for such not realizing it has already been given. If a problem, need or circumstance arises above or beyond the scope of their authority it is reported to their immediate overseer for there is a chain of command. No one is left out or forgotten. For the most part this is a thankless job and most are never recognized by you for their work. They cannot force you into certain actions but they continue to try to influence you in the way of correct or Godly thinking.

How do you take advantage of these long term angels? First by your desire of recognition of them and their influence in your life. If you feel a nudge for a more loving response when someone has wronged you it is most likely your angel. Let these feelings develop, if you wish, and become more aware of them. Talk to your angels and tell them your innermost wishes and thoughts. Give them more to work with and they will contribute in a corresponding manner to your concerns. They will not condemn or pass judgment on you but gently suggest a more correct thought or action. Don’t forget they have been living with you closely for years. They will not tell you how many times they have suggested a more correct response for the same thing. You would think no one would want this job but because of its importance and continued training available there is great recognition given in the angelic realm for achievement.

I leave you now to think on these things and if you wish to avail yourself of a more complete God given help, then you have the choice to become closer to your God appointed angel. When we say you are never alone, this is the first step and the first responders to your help given and it is constant. No one is forgotten.

I am Joseph In His Service

July 8, 2021

Let us begin. In order for all to take place like it needs to, there has to be the proper Light available on Gaia. This could not happen until the environment was ready. The proper Light makes the information more readily accepted into the mind and brings about the love needed for one another. All elements will work together for the state of being needed. This is a wonderful thing about what is existing now for all is ready to be received. We can continue knowing the stage has been set.

I would like to speak now of love for one another. Never before has there been the correct mind set for this love for one another. It has grown gradually over time and through all the Light and codes given and now there exist the proper concern in the hearts of most that would care for others. This is needed when thinking of advancement as a group and working as a whole toward ascension. If this did not exist there would be no group and working together and everyone would be on their own, working toward ascension individually. As it is now there exist the cohesive application for some to lead in this journey and bringing others with them and all working for the same goal. There is a unit group in the energy that makes this possible. There has always been the desire for some to lead but now the leaders have more effect on the whole and the lead is stronger. A stronger grasp is on ascension and also on the process to achieve ascension.

As we come to the final endings of this journey the energies are more defined and nothing is lost. The ones moving ahead are in harmony with others but also the ones who have chosen to remain and continue working on their learning are also in harmony with their decision and are settling compatibly with their future. Before this was not the case as decisions were in contrast to what was and a comfortable place had not been found yet. This is due to the greater energies given and the love for one another no matter what their decisions. All seem to be in a better position to accept this process and the decisions are respected now by others. It is not that everyone should advance if they are not ready. This has always been known but now it is accepted and respected in the way of loving one another on and in their chosen journey. It is one thing to know something in your mind logically and another to know it in your heart and wish another the well being that is necessary. This has been accomplished and acceptance with peace is key.

Another step has been achieved and the final picture places things in their proper perspective now for other elements to enter the process and make way for the next step to take place. This is the proper and correct order for things to happen that we have spoken of before. There is a proper process that is needed for it all to work and this is being achieved. It is probably difficult for you to see because you are so close to everything but all is working out as needed in the order of events and so much is falling into its proper place.

I tell you these things to encourage you as much as I can at the moment. Be at peace with what is as much as possible for the work that has been done is paying off in dividends of a very positive kind. We know it is difficult to be at peace with what is not understood but this is part of the faith that is needed for these times and events that are abounding around you. All is coming together, even though it may not seem that way at the moment.

I leave you now in a moment of hopefulness and encouragement and tell you that all is working in a positive way for the accomplishment that God has intended and for His purpose. Be uplifted by this news and remain steadfast in His care at each moment of your day for His will is being done.

I am Joseph In His Service

July 7, 2021

Let us begin. Once the contact is made with earth people, this marks a point of no return and we cannot ever go back to before. There must be a follow through with information concerning who we are and our purpose. It is not that important who we are, as there are so many from different places, but our purpose is the important thing and our reason for being here. It is not nearly as important who is rescuing you from most certain death but that you are being rescued. We want to establish that our purpose is one of compassion for human kind and a desire to see that life not be extinguished in such great numbers. We are not sure that you, as an entire group, will understand the will of God and our being directed here by such a high power, but more that we want to see all rescued and saved from destruction. In a lot of cases the Divine intervention part can be explained later when individuals are calmer and more in a state of mind to comprehend this concept.

The purpose of the mission is to give people a chance to go to a place of safety and that means somewhere not on earth. What is to happen on and to your planet will surely cause much change and loss of life. Our intervention gives you that chance for there is no reason for loss of life once you are picked up. The places appropriated for you to be taken to are quite compatible with your needs and will provide all that is needed to continue a life that is most enjoyable. The relaying of this information is not that difficult in the telling. The challenge is getting people to see that we are credible and also for the listener to become calm enough to take in the information given for understanding. The importance of the situation and our words will become more evident as time goes by and the earth changes become more drastic. The need will become clear at a certain point and when it does we will not have to explain as much or emphasize it. The problem with waiting that long is that there will be so little time left for evacuation. The mind requires a mental process to transition in thinking to one of acceptance and at that point time will not be in abundance.

When facts are first given people will assume there is the option and luxury of time to refuse. As time goes by it will become increasingly evident that this is not the case. When will the offer of evacuation come to a point of having to decide? There may be a window of opportunity depending on how we are received, up to a point of having conditions dictate a serious need to remove ourselves from your atmosphere all together. We will not wait beyond this point. This will be determined by Gaia herself and the execution of her process.

So, you can see the importance of our contact with you in advance of the cut off point of removing ourselves. This is what we are striving to obtain now is a clear contact and communication as we do not want to wait until the last moment and have to say, surprise, here we are. The challenges from our side are rather large in scope and always have been under the rules and constraints we have in place. The information of our existence is growing and continues to be accepted by higher numbers all the time. We continue to plan for this contact.

I must leave you now with these thoughts and continue the work that is before us toward this goal. There is so much going on at this point and it is keeping us all very busy. I am fortunate to have these few moments with you. Continue your work in bringing more Light to earth as this is of enormous value.

I am Joseph In His Service

July 6, 2021

Let us begin. We see an abundance of dissatisfaction in people for they are ready for changes to be made. They want freedom from oppression and they want a stop to control. This is understandable for what you have been through. There will be another attempt to keep everyone separated again and at home but this time there are flaws in the attempt and they will be so large that it will be difficult to get the masses to comply with any type of restrictions regarding health requests. There are those who have investigated the hard evidence now of the past regarding health issues and are asking questions that need to be answered and the questions will not go away. Time will have its way of putting the light on certain areas of the facts.

I would like to speak of indifference and I hear a lot of you talking about those that will not take a look at the changes being made and also the evidence concerning visitors from other planets. There is a long history regarding evidence of visitation from other planets and it is being ignored. No longer is everything being covered up and hidden for it is talked about and brought out and one reason is the freedom of information act. What should be more than evidence is no longer hidden but the indifference is thick and it is easier not to think on these things. There is much to take up a person’s thoughts that involve just getting through the day and so the days go by without any curiosity into visitation from other planets. How can this not be something important that needs to be examined?

There is the fear factor and how people have been brought up to think of disaster movies regarding a take over and then there is the real past when certain ones came to earth and did harm. This is somehow taken into the mind and defenses are raised and the avoidance is gained when this topic arises. There is a lot to overcome concerning this issue but here we are and it needs to be addressed by everyone. The times are upon you when you will need help concerning earth changes and dangers will arise for so many. There is a question of whether anyone can survive what needs to happen and the answer is, some think so. The tunnels that have been prepared are for the few at the top who have known of your future hardships and there is only enough room for them to take refuge. What is to happen to all those who are left?

We have come to the people of earth so many times we have lost count. There are more books published on this issue than you probably know of. Some are quite accurate. In your history there are descriptions of actual events and not all are good ole boys coming to help. We understand this and have been on decades of campaigns trying to convince you of our intentions and purpose for being here. There has been a lot to overcome and we have done everything we could think of to get this done. Still your need for help will persist and decisions will have to be made and some will choose not to trust us in any eventuality. This is why the long time of dialogue and communication is needed before that decision has to be made so the process of mental adjustment can begin before it is too late. We have invaded such mediums as Facebook and Youtube with our words through others and yet so many choose not to look or read. It is a slow process and we are not Hollywood stars wearing the latest fashions and drinking the popular alcohol of choice. We have even considered this and after the mental pictures it brought about we returned to our logical thinking. The interesting part is that there are those on earth in these positions that can speak of life from other planets and have and few were impressed.

It would seem that minds are made up and choices have already been made on a subconscious level and this is freedom. It would be much better if these choices are being made after we have had our say and shown our side of this issue. It would be even better if there was a communication regarding questions posed and answers given so we could offer our information on what needed to be answered. We continue to gain the attention for this to happen and it will take something rather large to get that attention. It is unfortunate that what it will take to get that attention may also cause fear and some amount of panic. This was not what was intended.

And so it has come to this that we proceed in our efforts and you are the solid and grounded goal post at the end of the field of play that marks the touchdown, literally that is needed. More accurately we will be in your skies begging your eyes upon us and asking for your attention to questions you never thought you would have to contemplate. Do I stay on earth and take a chance on survival for what is to come or do I board a ship and take a chance on survival for what is to come there. You see what we are up against and why it is so important that we get our chance to talk to you. This is why we are working so hard to get this done. Our de-cloaked ships are much more frequent now and still they don’t get the newsworthy attention they deserve. Our sightings have increased and will continue to do so. It would appear that we have to be on your doorstep to compete with sports information. Is there an Olympic event we could enter? Maybe most miles traveled to attend?

I am not trying to make light of this issue for it is becoming more serious by the day now. We pose a serious question, what will you do when the time comes? I leave you now and ask you to be counted in the group that has studied our words and when you are questioned about your thoughts concerning our attempts to help, you will have your say in truth. We continue our work to communicate with you.

I am Joseph In His Service

A Second Message

A second message. Now I would like to speak of an unusual case of things and here it is. There is an unusual interference that is growing within the minds and hearts of some who do not see the God within all things. These individuals have within them the unbalance of energies and are lashing out, even at strangers, with their own lack of Light. They are not handling the imbalance of their own energies and it is causing disruption in their thinking and leads to acted out aggression.

This aggression is seeming to escalate as the earth changes bring on ever growing intensities of movement and we are seeing more conflict presenting itself in these individuals. Please focus, if you would, upon those who do not know how to handle the unusual energies abounding and hold them into more healing of their own thinking and acting out. They need help in dealing with everything. We do not want more chaos in their public demonstrations of lashing out. The indiscriminate acts of aggression need to stop upon the public around the world.

It is one thing for an individual to come to conflict in his own mind about what is going on and quite another for that individual to take this conflict and direct it into a crowd or upon strangers. Be alert and also protect yourselves every day with Light. So, we must ask for help on those who have lost their way. There is nothing that the Light of God cannot overcome. There is conflict coming and your Light work can help. Your are a force now that has caused great change and you continue to do so.

I am Joseph In His Service

July 5, 2021

Let us begin. I am giving a short message today as we are still very busy here. There are so many things going on that need our attention and we must keep things as balanced as possible to hold all in place so things can progress as needed so as much can be brought out as possible. Time is short and so few are prepared for any type of truth, much less evacuation. Introduction of ourselves is necessary.

Truth is coming out little by little and it appears now that there will most likely not be enough time left for everything to be revealed. Our priority has changed and we must offer people a way off the planet when their safety requires it, regardless of how much has or has not been revealed. Please continue to ask for Light to increase upon earth without conflict, aggression or destruction.

The grand finale to this closing chapter needs to be with as much order and peace as possible and we are working diligently to see that this is carried out. There is much conflict presenting itself. I must return now and continue, with others to stabilize energies in this regard. We must all work now to the very end.
I am Joseph In His Service

July 3, 2021

Let us begin. Being fraught with inability to achieve our goals has been discouraging to say the least but we have more up our sleeve and we continue. There is no giving up. We aim to cause the least amount of stress upon the masses but we must forge ahead.

I would like to speak today of adventure into the unknown. This is a term most often used for deep sea diving and space exploration. Man thinks he has charted most everything on the surface of earth. The seas and oceans hold many more surprises and there are those who accept this challenge. The space exploration also holds many surprises and await those who feel so inclined. There is much more than your own universe. Millions of planets are in existence and they are only the ones you can see for there are many existing in different dimensions that are as real as your own. In God’s heaven there are many mansions and all of them are not in your dimension. Life is abundant and this includes many types of life you do not yet know of. There are many ways to express God and His creations show this.

Let us talk about the unknown closer to home and I mean the parts of yourself that you have not thought of as yet. The wonder that is your mind, or your brain still holds unknowns and you are using much more than the ten percent that has been discussed. It is active and speaks to you in its own language but largely is ignored. You have perceptions that are stored in your memory that were put there by your previous awareness and you can call upon them when you wish. These include perceptions concerning people, places and situations. You have previously not believed in these in depth perceptions so you do not realize you can pull them up and review them.

Suppose there is a person you have focused on and have questions about. Your body receives information about this person and stores it. You can recall this information when you choose now that you know and you can review it when needed. Mentally call on this information by specific encounter or incident and ask that it be know in your consciousness and be alert to what is given. Do not be surprised if it comes in the form of a dream at night while you sleep. This also applies for locations as to whether it is a safe place to visit or to live. If you have been there in person before you were picking up details about the environment and vibrations and they were stored. How detailed this information was depends upon how much focus you gave it at the time. You might also try this for relationships, although your wants and desires tend to distort what you see as truth in this instance. Your emotions play a big part in what you remember and you must try to tune out your own feelings and keep the information pure.

This memory can be and is combined with current perceptions upon what is asked for and is ready to make life much more interesting for you in facts concerning most everything. You, as yet, do not realize what you possess in your DNA, mind and body. They are a most magnificent creation by God and are gifts of great magnitude to your form of God’s expression.

I leave you now to think on these things and explore the possibilities that are open to you to use in your journey. Explore the unknown for life can be exceptionally rewarding and exciting.

I am Joseph In His Service

July 2, 2021

Let us begin.  My attention is needed elsewhere today and I cannot give a message.  There is an abundance of activity and all are very busy.  Bear with us during this time and remain undaunted by events.  Your are the faithful few on earth and are greatly needed at all times but this is an exceptional time.  I will return when I can.
I Am Joseph In His Service

July 1, 2021

Let us begin. We are endeavoring to solve our problems as they arise and one by one we overcome them. This has turned out to be more of a seek and destroy mission than we anticipated. The plan to keep you informed of what was going on might have been a mistake for our information given was anticipated and steps were taken to prevent us from giving our words. Don’t give up on us for we will find a way. It is now that I cannot keep you informed anymore of our decisions on how we will proceed. This should have been seen on our part and especially by me. I fault myself for the desire to lay things out before you. Our readership has reached more than I anticipated. We continue to work on a way to come to you.

I am Joseph In His Service