November 21, 2020

Let us begin. Our goal is to present ourselves ready for the changes that are before us. We have been forewarned of what might come but no one knows exactly what is in store. We plan and prepare as best we can but the unknown is still the unknown because of human nature and the varieties of human nature and response. Let us be thankful for diversity but in this case a more unity of reaction would be a help. This “thing” before us is looming and forming into the details of how it will happen but the overall concept of what will happen is known. It is a switch over from total implied control of every human being to total freedom of every human being and that is saying a lot. Let us look at what “might” happen.

The beginning started with channeled messages and psychic messages given concerning the state of affairs. The difference this time is that more of them are coming out and being published or posted on the internet. The reception of the people is different and they are in a more receptive state of being now with all the new energies or waves coming in. The message is the same and the people are basically the same but the circumstances are different. The truth will come out and the key to this happening could have been one of several different things but the turnover for a look behind the real reasons for what was asked of you is now coming out where before it remained hidden. The examination of the election process and the activities concerning any discrepancies on the ballots is as good a key to unlock that private door where everything is a secret. Whatever could have been used to open this door would have started an in depth investigation into the beginning of understanding which would eventually have led to corruption and fraud in many areas.

The next step in what might happen is the real unknown. How will it be received by the majority of people in the US. More are searching for hidden meanings behind events in global activities and are uncovering more and more and it is branching out into all kinds of information. Most all countries are involved in this process of agendas and master plans being brought out into the open where they can be viewed by everyone. The world economy has already been affected by the virus with crippled businesses and unemployment. The added information of the attempt at mandatory control in the guise of health related issues will not be received well and here we have the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There will most likely be a retaliation of some sort with all countries pushing back from the people who have been deceived and this can take many forms from defiant actions on a personal scale to total civil war in each country. The government will be seen as the enemy when in reality it is the hidden and unseen few at the top that are the real culprits. Some of these individuals have never really been out in the open and you would not know them if you saw them on the street. They spend most of their time and energy in maintaining their deceptions and in planning the continuation of their schemes of total control of every situation from money to what is taught in school. They have become that powerful in their agenda and this has been backed by decades of hideous outright evil. This is a look at what “might” happen. From here we do not know other than to say the outcome for the top controllers is not good and also the end result of this revelation of truth will be in the hands of Divine Will. The process of how this is accomplished step by step are the variables.

Now let us look into the power and the glory of synchronicity. Do not underestimate the power of our Creator and the source of all things to bring about the desired end to all of this. The meshing together of events leading up to what is happening now is the amazing part of things and some of them you may never find out. Most will be told eventually. The glory part of all this is the end result and the intervention of Divine will in seeing the children of earth brought out of bondage for all these years and set free upon Gaia as was originally intended in the beginning. Woe unto those who have repeatedly stood in the way of Divine Plan and those who have played a part in the corruption and deception all these years. They will be taken care of one way or another depending on their transgressions. It will be awhile in coming to you the majesty of how this comes about from dark to light upon the earth. You know how hard and long you have worked for this to happen and still there is not the cooperation desired by many on your earth. They continue to stand in the way. The Master Plan of liberating the children of God was implemented and you are witness to the unfolding of that plan. A first row seat in the workings and hands of the Higher Power that is unfailing and final in its form and function toward what is wanted. In its finest detail it is a perfect execution of events leading to the end result. Of course it is difficult for us to view what will happen as a perfect execution of events. There will be a lot of pain and agony for many in this process and it will seem to take a long time but just think how long this cover up has been sucking the life right out of everyone on earth. So many will be removed and taken out. Some who are ready to leave and others who will come before judgment and the courts. This whole process is a perfect storm of sorts and will sweep across the earth like a landslide. This will unfold rapidly at some point once it gets started and all the dominoes will fall bringing about another hidden agenda and another. All of it will see the light.

Now may we talk of targets on the horizon. There comes a time in the maturation of deception when those responsible are no longer as careful in their attempts to cover up what they have done and they will become sloppy. This will be part of their undoing and this point will make it easier to point out their part in all that has transpired. Their fingerprints and foot prints will be identified by evidence of involvement and there will be no place to hide. One participant eager to gain all the leniency they can will tell all they know and have been witness to and then another and another and it will be connect the dots and the picture will become clear. Those whose job it is to collect evidence will be gifted in abundance with all kinds of connecting and verifiable evidence that can and will be used lawfully to bring everyone to the court system. They know what they are doing for they have been judiciously working on an air tight and somewhat triangulated case with many actors for some time now. Talking about complicated but interwoven this is it. These people or perpetrators have been and are the targets we are speaking of. I give you a look at what is to come in our view of things. The energy for this is and has been building for some time now and is being played out and this is one reason so many wanted to be here at this time is for the big finale. It has started.

I close now with these views of what is to come and this gives you more to think about. I go in peace and hope that you will continue to pray and meditate regarding peace being paramount within the process of all this.

I am Prosper

November 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with disgust that I come to you this morning. We are amazed at the resistance that we are encountering with your government. Continued attempts to agreements of disclosure have failed and there is so much evidence we are here now. How can they think you are that unaware of what is going on in your skies. It is so discouraging to deal with those in authority who continue to block every step we attempt to make to enlighten you with truth. The veil is thin at best and in places is completely gone. We are communicating with so many of you in real time now and the numbers are increasing. It is hard to think with all the communication that has gone between us that road blocks are still being put up and we are denied. What to do! I know what I would like to do but then I must set a good example and be responsible for my actions and we have directives and rules to follow. I am more than disappointed at this overall outcome of our attempts.

We have continued all this time to try to come to some agreement with your government for even a minimum of disclosure and lowered our standards for truth so that maybe they would agree to something in the right direction but they refuse and this is getting old. We cannot just take over or go ahead at this point for we do not have the authorization yet to do so and this has to come from high up. Our options are limited so we go back and report that once again we have failed to gain ground toward disclosure. It is a constant effort and attempt on our part to get this done. We keep thinking it will be so embarrassing for those in charge if they do not tell all of you something because it is becoming so increasingly evident that we do exist. Everyone will want to know why your government did not reveal the truth of what has been going on for so long. What are they waiting for? I am in a state and I should be over it by now. It is not one of my better moments.

I can only look at past motivation and think that you are being taken for fools. Overwhelming evidence of our place in your skies is increasing and with phones that can take pictures and be posted to the different internet sites you would think the advancement in understanding of individuals would prompt the people in key positions to admit to something. Are they not concerned what the voters will think on election day if they try to keep you uninformed for much longer? We have been down this road so many times now and each time we think we are making headway someone will back track on an agreement and even to the point of going back on signed contracts. It does not make sense that there would be something to gain at all from this behavior. There have been people eliminated in the past for giving out information and I guess this would go a long way to put pressure on anyone considering giving out anything, especially if your family was threatened. I must put this away for the moment.

Let us speak of dependability and I am thinking of what you have accomplished in your agreements before coming to earth. There were not only verbal agreements but signed contracts and the challenge in the past was getting you to come to an awakened state where you were cognizant of enough that you saw the wisdom in following the path that was suggested. The suggestions not only came from your inner knowing of the circumstances but from us also. Reminders of agreements to perform certain duties and mostly bringing of Light and Love into your realm and reality. This was the majority of the plan. Some did become aware of this and some did not and have not as yet. We thought we were sending enough people into this challenge that these reminders would be sufficient to wake most of them to action but a surprising number were either late in coming around or did not wake up at all. Those that have been aware of their commitment have performed magnificently and have surprised us in their determination and dedication to this cause and continue to this day to listen to what is needed for them to do. This degree of dependability is of the highest calling in most of you and the results continue to be of the highest caliber. It has taken a lot of work and collaborated effort both from you on earth and us in your skies to make our way to this point of accomplishment. It takes real incentive to continue when met with road block after road block and delay after delay but you have proven yourselves time after time. As we have said what has taken place here goes down in the history recordings.

Now may we speak of recognition of these reminders and urgings. Why did some become aware and some did not. That is a question that will be studied later on for some time. We use this information for future reference and all information is important. Was it pressure from family and friends, or maybe outright denial on the part of the individual receiving these indicators to wake up and go into action? We are seeing may reasons for this denial and most were afraid of being ostracized in some way by their accepted groups. Admittedly it was a bold step to go against popular belief and many of those who did wake up accomplished their work of Light and Love in private, never admitting their beliefs or actions to anyone or maybe to only one or two. Thanks to their efforts somehow it got done and we have come this far into what I like to call recovery. I long for the day when you can openly live your beliefs and speak of what you know and not worry about back lash of any kind. There are many who have suffered from their honesty and delivery of truth and some have lost their lives because of it. They are all sad times when this is the result of trying to fulfill your contract and trying to educate the public and get them to see what has been going on and what is still going on. The numbers continue to increase but that time is coming to an end. Things are changing. The recognition of intent and follow through has been enough to bring us to this point and state of affairs but it took a lot of hard work on your part to do so. We were glad to see each and every one of you wake up and set about the work needed and it was a challenge. A victory and it was and is shared by us all here when this happens. You are not in this alone and we share these times with you.

I would like to talk of investment in your future. No longer can you be neutral and delay intent one way or the other. Inaction is no longer acceptable, not that it ever has been looked upon with anything other than disappointment. Unfortunately things were delayed so much that time was of the essence and your investment in your future was paramount in need. There is before you a rather large roster of things to be done and commitments to be made for those things on the list. This is a group effort on everyone’s part and we encourage you to consider what part you plan to be active in bringing about the desired results. Make a decision and if you have no idea what your part is ask of Father what part he desires you to play in the correcting time and recovery of earth. Listen intently to what is suggested for you to do and it will be the same Divine energy that encouraged and directed you to wake up and get going in the past. There is great intelligence and long vision in matters of these directions and encouragements. Do not let them go unanswered and refuse to invest in your future and your part in all that is. Be aware of what is being told to you.

Let me just say that this is an unusual time and you on planet earth are setting a lot of firsts here with all that is happening. We wait and see what the next day will bring and hope that the time will come soon that our part in all that has happened will be revealed along with your part. We know that time will come and hope that it will be soon. It has been a long time in coming. At times like these when we are met with disappointment we must put that behind us and continue with our instructions and not give up.

I go now and leave you with the great intent that you have shown in the past. Think on these things. I go in peace and hope you will help others make the choice to do this also.

I am Prosper

November 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here are still seeing the positive actions of a renewal for planet earth, even though you do not have a clear view of that yet. There remains much for you to go through still before you get to the physical evidence of this renewal.

Let us talk of transport or the transition means of getting there from here. The energies that will be brought forward contain the elements of change and those same energies will take the parts that are needed for a new world and release the other negative parts that are no longer needed. The discarded parts of the energy will be transformed or transmuted into positive elements of makeup that will be used in other ways. The retained parts of energy will form different needed circumstances of positive energy for you to work with in creating the kind and type of earth that you envision and want to live in. These energies will coalesce into physical manifestations of your thoughts and prayers from your desire and be made for you to see. You will in fact be a partial creator of what is to come. So, it is paramount that you maintain the precursor of thoughts in exact sort of a blueprint that you want for your environment and surroundings but mostly your way of life. The type of leaders you want for the governance of your country, the type of atmosphere politically you desire for you and your children and the overall atmosphere of living you envision for the forthcoming times. Keep these things in mind for these go toward the energies that will make up the physicalness of what is to come. The thought into reality.

This thought into reality is not just for your government but is true for all things now that you are in the creator business of forming a new earth. You will not have complete autonomy but will be overseen by a large group of highly trained individuals who have done this type of work before and they will spearhead the process of re-building and re-forming and creating of things in all areas of what is needed. This is a large organized and planned process and much is left up to you. As I have stated before this planet was your gift to care for and that has not changed over time. The responsibility is still yours.

We are carrying you forward in your thinking, you will notice, into what can be described as after the turmoil part of the revealing process, however that takes form and plays out. We want you to think ahead even though your mind is consumed at present with current affairs and the air is thick with what is going on concerning your vote counting. Also look ahead and keep in mind there will come a time when all this will be over and the task before you will have counted on you considering your options and not just being confronted with it brand new. Let your thoughts start to consider these things of your future and take form into what the collective wants and needs for the promised time of peace. It is necessary for this to be done now in spite of what is going on. Do not spend your time immersed in argumentative dialogue with others over what ifs and what should be. Better to pour love and light into what is best for all souls involved and not add to the fray of uncertainty and negativity going on at this time. The undercarriage of what is going on will come forward and be revealed in due time and better to have asked for what is best for all when that happens. There are those who will play out their parts in the matter. The light workers and light bearers need to play out their parts also. It is a joint and collective affair on all parts and energy is given into this transition for that purpose. As directed by the Father it is playing out and transpiring as He directs. So it is under His control and your giving of your service to this is also under His control and hopefully you are asking every day what your part in all this is.

Now may we speak of lethargy and couch sitting. If you could take time for meditation and prayer and turn off your TVs for awhile to devote to giving of your mind to positive things it would make a huge difference. We know you are tired and worn out from what you have to accomplish every day and some days it is monumental. This time you spend watching so much TV is non productive other than it takes your mind off of your problems and gives you a rest. Meditation and prayer will do the same thing but is highly productive and should be a regular daily activity. God does not charge cable fees nor is there a problem with reception or waiting on a repair person to come when there is a problem. He is always available for you to tune in to and is much more powerful that any signal you will ever get from your service provider. Re-train yourselves back to the ONE of all things and tune in and block out all else for awhile each day and you will make a world of difference and I do mean a WORLD of difference. At times we here wish we could come down and knock on your door and explain this face to face in order to get your attention. There is so much available potential here that you possess and it is not being used in a constructive manner. So let us say that some of your couch sitting will be used for connecting with the God within instead of your TV viewing.

Let us touch on projected outcomes of what is going on. When this vote count or ballot recount is brought forth and discrepancies pointed out there will be a difference of opinions to put it mildly and even more so than exists now. How intensely this will be received is a variable but could lead to extreme anger and aggression. At this point we do not see much giving in of either side and this is conflict with a capital C. Our hope is that no lives are lost or no one is injured in this conflict. We continue to see you pouring Light into this energetic discord of choosing sides and opposing others and this is what is needed and please continue to do so. Your time spent in this effort is measurable by us and I wish there was a way to show you what this means in your reality. You will not change the process or the need for the inevitable outcome of what is needed to happen but you will and do change the intensity of lower vibrational influence that is emanating from the thoughts of others and this is greatly needed. The addition of light and love gives strength to the Divine purpose in this process of doing away with the control that has been. This that is happening now is so Divinely orchestrated in outcome. It will be no other way.

I would like to speak on purpose of life. If you do not feel directed in your purpose at this time then it may be necessary to ask each day what your part is in service and which direction you should be pursuing. Each day ask how you should be directed and what action you should take and what love and peace you should bring to all that is. You are Divinely blessed and God directed in your actions and it is up to you to listen to what is given to you to be in service. It could be that you will be directed to be the loving mother or father to your children or you may be the Divinely led chef that prepares food with love in your heart for those that partake of that food. You are needed or you would not be here at this time to give of your part of God’s plan. All that is is Divinely perfect in its original content and has only been distorted by man. If you were not here then your world would not be all that it could be. Do not underestimate your necessity of being here and the urgings of Divine action on your part. Continue to ask what your part is today and each day and let that direction come through. Do all things through the love that is freely available to you and know how important your presence is. No one is not counted.

I leave you now with much on your mind to consider and contemplate. A new world is waiting for you and you need to be ready to command your part. I go in peace and hope that you will pray for peace in all things coming.

I am Prosper

November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and relay to you that things are going well in spite of what you are seeing. The truth comes closer to being revealed with each day now and unfortunately it is not being received well by almost everyone. Those for Trump are not happy about being deceived with voter fraud and of course the others are not happy about the accusations and do not believe them. This is causing a lot of friction within both parties and is like a possible combustible energy source. There was a question posed if all truth about the election could be revealed without the violence and aggression and yes, that is possible and is preferable but not likely as we are seeing it now. Unfortunately there are circumstances prevailing that lead to a difficult end. You most likely will have attempts to turn the tide from information that is being brought out to favor everyone’s wishes and that just cannot be done. It is impossible to please everyone in this instance of political wants. In this case it will have to be played out to its conclusion.

Now may we look at introspection of events and prevailing attitudes which are present. All is leading to the Will of the Father in this and usually when this amount of hidden things are brought forward there is an end result of emotional out playing of some sort or other. This is normal to process surprising information and in this case it will certainly be surprising for most everyone. The different emotions will make a unique mix and it is almost impossible to say how this combination will end. It is looking like there will be a an attempt at some type of control by your government to keep things from becoming unlawful but even that will be a challenge. Feelings are that high at present and hard to predict other than to say it doesn’t look good from here.

Events leading to this time have been full of manipulations from several factions, all using others to try and bring things to their own advantage and here again you cannot please everyone. So many different agendas wanting their way and using what means are available to them and most involving monetary gain on someone’s part. Most groups of this type can be bought and much time has been spent trying to find out what will entice the other group or individuals to do their bidding. Money, cars, houses, jewelry and physical pleasure all used at one time or another to buy the deception wanted to further the ends of what was needed to control the circumstances. It has been a life long endeavor of many that were playing into the hands of the dark for domination of all and everyone. It did not happen and now it will be no more.

All intervention on our part has to be considered, weighing things against events prevailing and then it has to be approved by a certain group before changes can be made and this is the only way there can be anything against freedom of choice. In the case of atomic warfare the stopping of progress toward possible war had to be approved before anything was carried out. There is only one way that intervention does not have to be approved and that is the wishes of Source and directives in that case are carried out to the letter at the time specified. That is the way things are set up. Events from long times past made it necessary for other planets to be represented and wishes in the form of meetings usually involving votes are now required for actions that involve actions that affect other planets such as atomic war would on your planet. Anything that has long reaching consequences gives others the right to speak on the subject. What you do here on earth does not stay here. It is difficult for us to explain so that you understand how this works but know that you are connected with all that is and especially those living close to you. It has happened before that undesirable events took place with devastating results and a lesson was learned. So procedure was set up to prevent this and to give others a voice in the matter. Do not think what you do here is energetically benign to all others. In a place where all is connected it is impossible.

Now may we speak of everlasting. Let me be clear in that there is no place where all things are not connected for we are all part of the One or the Whole and are from beginning to everlasting. Difficult in its premise to understand but that is our understanding of what is. And to be more confusing for you what is, IS. As far as we can tell it always has been and we believe it always will be. So, therefore the problem comes in when you think you are separate from your Creator in any way for form. This thinking is when the Light is prevented from becoming in your life and correlates directly with your feeling of separateness. Now this information is becoming known to you and this has changed things considerably from what we can see and we hope that you are making that connection to not only being connected with the ALL THAT IS but you are beginning to realize that you are no different from All That Is. At one time you were cognizant of this before coming to 3D and living the challenges you were confronted with to learn what you once knew. It has been an interesting journey. This brings up many questions I am sure and this is part of your journey forward and there are many answers waiting for you.

In understanding difficult concepts there are elements that must be known for it all to fit together and make sense. This is part of our education process for you in that the elements needed will be given so that the learning will not be so confusing and learning will take place. Please do not expect it to happen over night. It will take time and this process of learning is a never ending process. The main items on the list of things to be given to you are your history of what has been brought about from long past to the present time where you are now realizing how much you have been in bondage and manipulated. This is partly to give you the understanding of awareness so that this never happens to you again in any form. This information is a priority and you have earned the learning of it.

I go now with these facts for you to consider and process in your thinking. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

November 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is here and now that things are beginning to gear up in the US. We see the energy has changed somewhat in color, light and intensity. Our readings show that deep feelings of large groups are coalescing into form and the thought behind it is not good. The pattern of past thought of using some type of power over another is still alive and this does not lead to peace. Instead there are thoughts sourcing from different places that lead to the same conclusion that some things need to be changed and the only way is violence. This should not be so. Some are motivated by thinking they are right and doing a service to all by any violence. Others just want to destroy because they think this will get them what they want. The elements of change are just as strong in peace and the result is preferred. This is something you have been slow to learn and that is the power of peace and the intent behind it.

Your processes of voting are slow to come about but things have been put into motion that cannot be stopped and will come forward. The inevitable conclusion does not have to contain any form of aggression or violence. Observe and consider before any less that desirable action. This is a good rule for most action. What are the consequences of violence and do they every bring about the desired result. Very rarely does violence lead to a better way of life. The turning over of all things to be exposed to the light is necessary but getting everyone to believe what they see is another matter. This train has left the station and is picking up speed.

Now may we speak of decisions made upon what information is given. In the course of life it is necessary to reason and discern from facts given. Is it deceptive in nature, does it contain some element of truth or is it an outright lie. Is the source well meaning in nature or does the source have a history of deception. All these things may need to be considered. Many times prayer and meditation are needed to bring more clarity to what is given. There is a reaction from the body and the solar plexus and it is a long standing voice when confronted by large decisions. Listen carefully for this and do not just react from an emotional point of view. Ask for truth to be given and determined. The fact remains that so much of what is given concerning politics has been clouded in deception that it is hard to determine now what is truth. Some things will speak for themselves and will be evident no matter who is giving the information.

Now may we talk of deceptions from your past. The control of the people has been predicated on subtle lies and used with slight of hand. You are busy looking in one place while something nefarious is going on in another. This method was perfected over many years and has been used largely over the past few years. Your instigators are good at this deviousness now and cause one thing worthy of news media attention in one place to get your attention while something else is going on in another area they want hidden or overlooked. Do not be fooled by this tactic. This is one reason bringing more light to your plane or level of life is necessary to bring about the revealing of all things hidden. So little is what it is purported to be. One is brought to the thought, “can I have been wrong all this time about this topic”. Not wanting to admit that you have not been vigilant about seeing what has been going on it is easier to believe the wrong thing. There comes a time when one has to admit that deception was not only used to bring about the desired result but that you did not see what was going on for the long length of time it was used. This is difficult to admit and brings one to a different perspective and belief in one’s self. Why did I not see this. This is where the truth is deflected by causing one to look elsewhere at the time. It has worked well. The problem with the deceivers is that they have become so obvious in their deception that they have failed to go to the lengths they once did to cover up their deception. It has risen to the top and has revealed itself.

Now I would like to speak of control. This issue of control has lost its power and after many years of use it is being weakened to the point of death by the insight of the people. So many now have come to truth and are speaking of it in public. The strength which was once lies and deception now is in the hand of truth and revelation. This is not a passing thing but is gaining power and will stand in completion soon. We have spoken of disclosure, revelation and truth coming forward and we see that this time line is so heavy with intention that it is inevitable. Once being given to the people with their skepticism will gain strength in understanding and garner the attention of most everyone. Whether everyone will give the truth the strength it deserves remains to be seen. Some will stand fast in their previous understanding and no matter what is given they will not move. Most will see deep into the meaning and source of the truth and will adjust accordingly. The time it takes for this to happen will differ with everyone. The mental process of this may take some time for many. It will come for most. Those who want to remain in their past learning will refuse to move forward in any way and will cling to the erroneous thoughts and beliefs that they have become accustomed to and lived by most of their lives. This will create a rift between the new thinkers and the old thinkers and this is where we would like to see the issue of control of the past disappear completely. Deceptions of long standing are difficult to change and usually take a complete generation to go by the wayside when the new generation has an opportunity to hear the truth from the beginning of their life. This whole process of becoming you are now in will take however long it takes but the God energy that continues to be given along with the wave of great strength that is coming will go a long way to open the minds and hearts for a better reception of all truth. The reason for this is the power of love and light to create the desired result in all ways for the new world you have been promised.

I leave you now with these things to consider and see that most are in a state of great mental change in their thinking and accepting of the truth that is being given. This will increase as time goes by and more things are uncovered. I go in peace and hope that you continue to remain in peace no matter how things unfold.

I am Prosper

November 16, 2020

Let us begin. In our efforts to guide you along your path we give you certain elements of truth that you need to build upon other facts. It comes as not surprise to us that you are far behind in your needs regarding education. You have progressed grandly in your social skills and news of pop stars and Hollywood celebrities but not in the teachings that would advance you along your soul path. You have been led in the wrong direction and enticed by shiny things and glitter and this has led you nowhere. There have been many leaps in medicine and technology but your learning has been mostly one sided. It is time for that to be corrected.

Starting soon your teachers will be in a position to broadcast the building blocks of a solid foundation and all else will be added. There are entities of rather long standing with experience of hundreds of years and mounds of information to impart to you when you are ready. We will not just throw out information to you without a proper setting or beginning. The truth of your controlled years and controllers will be given so that you may understand just how you came to be where you are and it will be uncomfortable to say the least to know that you let this happen. It has been a difficult time for you all things considered. You will wonder why you did not understand what was happening to you and why you didn’t do something to stop it. You were confronted from all sides with suggestions and emphasis on issues that coerced you into a set pattern of thinking and all the while you were busy sinking deeper and deeper into the daily grind of making a living. It is becoming a thing of the past and will soon fade into what was.

Now let us speak of importance of the next steps in your making and creating of this new earth. The great energies that will be given to all will have a way of opening up the heart and mind and make it more accepting of the love and light that is available. This will bring about your concentration on the importance of thought and its implications for change. You will become cognizant of how much choice you now have in the way of changing your thoughts and bringing about a much clearer frame to put all thoughts in. You will start from a standpoint of love and service to others and from that all other thoughts will be based and your eyes and mind will open to the meaning of so many of the messages we have given to you regarding the desired premise of Divine living. Being in the will of God will be seen more clearly by you and you will choose to live in desire of living this way and there will have to be no more suggestions given to you. You will wake up each morning asking how you should live your life that day in the Light and Will of the Father. Life energy will flow through you and you will spend your time in joy. This is what we have been trying to show you regarding your new earth. These are the next steps you will take in the beginning and that will be your starting point.

From there you will spend much more time than you are now in learning and receiving the educational lessons we will offer or you will choose your own searching of truth and learning what you will from available truth offered. Either way you will have a much deeper desire for learning than you do now and it will not go away. Your days will be divided between work or service, learning and play or your chosen pass time. Yes, there should always be time for enjoyment or how else will you have a balanced life. So long all you have known is the labor of a long day either in work for money or at home with child rearing and domestic duties. There was no balance. You stayed tired, sleep deprived and unhappy with lots of health issues. These things will also move into your past and begin to fade. The next steps are important and set the focus on becoming in the right atmosphere for growth.

Now may we speak of heartbreak. There are so many instances of deep sadness in your lives that we wonder at times how you have managed to continue. It has been all you have known and you forged ahead. These times of emotional energy of sadness imprinted your mind and your body and it will take some doing to have all this cleared from your total being. The learning of lessons will hopefully remain with you for future reference but the major depth of sadness will need to fade so that you cannot recall these times with such clarity. They were learning experiences and were offered for that reason and many of them you will clearly see and will give thanks for eventually. Stepping stones are not always easy to take but they remain stepping stones to a higher way. Sadness and heartbreak have such strong vibrational overtones and they are remembered so easily that it takes sometimes a lot of work to understand the circumstances presented themselves for a reason in your life. Use these difficult moments as times that need to be investigated as to what was learned and why. Do not ban them from ever thinking about them again. They are teachers and given the opportunity they glean much meaning for you from the incident or specific time in your life. Take advantage of this.

Now we speak of knowing and this is in reference to the soul information brought forth with each life. There are certain things not forgotten that you have available to you for soul experience and can be used from life to life and are there for remembering. Bring these into your opportunities and see them as accessible for help and understanding. Each person has different information learned from different lives and can be used for help when needed if you learn how to bring them forth for review. First you must see or know that that information is available to you and that this is possible. The time has come where this knowing will be shown to you where as before you were not ready for the understanding. Some of the information did come through from one life to another without you consciously realizing what had happened. We will help you bring about this access to learned lessons and experiences of interest for your help in this current life. There are so many avenues available now with the giving of the changes you have and will receive and this is one reason you will be living in a whole different world. It is not a gift for all but for those who have followed the guidelines given for living in the will of the Father will you continue to advance.

I leave you now with these things to ponder and study. There is so much for you to learn and you have come a long way and have jumped over many hurdles to be here. I go in peace now and how that you will also.

I am Prosper

November 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great anticipation that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that your light work is growing and you have certainly made a huge difference in everything and this is all over the world. You have learned how to link up and join together as a group mentally and this magnifies the result. You are already connected to all that is but a mental dedication and intention is needed and this is what you have done. We are more than pleased that you turn to this means of working with your light and not only that but you have maintained your resolve to continue each day with your dedication.

There is no stopping some of the things that are to come but the effort that you put out is evidence of your deep desire to see the dark is done away with and the people are totally free. This fortitude is what you are now known for and word of your accomplishments continues to spread. Please do not think that all will be lovely from here on out. We dare not dampen your spirits on this but there is a lot more to come before the lovely part.

Please let us speak now of love. We have touched on this before but pick this time before great change to once again touch on the power of love. As in your efforts to bring light into your now time is alive and working to dispel the darker side of life, the love you bring will also grow in leaps and bounds the light that is present and the emotion that is present in every heart and mind. We see more kind deeds in action and mindful thoughts of kindness being acted out even to strangers. This love principle carries so much creative potential with it into every element of earth and this includes the animals and plant life. There is something to be said for plants and crops that grow in an environment of love as opposed to hate and dark thoughts. The crops grow with more vital energy in them and this transfers to the people when they are consumed.

We wish you could see the energy itself and how it is alive and evident all around you and in all things. We think you would more readily understand how all is affected by everything else generating energy. You are becoming more aware of this all the time. This is even evident in products like furniture and appliances that are made in an atmosphere of positive thought. Have you ever had an object that you thought was cursed? It just may not be cursed but may have been made in an atmosphere of dark thoughts and low vibrations. Be cautious when bringing in to your homes second hand furniture or items from unknown sources. Cleanse them and their vibrations with loving light and your desire for their service to you and your family. It will make a difference. Items are not actually cursed but they can be victims of dark thoughts just as you can and the thoughts may cling to that item. All is energy and vibration. Tesla was right when he said understanding the universe was in the energy, frequency and vibration.

You are experienced enough now that you can walk into a room and feel the mood that prevails. This goes so far as to affect the food that is cooked and that you consume. Have you ever eaten a meal that was prepared by someone that was angry? I do not recommend it. We are trying to entice you with the thoughts of a new world where everyone is thriving in an environment of love and this makes all the difference in everything.

Now let us speak of hierarchy. There is a sort of chain of command in all life. We start with the lowest and go to the highest. Someone or something has command of all that below them and this usually has to do with experience and accomplishment. Your government is very deceiving in this concept of who is at the top. Your President in some cases is almost a figurehead and has no control. You now have an acting President who is actually having more control than most in the past. Such pressure is put on your office holders that they hardly get a chance to bring about the change they want or desire. Manipulation is the name of the game and is carried out in grand style on a daily basis. We see it constantly and usually is accompanied in some form by monetary gain for someone. How is this anywhere near serving the people they represent. This hierarchy of people governing your country is supposed to be working together for the good of all the citizens toward a better way of living and of life and not lining anyone’s pockets with money or other beneficial things. This is what you are working together to change and you have had to dig rather deep to root out the corrupt part and start over. This is what is happening now and it is not over. It is almost a complete turnover and setting the plan straight is taking some doing and will continue along with your efforts to get it right. We have dedicated ourselves to helping you in all ways possible but so much is left up to you for this is your gifted planet to work with and upon.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider and to use constructively in your bringing about the new and revised earth. You will never regret the work you have and will put in to making this come about.

I go now in peace and hope that you will continue to do also.

I am Prosper

November 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is concerning to us that you have entered a portion of your transition that is involved with possible violence. We are continuing to see a lot of negative energy floating around that is making its way into reality and it is disturbing to us. We understand that this time has to bring forth the corruption and deception that has been hidden but we continue to warn you that violence is not the answer to your differences of opinion. In this process you are forced to learn other ways of continuing without destruction. You cannot change another’s opinion with this type of action and deep down you know this. There are always going to be those who do not think like you do but it is unthinkable to hurt and destroy over differences to solve the problem. Your system of electing a President in the past has worked for you without this thinking and you did accept this. Now we look at what has changed to bring this about.

Being quarantined in your homes and having to wear masks has disturbed the part of your thinking that was agreeable to society. You are wanting to rebel at this mandatory behavior and not sure where to place this protest or blame. You have increased your emotions regarding your political views toward certain topics and are willing to take drastic measures to avoid the undesirable candidate you oppose. Much of the frustration in life is released for some type of acting out and you feel you are not only doing this for yourself and your family but for others as well. You are telling yourself you are acting out for the better good. This is not the way. In the past you have never been able to come to a friendly or agreeable conclusion with others by harm or destruction.

We resolve differences by compromise and negotiation. It has worked well in the past. Both political parties think the other side has fraudulently manipulated the vote and this is a transgression that is not acceptable to either side. The recount should be allowed so that a more accurate count is obtained.

Now may we talk of incompetence. Unfortunately there are those who are still in office in various capacities that are no longer clear thinking or able to do the research on subjects of governance. They have passed their prime and should retire and be replaced. This number is growing and life positions have never been the best way. Some are well meaning and do have your country at the top of their list but others are marking time and hanging onto the title or position. They not only refuse to do the work to make a good showing in judgment but are making decisions that hinder or harm your country and its citizens. The tax payers deserve much better than the quality of thinking that is deciding law and procedure. Work to change the practice and bring in people who are capable of performing at a level that at least can research and analyze the problems and are mindful of what the people want that they represent.

We see a searching of ideas in your collective that has your country’s best interest at heart for all concerned and you are trying to figure out the best way for office holders not only to be chosen but to serve. Should there be term limits, should they be appointed or elected. Should there be a test given before someone runs for office and these are the questions on the table at present. All these ideas deserve consideration and hopefully you will come to the best decisions for all the questions that arise. This is a time of change for all those things that need changing.

We now believe that you will complete this time of transition with many changes on your mind and this is what is needed. The time of disclosure of many truths is upon you and this will influence your decisions for yourselves and your country. You need this information to make better informed decisions and the information is coming. Things are in order for this to happen and the energy of disclosure is falling into place. The truth you need will come from several sources and it is up to you to use it wisely.

We continue to encourage you to use your abilities of bringing love to the earth wisely and abundantly for the need is still great. I bring you now to a close of this message and prepare you for some detailed revealing of much needed information and truth. I go now in peace and strongly encourage everyone to continue their journey in peace also.

I am Prosper

November 13, 2020

Let us begin. I am in joy this morning and plan to stay that way while watching this old way of life crumble before my eyes. We gave the dark all the second chances that we could and now it is time to follow through with what they are facing. We challenge you to follow through with your desires and blue prints for your new world as you would like and this is most certainly a joyous time and activity.

Now that we have discussed the favorable part of your future we will turn to what is going on now. It is most disturbing and has our full attention. What is seen here is not good will by any means and that is what is needed after patience. The vote count is what is called for and is not uncommon. A normal procedure and this takes time. Encourage peaceful actions as we do and things will go much better. Unfortunately that is not what we are seeing that is happening. Aggressive and antagonistic thoughts and behavior are coming forth to complicate everything and it continues. If you do this then I will do this and none of it is setting a good example for anyone, especially children. Is it so difficult to maintain good behavior and communication? It would seem so. Some of you seem to specialize in bad behavior. It has become a way of life for you. Break this habit of speaking ill about others. It will not only set well with you but with others.

May we talk of targets. There are those who speak truth on political issues and this sets themselves up as targets for truth is not being received well at this time. Differences of opinion are being pulled from social media and blogs and especially if they contain truth. The fight is on for control of not only your actions but your thoughts also. I have never seen such a power play for control of a group of people outside of incarceration. You just think you are free but you are slowly being pushed into non speaking parts of society by the last efforts of those who want to control everything. You are beginning to fight back for your freedom in thought and action and this is building to a grand finale. It will come to a head shortly and hopefully be short lived with the proper outcome. We continue to do what we can from our vantage point but this is an issue that has to be settled and dealt with. We see this as not an issue of political parties nor is it a battle of light and dark but one of worldly freedom of all people to express the next level of advancement into ascension. It is experiencing Light and the individual desire to enter the collective of God direction and Divine thinking and knows no group. These steps are in line with ascension and have been coming for some time. The opposition restricting this in any way possible is causing the conflict and the overt confrontation is the result. It is inevitable.

This experience is happening on so many different levels and not only on a political level in the US. It is world wide and we see it in all countries and escapes no one. The individual must be free to express in speech and actions as long as it is within the parameters of God’s laws. This is a breaking out of that desire of each one of you and you know this on a soul level. A culmination of seeing things as they really are and you are about to get more information that will make this desire even stronger. Not only will you be told of what is really going on and what people are really doing but this will bring about the desires within you to want to build upon a freedom you have not yet known. This will take time but you will be headed in the right direction in a big way once these restrictions have been removed and your vision is clear.

It is joyous for us to see this happening but first the struggle before the freedom. Differences of opinion can be heated and this time is no exception. Prepare yourselves for this conflict as it is coming. We do not like to offer conflict news but as of now we see this on your horizon. This is why your light work is needed. Give this your time as you have been for you are not novices anymore. These restrictions being placed on you will not work. The God part of you, that part that is of the Father is and always has been free to express in Godly ways. Express these ways and see what freedom it brings for others also. You are part of a group action now and not just individuals. We are amazed at the powerful displays of love you produce and the results that brings about.

I leave you now with these encouraged actions which so actively bring along with you others who as yet have not seen what is going on. Think on these things. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

November 12, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you, even though you are not seeing what I am seeing I do have a good view of that which is happening behind the front. We now believe that we are in full swing of the take down of that which was and it is truly coming apart as we speak. So much has already been done in that respect and it is like the dark left overs are scurrying trying to find a hiding place and there will be none. They are in such a desperate run now that they are forgetting to do harmful things as they leave and this has not happened before. Their fear is overtaking them and they were unaware of how they would feel at this very end. They had no idea their choices would lead to this. Sad really how fearful they are and for good cause. The enormity of the situation is falling upon them like a brick wall.

There were so many opportunities for them to change their ways up until most recently and they somehow kept thinking they were in control and how they came to this conclusion I do not know. It was beyond reasoning for me. The end that we, and others, warned them of has come about just as we predicted if they did not change and somehow it is a surprise to them in its intensity of manifestation. All along they thought that once again we would relent and give them either more time or another chance. There is a Divine timing of all things in creation and this time has come.

Some of you are surprised also for different reasons. Things have been postponed many times or did not happen when we thought it would because many have gone back on their word and you gave up on what was predicted and we can understand. As I said before there is a Divine timing of all things and now is the time for these things to happen. Those we were dealing with on earth did not follow through with their agreements and this delayed things considerably in many areas. We had no control over their actions and above all would not have disappointed you in any respect from what we desired. It was unfortunate that we lost some of your faith along the way and hopefully it has been or will be restored.

There is much afoot and trying not to sound like Sherlock Holmes we now declare that large things are looming and facing us. There are continued efforts in the legal arena for forced truth to come out and it is unfortunate that it takes this much for some to reveal their wrong doings but it is so and that means time needed for this process. Along with that you are dealing with any left over past issues that have not completely been dealt with and they are coming forth at present to be completed and dropped or processed into different energy. When left this long under these circumstances they become more difficult to transmute and are stronger and need your attention in bigger ways and this is taking up your time and energy to get this done. Usually these are big issues. The little ones you have already done away with and gotten rid of.

Along with all this we have Gaia and her earth changes coming up now and these adjustments are needing to take place and if you will consult the energetic readings of plate movements in the form of tremors you will see they have increased. How much the earth will shift and equalize is not known at present and is hard to predict exactly but close approximation is known and there are a lot of adjustments in front of you also. The ramifications of these movements concerning food and water are not known but this is one reason why there needs to be a supply of water and food for your family that you have stored just in case transportation of goods is interrupted.

So as you can see you have a lot to deal with now and coming up and this is in addition to the ascension symptoms your body is adjusting to when getting used to the new vibrations which have come and will come. We have tried to assist you with information on these issues as much as we could so that you would know what is going on. Some issues just cannot be stated exactly and there will be surprises and we hope that you remain in the state of faith that all is coming to fruition as need be and the fluctuating energies are resulting in the correct outcome as directed by God. He is in control and all is proceeding as He wishes and directs. This is just a huge transition period because there was huge amounts of wrong doing on the part of the dark and this all has to come out into the open and be converted into truth so that you also can process your part into the new world. A very complicated process of energies and processes and people being informed to be sure and all put together and coming about under Diving direction.

There are many speculations coming about now in the form of probability and time lines and these are proposed by different ones and some of them bear thinking about and some do not. We encourage you to be discerning on these proposed ideas and bear in mind that no matter what is declared to happen it is in the best interest of all that you continue to bear your fruit of belief that prayer and bringing in of light and love are the best actions you can take and benefit all. There is no way to go wrong with these actions. The need for this to be done is extremely high at this time and do spend more time on this bringing in of light and peace to your area and to the world. There is no place on earth right now that this is not needed and you are the devoted Chelas that are in a position to give of this service for all and for Gaia. We use your willingness to be of service by channeling more energy through you when you are in this process and we customize the energies that are specifically needed that can be shared through you and your abilities. It is paramount that this be done as much as possible at this time.

Now may we speak of special abilities. There are those who have been working for some time now with the earth itself and this is with earth energies. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in different places which have become unbalanced and these individuals has given of their time and talents in being used to bring about the most complicated energy patterns in changing undesired energy into that which is needed. A most complicated process that has taken years and constant attention to detail in reading what is existing in all areas. These must be compatible with all else and this service has been indispensable in nature. All have talents and all who agree to be used have been and are being used with our help to bring about the desired environment in all areas of existence. You are not yet aware of the diverse service that some are providing all over your planet. There are those who have been working with air quality, water quality, earth energy, light energy and much more. Some of the most surprising is that work being done by entities in your large bodies of water as with whales, dolphins and sea creatures.

So you see this has been a huge coordinated effort from so many that have brought you to this point today and these numbers of helpers, including man, has increased over the years as man has become aware of what was needed. There were not as many to awaken as we would have liked and hoped but the incoming energies will awaken so many now and they can begin to help and be of service and giving of their desire and talents to bring us further into the world that you want. A very long term plan that was brought about by so many workers who had to go ahead on faith because so much was hidden from them at the time. So many tears of frustration have fallen by light workers who faced rather large challenges but we did all we could to encourage everyone to continue and we come to now when the next weeks of very large changes are apparent to everyone.

We encourage you to remain in your truth and in your faith in the coming days. Let us continue to encourage you and help you and do not hesitate to call upon us with your needs no matter what they are for we hear you. You would be surprised at how many conversations we hear when you speak to us and give of your heart’s thoughts and needs. We hear them all. You are loved more that you know and there are some things that cannot be done at this time but our ears are tuned to your deepest prayers. Do not give in to fear or doubt. All will not be lovely with roses and a free buffet. We are going into a difficult time as if what you already experienced has not been. Stand fast and be grounded for you are never alone and we are with you in all ways. What is happening is under the plan of God.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. I go in peace and hope that you will also. Hold on.

I am Prosper