NOVEMBER 6, 2022

We have come to a point in your time where many changes need to be and have to be made.  Change is always challenging, no matter what it might be.  There are social changes, mental changes, healing changes and earth changes.  Certain laws set forth in the beginning have to be reestablished and set in motion.  From a standpoint of beginnings we are not starting at a zero point of creating.  We are taking a dark, alien, sinister environment and using certain techniques closing this environment out and completely wiping the slate clean to begin this God filled long ago choice for Gaia and hanging around long enough to see it correctly taking hold.

Having this as our goal, it is expected to contain loads of difficult maneuvers, sort of like pulling teeth.  Wiping the slate clean involves some pain and agony for many and in no way is a smooth transition.  It is specific and focused on only one end result and no other.  When God said let there be light He was not talking about turning it into what had happened on earth by the hands of the dark.  This does not happen over night and we are now in the middle of correction time.  This means we are in the middle of the pain an agony.  There is a certain amount of learning in these changes that are to the benefit of the observer or the experiencer instead of having all the correct changes happen magically at once.  Yes, it was considered that it could be done by a wipe out altogether and with the dawn of the next day it would be done but this would have sent everyone on earth hither and yon and you would have missed a great point in this process.

You may not see the wisdom in having everyone present and viewing what is happening but we, of a broader view and such things tucked into our belts, want this experience for you to see what is involved in correcting wrongs.  It will make a lasting impression upon you and it is up to you now to make the connection between what has been allowed to happen on earth by the hands of the dark and what it is taking now to correct it or undo it all.  It is no small production.  So, do make this connection from dark to Light and especially what it means to corrupt the laws of God and what the penalties involved can be.  Unfortunately the influence of dark intent spread over the mind and land like frosting on a hot cake.  If only good will and compassion could spread like that.  It is seen that free will takes in what it has a mind to and the wisdom of love as a creative avenue takes a longer period of learning to get it right.  When it is done it will last the individual from now on.

So you see this time of changes is necessary and the way it is presented and put forth is necessary and the best scenario is for all to put this learning time into its proper perspective under the heading of cause and effect concerning adhering to the laws set forth in the beginning and the resulting actions birthed from Godly intent and the corrupting of it.  In the future there will be those who read of the history of earth and all that happened and no doubt it will be moving and impressive but I guarantee it will be nothing like having been here and living through all of it.  You are present and you are experiencing it first hand.  Take all the notes you can and try not to miss any of the cause and effect actions evidenced here.  I know it is hard to see and completely understand now but you will be better for having done so.  Some lessons are more difficult to learn.

Now, my children I have given you information that may not have gone down well at the moment.  I tell you what is in love and not what is soft on the ears.  I give you truth, which is what you wanted.  Here it is.

I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto

November 4, 2022

My Dear Ones,

It is with sadness that we look back upon the actions of the dark, for this has not only affected those on your planet but spread to others through the connections of all things that are. Like the ripples in a pond they reach out to a lesser degree and agitate the water to make changes and they were dark changes. This Light correction on earth will likewise make ripples and change things with healing Light for good. We see lives already moved by the energy that creative Light can bring and this continues to grow as earth is released from the dark influence upon her. It is like a field of lilies blooming and what a beautiful sight.

We are hampered somewhat when bringing to you new ideas for words limit us in our conveyance of ideas and we have meaning along with the word itself that you don’t perceive. You will learn to use this method of communicating where it is not only the word itself but the energy of intention of the giver that will contain emotions and possibly color, music or a picture of events. It will open up so much more in the way of communication for you and not only receiving but the giving of ideas from you to someone else. Right now your mental ideas are not always in the niceties of social acceptance to be given to someone else as you have had to express yourself in your mind and this has been your freedom. It has been a private outlet for your emotions and at times not always kindly thought toward others or situations. You will remember how this is done and at the least refresh your skills in this area.

We know from monitoring you daily of your suffering and pain for the constraints upon you were heavy, especially in some countries, and some still exist today. Not much is what it seems as presented by the media but your suffering and pain is real for you and you struggle against this every day. The physical body alone brings things of the physical imbalance and you have no choice but to live with it for healing on earth is not in the best interest of the individual. This will be corrected and the healing planned for you will commence at the first opportunity and much is being done now to lessen and heal every area that can be touched and changed by us. The long distance healing is limited and you will receive more at a later date.

Your previous lives were meant to give you information concerning correcting actions to be taken for the future living. Sometimes it has taken several tries to come to the proper conclusions and it has always been that love is the key to thought, actions and state of being. It is the way for most to learn from experience of heartache or pain and in the physical it takes lifetimes for this to happen and they build one lifetime of learning on top of another and you bring information over from one to the next for the energy of memory is not lost in this earth platform. Reincarnation, even though denounced by many, is used here for your learning experience and is a fast track for this learning to take place. You may think your life time is long and arduous but in fact it is one of the best ways to advance and grow by letting you start over with another life and circumstance to try out your new learned skills. Once you learned that what you surround yourself with in your mind and put out in energy will return to you, it was a turning point of a major kind and this takes a different length of time for everyone. This point of knowing was a big key in your experience. As you gained in wisdom more challenges were given and you were able to see more clearly the process of living with love energy and this brings understanding in a much larger way. It is a light unto your path and you have used it in an ever increasing way to form and create your events for your future.

You realize I am speaking to a certain percent of individuals only here and your understanding is greatly different than a lot of peoples’ understanding. Most basic ideas I give apply to all but there are times I speak to only those of certain attainment as there is still much to be learned by those who have remained in the darker portions of their own choosing. In your endeavor to give of information and understanding to others it is quite difficult to lay out truth only to have it rejected and scoffed at by those who need it the most. It can be quite daunting to even consider attempting this process. It was not seen that you were to convince others but only to plant seeds for growth in their own experiences and they would determine their rate of understanding. You may never know what words you have spoken in the past that have gone on to develop into much greater ideas in others, so do not be concerned when others do not seem to take to new ideas or ignore you in big ways for the opportunity was given to them and it is their responsibility in the learning of it and not yours.

Being kind and forgiving has been seen as weakness in the past but is now growing in many with the ever increasing of Light given and that energy is taking root and proving to others what can be done to a world as a whole when compassion and love are practiced. There have been many setbacks for you but try to continue in your work as this time winds down for all kindness and love is sustained and continues forward. It is amazing how this can travel and change things, even on the periphery of the experience for its energy is contagions.

I will leave you now with these thoughts to consider. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto a teacher and messenger of ideas

November 3, 2022

I am here to give of information for your consideration. We know that you have studied and given of your time to please Mother, Father God and your sacrifices have been many. I look forward to the time when you will be on our side of this veil and you will not be hindered in your pursuits and there will be no threats of illness or death to have you looking over your shoulder during your life. This saddens me. It is time you lived freely and without suppression to hinder you in any way.

Let us talk of lives and their purpose for living here on earth. It goes back a long time in your counting and we have spoken of broken agreements and actions against the laws of God. Earth, in its beauty, was to be used in accordance with respect to the laws of God and this included respecting Gaia in all her beauty. It was found that many of her gifts could be taken and this led to thoughts of possession and this led to desire for power and lives were taken. Time went by and advanced beings were sent to influence individuals and teach concerning transgression. This you have recorded in your Bible of one you call Jesus Christ and his record has lasted throughout the years. There was little success and because of the continued desire for power much was distorted in the way of written records.

It was decided that enlightened souls would come to earth and change the times to overcome the dark influence. There was also the reason that those who came would gain experience and learn from their task and return with added wisdom. The struggle and ensuing conflict that has taken place has surprised most all of us and the degree to which the dark had set their minds to not giving up was underestimated. Earth, from their point of view was theirs and she was not going to be taken over by those who would put a stop to the power play that was the plan. Their deviousness was strong and they were practiced in their plans and in carrying them out. Your mission was obscured in the beginning but it was hoped that soon you would engage in the meaning of your sojourn on earth and make haste to use your Light and love to drive out this darkness.

It is hoped that in the process of turning things around you would also learn of the need to renew the condition of earth and take steps to correct the wrong that had been done to her. In this process of overcoming the control many lives have been taken of these lighted beings and the consequences upon those who are responsible will not be dealt with lightly. They will be represented in the courts as their transgressions are given and decisions will be made as to their sentencing. Those sent to struggle with the threats of the dark have walked in the valley of danger and much help has been given as to their protection. This time frame containing the conflict and war upon earth was of greater importance and will influence and has influenced so many and it is all recorded and will be studied for much time to come. It is seen that those on earth dedicated to this purpose of returning earth to the Light will need healing and that will be given along with council of adjustment when this time frame is over. Remembering your life before you came is no small event and there will be much help given as it is needed. Never question for your needs will be met. There are ways you have struggled in your life times that were not imagined and these have left deep impressions upon you and these will be healed.

Now we come to the greater influence of energies given and the healing process that is in progress now upon earth. You are elevating your energies and they have many purposes and one is this healing process that not only will target he body but also the emotions and the mind. It is difficult to explain the power of creative Light and just what it can do in its rejuvenation and correcting. As you have stepped up your vibrations in the endeavor to enlighten yourselves through study and meditation you have also been given Light in the form of higher vibrations that the trauma of events are mitigated by the return to the Lighted perfection in its all encompassing power and it is impossible for these dark impressions you were confronted with not to be changed and healed and returned to a closer thought of perfection and experience. If Source in all its creative power can create all that it has and experience through us it can surely also restore, correct and heal the dark influences that were perpetrated upon you during this process of conflict on earth. This was known in the beginning when you were sent here and it was never intended for you to remain one second longer than necessary in any way or form of hurt or sadness resulting from your journey. So you see your Father, Mother God, through love always knew that you would return from your time served here on earth to the healing and mental health that was desired. You would never be left in any way or form in sadness and impaired emotional state from what you volunteered to do. This love would not permit that.

There is much to look forward to in your return. Those who have loved you and waited upon your return will also be healed from their heartache and longing for theirs also is a gift of giving from their point of experience. As you can tell by now so many have given of their efforts to quell what has taken place on earth and it is now coalescing and solidifying into the energies needed to return all to the state of being that is needed and that was created in the beginning before the dark influence laid claim of corruption to all that was good about the gift of earth. Woe be unto the dark and their minions for theirs was a great series of transgressions and unimaginable actions. This sadness still remains in our minds here on our side.

All will be returned to love and Light. And now I will leave you in thoughts of all that is good about what you have done and what you will be returning to at the proper time. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto

November 2, 2022

Now that we are in the last stages of earth journey under these planetary influences and about to embark into another cycle and another influence there will be noticeable changes also in our thinking and our bodily makeup, Before you came to earth you most likely had perceptions of detecting much more from another’s communication than you do now. You had perceptions of environmental influences and big events that were to happen, both positive and negative. Along with that you had more control of your life force and knowledge of how to use it and also how not to use it. One of these life force talents is that of healing, both in your own body and mind and also in other things and people. There are other talents some may have had such as moving objects with your mind but the possibilities of life force healing most likely had been given and you had experience with it.

This is available to you now and has been but not in the abundance it will be once the DNA has been corrected. Your presence and Light force has always been a possible healing energy and you will once again be using it to correct unbalanced areas in your body. The possibility of mental communication will return and you will have the choice of not having to speak verbally. Think of how convenient that will be. There is etiquette that goes with this option and mind control is, or will be a social necessity. Other things will reappear as they were before you came to earth and lived in 3D. You will not be picking up where you left off but you will bring with you the learning and experiences of your journey and the lives you lived while here and this will add to your intelligence and overall knowledge of things. You will be seen as an explorer of sorts having experienced the earth conflict and given the respect that goes with that accomplishment. Not as a hero but more like a conqueror for what you have been through is and was quite the momentous journey and even more so than was expected.

The I Am presence and the oversoul are intertwined but are not exactly the same. Closely bonded we should see the I Am presence as a direct connection with Source and the over soul comes with the learning and personality of the higher advanced entity that gave you the individuality of part of the over soul and comes with either what you would call the abundance or the limited knowledge of that being. The I Am presence is a direct connection and the over soul is at least I Am presence once removed or on a lower level and only contains the experiences the over soul has gone through. Seeking to connect with your higher self/oversoul is a worthwhile endeavor but not mandatory.

We come to the events of today and see that things are progressing according to the wishes of Gaia and she is now having her way with shifts and corrections in the way of earthquakes. Prepare for greater influences in this area and in the energy directions that these pressures flow. There is an intelligence in how they are presented and relieved and they are not haphazard by any means. Beware the danger areas where past history has given you clues to activity to come.

Be at peace as much as possible and remember to clear yourselves daily of any negative influences and remain in the Light. Refrain from fear or any other emotional mental state like fear that will drain you of possibly hearing messages from within. I will leave you now and I continue to love you greatly.


November 1, 2022

In our quest to inform you it is necessary to take steps that build on each other and this is one reason we do not jump ahead with a multitude of different answers. I am in the teaching business and hope to give you what you need to lay a foundation for other information. We left off with the time of sleep, as you call it, and now we will continue with some fascinating (I hope) tidbits.

Your over soul at one point was like you and was learning and growing and after a certain attainment dropped a portion of self (you) to travel the road of learning and attainment. This is a pattern that will continue to reproduce down a line of individuals and may go as far as 6 or 7 divisions of the soul. It is like birthing children. For one thing the soul is a very energetic and powerful thing and to put that much energy into a physical body into a third dimensional setting would overpower the physical capabilities of that body and destroy it. For this application of conflict on earth it had to be done this way. In other platforms or arenas the soul may remain as one without dropping another or portion of self and be seen as a Light being self contained. When you finish this journey on earth and return to your origins, at some point you will have the option to return to your over soul and the two shall become one again.

There are those who will choose to remain in the body and when earth is inhabitable again you will return to the new earth and live according to your life plan and personal choices to do so. Many will be needed to re-boot the earth cycle in its new environment and this will be done again as a vanguard of learned individuals that will lay the foundation for the proper start of life again on earth. Now let us talk about the new earth.

We see a vast range of needed ones in different areas who can take messages and direction and this will be needed in different fields such as animal husbandry, farming and food production, government and representation of the people and science and technology. Much help will be given and also a lot of learning will take place in the time between evacuation of earth and the return to it. We expect this to take several years before life can fully return. In the interim everyone will be taken care of in a very pleasing atmosphere conducive to learning and enjoyment. You have been thinking all this time of a certain period of time up to the point of evacuation and now it is time to broaden your horizons to include the return to earth and beginning again. Life will go on and those abundant prophecies from long ago sort of stopped at the point before this new beginning. A whole new time will begin and a new future, for you see when the old prophecies were told it was unknown at that time what was in the picture for the new earth. This new beginning will be watched and directed more intently than it was in the past and the directives will be more specific as they are carried out. There will be an abundance of joy and happiness and those from the old world will be telling stories of how it was in the olden days to their young and how blessed they are to be born in this new time. It will be hard for them to imagine and the telling of it will seem foreign and strange.

Health care will go down a much different path and there will be no disease like now and treatments will be available when imbalances do arise and recovery and healing will be of a shorter duration than you have ever known. We have yet to know how individuals will communicate, whether they will want to verbalize to express or whether they will choose to speak mentally, or a combination of both. There will be a lot of choices that will have to be made and it will seem that there will be a lot of freedom when you compare it to the life you are living now. This was the whole point was to do away with the domination of the few. One example will be free energy for all to use in constructive ways and another example will be shorter work schedules. No longer will people struggle for long hours with no time or energy left to enjoy life and the living of it. There will be no avenues of self destruction for the respect of the body will be taught and the desire to escape a happy life will not exist.

So, as you continue to try to stay in the moment where your creative power is, we have given you a glimpse into your future if your are one of the ones returning to earth. Many of you will come back and this may go against what you are thinking now that if you ever escape this planet you will never agree to return. Try not to cut yourself off from this thought as many of you will return to a different and wonderful adventure of forming the societies of a new earth. It will be like going to heaven. Think now of your breaking of day and the color of the dawn sky as the sun rises. Remember the Spring time and the new growth of flowers and the hatching of song birds. A lot of you returning to your original origins will not have this and will be confined to memories only. Earth was created with so much to offer everyone and will return again.

I will leave you now to consider the possibilities of what is to come. I continue to love you greatly.


October 31, 2022

My Dear Children,

I want to get across to you that you can proceed with what needs to be done without knowing or having all the answers. Your capabilities are much more than sufficient to give you the security and faith needed to go forward in some sort of happiness and joy without knowing what is not even known to us from our point of view. I can only surmise that your journey upon the earth plane has grown you in a cautious manner and it gives you security to know exactly what is to happen and when.

There are scientific laws and rules that do determine what will happen and when in an overall sort of way and these must be followed to the letter as that is the way they were set up. It is not so much that things choose to follow in a certain manner but that they can only act in a prescribed way according to the dynamics and process set forth for them. Having said this I wish to have you know that there is a latitude of sorts as to exactly how this comes about. The expression of the experience is in the hands of the experiencer and how these rules and laws are carried out can be called the free will of the thing or person following the rules. There is so much diversity in all things that the beauty of life itself is in the choice of how the laws and rules are put forth in any given move or process. This is the real beauty and joy of life.

So don’t get so caught up in the what will happen next and how and when that you fail to live the pure joy of an experience in yourself or in someone else or in the cosmos with all its planets. Look at a rainbow and know that the light hitting the moisture and the rain droplets gives of its life but the rain or moisture has the opportunity to express that light in its own fashion or desire and it determines how the light will be refracted into the colors that you see and also how vivid and deep with color. It is an individual or in this case a collective decision made strictly belonging to the water the light is hitting. Try to say exactly how that will be seen and you will be wasting your time. Just enjoy how that light is expressed through the water and enjoy the view.

Such is part of what is happening now. Part of this process is at the discretion of the planet as to how she goes about returning to the directed energy and finished purpose of the planet. The sun also has a certain amount of latitude as to how the energies given will be processed and emitted and in what direction it will flow. All life is created so that each expression will be a little different in its living and progressing. Like the waters in a river will in time make a somewhat different path in its flow but it will always adhere to the laws set forth regarding water and movement. It expresses in its own way and each river has its own character and movement and way of being a living expression of life. This is why some of the answers cannot be given to you is because we do not know yet how many of the planned activities and processes will choose to experience what is before them to do. This includes also when exactly they choose to do them. Just as we could not tell you how a certain person would act if they won a million dollars. You would guess some of the activities but not all for all life is expressing in a different way according to their individuality and the way they choose to express themselves.

Now that we have established I don’t know nearly as much as you thought I might let us get into the topic of what you call the sleep. This is a new topic for you and has come up several times now and seems to be traveling around in the circle of information talks and videos. Here again is a process that is not new and follows certain guidelines but can take place in somewhat different ways. There will be an undetermined amount of time that will take place in a sort of inventory of all creation. You will not be hindered in any way or set back. It will happen according to the will of Creator and is a renewal of things. I, along with you, will have to see how this is unfolded in its Divine plan. I think I will leave it here so as not to get my guessing mixed up with the facts. We will just have to wait and see. Guessing is a free will venture and is constantly being used in the place of hard facts. There are those who specialize in conjecture. Do not get caught up in this guessing game but always go within and when facts are not forthcoming or are not revealed the best option is to remain in faith that it is in the hands of Mother Father God and listen for any actions to be taken on your part or any knowledge given concerning the subject in your future. Here again is the joy of living in that we do not know everything and how everything will happen or when.

Think of God’s expression in the form of a woman. How she chooses to love her children and the man in her life. Think of the different ways this can be done and the fact of not knowing how she will do this from day to day. There is such difference in the way a woman lives her life and the way a man lives his life. These differences in expressions can add joy and happiness and sometimes humor to a relationship. That is why it is never a good idea to try to change someone into something they are not. This is also why there are laws of behavior set up to follow for this happiness and joy to come about.

We will continue later if circumstances permit. Events are continuing to happen rapidly now and earth is making some continual changes and I am called upon for my presence is needed. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto bringing you my expression in words.

October 30, 2022

Now I have been reading your responses to my words and I am thankful for your inquisitive minds. This shows much desire to know and figure everything out. We see here a process that needs to be followed in learning and the path has perfection in it according to the way it is traveled so we proceed with what I like to think of as the clarity understanding, which is step by step.

We left off with the sun and the energy coming from it. This is proceeding and yes, it is perfecting the DNA as desired but the flash will be stronger and contains elements that will kick start your memory of who you really are and your forgotten past. It really isn’t forgotten but veiled from you, which is a subtle difference. It has never been taken from you, only hidden. This was done so that you could live your lives from a point of sincere learning instead of lofty thoughts of maybe already learning some of the lessons before. It humbled you and gave you a needed beginning of perspective that you would not have had.

Another aspect of transition is the elevating of your vibrations in accordance with ascension and the bringing with you others on the planet who needed this tug or lift to move along. You see, most all of you have already ascended before and yourselves were not in need of this ascension for your own growing but your mission was to help others to rise above the base density of third dimension.

There is a connection with all other planets and aspects of creation and what happens here with and on earth directly affects others and their planets and heavenly bodies. Your scientists are just now discovering that connection with all that is but as yet most don’t realize how all encompassing it really is. The ascension of Gaia and her children upon her will change all that is by way of this connection and all will reap the benefit of this action. Your existence on earth is a closed mental concept and was designed it that way to set the stage for this conflict. The unrestricted flow of traffic from nearby portals or what you call worm holes was halted and guards placed to keep others out as long as was needed to provide a clearer atmosphere for this conflict to take place for there were those who dearly wanted to interfere with the goings on upon earth. This was prevented. So you see there was much to do in setting the stage for everything.

When I speak of a mental concept it is difficult for you to imagine but it is like a bubble where this could be played out without disrupting other planets and also give earth a freedom to proceed without interruption and interference. At the time of ascension it will revert to its original intention as created in the beginning and the closed societies will then be free as all planets were intended to be. This means after ascension traffic will once again be allowed from far away but the elements of the dark that were living on earth will have been removed.

You view your lives on earth as real and in most ways they are but it is more like a mental dream you are experiencing in a prearranged stage play and the curtain will come down. You see you are more than what you perceive yourself to be in any one lifetime. Your energy is much greater than what you think it is and the totality of your being is mightier than this one life. There are over souls and that over soul has the capability to contact you and influence you. It is not necessary that this be done but in a lot of cases the over soul deems it necessary to aid in soul growth and so makes contact with the expression that is chosen for this one life. It is usually after a certain degree of attainment has been achieved before this happens. Do not think that you have failed if this connection has not been made. It is determined by discretion and desire of the over soul and this connection can be very subtle but it is always made smoothly with love.

My children, you still have things to experience here and there is much talk of what will happen when and how. You are thinking how can I possibly plan on anything with all these things looming before me for these aspects of your future involve so much. Yes, it can be daunting and confusing and I come to tell you that above all Infinite wisdom is in it all and there are many things that cannot be given for it is not known by us. It will happen as it is intended and determined by Divine order depending on how the previous event rolls out and what that event causes and how much is changed by its happening. So you see we on this side can only give you what we know and that is limited when referring to specific plans of the events and their timing. Some things may be deleted all together and we have tried to give you information regarding what is possible.

The earth will divest herself of all the dark embedded within her and the perpetrators will be removed. This in itself will be a very large procedure and the question is, will you be gone by then. Will all the bad guys have been removed by then? Many will be left on earth from their own choices not to leave. Many of the dark minions have already been removed from their influence to face the judicial system. You are well into the changes bringing Light back to Gaia and into the ascension process into a higher dimension. So, do not despair for it is happening and we plan for most of it to happen this way and part of this is that you do not see it. We determined that it would be utter chaos to land, take over, arrest all the bad guys and tell you who we were and who you are all at the same time. This would cause more harm than good.

Take heart and be uplifted for in spite of all the devious plans of the dark we are proceeding in a controlled environment with as little disruption as possible and most of this is only seen from our side. Yes, there are still ungodly things going on and you see this. It will come to an end.

I close now for another day and leave you with love that enters your being from both the inside and the outside. Imagine that atmosphere of love and know that you will soon be in it yourselves. I continue to love you greatly.


October 29, 2022

In our study of the events of earth and what has transpired upon her we find that there has been a great conflict of ideas and ideals. Long ago there were those who wanted to denounce Creator and the Light creative source and become the Lord and Master of their own kingdom. This means the energy of this thought was in direct opposition to Creator and the laws that had been set forth in the beginning. It was not just a thought of “I don’t want to do it your way” but the process of taking the energy of Creator Source and turning it into a corrupted energy pattern and making it produce negative energy to perform in a way it was never supposed to be used. This is a much bigger defilement of Source that just a judgment call on who is to be boss. It was an ego trip that brought with it such darkness of intent because it went against the laws of science, Light, love, etc. and the whole mathematical and coded basis for all that is.

This dark energy and all it contained in its corruption ended up on earth and put down roots and began to practice this horrible way of enslaving others to conform to the dictates of the ruler or rulers, since by now there were those who were servants of this dark energy. It was seen that there had to be a way to correct this projection of continued overlord existence.

Concluding from long discussions and meetings of how to do this there was an idea that those of strong Light qualities could bombard earth with their frequencies and turn back the dark, eventually driving it out or changing it all together. This plan was developed and it was agreed after some time that it would be tried and so the plan was launched. There was a process of recruiting those who would infiltrate the masses upon earth and this was to keep their identity unknown for their own safety. The dark was nothing if not practiced in the taking of lives for its own purposes and their past was well known in the devastation department. The numbers of destruction speak for themselves. And so it was that the plan was advertised and those interested souls came forward to apply. In addition some were called upon specifically to volunteer for this service. It was not expected to take nearly as long as it did.

Thousands upon thousands were born to willing parents, on a soul level of understanding, and their light was of great influence. Many did not come to the realization of their importance and there were some whose light gave them away and they were killed as soon as possible because by now the dark smelled a rat and were on guard.

The conflict has been in full force all this time with the goal of bringing forth the truth of what had been done in the process and stopping the progress of any dark plan. Now the agreement of letting the dark live upon earth did not include this enslavement of people and destruction of the planet itself. There was an understanding and agreement in the beginning of this inhabiting of the planet that there would be no taking of lives and no ruination of anything. It was obviously not honored. Again the laws of Creator had been disavowed and the transgressions just kept multiplying.

You see where this has led to and what a despicable condition earth is in. This brings us to today and this is why the overcoming of the dark is cause for celebration. It has been a long time coming. This is the background upon which all efforts of the Lighted beings born on earth strove to use to overcome the tremendous wrongs that were perpetrated upon all that came between the dark and their goals.

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of some of the elements involved in the earth conflict and what it means to have success. Now let us look forward to the future and what is upon us today.

There are several elements involved in this transition of earth and one is Gaia herself and her needs to rid herself of the dark energies and all they represent in the energy involved. All must be returned back to the Creator intended perfection of creation. Another element is that of process and things that have to happen off planet. We are speaking her of intervention and energy from your sun and sustaining vibrations needed to help propel things forward. The sun energies will trigger certain bodily changes and also release healing processes regarding DNA and the return to original intent where they are concerned. This must be done for you see they have been desecrated for some time. By now you might think that the punishment for all these crimes is rather large and you would be right. Pray for those who took the creative energies of Light and turned them into channels of evil upon nature and mankind.

In correcting this DNA there will be a bringing back of your precious talents and you will once again be able to use surprising ways to express, learn and communicate. It is well worth looking forward to, this reinstatement of abilities.

We also have to consider what you have called the flash from the sun. This is just part of this process to return things to its original state of being before the manipulation. It will be just that, a flash of light, and is part of the healing and correcting that brings things back to its intended purpose. A Divinely directed set up that will be carried out. There was a point when it was determined that more powerful energy must be interjected into the equation of earth and there was no living thing on our side that did not feel that decision and know that Creator Source, Mother Father God had said, “ENOUGH” and set about the love energy of retribution and correction that was needed and this included the energy that would be given to all on earth. This included nature, elements, animal life and such like. All would be brought back to original intent. It is sad that things had gotten so bad that this was necessary but there was joy in our thinking when this was felt. These words do not fully contain the feelings in this joy and this is not the exact word that should be used but there is no word that you would understand that contains all the emotion this feeling contained. We suddenly realized we had been holding our breath and now we began to breath again. It had been that tense. We will not forget the day this happened.

Let me stop here and we will continue later if circumstances permit. Be of good cheer for things are looking up.

I continue to love you greatly,


October 28, 2022

My dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that there are questions and I love teaching and am glad to impart the things I think will benefit you greatly.  Now let us delve into some information for you to consider.

You know that you are most likely not from this planet originally.  Most of you here reading are from another planet and were picked (some volunteered) to help with the earth conflict and when this is over you will return home to your place of original residence.  Your parents on earth were carefully selected with your input to give you the best upbringing for the work you had to do.  You might find it interesting to know that there are hundreds of home planets represented here and some are from very large ships and have spent their lives there before coming to earth.  Interesting, no?

OK, so now you are on earth, born to your parents and before you is your mission.  Do you awaken?  Some do and some don’t.  Many less did come to the knowledge of why they were here than was hoped.  Most grow into this information gradually and at some point it hits them fully and they then focus upon the tasks in front of them.  All are at a disadvantage because their origin and who they were has been cloaked or shielded from them and this is to give them the best opportunity to learn the lessons presented.  This is an added bonus for the main purpose is to help earth through the conflict with the dark control and to break free of their imprisonment.  So many different talents represented in the different people now and each have a very important part to play.

It is difficult to explain the element of time to you with your limited knowledge of such but let me just say that most have many life times or life streams on earth and each gives the opportunity to learn the lessons presented.  When I say many I mean from 20 or 30 to close to a hundred and some very few, even more.  Now lets say you know there is something you are supposed to be doing.  The next big challenge is to find out what that something is.  This is where prayer and meditation come in to play.

You are beginning to see that to come her from far away, leaving loved ones and family behind, coming to the realization of having a purpose other than to enjoy your life, finding what that purpose is and how to use your talents is a major part of the challenge.  Now! How do you go about doing something that resembles the desired line of work that you were sent here for?  So many things were stacked against you and yet we had this plan to group all this talent into a force that would overcome the most insidious dark forces on earth.  Being that all is from Light to begin with, try to understand that you have more power than you realize and with help from our side you marshal your strength and join with others to give of your Light and love force to be used and we help direct this forward.  Now, you are getting the idea of how big this entire operation was and why we had to take it a step at a time.  All this did take time and also many energies and light beings to orchestrate this entire effort.

When I say that you will have the information to view when this is over I mean that all the many questions of how this was done and why it was done in the way it was will be available for you when your mission is finished here on earth and you return to your original home where your loved ones reside and your true roots are planted.  Your questions will be answered if you wish.  The cycles concluding will also be explained and have a lot to do with time frames as your planet has traveled through space into different influences of other planets and other energies.  Each influence or pattern of influences is required to finish a cycle and it just so happens there are three major cycles ending at this time while the planet is also entering a new cycle, or cycles and this is perfectly designed and is following Divine directives as was set up at the time of inception or creation.  Perfectly normal and nothing out of order about it.

Take this information and go over it and find your truth in it for it is truth and real and applies to everything you have been doing during this life time and all other life times and we won’t even get into the part about all of these life times happening at the same time.  Another subject for another day and I hope you will continue this learning experience as I have said before.  What is the joy of life and experiencing without learning something new and progressing to another level.  You have no idea how much there is to know and how it will open up your view of all that is.  Each level of understanding will open up your perceptions and broaden your existence because you are connected to all that is and why would you want to miss anything.

I will close now and maybe I have not only answered some of your questions but encouraged you to want to know more.  I hope so.  I love you dearly and you give me the opportunity to teach and this makes me pleased.


October 27, 2022

My Dear Readers,

It is with concern that I come to you and find that so many on earth do not hear and do not understand what is happening.  Time has run out for all of us and the propensity for most of us to put things off has caught so many ill equipped for what is to happen.  All has been done in the past to try to get the messages to everyone in all countries.  So many strong dark efforts worked against these efforts.  Regardless of this I bring good news.

Your work has been strong and continued against these dark efforts and you have accomplished more with less people than was ever expected.  You will come to learn of the rejoicing that has taken place in your heaven over these accomplishments and there have also been some tense moments in the past that have been reviewed over and over trying to devise another way to help get things done.  Our best moves have been when we have worked together; you on earth with your strong desires of love and willingness to help and us here on our side with the ability to take this desire and apply it in its fullest to the problems at hand.  Believe me, we tried so many things and this team effort has been the best part of the success that has reaped much reward.

It is difficult for me to get across to you how complicated this earth conflict has been.  There is so much involved and as you know by now all is connected.  As the collective consciousness advanced it brought us more options and more to work with.  You and your work pulled this collective consciousness to higher levels and little did you know at the time how much this was needed and how much your Light and love were used to get this done.  I know many of you felt you were traveling in love but did not feel you were doing much but we were using your love and Light work to make the most of every particle of it and none of it was ever wasted or not used for the benefit of good for all souls involved.  It was so intense at times that we did not have time to tell you how well you were doing.  Now we will have that time and you will be able to review what is now history.

My messages may be few for time is short but it is necessary for me to deliver this message to you.  My love for you demands that I give you these words of gratitude to you and then there will be the freedom of information type access after you return home and you can study all of it to your liking.  I am in hopes that many of you will continue to learn and keep that desire to continue in your studies and I will encourage you all the way.  This path of yours is not over even if this earth journey through these cycles has come to a close.  There is much more to your illumination that is possible.  I doubt you understand what you have gained by going through everything you have encountered.

So many are in your debt and do not know of it.  It is not necessary for them to know but I would like for you to know at some point just how much you have given and how you have changed things, not only on earth but far beyond.  Be proud my children of your accomplishments as long as it is not to excess and it does not get in your way that you stumble over it.  A moderate amount will do.  I joke here but you understand. Continue to exhibit the God within you.

I must end now.  Each one of you follow the changes with care and understanding and place yourself in as much safety as possible.  You are loved by so many and plans have been in place for some time now.  I continue to love you greatly.