November 19, 2022

I see that you have taken in the last lesson and given it thought. This is good and will give you a boost in your thinking. Now let us ponder another concept. Of all the thoughts in your possibilities try to consider how you exist. Are you real in physical form or are you in thought only? Are you so real in manifestation of mental thought energy that you perceive of yourself as real in body form? Do you not have pain and hurt when injured? What is reality to begin with.

Earth is a special concept taking an agreement of many to play out a conflict between Light and darkness and all those years you think in linear terms concerning are not exactly what you think for they are happening in a more compact fashion. Those outside of this closed aspect of earth count time in a different way and your many years of existence on earth are counted in a shorter term for them. So your 500 past years for you will have been much shorter for those outside this earth concept. Why is this so?

Time is an element that can be designed when creating a closed concept and in the earth design it was made to be compact with its passing of time quickly in events for it was thought that the earth conflict would not have taken as long as it did and it would be over quickly. It has lingered. You see time can be manipulated when designed and for a differentiation, the area must be closed off for it to take affect. It cannot be integrated within other time frames being different with the intent of conflict resolution as it was designed. There are many planets having a different time base according to their placement in the heavens and rotations in their cycles but they fit in nicely as they were created. The conflict on earth was so observed and watched by so many that it had to be a closed happening so it could be helped in many ways if needed. A real scientific experiment in the finest and it was done. In the end you were all kept longer in this play of sorts than was thought necessary in the beginning.

This brings about the closing out of this closed society, which is earth, and how it will go about it. It has to dissolve or be done away with in the best way so as not to disturb things any more than necessary and this is the plan. There are several things that have to happen and ascension is one of them. This will resolve a lot for many of you when you leave the third dimension and move to a higher level. The earth herself will have her closed mental agreement of the concept done away with upon the directives of much higher beings under the agreement of Mother Father God and life will continue. So, does this mean that this closed conflict is false, no, it is a different form of real and you perceive it as intended to get the job done and this has been completed. It would not have done for you to be told all this time that what you were going through was not real for that was the whole purpose in having it this way.

Consider that it was a force field of sorts and you were inserted within it to accomplish a mission. You were taken from your reality that you had been living and placed energetically into this force field agreement, armed with your talents as weapons and also your vast experience to accomplish a goal and that was bringing Light to the earth. Along the way you were free to learn lessons in a speedier way through reincarnation and this was much different that the learning you previously experienced in your reality. This field had different rules and you had to learn to move within them. This playing a different game with different rules took some getting used to and to make it easier for you and less confusing your memory was veiled from you to remove confusing elements. You might not think so but this made it easier for you to progress as you needed and hopefully come into your directives quicker.

Some plans worked out as desired and some did not and intervention had to take place and things had to be helped, tweaked and augmented when necessary. This was the oversight that was given all throughout this time frame within. The struggle was intense and there were casualties along the way and many soldiers along the way did not come to purpose and got caught up in the pretend reality and never found their calling and to this day are still caught in the minutiae of what they think is reality. They never came to truth. Now you must pull yourself out of this intended created deviation from your previous reality before coming to earth and when the time is right move back into the reality that is indeed real for you. Confusing, is it not? Not really for it has been a play production of sorts in which the Light has overcome the dark in all ways and this is getting ready for the curtain to come down on the final act. The actors will go home back to their loved ones and take up where they left off but with a different degree of learning and a much broader experience of existence. Your whole expression of self is different and when your past and who you are, are once again in your conscious knowing you will have something to compare your learning on earth with and you will put things in their proper places and perspectives. It will be a rather large integration and may take some time but this has been a rather large production and is worthy of the time it will take to put all in their proper places. You are much greater entities at doing this than you realize for you have accomplished much more than you can now assess. Take this in as peacefully as possible. Walk out of this play production as an accomplished actor, playing your part with panache and talent you may not know you possessed. Like an academy award nominee but as I have stated before do not let your ego trip you up.

Here again are concepts for you to consider and spend time with and I hope you come to them fully for in this instance a full knowing is necessary for what is to come. You will walk this path soon and we will see that you walk it without confusion and trepidation for we have been helping you all the way and we will continue to do so. I, along with many others, continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto helping you walk your path.

November 18, 2022

We see in the past that many of the people on earth were blind to what was going on and some refused to consider what truth was being given. Of course it had to be brought in under cover for the dark forces were nothing if not bound to keep everyone in the dark for as long as possible. And if there were ones who were just as determined to bring the truth to the people they were done away with in some type of sudden accident. Killing did not bother them at all and you would be surprised to know just how many did not die by God’s plan but were done away with in a contrived way so their voice would be silenced. Every bit of truth has been a long time in coming and if it weren’t for people willing to take that chance on an early end to their life there would still be darkness on earth. Gaia has shed many tears over her children kept in bondage to the dark forces for so long.

Now the tide has turned and the Light covers the earth in everlasting life and there will be an end to all that is not Godly and there will be an end to that which is not at the hand of Source for there is no hiding place now that will not be touched by the hands of Mother, Father God. It has been thought and it is. You are in that change over from dark to light for so many of you came with your Light and refused to give up or give in and so be it. What has taken years to bring about by the dark is now taking days and weeks to dismantle and do away with and it is devastating to the dark and they are writhing in their own soup of darkness. You have learned, first hand, that Light is always stronger than dark, for darkness originally came from Light and it was distorted in ungodly ways and twisted in energy and meaning and this will never last. You have given impetus to new rules and orders that this type of situation will never be allowed to have precedence over any space, be it people or land, again. This is a huge accomplishment and you helped bring this about. It was no small fete and now you can take the time to look back and see how it was done for there were times when you did not believe and it has been shown to you.

There is no stronger force than the presence of Light and what can be brought about by thought and this is the process of creation in all its forms according to Source. You have yet to experience the many facets of what can be thought and what can be brought about because you did not realize how it was happening but now that your eyes have been opened to this fact you can see clearly the power and glory of it all and many more things that are to come in your lives. That is part of learning is the opening of the eyes to the possibilities for before your eyes were unknowing and did not see. Truth is always there, it is the opening of the doors to truth that you think brings it about when it is the mind that has not opened the doors to it. Truth is. It is part of the woven fabric of creation just as Light is part of the fabric and along with the Light that is being brought back to earth, so is truth for they are part of the whole that is original creation of earth and cannot be separated. You cannot have one without the other. It may take some adjusting and shifting, which is what is going on now, but they will be present in their Godly form when all the dust settles. So you may think, when will truth come about for we have not seen it yet, but I tell you that it will be and is already established. It is the doors of the collective consciousness that are slow in opening for it is already there. It is the mind’s eyes that have not adjusted to it yet.

When will this happen, you ask. When the learning and progressing of the people, the collective consciousness, gets to a certain development there can be no other way other than to see it when the perspective brings it into view. This has not happened for all the people and to try to force it into being does not make it happen. Truth has always existed and yet even you have taken your time in seeing that it was there and perceived it as just happening or coming about. All of a sudden truth was revealed and this is how your minds know of it when it came about in the beginning along with Light and creation. It was not hidden to self but was hidden to you in your journey to it. Now this brings up a good question, if this is the case, then what am I not seeing in the way of truth now? Just a thought for you to ponder since truth has already been established in the beginning. Ponder this my readers and throw in some love along with the truth and the Light.

This is a short message for the words are heavy with meaning and I do not want to cover you up with so much that you cannot dig your way out. Take these thoughts and find what they bring to you and what you can take in since you think you are ready for some heavy knowing. See how this weighs upon your being and how many steps it brings to your journey. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto Giving of Truth.

November 16 2022

We think it is necessary to examine everything and that it is a deficiency of some sort if we do not know how or why of it all. I tell you my dear ones that there will be many things that you do not know or understand about it all for some time now. This process of growing and learning will keep unveiling itself to you in a process custom made for your learning and there are many nuances to the knowing of things that will keep giving to you. Do not spend so much time seeking all the answers that you by pass what is given right before you for it is important at that stage of life.

It is commanded that you keep seeking and availing yourself of what is given to learn but please do accept it in stages as it is given and let it sink in as it is intended at the moment and then the rest will be given. Be thankful for these steps that are planned for you for all is intended at a pace just for you and your readiness to accept. Large and huge concepts, if given, would not be understood and so much would be lost. When the time is ready the magic of the understanding and learning will come before you and your way will be in Light and the understanding will be accomplished.

I commend you for wanting to know more and see that many of you have paid a high price for the search of truth and it has been costly for you in your seeking of more to know. Give thanks for each day of living for it is giving you what you may not understand at the time of its bits and pieces of truth and that will continue to make the picture of truth and this picture will change over time and become more intricate and colorful with its depth of understanding. If you could see how your mind of experience and degree of complexities changes over time you would be amazed at how much your understanding has increased and painted a much broader picture of everything for you. Enjoy as much as you can the road to discovery and let this journey unfold in its intricacies as it is meant to do so and do not get ahead of yourself. It is made to have this happen so that the next piece of information will automatically come before you for learning.

There is much that goes on now while you sleep and part of it is work and part of it is learning. After this earth mission and experience you will learn and work while awake and this working on the liberation of earth from the clutches of evil will have served its purpose. This work was done in the countenance of security and you were safe and unlike your conscious hours while awake on earth. The atmosphere was controlled and you were experiencing a different type of mental awareness for this important Light service. It will fascinate you when it is explained to you what you accomplished while you thought you were doing nothing. We congratulate you in these accomplishments.

Learning itself is deceptive for it wears two hats. It is both very complicated according to your established understanding and also very simple for you draw to you that which is next in acceptance. You can take the same information and draw different steps of meaning from it over a period of time. So you see it is custom made for you and it is automatic and smooth in the process of things. I choose what I give in lessons carefully so that those reading can take from it the information that is needed at their own level of need and this is quite a possible thing to do when many are reading or listening. It pleases me greatly to see this done and I am always in awe of how this happens for the flow is concurrent with what is needed at the time. I always give thanks for this as I present a lesson and information and the individual, for his or her past experience of expression, decides what is needed from what is given. I am not the one that does the magic but you do, I just present the words that are multilevel in their meaning and understanding and the rest happens as it was created to do.

I give you these words for your consideration and know that your level of understanding according to your need will give you what is next for your learning. It is quite fascinating for the thinking about. I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto, a Teacher

November 13, 2022

We come to the end of three cycles in the closing of the doors on the earth conflict. They are all different time frame cycles and different lengths. One is particularly difficult to end because it brings the most changes with it and people feel this the most, although going into the next cycle should be quite pleasing. This is as planned and follows smoothly. Another cycle is somewhat shorter in time and brings with it a good riddance as we look at it in our rear view mirror. The third one shouldn’t be that difficult as you are mostly already prepared for the new cycle to start. It is a natural progression of evolution in things as the planet travels through these influences as prescribed. New elements of influence are determined by location in the cosmos and the influence of stars and other planets. They carry their influence as they have their own energy and are part of the whole, but individualistic. You cannot get away from the influence you are under at the time.

Closing these out and beginning new cycles have a certain amount of monitoring, looking and evaluating that goes with them and we are busy doing this at this time. Most of the time things go smoothly on their own but some things require a little tweaking here and there; a little coding here and a little nudging there. It is a caretaker or maintenance person job. This is one of the things we are busy doing now. Also there are multitudes of people who do not take the energies well and tend to show ill will toward others and we try to mitigate these negative energies engendered by so many. It takes a lot of watching also. All this is in addition to the big elements going on from country to country and the political scenes present.

We are never at a loss for something to do and we never get bored. There are always new things to learn and new people to train for all is evolution of souls and all that lives. It is the way of things. Not evolving is against what was intended and people tend to have problems that are larger than usual during a time of stagnation or non evolvement. You can refuse to learn and evolve but it gets you nowhere and usually a bushel of challenges you don’t need and have to spend time recovering from. This is why you are commanded to continue learning and seeking. The information you need will usually somehow make its way into your attention or focus and this is how it comes about. You will draw to you what is needed in the way of learning and also situations to bring you the life lessons you need for that learning. There is more synchronicity in all that is than you realize for all comes from the creation of Creator and is intelligence based. There is infinite wisdom in all things from the smallest to the largest. There is nothing that has been created that is not in synchronicity with all else that is. How could it be otherwise.

Place yourself in this sea of intelligence of all that is and watch your vision and understanding grow for the doors will open to you. You have been closed off for so long that it seems strange to you that you are connected to everything else. You think there is a place that is your space and there are boundaries that you do not go beyond and some of it is a societal thing and how you were brought up. There is respect for others but be aware that sometimes when you see others you are also looking at yourself. How else could you recognize it because you already know it and have experience with it or it would not be visible to you. Open this door of possibilities of being connected and reacquaint yourselves with what you already know, but have been denied for some time now. The veil will be lifted and all learned things you possessed before coming to earth will once again be available to you in your records. As you can imagine this will be a period of adjustment in coming back into this information but for the most part it will be like a feeling of coming home again. It will happen and for the most part it will be smooth, even though it is an adjustment.

All life is transition of some sort, from one thing or knowing to another of a greater understanding for being alive in itself is transition from one breath to another. There is a sort of breathing of all things from rocks to planets, an in and out of life energy, taking in life and using what is needed and breathing out what is not needed. A delicately planned and created way of eternal living and therefore is much room for growth and achievement. Most of the time you are only held back by your own preconceived ideas of limitation and erroneous teachings. There always is and nothing is lost.

I leave you now to consider these ideas of truth and to open closed doors that need to be opened. There shall be no door opened before its time but some of you will have to dust off the doors that should have been opened long ago. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto helping you to open doors.

November 10, 2022

We, the people of your heavens, do constantly maintain a connection with you and send our love and compassion in waves to you. You are never without the love you have access to and it is coming from many sources. Concerning knowledge, it is the goal of all beings, whether animal or human, to advance and go forward. It is never the goal to just maintain your position for even in rest you are taking action to go forward.

There are always different speeds of going forward and they are usually appropriate for conditions at the time and you adjust accordingly. The dark were continually trying to take you down and then take you back to a place of non-movement or becoming stagnant, for only in this condition could they get you to lower your power of forward action to practice their devious plans upon you. It is the way of your soul to advance and move forward and this is being free. There are so many stuck in dark places and are not moving or advancing at all but remain in that dark place that they have become comfortable with. It is advisable from time to time to review and see if you are in a different place than you were last year at this time. How much have you grown and have you been reading and studying and meditating.

One of the times you learn is in helping others, even when it is unknown. Anonymous active work for the benefit of another or a group gains you a certain vibration of love and of giving and this is of benefit to you as a whole. You do not have to be known when giving but you do have to give with a loving heart for not all help is appreciated at that moment. Look at the love of a parent and the lack of realization on the part of the child. There may be resentment and opposition for years from the child before any recognition of love is realized but yet the parent continues. The same is with being of service to others. It is common to help others only if recognized as the giver or doer of good and when that is gone or not appreciated the one who helps decides they are not appreciated and ceases to be of service. Better to be of service in secret so that you may continue for the good of all whether you are acknowledged or not. This does not mean this is the only acceptable time for giving but do not get in a rut of having to be known for your work. So many now on earth do their Light work and service without ever being known for any of it.

Notice the opportunities Mother Father God will bring before you. Should you silently send love their way or to the way of the condition or situation? Ask of self and inner guidance if this is an opportunity for service. Do you stay out of all of it or do you take time to ask if this is for you to do something or take action? Many times things are brought before you for a reason and are not accidental at all. The synchronicity of events is very much planned for a reason and not all situations should be shunned only to walk away. Practice asking which circumstances are worthy of your involvement and action. This is a very important part of your service for not all things are needing your involvement and are working through things without needing you to turn to any type of action. You see some situations are already set up to work their way through with help from another source and there is forward movement in the process and your insinuation into the event would only be difficult and waste your time and energy. Ask of self which events would benefit from your energy and help. There are times you will need to back away and move on. We see this as something you need to work on for there is a tendency of loving and kindly intending people to want to help in all things and this is not what is always needed. Be discerning.

Often when we come to you we can only give of so much information for there is only so much that will stick, or be accepted. The state of understanding will determine what can be understood and taken in and anything else will be either ignored or not understood as it should be. So you see it is also our job to determine what is to be given and what should be held back for a later time. One of our challenges is in speaking to a group for it is decidedly difficult to determine the group readiness for certain information. The perfect situation of learning is one on one and this provides the teacher the accurate elements of learning which are needed in any learning opportunity. The teacher can know all there is to know about a subject (which usually doesn’t happen) but if it is not given in accordance with the understanding level of the student it can certainly do more harm than good. The practiced teacher not only knows the subject but the student and how to build information upon information for a more perfect understanding and this is best done in a long term process.

So you see when the givers of messages come to you in this type situation it can be very difficult to determine what to give and what not to give because of the vast audience or readership. There will always be those who are lost and do not get it while there will always be those who are more than ready to accept more complex information. Some will always be disappointed and some will be confused at the message. This is why many of you take lessons on a continuous basis at night from those who are close to you and know your needs in the way of what to give. Know that there is a reason why we do not answer all of your questions all the time for one individual is not the only one listening and we never want to do harm to anyone or provide a stumbling block for learning. This is why it might be difficult for anyone to step forward and give of messages for it takes discernment and understanding of the reader or audience and more understanding than you might imagine and many do not have the time to invest in this type of service. So much is going on right now and their energy and focus is needed elsewhere.

Do give attention to what is being given for it is given in love and with a certain amount of study and understanding before the commitment is made. Have patience with yourself and know that your desire to know and understand is most likely being addressed on a continuous level at night from teachers that know you and your level of what is needed at any given point in your road of advancement. You are never forgotten in your desire to learn for so many refuse even this opportunity. You are never forced to sit in a class or attend lessons if you do not agree to. Messages given come with planning and are not usually on the spur of the moment. Much thought goes into the whole process. So when I come to you with words there has been a certain amount of getting to know the readers involved and this determines what is given for our words are not haphazardly given out. They are carefully chosen and this should be remembered for you will give more respect to them. When you move from web site to web site trying to gain what is needed you need to understand that on a long term basis the giver of information has taken into consideration “his” audience as a whole and this is why some information will not resonate with you for it is not for you at this time. This does not always mean it is false but sometimes it just isn’t the right time for you to take it in. This is ruling out of course that information which is just false.

I leave you now to consider these words for your consideration and know that I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto with much consideration for your leaning.

November 9, 2022

Now that we have established your part in this solving of the earth conflict it is time to think of the future when it has been resolved and it is time for ascension. Your have worked for a long time for this to happen and yet what is time but the now moment of your power to create your future. Ascension is the way of attaining a higher way of thinking and experiencing and there is no limit to what you can achieve all the way back to Source and this is the final goal.

Earth, or Gaia, has long wanted to take her children with her when this happens and this wish has been honored. Those attaining the higher vibrations will ascend with her. This is unusual for individuals usually ascend by themselves to a higher dimension. This act of ascension for Gaia will happen quite suddenly and many on earth have already traveled to higher dimensions in their living and thinking. It is a state of being and along with that comes more expressed light and you will notice a difference in the way things look. Only those who do the work and attain this character will be able to go through this process of ascension for it follows the laws and rules of existence by nature. You might ask when this will happen and it is conditional upon the collective of those attaining this status and upon Gaia. It is impossible for it not to happen when this benchmark is achieved. It is the way of all advancement and changing of dimensions. For those who are practiced it will be possible to return to a lower dimension to visit but most do not choose to do so for it will be uncomfortable and feel heavy.

Those who were of a higher dimension who came to earth found it difficult to adjust and had various physical problems throughout their life. You see there was much to consider when the decision was made to accept this mission to earth and it was not taken lightly. There was a contract involved which you had to sign and you are held to it. These are binding and lawful and there are consequences to consider if the agreement is broken. It was not seen at the beginning that the conflict would take this long and you would be away from home for this extended period of time but this is what it has taken to accomplish the intended goal. There are those who did not come to the realization of their mission and then there are those who did but chose not to honor it and there are penalties involved. These penalties will not be spoken of here for when your memories are unveiled this information will be there. The picture of this whole endeavor is much larger than you have ever imagined and involves many more lives than just those on earth. This also will be remembered in the unveiling of your past. This conflict was of great importance.

We come to the ending of this long conflict and it closes many doors that have been open for long periods of time for this disgrace of actions on the part of the dark started long ago with a difference of opinion of what it means to live a Godly life and who is in control. One individual was able to convince others of his new ideas and this led to recruiting others into this group and the lines of opposition were established leading into many years of destruction. None of us thought it would ever get this far and evolve into the war it had spawned on earth. This will never be allowed to happen again. It has taken so many to focus their lives to ending this conflict.

I tell you things are progressing now as planned and even though you think things are moving slowly, they are moving in an orderly fashion and you will be able to view it in its complexity from the records kept. The dark, as individuals are being removed now rapidly and being processed and also the parts of the earth with dark activities in the past are being cleansed and revitalized and this is part of the reestablishing of the commandments given in the beginning that all were to live by. They are given in the Phoenix Journals and are to be learned and studied with no exceptions for they are not suggestions. Just because you do not see the immediate consequences of and action do not think it is not recorded. This also goes for correct actions and living for all reap the harvest of their decisions and it is impossible for it to be any other way. The ways of the deceivers on earth have been stopped and the consequences are upon them.

These words do not answer all your questions and most of you will have to wait for all the answers to come. There is a process to all learning but it will be revealed to you in its proper time. Not all things can be laid at your feet at once as there is intelligence in this learning of things and it needs to be followed for proper advancement and concerns times and circumstances. You are deserving of answers and they will be given in their timing of correctness. Be of good will over this and trusting that this is the correct way. Unfortunately this most likely will bring more questions but it is an answer in itself.

I continue to love you greatly and I come to you in truth.

I Am Lanto

November 7, 2022

We come together to learn and to overcome difficulties in life. It would surprise you to know how old I am and how long I have been trying to overcome difficulties in life. I have had lots of experience, especially in my earlier years, trying to learn from my mistakes. Mistakes make an impression and tend to remain in memory. It is easy to become bitter and harbor resentment and other negative thoughts instead of forgiving others and self. One of the hardest things I found to do was to forgive myself for transgression against others, especially when they did not forgive me. I recommend to find a way to ask for forgiveness of the other person and try to forgive self, even if the other person does not forgive you. Take the steps necessary to correct things but do forgive yourself with a contrite heart. It will be almost impossible to forget the transgression but it can be put in its proper place so that it does not become a stumbling block to your learning.

We come now to the learning process itself. How do you take everyday life and learn from what you see? Look at the seasons on earth and life itself and how it renews. There are cycles and death and this is always followed by renewal. This is not an accident but design by Creator to continue forward in all that is. Does this not apply to your own learning in that you will return with the same soul identity even though you may have put on different clothes? Can you learn all you need to know in one lifetime to live in paradise with the angels? The information left to you in records has been either destroyed or removed for the express purpose of keeping you in bondage and holding you down with a subservient attitude to whatever ruler is on top of the heap at the time. The soul is everlasting because it is the expression of Creator and will move on to many lives and experiences on earth. There are lives among us now that do not require many lives but live for long periods of time and none of their experiences are forgotten. This is where you are headed when leaving the earth experience for your learning will take on a more continuous type of life expression. The earth experience was custom made for you in a controlled environment for the purpose of quicker lessons and this was good but in the process there is the forgetting of the past lives. This was designed for you to continually seek the wisdom of things and add as much compassion and love to your inner recordings as possible.

When your memory is unveiled you will no doubt review the experiences of your past and how you went about the process of learning. It was not required that you complete this in a time frame but as you chose to progress in your own time, no matter how long or short the learning process was. You might ask, well if I have already learned these things before I came to earth then why am I having to go through all this again. Many of your lifetimes were not only for learning but for example to other that you lived in the Light and your reactions were needed to show others that there was a better way to live and your lives were forever giving of your previous learning experience to others so that they might also learn. You have given much more to others from your many lives than you realize and the expressions of your previous learning have sparked many souls to better things and ways of experiencing life. You have been teachers whether you realize it or not. It would have been impossible for the collective consciousness to elevate the way it did were it not for the enlightened souls who chose to take on this mission of coming to earth and living the many lives you have lived.

There is also the element of joining with others of Light on this earth mission and combining your Light energy for a greater purpose of lifting others up into a higher state of thinking. Your energy in this manner goes from one individual to a much stronger force which is much more effective in its purpose and focus. This you were directed by us in the beginning but soon learned how to do on your own and when this was done you became much stronger than any dark intent could have. We helped to focus that Light and intent toward what was needed the most at the time and much was accomplished in this way over the years. It was like a battering ram to break the hold and barriers that the dark had taken so long to build as part of their plan. The hold and barriers were so strong that it has taken all this time to break through and decimate the energy that they thought would last forever. This is why so many were sent to earth so that the combining of the Light energies would become this force that could accomplish this and it was done. This is also why after the dark realized what was happening they sought to reach out and identify those Light workers and destroy them through impairment or death. Over your lifetimes you have been in much more danger than you realized and there were many on our side working non stop to make sure you were protected. Some on earth gave their lives as examples to show just how far the dark would go to protect what they had corrupted.

So you see that much was going on behind the veil and there was much intelligence in the process of what you were directed to do, even if you did not realize it at the time. Most all was choreographed and all were influenced in their decisions of how to go about this. All were being led at night while you slept and there was much accomplished during your sleep time. You became a force that never quit trying and worked during the day and night to push through the barriers and clear the way for Light to be reestablished on earth. You worked much harder than you ever realized and yet most of you had that feeling that you needed to be doing more than you were. You were nothing if not dedicated to the cause and I am speaking to those that came to the realization of why they were here.

Now you might ask what of those who did not come to the realization of their purpose. A lot of the Light workers did work at night while they slept even though they did not openly work on their mission during the day. They gave of their energy and their presence on earth contributed in a helping way. So many never to this day really know why they are here. It is also that some turned to the dark ways and lost themselves in the shuffle of things bombarding them from all sides. These individuals will also have a review of their earth sojourn and receive accordingly their life lessons. Nothing goes to waste. It is very difficult sometimes to discern who is contributing what and how much they have given but all is recorded. This is one reason we are not to judge for so much is hidden.

I leave you now to review from a broader perspective and bigger picture of things and more will be revealed to you as time goes by of the behind the scenes of the earth conflict. I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto

NOVEMBER 6, 2022

We have come to a point in your time where many changes need to be and have to be made.  Change is always challenging, no matter what it might be.  There are social changes, mental changes, healing changes and earth changes.  Certain laws set forth in the beginning have to be reestablished and set in motion.  From a standpoint of beginnings we are not starting at a zero point of creating.  We are taking a dark, alien, sinister environment and using certain techniques closing this environment out and completely wiping the slate clean to begin this God filled long ago choice for Gaia and hanging around long enough to see it correctly taking hold.

Having this as our goal, it is expected to contain loads of difficult maneuvers, sort of like pulling teeth.  Wiping the slate clean involves some pain and agony for many and in no way is a smooth transition.  It is specific and focused on only one end result and no other.  When God said let there be light He was not talking about turning it into what had happened on earth by the hands of the dark.  This does not happen over night and we are now in the middle of correction time.  This means we are in the middle of the pain an agony.  There is a certain amount of learning in these changes that are to the benefit of the observer or the experiencer instead of having all the correct changes happen magically at once.  Yes, it was considered that it could be done by a wipe out altogether and with the dawn of the next day it would be done but this would have sent everyone on earth hither and yon and you would have missed a great point in this process.

You may not see the wisdom in having everyone present and viewing what is happening but we, of a broader view and such things tucked into our belts, want this experience for you to see what is involved in correcting wrongs.  It will make a lasting impression upon you and it is up to you now to make the connection between what has been allowed to happen on earth by the hands of the dark and what it is taking now to correct it or undo it all.  It is no small production.  So, do make this connection from dark to Light and especially what it means to corrupt the laws of God and what the penalties involved can be.  Unfortunately the influence of dark intent spread over the mind and land like frosting on a hot cake.  If only good will and compassion could spread like that.  It is seen that free will takes in what it has a mind to and the wisdom of love as a creative avenue takes a longer period of learning to get it right.  When it is done it will last the individual from now on.

So you see this time of changes is necessary and the way it is presented and put forth is necessary and the best scenario is for all to put this learning time into its proper perspective under the heading of cause and effect concerning adhering to the laws set forth in the beginning and the resulting actions birthed from Godly intent and the corrupting of it.  In the future there will be those who read of the history of earth and all that happened and no doubt it will be moving and impressive but I guarantee it will be nothing like having been here and living through all of it.  You are present and you are experiencing it first hand.  Take all the notes you can and try not to miss any of the cause and effect actions evidenced here.  I know it is hard to see and completely understand now but you will be better for having done so.  Some lessons are more difficult to learn.

Now, my children I have given you information that may not have gone down well at the moment.  I tell you what is in love and not what is soft on the ears.  I give you truth, which is what you wanted.  Here it is.

I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto

November 4, 2022

My Dear Ones,

It is with sadness that we look back upon the actions of the dark, for this has not only affected those on your planet but spread to others through the connections of all things that are. Like the ripples in a pond they reach out to a lesser degree and agitate the water to make changes and they were dark changes. This Light correction on earth will likewise make ripples and change things with healing Light for good. We see lives already moved by the energy that creative Light can bring and this continues to grow as earth is released from the dark influence upon her. It is like a field of lilies blooming and what a beautiful sight.

We are hampered somewhat when bringing to you new ideas for words limit us in our conveyance of ideas and we have meaning along with the word itself that you don’t perceive. You will learn to use this method of communicating where it is not only the word itself but the energy of intention of the giver that will contain emotions and possibly color, music or a picture of events. It will open up so much more in the way of communication for you and not only receiving but the giving of ideas from you to someone else. Right now your mental ideas are not always in the niceties of social acceptance to be given to someone else as you have had to express yourself in your mind and this has been your freedom. It has been a private outlet for your emotions and at times not always kindly thought toward others or situations. You will remember how this is done and at the least refresh your skills in this area.

We know from monitoring you daily of your suffering and pain for the constraints upon you were heavy, especially in some countries, and some still exist today. Not much is what it seems as presented by the media but your suffering and pain is real for you and you struggle against this every day. The physical body alone brings things of the physical imbalance and you have no choice but to live with it for healing on earth is not in the best interest of the individual. This will be corrected and the healing planned for you will commence at the first opportunity and much is being done now to lessen and heal every area that can be touched and changed by us. The long distance healing is limited and you will receive more at a later date.

Your previous lives were meant to give you information concerning correcting actions to be taken for the future living. Sometimes it has taken several tries to come to the proper conclusions and it has always been that love is the key to thought, actions and state of being. It is the way for most to learn from experience of heartache or pain and in the physical it takes lifetimes for this to happen and they build one lifetime of learning on top of another and you bring information over from one to the next for the energy of memory is not lost in this earth platform. Reincarnation, even though denounced by many, is used here for your learning experience and is a fast track for this learning to take place. You may think your life time is long and arduous but in fact it is one of the best ways to advance and grow by letting you start over with another life and circumstance to try out your new learned skills. Once you learned that what you surround yourself with in your mind and put out in energy will return to you, it was a turning point of a major kind and this takes a different length of time for everyone. This point of knowing was a big key in your experience. As you gained in wisdom more challenges were given and you were able to see more clearly the process of living with love energy and this brings understanding in a much larger way. It is a light unto your path and you have used it in an ever increasing way to form and create your events for your future.

You realize I am speaking to a certain percent of individuals only here and your understanding is greatly different than a lot of peoples’ understanding. Most basic ideas I give apply to all but there are times I speak to only those of certain attainment as there is still much to be learned by those who have remained in the darker portions of their own choosing. In your endeavor to give of information and understanding to others it is quite difficult to lay out truth only to have it rejected and scoffed at by those who need it the most. It can be quite daunting to even consider attempting this process. It was not seen that you were to convince others but only to plant seeds for growth in their own experiences and they would determine their rate of understanding. You may never know what words you have spoken in the past that have gone on to develop into much greater ideas in others, so do not be concerned when others do not seem to take to new ideas or ignore you in big ways for the opportunity was given to them and it is their responsibility in the learning of it and not yours.

Being kind and forgiving has been seen as weakness in the past but is now growing in many with the ever increasing of Light given and that energy is taking root and proving to others what can be done to a world as a whole when compassion and love are practiced. There have been many setbacks for you but try to continue in your work as this time winds down for all kindness and love is sustained and continues forward. It is amazing how this can travel and change things, even on the periphery of the experience for its energy is contagions.

I will leave you now with these thoughts to consider. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto a teacher and messenger of ideas

November 3, 2022

I am here to give of information for your consideration. We know that you have studied and given of your time to please Mother, Father God and your sacrifices have been many. I look forward to the time when you will be on our side of this veil and you will not be hindered in your pursuits and there will be no threats of illness or death to have you looking over your shoulder during your life. This saddens me. It is time you lived freely and without suppression to hinder you in any way.

Let us talk of lives and their purpose for living here on earth. It goes back a long time in your counting and we have spoken of broken agreements and actions against the laws of God. Earth, in its beauty, was to be used in accordance with respect to the laws of God and this included respecting Gaia in all her beauty. It was found that many of her gifts could be taken and this led to thoughts of possession and this led to desire for power and lives were taken. Time went by and advanced beings were sent to influence individuals and teach concerning transgression. This you have recorded in your Bible of one you call Jesus Christ and his record has lasted throughout the years. There was little success and because of the continued desire for power much was distorted in the way of written records.

It was decided that enlightened souls would come to earth and change the times to overcome the dark influence. There was also the reason that those who came would gain experience and learn from their task and return with added wisdom. The struggle and ensuing conflict that has taken place has surprised most all of us and the degree to which the dark had set their minds to not giving up was underestimated. Earth, from their point of view was theirs and she was not going to be taken over by those who would put a stop to the power play that was the plan. Their deviousness was strong and they were practiced in their plans and in carrying them out. Your mission was obscured in the beginning but it was hoped that soon you would engage in the meaning of your sojourn on earth and make haste to use your Light and love to drive out this darkness.

It is hoped that in the process of turning things around you would also learn of the need to renew the condition of earth and take steps to correct the wrong that had been done to her. In this process of overcoming the control many lives have been taken of these lighted beings and the consequences upon those who are responsible will not be dealt with lightly. They will be represented in the courts as their transgressions are given and decisions will be made as to their sentencing. Those sent to struggle with the threats of the dark have walked in the valley of danger and much help has been given as to their protection. This time frame containing the conflict and war upon earth was of greater importance and will influence and has influenced so many and it is all recorded and will be studied for much time to come. It is seen that those on earth dedicated to this purpose of returning earth to the Light will need healing and that will be given along with council of adjustment when this time frame is over. Remembering your life before you came is no small event and there will be much help given as it is needed. Never question for your needs will be met. There are ways you have struggled in your life times that were not imagined and these have left deep impressions upon you and these will be healed.

Now we come to the greater influence of energies given and the healing process that is in progress now upon earth. You are elevating your energies and they have many purposes and one is this healing process that not only will target he body but also the emotions and the mind. It is difficult to explain the power of creative Light and just what it can do in its rejuvenation and correcting. As you have stepped up your vibrations in the endeavor to enlighten yourselves through study and meditation you have also been given Light in the form of higher vibrations that the trauma of events are mitigated by the return to the Lighted perfection in its all encompassing power and it is impossible for these dark impressions you were confronted with not to be changed and healed and returned to a closer thought of perfection and experience. If Source in all its creative power can create all that it has and experience through us it can surely also restore, correct and heal the dark influences that were perpetrated upon you during this process of conflict on earth. This was known in the beginning when you were sent here and it was never intended for you to remain one second longer than necessary in any way or form of hurt or sadness resulting from your journey. So you see your Father, Mother God, through love always knew that you would return from your time served here on earth to the healing and mental health that was desired. You would never be left in any way or form in sadness and impaired emotional state from what you volunteered to do. This love would not permit that.

There is much to look forward to in your return. Those who have loved you and waited upon your return will also be healed from their heartache and longing for theirs also is a gift of giving from their point of experience. As you can tell by now so many have given of their efforts to quell what has taken place on earth and it is now coalescing and solidifying into the energies needed to return all to the state of being that is needed and that was created in the beginning before the dark influence laid claim of corruption to all that was good about the gift of earth. Woe be unto the dark and their minions for theirs was a great series of transgressions and unimaginable actions. This sadness still remains in our minds here on our side.

All will be returned to love and Light. And now I will leave you in thoughts of all that is good about what you have done and what you will be returning to at the proper time. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto