December 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I greet you this Christmas day. There is much evidence of good will and compassion showing from earth. It is the time you celebrate the birth of Christ and this brings out good feelings that are so evident to us. We would like for this to remain all year long for you and not be just seasonal. It would please Esu so much if this were so. He remembers well his life time upon earth and wishes He could have done more to instill his thoughts and words into every heart and mind at the time. There have been several to come with messages for the masses and they did make a difference but there was so much opposition, even then. Keep the joy and happiness alive and share it throughout the year.

I also see some joy and happiness now but not nearly enough. You have been dampened by circumstances surrounding the restrictions involving the Covid virus and this has restricted you greatly. Such measures as have been taken were not the way to stem the spread of this disease. Much more information about how to treat it needs to be given and this would help. This is a deadly disease for certain ones but with the proper treatment it can be survived by most all. This type of help in the form of education is coming.

I would like to speak now of partaking of what is now available to you. Many more opportunities are available with the new energies and you can use them in your own lives. Improved health, more returned abilities, love and Light, and so on. You are in a time period, once again, that gives you the opportunity to create what is desired or strongly held in the mind. The turning of mind thought with Creator energy into reality is so present now for you to use. Make sure you keep this in mind for this can be a very creative time for you. In times past it would take so much longer for energy to materialize into reality than it does now. Be positive in your thinking and use this time to your advantage. You are creators and most are still unaware of this and even more do not use it purposefully. Lets not have things created by accident or unintentionally. Actually there would be no accidental creation. All has cause and effect but you get the idea. Be mindful of what you focus on and what you continue to give energy to. More attention needs to be given to what you concentrate on. Do become aware of the energies and avail yourselves of the new added opportunities from God’s energy given to restore Gaia and yourselves to what was intended originally. Love one another in a greater way knowing that we are all connected and are Creator driven. So much is done at this time to help others where needed but the need does not disappear after the season is over. Continue to be of service to others in your energies and prayers. Opportunities will arise for you to be of aid to bring about the improving of collective consciousness in how you react and look at things. Your most basic thoughts are improving and they are the ones all other thoughts rely on. God is within and this changes everything.

Now I would like to have you take a look at the new year coming. You have had a lot to contend with this year ending and this part of the transition has not been easy. The view for the ending result is glorious but there is still much to go through. We are awaiting disclosure and once this happens it will change the mindset of everyone who believes and cause them to question the premise of God’s creation and how you fit into all of it. What was the purpose of creating other people and how do we relate to them. How many more planets are inhabited and what does this mean concerning our religion. We will certainly offer truth for these questions and this will be part of the new year coming.

Dealing with additional information being given of hidden activities and intentions of the dark will be considered along with people from other planets and you will end up having a lot to deal with in a succession of events taking place. This can be disturbing at best for most people. Even those who know what is going on for the most part will be challenged with the unfolding but here is an opportunity to be of help to others. Be of comfort to them without trying to change their mind about anything. Let them process the information in their own way and answer any questions they have for you in a kindly way. You may be thinking they are as dense as a stone wall but try to bring forth the patience and love needed at this time. Lots of patience will be needed, over and over. This is what your new year will bring to you. Revelations of this enormous scope will have great ripples extending far and wide for quite some time. Conflict may result where one side believes what is being said or brought out and the other side does not. We have enough conflict already and do not need to add to it. Be cautious and wise during this time.

Now I would like to speak of adapting to change. There will be change that is planned and needed and there will be change that is the result of conflicting transition stemming from the inability of people to accept what they see before them. Evidence of what has happened and how they have been used for the purposes of the dark will astonish them and be difficult, if not impossible to comprehend. It will take some time for all of it to sink in for their understanding. Here again you will need patience and some of this will be for yourselves. These are large changes as we have stated and will process differently for all. We have noticed that you are very creative in the way to adapt to change and in some cases in the way you avoid change altogether. You can ignore it, use various chemicals to cope, lash out at others and many more ways on the way to accepting it. In your case there will be many changes all in a short period of time and this is asking a lot. Do the best you can with yourselves and with others. You have our love and support through all of it and we will continue to be here to help you through it all. Call on us when you need to and tell us how you feel. This whole time of change is a marathon and you are the ones going through it all. Be kind to yourselves. You have been through a lot already. We were opposed to revealing it all up front for fear you would throw up your hands and not read another word. We have tried to keep you up to date on things being revealed and we feel now you are prepared in a much better way. You are stronger and wiser and have some knowledge of the power available to you and can traverse these waters better than ever before. Bravery is not one of your shortcomings as we have witnessed. Others will want to know why you are so calm and you will be of help to them. We see your determination to see this thing through and from our point of view you already have. The reaction of others is the unknown here. The ending is already known and you are just filling in the blanks now concerning the details. Remain positive in all things for God’s hand is in all things.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Continue your good tidings and enjoy your loved ones in all ways. Better times are coming and we see them. You have done well.

I will go now and continue to be of service to you all. It is our wish that you know of and feel the love we send to you. You are most remarkable in your accomplishments. I go in peace and would hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

December 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you on this day before your Christmas. It is a time of good vibrations and good will to men. You were blessed with the stars in the heavens and it was a beautiful sight but that is not the star that led the wise men. In fact it was not a star at all but a ship that had light to guide them in their journey. It has significance in that it represents what leads men in their journey to the Christ consciousness. The Light of Creator. The wise men found their Christ by following the Light.

So much is given to you and has meaning on different levels. You can go back and re-read something and get a different, or additional meaning from it because you are now open to see it or accept it. It is that way with your life. In one life you may not receive the message from what is happening to you so you come back and in the next life you now see the connection between a certain action and the result. This is why you were allowed to come back over and over again for the learning experience or should we say the learning revelation. The gift is that you are allowed to come back as many times as it takes to gain the lesson or learning from the action. I can hear you now thinking that you don’t always view it as a gift. It is in the way you look at it. This fast track to learning by way of reincarnation is why so many wanted to come to the earth experience, or should I have said one of the reasons. You have been given the opportunity for much learning and almost all of it was by way of error or failure on your part. You learn what doesn’t work and make your way to what does. The difficulty in the experience of failure, or error causes pain and these deep emotional feelings make a lasting impression in your memory and help to reveal the light of the correct way to less or no pain. It is remembered.

There were many advantages of coming to earth and another one is going home with the learned lessons. It is like coming home from college or a university after years of study. You are not the same person as when you left. You will have your degree in earth studies and will be viewed by others with more respect for having done so. You gained not only learning from experience but wisdom that is yours now and hard earned. The earth experience was not an easy class to take and you well deserve all the wisdom you gained. One of the things you learned is how you view others for you know what they had to go through to get to where they are and you have more compassion for everyone. Understanding because you have experienced it yourself and this is lasting as opposed to just having someone tell you about it, which may or may not stick. You will have a designation for having been on earth and all will know. The enormity of your accomplishment will be evident and this fact will become known to you along with so many other things that are hidden to you at this time. The pieces of your past have started to be revealed to you and this process will continue. Be advised that others from your home will see you in a different light.

I would like to speak of homecomings. So many of you will be going home after this chapter is closed. Some of you will return to earth for further assistance to the recovery and forming of the promised new earth. Some of you will remain on your homeland but all will be experiencing a homecoming, which will help to bring back memories of who you were before it was hidden to you, and also your experiences up to the point of departure. Look for the homecomings to be elaborate and emotional. Many close to you have been waiting for your return for some time now and you, more than anyone, know they have been delayed. We have spoken of homecoming before but now it is even closer and I would not be surprised if plans are not already being made. So many of you will be surprised at who you left behind. Only a few were allowed to have access to the events of your lives and these were counselors and those involved in your decision making while on earth. There have been questions of remembering the events that you experienced while on earth. Some will wish to have them fade away and others will want to remember. There will be fading of pain and discomfort but a remembering of the wisdom and lessons learned. It is a win, win process. There will be nothing to be concerned about. You will remember what serves you and forget what does not. The loving reception awaits you.

May I speak now of earth history as it pertains to the many civilizations that have existed on its surface and under the ground. Some of your groups lived in caves for awhile for protection but do not assume they were not highly intelligent beings. Some fled after natural disasters and just continued living under ground and developed their society there for many years. What you see, even today, on the surface is not all there is to earth. There are many highly intelligent people living within earth at this time and they are ready to become reacquainted with you. In the past it would not have been wise for them to make themselves seen, or known in public for they would probably have been captured and studied and deprived of their return home. They were once known to you and are distantly related and have much to offer for they took a different turn and developed in a different way. They sought a more peaceful experience and learned to live without the discord that has happened on the surface.

There are many other civilizations who have come and gone for one reason or another in your history and these will be revealed to you and we are sure you will find them and their experience of earth an interesting one. Many of their activities will answer some questions you have now about some clues that were left and have been dug up or discovered. There are many interesting things that will fit into the bigger puzzle picture and all will begin to make more sense to you as we go along. Take advantage of the educational part of your earth history for some of your more pressing questions are about to be answered.

I leave you now as things are still churning and developing. I go and leave you with these things to consider. I go in peace and joy and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

December 23, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you this morning full of glad tidings and wishing you all a beautiful Holiday Season. It is so gratifying to see the love and compassion growing in each of you and so much light coming into your hearts and coming from your hearts. It is beautiful to behold. We here delight in knowing this is adding to your joy and happiness along with the Christmas Holiday.

We have now a situation where the magnetic activity of the sun is building and there will be sun spots and CMEs coming forward. It is unknown at this time how big they will be but it appears there will either be several in a row or a rather large one by itself. The sun is gaining energy from that which is given and building as it goes and will release it soon in some fashion. If several smaller ones there should be no problem but if one large one it will cause disruption in several areas. Your telephones of a cell kind will be targeted because of satellite interference from the sun and so will television service. We will have to wait and see what the sun decides to do with its built up energy. Prepare accordingly.

We need to talk of preparedness. There are so many things that are changing at this time it is difficult to pick out one that you need to prepare for and speak on it. The list really goes on. Most of it all boils down to your inner knowingness and your connectedness with the God within you and remaining in the Light for all your mental needs of security, love and reediness to face whatever comes. You cannot go wrong with this type of getting ready for anything. A secure person in the Christ consciousness and rooted in the Source of all things is prepared. Ask for direction and how to prepare when you go into meditation and ask to be led in the right steps to take. You all reside in different places and are subject to different challenges arising at different times. Listen to the instruction given by your source of all things and use this information.

There is always the food situation to be prepared for. Again some of it depends on where you live and the transportation of food to your location but do prepare for any eventuality just in case and this includes water. We would be so wrong not to include the food and water preparedness. Remain in the Light of security and avoid all groups of a possible violent nature. This influence is not going away, unfortunately. Also because of the possible weather patterns of intensity do have batteries and a way of staying warm if possible. These are only prudent suggestions as you enter your Winter time frame. The weather looks a bit erratic this Winter.

I would like to speak of coming home. For those of you who have not yet turned to the Light and tried to live your life without considering that all things are from God, let me say here that you are missing out on the most beneficial and fulfilling way a person can live their life. It can be so much more than what you are finding at present. There are so many gifts available to those who seek Him and not just during the Christmas Season. There is a saying I have seen and it is a favorite of mine. Wise men still seek Him. This is so true. It is not a sign of weakness to lean on and depend upon the Source of all that is. You think you need to be independent and self supporting and that is a sign of strength, but it is not. It is a sign that you have not yet learned the understanding that you need to turn within and see that all is available to you and these include the love that you seek so desperately on the outside of yourself and from others. Any time is a good time to turn to Christ, God and Creator but it seems that all respond more readily during the Christmas Season. If all of you could just keep that compassion and loving attitude at all times during the year. Do turn within and learn how loved you really are at all times. Let these new energies surround you and take them into your being for the changes that are needed, not only in you, but in all things concerning this planet.

Now I would like for you to take a good look at what has changed. Your circumstances are so much different now than they were 5 or 10 years ago. Your ability to appreciate life is greater and your desire and ability to love one another is greater. You have learned many lessons these past few years and the most important ones have been brought forward for you to see clearly. Continue to grow and learn from what is going on in your world and follow Gaia into the new higher vibrations and dimension. She wants all her children to come with her. This is a big wish on her part but she is happy for each and every one of you that comes with her. I was a little questioning at first when I heard that she wanted to move into the higher places with her children but now that I see what is happening and how happy this is making her and you, I follow the wisdom of her plans and wishes. She is most pleased that you are accompanying her on this journey of ascension and she is now a force of great strength and joy. So much has changed for her and you have given her the Light and prayers for her recovery and strength. I wish you could see her Light as she shines in the heavens.

Let us look at knowingness. Compare yourself with who you were before you turned to God. It can be looked upon as a somewhat shallow life not filled with the depth of acknowledgment of the God within. A life somewhat out of direction. See how you have grown and take a minute to review your journey. You are blessed with the understanding given from hard work and seeking answers and not giving up. Be thankful that you continued to ask questions and seek answers of why you are here and who you really are. Most all would say they would never go back to the not knowing or the uninformed person you used to be. Continue your journey in His Light and love and continue to learn.

Again I must go now and tend to what is happening. So many things going on at one time to deal with. Everyone here is busy now and the progress is coming in great abundance. Give thanks for all your blessings and continue to bring in as much Light as possible. I go now in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

December 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see things are really changing and the energies are quite strong at present. Yesterday in your time was a busy day with lots of activity and you are stepping into the new age with gusto. You should be feeling a lot of things from this change in all aspects of your life, both physical and mental. You are becoming more aware of what is going on and this may be a bit confusing for you and seem like you have walked into a grand central station of events. It is just the increased activity that goes on all the time now and you have just been unaware of it. You will learn how to put all things in their place and learn how to categorize them according to their importance to you. Your abilities are coming forward and they will be added slowly so you can adapt to them. These are not something new but something you are coming back into the knowledge of, for you once used them all the time. Try to adjust to them without concern for they were taken away from you and are now being returned.

The sun is giving out more energy and will continue to do so in greater amounts. Take in all you can. If it becomes too much, ask for help and we will try to tone it down a bit for you. No point in upsetting you in this process. Most of you are doing well in this respect and having patience with those who are not doing well, which is the majority of the people. Resistance makes it worse and that is exactly what is happening with others. They do not understand what is taking place. We do our best in not letting this time of transition and increased energies overpower you. To say this is a time of adjustment is an understatement.

May we speak of acquiescence. The knowledge of what is going on at this time gives you the wisdom and opportunity to give permission for the energies to be of help to you in the best possible ways. Verbally or mentally say you accept the beneficial energies and information offered and you will process them to the best of your abilities, if this is your wish. This agreement is a sort of command to your body to accept the ones you not only need at this time but the energies and information you can process without discomfort. Your higher control knows what you can take in and what you cannot. The verbal or mental acquiescence is an added help in this process and speeds things up in harmony and process. You don’t want to pass anything by that you need to take advantage of. The body takes all of its commands and ques from you all the time anyway and this is a positive one. Some of the negative commands are fear, resentment, revenge and so on. Your body will respond to these mental signals and respond accordingly. It will rise to the occasion to the point of fighting back if that is what you are thinking. You are putting your body on alert. Sometimes the body chemistry of being on alert is not good for you if continued to long. Be careful what commands you give.

I would like to talk of rain, flood and excessive weather. Be aware that there will be some excessive weather coming and because of so many acres being cleared by wildfire it is possible for excessive rain to be a coming problem. The trees play an important part in keeping rains soaking into the ground and preventing flooding. With them gone and the other plants having been burned off this gives rise to possible mud slides and flooding. Be aware of this possibility for several coming months. Then there will be the snow melt in the Spring. Pay attention to this.

We are awaiting disclosure. This is a game changer and we are prepared to do this in our own way if it is not done by someone there. We have stepped up our visual maneuvers in your skies or our uncloaked status so that we can be observed by as many as possible. Our coming there was not successful at the time and other avenues have been considered. We are trying to remove every opportunity for you to be disappointed once again over our plans or attempts to make ourselves known to the masses. It has to come though and we continue to proceed with this option, only now it is a necessity. Things change and plans change as we see fit to take the best option to provide the outcome we need. It has been this way all along. It has been like, “make a plan, change it”. Make a plan, change it and we understand your dislike of anything that resembles this. We have to adapt as conditions are created by people in the process of changing. There is no other way. We hear you say, “well just do it” and it cannot always be done this way and we understand your desire for moving forward. It is complicated.

May I speak of desperation on the part of the dark. They are having a very bad time right now and are doing everything in their power to cause problems for everyone and everything. They have ceased to reason intelligently or logically and are just reacting in any way they can to cause as much damage as possible and do not care anymore if they are caught. Very few are still trying to hide. The dark are coming out into the open so as to create more havoc so be careful when you are out in public now. Be cautious and always surround yourself with Light of protection. This time of theirs is winding up and not going well in the process. They are still being removed and are aware that others are being removed.

I am being called and must be on my way now. I go in preparation for more important events to happen and am in joy that things are proceeding. I hope you will go in joy and peace also. Be alert.

I am Prosper

December 21, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I come to you this morning. I hope that the announcement of disclosure finds everyone ready for this news. There will be disclosure and soon. I will see to it. We cannot go longer without it. We favor it coming from someone on earth you know in your country but we are prepared to see that it happens, regardless. Time’s a wasting!

Now let us speak of joy and laughter, which I do not hear much from earth and its inhabitants. We all need to seek the level of thinking that allows us levity and joy and this is the mindset that gives us higher vibrations. Surprisingly this is a state of being this is one of your best places to be. You have suppressed it for so long because of having to deal with the various demands of earth. It is time to move out of that demand into one of freedom and that freedom allows you to seek things that give you joy. Look for them but first allow yourself to be joyful without feeling guilty or thinking you are being frivolous. You are not wasting time and you don’t need to be doing something else instead. This is good for you in all ways. We understand for we have been serious a long time with you and experienced your depth in having to pay attention to the important things just to keep up. Now we suggest to let go enough that you give yourself permission to be in joy. This comes with staying or remaining in the ONE. It is almost impossible not to be in some state of joy. Along with that find the things in life that make you happy and do not let a day go by without experiencing joy and laughter and by all means share it with others.

May I speak of ineptitude. You have so many that just do not measure up for what they are trying to pretend they can do. I am speaking here of your paid people associated with governing your country and representing your citizens. There are some bound for deceit and know it because they confirm it each day. I am speaking of those who mean well but do not give the things at hand the thought or background information that is needed to make informed decisions on anything. They hold the position, take the money and vote blindly day after day. For some it is too much because of their age and for others it is lack of determination to continue their education in investigative techniques involving the subject being decided. The person in that position has to be determined to learn all they can about the ramifications of going either way on a subject and how it will affect the people of your country. This is being responsible. You have many that need to be replaced for one of several reasons and many have more that one reason to be replaced. In the days to come you will have that opportunity to replace them. You will have smarter eyes to see what is not being done. Assume the responsibility of choosing new leaders and place them in positions requiring governing with impunity and a desire to serve, and this takes work. See that this is done.

At this time I would like to thank all the work that has gone on by the Light workers who did not give up. It was cumulative and did much more good than you were able to see at the time. We know you understand where you are now but we are not sure you understand how you got here. Yes, it was you that put in the hours and the prayers and the meditation and Light work that helped, not only you, but others to get this far. It is like the saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. You were so closely involved in the sludge and drudge of the dark influence you could not see the change from the group that was tackling this challenge. You really needed our perspective to get the overall view of things and that is why when I come to you I am almost always in a state of joy.

We have the best view of things here and I do not exaggerate when I tell you of the good you are doing and the changes you have made. One of the greatest things is that you learned how to join your forces by seeking each other out in unity and this was a big boost. To mentally choose to work with the whole in force was one of the biggest blows to the dark that happened. It brought them to their knees, literally in most cases and this was the beginning of their end, so much so that even they could see it. You came, you saw and you overcame. We do take credit for some instruction here as you needed encouragement as to the next steps to take. We feel that you do not fully understand the enormity of the challenge, the work you have done, and the affect you have had over a period of time. Another reason I come to you in joy is that I do realize this and one day you will also. It will amaze you. Most people realize it when they achieve something but in this case we are not sure you do. It will come.

I would like to talk of honesty and what it means to your body. There is a reaction to all feelings that you have and it is felt in the body. Dishonesty is a big one and it does negative things and it is like your body is saying, hold on here, we know that is not true. It causes a vibrational ripple, which is sort of like a backlash to be given out and this is not the best thing for your body to experience, much less your mind. With honesty you do not have to worry about such things. You can imagine what a life time of dishonesty can do to the harmony in a body, which comes from the negative impulses of the mind when deceiving. Not much is ever said about the effects of dishonesty on the body. People will talk of what it does to the person as a whole but the body needs to remain in harmony to function properly and when there is consistent dishonesty you begin to make yourself vulnerable to discordant and negative states of being and this makes you vulnerable to dis-ease and feeling less than well. It becomes a big problem when continued and then affects the whole system. There are many other reasons for being honest but this is one that stays at home with you and you cannot get around it if you continue this life style of deceiving. We just wanted to mention this so you will know.

I will go now and get on with plans of disclosure for time is short. We are hoping this will not add to the discord and maybe even get everyone’s mind on other positive things. We can always hope. I leave now with these thoughts for you to consider. I go in expectation of disclosure and would hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

December 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with some joy that I come to you. We see that much is being done and for all the right reasons. Things are moving along and progress is being made. It has been such a long time in coming and there were so many setbacks that it is gratifying to be able to view this process. The dark are being removed, albeit, slowly but removed none the less. You should start to feel the difference soon as when they are removed a lot of dark energy goes along with them and the light will fill in the gaps left from their absence. When there is a vacuum left from some removal of energy something else will fill it in and there is plenty of waiting Light to take these places. Unfortunately sometimes when there are no preparations made for this something else will fill in the vacuum that is not desirable. We have Light now and this is one reason we have encouraged you so strongly to anchor the Light and remain diligent about it is so that this very thing will happen when the dark are removed. Their influence, however unwanted, was strong at one time and their energy was still viable to some extent and this was taken with them. If Light is not available something else will come in and in the past it was filled with another dark influence. They are no longer in control and are slowly being carted off. That is not a very kind description of what is happening but close to being very true to what is happening. As I say you should start to feel a sense of lighter weight around the earth and a sense of more Light. It is what was planned.

Along with the removal of the dark is the removal of their influence and their hold. Remember these beings, for the most part were the minions of their original leaders who left awhile back. Without direction this was a big blow to those who were left but they continued to cause havoc and remained without ever giving in and turning toward the Light. They held true to their decisions to the end. A few did repent but very few. The problem is that they were not even highly developed to see the real picture for them if they continued in their dark ways. It is all they knew and as sad as this was they remained and are now at the very end of their time here on earth. As I have asked before do pray for them. If there was ever anyone who needed compassion and Light it is them in their decision of finality. The leaders that led them into this way of life, even though they agreed to it, will be held responsible for their part in all this and for the most part this has already happened.

So you see you not only influence those around you but there is a trickle down effect that happens with good and bad deeds and speech. Energy has a way of moving on in some way and this also goes for what is happening on earth at this time. We have mentioned several times that what happens here will alter so many other lives and planets and we know this is difficult for you to understand but it was so vitally important that the conflict between dark and Light came to the conclusion that it did. We will be explaining this in detail soon and you will understand more about what we are saying here. We were all held in rapt attention, even knowing how it would all end.

I go now to have a sort of a reset in outlook as we have come to a point of accomplishment that ends a chapter and we open a new one. It calls for a different approach and is more of a re-organization of thoughts and focus from downright war like attitude to recovery and making plans. I might add this is a pleasant move and we are most happy to be making it. The new chapter contains a small clean up detail at the beginning where things are put in their right place and the debris is swept to the side and picked up by the pick up crew. This crew or team is most efficient in their calling and it needs to be that way because so many of the dark are hiding thinking they will not be seen or found and this is not possible. You cannot hide from God and his long arm of the law. We give thanks for these individuals who dedicate their actions to carrying out the declarations and instructions of God for theirs is a formidable job, especially when the dark choose to fight back. This has been a long struggle to bringing some of the earlier ones into submission for their weapons were lethal and some on our side lost their lives.

Now may I speak of more opportunities being created now since the way is becoming more clear. There is forming a stronger connection between you and your teachers and there will be more instructions given in subtle ways and a few not so subtle. Our motto here is “if you don’t succeed try try again” and we do. We are pretty constant with our intent to you and it will be more readily received by you now and in your future. We are thankful for this as in the past it has been difficult to get through to you at times. The connection was there but the strength of the message was weak and you did not always hear. Sometimes you heard but did not want to listen. Sometimes you just said no and that was your right. It still applies now but we are hoping that with the greater influence of the energies you will receive our suggestions with a more open mind and see the wisdom in what we give to you. Much of our job will be in pointing out these opportunities to you and getting you to understand you do have the strength and talent to take them on. You have for the most part undervalued yourselves in all ways and are just now coming into your strength and understanding of how you can use this power of Light to create and solve the problems earth has. Some of you are so willing and just need direction and we can help you with this also.

Now I come to an important part of this message to tell you of impending energy flow that is close. It will be received with strength and so much so that most all will know something is going on. Take it in as much as you can and use it to the best of your abilities in all ways of your being. It carries so much truth and understanding in it for you and is what you can use. Some will not react well and it is best just to get out of their way. Focus on allowing this energy to give you all that it has and all that you can use.

I close now with these thoughts for you to think on. I go in joy and would hope that now you will also.

I am Prosper

December 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and pleasure that I come to you at this time. I am looking at your world and I see a planet that is in the midst of a beautiful change and ascension. You have progressed magnificently and you are now reaping the rewards of your exhausting work to free yourselves and to get ahead. We hear are in awe at what we see from Gaia. It is beautiful to see this planet and her inhabitants come together as she insisted and make this journey together. For her there was no other way. You are going through the proper moves and adjustments that you need to and advancing admirably. We have not taken our eyes off of you for a few hours now and I wish you could see the energies generated from this transition. I, myself have only seen this a few times but never with a planet and its people at the same time. Gaia was right in her insistence that she wanted her children to come with her. Again, we are in awe. It is definitely being recorded and will go down in the history books and be seen by millions. Yes, there are actually some who could not be here to witness this for themselves and will have to see it by a recorded video. So many are here in person and I think all of them are watching.

Yes, you are going through the ascension process and it is picking up speed as it goes along. What a joyful end to a terrible conflict. We are guessing that you are feeling the changes for yourselves and experiencing some abilities not experienced before. Some are having a review of certain incidents or feelings from your past lives as they travel through your mind. There will be more thoughts to come that might be strange or unexplained. Just go with the flow and try not to resist. Changing vibrational frequencies is an experience almost all of you wanted to go through and now you are. It will take different amounts of time for you individually but you are all together, the ones that are moving up. Some are leading and some are following. Gaia is most pleased.

Now may I speak of certainties that are coming. Your environment will change. The way you feel inside and your mindset will change. The things around you will start to look a little more alive and a little more colorful and you will adjust to seeing it that way and it will become normal for you. The prevailing energies of course will change and there will be a feeling of more lightheartedness and available love and light. I am speaking a little ahead of myself here and this will take some time. I don’t mean years or months but some time yet. It is what will happen. The certainties are good ones. Your time line does not include the heavy emotions that were so prevalent in the 3D you just left. Accept what you have worked so hard to accomplish. There are still some steps remaining to solidify and get out of the way but they will come and you are on your way to the end result. It is good.

I would like to explain some reasons for why it has taken so long for progress to be made in the area of revealing the dark side. For one thing the dark became so good at disguising what they were trying to accomplish and at making it seem OK. You were led down a certain path and fed certain information that explained away concerns that would lead you to objection of a verbal or physical kind. Fear was used for the most part in getting things done. The dark cloaked themselves in justified arguments and they came from a respectable looking past and position and this made it easier for you to believe what they were promoting at the time. There was a group that worked together with the same result in mind, even though most had a different reason for doing so. Some heavily involved in monetary gain, some heavily involved in gaining position and status and many less involved in developing a drug distribution channel for the end result of money. One of the biggest hidden dark movements has been the slave trade and use of human beings for their continued extraction of what they needed to keep going. Another not so hidden movement was the news that was being modified and given each day with their false dose of misinformation. This was the constant barrage you faced and it was having the result that was wanted and needed for them to continue remaining unseen for what they really were.

Your were conditioned and fed little bits and pieces of false information so that you slowly accepted a new way of life that was more controlling with each new year and you did not object enough to make changes or to see the reasons behind the changes. It was planned well and you trusted certain people and their words and positions. An insidious plan that grew and this was when it was decided that intervention was necessary. Steps were taken and there began a shake up that has continued to this day and to the freedom from this way of deceit by trusting people. You will review what was done and wonder why you did not see what was happening. The experience will stay with you and you will use it to see that you do not fall under such attempts at total control again. We hope that you will slowly forget the pain and suffering that was experienced and remember only the learning from what was done to you. It has been a long chapter in earth’s history.

I would like to speak of splendor and the shining of the new light that will grow in excellence in the new vibrations. Yes, there will be more light and you will adjust to it. There will not only be more visual splendor but also splendor of the heart and mind. The whole enchilada, as you say. It was promised and you will have it. I could talk all day and you would still just need to experience it for yourselves. I leave you to it for it was a long time coming and you have worked hard to get this far. All the time you spent in prayer and meditation and trying to learn what approach worked and what didn’t has all paid off for you and this means it has paid off for so many that you do not know of yet. It was a big objective you were facing that was needed and it will all be explained to you at the right time and this brings us to the education part. We are still waiting for the disclosure or announcement. It is still coming and has not been removed. At this point there is no wrong time for disclosure.

There is a switch over about to take place in the information given and the speakers giving it. The transition will be smooth and it will begin within a short time and things will proceed. What you are going through now is the turmoil preceding what can be accomplished without the strong hold that was in place. Just think of what can be accomplished without the influence of the dark at every turn. Take charge of your new emerging world and run with it. Plan, design and create what you envision and want from this beautiful planet that was so insistent upon her children going with her into the new.

I leave you now with visions of what has been talked about for decades now. You will see for yourselves. I go in peace and surely you will also.

I am Prosper

December 18, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. You are about to receive a huge blessing in the way of light and love. It will come with surprise and some force and give you the chance to take from it all that you can and will. Take advantage of this opportunity and do not be afraid. It will be a new way of receiving Light, energy, and informational changes. Let it be your blessing. You have been hearing of a sudden flash with energy and it is sent from far away through God’s intention and will go to your sun and then come to you. Your sun will play a big part in this and will change the energy somewhat so that it will be compatible for you to take in. It is imperative that this be done, or otherwise you could not take advantage of it in the way you need. Use caution because of the reaction of others who do not know what has happened. Some will think it is a weapon used upon their country but this is world wide. There is no need for fear. I will speak more on this later.

Our future interaction with you will intensify, if given half a chance. Most will welcome us and the manner in which the disclosure is given will have a lot to do with how we are received. We anticipated that our disclosure would be used to portray an attack upon your planet and there may be an attempt yet, but we feel we have taken care of this for the most part and put a stop to that avenue of deception. Hopefully this will not happen but there are those who will see our attempts to contact you as harmful anyway. Time will prove that we are not only friendly but have a desire and willingness to help you in any manner we can. There needs to be some acceptance on your part and this is where you come in. It is desired that you tell of your experience with us, if possible so that those around you will know there is a history that is non threatening. Our purpose and aim is to help you and it always has been. Now we await on disclosure to come.

Let me speak of interconnectedness here. I am talking about the connection you have with us in your past. Many will feel a knowing from those you have known before and communication will come easier for you. Many of you left other planets to come here and help with earth’s plight and will be returning home when this is over. Others of you will choose to remain or to come back but the connections with your home will be tugging at your heart when you hear information from those you have known before. You have been separated for some time physically but not mentally for your trusted ones from home have been in contact with you mostly at night while you sleep. Some of them are keeping in touch with you during the day. You are interconnected in this way. This will help you when the time comes to remember what you need to remember from your past and who you really are and why you are here. It will come smoothly and gently and you will feel like the news is settling gently into your mind. It will have a ring of truth about it. It will be your time of remembering and we have spoken of this for some time now. This information will go along with the world that you came into and for what reason. Your previous agreement to be here and what you were to accomplish when the opportunity arose. You will start to see the big picture and no matter what you think you do not know it now. All is going according to plan and try to accept it all without fear or trepidation. This time has been coming for some time now and it is finally here. Of course, our speaking of time for things to happen is not exactly like your meaning of time to happen but it is upcoming anyway. Let me just say here that the time for revealing a lot of things is very near for all of you.

I continue to plan for your education on a greater scale and we are ready to proceed. Agreements need to be made on your part and specifics determined for times and places but the curriculum is set and the lesson plans in place. Do not fear that you will miss something for it will be repeated for later listening if you happen to be busy at the initial time of the giving of lessons. Nothing will be lost. We look forward to your receiving the information and to your reaction of such. It will be interesting to see a whole world come into information of what has really been happening and why.

Now may I speak of glory and hosannas and hallelujahs. This time is almost here also and you will not need me to tell you when this is for you will know in your heart when it happens. A time of great love will descend upon you from Creator and you will feel it surround you and enter your being and it will be welcomed. A time you will never forget and you will always remember where you were when it happened and what you were doing. It will be the beginning of the promised earth and the joy this will bring. We look forward to you experiencing this and knowing that you are no longer controlled by your devious dark ones. A greater liberation into the Light of the Father and this will be the glory of it all. You have a lot to look forward to in your future and it is all coming to you and no one will be left out. There are those who have already made the decision that they do not want to advance and this is their choice. You are not forced to do what you do not want to do. It is up to you. Those who do want to step into the promised earth will rejoice. It will be a most magnificent time.

I would like to say a few words about medicine. You have all been led down a very destructive path concerning your health and the treatment you receive for your ailments. It is most discouraging for us to see what medicines are being prescribed to you and how the side effects are almost greater than what you are being treated for. There is so much that can be done immediately if you will give us the chance to give of this information concerning your health and what should be done in the medical field. Much has already been done to help you with the energies that have been given in the past and your health should be better now than it was if you allowed the healing to come into your bodies and take place. Again it has been up to you. This is one of the first things that will be offered to you is the healing opportunities. There is much more waiting for you in other fields that will give improvement.

We have to repeat again this is a process and will take a little time for those to accept our suggestions and for them to be implemented. There are variables in this giving of improvement and we see that the speed to which this happens depends upon those in charge of the greater health and medical arena. Just because we have many years of experience and much knowledge on any subject does not mean it will automatically be accepted by your people at once. We would like for that to be the case. Our suggestions will prove themselves if given a chance. We will continue to show you what can be done. You are coming upon a most auspicious time in you history where things, and I mean all things, changed for the better. Welcome it and enjoy it and be happy for this time to come about.

I go now with all these things for you to think on. It is coming. I go in peace and hope that you go in glorious expectation.

I am Prosper

December 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that things are progressing as they should. There is much going on and this will continue for awhile. When the dark remnants get upset there is so much activity in all things for they were so entrenched in everything and we have upset their “everything”. We see them trying to find a way to figure out how they can come out of this whole or in one piece and they are not choosing the right doors to walk through. Time after time opportunities have been given to them for the right choice and there is only one. All is One and they are outside of this and as hard as they try they cannot make everything fit into their desire for world control. They keep looking for an escape door and there is not one. They were told over and over it would come to this and now their choices are non-existent. Pray for them for they are in need of prayer. The options for them do not look good at all. It is sad.

Now may I speak of joy and I mean the joy you feel from the ONE and residing in the ONE and in the Light. It comes with the territory. Your best day on earth will not come close to the consistent joy and love being connected with all that is and it is there for you to experience at any time. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this feeling. We attempt to put it into words but cannot. It just has to be experienced. These times you are going through now will be challenging and you will need the stability of your faith and you will need the Light and love to guide you in everything. Some will not experience the turbulence as much as others. Those who remain in the Light are experiencing a higher level and a lot of darker activities do not or cannot reside there. Remember this, the higher frequencies pull you up from the activities that are happening in the lower dimensions. We are not saying that everything will be perfect but being in the consciousness of the higher dimensions will give you more stability and presence in the love and light that is available to you. You will need this. Do not forget to ask for joy in your life. Everyone has a tendency to forget this is available. There is no price, it is freely given. Place yourself in His hands.

May we talk of presence of mind. There are so many distractions one can come in contact with during the waking hours. There is a constant barrage of difficult things to deal with every moment. Try to carve out some time for peace and quiet if at all possible and feed the soul. Be present in that quiet place. There are others ways of connecting and some do it with music, while other do it with art. Find out what connects you with that presence of mind that gives you the peace you need. If you are not careful the days will go by and you will not have taken time for yourself in the most basic of ways and that is to connect with your Creator and the One who resides within you. It is not far away. Go within and partake of the feelings that come with that connection. If music or art is your key to presence of mind with the One then try to find time to use them in your seeking connection. Don’t let the time get by you without feeding your soul.

We have cautioned you about the energies being present at this time dividing the country and this is happening all over your world. The more people are confined and controlled the more they are resisting. In the US politics are dividing people up into two big groups and their views are strongly held and we don’t see them softening any time soon. It would appear that some things will just have to play out to their conclusion. A resolution is not forthcoming at this time. It is still necessary to be cautious when speaking and also around large groups that are strongly motivated to violent action. This has not dissipated yet and remains. We hope the higher energies, which are bringing more into the Light will lessen the hostility that is existing within the political systems. It remains just how much this will change things. Many do not have a mind set of forgiveness and they continue down the same road they have made for themselves. We hope for the best reactions from everyone.

I endeavor to give of the information that is needed for your advancement. You have taken in so much information within the past few years and have used it wisely and have grown. Continue with this activity of learning and don’t give this up. Much more is coming in your future days. We here are dedicated to your education and will have much more to offer. Try to seek out the time for listening and for study and thinking of what we give. Do not be discouraged if it seems slow to you. That just means you are considering and it may take time for everything to fit together. This learning does not end and so many think when they leave their education from school they are through with learning. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of us continue to grow and learn. The opportunities will keep presenting themselves for learning until the lesson is seen and understood.

There is a much more peaceful outlook from those that have taken in the higher vibrations than ever before. More kindness for everyone in the hearts of those who have not opposed the God given waves of energy and taken them in. Continue this effort and first love yourself and the Creator expression you are. See the connection of all things and this includes nature and the universe and beyond. Partake of the joy and happiness whenever you can.

I go now and leave you with a much better understanding than you have ever had. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

December 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. Let me take a few moments to consider how things are moving along. It looks as if all is in order for disclosure but we do not count it done until it happens. Often we prepare for things and they are blocked and we hope this is not a continuation of that practice. You will get your disclosure, we hope in full, but we will take what we can get. It is past time for it to happen and other things are depending on it. So let us get this show on the road.

My inclination is to continue with these messages and they have been most advantageous for many but time marches on and the energy changes and we must move on to correspond with what is happening. I will be moving on from here but there will be others coming to give of their information for you so you will not be left out of anything. I have enjoyed this time with all of you and have gotten to know you by this connection and you are a hardy group in your determination to do the right thing. I congratulate you in your efforts and bless you in your grand attempts to bring Light to earth and to bring others into the Light and carry them along. You have done well in this area.

We will see how things play out and if on schedule this time. I would say God willing but He has been willing all along. It is the people who have held us up. I digress. My continued service will be needed elsewhere shortly and I will go into the greater educational period of earth. There were times when I wondered when this day would ever come and now it is here. We are doing a bit of celebrating here as we needed to take time to revel in the joy this moment brings. It is a good time for us all. I am overwhelmed by your approach to all that is going on compared with the general, uninformed public, which is not going to take things nearly as well. This is sad as we had hoped to inform more of what was coming but it did not happen. We tried.

Now let us talk of insincerity. So many put on a face for the public to deceive and there are other various reasons. Rarely do we find a person who is putting out front his or her real feeling about what their intentions are. We are speaking of politics here. We are coming into a time where this will cease to be and this prevailing practice will disappear into the night from which it was born. Many more things will disappear also for they cannot survive into the higher vibrations. It is not so much that they will not be allowed as it will be that they cannot survive. Only in the lower dimensions can that sort of thing live and thrive as it has in your 3D earth that was. Notice I said “that was”. I speak this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It has been a long time coming and we here are almost giddy with all that is happening for you. Allow us to enjoy this moment, please.

The insincerity of so many led the United States off the desired path and down a dirt road where fraud and corruption grew and encompassed everything dear to the world. These people, full of deceit, will not be permitted to practice in the new world. They will go wherever it is appropriate for them to be and they will see what is in store for them. They will all be given a chance to come toward the Light and that will be up to them. The new leaders of the world will be of better character and expression and will have greater character for the laws of God and the earth itself with all her inhabitants. Give this some time to work out and come about. It will not be instant “perfect earth”. The trains will not all run on schedule at first. Hopefully it will take a much shorter time to come about than it took to get us to this point in your growth. Heaven forbid it takes that long for the new Gaia to come into her grand element of expression. We look forward to helping you in your coming out party. It is not only a happy time but a God ordained event with all the respect and ceremony that it is due. You won’t want to miss it.

Now may I speak of heroes and I mean the ones on your earth and also the unseen. There are so many who have gone above and beyond their expected word and duty to bring about the long and drawn out progress that has brought you to where you are now. You have yet to realize how many have come from far away places to either incarnate on your soil or to be in your skies for help in every facet of need. They leave their homes and families and do what is needed and they have not given up once on any concern confronting them. It was a time of needing help and they gave of their energy and had a strong desire to be of service to you in this earth effort. There is a time coming when you will be aware of everyone and every energy that has been gifted to this cause.

Now we speak of those heroes on earth in the physical who have given so much and some without knowing what the big picture was. They saw a need and jumped in to do what they could and some gave of their lives to bring about what was needed. So many of your first responders, as you call them, have the same attitude within them. They see a need and jump in to do what they can and many have given their lives for what was needed also. As many as there are that you know about, there are even more that you will never know about that have worked tirelessly every day to tip the scales in favor of the Light and overcoming the dark that had a strangle hold on earth. It has been a collaborated effort of so many. We see them from our vantage point and have been surprised at just how many it has taken to out think outsmart and overcome the strong element and plans of the dark. This is one reason we are so happy.

I am not trying to say we have turned a corner and all will be wonderful from now on but you have come this far and things are looking good for the outcome that has been wanted for so long. There are still some things that will come about for you to see and work out how they fit in this process. The dark deeds will be brought out in the open. You cannot hide things forever be they good or bad. Remember we are still here to serve you in your journey and we are still working to help you through all of it.

Let me say here that I have enjoyed every moment of giving these messages to you. You have received them well and taken them into your mind and heart for a better understanding of everything. I do not give up this message time lightly but I have to move on now for my part in the greater education concerning a bigger picture. Thank you for your understanding and your prayers of thanksgiving for the information and help our group has given. There are many here working with me that have gotten to know you on a personal level and their service to you was so lovingly and freely given.

I go now and prepare for my roll in the education that will follow. I go in happiness and peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper