May 30, 2021

Let us begin. It has been rather busy up here. We have been scurrying around trying to look at all our readings and then talking about them with each other. We have to know what is needed for you to know next and we now see that so many of you are prepared in the proper way. When I say you are not alone it is so true for many endeavor to see that you are cared for in the proper way by several means.

There has always been the ones assigned to you on a constant basis to guide, council and be with you through everything and will do what is allowed in your best interest. Then there is the whole Ashtar fleet who constantly lives in your skies all around your earth carrying out their duties from monitoring weather, scanning their instruments and generally keeping ready to carry out any command from higher up so adjustments can be made. There is the common command to take a closer look at some particular thing and then report. Finally there are those like myself, who spend our time also monitoring readings and deciding what messages to give to you that will do the most good to help you along. So many planets are represented in this help that you cannot see for thousands answered the call to come to earth and give of their time in every way they could. You are never alone on earth, whether awake or asleep. You are the topic and focus in every meeting, conclave and group and so is this time you are going through. You were never sent to earth by yourselves without love and eyes upon you. This is why your instruction has been so thorough and also why you were chosen because you represent the most capable to carry out this mission.

I would like to speak now of the importance of ending this earth chapter in the most effective way possible. Because of our constant surveillance we can adjust our efforts and also relay them to you, for you are the ones in the middle of things and in the plane where it is all happening. Your efforts are there at the point of it all taking place and that means what you do is most meaningful to bring about certain results. Be alert to receiving instructions that will come with encouragement in the same way we have been communicating with you all along. We are getting down to some intricate and delicate times where your work needs to be precise in its execution to fit what is happening and what is needed. Be prepared at times to be silent and at other times to continue with your bringing of light to the situation. We will help you with the timing of it all. At all times focus on the best possible outcome for all concerned and do not waver in your faith. Continued strength in purpose will be needed and you are experienced in all of this. There is no one else like you in your experience and abilities and then again you are part of a group of Light workers that have and will band together in a single effort to remain in the will of God for what needs to be carried out at all times.

So many of you have no idea what you do at night while asleep or even what you accomplish during your waking hours. There will come a time when it will be shown to you and then you will realize how important your work is. Let me impress upon you now what you do is important and brings everyone closer to what will close out all of this into finality and it is no small order. We understand you are trying to continue your daily chores of living on earth but also be aware of the work still remaining in front of you and listen in your awareness of it all.

Let me speak now of arranged plans as we continue to formulate actions needed and what messages to give you for your work. We know there have been so many changes from small to large in your past and you adjust to them now with a better understanding that when this happens it is needed to continue in the best possible way for the proper outcome. You are no longer in boot camp learning the different ways to carry out your work but are soldiers and warriors of light serving in the battlefield of intense opposition, that in the past had the upper hand. Your weapons were stronger and even with this there have been casualties along the way with the many attacks upon your numbers. You have had to be brave and experienced at the same time and this end time is no different, only now the dark numbers have been greatly reduced. Those who have not a clue as to what is going on or how to advance themselves into a higher level will reap the benefit of all your work. You have been paving the way for so many and this will continue.

Dear ones, you have done well and now you have received your instructions to continue. Always surround yourselves in the protection of the Light for this is not over yet. I leave you now with the thought that this is a joint effort and again you are never alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

Additional Information

May 29, 2021

I am here to warn you of trusting anything you hear without first going within and verifying the authenticity of the content. You have been manipulated enough for one life time and we do not need you acting on false instructions or information. Rumors will be flying but also the media will be reporting what they believe to be real and for the most part there is no real intent at deception on their part. This does not keep the information from being false however.  The falsehood is coming from another source through the news media. They will try once again to lead you into a state of fear.

This is where your experience, practice and also what we gave you at night while asleep comes into play. Pray about all of it and ask for Divine direction to be given. Remain calm as you will soon get a feeling of what is real and what is not from knowing what we have been giving you and how our love is shown in what we say. In no way would we give you instructions that would go against the Divine will of God. Evidently certain ones do not know you as well as they think or either they believe you are still taking in all their lies.

I will continue to come to you with information pertaining to the circumstances prevailing. Give of your light to verification and that will be your catch phrase for the next few weeks. Remain in peace and in the hands of God as you have been and have learned to do. Seek the truth of the matter.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 29, 2021

Let us begin. We see that things are ready and you are prepared for what is to come. I feel better about your position now that we have been speaking to you at night while you sleep. The right words to you will make a big difference in how you receive what is to be revealed. We have done what we could to bring you up to date with information you need. Do not worry about not remembering it now while awake for it will make a difference whether you remember it consciously or not. There is a certain way we deliver information to you so it will be counted when the time comes.

I would like to speak now of fast tracking into learning and gaining wisdom. The re-incarnational cycle gives you the best opportunities for doing this because of the quick turn around of individuals having what we see as a short life span. We and others live 600 to 900 years and so we think your life span is short. Some live over a thousand years. You come back again into a different setting but with the same challenges left fresh in your consciousness and begin again to work on the challenges until they are learned and perfected. Something that gave you problems in learning before is now experienced in your past and you know how to handle it and deal with it and you go on to another challenge to deal with. It is like walking out of one room into another but with less memory of the last room. The major aspects of the situation lingers in the records of your life and you recognize it sooner and know what did not work last time. It is sort of like cheating on a test for you know to try something else.

Some times the same people come back with you to work out feelings and deal with hurts and sometimes the people will be different but with the same type challenges. They will be working out their challenge also. This short life span was set up for you to gain as much learning as you can in a short period of time while you are on earth and all this was done while bringing in the light to a world that was carrying on an intense fight with creators of dark energy and control. Let me say here that there has been the group of individuals sent her with previous experience of bringing in light and then there were the ones here given the opportunity to further their path in experience and understanding. These are the ones who were manipulated and used and controlled by the dark influences. As you light workers came into this earth arena, along with your missions of helping people become free of control, you also were given the chance to further your learning in different areas of life situations and this added to your knowledge and experience. You have been carrying a double major in your university of purpose and this is no small task you stepped into.

Some of the major things that so many have been working on to learn is recognizing that you are not separate from God and this leads to respect and love of self and then it transfers over to recognition, respect and love for others. You need to learn this about yourself before you can deeply understand the importance of seeing this in not only others but in all life that has been created. It is a big knowing to learn that life itself is of God. This is a ground breaking moment and gives you a better perspective when viewing and experiencing all things. Earth has been such a combination of different people but all have to learn the same lessons and another of these is that you have so much control over what happens to you and what comes your way. You are not a leaf in the winds fluttering in and out of difficulties and you are not a huge victim of all life events. There is wisdom in who your parents are and also where you were born. Have you ever questioned why you were born in the country and location you were? This was chosen for you to carry out continued learning or to perform certain actions that would lead to benefiting others. It all fits together and people and situations are intertwined in the weaving of continued life. When viewed as a whole, this is a big production and for it to be successful has to have Divine Intelligence behind it and it does. For anyone to come into that synchronicity and plan devious transgressions to imprison people for their own selfish gain is a crime against the laws of God and they will answer for their actions before the court that was long ago set up for this purpose. To deprive anyone of their free will to continue their journey of learning and wisdom is not permitted without severe consequences.

The consequences we are talking about here do not contain hate or revenge but respect for the laws of God that we all live under and should live by. These courts are served by the highest individuals who know these laws thoroughly and have much experience and it is done with love of the laws as they were set up for all creation to abide by. There is no negative energy in them as they serve in their positions. They gain no pleasure in seeing the people brought before them for their actions, only that the laws and penalties function as they should. This is not a place you would ever want to be no matter how much love is brought forth for that individual to continue their learning in their penalty phase, for this is the ultimate goal of any penalty is that they continue learning what should and should not be done in life. Most of the time when your life is over you review you actions with masters of experience and you are given more opportunities to continue learning, but serious crimes against people go through the court process and this is determined not only by the laws but by the law breaker. You brought about the action that has caused this reaction and you find yourself reaping the consequences of it all. There are checks and balances.

In the process of living there is an energy that resides in each one of us that can be used for good or can be used for bad. The energy works for either purpose. This collective energy of all people is what creates your world and either propels life in the goodness of God or the energy holds everyone back in the devious purposes for which it was created. This is what happened to earth. It was held back in dark intent and the people on her did not get the chance to live in freedom and continue benefiting from the laws set up for them to pursue learning and happiness. Not only was this whole process destroyed but people were not allowed to be joyful and live in thanksgiving and express the love that they could have given freely to all others. It is not just that the dark did bad things, they interfered with the Divine plan for life on earth and the process and procedures created for the advancement of each soul to benefit from. So you see there is a lot to consider in their legal process of balancing the penalty with what happened.

This brings up the idea of forgiveness for those who transgress against us and this is what needs to happen for this also is a part of learning. Do not be so transformed by the truth that will come out that you forget this element of forgiveness in your learning. I leave you now to consider all that I have said. We will travel this road ahead a step at the time and we will do it together with you. You are not alone and you never have been.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 28, 2021

Let us begin. I am giving you the latest on what we know. The truth is ready to come out as things have been prepared. So many have worked long and hard to bring this about and it has taken a lot of legal procedures and filing of paperwork to seek out verification, form conclusions and process legal documents. This takes time to bring about. It is the culmination of many who wanted things corrected and set straight. We have done our best to prepare everyone to the extent we can for we await the reaction of this information upon the public. So much of that part is not known in advance. We know you have waited a long time for this to happen and your patience has been needed. There are many types of fights and this one has been slow but intelligent minds prevailed and success has been attained. You will see.

I would like to speak now of interpretation and I am speaking of messages received from many Masters and advanced teachers not on your planet. We have done what we could to make connections and give of our wisdom and knowledge to those of earth. There are so many different frames of reference being used by earth citizens and this information is sometimes interpreted in different ways. Do not be upset or confused if what is given in your past is corrected by teachings coming. We endeavor to get all our messages correct but there are some circumstances we cannot control and funneling information through the many minds receiving is one of them. We are not saying that this was done intentionally but that influences of upbringing to adulthood set certain foundations of minds in different patterns and thought preferences. This can distort information when being received into a somewhat gray area and this needs to be clarified. This has been experienced on many planets in the past receiving messages from us and is not out of the ordinary. This clarification will be done.

Those receiving messages give of their time and effort to serve in this way and it is no small task they have offered. Many is the time where they are attacked and ridiculed for their information when they have taken what was given in good faith to better the plight of mankind. There are possible distortions, as we have stated in the past and energetic flow and environment is one of them. What we have to go through to bring about these messages is quite thick with energy of all kinds and much planning has to be done for channeling or receiving of information. Here I wish we could use visual aids for a picture would give you a better idea of how this is done. Giving of information from one mind to another across the prevailing energies is not like speaking on your land line phones but is more like bouncing signals around like your cell phones. It is subject to distortions. Let me say here that in the past all attempts were made by the dark to distort these messages if they could not be stopped completely. Bear with us in our trying to give of perfect information for you as we continue these attempts. So, do not be surprised if you find a little tweak or correction here and there after we start the education process. This is also why we suggest you go within to verify all information given for you have a direct connection.

Truth does have a life and energy of its own and lives in strength and endurance. Give thanks for all you have learned and received in truth for it is like jewels to the soul and helps continue your journey. It is aid for the weary traveler and is received differently into the energy and is much different that falsehood or incorrect interpretation of information. Learn to discern the difference between the feel or reception of truth from falsehood when receiving any new information and try to rely upon your own knowing of the difference instead of taking someone’s word who is subject to their own interpretation of things. There are so many accurate receivers of truth and they are the ones who will last through the duration of things in spite of all the hindrances of attacks and detractors. Select them wisely in your search for truth as so many of us now dedicate ourselves to giving of what we can to the inhabitants of earth. Much is being given at this time for much is needed.

Now let me speak of all leading up to this time. Much has changed since the first attempts at contact with a few individuals long ago. Back then it was unheard of to have a contact from someone not on this earth. A few books were written and lectures were given and then the whole thing began in earnest to try and convince leaders of different countries about the dangers of atomic war. Much has happened since but we are still trying to this day to convince everyone that war is not the way to go. If you rule out the possibility of destroying the whole planet and all the people upon her, there are still many negative aspects of any war and all of them need to be avoided. There are ways to resolve differences of opinion over anything if effort is taken to find them. This is your challenge at this time and headway has been made in this regard. Cooler heads have prevailed and also we have intervened on several occasions to influence decisions regarding conflict and destruction. Our opposition has been more than great for there is and has been a strong influence to create war so a few could benefit and become rich from the process. They have not cared about all the lives lost for their hearts are cold and the light is not in them. This is what we have been up against and you have paid the steep price of loosing loved ones and that has been the ultimate sacrifice for so many. This speaks highly of the work being done concerning the light in that you have come this far to better times and in overcoming the influence of the dark. All of us continue to overcome all negative opposition to light being brought to your world and we will not give up until this is done.

As time has gone by you have broadened your scope of understanding and in looking at the bigger picture. I ask you now to continue to broaden your scope of understanding in what will be given for this is also our attempts at doing away with the dark and negative influences that have prevailed. Each time you receive truth it is a continuation of eradicating the falsehoods that have been shoved down your throats by the intentions of the dark. Continue to seek, to search and to learn for this also is a weapon against all dark everywhere. The dark upon earth always feared your numbers in truth and knew they could not win against large groups of those bearing truth. Let truth be your shield along with the Light and the Love.

I leave you now to think on these things and to continue your journey for truth and understanding. It may not always be a smooth and easy course but it is always a true one.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 27, 2021

Let us begin. We know the plans of the disruptive ones to cause distraction to keep truth from coming out about their past activities. It will not work, no matter what they do for the truth will come out anyway. This we will make sure of. It is time for truth to happen and by God, it will. Enough is enough. One way or another this truth giving/telling will take place. Their plan is to cause enough distraction in your skies to keep the news media tied up with reporting what is seen to push aside any attempts at broadcasting information from your past about them and their agreements with your governments. They do not want it known that they plucked individuals up from their sleep or their lives and performed certain procedures upon them for their own information and use. They also took, tissue and other samples, from these selected people for their use and then returned them to your earth. Most of you know this already and some of you have it embedded deep in your memory for you were the ones that were taken.

These memories have haunted you selected ones for some time now and this has to be healed so you can live without this in your past to hinder things. It will be corrected and your history of this dark deed removed from your body recordings. The mind memory of the event may be retained but the terror and negative part will be transformed into a more positive remembrance. It was a violation on two parts, one of the perpetrator and another by your government for agreeing to this trade in the first place. There are ways that it has affected you that you do not realize. What they were looking for was certain DNA to extract. Now let us move on from this subject as you can understand why they would not want this known.

Let me speak here of uncovering the different layers of events that many wanted hidden. Of course we will be looking at the most recent voting irregularities from last November and where that led. First there will be the storm before the calm for there will be many surprises. Do not worry for it will lead to the final desired destination. What I am excited about is your past history of communication with others from different planets. Here I am not sure exactly what will be uncovered, for there is so much, but it will be enough to get things started. Then the path will lead to human trafficking and into the darker side of what has been going on all this time and this is the part that is most disturbing for everyone. The uncovering will continue. Once the majority of people realize the authenticity of what is coming out they will want to know everything and a partial unveiling of it will not be acceptable. Once the ball starts rolling down hill it will keep on going. Quite suddenly this will happen. We are not sure here who will speak the words but it will get done.

There is a process to all this and the mind may take a while for it all to sink in and be accepted and that is as it should be. So many times people think something can be done in the dark or without being known and this just isn’t so. Things are recorded in your personally kept diary and also larger events are recorded in your history and as you have read, nothing is a secret. There is a reckoning time before the ultimate and supreme judge and this cannot be avoided. All things will be balanced in the correctness of judgment and payment for disregarding God’s laws and this also cannot be avoided. All are responsible for their own actions regarding all things.

I would like to speak now of the peace that you have found in connection with your Source of all that is and ask you to hold onto this in the coming events. You will need to be steady in your faith and beliefs and steadfast in it all. I speak here of a true course not influenced by the discord and the many statements and conjectures that will be made and brandished about for the public to cause disorder and purposeful chaos. There are still those who want to disrupt at every turn possible and they will take advantage of this opportunity. Travel through the hot coals of it all with confidence and knowing that there is a plan leading to desired results for this is charted by your Father and He will not be denied in what is to happen on and to earth. Focus on the perfection of the end result and not the muddy water in the middle of things.

I leave you now with this short message to be who you are in all things and lead by example through these times. Continue your mission in your understanding of what you have come here to do for you were sent by God to bring about just this result of things and you must continue now until the end.

I am Joseph In His Service



Let us begin. I am giving this special edition as a heads up to all who read here and all who receive second hand information from these messages. There is going to be a rather large announcement soon, within the next few days or the first of June. Also there will possibly be ships coming to earth that may try to fool you into thinking they are us in an attempt to mislead you and draw you into a false contact. Be alert to this possible fool’s gold in the sky and rely on your experience and understanding to verify these craft before you believe fully.

If carried out, these ships will be controlled by androids which have been programmed for this purpose and this is done by the Annunnaki and their devious associates. The major goal is to disrupt information that is scheduled to come out that reveals their past relationship with the heads of your government and the exchange that was made by agreement some time ago. Certain technological information was made available to your government in exchange for extracting individuals from your surface for their own devices of gaining physical knowledge and samples. They do not want this information to be released and wish all of it to remain secret.

People were taken to their ships years ago and this continued for years. They were in need of specific samples to aid their races and they were willing to do what it took to make this agreement with heads of governments. This will be a disruption movement and we will do all we can to stop this maneuver. Go within to verify sightings and I will try to give of information to inform you of further actions on their part and on our part. The times are becoming interesting as we are now having meetings every day concerning changes coming. Hold on because your cars have now left the depot and are headed for unknown terrain.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 26, 2021

Let us begin. I am convinced that you are ready for what is to come now. We have been working with you at night to prepare you for this and we see you are ready. This has concerned us, so we took it in our hands to do what was necessary to give you the information you needed to have a solid hold on everything. We feel much better now about your being prepared. This will help considerably. So be it.

Now I would like to talk of inspiration and where it comes from. So many times you are touched by thoughts that give you new ideas about everything. Where does this come from? There are barriers that keep you from reaching into the source of knowledge for answers, or for new things and most of them are of your own making. It is fully acceptable for you to reach into the universe and gain answers to most of your questions and receive them. Sometimes the process takes a few hours or days but it will come and you will have it. There are some answers that will be delayed longer for you to gain more foundational information first, but for the most part you can certainly enter into a state of seeking answers and expect something to be given.

Coming to earth under the rules set down, you were forbidden certain information of your past. Seeking answers of universal knowledge is a process you can use now to help you understand many concepts and is allowed. Make a mental note to open these doors to truth and correct answers to your questions and then allow. Inspiration can also come from universal energies existing if you are in the right energetic receptive place to receive them. Much has been given to everyone who is ready in the way of ideas and thoughts of new ideas and ways to get things done. You have access to vast worlds of information that can come to you that is allowed and acceptable. There are certain conditions and restrictions in place to protect you from incorrect or improper sequence of learning but for the most part you are free to ask away. As we have said before there are certain thoughts of an inspired kind that have been given to you from us to help you in your earth progress but this is another avenue outside of universal knowledge.

The mind and body are great receivers when certain rules of care are followed. You are also broadcasters of information and this is one of the readings we tap into on a collective basis to see how your are responding to things and how much you are understanding certain concepts. This is also one reason we encourage you to take care of your body so that it can function in this way. You set up certain road blocks yourselves that interfere with this process of gaining information, not only from us but from the universe. You have yet to understand how benevolent the universe is in providing so much of what you need. You do not always turn to this source for answers and it should be at the top of your list. God has given so many ways for you to have what you need at all times. Let the questions and needs be cast out and give it time to manifest into your life. You should practice this and keep in mind to be careful what you ask for.

I would like to speak now of how to continue on your journey with the information that is given from this inspiration and from new ideas. Allow them to come to you and do not always dismiss unfamiliar new ideas for they may be needed in your future. You may be given what will aid you later when challenges come. This is how some of your inventions are conceived in thought first and this is why two or more people on opposite sides of your earth come up with the same ideas at the same time. It is information the universe sets out to aid people as a whole or to aid a particular need in that part of your history. It is a wonderful process that has been set up for your benefit and works well when allowed. Be open to new ideas, inspirations and concepts and pave the way for these to come with thoughts of them coming in truth and perfect harmony with you when given. Again we are speaking here of right timing for all things and this includes ideas. As you move up your ladder of advancement the concepts and ideas will become more complex but they will always be given to those who are vibrationally receptive and in harmony with what is given. This means the ideas given will fit in nicely with the world and societal need at the time. Nothing is in conflict with what is. So give these new ideas a chance and look at them closely and do not automatically dismiss them for they may be answers to questions you have not yet become aware of or they may be answers to what is needed now. Inspiration has been underrated and it is time for it to come into its own.

Let me say a few words of magic. This is a term that you use when you do not understand how things are done. There is always a logical or scientific reason for things to take place and nothing just happens without reason or cause. Reaction follows action and part of learning is to find out how things work and why they work. So many things are coming to you now in the way of new ideas that will give you reasons for what you might have termed as magic. There is a magic and wonder about all that is and the more you learn and know about how things work the more you will revere and respect Creator of all that is for by his hand all things were set into motion and exist in harmony today. Knowing how things work does not take anything away from your understanding but adds to the awe and majesty concerning the creative process. Taking thought and turning it into concept and then into matter is a fascinating study for anyone to think on. There is a whole vastness you have yet to come across and it is waiting for you.

The more you know, the more you will have the desire to gain information about God’s creations and this brings about the reverence and respect that is felt. I leave you now to think on these things and to take a look at what lies ahead for you to learn. The journey ahead of you can only be described as fantastic and I challenge you to take these steps into what can be.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 25, 2021

Let us begin. We need to understand that there are so many different opinions on your world concerning other life forms out in space. Talking about them from the safety of earth is different than having them land on your planet and want to be your friend. We have tried to dispel the fear that has been created so far but there is still a lot of apprehension existing on this subject. The scientist, who are the experts, should know and these are the ones that say some day they will receive a message from another life form from space. Strange, isn’t it that we have been speaking to you for decades now and the experts are still looking for that first communication.

Then there is your government that has been communicating with us/them for many decades now and conducting business with them on earth and on another planet. So you see there are varying degrees of belief in life on other planets and this will soon be corrected with our sightings in your sky and then communication, and later visitation. It will happen. There are somewhat different opinions also concerning our intentions and what we want from you. You have been so programmed that you think we must want something instead of wanting to help and give of our knowledge to make things easier for you. Fortunately more people are using the internet to show videos of our activities in your skies and then messages from us. After posting so many of these it is bound to influence vast numbers of viewers and readers. It seems like such a small step from those looking for a message from outer space to connect with those who are receiving messages from outer space but then there is the proof thing. I suppose it has to be verified on a grand scale before it will be believed by some of your people. It will come.

I would like now to speak of remembering and I mean what the veil took away when you came to earth. We have talked of this many times before and most of you want to have this information. The time is so near for this and you will begin to understand things on a grander scale when this happens. It will include what your past is with who you really are, what you have accomplished and it will include your abilities and you will be amazed. Right now you would probably say, “no way”. How could all this be so completely lost to memory or covered up and removed from us? It had to be done so that you could play your part in this coming to earth with belief in your part. It would not have worked with you knowing you were playing a part, and yet some of you had a feeling that something was not right with your flashes of memory and visions of a different place and different settings. This attempt to rid earth of the dark influence was set up on a grand scale and had to originate from a certain point and be successful and that is being accomplished.

Then there is the remembering of your lives upon earth and how they brought forth opportunities for learning and these memories will be returned to you also. You can understand how all this remembering could be confusing for you if not handled properly and it will come as it should in your correct timing of things for you to handle and understand. This was planned out in the beginning so as not to send you into a tail spin over the remembering of it all. As we have stated this coming to a planet undercover and without memory you have done before to aid the people on different planets by blending in with them and raising them up for different purposes and you are becoming quite experienced at it.

Some of you will go on after this earth experience and do it again on another planet with a different setting and you will aid the life forms there. You completely take on the body form, the mental state and the challenges that exist on that planet and climb your way into a point of helping by your bringing of light. Then some of you remember enough to know that you are different and the search is on for why that is and it evolves from there. This earth experience is not your first gig at doing this on the universal stage. You carry that much light with you and in you that your very presence incorporated into another society changes it and brings about a help in getting ahead for the people there. This is a much more effective way of helping by having so many fit in and not being rejected as someone different from a different race of people landing on their planet and being shocked by it all even if they mean well and want to help. You see how this is an advantage in doing it this way.

Let us talk now of the reveal and the bowing out of this type of plan and your return home. The energies at some point in this advancement are given along with the codes and all individuals sent on this type of mission come into their memory and this is when they return home. Their mission will have been accomplished and most likely there is no need for them to remain. There are a few exceptions and this will happen on earth when some return to continue the restoration of earth. Those returning home take their place back into their family and home and resume their lives where they left off with more hours and lives logged in their experience and it is all recorded on their resume of experience. This is what they do to help all of mankind and life forms when help is needed. This is much better than landing, saying we are here to help you and having everyone scurry back into their homes in fear.

So now you are aware of your background and the process for doing this and why it is the preferred way to enlighten and advance a society or a planet in the case of earth. This challenge was a large one and it took awhile because of the complex opposition already entrenched and the force behind it. You are beginning to get an understanding just what has been accomplished and why it took so long to bring about. This is why it took so many of you and there had to be extras sent here to make up for those who did not come to understanding of their purpose. It is so easy to become so involved in the part that is being played that the coming to understanding of what is going on is never reached or understood. Never the less, these light workers who do not come to this understanding are bringing of their light that is within their being and they are uplifting things and they are helping just by being here.

Then there is the monitoring by those that are off planet in ships helping all who have taken on this mission and come to bring certain energies and light to a planet. Much help is given in different ways this way. The body that is taken on is aided physically, the needed messages are given during sleep at night and certain energies coordinated to the advancement of all things on that planet are given at the appropriate time. It is a grand partnership that has to be done properly for there to be success and many adjustments are made and plans changed to what is needed. This is what you have been a part of for your many life times. The time for giving of this information is now for it would not have been received in the same manner if given long ago.

I leave you now in the knowledge of the plan that you undertook when agreeing to come to earth. It is completion time and your return home is coming soon. It is vastly important that you finish out what is needed from you, concerning this last part of things with the truth coming out to all the inhabitants of earth. They will need a lot of help during this coming time period. Your example of accepting things with calm needs to be seen by others. Your kind and compassionate words of comfort given at the right time will do wonders and the prevailing collective of group light workers will mitigate destructive attitudes and lesson negative influences. The silent work you do and the beings you are with your practiced ways will go a long way in helping things. There is no bigger silent influence to bring about change than the committed efforts and desires of light workers on a mission for good and for God. Come into your own power from source and continue what is needed on earth at this time.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 24, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that many are not anywhere near to understanding what is really going on in the world. They go about their day with lack of understanding of anything behind the scenes. They do not question, only complain about conditions and they are struggling to get by. It will be a rude awakening for them. We are doing all we can from here to educate everyone, and yet we fall short of our goals. The truth is slowly coming out but there will come a time when it will all come out and all will be given. Those who do not know will be challenged but my concern also is that they will cause considerable problems for those who do know, and therein also lies a bigger problem. I do not want those faithful believers to be in peril of any kind and I am concerned for them. Please be careful and use caution after everything comes out.

I would like to speak now of contrition and how it applies to your planet. There are certain reactions that are understandable when knowledge is gained and people review their actions from the past. Sadness comes about knowing you have caused harm to others and guilt is heavy on hearts. Part of understanding is knowing that you will not act in a certain way again and this is the learning process. The guilt is sometimes used as a weapon against you by others and manipulation follows and this should not be. It is better to forgive self and continue without this heavy burden you are carrying around for it holds you back in a negative place and hinders your continued progress in this area of learning.

When wisdom is gained in a subject, do not linger in guilt, but process as best you can getting rid of any gilt for transgressions and then step ahead for after the learning gilt serves no constructive purpose. Be at peace with the learning and leave no dark influence in the mix. Enlightenment is joyous in the learning and give thanks for all that is learned. Gilt is turned upon self and discourages light from coming in.  We all have a need to be forgiven but forgiving self is difficult for most of you. Be more at peace with the learning process.

Self incrimination should be an Olympic event for there would be so much competition in that field. There would be so many contestants qualifying from all the entries. This is what will be faced when the understanding of what everyone has let happen when the truth comes out about what is going on. This will be a process for everyone and this learning must happen, but we encourage all that it is best not to linger in the guilt for not seeing and not doing. You were trapped, used and abused and this needs never happen again. Study well the way in which it did happen and use this information to secure your future against all attempts of this sort again.

May we talk now of inception of future plans for there needs to be many plans for regaining the type of world that you desire. This is where we can be of help in certain processes of cleaning up and removing certain elements that would continue to harm contained in your water and air. There are ways that this can safely be done and this information will be given to you along with the process. As we have stated we are here to help you in all ways we can. Certain aspects of creating a government you desire can be counseled but the actual work in forming what is wanted will have to be done by you. You must live with what is created and now you have a better understanding of what does not work. There are many ideas of what needs to be and deciding on which one will be the best is a large task. Establish this after deep thought.

Your history gives many clues as to what governed well and what did not. There have been several methods going well in the beginning and then the dark influence of greed for money and power crept in and destroyed the good part of it from the inside.

There will be help in continued waves of elevated codes and energies to be accepted by all and you will continue to be enlightened in higher forms of compassion for others in the inception of ideas in all things. It will become easier as you go along for you will become practiced at what will be in the best interest of all and this will be your guiding light to follow. Throw away what is not fair and restructure with what is good. You have a bright future ahead of you. The heart will become a leader in all things and the element of love will prevail. We have seen this in you.

I am going to set you straight on living in the past. Once this all comes out and you have traversed your history and how it declined, take the learning and then do not dwell in the negative aspects of what was. Take the wisdom of what was and put the rest in your history books and put the book on the shelf. Set yourself in the work of creating what is desired and busy yourself in the present moment of better things. You have spent far too much time in the lowly aspects of control as it is for you to be continually going back into what was and reliving it again and again. This has been a part of your history that needs to be examined for a certain amount of time for the enlightenment gained and then move on. As always your point of power and creating abilities lies in the now moment and not in your past. Remember this and do not get trapped again in your past.

I leave you now to think on what was, what is and what can be. You are always using what you have learned from your past to forge your future and this applies to what you will soon learn about your reality of what was allowed to happen. Cross the bridge of your past into what can be with new understanding and wisdom.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 23 2021

Let us begin. Of all the things you can do to better your world, loving self is a big one. By loving self, you honor and respect your Creator, which is your source of all things, and this leads to love for others. So many times in your attempt to do the right thing by loving others you forget about loving self and you are left out. It is loving only part of a thing and not the whole. Another big help is to accept yourself in totality for what you think are bad qualities are part of the whole. All of these things are you in this moment and all of us are on a journey and are not yet perfected. Begin here by loving and respecting the God within yourselves and then branch out and this will make a difference in how you see all things.

I would like to speak now of reincarnation. This is the taboo word in the Christian religion that brings criticism for it is not accepted. Statements that this is not backed by Bible wording are made and any thought that the Bible is not the true and whole inspired word of God is rejected. It would have been a big help if all that was intended in the Bible would have been stated properly and accurately as it was originally given, but it was changed. It was added to and taken from and parts were deleted and all this was done to please the wants of certain ones that wanted an uninformed reader who would be led in a certain way. You have been deceived for a long time and done under the name of God to manipulate.

Only by coming back again can you continue to gain the understanding from experience and continue advancing in your journey back to Source and perfection. This is a long journey and takes much longer than one life time. There are planets where reincarnation is not practiced but the inhabitants live much longer than on earth and learning is continued in this way. Most all words of coming back to live again are removed from the Bible and you are led to believe that you only have one life. There are several references to another life but they are dismissed by most, or misinterpreted into another meaning. This belief in many lives for people is not disrespect but is truth and part of the teaching that was intended by the one you know as Jesus when he walked the earth. If his teachings would have been continued in true content through the ages and not changed, the world would be a different place. This concept does not complicate things but the life reviews after death and the plans made for returning into another life only enhances the learning process by giving more opportunities in a shorter period of time. This is what was needed for earth. The shorter life span fits nicely into this plan.

Let me now talk of those plans for another life and how it comes about that the lessons you need to learn will be provided by coming before you. The energetic challenges are set forth regarding your journey and you are attracted to them and they are attracted to you and this happens automatically. You either seize the opportunity by facing them and working with them or you can choose to ignore or refuse to acknowledge them and have them return again in another setting. They will keep coming back over and over again until you learn the lessons presented and they then loose their challenge by you gaining wisdom from actions of correct choices. These life reviews are very important for knowing what is needed and what has been learned and they are very accurately assessed by several advanced entities. You are never incorrectly reviewed and nothing you need to learn is ever left out of the big picture. Along the way the lessons are refined and you become wiser as you face and overcome your challenges by learning what does and does not work in learning everything about Love and how this energy works in your life and in the lives of others. Most all actions are variations of learning how love works for it is the key to life itself. God is love and this is what you return back to. This is a simplified way of stating things but true none the less.

From the beginning you are led to focus on love, either for self or others, and in most all situations you are confronted with this in each life. If you will notice circumstances bring you to decisions of being a being of love and making the choice of expressing that love in your words and actions. There are no options that do not give you the opportunity to choose love every time and to express that love in many different ways. This is why the concept of loving one another has been taught by so many Master Teachers is because it is the key to learning, that all is from love and all is based on love. These opportunities to express the correct actions will keep returning to you in different ways with different circumstances until love is incorporated into your choice of words and actions. Then you learn what actions beginning with love brings results that turn to wisdom and you continue your journey. You have been given the key to the kingdom and in a lot of cases you have overlooked it. If self love is not realized you will revert to hurt and anger in self defense and bypass the action of showing love to others for it is not there in yourself.

Be at peace with this key to life and try to see love expressed in the options you have to every day life no matter what challenges arise before you. Consider the foundation and origins of words and actions being based on love and see how your reactions change to difficulties and conflict. If you act from love, try not to let it bother you if the other person does not respond well for this is their opportunity to return love and it also must be learned in their journey. We all have the same rules to live by and the playing field is fair and equal as it was designed.

I leave you now to think on my words. I leave you in love.

I am Joseph In His Service