October 11 2020

Let us begin. It is with good feelings that I come to you and contemplate our meetings on your land and in person. I know there are some of you that doubt that this will happen in your real time but it is planned and there is a connection between our reality and yours that binds up to this occurrence of meeting on the planned times. There are always certain factors that play into any thing happening and we have worked hard to see that this connection remains viable and strong so it can transpire in your reality without interruption or cancellation. This has not gotten this far before and we give it strength and hope that you are giving it strength also with your visualizations and prayers. It has to be supported by as many as possible for the time line to remain. There are so many things you need to know and this teaching is of vast importance to everyone for as you learn and grow it compliments everything else and everyone else in the all of everything.

Now let us speak of associations while we speak of what one does affecting the all that is. Our associations with others is on a much greater level that you might imagine. The creative ingredients that are used to create just about anything are the same elements and energy that is present in all things. There is no empty space as you once thought. It is crammed full of energy and thought that is present and ready to be made into something else. The same goes for the body you use for your chosen life. There is no empty space and the messages that take place between parts of your body are communicating with all other parts of your body in a symphony of harmony and this is the ultimate of good health. That harmony is the ultimate or the pinnacle of desired resonance that can be had for total good health. When there is disease or sickness there is no harmony in some area of the communication with the body.

The same elements that do exist in all space and all things created do communicate with all other things that are and you are just now re-establishing that thought in your mind that it is possible to be connected with everyone else and everything else. There is a further element of knowingness that is possible to tap into for you but this may be in the future learning for some of you at this time. It is possible but do not be disappointed if this is not done by you yet. It will come later at the proper time in your learning. Just know that what one does affects all that is. This is one reason that earth and what happens here is so important to all things because there is a connection that is yet unknown by you concerning the advancement and ascension plans of others not on your planet. It is part of our education and in time you will understand how all things are connected. There really is no instance where one person does something on their own which does not cause a reaction somewhere or with someone else. This has to be understood.

Now may we speak of money. I am talking about going beyond the thought of sharing the wealth of the earth and dispersal of monies appropriated for giving out and I am focusing on the future of your wealth in other areas. There will come a time when you will think of and contemplate doing away with money to purchase things and will look at other societies that have done this and see that it is a viable system that does work well. It has been proven on many planets and has been done for long periods of time now. It frees up so many of your concerns and pressures and you would be wise to consider this for real. It may be early to bring this up but at some point it will be in your future and be an option for you. There has to be a certain level of service to others in your heart and mind for this to work and all who can do work to get things done. All things needed are provided and for the most part no one hoards anything but only takes what is needed for comfort. You still have the opportunity to a line of service or work that pleases you and in most cases where this is the standard no one works longer than is necessary to get this done. There are no 40 hour weeks of labor. It is more of a case of productive time spent in a field or avenue of something enjoyed with a sense of accomplishment that is very satisfying. No money is exchanged. You are free to get what you need and that is all there is to it. Organization is required and planning to make sure all items will be provided for those in need but this is done without complication. Think on these things and it is a step in the right direction.

We come to the thoughts of atrocities in your past history and there will be available facts concerning your history that have been hidden from you and never recorded anywhere in your history books. These will become available to you for your learning to show you how things evolved into what you have today. There is a line that will not be crossed into dwelling on these negative actions and we will stick to studying what is necessary just for the understanding of them. It is important that we focus on the better times ahead but understanding the past is a part of that understanding. There is a forgiveness that is necessary before some things can be transformed in their energy and changed into something positive but that will be encouraged and explained as to how this step will take you into the next step of growing and proceeding down your path of improvement. The structure of progression will take shape and you will be guided on how to travel into the kind of earth environment that you are dreaming of now. Please do take our suggestions seriously.

We come to the end here and leave you with many hopes of all kinds of improvements for all facets of your life and all of them good. The possibilities are endless for you and the doors can only be opened by you. The next step is yours to take and we stand by you and look forward with joy to see this happen. I leave you now and go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here have been in almost constant meetings and planning sessions trying to make sure all is suitable for our meeting on your planet. The setting, the words and so on. It is still looking good from here and it is a go from us to do this. The exact location has yet to be given and this will most likely be a late announcement. Some of the readings will be done that same day in order to give the exact location.

Now for another subject. Let us speak of honor. This is a subject that is well known in the military training and we could take some lessons from them on this subject. They give of their all to take care of their own and although we do not agree with the subject matter of taking another life in a war like situation we do have to give credit for the seriousness of watching out for a member of the team or group. Honor is a type of honesty in all things and there is no giving up or shrinking away from what needs to be done. We would like to bring it down to an individual level where the direction comes from your own guidance instead of a commanding officer as in the military.

We suggest that you are honest with yourself and let that feeling of honor bring you to a point of service and confronting what needs to be done for the good of all concerned. There will be lots of work to be done in the time of the new earth and many issues will need correcting and improving. Do not take a backward step when the need arises and be ready to give of your time and talents on the project you can really get into with your thoughts and actions. The idea of let someone else do it is not valid anymore now and this will not work. There are so many places where you can serve that there is really no excuse for not involving yourself in the new framework that will be needed to forge ahead on the recovery of the earth causes. Stay informed and give of yourself to something worthwhile. You are not being asked to exhaust yourselves on any issue but it would be nice if you felt passionate about some cause.

We would like to bring to your attention the idea of groups. Going alone on anything can be difficult and getting together with others of the same focus can be more powerful and can also be an incentive to work diligently on almost any issue. Don’t be afraid to form a group of any size if you cannot find one already formed on the issues you are interested in. There has to be a starting point or beginning somewhere and sometime on anything. We know you are capable and if you are lacking in ideas but are interested in a subject we are here to help you get started. It is with instruction that we continue to guide you in the many issues and subjects so do not hesitate to involve yourself not only in an issue of interest but in our instruction or suggestions on how to forge ahead or continue. It is better to start off and continue in the right direction that to have your energy and labor go awry. We do have the experience in most things and are glad to be of service to you. Most of the time we are listening and make your wishes known on more than one occasion.

Now let us speak of integrity. We are talking about leadership and all types but mainly of your government and the positions that will be filled by your votes and in some cases by our suggestions. We can go deeper into the background of an individual and take in the many lives and the training that person has had and see if they are qualified and have the best interest of the citizens and their needs at heart. No longer will the back room deals be cooked up for false voting with already known outcomes. The integrity of the person holding an office is of uppermost concern before they take that position and you won’t have to wait for years sometimes only to find out they were not suited in any way to take the needs of the people and the country into their choices. Money will not be the motivating factor nor will the power or position. The times have changed and your future is looking good. You have been so negatively motivated that we believe you will be on your best game in changing things and choosing your new leaders no matter what the position may be. This will go all the way down to integrity of mayors and city managers. No position is unimportant when serving others. All are important and require the same thoughts of honesty and ability to serve as the leaders of your country specifically your President of the United States. Honesty and integrity behind closed doors will have to be a must from now on when holding any position. Think on these things when picking your leaders.

We emphasize these issues and know that in the past it has been difficult to tell up front about a person because of all the ways you can be deceived by them. Money has been used a lot to cover up actions of the past and that is where we come in. This is the time for all things hidden to come to the front and be in the light and we will work for this to happen. We will devote a lot of our work to seeing that you at least know about an issue or a person so that you can make better decision in your appointments and your votes. Most of the time you will be shown beforehand when a person is not suited for leadership but we will endeavor to show the true aspects of a person’s qualities so that there will be no doubt.

We leave you this morning with the thoughts of better leadership on your mind and also what this means for your time to come. There are good things ahead for you with the proper incentives. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 9, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great expectations that I come to you this morning. We are looking forward to our meetings with great joy. There is so much we have to tell you and we were hoping we would be well on our way by now. Things are looking good and we anticipate no problems. First our introduction then onto the lessons and information. It is our purpose and directive to give you the most important information first that you will need to know. Our speakers are ready and waiting. In most cases it is difficult to give you dates because of our time differences that we live by but it is necessary in this case. We are getting close. The third location has been added but no date has been set for this one yet. We will give it later.

Now onto other things. You have been confronted with another hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and there may yet be another one before this season is over. Be prepared but also be informed that this is not your greatest adversary. Possible earthquake activity is your main concern, even though it will be in a little bit different location its effects will be in a possibly greater area. We are still picking up increased heat signatures and the pressure has not gone away. This pressure must be released in some way and an earthquake is the most likely avenue it will take. It has been lurking quietly for the most part for years now and its time has come. Gaia has to make her changes to usher in the new earth and this is one of them.

We would like to speak of beginnings. This face to face meeting is no small thing. It is a great turning point in your history and when looking back it will be the beginning of so many advancements that you will wonder how you managed to keep up with them all. This is the flow of information we plan to give to you and considering the intelligence available upon your earth you will surely make the most of it. We do not make light of the technology side of our information but we would like to focus now on the other aspects of the information regarding advancements in your personal life.

The suggestions we will give for your soul growth will come with great reverence and we highly suggest that you cover these several times and give them a place of importance for study and concentrations. They will cover quite a large area but yet are the same principles and laws that have been in affect forever that we know of. How to live, how to relate to others and your best mental attitude for advancement and a happy life. Please take note of these and give them your deep attention. Make small changes at first if necessary but do incorporate them into your daily lives and above all remember this is in your best interest as we have been trying to guide you now for years. It is just a different method of conveying this information to you and will be in person and not in channeling or book form. First hand you might say and this hopefully will get to more people than anything tried before.

Teachers are important to bring more meaning to the words and this also gives you time to form questions in your mind and to try out new things in your life. We most definitely will get to the question and answer part of each lesson but know that we will be reading your response to our information given to see how it is being received. What does it matter if you have the latest gadgets in your lives if you are not happy or if you are not advancing in your growth or means of relating to your Creator. This is actually the most important part of any transition or ascension process is the opening up of possibilities for self growth and advancement of some kind. Do keep in mind that we have been speaking of forgiveness as a forerunner of changes to be made and this is a foundational move on your part of leaving the things behind that do not serve you anymore and will hold you back. Forgiveness is so necessary to continue and is one of the things that has to be completed in some cases for further completion of study and understanding. Do try to understand this point and work on your forgiveness if this part has not been taken care of yet. Ask for help if need be but this is important.

Another subject in our progress of information is your mind talk or what you tell yourself on a repeated basis. Your platform of mental suggestions or beliefs you have about yourself. We have wanted you to work on this for some time. You are teachers of yourself by what you repeat in your mind on a constant basis. Thoughts of putting yourself down or making little of yourself because of past errors as you see them do hold you back. Actually some things you perceive as mistakes are actually learning examples and should be used as such instead of burdening yourselves with regret and self loathing. You have made great strides in this ares but some of you still have a ways to go in forgiving yourselves for past transgressions as you see them and this also needs to be done before a truly clean start on other steps for a better life. Watch for or listen for those put downs than trip so easily off your suggestion lists to yourself and change the subject, tone and focus of how you encourage yourself to continue with each moment. If you could only know how much you are loved it would help but as yet you do not have the ability to conceive of the depth of the type of love I am speaking of. One day you will have a better understanding of this and it will broaden the meaning of your existence and your part in the grand scheme of things all around you. You are not just an individual alone experiencing life. We have much to say about your place and part in all that is and we encourage you to take notes if you need to but do give this information the study it deserves and work to see that you incorporate your importance into your mental dialogue to yourself. Give yourself a better teacher to yourself and let it be the gift of right thinking and the right words of going forward according to the laws existing that apply to your self worth. Eliminate this belittling of yourself and have it no more in your mind’s dialogue to yourself. This is very important and you will actually see your life take on new meaning in every second of your day from now on.

The information is not just in general but is tailored to not only this planet in specific but to each of you in the best possible words used and not only the words but the method of delivery is geared to your understanding of what is given. Much thought has gone into this for the most comprehension of what is said. A personalized teaching that will give you the possibilities you need to progress on a massive level if you take this seriously and focus on trying to incorporate the ideas into your lesson plan for a better life. We want to see you do just this and will alter the content and direction of information given as needed to bring about the best possible learning curve we can possibly present before you. It is with love that we do this and we are set up and geared to bear witness to your advancement that has been so long in coming. Allow us to bring this to you with the best possible avenues of learning on your part. Treat these words as if they are gold and of great value for they are.

I leave you now with these thoughts on your mind for consideration and hopefully determination to make the most of what will be given. It is of no small value and you might say they are the keys to the kingdom. I go now in peace and hope that you would do also.

I am Prosper

October 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I speak to you. Our hope is in the belief that our face to face contact will go well and many will have the confirmation they have been wanting and needing to validate our existence. I assure you we are here and have been for quite a while in your time. We add a location to the two already listed and that is Baltimore, Maryland. We will give the date and time at a later date. It is looking like this will go well and we hope this holds up through the time we have scheduled.

Now let us speak of honesty. First honesty with one’s self is important. It causes so much of a vibrational problem when you do not face facts about yourself and the mind and body suffers. This again is one reason we encourage you to meditate or have your quiet time is to get to know yourself. There are many reasons why you act and think the way you do and not all of them are from your current lifetime.

Secondly we encourage you to practice a life of truth where you do not cover up or alter the truth you live on a daily basis. Once again there is no need to hurt anyone’s feelings needlessly but try to be honest in your language and your dealings with others. This takes practice after the way you have lived for so long. It goes back to living a life of your authentic self. What you do not realize is the dissonance you set up within yourself when you lie and this includes to yourself. The heart and the guidance you receive come from a place of truth and honesty and when there is a cover up it causes a contrast or opposition in the vibrational frequencies that are emitted and this is harmful to the body. Contrary to popular belief you cannot always cover up certain things in your life and your record of life and your body knows when you lie. Cover ups are impossible for these areas of your true self. Do not go against your body and your heart.

Start now and practice honesty or an authentic self. We know it will go against your practice but it is important that you now are in agreement with all that is. Yes, this includes your world and your universe and beyond. It is that far reaching. God knows all things and as far as that goes most of your vibrational dissonance can be read by most of us and we know there is a conflict that is causing this disturbance. It has not been as secret as you may have thought. Remind yourself on a daily basis if need be that you start with truth this day and go forward from there.

Now on to your transportation. There will come a time when you will move into more speedy means of moving around. There will be apparatuses for industry and moving good across country and around the world. This will take some time to develop. The products go into the departing area and are sent to the location of choice where another receptacle will receive them. Amazing to think of. There will be faster methods of personal transportation and we await to see what you prefer and which way to might go in your development of several methods. It is up to you to pick and choose.

The other option is for movement of ideas and things on paper which for the most part can be transported faster than you would ever imagine by thought process. Large quantities of information can be sent also by the method used by industry and transportation of goods but on a smaller scale as in an office. There are many improvements waiting for you to discover and many improvements to be made. We have these to show you. One of the ways that can be improved upon is in voice transmission or sound. You have traveled a long way in your improvement of sound travel, especially in your music. We are also entertained and derive pleasure from your music created and you continue to find ways of conveying different types of sounds for people to enjoy. One of the more advanced planets I might add in your inventiveness concerning music.

Let me just say there are so many things that we can show you that will improve your lives as we have stated before. Do take advantage of these and again it is your choice which ones you want to develop first and take advantage of . You may want to try all of them. It is our pleasure to help you create the type of world you wish to have.

Now for the order of things as they progress. There is an ongoing judicial system we have been using to bring certain ones into our adjudication as they face their processing concerning the laws that apply to your planet. Most of them are behind the scenes but it is time that they will come out into the open. This will be part of the unfoldment of information that is given and may take awhile for you to take all of it in. The people who have been confined will be many and they cannot get around the events they have created for themselves regarding judgment. That day they have dreaded has come upon them and their processing has begun. Some have been in confinement for awhile and have already been processed and are onto their eventual judgment. Some have been replaced in your societies by doubles and you do not realize the real people are actually gone elsewhere. This is the part that cannot be avoided nor can any amount of money get you out of. It is the law and will be carried out. So much is going on now and it will pick up speed from now on and if you are keeping up with things it will become more evident to you what is going on even before we give you the information of what is transpiring. This is moving along at a fast pace at present and will continue to do so. No longer can anyone hide or get away to other locations.

We will come to a close now and get on with our plans and meetings as we will bring you to a point in your history where all will change. No longer can we be ignored or remain hidden even to you who do not believe. We have much to offer and you are now ready for our revelations and the big one is we are here and we mean you no harm.

I go in peace now and would hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 7, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great anticipation that I contact you and we are quite ready for the contact scheduled. We have only listed two locations and we may add more before their dates if all goes well. I see nothing to hinder our plans at this time and that is good. We have waited for some time now for this to happen and all of us here are quite ready for this to happen. We hope that this garners much attention if not at the moment it happens than later when word of mouth spreads the news. Maybe a good review of the overall conduct of everyone involved in this face to face happening.

Now let us speak of superficiality of life. What is seen is not what is going on in the minds of a lot of people. Some of you are authentic and we speak highly of your life as you live it. Most people are one way in their minds and another in their thoughts or to themselves. First of all we ask that you do not ever lie to yourself. Know yourself and again we recommend meditation and some quiet time to get to know who you really are and why you think as you do. Back to the original thought. Your are confronted daily by circumstances that you feel require you to act a certain way to fit in or to get ahead. This is not an authentic life and ends up causing problems usually in the area of mental disturbances.

Try to be honest and I can hear some of you already saying that you cannot do this without fear of being fired or separated from your loved ones. It is not necessary to hurt anyone’s feelings but it is important that you do not end up living a lie of sorts. If you are not employed with a job you like or one that causes you to hate going to work we suggest that you try to find a job that is more considerate of your feelings and what you want to be doing in life. The same goes for your partner or chosen one that you are with most of the time. This is no way to live an authentic life and you end up wasting a lot of time lived in less than happy circumstances. The superficial persona you put forth for the public is a far cry from how you really feel and this is one of the things that we would like to see done away with in the time of freedom and liberation. Think on these things and consider how you would feel if you lived your true self all day long.

There will come a time when the energy or event bringing about the vibrations of love and light will affect everyone and opportunity for new living authenticity will be made available. A gift from the Father and this will make a huge difference in the way you view things and the way you feel. It will bring about new open doors for you to live that authentic life we talked about and you will become accustomed to life in the fullest of all things opportunistic and available to you. It will broaden the way you look at things and this means the way you learn to love. I am not speaking only of loving one another but accepting the love that is offered to you and using it or better described as letting it flow through your life and touching all things around you. Not only the people but all living things. You will gradually become the beings of love and light that you were given the opportunity to be in the original plan of your existence here on earth. The things that have been taken away from you are being returned and the wave or event will give you this in abundance and we look forward to you having this happen when the timing is right. Rest assured that you will be uplifted into vibrations that will trigger memories from past times when you had more attributes and ways of sensing things and living a much fuller life than you do now.

We again speak of the energies building up around the New Madrid fault and see that heat signatures are being recorded in these regions and these are being seen by your scientists and they are not from wild fires. They are heat released from pressures upon the opposing plates and these will be released and we see this as happening soon. It is difficult to say when but the pressures are causing high heat signatures which indicate very soon. Do anticipate these shifts with supplies which may be hard to obtain after something happens. Also take care of your animals and plan for them if possible.

Now let us talk of tangible monies and means of obtaining what you need in life. The plans for debt relief have been in the works now for awhile and are still being given energy to happen for everyone. The means and ways of this happening have already been laid out and are part of the new earth events that will make your life more of what God had originally intended for you in the beginning. Do not give up on this idea and have it in your thoughts and wants for what is to come in the planning of your new earth. This plan has been difficult in bringing about and much time and effort has gone into sabotaging these plans by the ones who would like to control all the money. They fought hard against sharing the wealth of earth and not only with money but anything they saw as valuable that they could control. We give you examples of clean air, petroleum products, crude oil and natural resources. Diamonds and precious stones are another example of controlled items that the few would like to have complete control over. Some of these same people have done this not only to earth but have exerted their influence on other planets as well in your history of the surrounding universes and planets. It has been an ongoing desire on their part for power. Some will most likely go to other areas now and try the same thing on other planets. Most have been caught in their own web of lies and wrong doing here on earth and the time is up for them. Decisions have already been made as to their end.

We regret the lives you have been forced to live but liberation has come even if you do not see it yet and the freedoms are there and offered waiting for you to take advantage of them on a grand scale of things. Do not hesitate to open those doors and partake of the new avenues available to you and your loved ones. Bring up your children in happiness and joy and not the controlled atmosphere that kept you from living the authentic life that you could have had. Those times are over now and are only available in your history books. The new earth is here and waiting for you to correct and improve the circumstance not only for earth but for yourselves. Take control and see just how far you can go with improving the circumstances and we are here to help you do just that.

I leave you now with the thoughts of first contact on a larger scale and this will change everything. Live freely and with the thought of that authentic life which will bring about a complete change for life lived with love and light. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is our opinion that the pressures in the New Madrid area continue to rise and adjustments are imminent. Prepare for such as has been talked about in the past. Our readings are quite accurate and indicate that changes are coming soon. It has been foretold for some time now and things are building.

Let us go onto other things. We read your collective consciousness and see that you are taking advantage of the group energy and this is good. Combining your abilities makes for a stronger force no matter what the subject is or the target. You are using this ability for good. Make no mistake about it this is the way to go if possible. Keep in mind that in times past those without much light used this same element for their dark deeds. Energy can be used for good and for bad. You, under the direction of God’s will have found that combining forces, which in fact you are already connected, is much better than trying to go it alone. This is not to take away from those who do things on their own like healing and Light work. You underestimate your God given talents to cause change on your own anyway. This will all be restored on how to do things for the best outcome. You have done this before for many years and it will come back to you.

The collective of your power is more than you can imagine at present and it is in fact forming the new earth that is offered to you and has been promised. It is not an automatic gift that will appear one day without any effort on your part. It is a possibility that is only limited by your ability to work toward the highest of your thoughts to achieve. So think of the best possible earth and work toward that picture and existence. Then work out a plan to get there with our help.

Now we speak of trajectories and how you focus your energy onto that which is creatable. Energy is a strong force and must be used wisely and with control. When creating remember that exact goals must be in your mind and generalities are not the way to go. The creators of all things need to use this method and not just in the general vicinity of where they want things to happen or appear. As in trying to find a partner in life to share life with you would not go to a store and ask for someone in the general area of what you want. You would be specific of the qualities and appearance of the partner you desire and wish to have in your life. It is the same in all things desired. Be to the point and that applies to the new earth that you picture and would have. At this point we give of our help to show you what has not worked in the past so that you can focus your skills in pinpointing the desired type of government and leadership you not only want but need. We encourage the type of leadership you require and again you have free will to pick and choose in your own manner of choices. Some things are God driven leading to certain outcomes and this is in the realm of it will be done for it is a direct will of God. There is that line again we talked about on what will be and what is left up to your choices.

We speak of meditation again and that connecting with the source of all things. Once you gain the practice of keeping yourself in the Light and Will of God you will come to know what the will of God is and you will reside in this vibration of knowing and doing His will and there will be no question of where that line is because you will know. Work toward this way of living your life and using your energy for the will of God and life will open more doors for you and your happiness and joy level will rise. You know the feeling of nothing is right and everything I do seems so hard. You are not in alignment with what is best for you at that time. There are times when you seek the outcome that is actually a good one but the timing is wrong and the elements of coming about are not there yet and this is difficult for you to understand. There is a wisdom in the timing of things and this has been hard for you to understand. Let the conditions and elements of a certain outcome come to fruition in its own timing and it will bloom like a beautiful flower in your reality. Try to force it and it will not happen or it will crumble in your hands. There is a logic and understanding also of how things come about. Be at peace with however long it takes for some things to happen and continue to meditate and find that connection with all that is and have peace with patience.

Now we come to our contacts of earthly connections with all of you. There are those who have been contacted by us for most of their lives. Some know it and some do not. We have had our hands in the making of things to come about concerning earth for some time now and our people who have taken on a earth body and dimension have been working toward the goal whether they are aware of it or not. They carry light and love and this has been instrumental in raising the group consciousness in all areas of earth. Some of you are fully aware of our existence in your lives and some are not. We continue to hope for the awakening of those who do not and there is always time for them to see that we are here to help. The fear level is not as high as it once was and we are becoming more accepted. Unfortunately the service to self aliens were active for some time and are now on their way out. They also had free will and did not use it wisely. This gave us all a bad name are reputation. It has been hard to overcome.

We fully communicate with those who are aware of us and some connections are used to transmit information in the form of channelings or lessons for all to benefit from. This has been going on now for decades of your time and as I have stated before the books that have been written and the channelings given did not speed around the earth with the information that was received. It had limited recognition and reception. We plan to change that with our planned contacts in your future. The television and internet has changed the ability to obtain information on most subjects and this has helped with our information. Few have been willing to venture out into the area of being the ones to devote their lives to giving of this information for it is fraught with land mines and unpleasant happenings to say the least. They have become targets of ill will and also of the dark for these individuals have been successful. We are grateful for their bravery and devotion to the cause and we continue to find avenues to give of our information. We do not give up no matter how long it takes.

Now we continue to plan for our face to face meetings and hope that you would pray for our success and have this as a goal in your minds for the timing is right and we want to make progress in this for the next step and the step after that. We subverted a lot of things that could have happened for various reasons but find that we are on the right track now and hope there will be no interference in the flow. We have so many working with us at this time and it is gratifying to see this amount of cooperation.

I leave you now with the plan for a new improved earth on your minds and in your hearts. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 5, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time and tell you that we are still on schedule and the time is drawing near. There are those who still do not believe that we will show up and I guess this is because of disappointments from the past. Let me say that the time is right now and we have the go ahead. If something does come up and we miss this date for some reason, do not be disappointed for we will just reschedule and we will not give up. The energies are in this right timing for this to happen and it has been directed by the Powers above that this be done and it will be.

We often have great hopes for something like this to happen but at this time we have great faith and belief that it is set and will happen. We would hope that you would also but I guess with all the no shows you have experienced with the heart of wanting it to happen it has somehow dampened your belief that it actually will take place. I wish it were not so but we deal with what you believe. You will see it is in your future.

We speak now of contracts and specifically of those concerning your freedoms and rights as citizens of the United States. Your constitution and further documents have paled in the minds of your government and it is going to take some reminding to get them in focus again. These documents were created by many attending the inception and many were not in physical form. You would be surprised at how many had a hand in the events that led up to your proclamation of freedom. The same people have been witness to the decline of your freedoms all these years and are here again to help you re-vitalize the sacred words that were written so long ago in your time. Do take advantage of their help and get back on the right track for each of you and for your country. Sometimes I wish there was a way to take you back in your time and show you how things really happened and who was attending that you could not see. It would amaze you and I think would give the occasion more meaning and importance than it already had. Cherish your freedom and the documents that state such. Honor them and form your government around them.

Now for intervention. There is some question about what has been allowed in the past and what is forbidden as far as our intervention. Let us say that there are long standing rules of behavior where help to any planet is concerned and these are followed to the letter with one exception. When an intervention is directly ordered by Father and Mother God we obey and do as directed in all cases. This is what happened with earth on several occasions. One example was with your earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes. There was an intervention there that allowed us to put them on hold to give more time for advancement of vibrations to become more in line and to give people more time to leave their old ways and accept Divine Will. Quite a few took advantage of this but not nearly as many as we were hoping. We just ran out of time and now Gaia is free to do as she needs with her earth changes.

Another example is with your weapons that were on stand by and there were times we had to intervene with them in order to take away any opportunity of false ignition or start of firing them at targets, no matter what country or what target. This was not allowed and has been forbidden for awhile now. This practice of having them on call so to speak and ready to fire should have been done away with a long time ago. Better yet it should never have been allowed in the first place. You still do not understand how this practice has affected not only your planet but others as well. Remember all things are connected and it has been proven but you have not let this information completely come to understanding in your minds yet. It is a certainty and we will come to more information in our education part of this law and hopefully your understanding will be complete on this subject. Atomic weapons were not allowed and we had and do have a certain control over this aspect of your aggression.

There are many more examples of interventions but the point is that we do not intervene without proper directives and they are quite clear. Our laws let you carry out your wishes on your path of learning for the most part. There are so many pieces to this puzzle as you like to call it that you are not aware of and if you were it would make better sense to you for what has happened. This also is part of our education and the bringing of information to make the picture clearer. I think the problem you have in a lot of cases is what part is up to your free will choice and what part is mandated by Creator to happen in your course of history. Where are your parameters of freedom to choose and where is the line drawn in what will happen and is scheduled to happen according to events that have been dictated. This will be explained.

Now we come to the closing of this message and I bring you news of the readings of our instruments where we look in on your advancements and it is good. Continue with what you are doing, especially with your prayers for all people to accept the love and light that is being given. All you need do is to accept them. You are getting quite good at the group consciousness practice and combining your projections with others and it is much more powerful that you might imagine. We are pleased at your growth and advancement.

I take my leave now and go in peace and hope that you will do also.

I am Prosper

October 4, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I speak to you this morning. We have confirmation that all is going as scheduled and things are in line, which gives us a good feeling. Our readings indicate that more and more of you are opening up to the energies that are being given now and especially to the down loads that are coming in for you. The codes may be a little difficult to explain but involve what you would call numbers but they contain much more than just numbers. They are a language all their own and involve plans and structures for more change and these plans are associated with certain numbers and that is how they are categorized and that is how we know which codes to give to you at a certain time. A coded message for change into what you need next is a simplified way to describe it.

Now these codes are only given when you are ready for the next step and can cover a wide variety of areas. They can be personal, political, sort of structural for your surroundings and environmental. They are the language of your universe and don’t change. They are building blocks of a sort and are imbued into all things that have been created and can be used with all things created. Sort of like an instruction booklet of what is and what needs to evolve. Going into a different vibration, let us give you the codes for that so you will know which program plan to follow. Now, some of you refuse to accept these codes and some of you do not refuse but cannot accept the codes for various reasons. There will come a time when you will and that is ok. Those of you who accept them into your consciousness have them when they are needed to build according to plan and that means to what is needed. It is simple yet very complicated when trying to explain it.

Let us talk of politics again. You are in a sort of tribal warfare at present. I will associate tribes with your two party system and say that almost everything is being allowed. I am against the two party system in the first place and see that it serves only one purpose and that is controversy and rejection. Why must you stick to this when it is clear that it does not work. Must you be labeled to continue? Why can’t you all be aligned with the people you serve and their needs? Is it not more progressive to speak on differences in a calm manner with meetings on such and work out your agendas on platforms of courage and change where the needs of your country are acknowledged and worked out for the benefit of all people involved. What you are doing now solves nothing and throws you back into earlier times when you did not know better. You have advanced beyond what you are doing now and have the ability to systematically work out your envisioned plans on an agreeable understanding. It is within your possibilities to do just that and wouldn’t everyone be much happier having to watch this on your tv debates? Everyone wins with this scenario.

Now for our talks. The face to face dates given has brought up some questions in many of you concerning why we would go ahead and give the dates for this to happen. Why not? We plan for them and so do you and we come together with an understanding of sorts to see how we are receive. Yes, I know there is reluctance on your part of safety where differences of opinion exist concerning our coming here in the first place. There will be those who do not trust us and do not want us here on your soil for this is considered too close for comfort.

We continue to monitor for complications and if it is unsafe to do so we will surely not subject anyone to harm even if it is from yourselves. You might think it would be better if the dates were not given and we would just show up unannounced. We believe this would be asking for trouble and not go well in the long run. To plan gives everyone the knowledge of some bit of safety in the planning. We forge ahead.

We continue these channelings to our scribes and the conversations with our radio operators and we are covering much ground for this beginning. It is good. We have a lot of ground to cover and our plans continue. This part is the beginning and we will establish the structure for further information to be given. I must say we had planned for generalities but the questions asked of us by the HAM radio operators has gone way past generalities and we have delved into some heavy topics and answers. This is quite ok of course but we continue to be surprised at the depth of question and the avenues it brings up for further study and questions on your part. Sometimes on our part also. We hope this continues and it is going well.

I leave you now for time is drawing close for our meetings and there are many things to get ready that you are unaware of at this moment. Always more meetings on our part and this is the way we work things out. We will have success. It is time for this.

I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with pleasure that I begin speaking to you and you can rest assured that all of us are looking forward to our meeting this month. Plans have been made and the atmosphere is still non aggressive up to this point. Your circumstances there have changed with your President and first Lady testing positive with Covid but they are receiving the best care available and we are helping also as much as possible. We are quite hopeful for a full recovery with no complications.

Our readings tell us that progress is still being made with more light coming in and this is good but there is still much conflict to deal with until all negative vibrations have worked themselves out for good. Those who feel these negative vibrations are acting out in various ways and most of them are not good. There is still a feeling of protest and that their point has not been accepted or has not been as effective as they would like. Violence is not the way for them but they are still rooted in the negative aspects of change and know no other way to deal with the changes coming about. This is a really difficult time for some and their heads are so full of many different emotions that it is very disconcerting for them to deal with. I suggest meditation and quiet time but this would most likely not be heard and certainly not be understood as a means of solution for them.

Meditation is always an answer to most problems because it bring you in alignment with the source of all life and meanings and gives you the best possible atmosphere of answering all your questions. It is hard to get much better than connectedness with your source or with Father and Mother God. A calming of the mind and a focus on and into a place of light and love that first soothes the soul and sets the basis and platform for change from disturbed or dis ease to a wholeness and acceptance of love that is available to everyone. This love is always readily available for acceptance in all instances and you just have to place yourself in a position of recognition and acceptance. When I say recognition I do not mean the source needs to recognize you but that you need to recognize that you can accept this love that is freely given. There are those who feel they are not worthy and are refusing to accept this love because of teachings or of past deeds committed that they have not forgiven themselves for. That is the beautiful thing about love, it is for everyone. It is the constant ingredient of all that is and there could be no creation without it. Do not exclude yourself from it and visit this thought often and as often as it takes for you to understand that it is yours and not only that but you can share it with those around you at any moment. It is meant to be shared.

Now for time. We here have a much different concept of time than you do. All your life you have lived with one concept of time and that is by the clock or time piece. I often wonder how many of these time pieces have been sold, used, worn out and replaced. So many different versions of a time recording device. It is necessary in the world you live in and a good hook for you to measure events. We do not necessarily avoid time or do away with it but view it differently. We measure things by events and by progress and not specifically time. It makes a big difference but the big complication is that when we are dealing with you concerning time there is a big wall that has to be understood before we can come to agreements on anything to do with time. Often when we give our meaning of a timed event it is seen as one way by us and another way by you and this has caused problems on many occasions. Time for us is mostly when the different levels or marks of advancement have been achieved then the vibrations will be conducive to certain events and not before. You, on the other hand want the date and time that something will happen and it doesn’t work this way. This has been one of our biggest problems in the past in revealing to you when something will happen. We see it as an achievement of accomplishment and you see it as a clock whose alarm has sounded.

Think of it as water flowing down a river. It would be hard to point to a drop and say that is the time of a certain event when that drop is part of a much larger stream or river. It is the flow of things that determines the happening of an event and not a point out of your time. If you could have understood this from the beginning it would have been a smoother understanding for us both. There are certain areas where we must keep up with your timing and we are aware of your time but our lives are much different where time is concerned.

We are understanding that you are concerned about the departure of Covid and we have done much to do away with this virus for you. There is a lot being done to keep it going and to squeeze the last bit of fear and compliance out of the created event as possible. We do not like that it has been kept alive and that the lies have not been revealed to everyone for the evidence is now coming out about the dates of the chemicals used for inoculations against this virus being created and sold to different countries even before the virus was supposed to have existed. It has been documented and is free for those to see. This whole thing was planned long ago and the concept was developed by several people to be used in conjunction with other means of controlling you and for the most part was successful in some respects. Fortunately the truth has come out about most of it and needs to be seen by all. There is caution to be used with any communicable disease but better yet the body needs to be fed properly to use the abilities it was designed to use in the mind of the Creator for your existence. A most magnificent creation, the body and its ability to fight off these viruses could be brought to its heartiest abilities if certain rules were followed concerning food, drink and rest along with fresh air and sunshine. We had hope that the virus would be on the way out by now but there are those who work against us and are using all their forces to keep it going at all costs. We continue to do our part to diminish this contrived illness against you.

Our forces here are focused on your well being in all areas and we see you gaining ground and advancing in your area of learning and expanding your knowledge of how your freedom will come about and how you can free yourselves from the tyranny that has had you stifled so completely in the past. We see you liberating yourselves in a most acceptable manner and most of you with no thought of violence. Your determination is commendable and we encourage you to continue in these efforts. Your are fed up and have had enough.

I leave you now and go in peace and I hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

October 2, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and relate that our plans are filling out fully and everything looks good. There are concerns that giving out the time, dates and locations of the contacts may give opportunity for some devious actions but this has not happened yet and we keep a watch on this activity, if any. We continue to look forward to these meetings and may add more to the list. We are not looking for any problems at this time.

Now onto other things. We seek a lot of time to be with you and our education involvement will take up a lot of time and there will need to be a recording of information to have it posted on your internet and in your records for viewing any time you get a chance to see it or review it. We want these talks to be available to everyone at all times for reference. This is part of the conditions that we require for this to work. You have to take in the information as fast or as slow as you wish and this will help in that need. It is of importance that we have an understanding in your mind of the material given so that we can build upon the previous facts given.

Now for talk on politics. What a mess! There are certain indications that things will change in this front and regarding your next President events will be chosen according to which time line you have given most energy to and which time line you choose to be your reality. There are other possibilities involved such as the contact from aliens which is a key puzzle piece in this play or drama unfolding at this time. There are many factors involved at present that we hardly can chart anything for you and so much is still unknown at this time. A most curious future you have in front of you and we are at a loss to see a clear future for you. It is like “tune in tomorrow to see what happens”. We are not trying to make light of your political system but it remains true that events are in flux and this is not even considering the energies which are fluctuating at this time. All I can suggest is that you continue to pray for the will of God to be infused into this event and leave the conclusion up to Him. How he will bring about His desires and conclusions is yet unseen by us. We continue to be amazed at our Father’s ways to bring about what he desires and for some time now we are told that His will is being carried out upon earth according to His will and on that we can be sure. As to the details we do not know until they happen. We are like you in that we watch. Maybe not reassuring but amazing none the less.

Of all things to have to consider we now speak of the weather. This Fall is forming up to hold some surprises still on the horizon for you and it may be that an erratic weather pattern is in front of you like the summer pattern has been. There are signs that point to this and with everything else that you now have to consider with the virus, school for your children and going back to work you now have the weather to contend with. These are turbulent times and it seems to be a package deal that you are being led through. This is all part of the doing away with the old to bring about the new and cannot be avoided.

The energy is what it is and follows its own rules and laws and there has to be a releasing of the old energy that is no longer needed or is no longer of service to anyone. In that releasing of old energy is the tumultuous actions which cause you to be concerned and in some cases unprepared. Again in some instances of the weather we are not privy to what will happen but wait and watch as you do to see how things will unfold in the weather patterns. In some cases it is the lack of patterns that confront us. I say it will keep the weather men on their toes to keep up with the activities of the rest of the year.

We interest you in dedicating more of your time to meditation or at least quiet time. This is your most valuable time spent in preparing for everything that is coming up. A deeper communication with not only self but search for answers to your questions and a connection with God, whatever you envision Him to be. Do not underestimate this time spent for it is most valuable to you and gives much in return in all areas of your life. One of the most important things is security in trying times which you are going through now.

I close and go about my continued meetings and get reports on how things are looking. We continue to be proud of your efforts in most all areas and encourage you to continue with the visions and prayers concerning the preferred future for earth that you would like to develop and work toward. I go in peace and hope that you would do also.

I am Prosper