March 7, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be noticed that others not paying attention to what is going on will be confused and perplexed at the truth that will come out. Much is coming out now concerning the Covid 19 and how all the data was handled. So much is going unnoticed and many do not question but take what is given out by the government of the US and the main stream news as truth. Lots of you have questioned and this is good that you start to read other perceptions of what has happened. The truth is out there if you look for it is being posted and printed and voiced but you won’t hear it or read it on your main networks on your TV. The ones who do give out the truth may not realize what a brave stance they have taken for sometimes it does not end well for those who step out with facts. This has been proven from past experience. At present there are more and more doctors writing papers telling of the way the virus has worked and more importantly how it does not work. The question is which ones are telling the truth and how do you know.

We have talked about personal verification and discernment before but it bears repeating here that to make it a habit to go within and feel the response your inner knowing and your body give you while reading or hearing something in question. This takes practice but can be done. Listen to what your response is while you listen or read and feel any reaction. If you still have questions than give it some time and there should be a reaction to it all and it will build. Pray about it and meditate on it and don’t give up for in reality truth is difficult to overcome with lies and sometimes requires getting you to look in another direction while the lies are slipped in from the side. Lies also need a reliable source to spread them around and you have had this many times. There are consequences for telling a lie and it does not end well.

There have been many large lies that have been told to you and they have lived a long life and the correcting of them becomes the difficult part. One of them is that you are the only planet that has intelligent life. This involves several other lies off shooting from this one, such as the UFOs seen in your skies are all from your own governments and none are from other planets. The US has done well with their cover up for decades and they keep trying to keep it alive. One reason it has worked is because it is difficult for you to imagine that other life forms of an intelligent nature might have a different appearance or heaven forbid, be more intelligent than the people of earth. Your Bible gives you the confirmation you seek to help you believe you are the only children of God for you read through a preconceived idea of creation being limited. Many know they are not the only inhabited planet and yours is not the only dimension with living beings and the UFOs seen are not all from your own governments. This will come out and most likely will be received with more belief now than just a decade ago.

The trouble with lies is that most of them have a short life and die in the light of truth. This is why the dark have had to put so much energy into continuing the lies they have perpetrated so that you could be kept within the framework of their created design to one day control the world you live in. It was well on its way to happening but your prayers were heard. Just remember when you tell a lie it goes against the body and it will have a reaction in the body and this is not even considering what it does to others who hear the lie. You cannot remain healthy in body with continuing to speak lies for decades for this is a reaction you cannot get around. All things are connected such as your mind and your body and the energies will come back to you from the outside and from within. Speak the truth in your life and rest well in your being. Avoid the backlash and growing dissonance of vibrations that lies create. You are so used to having to see something right then as a result that you overlook the unseen that is a result of lies.

There are so many reasons backing the commandments that God has given. They are simple in their wording and sound reasonable but the consequences behind them, when broken, continue to gain negativity and snow ball until corrected. Trying to correct the aftermath from breaking commandments is much more difficult than you might think because the transgression of the original act multiplies as time goes by. Do you know the laws that God has given? Think about what your actions cause in others and dwell upon living a Godly life as was intended. Your life is complicated enough from your earth experience. We are coming upon a time of truth and this is the difficult part of correcting things. Align yourself with living in accordance with the commandments given by God and be an example of a better lived life. Pray for the deceivers for their transgressions are still needing to be corrected and this may take awhile.

I leave you now with these thoughts concerning lies. More importantly I leave you considering the choice of a Godly life and the fulfillment possible when living each day under His direction and will for you. Life is a continued journey and we wish for each of your days to be in the Light and Love of your Creator.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 6, 2021

Let us begin. We see many of you counting on certain things to happen regarding your world. You will not be disappointed but it will take some time. Do not give up but do give it the time it needs to transition into what is needed to create the correct atmosphere for soul growth and advancement. The setting has to be right in the beginning for the proper changes to take hold. It must be done in a certain way for all to prosper correctly. Let God be your guide and afford Him the amount of time it takes for his needs to be met for earth. He will not be denied and now it will be recovered in the right way. He sees with the eyes of understanding and His vision is far so give it the time it needs.

Many of you are offering of your services to bring us closer to healing of the earth reality and this is good. There is much work that has to be done in preparation for the energies to come and there is no other way than the work required. Take heart for the workers are there and they are ready to get started. So many of you are still doing the Light work and establishing what is required in that respect and it is wonderful to see. We have encouraged you to remain vigilant and you are. At times we tap you on the shoulder and need something special and you always answer, “yes”. It is heart warming. It is almost time for those who will step up and step out in leadership to come forward to your urging for service in other ways and you will feel the tap on the shoulder or the voice in your mind that it is you who is being called. Do not hesitate for you have been prepped for this to happen, even if you do not know how. A new earth requires leadership and now some will need to be voted into position where they can serve. It is coming together.

There is something about waking up in the morning and thinking of what you have to do and being positive and energetic about it. It is a pleasure and a joy to labor over something you feel good about and to achieve goals in a field you derive pleasure from. How many of you get to do this now? Not nearly enough. There will be more of this going on regarding your work, or service in the future times. Do not limit yourself in the choice of what you will do and choose something you are passionate about. No longer will there be a time of having to work at something you hate just to make money for you and your family. You may see this as impossible and think there are jobs that no one will want. Let us just see what happens with this for I believe it will work out. Do not deny it yet in your minds and do give it a chance.

Always remember there are ways you know not of and now the changes are happening for real and are no longer a wish, a hope or a far off thought in some distant day. The changes are here and are happening for you, whether you see them or not, whether you feel them or not. We see them. At long last the far off day has come when the dark are overthrown and as the vibrations rise the dark will disappear into the dark fog and haze they created for themselves. Most will be sent to a corresponding place where they will continue to be afforded the opportunity to learn. Some will be no more and we see this as a sad decision for them to make for there is always hope and chance for change.

Without really noticing, a threshold has been crossed into more Light and this will continue to be a creative Light as well as a creative emergence of possibilities for you and we ask that you use these energies wisely. Remain in the mental attitude of asking each day how God will direct you that day in your service and what He will have you to do. It is the way of a God directed person so stay tuned to His channel and listen for His energy to speak to you. This is how far you have come and now feel comfortable with your communication for He will speak to you in many ways.

How are things progressing? Very well, as we see them and you will not be disappointed in this progress. The cards are about to be laid on the table for all to see and they will be the winning hand. The ball has been released and thrown down the bowling alley and the pins are about to fall. You may laugh at my analogies and this is OK but it gives you the idea I am wanting you to have concerning where things are at present and where they will be. Watch and listen closely.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Use your energies wisely to create a peaceful, loving earth. It is what you have been praying and asking for.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 5, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that all is well in the desire for a better life. You are getting a taste of heavy control and you don’t like it at all. Different countries have different levels of control in their history but everyone now has a dislike for it and is trying to find ways to overcome it. This feeling of breaking out from under the constraints placed on everyone is getting stronger in all major countries and will soon be world wide. There is conflict coming in those who seek to exert this control upon you and they will resist your attempts at freedom. The dark will look for new ways to bring more fear into your lives and there is talk now of another health issue and this is Ebola. We here are waiting to see how you respond to this new tactic and if you will believe another story of a contagion. We are not saying there is no such thing. We are saying that it worked for the dark last time to strike fear into your mind. Respond as you will.

The movement for push back from control is growing and gets stronger every day. There is only so much that can be perpetrated upon you without you looking into the details of what is going on. More and more health professionals are speaking out and the truth can no longer be hidden. The numbers of the Covid virus were skewed to show larger death numbers when some were actually from the flu. This is misleading. More and more people are beginning to talk. There are still some who have swallowed everything as was intended and continue to be loyal to doing what they see as protecting themselves. Those who do have pre-existing conditions are at risk as they would be from the flu. What a mess this is in that it puts people against people in what is believed.

I would like to speak of interrelated facts concerning aging. Now that different conditions will concern earth and different vibrations will exist, it will affect everything for those advancing. You no longer will need to age and die at so young a life. You will learn to live longer and keep learning in the same body you were given. Your health measures will improve. You will be under a different set of rules and the dispensation for coming back into a different body after 70 or 80 years is not required as it was for your fast track learning. This means your laws will need to be changed regarding retirement and you will still be seeking to serve in some way throughout your longer life. This is seen as a real blessing for you and we think you will speedily adjust to this change. The world will not view older people as they do now because the quality of life will be better and you will be more experienced in the same body. What a difference this will make. Older people now do not have the desire to continue with the infirmed and hurting body they possess. You will now have the time to continue your desired studies and enjoyments. This will take a time of adjustment when you think about people living into their hundreds of years but it will be welcomed. Talk about specializing in a certain field, now this can really be done.

The field is wide open as to what you can develop, create and make with your desires for your new world. We are anxious to see what your imaginations will come up with and how you will implement it. Your minds are bound only by your thoughts of your own limitations. All else will be unrestrictive and this will be for the first time in many, many years.

Now to what is going on at present. There is increased earthquake activity around the fault lines of your earth and this will increase from the pressures building. Your political system in the US is far from settling down and will see a surprise element coming out shortly. The waves of energy customized for what is needed will continue to come and the collective consciousness will continue to grow in movement toward more Godly things. All of these are emphasized and you will continue to experience them. The result from the higher vibrations are accepted by so many and the people want more of the advancement in love that is felt. Those who choose not to advance, either from dark influence or just are not ready to go forward, will find it more difficult to deal with the changing times and conditions they are in and they will make it difficult for all those around them. They will pretty much feel miserable and it will seem nothing is going their way, and it isn’t.

You are on a path that cannot be stopped. How you respond to it is up to you and it has so much great potential for everyone. So much opportunity for everything is being allowed and will continue in terms of what you can use to your creative advantage. Use it, experience it and see what can be done with it in positive terms.

I leave you now to face what is going to come and we think you will not forget March of 2021. All facets of emotions will be involved with the changes confronting you and this will go on for many months now. Change is the name of the game for everyone. Reside in the God within and know you are in the arms of Father, Mother God.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 4, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be said that so many are wanting peace in the world. It is a silent prayer for most all of mankind now that peace prevail. No one wants war of any kind for all have had their fill of it and know what war does to everyone. People think a lot of the future for their children and do not just concentrate on the here and now. You are progressing in your thoughts for what is wanted and you are willing to work for it. You have lots of history to look back upon and you are learning from it. Gone are the days of wanting to strike out with a weapon and countries talking with each other is the first choice. This is a great step from your past and is commendable.

Working out differences first starts in the mind and heart and carries forward into the cities and the countries and then into the world. Start the negotiating with differences in your heart and it will grow. We go back to the love principle here and letting another have their way of doing things and experiencing their culture, no matter how different it is than yours, is better than trying to force others to do things your way. We are speaking here of actions that do not hurt others when practicing your culture. It is the way you were brought up and the way you learned and the right to practice ways of being. First is the language barrier. No matter what language you speak, let your words be respectful of others. If you do not like the way they do things then do not participate or follow but allow them to do things in their own way if they hurt no one.

Fundamental disagreements can be discussed without violence when people of different cultures live in the same country as in most countries now. If you move from your native country to another country do not expect to change others of the new country to fit your own beliefs. Love one another enough to allow them to live their life without harassment of any kind and let them meet in groups to worship in their own way and speak to their God with their own words. This should be allowed and is a right of life when it hurts no one else. Do not stand in the way of people who want to worship God in their own place of worship and let their be no burning down of churches and definitely no killing just because you don’t like how they do things. Where do people get the idea it is good to take a life or many lives just because you don’t agree with the way they do things. This gets down to individual families and their homes and their children. It should stop in every place around the world. Let it be so. It goes from there on up to differences from country to country. Learn to work out your differences without physical violence. If there is no way, find one or cease to do business with them until a way can be found. Life is God given and no one has the right to take it away just because you don’t like how they do things.

Now about the law breakers. There are rules to be followed and when one does not conduct themselves under these rules there are consequences. If a large group of people do not like the rules then work constructively to get the rules of your city, state or country changed to represent the majority. Do not get a big stick and a flammable source and burn something down. Do not fight and kill people when you have not tried other ways to resolve the differences. Learn how to solve these differences first by looking at the laws of God and then finding words that explain how these laws should be followed. It does not conclude by thinking you should kill someone. This is not the way. Turn around from the idea that this is a way under any circumstances to resolve things by annihilating others. There are exceptions, of course, when someone is harming others against the law they should be stopped. It is a good time now to look at your past and see what killing of others has resulted in and how long the recovery period is. War will no longer be allowed.

There have been people in your past, and now, that profit from war and have promoted all kinds of actions to incite war of any kind for their own greed and you will be hearing of this in the revelation part of truth and the names and actions will shock you. What has been done is unimaginable. Even now there are those who beat the drums of war and work to bring war about, even to the point of paying others for certain actions and their names will also be shocking. Do not think everyone is working for peace just because it is 2021 and war is a bad idea in your mind. We hear the thoughts of leaders and stand with ears in the back rooms of meetings and we know what is in the hearts at those meetings. This will be told and it will be hidden no longer. What will you do with your anger when you find out? What will you do when you realize millions of young men and women have been sacrificed and lied to about reasons for war? How will you act when one of those soldiers was your child?

You see we are talking about the truth here that you wanted to know. There are atrocities of enormous content and action in the road to power for some people in positions to deceive many. You will no longer allow this to happen when the truth comes out and you will see with stronger vision what has happened in your past. How big were the lies? Big enough when you count the dead from war. The truth will get right down to the heart of things and we are talking about huge deceptions and lives of innocent people. What if it was just one life we are talking about? No one should have been sacrificed.

This truth concerning reasons for war is just the beginning and it will all be brought out for you. What you were told concerning relations with other groups and other countries was hardly ever the truth and you have been used in various ways to sacrifice your time, money, effort, beliefs and lives of loved ones for the purposes of a few at the top for reasons that were against the laws of God and of your country. It will not be allowed again.

Let this desire for peace grow and find ways to work for it. Your environment is changing and as with all things it starts in the minds of the individual and the energy grows into a universal consciousness and then into a world consciousness. This is what is happening now so continue to work in this direction. The energy waves coming your way are helping to create this platform for you to change the world. Use it first in your own heart to think that war is not the way and then see how this feeling grows and then find leaders who can be trusted and want the same things you do.

I leave you now thinking on the way you have been deceived concerning war. It is not a pretty picture but you will learn from it and chart your own course for your new world. We have every faith in you that this will be done.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 3, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that we are not ready for what is to come. You are not ready to hear what will be told and I am not ready to comfort you in the way you need. I want to be up to the task and know what to say to you so you can traverse this part of truth about your world. It slowly became under the dark influence and happened a step at a time and you took it in without noticing enough to protest. Unfortunately when explained it will not come a step at a time like it happened for it will come rolling out all at once in its entirety, page after page. We see this as how it will be told to you. And remember you have asked for this to be revealed. There is not much that we can say to take away the shock of the revelation. We have thought on this long and hard and will do the best we can to soften the blow of all the evidence being given. It is coming and we hear you saying you still want it to be told. You are correct and it will be. Our hearts are with you closely in this part of your transition.

Of all the times we have tried to aid you in your many twists and turns on earth, we see this part as a real challenge for both of us at the same time. Those who are here on our side will be available and will come to your side when this can of worms is opened. There is some truth that cannot be softened. This period in your growth is the result of the dark overtaking earth and not being stopped. There were so many opportunities along the way where you could have opposed what was happening to you but you did not. It was a good plan they had for total control and it would have worked except for the intervention of God’s hand in it all. You were a trusting lot and judged others by your own standards and this did not uncover the long term ideas they had for your future. At first we look for so many to say this is not truth and to outright refuse to believe. Then as time goes on all the pieces will start to fit together in your mind and it will be the only logical conclusion.

Recovery is up to you and there will be different stages for different people. There will come an understanding as a collective that this will never happen again and you will learn from the experience for generations to come. It will be handed down to your future and will be taught in schools about the time when the people of earth were imprisoned where they stood and allowed it to happen. The invisible bars were being added one by one and the plan would have been complete if not stopped. You will learn how this was done and it will go to serve a lesson in your minds for future reference. A very difficult lesson but one nonetheless and it will not be forgotten.

Then there will be the picking up of the pieces of normality and putting things back together again so that you can get on with your lives. This is where you decide how you want to forge your future and where you start constructing and creating it to your specifications in freedom from tyranny and control for the first time in a long while. This is where we come in concerning our information you might need and be able to use for improvements on already held ideas and also entirely new ideas that will pave the way for your better life. It will take time and you have it now to spend by investing in what you want and what you need. It is a grand plan in its inception and fulfillment of a promise to you. A gift of love by your Father, Mother God.

There are no other words I can think of to give to you at this time. I leave you now for the time of revealing what is, what has been, and what will be and this is a tall order. Take it all in carefully. Watch and listen for you deserve the truth and we will be standing by to do what we can. Our doors are always open to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 2, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress being made from our point of view. We also see that there is disappointment in some because you have not seen progress. It is difficult to wait and there are many times in life when the best approach to things is to have patience and wait. It does not mean you are not progressing or making advances. There is a timing of the mind and heart that requires contemplation and assessment of things and this is action, even though it seems that nothing is being done. When circumstances present themselves for you to have these moments use them to take a breath, a rest, a moment for clearer thinking and give thanks for them. They can be gifts and you do not have to swim so hard and you can float and relax and ride the waves of what is for a moment. So do not be afraid to take this action of being in harmony with what is by being seemingly inactive and having patience for you are with the current of things. Even the birds of the air do not flap their wings all the time and they choose to float on the currents. They are still being supported by what is.

You are now so used to instant everything and when you see nothing happening you feel stagnant. Remember there are more senses than what you have been told and begin to use the other abilities you have, or will remember you have, to assess things on a different level. Not all of God’s appointed workers are working the same shift and people clock in at different times for appointed missions. Just because you feel inactive does not mean others are not working their minds and abilities in overdrive to do their part at the right time. We all have different assignments and they kick in at different points of advancement for that is the only appropriate time it can be done. Let the active puzzle pieces fall into place and fit together for a perfect picture that God has in mind and do not worry because you do not perceive anything is being done. The ball in play is hot from activity and has scored many points for the home team while you were looking in another direction. This game is so far ahead of what the dark are thinking as they are still trying to find ways to keep you occupied so you will not realize you have been lied to. All the while their secrets have been known by higher entities working for your freedom on God’s behalf.

You have gotten past what you have decided was a lull in things before. Reality is a tricky thing and we could discuss this aspect for some time. Just let me say that not all things are revealed to you automatically as they happen. The elements of positive movement were set into motion long ago for this transition of your earth and great minds both in your heaven and on your earth were cognizant of what was needed to be done to get the ball rolling. It was done and was not revealed at the time. Certain aspects were set in stone to be relied upon now. It has been coming together for the past few months and there is definitely action and activity of progress even if you do not perceive any. This being the case there is no need for disappointment. If you must we cannot stop you for it is your decision but when things are revealed you will know. Remember, “The evidence of things not seen”.

There are times in your history where it has been my failing and maybe ego is involved also, where I want to say, “Did I not tell you this was the case or this would happen”. I am preparing a statement now, so please forgive me and I will continue to work on this aspect of my character. I leave you with these thoughts to consider and hopefully I leave you with a better understanding of the workings of the intervention of Creator in the liberation of earth. See with the eyes of belief in the majesty of the workings of the Father to bring about his Will in whatever way He pleases.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 1, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to speak of mounting energy coming in which is God given and this energy is what is needed for all to feel the Love element more clearly. The soul is designed to be love driven and is created by and in love through creative Light. You can deny love and you can refuse it but it exist and is there anyway in all of creation. The God within you is Light and Love and is the source of all that is and turning within and acknowledging what you are opens so many doors for you to other things.

The energy coming in is bringing love from Source into your earth environment and you can feel it surround you with each wave. There are other potential elements contained which are needed at this time and each wave is custom designed for what is needed for everything. This love is making a real difference in all things and not just people. All elements are affected and can never go back to the way things were. Everything is working together on a different energy as they function now and the potential for greater things is being created by this change. God has ways you know not of at this point in your learning and you still, at times, limit not only what can be accomplished but how it can be accomplished. Set aside your limitations and allow the ways and intentions of God to be the source of your existence in every way and His love that is already within you will be realized more fully. You look at what is and most of the time do not think about how it is or how it became. Everything that is, is so much more than you can contemplate and has more reason behind it and do not forget that each of you belongs here at this time for a reason that has so much depth and scope and purpose. Don’t waste time questioning if you belong here. The energy being sent in these waves gives of many things and a fuller understanding of the power of love and the way it works is one of them.

Yes, let us speak of the way love works. It is a living thing, an energy, that is of such potential when existing in its fullest form. When that love energy is thriving within you it expands your perception of being and makes way for a better understanding of life, not only for you but a better understanding of others. It is like putting on glasses and allowing you to see more clearly. It gives you that desire to serve and to make things better than they have been for you now see so many opportunities. You care about others on a higher level and as love abounds in your own life it is gifted to others around you. Love can grow, expand and multiply higher energy and lifts you up to a higher plane of being and existence. Love can bring others to a higher level also. It is sort of contagious and reaches out in its potential to help others in ways you cannot imagine, when shared. This is the opportunity that you have now with the love that is coming in. You can understand why it is transformative and why earth will never be the same. Feel it and let it abound and give love its due respect by being thankful for not only the love already within you but for the gift of love that is being given with each wave that comes.

Things, time, plans are progressing, growing and establishing your new ground rules and there are shifts in energies and the dark influence is decaying and dissolving as planned. Their influence weakens with each new day as Light overtakes what they had planned. Work with what is given and has been given to you and as you are directed to do so. Each time you mentally intention to join with others of like mind and use the energies given we can see this happening. Do not every wonder if you are doing any good for it is so evident. We know there are times when you question your work and you have periods of doubt but we tell you that you are doing great things and making changes you cannot imagine. This is what was intended when the decision was made to send all of you into this earth environment. Your work is what has been needed and is still needed today to continue in the manner God wills for your future of earth. The moment God intended intervention for earth, it was felt throughout all that is and the energy was set into motion. Still there are many moments for us when we stand in awe of the power and glory of Creator.

I leave you now to think on these things and hope that my words have given you a deeper meaning of love and the power of God. Please do continue your work and co-create what will be with God.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 28, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you today. We here are so glad that you have come this far for there was a long way to go at one time. I reviewed a few of the messages from years ago and it is so gratifying that many of the things that were on our minds at that time have been resolved or done away with. Primarily you have advanced from your experiences to a point that it has been easy to work with you regarding the energies and the Light. You have been through an educational process where that is concerned and you responded well to our urging for what needed to be done. This review lifted me up while reading it and I wish I could have shared the experience with you. Let me just say that the monumental task that was before all of us years ago has been whittled down to a much smaller size.

Now, let us look at the monetary system. This is one of the things that has taken so much longer than expected. By now we had planned for you to be so much further ahead in your ability to enjoy life by not having to work so hard but it did not happen because of several reasons. The agreements that were made were not honored by those in control. It was a gargantuan task to get them to agree to anything in the first place because of their greed and desire for control and prominence in the world view. This one particular thing has been a struggle all the way but I can say now that the gold needed is now where it needs to be and the world banking system has been planned down to the last detail. This is one of the things I want to see done and it will be gratifying for each and every one of you in its end result.

You have been victims far too long and have spent most of your lives laboring long hours for little gain after taxes. Those that were in control of the majority of the stored gold would not give it up nor were they satisfied with what they had. You would think that after all these years they would have learned where the real happiness resided and it certainly wasn’t in the having of hoards of money or valuable goods. We have been first hand observers of so many that have personally owned so little and we see them as joyful in their life and their relationships and connection with their God and Source of all things. These people who owned little by all standards had power, joy, friends and all the things that life offers everyone and brought Love to so many others during their lifetime. We rejoice over their discovery of riches within.

Where do you stand today? This is one of the things that is going to be implemented and the switch over will most likely happen in steps regarding all the banks and also your personal monetary worth. We have no date for this nor can we give you an idea when this will happen but so many steps have already been taken and many pages have already turned toward the goals that were set for your freedom regarding personal wealth. Do not give up on this for it is alive and well.

I would like to speak of transgressions and the process of forgiveness. This is a much bigger issue in your lives than you might imagine. It is one of the most difficult things to get over is the wrongs that have been done to you. All are in the process of learning and when someone perceives a wrong has been done it is only natural to feel hurt and sad. Lashing out is one result that happens and then the hard feelings go deep into your being and so many times they remain within the mind but also within the body. So many of you are carrying around a body with stored negative hurts in joints and parts of your body and they have caused you to have problems physically. We are not talking about who was right or what the other person should have done. We understand that many things have been done against you all through your life and you were the recipient of others lack of learning and their insecurities. How do you go about getting these end results of hurt out of your mind and out of your body?

Let us start with recognition and that comes from asking within the relationship you have with your body and also the relationship you have with your Creator. Ask what needs to be forgiven from the God within you. Ask to see the negative thing(s) you carry around with you and have not released. This can be from yesterday or it can be from childhood long ago. I tell you the hurt you have been through in the past, if stored within your body, will remain and cause problems if the issue is not recognized and somehow forgiven and removed. Start with your mind. These things will be shown to you mostly by dreams and visions and you will be reminded. Take them one by one and lay them upon your alter before God and ask that you learn how to forgive what and who is necessary to resolve these issues. This may take some time if it is a big issue but it has to be done for it will not go into the higher vibrations and will hold you back. Understanding of why the other person did what they did will go a long way to solving this issue. It is usually their lack of love for themselves and lack of security in their place on earth that makes people travel alone without their self worth. So many fight every day for their place in the world and it is easy to hurt others when you are hurting yourselves.

No matter what the reason you can acknowledge that you still carry the hurt within you over what has happened to you. Prayer and meditation on releasing hurt can go a long way when your intentions are true. You do not have to agree with what the other person did but you need to release it from your mind and body and take that energy that you were giving to the resentment and anger and transform it into something positive and that something is forgiveness. However long it takes do not give up and you will be surprised at how you feel when you no longer carry this weight with you. Do not spend time wondering if they will be punished for what they did. They are responsible for their actions as everyone is and it will follow the same energy rules that apply to all. This is not your focus for this is no longer an issue with them but it has become an issue with “you”. You have taken it from two people down to one and that is yourself. Do not literally take it in your mind and hands and damage your own life by holding onto it. Realize the other person has most likely gotten on with their life and you did not because you stopped time and held onto it. Let the God given love that is available enter this incident and surround it and ask that you forgive not only the other person but yourself for harboring this for all this time. Turn it over to God and let this be His issue and not yours. Release it into His hands and let Him deal with it so that you can be set free and then release it and see it as being gone from your mind and body. Replace this in your mind with the knowing that it is no longer your will to hold onto any part of it. Ritual cleansing of the body is good and ask that all negative energy be removed from your body and set free. This can be visualized or another element can be used such as water. Smoke is sometimes used also. If necessary do this more than once and ask if you have released the negativity from your being. Feel the difference as this heavy weight is removed and then give thanks for you have freed yourselves from this negative issue that has been and will hold you back, if not released. It takes work but most of all it takes love of self.

During this process of moving down your road of experiences you will have to deal with many issues of experiencing and learning. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to learn but is one of the most rewarding because it involves the energy of love, not only for others but for yourselves. You are loved, no matter how you feel about yourself but love of self is needed in your understanding of all things. We keep coming back to this issue of love and how important it is for all things. It is the answer to most all questions you will have in your learning experience and we keep focusing on love because it is so important in your understanding of all that is. God is Light and Love, so when you get to know love you get to know the God that is within.

Before you move up that ladder of dimensions you must leave all things behind that will not travel and thrive in the higher vibrations. It is impossible to take them with you if they are negative. It is well worth your time and effort to ask if you have anything that needs released from your past. You will be shown what needs work sooner or later and then work on these issues. Many have asked how ascension works and how does one ascend into the higher planes of existence. Continue learning and continue recognizing that God is within all things and within you. Ask these questions and when an answer is given work on what needs to be changed and what needs to be forgiven. This is how.

I leave you now on your path and all others on their path and this is also how things work. None of you are at the exact same place on their path so have patience with others as they struggle along like you have had to struggle along on your path. Show them understanding and remember that love is needed along with forgiveness. These are answers I give you for your questions of advancement. They are laws of energy as they regard to different levels of existence. They cannot be defied or ignored. Advancement requires work and this also applies to everyone. You are doing well. Do not give up now. Love one another.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 27, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress, even if you cannot. Energy is hard to see in its many forms but it is changing very rapidly for several reasons. The dark influence is becoming less as many are removed from the stage, the waves of Light are continuing to influence not only the people but the earth and the people themselves are changing for the better, which changes the energy and collective consciousness. So few can feel or see on a perceptive level the energy of everything. All who do can tell you that things are changing. Now many can feel the influence of the energy and know it is changing for the better. Others notice the changes in people and their mood, demeanor and propensity toward kindness and brotherly love. So many more individuals feel the love influence but because of inhibitions will not exhibit this brotherly love because it makes them feel vulnerable. The mental inclination to help is there, even if it is not brought out into the open on a daily basis. It still changes things because the individual has changed.

We speak in terms of soon and now and near and in your reality it is weeks, months and years in some cases. It is a long term view for us into your future, when you consider thousands of years of your past history, it is soon and near. When you have a history of decades of a certain behavior, what is a few more weeks or months. Unfortunately this is misleading for you when you think in terms of soon and near as being next week. It is a shortcoming in our means of conveying information to you and has brought up some major problems because it has been mingled in with delays that have changed the time table of things and therefore seen as inaccurate or incorrect when viewed as a whole or total block of information. This is unfortunate for big reasons. Our credibility is vitally important to us in the process of conveying information to you and we need you to see us as truthful and trustworthy in our words. There are two different areas here: One is our concept of time being different than yours and our inability to change the wording of information to fit your concept of time. The other is the many delays that have taken place causing doubts and misgivings in your mind. The two have been lumped together into one big thought of falsehood which labels all we say. This is incorrect.

We have worked hard to try and correct this misunderstanding and it has damaged our credibility to some extent. Some of you understand this has taken place and have made adjustments accordingly. We are thankful for this as we do need you to see us as truthful. So much influences what happens from day to day and when we tell you something it is as seen at that moment. When there is something that is solid and in stone we try also to give you that understanding and one of the things in stone is the will of God to intervene in earth affairs and bring the earth and its people back in line with what was intended in the beginning. This intention of Creator is not and has not been changed, once initiated. It is being carried out and will continue until completed. As far as the other subject of our difference in terminology and in the way we view time as compared to your way of viewing time, it is so ingrained in both our concepts that this remains a sticking point to this day. My scribe thinks it would be easy for us to learn your way of thinking and correct our way of explaining things time related. I have heard her think that we, as the help that have come, should have studied your ways of word meaning and adjusted our conveying of information as needed for a better understanding on your part. This sounds good but she does not understand what levels of existence our thoughts have to go through that are energy related from our minds into your receiving of information and how those thoughts from us are distorted through these levels of energy. We try most accurately to see that what we intend is what you receive and this is a monumental task on a hourly basis and so much is dependent upon the receiver. We know that our words are also taken as different meanings in different people and they are the same words. We wish it could be more accurate in the delivery and in the receiving. We need this accuracy most assuredly and wish as much as you do that it was this way.

There are many obstacles to this communication and the distortion of our thoughts to you is a big one and we work on this all the time as best we can to see that correctness in intention of messages is given. Do not let this side track you in how you see our truthfulness and intentions. We have enough trouble with interference from the dark to completely do away with our messages and distort them. Try to see that differences in the way our two cultures view things where time is concerned will be different and adjust your understanding as we try to adjust our understanding of how we word our thoughts to you. We wish all misunderstandings could be erased from the past and this would make things much better where this is concerned. Time in itself is difficult for you to understand because it changes from place to place or from dimension to dimension as the scientific laws are different governing that plane.

As this relates to the here and now there will be announcements and there will be much change in your government when information is revealed and truth comes out and this will happen within the next few weeks as we see it from our perspective at this moment. Could this possibly change, yes, but the background of evidence is completed and ready for this revelation and the energy for revelation is there and waiting. This will start the ball rolling. Are earth changes pending in plate tectonics and pressures needing to be equalized, yes, and we see this as happening within the next few months from our perspective at this moment. Also on your horizon is ascension and this is harder to speak of as the timing is not known to us and depends upon the people themselves. Our bar is set high for accuracy and we attempt perfection in our information delivered to the best of our ability and this is every day. You have a wonderful future ahead of you when speaking of your new earth and the promises concerning the type of life offered and available. This is another one of those rock solid things that will not change because it is a promise made from a higher authority.

So, you see our challenges all along the way of this earth mission are many and some are quite large. We seek to always gain your trust in all we say and do. Our love for you is real and does not falter. Our intentions are God directed and God driven and we are here to help however we are allowed by Creator. We ask that you do not let anything stand in your way of receiving God’s love no matter what disappointment you may be going through regarding man or us or delays in anything. This is real and this is happening on a grand scale and it will be completed. God does work in mysterious ways at times and it may not be in the way you expect but His “Will” will be carried out without question in this matter of earth intervention and deliverance from the dark. Their days are over and some of them will be removed from all things permanently. Some of their energy remains now and it is in the process of being removed. There is nothing more definite than God’s finality. You are loved more that we here have ever been able to express to you. I leave you now in the hands and love of your Heavenly Father and Creator of all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 26, 2021

Let us begin. It baffles me that some are floating along with total trust in their government of the US and not questioning anything. It is easy to get wrapped up in requirements of your life and not take an interest in something that has been left up to others to control. Unfortunately others are not always trustworthy to handle certain areas of your life and have led you down the wrong path. You are in such a situation now that it cannot be retrieved and has to start over almost from the beginning. This is why it will take time and much care in getting everyone on board with what is needed. I will not say you are going back to the beginning for you have the added experience of all these years in your US history to rely on as far as what does not work. It will take a certain political frame of mind to construct or structure the wording and environment for your new country and let me be clear about this, only those who really care about your country and its citizens should be afforded the opportunity to have any say in the matter.

I would like to change subjects here and go to lives lived. Many do not believe in reincarnation and it is a controversial subject. I tell you that you have lived many lives in your learning experience and your earth was set up for this to be helpful to you in your learning process. Much of the teachings of living more than one life were taken out of your Bible and this was very misleading. Only by continuing to learn can you advance on your journey and you are given many opportunities to do this. Not all planets are set up this way and some have inhabitants who live long lives so they can continue to learn and grow. Your planet rules afforded you the many lives option and you would call it the fast track to learning. It gives you not only a second chance but many chances at taking what you have learned and bringing it forward into another situation.

You might ask why this method is better than living a long life. Like your country, sometimes it is better to come clean and start over again with another opportunity to do it right or do it better. In your early development like most of you are in now, if given a long life you could get so fouled up and so far down a wrong path that it would only make things worse to continue. Starting over seems the best way to wipe the slate clean and start over as far as your decisions are concerned. This does not mean you were automatically given freedom from transgressions in your lives but that you now have the option of learning from past things and making better decisions in the new life. The laws of energy would still apply in all lives and what you send out will return with all of its facets to contend with. As far as remembering you may or may not remember your past lives but hopefully the learning from them will remain in clarity so that you gain ground in your journey. There are many nuances to living more than one life and as you might guess the same people are repeated in your lives to give meaning to recognition of what does not work. The same goes for them regarding actions toward you.

As you can see the best case scenario is a life grounded upon the laws of God, His Love and also forgiveness. This gives you the best environment for not having to try and correct negative thoughts or actions in the next life. So, you can understand that even in this life if you are doing your best not to harm others and live your best life you may be carrying over some negative activity from a past life that has to be dealt with. This answers the question of why some people have all the luck and others live a good life and have all the bad luck. Actually luck is sort of a false premise and all things are connected to the reality of cause and affect. Do not fall into the trap of thinking there is no point in even trying for it will all come back to haunt you for this is a false idea. Each and every life is God given through love for your growth and your free will choice. It is researched in advance to give you the best opportunity to live it to the fullest and take care of anything that needs to be focused upon for action of any kind. You are not haphazardly thrown out into another life just hoping you will make the best of it. Far from the truth.

This new earth you are venturing into will have somewhat different rules and the fast track into learning will not be the same. Ascension into higher vibrations will also have different rules governing lives and you will be living longer and having a clearer vision of everything. It is a grand transition you are making those of you who are advancing. There is much to learn and so much more to enjoy. Friendship with others will have a different tone and depth considering there will be no tendency for hate, envy, revenge and other negative emotions. Respect will prevail, even if others do not have the same ideas you do for you will be tolerant of their culture and background. No one will want to force their ideas on you and try to get you to live like they do. I hope you can see this happening.

Your month of March will be one of great activity in all ways as we see it from here. Stand in your Godly ways and keep counsel with that which is good, honest and trustworthy. Choose your close friends wisely and do not spend time in negative environments. Let others make their decisions, even if you see them as unwise, unless they ask for your help or advice. Do not let criticism wound you for it is between you and God. Refrain from activities not leading to better times and enjoy your life in all things possible.

I leave you now with these instructions we give in the highest of our intentions and with love.

I am Joseph In His Service