October 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I speak to you this morning. We have come a long way and much has been done in getting to where we want to go. There is much work in front of us. The opposition is hanging on by a thread but hanging on none the less and causing problems. Their dedication to making things difficult is strong and we are doing all we can to prevent a lot of their goals. There is forward movement in many directions and one is repairing the oceans. There are some that got a head start on this and are making great strides.

We had hoped by now that the relief regarding funds would have reached everyone, or at least the benefit from the distribution of the funds but again there was a delay. It seems to make several steps forward and then is delayed until they are forced to begin again. Forward is forward no matter how slow but there were times set and these were not met as agreed upon. Each time we sigh and regroup and do all we can to get the job done from our position on things. It is taking so many to get this far and we have to keep at it with the hope that I mentioned for we are getting there.

Now let us speak of arrangements being made for another face to face contact. I bring this up for these are still on the list and even a slow start is a start and this education step is closer than it was. Again we will walk among you and our plans have changed somewhat and we are not giving out plans in advance to give security to everyone and the plan itself. One day we will have full disclosure and we are working to that end no matter how many people have to work to get it done. One of the things that seems to be important is the sighting of a ship or many ships and if you will check your individual postings on this subject you will see that there have been several ships seen now at one time just recently. We have decided that more makes for a better sighting and can reach more people in the reporting of it. We chip away a little at the time.

Our plans have not changed that much over time and we still have the same goals that we had and you may be getting tired of hearing of them but until they are achieved they will remain on our list of things to do and accomplish. We are persistent in our endeavors and do not give up on our directives. Disclosure is one of them and if our preferred method of having someone in a key position make an announcement does not come about then we will have another way to give the same information to the people. Rest assured that many more people know of us now than did in the past and we are making headway on this issue. In some ways this is better because of the caution we held concerning the shock factor and how some would receive this information. So many have never really thought of this before and would not take it well. The time is here and the majority of the people need to know of the earth’s position in all of creation and how what happens on earth has meaning to other areas that exist. You are just now beginning to understand you are part of the whole and it is much better to spread good things out into all that is. Of course this is not new but has been going on concerning all things that happen here. Think of your thoughts having energy and power to change things far away for this is reality. You need to be aware of the meaning of your actions as it concerns how others react to them and not just here on earth.

Your education is still a priority for until you see and understand how the laws of creation are set up and how all is part of the One you will continue to think that what you think and do in the so called privacy of your home or your mind has no affect whatsoever on anyone or anything else and there will be no effects from them either good or bad. Think on this one concept, please. You are coming to that part of your advancement where you will see the doors have been flung open to your understanding of all things being connected and your thoughts and actions not only affect your planet but ALL OTHER SPACE. From now on you will have a different concept of energy, vibration and connection with all other things. Thoughts are not temporary things that die after being thought. They are living energy and have power just like you do. This is one reason it is so important in raising children to give them the self confidence they need in growing up. Parents have a huge responsibility and must see that their thoughts and not only their words make a difference in their child’s life. A child is very sensitive to atmosphere because they are sensing the thoughts that have been put out by their parents. There is that deep connection between parent and child. Do take this into consideration when raising a child or just being around a child.

Now we come to anticipation of all good things. We are not disregarding some things that are still in front of you that may not be easy to get through but on the other side does exist the promise that has been spoken of and planned for you. Continue to believe they are waiting for you and do pray and focus on them in your meditations and thoughts. They are real and you have a big responsibility to use them well and to improve on them. It is a state of being that has to be supported and tended and we feel this will be exactly what you will do. The intentions you have for living in a loving environment are strong and we see you doing well in the new earth. So many of you have wonderful ideas and have started planning and working on them now. There will be some large changes in store bringing about the conditions we have spoken of and all in the mind and will of the Father’s plan for earth. Your future looks bright and continues to beckon to all to live accordingly so that this will be the existence you can take advantage of. It is and has always been the choice of the individual according to free will and our messages on this have not wavered. There are still those who will not give in or give up and not only that they have dark plans to destroy all they can. We continue to encourage you to live in the Light of protection every day.

I will close now and leave you with these thoughts of your thought and behavior being powerful enough to bring about an effect on all things. Continue your prayers and meditations. I go now in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 21, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great joy that I speak to you this morning. We have had news that great strides are being made in your collective consciousness and we attribute this to your constant desire and action in bringing the Light to Gaia. It would be hard to overestimate the changes you have brought with your love for this service and we are most thankful for your work. You are not only bringing Light to others but your efforts bring about changes in places far off from your planet. This may be difficult for you to understand now but we can see it and this was an original desire in the beginning that this was done. There were times of doubt in our part that this could be accomplished but you have proven us false in our lack of confidence in you and shown us that once united in understanding and in action you have continued to amaze us in your dedication to this transition and road to ascension. You have done more than well and we now know that you are accomplished up to this point of action. Please continue your united efforts for they are most helpful in the progress that has been achieved. Thank you.

Now we speak of impregnating the pause and stillness that will soon happen with seeds of your future. There is a scheduled pause in things that is sort of a reversal that will start you off in the direction of creation of furthering your hopes and plans of a new world. There has been talk of a stasis and I have not used that word often and prefer to describe it as a stillness which is organized and part of the construction of new times. There are certain adjustments that have to be made during this time and this will be done by many who know what to do and when. A lot of it will be on the physicalness of your planet and has to do with clean up and re-organizing of your energy lines so that they are completely compatible with each other. Much has been manipulated to a point of being out of synchronicity with other elements and this has to be corrected before your new time starts again. We see this as an upgrade also and your move into higher vibrations allows us to more delicately fine tune some things on earth for a harmonious atmosphere and environment. Like taking your car in for a tune up. The instruments we have are quite accurate and allows us to accomplish this with no problems. What we would like to see is this time being used to plant the seeds of everything necessary for your entrance into your new world where you can build on the growth that will start small but lead to wonderful times you cannot yet imagine.

This time of starting is important in that it begins in a certain way and is an allowance of certain elements that make for all things good that you need to get to where you want to go. Certain codes and frequencies that are used for creating Gaia with the complete harmony that she also needs for change and construction of her new world. All you do now is heading for this time of beginning. Throw in these elements you have of prosperity, harmony, compassion, renewal and love for one another and you will harvest the good things of life that have been promised to you. It will happen. A time of birthing and beginning that if well tended will bring riches to your beautiful planet. It is almost here.

Now let us talk of frustration for it is going around in abundance. We see and feel you are tired and fed up with so many things that it is difficult for you to attain and remain in a mental attitude of hope and faith. Try not to let all things on the outside of you invade your center of steadfastness and security. Be well grounded in your Light and make sure you surround yourself with protection each day. Do not buy into the agitation and lashing out that is evidently there but focus on more positive things and give of your energy to them. Make available in your mind and in your life the place of harmony and cling to this as you work yourself through your day. Listen to good music, make time to laugh and always make time to love one another. This does not have to apply to just family but send love to all others like broadcasting seeds into your garden so they can grow. We have many who are already doing this and it is bringing about wondrous things that we can see. Share your gifts of love and light with all those around you. The light you possess does this automatically anyway just from you being you but when you take time to share it on a conscious level it expounds your light into beautiful waves of God’s gift and benefits more than you can imagine. It encourages others to be in a more positive state of being and this is what is needed. You affect so much change just by being here and being in the consciousness of love and light. This is one big reason you came is to affect change in this way and you have done so. We love to see this happen from our point of view and inwardly smile when this happens. Seeing another person in distress being influenced by your works and by your light makes them rise up a bit in their outlook on everything.

Now we come to obstacles in your way. We know you are still busy with Covid and dealing with your masks and trying to decide if sending your children to school is wise. We see so many looking for jobs and wondering how they will make what little money they have bring them the things they need and knowing they will have to do without so much. This is a difficult time for you and especially those of you who have children. You are more concerned about them than you are about yourselves and we feel this about you. So many things are not that necessary in your lives but there has to be food, shelter, water and security and this has been interrupted. This time will come to an end but right now you need to have the truth revealed to you about why there are those who want to use this time of possible illness as a threat to keep you under control.

There will be further attempts to bring about circumstances to force you to remain indoors and tied up with this on your mind and have you not looking behind the curtains to see who is pulling the strings. The puppets on the stage are not always the ones dictating the actions and words of the players. There are some big obstacles at present and they must be removed or at least shown to you in a truthful light so that you can make the right decisions. Do not get caught up in any protests or harm to others over your political time of choosing a President. This is a most vulnerable time where those who are unhappy may fall into the trap of lashing out in order to relieve frustration over many issues. Hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. Those of you who are Light Workers continue to give of your love into this situation and all of you try not to give any negative energy into this transition time. It will be resolved in time but it has not yet come full circle of revelations and there is much left to give to you in the way of truth.

We/I close now with the thought that we are proud of your work and you have shown us that you could and can do great things. I go in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

October 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here are most anxious to continue with getting to know you on a face to face basis. We must start this procedure of our furthering our friendship and you need to see us as real friends not just someone up in your sky. We are real and have lives like you do in that we continue to learn and put our energies to advancement of our growth as you do. We are working on plans for more contact and have not given up on these plans. There have been many contacts in your past but most were before one or two people and that would take us a long time if we did it this way. Our goal is for a large crowd and the bigger the better. We have been seen in your skies much more than it should have taken for this to be in your main stream news but alas it was not happening. Please do not give up on us as we continue to arrange these meetings.

On another front of contact we are still broadening our contacts by radio and the questions and answers continue and there again is a big issue with this not being in the news. This by all other standards would be front page news. This alone should indicate to you how your news is controlled and funneled into what is desired by a few. We will continue to reach out and we do add more people to our contacts every week. There has to be a tipping point at some juncture in this course of action.

Now let us speak of holidays. You are coming upon two of your biggest holidays and both with thoughts and actions of service to others on your mind. We love to see the service acted out during these times and wish that they would last all your year long. It would not be a hardship upon you for this to happen. Try to think of it that way and get over the thought that this is just for a certain time period during your year that you feel the love toward others and wish to help them and show your good will. We encourage you to try this. It is like a blanket that you throw off after the end of the year and you store it in a closet of your mind until the next Thanksgiving and you bring it out and dust it off and use it again, with wonderful results I might add. Let us help you with this transition into your new earth. This is part of the transition that is needed and the feeling you have at Christmas with love for all is just the place you want to be all year long. It does not have to end. Are you afraid that someone else is not using their blanket of love in the new year and this means you cannot use yours? What would it hurt if a few million people continued their vibration of love to all into the beginning of the new year and continued that feeling? Think on these things.

You have been so traumatized that you are afraid to be that vulnerable. You see it as not having protection to verbal abuse from others who are not in that frame of mind. You just close yourself off so as not to be a subject of someone’s ill will that comes back into full force after January 1st. We do understand why this is so but someone has to be the first to break this “tradition” of leaving your good will and love for all others in the time of a season or holiday. It is a strange way of looking at things. You think Christ means for you to abandon the love he came to bring and explain was seasonal? Many of you are working on this and you are the ones who have brought so many with you when you ground the Light and Love into your new world. You understand but so many fall back into their old habits of protective thoughts and we try to bring some light on this subject so you can see how strange this looks to us that you would categorize and limit your wonderful examples of love for all others to only a certain part of your year. Open the door and let your Christmas feelings of love and good cheer be just as alive all year long as they are during your holiday season. It is most definitely seen, heard, felt and measured and is so strong. Do not be willing to give it up and be stored until the next holiday season. Think on these things please.

Now we would like to talk of commitment and dedication to working on your thoughts on a daily basis. You are overwhelmed with having to make a living and contend with daily activities it is easy to become lost in your hours of labor and tasks that you forget to devote time and effort to work on your learning and time spent in no thought. A time of nothingness but it is not that. It is a quiet time where your higher thoughts have a chance to come through to your waking consciousness and make an impression on you so that you continue to process the truth and incorporate it into your daily lives. So many things of truth come through to you in this way. These are given in your sleep time or on a subconscious level and make their way into your daily knowing of them when the time is most advantageous for them to do so. This is enhanced by your quiet time when these truths are tapped and come into play. Do not limit their ability by not devoting the quiet time for meditation to yourself that you need. Not all things you need to learn come to you in your waking hours by your eyes and ears. There are many contacts you make that bring you what you need and by many people who are dedicated to your advancement. Take advantage of these quiet times and just let it happen. It is the way of things. We understand your limited time for this to happen but in the order of importance this ranks very high. It should be a priority somehow.

I close now to continue meetings and planning sessions that we will come to know each other better and form a deeper relationship than we already have. We are here to serve you at this time in your transition and in your ascension. You are loved and prioritized more that you know. I go in peace and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I bring you news of the situation on earth. There have been great strides into the light and we are most pleased with your work as Light Workers. You have made this a priority and have dedicated your efforts to this need and it is paying off in big dividends. I only wish you could see the improvement or at least I could in some way show you the differences you have made. Never would we have imagined in the beginning at least that you could have propelled the collective consciousness into the advancement that you have. It was so slow at first many years ago and we labored under the thought of question on how long this would take.

Once you became acquainted with the process and the laws of energy in action under the power of your own gifted abilities you have used your love and Light working power to propel your situation into the best possible progression that you could. We now see a time line that is more in line with what you are desiring for the new earth and a place of progress and peaceful advancement without aggression, anger and poverty. It is beautiful and moves our hearts. We are impressed. I ask you to please continue to do this as each one of you makes a difference you cannot now imagine and collectively you will one day soon know what you have accomplished.

Now let us speak of splendor. No, not the sweetener but the splendor of being and living in the One. You hear a lot of talk about the One and I’m sure that somewhere along the way you had questions and wondered what that was. I attempt to explain even though it is difficult to put into words and have the full comprehension contained in those words. It is all there is. There is nothing that is not the One of all things. We and everything is from the One and is part of the One. There is nothing else. You are not on the outside even when you do not know about the One of all things. You are part of the One and forever will be. Do not be looking on the outside of yourself for wisdom and reason. That is why we keep telling you that all you need is within you and to go within. We cannot emphasize this enough that God is within. Splendor is only one word that would help to describe this state of being. There are many we could use but words are not as important as the state of being in the One itself. We do not mean for 30 minutes on a Sunday morning that you try to visit this “place” but as a breathing living entity and creation of the One that you make it your goal to reside in a conscious thought of being in the One of all things. It is difficult to describe when you are on the outside but once you find your way of thought into the fact that you already reside there on a permanent basis you will understand that you cannot be separated from that state of being no matter how hard you try. It is who you are and what you are at all times.

You can live a life and make decisions that take you mentally away from the thought of the One and live so devoid of Light that you cannot find your way in life but you cannot divide yourself from your Creator or from all that is. You are that connected. So now that you have as your goal to reside in the “all that is” on a permanent basis you can endeavor to become in a state of consciousness that connects you with the harmony and the splendor of that existence. You don’t go there, you already are there and just don’t know it.

May we speak of appreciation. Giving thanks is a harmonious vibration that is favorably contributory to your mind and your body. It is a giving state of being that brings about life giving energy to every part of your body and feeds the loving thoughts in your mind that sustain you. Do appreciate all that you have been given and if possible concentrate for a few seconds on the individual blessings and give thanks for each one by name. This act puts you in a state of vibration that is so pleasing and makes the avenues of blessings so admissible that they come flooding into your life. A sort of highway to heaven so to speak. It opens the avenues for good things to happen where as there are certain states of mind that close them off. Giving thanks and appreciating your blessings and gifts that have been afforded to you is a very worthwhile time and is so advantageous to your growth and understanding. Not only that but as with all thoughts it affects all thing around you and all living things around you. Make this part of your daily life to give thanks even though you see hardship and agony try to focus on the good things that have not only come into your life but that have come into all life on your planet. It gives great dividends and has a beneficial energy for all things creative. You cannot go wrong in any way when you appreciate all that is for all that is is under the direction of the One. There we go again with the “One”. You can’t escape it.

Now we come to a part of the lesson that is less than comforting. You are still facing an energy that we see as unrest and we don’t’ want you to give a lot of energy to this time line but we continue to ask you to pray and meditate with your Light work on changing this energy to a more peaceful understanding of how to protest without violence. All Light work that you can do is helpful and none is wasted. Light is never wasted but goes to the collective good and returns in kind. We are here to help you through these difficult times but again we come to tell you of possible unrest that could be of concern for you and others in the United States. Mainly because of the political differences you have now in your citizenry and the strong opinions of how things should be done. Please note that most people in your political arena are not what they seem. You are hard pressed to see behind the face and advertisements so that you can evaluate in an accurate manner who you would prefer to hold a position. Do not give up on this issue of who should do what to lead you. Ask to go behind the facade to see the real person in their intentions and desires for your country. Do plan for any discord over the election and take precautions. Plan ahead.

We leave you now and you notice that sometimes I say I and sometimes I say we. It is because even though I sign as one person there are quite a few behind me in these issues and desire to educate you with information. We are most always one in accord in our thoughts and we all have energy to add to this equation of education. Our love and compassion is focused on you and your reception of our words into your lives and we are interested in how you use the information we give to better your lives. So, we/I go now and leave you with these thoughts that you will process with the love that comes with them. We go now in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 18, 2020

Let us begin. We did attempt our face to face disclosure yesterday and found that circumstances were not within the correct parameters to show our craft in the beginning. We did however uncloak them at the ending part of our contact and people did get a good look at them for a display that no one could deny.

As far as the on the ground talk we did walk among you at both stated locations and it was interesting in how the attempt at speaking to you was received. Most thought our speaker was a mental case and was not believed. The success was marginal and not giving of a specific location was a hindrance but this had to be done for security reasons. We continue to work on this problem and come up with a better solution. At least there were sightings of our craft in both locations.

This wish of ours and yours that we have disclosure has been on going for some time now and we will not give up. We have the element of giving out plans and having them interfered with or not giving them out and not having the people there that really want to attend. It is a dilemma that we continue to work on. We are not sure whether to call the attempt at a face to face contact yesterday a success or not. We see it as questionable at best. The best scenario is a disclosure statement from a person of influence in a prominent position but this has not been agreed upon and carried out as yet. We have had several verbal agreements but the people involved have gone back on their word and therefore it has not happened. We continue to work on this avenue also.

We would like to speak of optical illusions. What you see before you is a growing miasma of problems that are a disruption to not only your country but to the world. Just listening to the news or reading a newspaper leads one to think things are deteriorating rapidly with riots and dissension and worse. This is not to mention the fires and weather of erratic behavior. This is part of the procedure that is necessary for correction and will lead us to the desired place that is of peace. These things have to be brought out to be seen and then changed or transmuted into other types of energy that are more positive. They cannot remain hidden for then they would not see the light of day for correction.

Therefore what you see leaves you with a negative impression when actually it is the desired result we have to have for earth and everyone to progress and get to a place that is desired and a place of promise. It is quite difficult for you to go through and may be hard for you to picture what is desired on the other side of things when all you see is disruption and disaster. Please do not give up on your prayers and meditations of the new earth. Gaia has done her part with this transition and now it is up to you to transverse this time of change in a hopeful manner and accept that this is just part of what needs to happen to get to where we need to go. There are a few big items left yet that have to be endured and experienced. We are not quite there yet.

We would like to speak now of courage. We know you have been through a lot already and you might think over the top to expect you to endure more of the same. This transition time we understand is difficult but we know also that you are standing by your belief with the understanding that this is part of the whole process and you have accomplished so much already. We cannot tell you what will happen in what order of events for that is not known to us. We can tell you that earth changes will continue and some that you have not seen yet will take place. Prepare as we have told you in past messages and know that God’s directives are in all things and will continue at His will until they have been completed. We give you His promise that the things proposed concerning a new world with peace and opportunity will be fulfilled. Continue to remain in His Light and Love and do not falter in this respect. Surround yourself with the security that you have become to know and this will carry you through.

I leave you now with this thought of promise to consider that has remained in your future. It has not changed. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope I contact you this morning in your time. We are prepared to come and fulfill our desire and word on contact so that you can see us with your own eyes. Our precise location has not been given for security reasons and that still has to be the case. There is unrest brewing and we want this to be peaceful. The local time remains the same. We will proceed.

Now we need to talk about threats to the earth as a whole. There was a contingent escaping from earth awhile back that regrouped on another planet and has grown there gaining strength. They planned to do harm to everyone on earth and Ashtar’s fleet tried to defuse the problem with an attack on their fleet and were mostly successful. We had hoped that the dark would give up completely and see the error of their ways but it was not to be so. They are strongly willed and they continue in their line of wrongful thinking. It is with sadness that we see this continuing. An eye must be kept on them from now on even thought they are not on your planet.

There will always be some in existence who do not mean well and have not advanced in the Light enough to give up their warring ways. There are those who dedicate their work to seeing that law is kept in all places and this is an ongoing problem. Gaia is a special place and under the direct orders of Aton through Creator and there are plans for Gaia that will take precedence over all else and will not be interfered with. This is a must. All will be done to see that the plans will be carried out and enforced.

Now let us speak of influence. The controlling forces left on earth are still trying to influence everyone into their way of thinking and behaving. The news media is strongly leveraged by upper management to contain only what has been given to them and nothing more. We were hoping by now this would be over and truth would indeed be given in abundance but this has not been the case. The media in general including social media is strongly influenced by keeping out certain freedoms of speech and thought that would otherwise be free to all. Certain speech is prohibited strongly to the point of being forbidden or removed once posted. The influences of the dark to move you into their way of thinking and acting is still alive and well in spite of all the work that has been done. This element too needs your prayers and Light work so that the hold can be broken. It is disappointing to us that such a small group of individuals are so strongly connected that they carry this much weight and influence to so many still at this point of liberation. They will not succeed and we do not understand why this is not seen by them. The final result is known and they will not succeed in their efforts. So much wasted effort that could be going to lead the way for good causes with truth at the fore front of it all.

We speak now of immigration and the divided thoughts that are connected with this issue. Much has been done in your past to accept those who seek a better life for themselves and their loved ones and many have made it to your country of the United States by illegal means. The attempt is worth it to them for their circumstances are deplorable and their very survival is at steak. Some are contributing to your society in lawful ways and most of what money they make is being sent to their families in other countries. Your burden to support these individuals is on many levels and includes law enforcement, food and health care. The work of the few to support those in need keeps increasing in numbers of those taking from the coffers of your tax dollars. This cannot continue. Those coming into your country need to be legalized or better yet their home countries need to be cleaned up and provide a decent living wage so that they can remain home and provide for their loved ones.

This is a big job in either case. We see it is always better for one to be able to remain in their own country if they so choose. If entering into another country it needs to be approved through legal channels and done correctly for those who mean no harm and want to legally contribute to the new country. Few have this in mind when they want to come to your country. This is one of the things that help is needed with and is a big issue when choosing your next President. Do keep this in mind when thinking of points to consider in your choices. Many have done much when providing their tax dollars to support these illegal immigrants in the past. We would like to see a harmonious solution to this problem so that all will be happy with the outcome and that is in your future of things to work on. Do consider your President carefully.

Now we see that the Light coming in is increasing and this is upsetting the dark elements more all the time. There is a dissonance between the vibrations of those who have not advanced enough and the new vibrations being offered at this time. It causes unrest to the point of acting out with negative activities and protests of all kinds. Some are so gravely and negatively influenced by the disharmony in refusing the Light that they are almost uncontrollable. This is the element that means the most destruction and the ones who pose the most dangerous threat to people and property. They are unable to see the connection with giving in to the Light and to God and a better life. The focus on what they perceive as disrespect to themselves and their particular group and intend revenge to get attention and think they are in the right to oppose. This is being intensified at this time and this is the threat we warn you about on any local level. Networking of plans and ideas of damage to people and property have continued to spread and become cohesive in nature. Be alert to what is around you and especially concerning the dates of your election. We continue to watch this closely and are seeing that you are intent in your Light work and this is helping to mitigate the intensity of their desires. Please continue to do this work for it is very meaningful in its result and influence.

There is good to report and we do not mean to be so negative in all aspects of our observations and reports to you. The advancements have been very newsworthy and you will be amazed one day at what you have managed to overcome with your desires and work. So much is being done at night while you sleep and the intensity of your desire to bring about the peace and new earth is most admirable. We continue to be amazed at your efforts in this line of thought you have that you will succeed and you are so determined to get the job done. One obstacle we have is getting many to understand how powerful they are to affect change. They underestimate their abilities to bring about the plans they want and do not even try. Their attitude is “what little could I possible do to make it better?” This is so incorrect as many do not understand their efforts combine with others and the energy of the Light work is tremendous in what it can accomplish. If you are one of those who think your work would not amount to much please jump out of your chair or off of your couch and give it a try. We assure you that you have the ability to affect the changes you are wanting to bring about and we ask you to join in with the many who work daily to bring these changes about. Do not be a side liner just watching others do the work. All are needed now more than ever. We encourage you to at least try and if nothing else pray for the type of new world that you want to see in your future. We are here to guide you whenever possible.

I go now and try to catch a front row seat for the contacts planned. We hope to have good results from this and will continue in this line of work for it is directed that we do this and the time is now.

I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We are proceeding with our plans of contact, but with no exact location given. We have come to think it is better this way and we can also add more locations at will. We will see how it progresses and go from there. There is a certain element of surprise and wonder since we will be unannounced, what the opening line from us will be. Maybe “well, here I am.” Who would believe us? We think on these things. We hesitate to make a big showing with our space ships because we do not want interference in your skies during this attempt because it will be prolonged. More meetings.

Let us take a moment to talk about changes. Your are perceiving mass changes and you still have some big ones to go through. It is mandated that certain ones will take place and one big one is the God sent wave which will envelop everyone and not just on your planet. A multipurpose energy wave that will invade the hearts and bodies of all it touches. These waves do not come often but this one has been planned for some time now and we await the changes it will cause. We are thinking a much needed energy that will change the atmosphere and collective consciousness of your entire world. It is unavoidable and one of the things we are anticipating is the changes in the remaining dark or un-enlightened ones that remain on your earth. They already do not remain around the Light and we are waiting to see how this unavoidable energy will affect them and how they will respond. It may be that they, by their own actions, will remove themselves by remaining in their lower vibration and will take up residence in a different location that will provide them with the opportunities to learn and grow there. Whatever the Creator through Aton has planned for them will be done. We know the what for the most part but not the when. Some things such as details are not given to us but remain hidden until the time of the happening. We just know it will be done.

This energy from God will change the perception of everyone and you will see things differently from then on. A more comprehensive taking in of information on more levels and one of those levels will the the compassionate and loving attitude for your fellow man and all creation. You will never go back to looking at things the same way again. Once you know you can never un-know. We attempt to inform you of this happening but fail short of using words and use one of your expressions of “you just have to be there”. We look forward to this occurrence and await your reaction. It is more than good.

Now, let us speak of experience. Being in the first person when learning is the most progressive way of advancing. You can be taught and hear of other people experiencing certain things but until the experience is in your court and you go through it you will not have it imprinted upon your heart and mind as completely. That is one reason you were assigned or volunteered for this venture upon earth was an opportunity to fast track in the learning of lessons. It has been a difficult journey for you but there will come a time when you will be able to review your progress lesson by lesson and see that this earth experience was one of the biggest blessings and opportunities you could ever have been given other than the free choice of following the Light and accepting the love God has to offer you. The love comes not only from God but from all those who possess it and choose to share it and offer it to all others, you included. It is an energy and creative element that does not diminish in any way when shared and continues to give and spread on demand when someone offers to spread it around. A most magnificent thing to be sure and why someone would not want to incorporate this love that is freely offered into their heart and lives is beyond me. This has been one of the most complex things about the dark ever examined in our opinion as to why they do not at least see the result of love in other peoples’ lives and want to accept this offer. Cannot they not reason and see the many examples where it is given and received? I digress.

We continue to speak of experience. The experiences you have gone through here on earth and that of giving up your physical body and coming back which speeds up things, has provided you with many more opportunities for learning than you would ordinarily have. You will imprint and record these on your record of things and never forget them nor will the lessons dim in any way. Just think of what you have learned in just this one lifetime. Multiply that by the many lives you have had and it adds up to quite a history of advancement. Most were hard learned and there was quite the emotional experience connected with each one. It is most always the case. This emotion is one of the things that so boldly records them upon your mind and your learning of them. So many wanted to come and not all were chosen for this chance to learn. Yes, you did ask for this and some begged for this to happen, this earth experience. I know there were times that you must have thought there was no way you would ever ask to put yourself through the hardships you have experienced while here but in fact you did just that. If not now you will see in time that it was one of the best decisions you have made and you will give thanks for it. There will be a sort of review which will be different from the life review at the time you give up your body and you will be shown with a teacher or counselor of sorts where the living here on earth has blessed you with many learning experiences. Some you learned at the time and some you had to be shown again in a different setting before you saw the learning in the experience and did not have to go through it again. However many times it took for you to embrace the lesson was offered to you and this was of your own making in the way of your actions and thought processes of creating your experiences. A most efficient and educational way of doing things which is permanent in the learning. You will see.

Now let us explain the process that is to come. This school will end. Not the process of advancing to the ultimate goal of the Father but just this school term. This semester, so to speak will be over and the grades given out and some have failed and will have to repeat the offered education again. It is a gift to them to continue at their own speed to learn the lessons that were refused. It is an offering of love that they be given the opportunity to continue in an atmosphere and on a planet that will afford them this. You on the other hand will take your learned lessons and go on to the next opportunity offered and continue. So many will remain on the earth plane to continue your intended plan of re-creating earth and helping her heal. You will see how best to make improvements and see this time through for quite some time into the years of peace that have been talked about and promised to you.

Others will return home and some to their ships where friends and loved ones await for quite a large reunion and in some cases a party of such happy portent. It has been expected and anticipated with joy and happiness now and you will enjoy the reunion immensely. Little by little you will recognize the faces and memories that have been hidden from you and memories will return. It is something that will not come suddenly for it would be another large shock you would have to adjust to and we would not like to see you overloaded with sensory input that completely shuts you down. So, a little at the time and the same goes for giving up the difficult memories and hardships you have gone through down here. Only the learning of the lessons will be strong in your heart and the hardships diminished and eventually forgotten. Not the people, however. The connections you have made will not completely evaporate. The love shared will change but not be entirely forgotten. You have love interest and for some of you quite strong love interests that will return from your past before you entered the earth experience. It is now probably confusing in the speaking of it but it will all work out nicely for you in the end and that is coming.

We go now and leave you with this array of things to consider and think upon and will most likely we will expound upon them all at a later time. You have much to look forward to and many good times ahead where ever you go and we are thrilled for you in this loving peace ahead. We are, and were happy to have been of service to you. Unfortunately there is still some difficult things ahead of you here and it is not over just yet. Do be happy over what is to come, though.

I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with doubt that I come to you this morning in your time and bring news of imminent proportion. This being possible violence in your United States. It is further information of my last message and the doubt is that it can be avoided. The energy presenting itself is strong for this to happen and much prayer and meditation is needed to give Light and strength to peace in all respects concerning this plan that has been hatched. The cause for this is multifaceted in that it is fed by two main sources and one is the unrest of the people to remain indoors under a lock down and wearing masks. The other source is the dark intentions of those without light who plan to cause as much disruption as possible before their last days. It fits in nicely with the unrest present and has built upon those energies to protest and break free.

We ask that you pour as much Light into the thought of peace as you can at this time and try to mitigate the circumstances that may lead to disruption of any kind. We are noticing signs of possible cessation of power and possibly other services which does not make sense at all to us. It is like shooting a hole in the other end of a boat because you do not like who is sitting there. They are easily led under the circumstances because of the already established unrest over the Covid lockdown. This is just a prescribed avenue of release and protest brought about by dark influence of the last hold outs who are still viable to cause trouble. We are doing what we can but at some points it is still their free will. We are hoping this energy will diminish with prayer and the bringing in of more Light and thoughts on these lines of the Light forces who are already working to bring about the peace that is desired.

Now is the time to continue your work with intent and dedication to this cause. This is in no way a criticism of your work in the past for you Light Workers have risen to the call on many occasions and have far surpassed our expectations and wishes in the matter. It is just that the elements of this endeavor by the dark are solidifying rapidly and much dark energy is being poured into this last ditch effort. Do prepare for your loved ones and caution them to take care during the coming time through the rest of the year. We do not mean to instill fear into any situation but see that caution is necessary until this energy is depleted or changed and stops showing up on our monitors.

The prevailing energies of planned violence prevent us from following through with our giving out of the locations of our face to face meetings. They will have to be done where no plans for opposition exist and this will be smaller in attendance. Certain aspects of surveillance are at work now and until the end of the year locations and dates will not be given but will happen unannounced. The circumstances are not favorable for advance plans of places. It is with regret that these circumstances prevent us from giving of further information.

We change subjects now and speak of religion. In past religion and religious causes have been bent in the direction to control and keep the masses where the ruling class wanted. The dark had control even back then to direct and maneuver people and circumstances where they wanted them to go and much was done through the guise of religion. It is much easier to see in retrospect than it was to point out at the time it was being used to manipulate all they could. The distortions of the true meaning of love that was intended was massive and continues to the recent past. Much light will focus on the past and truth will be given in the education upon religion and its combination with control issues that were combined together to bring about the results that were planned by the controlling few that were always present on your planet. Such an organized desire to take over and control this whole planet and use its resources and its people for their own purposes.

The existing conditions now provide much more freedom than in your history but are still rigid in some respects and there have been many times when differences of opinion over interpretation have divided masses to the point of not speaking or associating with one another. Love originally intended was never capable of dividing people like this and you can plainly see that there is something wrong with how things are. This needs to be addressed and will be and there needs to be a bringing together of people on your planet without destroying each country’s freedom of beliefs and traditions. This must be done in order to bring about the peace that is planned.

We would like to remind you that your country has tried to accommodate people from other countries to the point of giving up some of their freedoms. Please examine your laws and see that you have gone to extreme in letting the desires of some overtake the good parts of your freedoms and choices for worship. This needs to be changed or reascended. Your country is no longer looking like the workings under the original plans when it was formed and slowly it has gotten off track and become infused with other intentions. Examine these differences that have come about and review them closely. Do not vary from your freedoms set forth originally. This included pressures currently in place to put a stop to any attempt at freedom of speech to disagree with certain issues. When did you start prohibiting opposition to any idea and see this as something bad if it was done in a peaceful manner. You have always had opposition to certain ideas and it has not undone you but in most cases made you stronger in your resolve to maintain the proven ideas that are held by the majority who have tried them and proven them by time and experience. Let the opposition voices be free to speak but do not view them as law breakers and punish them for speaking. Opposition is how you make corrections when needed and how you bring attention to ideas that need inspection and focus. Allow voices the right to be heard and then decide what is right and what is the majority of the people. Do not penalize them for having a mind and a difference of opinion.

You are not seeing what is happening to you. You are almost to a point where you are criminalized if you oppose anything. Be aware of what is going on and do not buckle under the pressure trying to be imposed upon you. Know your rights to free speech.

I leave you now and go in peace and hope that you will take into consideration the thoughts given here about caution. Go in peace also.

I am Prosper

October 14, 2020

Let us begin. This is an important message and should go out to as many as possible. I alerted my scribe earlier to be ready for it. We have our readings of intent and find there will be violence to contend with and warn you to stay away from crowds if possible. There are those who have done quite a bit of planning for this violence and some of it stems from the dark wanting their way and fighting to destroy all they can since it is finally dawning on them that the Light has won and they are no longer in power.

It is something we can help with on a limited basis but such destruction in their minds is all encompassing and there is a limit to what we can do or prevent in this type of situation. As long as there is free will on this issue of protest we can only advise you not to add to the negative side of your protest but to abandon all things bad and turn your energy to not destroying all you can before your last breath. Much of it also comes from the political side of things where one side was counting on winning and being in control and it looks like the dark is not only outnumbered but is being overcomed by the Light and the efforts of those who want a new world for earth.

We advise you to go ahead and prepare for what is to come and we cannot pinpoint a time for you but do have some food and water stored and if at all possible stay away from crowds and secure your homes at all times. You are being confronted by several possibilities in that some of you are in the earthquake area in the New Madrid fault and there is still that threat. The issues there have not gone away and the heat signatures are still giving the same message that there is pressure building up that has to be released somehow. This other thing of destruction just for the sake of destroying is something we were hoping would not develop but the energy is still building for this to happen. We do not wish to bring you reason to fear but to prepare. It is a revenge sort of energy for not getting their way and this will be a striking out in all directions.

It has been on the horizon of our abilities to see into the time lines and we were hoping that other energies would come to the front and the violence would be lost with the realization that the dark had lost and there would be no need to retaliate. Now this has developed in the fore front of things and we find it necessary to give you this information. There is an added element to this concerning your vote for President and we do not know how the outcome of the election will affect these energies. Needless to say it is a volatile time in that we do not know how intensely this will develop. We are hoping we fall short in our predictions and it will be much less than the possibilities we are seeing at this time. Please take heed to our warnings.

Now onto other things. Our locations for contact have been decided in the two cities mentioned earlier and will be announced at the proper time. This is still on schedule regardless of other factors in the making and our attempt at this meeting will go ahead. Some of you might have already considered it unsafe but this needs to be done and it is always possible that it will be of such great import that it will take the attention away for any violence planned. We can hope for this to happen. It was not in our original plans that this was considered but as it happens it may just be a good thing in this respect. We are not giving up on this plan.

Our energies are still focused in your transition into a higher vibration and ascension and also in your time of education in your history of this planet and in the forming the improvements you need to restore your environment and surroundings into what God intended originally for you. A most beautiful place that was given to you to thrive in and accept the love God has to offer to all of you at all times. We help you channel your energies back to this picture and existence here and this is our plan. The dark is trying to keep this from happening as they have been for years now and in the event they cannot, which they cannot now do so, they are doing all they can to take down anyone and anything they can at present before they are finalized. They, of course, still have the option of turning away from their dark ways and stepping closer to the light but they have chosen their path and it is very difficult for them now to get anywhere close to the Light for they are so corrupted.

All of us here at our station are endeavoring to stop any great violence planned and we will continue to do so. Some of it is out of our control and therefore we come to you with this message. Be aware of what is going on around you and protect yourselves at all times. Pay attention to how the prevailing energies are turning and do turn to God in prayer and surround yourselves with Light of protection. We hope this will be of short duration. It is always possible the energies can turn and it will be of little consequence but that is not what we are reading at this time. We had rather warn you and not have it manifest than fail to warn you and leave you without preparation.

I leave you now and go and further delve into the possibilities of what is to come and also continue to plan for our meeting this weekend in your time. We offer our love and look forward to seeing you in real time. I go now in peace and hope that you and all others would do also.

I am Prosper

October 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you before this momentous occasion of contact. There are messages and forces at work now that you are ready for because of attainment of vibrations. You were not ready to receive them before and all things have to evolve in their Divine timing. It is the way things work. Especially the giving of information is crucial and giving true and honest information before someone is ready for it is no help at all and can bring about unwanted actions from the individual receiving it. It is not the truth of the information that is the only criteria, it is also the timing and when it is given. What is difficult is when you have to consider you are speaking to a large group of individuals you will have some that are quite ready for the information before others but as in the consciousness levels of a group you have to wait until correct timing for all concerned. It is a decision that is made by very wise entities and it takes time to make this decision for them all. It is a big responsibility for the ones in this position of deciding. Your time has come for certain information that is to be given soon and it does fit into the flow of things well at this point.

There has been progress and as in all timing of what is it is required that certain things are added to the flow at the correct time and this takes the reading of circumstance but mostly the advancement or general attitude of those designated to received the changes. Much damage can be done doling out true information before the listener is ready. This has been something that has been difficult for you to understand in the past. You wanted it all up front so you could know what was going to happen and this would go against the order of things and affect the outcome. The actions and absorbing of information that comes after new thoughts are given needs to be pristine on your part having been given the subjects next on the list so you can process them in the best possible time of your advancement on your path. Doing it otherwise would be like for you to be thrown into another reality or another world or life that you were not ready for and this could do damage that would take a long time to recover from. This is why at certain times in your questions that we refuse to give answers to your questions and why we are not forthcoming with certain information. It is in your best interest for growth and corresponds to the order of things and has always been that way when teaching. You have a saying that you cannot get the cart before the horse and that would apply here. You would not be given the keys to a UFO before you have learned how to operate it. Disaster!

So, we come to the part where we hope you understand that all information given is in Divine timing and in order of things perfectly designed with your soul growth in mind. There is so much that has been specifically designed for you as an individual and as a group and as a world. It would be difficult for me to convey to you how much planning and understanding has gone into the processes that you have been through with the information given and it changes from day to day according to what is happening and your thought processes. A customized life and educational plan overseen by thousands on an almost hour to hour basis and some day you will know just how much you are loved and cared for in this process. We were given a large task when we came to take on the concerns of earth and the people upon her. Each facet of your jewel had to be thought out and compatible with each other facet and this was not a one time got it done job. It has been a coordinated effort on a day to day basis that has been ongoing since we started the last segment of this operation. We have been blessed to have this opportunity to serve you and we are overjoyed to see your progress in all avenues of this life experience.

Now let us go on to other topics. We are bridging a gap and venturing into another chapter of your lives and it is bringing up a rather large change in your venue and the way you will look at things. Just take a moment and see how far you have come in such a short time. It has not been long ago in your timing that you were riding horses for transportation and thinking how nice it would be if you didn’t have to go out and kill your food daily so you could live. In just a few generations things were introduced into your societies that gave you the opportunity for sharing knowledge, such as the radio and then the television and now the internet. In spite of the efforts put forth to keep certain things from you and keep you ignorant the internet has brought you much information that is free to all for the searching. So much was against you but with a little help you have overcomed those forces enough to see what is behind the scenes and you continued to search for truth. The cover-ups have been so blatant that you saw behind them and they are now coming out into the open for everyone to view. This is a pivotal point in your understanding and may take some time when we offer the depth of this deception for you to process this information in your own way so that it is palatable. We are prepared to see that you have the time to understand what will be given to you. Do not underestimate how far you have come under quite large amounts of opposition. If only those against you could have used all that energy, time and money for a good cause we cannot even imagine where you would be today. I digress. We look forward to your future with high expectations and with the understanding that you are now free to create and the opportunities are many and you are capable of doing this.

We come to a close now and hope that you will look forward with high hopes in yourselves for much has been given to you in the way of understanding that you already possess the capabilities of doing just what you will need to do for going forward. You are certainly not helpless and we hope you see that your part in the creation of freedom so far is not without merit. You have proven yourselves many times over and continue to do so. You have every right to be proud of your awakened efforts in this whole picture of earth progress. Our help is here to offer you guidance when needed.

I go now and leave you with these thoughts of advancement and acceptance of the new ideas that will be given to you. Take them with patience and understanding and give them time to process in your mind. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper