April 13, 2022

This is a re-post from August 31, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we continue this morning with our lessons. We have covered many subjects and there is help for you in all areas of your life.

Now Let us discuss retraining of thought and outlook for your future. We have discussed this with you in the past and it continues to be so today. Your thoughts are what makes your future. You are creators of the highest kind and do not yet realize it. You have accepted that you create the little things in your life but have not opened up to the concept that you have the same capability for much larger projects. Yes, it is possible to move mountains and we ask you to open the door to this possibility. It is not outlandish or pie in the sky to do this very thing. How do you think this is done? It takes first of all the concept that it can be done and we start from there.

Thought is energy and this energy has a creative force that can be trained and molded in the proper fashion for constructive purposes. We are glad to council you on how to do this and it does take practice. I am reminded of several cartoons where this got out of hand and went wild. Actually you have done this in the past and that is where some strange scenarios have come from in your lives is the creation process took a wrong turn. There are guidelines of creation and we will show you what they are. There is as much possibility for creating the wrong thing as there is the right thing. It is a gift and an option both.

Now let us go to another concept of sorts, the theater of life. Your reality is not what it seems and was created for a particular purpose to achieve this end result that we have today. The grand purpose will be revealed to you at the proper time. This is why we council you on forgiveness and compassion toward all people, even those who seem to be wrong doers or the dark side. Some of them are playing a part and were called to facilitate this process of moving toward the light. They bring to focus the wrong that is evident in your societies and give you avenues and reasons to correct what is wrong. Do not be so quick to hate or cast bad thoughts upon anyone. They may have been sent to help you facilitate the thought process into action of a positive nature. Needless to say things are not always what they seem.

Have compassion on all people and shed your light on the evil doers also and not just the positive people in your world. Love brings about change in all things and in all people and it is not always revealed who is playing what part. Answers will be given for your understanding in this concept and the reasons behind them but for now suffice it to say that love is still the answer in all situations. Do not however make yourself vulnerable in any event or open yourself up to dark people. Just send them love and light.

Now let us talk about prehistory. You have only begun to uncover what is in your past. It is interesting to say the least and your earth is much older than you imagine. So many civilizations have come and gone and their remnants are available in your archaeology in most cases. It would help if you had a road map and we will supply you with one when the time is right. A most interesting field is that of archaeology and it will continue to be more so when you have something to go on. You have some details accurate but need help in making sense of some others and we have the information to bring you along in the history of the people who have lived on your planet. Most valuable will be the learning of events and what was lost through wrong doing. Learn from others and know that some of you are those very people that have once lived in ancient civilizations and have come back and live today. Quite an idea isn’t it.

This concludes our lesson for today. Go in peace for I will.

I am Prosper

April 10, 2022

This is a re-post from August 30, 2020.

Let us discuss moderation in all things. Our tendency is to overdo everything. Eating, drinking, gambling, and so forth. Be at peace with what is enough and forgo the rest. Look at it as being in line with what God has in mind for you concerning your behavior. Use your self control at first and then it will become second nature for you. Go to bed earlier and get more rest. Your whole nation is lacking in rest and relaxation, not to mention fun and happiness. Seek quiet times for yourself and do not put this aside so you can watch TV. This TV viewing is abundantly overdone. Read your laws and study on God’s word. Forgive yourself of all past transgressions for it is necessary to move ahead. The burdens you carry for years astounds me in your ability to reproach yourselves and not forgive. You readily forgive others of their misdeeds but not yourselves. Learn the lesson these transgressions provide for you and seek forgiveness from yourself.

Now a word on transgender desires and possible operations that will change things. There is a way to resolve these problems and they are real problems for the people that have them and we will give help in this matter. Some teaching needs to be done here and some physical attunements are necessary. It can be done without trauma and physical changes that harm the body and hurt the mind in the process. It has already caused quite a problem on your earth and is something that needs to be addressed with a different approach.

On to liquidation of assets that have been stored for generations in others’ control. These have been freed from their hiding places and the wealth will be distributed into areas that will benefit the people and not hoarded in vaults where only those in control have the keys. I’m not sure you understand how this imprisonment plan has been implemented for years upon your people and all done in the wide open under your noses. It was insidious and driven by a need for power and ambition on the part of a very organized few. It will stop and has. So much so has the hoarding been that all people of earth could live comfortably if it were distributed equally and that is the goal here that you live life more abundantly and this is what God wanted for you. It did take awhile but was accomplished and you will see.

While we are talking about money let us begin to consider welfare to the poor. It is a good thing but as most know there are people out there taking welfare that could be productively working and feeling better about their contribution to society. Taking and not giving back all the time is not the way to live and these principles will be laid out and discussed in a manner that will make implementation easier. Too many are living on the backs of too few and this was never a workable consideration for any country to try, much less use.

We have cornered the untamed energies and are proceeding to put things back in the order they were intended. Many work on your unseen energies and have been for years now. They, at present, are in constant flux and left to their own devices would cause considerable problems for everyone. Energy is a beautiful thing and under most circumstances it does not need tending but there are those who have tried to manipulate them for their own good and this has unbalanced them and made them dangerous. Frankly if we had not intervened they would have been so destructive they would have annihilated millions. Leave mother nature alone and she will function in the most beautiful and precise ways you can imagine.

Be at peace as much as you possible can with these changes that are coming. The riots and unrest are offshoots of underlying thought forms that need to be brought to the attention of everyone but not in a destructive manner. They are real and your different races are in the process of learning how to deal one with another. Slavery is involved here and many countries made the mistake of having slaves for labor and are paying the price for this wrongful decision. Never should you imprison a person in his path of life be it physical or mental and especially for your own reward. There are things here that need to be forgiven and that is part of this also. We will discuss this in length on a later date if given permission to do so on the air. Our plans are large in compass and cover many topics for your consideration. Do study them.

Now a few words about reincarnation. Yes it is real and was planned for your planet to give you multiple life times to gain wisdom from your choices and was part of the fast track to learning. It was and is a good plan and has worked well for you even if you do not understand or agree with its concept. All things are intertwined with this plan but they give so many opportunities to work out conflict between people and countries. Many tendencies are brought over from one life to the next and play into the relationships of the current life. Therefore you are given the option of clearing them up by forgiveness or good deeds to another that you have transgressed against. A form of checks and balances if used correctly and all of them without your in depth knowledge of a past life. Do believe that it has been that way on your planet.

It was spoken of in the Bible and part of that teaching was removed for various reasons at the time. It will be taught again and hopefully understood as a gift to give you more opportunity to learn and forge ahead on your path of life. What a good thing it is to be given a second chance at almost everything in your life. Think of it in these terms and it will give you a better understanding of the concept in general.

I leave you now and hope that you go in peace.

I am Prosper

April 9, 2022

This is a re-post from August 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes, once again, that I come to you this morning. Let us continue to pray for you have shown me that you, once again, can rise to the occasion and amaze us all at this post.

Now onto the lesson. Our ships are quite advanced to your thinking and come in most all sizes up to and including 3 miles long. They are cities in the air and many use this as their permanent home. Generations have been brought about and lived their entire lives on ships and they are most majestic in form and procedure. So many things are available to us here and we avail ourselves of most all of them at one time or another. Hospitals, gardens, lakes, yes lakes, and just about anything one would need to live a full productive life. They are grandiose and are thought based in their movements. They accommodate us in many ways such as temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort areas like spas and quiet times. A customized wonder land of just about anything you can imagine. You will be amazed.

Now, onto religion. This is a touchy subject with most everyone and everyone thinks their thoughts are correct on God, Christ, Buddha and etc. We do have many words on this topic and will go into detail later but for now let us say that Jesus did walk your earth and he tried to teach and this was his mission. He was taken up to heaven, which just happens to have been one of our ships and he resides there to this day. He was a real man and lived in close contact with the Father and was directed by Him in all ways of his activities and words. He will return to your planet as promised and reign there for quite some time or until the need for him is over. He is a highly trained and learned individual and paid the price on earth and was nailed to a cross as the Bible says. Believe in him for this did happen.

Now we discuss the events on your planet concerning mind control, which is prevalent in some sneaky ways that you may not have considered. In your advertising is one of the biggest ways you are influenced. How you think is an open field for those who want control of your spending to try and influence. It is a cut throat business with techniques that would surprise you. Take casinos for instance. Temperature, lighting, oxygen content are all part of the control business along with music and food. It has taken quite some thought by a certain segment of your business organizations to push you into the spending mode and frame of mind. It has worked well up until now and this will come to a stop also. Gambling is not a recommended pastime and can lead to heartbreak and poverty in the biggest way. It breaks families up and destroys most aspects of you life when you lose control of your ability to stop. We have seen this happen too many times. Be at peace with not being able to gamble. It can be an addiction.

We come to surplus in your country. There are so many things that go to waste here and we don’t understand why this is happening when things could be put to such a better use than to be trashed or not recycled. Food is one big waste that often goes out the door and is picked up by a garbage truck. Try not to waste your food like you do. It is grown with purpose to feed the masses and can be better utilized and some are working on this very thing now with excellent results. We watch them feed the hungry and poor and we commend them for their efforts.

Other objects can be re-processed and the materials reused into other forms quite well and this is a plus and your country is just now coming into this part of recovery. Your are well on your way with recycling and we are proud of you in this effort to reclaim objects to break down and reuse in another form. Keep it up. We will be here to give you ways to use more items and have less waste in the future. One of our many plans at the moment.

We have conquered our mental challenges in the past and have been through what you are going through now in the way of surrendering ourselves to God and His way of providing for us. There is energy in the universe that allows for taking care of people who know how to ask and take advantage of the laws that do provide for all. It is God’s way of seeing that all needs are met. Notice I did not say all wants, but needs. Become more at peace with you definition of abundance. Most of you have more than enough to eat in your country and the rest of the time can be spent in service to others. Do not overeat for this is de-constructive in all ways of working and serving. Your body definitely does not respond well to overeating. Your choice of food is also vitally important and we will get to that subject later in our discourses. There are so may things to cover and we want to get started a soon as possible on these.

Your time for a better life is here and we are ready to help you create it and discover how to have a more abundant, happy life in all ways. You have so many good things ahead of you and you will not realize this fully until it happens and you will then know what you have been missing.

Trust is the name of this communication and we endeavor to prove we are worthy of your trust in all ways. Give us a chance. This web site is aptly named because it is an offer of trust that we hope you will certainly take advantage of. We go now in peace and have hopes for future communication on a grand scale. May you take time to consider our words for your benefit in all ways. So be it.

I am Prosper

April 8, 2022

This is a re-post from August 28, 2020

Let us begin. At present your earth is wobbling at axis and will continue to be out of balance and there will be certain non pleasant occurrences in your future regarding this out of alignment, earthquakes being one of them. Your East coast and Mississippi River area is in grave danger at this time and has to relieve itself of the pressures inflicted upon it by normal plate movement. Normally all people think of the West coast with its problems of similar activities but now it looks as if the East coast is top of the list. We removed all delay techniques a while back and let Gaia take her natural course regarding this for it was time for her to move ahead. This is part of the overall changes that will occur and we have tried to inform you of these for many years now. We stand by to discuss this with you and to help you as much as we are allowed if disaster should occur. There are some natural events where our hands are tied as these things have to be in normal process to go forward and it has been so in all your history.

We endeavor to give you all necessary information regarding earth changes and I see you are well on your way into the hurricane season and things will be a little active this year in that area. Suffice it to say there will be many to form and it remains how many will make landfall this year. Prepare well in advance for some might be extremely strong in building up of energy. They are quite destructive because of the water force that is involved along with the wind. There are those who try to manipulate their intensities but this will be not allowed as much as we can control their activities in this area. There are those still wanting to cause as much trouble as possible in your lives since they cannot have their way in all things. We have won and there is no going back for them and they are acting out until the very end of their lives. This can be arranged for them and will be if they proceed.

Now for the news. You know it has been manipulated for quite some time now and this too will change. How would you like to wake up one morning and hear the real truth of everything? It can be done and this is one of our long term goals. No more control by a few who run what you think about and how you process your lives. When God gives a directive it will be followed one way or the other. Your news area is one of the areas that will be changed no matter how long it will take. There is no need for lies any more. Only with truth can you recover and go about reclaiming your rights and liberties that are due you. These are long term goals, I understand but goals nevertheless. They stay on the things to do list.

Now we come to adrenochrome and the dastardly deeds that go along with that process. My goodness how this has been kept from you for so many years. On the other hand it was so well known among many. The children have been recovered, thanks to some very brave individuals that stormed these captive places and rescued them , while endangering their lives to do so. It has been appreciated that they volunteered to do this and will be rewarded in the long run regarding good deeds in their future. What a subject to discuss but you have to know what has been going on behind closed doors now and mainly who these people were that participated in this drinking of blood from children. Yes, it is true and we bring it to you, not for the shock value but for the truth you must have to go forward and heal. This planet and her people must start to heal from all the negative influences plaguing them over the years. It is part of this going forward process and must be done. We do not look forward to this part and it has saddened us for years that this has gone on and been kept from you. Enough!

Now for the lessons on air. First the announcements from several individuals who are quite good at this speaking and then on to the truth of the universe and more pointedly your area of the universe. It will amaze and astound you and we bring these laws and rules to you in complete history and accuracy so you can take your place now and be represented on the councils concerning your universal presence, which you have now earned. Use this representation wisely and choose your representative leaders well. You have always been part of the universe but now you will have a say in your future regarding your neighbors as well. You have come into a new chapter of your history and you will be guided in your choices and decisions when needed. We are here on a long term basis and we fail you not. Of course the responsibility is yours whenever earth is concerned now and you will wear this responsibility well, I am sure of it.

This has been a good week for all here and we look forward to more progress in the future. Think on these things and I will leave you now in peace.

I am Prosper

April 7, 2022

This is a re-post from August 27, 2020

Let us begin. It needs to be said here that security in our lives needs to be strengthened and confidence is also in short supply. The internal feelings of the state of mind need to be at peace at all times and at no time do you need to dwell in fear or foreboding. Spend time with your Heavenly Father and draw on the love that is afforded to you for it is freely given and is how your Father wants you to live. Living in a state of love from Him brings about a richer life and a more harmonious life in all of your dealings in life. He is the Grand Sustainer and once you experience this state you will not forget it and you will strive to maintain it. It is offered to you at all times and you have the right to reside in his love with security.

On to beholding the new world. It is in your sights and in your thoughts and should be brought to vision whenever possible. The world you want and how you want it to become for you are the creators of this vision. How it comes about is strictly up to you. Peace should be up front and food for all should be next. There are thousands starving and most in other countries than yours (the US), but still this is a priority subject that needs to be remedied. See that somehow it is taken care of and that all have decent food and water to live on and we will no longer see starving children on your TVs asking for your help and dollars for food so they will not die. Have mercy upon them and do your best. A lot of this is left up to the country in which they reside and that government is in question at present and will be addressed by us in the near future. Assist if need be with help or prayers.

Let us discuss ecology again. Food containers are in question and plastic is not that good for containment. Some are better than others. The worst part is if you heat your food in the plastics. It releases chemicals into the food and particles are trapped within the body and remain there to wreak havoc on your whole systems and are causing large problems today in your young children. They are maturing faster in some cases and this should not be. The body should mature along with the mental state of advancement and the two should go together. This can be fixed and if possible go back to glass for heating of food and if possible for storage also. There are many things you need to learn about chemicals entering the body and anything placed upon the body such as lotions, perfumes and makeup are in question. We will research these for you and advise you on these areas of research with the results. This is part of the whole process of recovery for your better life.

Your means of transportation has advanced quite well for you and with free energy this means of getting around will flourish further. We need to talk about self driving cars and the computerized systems that are used at present. Unfortunately the systems are subject to the energies that are around and can cause errors and this can lead to big problems when driving. Your safety is imperative while driving or riding in your cars and trucks and this needs to be adjusted somewhat for these errors not to occur. It is a small thing for us to explain but a large concept when installed into your vehicles for you to consider. It can be fixed.

We go on to economy. We have lived without any monetary system for eons now and done quite well. There should be a shift in your thinking to do this in your future and there is a system that will work out quite well if you will just give it a try. You will be surprised at what problems it will eliminate in your world. It most certainly will not be forced upon you but examples will be given to you to consider. At least take a look at this scenario.

We continue to mobility and long range transfer of products. Long haul trucking has worked well for you and is a good industry to depend upon but we have additional alternatives for you to try. The disassembling and reassembling of items over long distances is doable and we can show you how to cut out the distance between. It is not really magic and can be established upon your earth with a little instruction on our part. It is within an instant and is cost effective for you at present. Abracadabra, it is done and that is something else we offer.

We come to a topic I am hesitant to speak of and that is cocaine, and other illegal drugs. There is a pipeline of this material that has been going on for years and has made billions for those in charge. Many die in wars for control and there are several reasons for this plant and process to flourish. One is the control of the people and how some of the population can be eliminated altogether. The other is the money. Some people manufacture this product to make money for their families and this is a noble cause but this whole system and pipeline must be stopped. These people seeking a better life because of the wages will be given an opportunity to find other means of living. Those in power of making this available will be brought to task for their actions in this monetary grab and they will find what justice is.

Your problems are huge as other drugs come on the market and your scientists find different ways to make new drugs available. Feeling better about your life or running away from it is not necessary if you take away the pressures and bring about the sustained peace that will be an option for you to consider. We can and will help with this drug fiasco that is well established upon your planet. It must go. No one should have to live this way.

We move on to the stock market. What a system you have contrived with your stocks and bonds. It is quite imaginative and I must give you credit for this impressive display of checks and balances. Advice from us will also be given here and the invitation to cheat using this system with insider information will be removed and do I hear a collective sigh from a certain group out there. Yes, it will be removed. What’s fair is fair and that is not what has been happening at present. Your earth will change. It is God’s wish and it will be done. There is no reason some should be making millions off this stock market system and others are living in poverty with so little in life. Yes, it will change.

We have covered many subjects by now and you get the idea where we are coming from . Let us continue with the lessons and we have much work to get down to with the details of how these areas will be improved. All you have to do is let us continue to give you help and this comes with your trust in us. Then on to face to face communication getting down to the details or the nuts and bolts of the subject. It will take time but the hurdle from our point of view is the beginning and the trust. Let us work on this first. We will prove ourselves worthy of doing this and you will see. Our purpose remains the same as it has been. I go now and I hope you are in peace.

I am Prosper

March 30, 2022

This is a re-post from August 26, 2020

Let us begin.

It is with narrowing of thought forms in your mind that you learn the lessons of experiences and most of the time these include failures of some sort. You end up finding out what does not work in life and strive to use other means to achieve your goals. Failures are a good way to learn and work well in these physical bodies and on this platform. Until now it has taken quite a long time for these conclusions to take form in your mind and this becomes a somewhat long process and takes sometimes many lives.

Still this opportunity is the fastest one available for you at this time. Now, the learning process can take place quicker if you pay attention to all the laws that God has placed in effect and we learn on a more tranquil basis with less trauma. You can always take the scenic route and try the same ill advised action over and over to bring about the same end result that the action does not work. Same thing, same result. Your soul is there to guide you into these learning experiences and it does you well to listen to your inner guidance.

There are God’s angels on duty and all have one or more and they will attempt to get through to you and give you suggestions for action to any situation for you to learn lessons on a quicker route than the failure road you are on. Listen to them whenever you can and heed their urgings. They do not pressure nor do they demand at any time. It is a gentle urging for the right advice or action. Most of you ask for this information in your prayers or in your thoughts in the first place and most of the time you fail to listen.

This takes practice and you would do well to learn this practice of listening to your guidance. Sometimes it comes from many sources but God has placed this help at your disposal in all things and is through His love that this exists. Do not waste it .

Now onto another topic. It has come to my attention that the majority of you renounce your ancestors as being old and outdated. You fail to honor them and do not give them the benefit of the doubt in their wisdom and experiences. They have lived the years and learned their lessons and most of the time they know what doesn’t work in life. At least listen to them and seek their council. They have been through the many failures and can council you in a lot of topics and their information is available to you for free. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part this is the case. It is always available to you that you make your own mistakes to learn your own lessons but take a short cut if you can and listen to the elderly and their advice and give it consideration when posed with a problem in life. Seek their answers to problems that confront you and weigh their answers. It may surprise you in what they have to say. This goes for younger parents also. They do have more experience than you do at the very least. It seems that respect for parents and the elderly is gone.

Now for ecology again. Trash is a huge subject and there are many trash heaps on you planet. There are other ways to dispose of this refuse and we will help you with this challenge. Defacing your planet’s landscape is not necessary and does not work for the best result in the long run. You have a build up of methane in some cases and that would be good fuel that is now wasted that could be used. There are ways to make the most of this product without much cost and it would diminish the bulk of the trash as a result. We will give you help with this condition. It involves using a chemical process that gives off the best quality methane and you will be surprised how efficient this process can be. We have many such suggestions for you that will improve your lives and enrich your travels upon this earth.

Let us discuss theater. I am talking about the theater of life and the interactions with others. There is no need for this much drama. It starts with youngsters in their communications with others and continues into adulthood and continues in your dealings of communications with all situations. Be honest and straight forward without the huge emotional displays of anger and other unnecessary emotions you have learned to combine in your theatrical displays. This wastes energy and goes overboard in your attempt to transfer the ideas from you to another in an accurate way. Be more at peace in your dealings with others and this includes communication. Displays of great emotion are for emergencies and do not bode will for future relationships with other people. It has become a way of life for you and should be brought forth into your attention and focus to be worked on . Bring it down a notch and learn to express yourself in a much more quiet tone and display in your talk and discourse in the public arena. Not so much theater, which is for the stage only. It makes your words more real and gives the listener a chance at a better reception with more accuracy in your wishes to convey a meaning or thought. See how this goes for you.

Take time to stop and smell the roses. This is a good thought and can apply to most anything in life that gives you pleasure. You have the senses to enjoy oh so much and most of the time you do not take the time to do this. Slow down a bit and look at that sunset, smell the flowers and listen to the birds. Take a sail boat ride or bicycle through the park or woods. Go with friends to a picnic and talk to your friends over a meal. With better nutrition you will feel more like spending time doing this and less time sitting on your couch watching TV with a beer or a glass of wine in your hands. This can also be enjoyable but not as a lifestyle every day of your life.

There is a world of things to be experienced and examined in your life that will bring you tremendous pleasure and you have been backed into this corner of small enclosures and left there to become worker bees for the dollar that will eventually go into the pockets of others or into secret programs that you know nothing about. This will change. There will be more time and more money for you to enjoy life other than on your couch at home. You will see and we will assist you in this transition and it is one of the things we are here for. So be it.

I leave you now with these thoughts and the hope that you will look at the words with open eyes and an open mind and heart. Be at peace, I know I will.

I am Prosper

March 28, 2022

This is a re-post from August 25, 2020

Let us begin.

Let us continue with talk on serenity of mind and peace of living. It is coherent that values be studied and brought back into the daily lives of individuals. These values, based on the laws of God are tantamount to supreme living standards for all. No one is exempt and no one is outside of the laws. They are God given and do cover every one. Think you do not qualify, think again. They are the gold standard, so to speak. Study them and keep them handy for reference. If need be post them on your walls and read daily. Let them sink in and more importantly let the reason behind them sink in.

Now on to other things. Here we go again with the government. Let us examine your representatives you have elected. Do they really represent you and your wishes. Are they playing the Washington games that are so evident. Do they reap the rewards of monetary gain by bending the rules or the wishes of their constituents? Pick up a microscope and do not re-elect the ones that need to be moved out. Consider wisely your choices in this matter. Some of the truth will come out but do not depend on this to be handed into your lap. Be responsible for your own study of the matter and take each candidate into your own hands to examine.

Let us talk about joy and happiness. It is with sadness that I see the lack of real joy and happiness upon the face of the earth. Where has it all gone and how do we get it back? So much has been taken from you that you have forgotten the real purpose of life. God does not take the joy out of living, man does that. You are so consumed with paying bills and getting ahead that you don’t take time to realize it comes at a great cost. Live more simply in that you cherish the family, friends and simple pleasures of life. An outdoor walk and study of nature and maybe the wind in your hair and sun on your face. After all you are in a physical body and this is afforded to you on this planet. Many do not get this opportunity of the physical body and the pleasures of your senses are many and tremendous. Have you picked up a sea shell on the beach? Have you looked at the Grand Canyon? Have you studied flowers and plants? Do not let this time pass you buy while you are still in a physical body. It is without price.

Now onto our dealings with other countries. It has come to my attention that this area is redolent with deceit and downright lies of all kinds. Espionage and spying is rampant and one up man-ship is the name of the game here. People this needs to be changed. Can you envision a world with countries trying to be honest in their speech and dealings with each other? Do not let this area get by you in your prayers and visualizations of what you want for the future. Each country is responsible for an honest dialogue with others and the spying games must stop. Do not spend your tax dollars paying the way for deceit in any form. Let that sink in for a moment. Now begin a change, take it by small steps if need be and focus on the goals, even if they are long term. This can be done. Help other countries if need be but do not and I repeat do not let this be at the expense of your own countrymen. You have children going hungry in your communities and needing education and clothing. Many need parents to love them and care for them. Do not take money for programs away from these children, please.

Have it your way in dealings with doctors and medicine. Ask questions and avail yourself of education concerning your own bodies. Let this be taught more in school that you are responsible for what is done to your bodies and not the money hungry drug companies that feed on your infirmaries. Check your reluctance at the door when you go to a doctor and see it through. This is your life and your responsibility to do so. Get references and take names of those who do not push unneeded tests and procedures. This whole industry will be changed in time and there will be many new ideas and concepts that will be given to you and you will be amazed. There are cures and remedies now that will blow your socks off and we will give them to you. Take them, please and use them to heal the sick and mentally handicapped. In some cases we have been able to grow new limbs if the circumstances are correct. This is a possibility. We gladly share our knowledge with you on this front.

Of all the concepts available to you this is the biggest sudden change that can take place. We have healing beds and techniques that improve most all problems and so many things can be completely cured. Let us show you how this can be done by you on your planet and under your control. This also has been taken from you and held you back for decades. Do not continue as you are in this area.

The things I speak of are real and it only takes a few steps to procure them. First you must be informed accurately that we exist and then we must make contact. We are not fond of being shot at or being murdered, let us be clear on that subject. We come in peace and it make take some time for that threat to us to go away completely. We are also not prone to take a chance on being shot out of the sky. We are kindly folk that have come from far away to fulfill God’s directives and give you a better life. We are not threatening aliens wanting to take over your planet or to eat you in some sort of ritual or frenzy, God forbid. I exaggerate, but not that much. You must have a collective consciousness that will welcome us into your realm of things on a friendly basis and then we can dialogue on these items of interest and change.

Just think what it would mean to your world to have the health care I have discussed with you. Your parents, children and you greatly improved in good health and your programs for health care reformed into healing industries with honesty and well being in mind. It is freely offered and given to you if you will just accept.

This is all for today and I hope you go in peace, I will.

I am Prosper.

March 10, 2022

I have come to you at this time from a very busy schedule that has kept me tied up with work. So many things are going on at one time and it is taking everyone working on this transition. Even the angelic realm is doing their work as a whole to help the people of earth and Gaia herself with meditations and prayer work. This is using your descriptive wording for what actually would describe what they do mentally is not quite like that but something a bit more immediately constructive as they have great power as a whole and a collective. This is very interesting in itself as they have been endowed with certain powers they are asked to use on planets as a whole when advancing.

Again you are not aware of the paces forward in the dismantling of the dark intentions but this is happening. They are fewer in numbers and also power as Light has always been more powerful than dark. Their intentions do not bring about the same amount of completion as they once did. There is still the attempt at disruption of weather with some success but our side is trying to lessen this interference. There is also the attempt to frighten the masses with higher gas prices, news of food shortages and disruption of bringing goods to the consumers. This is still going on at present.

There is no food shortage. There is enough food for everyone. There is no gas shortage except what has been artificially created by certain ones in control. There is free energy also that has not been given to the people and several highly developed medical and technological advances that have been kept secret to this date. There have been several attempts to bring these into the public view for use and have not met with complete success and had to go through more private channels to bring forward.

Where do you stand at present? There is progress being made and in spite of all the attempts to keep advances from progressing they are happening anyway. Do not give up for this war is not completely over but it is in last stages if all will continue to work in the same vibration and frequency of love and Light that they have been exhibiting so far. You have come a long way and will need a long rest when this is over. This will give us time to explain why certain things had to be done in a certain way. It will become more clear at that time.

We are in this completely and are aiding as much as allowed and as much as possible when allowed in all avenues concerned. My charges, I ask you to continue and try not to be discouraged as nothing is standing still but progressing. Yes, it is not as fast as we all would like but we will succeed in the finality of things.

I must go now and continue my work and please bear with me in this for I have you on my minds and in my heart. My love to you all.

I Am Manning

February 28, 2022

It has been my duty to tend to some rather important issues and they multiplied and left me no time to share anything with you and for this I apologize. These issues were of vital importance and I could not delay as there is a connection between some other issues and what needed to be done.

This is not at all unusual when terminating a planet’s chapter or in the event of a dimensional advance as things all come to a point of change. You/Gaia have quite a few things looming at the moment and most all of us are trying to deal with them in our own avenues of expertise. If it takes a village to raise a child you can imagine how many it takes to undo or to correct many years of deceit to all the people on earth.

One issue is the Russia/Ukraine event and I wish to clear up some misconception concerning Putin and his actions in this issue. We have been in contact with this leader for some time now; at first in a small way as not to have him turn completely away from us, and then more ardently as he became accustomed to our communications. It took some time for him to trust us completely as you see the mental suggestions are hard to tolerate and not think you are somehow deficient in brain normality.

He became aware of some unsavory activities across the border regarding the making of biological warfare and this was the target of the destruction. The labs of the hazardous materials being manufactured had to be stopped and taken down and this is what he intended and it was accomplished. The people behind this manufacturing process were the dark and the involvement of the people of Ukraine were not at all involved in the intended destruction and only a few working there were becoming aware of the final intent, or at least they thought it was the intent.

Another issue is the ascension process itself and this involves many issues with codes, vibrations and directing darker energy in the right direction so that it can be transmuted into more workable energy to be used for a positive purpose. You just cannot turn dark or lower vibrational energy loose and let it wander out into the surrounding universe, it has to be converted into something more positive or it will attach to something else and continue to cause problems. This is a big task and involves many since there is much dark energy being released at this time form your earth.

The round up of people responsible for bad deeds is still being processed and many are being replaced with look alikes so as not to corrupt things any more than necessary and this takes many to see that this is done properly on planet and off. This has been going on for some time now and it will continue.

Your earth is in movement and this will also continue and become more active. The tectonic plates are shifting and there are several things up next. One is a movement in the mid Atlantic and another is the Ring of Fire itself making adjustments. All is connected and until that moment it is difficult to say which will step out in front for movement first. Your governments are losing control of the citizens as far as the Covid situations requiring staying at home and keeping people separated. Everyone will soon put this on the back of their minds as the earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes will take the stage.

You are accomplishing more than you know with your prayers, meditations and affirmations and I wish, as I have stated before, that you could see how you are helping. This could not have been done without you and was the purpose for you coming here at this time. I implore you to continue and know that all will be accomplished and things will either come to an end or be changed as directed by Source.

I long to sit down with each of you and look into your eyes and tell you the many things that go through my mind each day that I want to relay to you but do not have the time to do so. This was not the plan I had and not the impression I wanted to make upon you by leaving you without my communication but this is what had to be for now. I follow the directive of our Father/Mother God and am happy and privileged to do so. My thoughts are with you as much as possible and you are most certainly not forgotten nor are you an afterthought. My countenance is upon you in all ways it can be during this momentous time. Be at peace as much as possible and you will be coming home soon and I dare not say more concerning the time frame on that subject for Gaia now has the reins on the speed of the events commencing.

In all thoughts I wish you continued strength and understanding of your purpose and your importance during the earth history. It does this old man good to know that he is missed and you await word from this mind. I am flattered. Thank you.

I am Manning