March 10, 2022

I have come to you at this time from a very busy schedule that has kept me tied up with work. So many things are going on at one time and it is taking everyone working on this transition. Even the angelic realm is doing their work as a whole to help the people of earth and Gaia herself with meditations and prayer work. This is using your descriptive wording for what actually would describe what they do mentally is not quite like that but something a bit more immediately constructive as they have great power as a whole and a collective. This is very interesting in itself as they have been endowed with certain powers they are asked to use on planets as a whole when advancing.

Again you are not aware of the paces forward in the dismantling of the dark intentions but this is happening. They are fewer in numbers and also power as Light has always been more powerful than dark. Their intentions do not bring about the same amount of completion as they once did. There is still the attempt at disruption of weather with some success but our side is trying to lessen this interference. There is also the attempt to frighten the masses with higher gas prices, news of food shortages and disruption of bringing goods to the consumers. This is still going on at present.

There is no food shortage. There is enough food for everyone. There is no gas shortage except what has been artificially created by certain ones in control. There is free energy also that has not been given to the people and several highly developed medical and technological advances that have been kept secret to this date. There have been several attempts to bring these into the public view for use and have not met with complete success and had to go through more private channels to bring forward.

Where do you stand at present? There is progress being made and in spite of all the attempts to keep advances from progressing they are happening anyway. Do not give up for this war is not completely over but it is in last stages if all will continue to work in the same vibration and frequency of love and Light that they have been exhibiting so far. You have come a long way and will need a long rest when this is over. This will give us time to explain why certain things had to be done in a certain way. It will become more clear at that time.

We are in this completely and are aiding as much as allowed and as much as possible when allowed in all avenues concerned. My charges, I ask you to continue and try not to be discouraged as nothing is standing still but progressing. Yes, it is not as fast as we all would like but we will succeed in the finality of things.

I must go now and continue my work and please bear with me in this for I have you on my minds and in my heart. My love to you all.

I Am Manning

February 28, 2022

It has been my duty to tend to some rather important issues and they multiplied and left me no time to share anything with you and for this I apologize. These issues were of vital importance and I could not delay as there is a connection between some other issues and what needed to be done.

This is not at all unusual when terminating a planet’s chapter or in the event of a dimensional advance as things all come to a point of change. You/Gaia have quite a few things looming at the moment and most all of us are trying to deal with them in our own avenues of expertise. If it takes a village to raise a child you can imagine how many it takes to undo or to correct many years of deceit to all the people on earth.

One issue is the Russia/Ukraine event and I wish to clear up some misconception concerning Putin and his actions in this issue. We have been in contact with this leader for some time now; at first in a small way as not to have him turn completely away from us, and then more ardently as he became accustomed to our communications. It took some time for him to trust us completely as you see the mental suggestions are hard to tolerate and not think you are somehow deficient in brain normality.

He became aware of some unsavory activities across the border regarding the making of biological warfare and this was the target of the destruction. The labs of the hazardous materials being manufactured had to be stopped and taken down and this is what he intended and it was accomplished. The people behind this manufacturing process were the dark and the involvement of the people of Ukraine were not at all involved in the intended destruction and only a few working there were becoming aware of the final intent, or at least they thought it was the intent.

Another issue is the ascension process itself and this involves many issues with codes, vibrations and directing darker energy in the right direction so that it can be transmuted into more workable energy to be used for a positive purpose. You just cannot turn dark or lower vibrational energy loose and let it wander out into the surrounding universe, it has to be converted into something more positive or it will attach to something else and continue to cause problems. This is a big task and involves many since there is much dark energy being released at this time form your earth.

The round up of people responsible for bad deeds is still being processed and many are being replaced with look alikes so as not to corrupt things any more than necessary and this takes many to see that this is done properly on planet and off. This has been going on for some time now and it will continue.

Your earth is in movement and this will also continue and become more active. The tectonic plates are shifting and there are several things up next. One is a movement in the mid Atlantic and another is the Ring of Fire itself making adjustments. All is connected and until that moment it is difficult to say which will step out in front for movement first. Your governments are losing control of the citizens as far as the Covid situations requiring staying at home and keeping people separated. Everyone will soon put this on the back of their minds as the earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes will take the stage.

You are accomplishing more than you know with your prayers, meditations and affirmations and I wish, as I have stated before, that you could see how you are helping. This could not have been done without you and was the purpose for you coming here at this time. I implore you to continue and know that all will be accomplished and things will either come to an end or be changed as directed by Source.

I long to sit down with each of you and look into your eyes and tell you the many things that go through my mind each day that I want to relay to you but do not have the time to do so. This was not the plan I had and not the impression I wanted to make upon you by leaving you without my communication but this is what had to be for now. I follow the directive of our Father/Mother God and am happy and privileged to do so. My thoughts are with you as much as possible and you are most certainly not forgotten nor are you an afterthought. My countenance is upon you in all ways it can be during this momentous time. Be at peace as much as possible and you will be coming home soon and I dare not say more concerning the time frame on that subject for Gaia now has the reins on the speed of the events commencing.

In all thoughts I wish you continued strength and understanding of your purpose and your importance during the earth history. It does this old man good to know that he is missed and you await word from this mind. I am flattered. Thank you.

I am Manning

February 25, 2022

A partial re-post from Prosper on August 24, 2020.

I continue with the education part. Now, let us talk about tradition and standing in the same footsteps as your fathers and grandfathers. It has come to my attention that some activities and customs are archaic and need to be scrapped, one being the way your government lets people hold positions for life. There are those in positions of influence that should have been ousted long ago. They are no longer of sound mind to keep up with everything and no longer care. As far as that goes there are some of sound mind now that no longer care. Some only care to see their name in the news and some only care to feel the money in their pockets rattle. This must be stopped. Elect your congress members for terms and see to their dedication and watch the results that issue forth from their decisions and decide if they are worthy to be there. Your leaders are atrocious!

Be that as it may you struggle along facing surmountable odds with the laws you are under and how anyone could make headway from those restrictions I do not know. It is almost to the point you need to scrap them all and start over. You need a team in there that can go through them one by one and evaluate their efficacy and re-vamp everything. In any event it is a huge job and time is wasting. See to it, all of you for you are responsible, please.

Now to another subject. Hydro energy as a source of energy. There is available now a system that will produce electricity from the water power you have available in your tides. This has been studied and planned out with concepts that actually work now. This can be further developed and enlarged on a scale that will produce so much power that you will be amazed and it is free and will not hurt any life whatsoever if done correctly. You certainly have the man power capable of planning and pulling this off. Look into it and you will be sent help in this area.

The other source of power for your people is of course the universal power that Tesla developed and tested himself. This was confiscated and hidden and never revealed because of money hungry individuals at the time. It is free now and can be developed. Money has been the hold back along with power hungry monopolies. See that this is funded and given free reign to give everyone free power for all that is needed. You have been blessed with the freedom to do so now. It is in the works and help will be given in this area also.

Let us go to money. There is a large movement waiting to be unrolled now that will give everyone a boost in lifestyle and give you more freedom. We will do our best to see that there are no roadblocks here and it is shortly to be implemented in your banks and monetary systems. It is a huge changeover and has involved years of planning and money had to be freed from those who had it all in their control. It is coming. It will not be a money give a way as you might think but a system rearrangement of values in all countries. It will work.

Now on to springing forward in concept of thoughts. New ideas in all areas of inventions and concepts will come to your people with the avenues to bring them forth and roll them out into workable ways of availability to all. Many areas will immediately be enhanced and improved. Others will take more time and effort to plan and bring to concept. These are all beneficial to you and are yours to have. It has been willed that this is so. We are here to help in all these matters and the avenues are paved for a ride to your better life and better mental health.

Speaking of mental health, it is necessary to put a stop to this mind control that has been going on for decades now. You are being hit from several sources with influences guiding you toward an end that will keep you locked down and purchasing the products and acting the way that controllers want you to act. No more. Your mind is your own and you have the right to use it however you see fit. There will be no more mind control of the masses or of the individuals or of the children. We are taking some of the video games that are present now upon your markets for they are training your children and some adults a way of thinking that is not of God’s ways and the practice of taking another life day after day in these games is not Godly and should be stopped. Do not practice killing or taking the life of another in any way. The life is not yours to take, it belongs to God and he is the creator of life. Only he can decide the termination of a life, not you. Do not practice evil.

Do I have your attention now? I proceed and am not slowed down just because you are amazed or do not agree with me. This is real business we are here to carry out and I am not threatened by your disbelief in these matters. Harsh, you might think, no it is the way of God’s dealings in the matter and remember you did ask and pray for help. We heard your prayers and this is the help you asked for.

See us through on these things. All is for your benefit. Do not wonder why you are in the conditions you are in . It is because you have allowed these influences to take over and invade your lives and minds and did not stop to think that they were the cause of the unbelievable atrocities that are occurring today. It is time that these things are corrected by reworking or by getting rid of them altogether. It is your responsibility if you want a better life and to remain free and it is as simple as that. Harsh, maybe but we did not come here to pamper you and baby you in a better life. This will take work and time and dedication on your part to get this done.

Remember you asked for it and here we are answering your call. This is the answer, not the punishment. Open the door to us and our messages and you will be amazed at the difference it will make. Better yet the good will and love that will abound in your lives. Give us and our messages a chance, will you please? I will continue to deliver this information as God intends and it is up to you to consider . I am done.

I am Prosper

February 24, 2022

A partial Re-post from Prosper on August 23, 2020.

Now on to other things. It is concerning the attitude of the individual that I speak to about thoughts. Your thoughts are so important in forming your every day life. They are the creative force behind all things and manifest themselves into reality upon fruition. Be alert to your thoughts in that they are positive and not negative or not holding you back with spurious intent and attitude. Building blocks for sure in this formation of what happens to you in life. Your attitude is a creator of your future and has always been. So, keep it building the things you want and the things you aspire to. It is with love that we tell you that you have created your own situation and circumstances. It is true. You are the master of your domain, circumstances and happiness. You are creators in full and do not know it yet. Be at peace with this and use it to your advantage at all times. Do not let the negative put downs creep into your thoughts and attitude. You are your worst enemy in this respect, always putting yourself down as it were. Obligate yourself to prop yourself up when leaning and forge ahead giving yourself the benefit of the doubt in all things for a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Now onto ecology. The earth is awaiting you to reclaim the pristine beauty that was originally intended and will be once again upon the planet. Water purity is one huge front that needs tending to and there are those already on board giving of their time to do this and they have been for some time now. They need help in this matter and see that this gets done for you cannot live without clean water. You have been polluting the water both above ground and below for many years and this is not a place for your waste products to go. Many destructive things end up in your body and do not leave for they are stored in tissue all over the body. How you manage to continue sometimes is beyond me for the chemicals are quite strong and destructive to bear in the body. You are persistent people, I will give you that. See that this water clean up is your first priority for all concerned. Both ocean and land.

Next is air quality. This is another area that must be cleaned up for you cannot live without it. Do give attention to all types of pollutants that enter the air and see that it is stopped. These pollutants in the air also collect in the body and many do not ever leave. Your lungs will either distribute these chemicals throughout the body or let them collect in the lung tissue and this restricts the necessary oxygen you need for a full and healthy body to perform. Water and air. See to it and you will have help on these issues for sure.

Now let us consider your food. What a mess you have. Additives, additives, additives are the name of the game here and not many of benefit except for shelf life and appearance. What an industry to approach for changing things. It is a massive front and there will be resistance but you have the numbers and the buying power to resist anything but healthy food on your shelves. Use it to control what goes into your food in the stores for your consumption. See that this is done and there will also be those coming to help you come withing the guidelines of what can be done to food before you get it. So many things to delete from the good food that is available.

There is also a big change coming in the farming area before you get the food from the farms. Farmers work long and hard and have been backed into a corner with low prices and pressure of larger yields that they have had no choice but to give in to certain ways of growing. This must stop and the farmer must strive in freedom to continue with their talents and their calling for mankind in peace and without pressure of any kind other than to produce live and healthy food for the public to consume. See that this is done also. They deserve a break and need to be given a chance to work without constraints that have been forced upon them. A high calling and you do not even realize it.

Now in respect to your daily approach to the Father, creator of all things. Be advised that all things do come from Him and nothing is exempt from this statement. Some energy is mismanaged and evil does exist by those who will misuse His power in energy to go about trying to gain control of all and everything they can. For the most part the power plays will stop and life will become more relaxed and much simpler than you experienced before. A certain calm will descend upon you as a whole and you will see what can be accomplished without the taxation, pressure and imprisonment that had you held in its grasp for so many long year of your history. It is coming and you can do this in bringing this about. You have the direction and the focus to better all humanity and will feel like doing it and living it when everything is corrected. You will first be amazed at how much better you feel with your body.

Let us touch on inoculations for a bit. The medical industry has started out with good intentions but then greed and power crept in and now it is a money making industry alone and motivated by other intentions also. You were meant to provide like worker bees and to line the pockets of the rulers. If you were not able to work to make money for them you were planned to die and it is that simple. Useless eaters you have been called and this is true. The old were going to be weeded out and leave in whatever way was the quickest and easiest and this would make way for new and younger worker bees and so on. It was a well thought out plan to inherit the earth for a few and the rest would be in a mental and physical prison forever and ever. You will not have to think about this anymore but you must know that it was planned and well on the way of becoming more of a reality than it already was. You felt it and were beginning to wake up but now you know it was reality for you. Reverse course and make way for the free individual with options now and a healthy body to boot. It is so achievable at this point and is your key to success. Live fully in His wishes for no one should have to go through the nasty things you did nor face the impending future that was contrived for you. It will not happen.

See to it that you think on these things I have said and let them sink in to ponder over and over. It is getting deeper now and you are being afforded this information as required by the direction of God. Part of the recovery and rehabilitation that is in order for you and first the education. It will be a process and it is happening now. Be at peace with this education as much as you can for it is sad in the telling of what has happened to you and will be laid out so that you can see. We tell the truth to you always. I am in peace doing so and that is all for now.

I am Prosper

February 23, 2022

Re-post from Prosper on August 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is imperative that you listen to what I am saying here. Not all people will do well at this turn of events and act out badly at others. Some will not know where to go and how to cope with the impending changes. You must protect yourselves and not venture out into the public if you don’t have to. Caution is required in all dealings with other people as they will not behave rationally. There will be no one that is exempt from these changes in dimensions and reality. Remain calm and unaffected in your faith and understanding that this is a necessary step in the progression of your planet and is viewed by us as positive and we are glad to see it come for you. Others will not view it this way.

Onto other things now. We are seeing that you are still in for some economic pattern changes and may still be having banks closing for a few days. Hopefully they will sort things out in little time and little inconvenience to you. This is no cause for alarm but you must prepare so that continuity will be maintained in this area of your life. Have cash at home for necessary things so that banks are not needed. They will reopen shortly with much improved laws and backgrounds establishing your rights and will be set up differently in your benefit. Needless to say you will not be robbed in interest anymore like has been in your past. Such a shame that this was done to you. I am continually amazed at the dastardly deeds perpetrated upon all that lined the pockets of a few. This will stop. You were told that this time would come and it is here now and things are rolling out as you were told. A more open society full of compassion for one another and better leadership in all areas.

Now let us get on with understanding. Our soul is everlasting as I said but it has much energy to create your lives for you. It knows what you need and how you should conduct you lives for all to go well and your life to vibrate in harmony along with your body. This is the synchronicity you must have in your life that has been missing in the past. Suffice it to say things will be much better now that your eyes are being opened and your vision for the future is much clearer than ever before.

It has come to my attention that your schooling system is lacking in the freedom for your children that they need to learning a more structured pattern of free will. They are not soldiers to be commanded but learning individuals that must have loving discipline and proper concepts of the pivotal information that will be the base of their understanding of all things. There will be help in this area and some of the rules need to change for what is needed and people will be provided to give you the guidance that will develop the school systems to a loftier height of learning and will be looked upon with more respect in all areas, especially your teachers. They are the keys to this whole project and they have been overworked so much so that the pressures upon them are overwhelming and this is not going to be allowed in the future. You have a resource that is wanting to teach and they are abused in large degrees to a point where it is debilitating for them to continue. It is a shame. They must also be freed in their duties as educators and leaders of these young people. Do not hesitate to make these changes when they are given to you and they will be.

So many areas of life need upgrading and overhauling. Some areas need to be scrapped altogether and done away with. Some of them you will be glad to see go and leave your lives. Taxation is one of them. Not any more will you be taxed for black projects that lie behind walls and curtains so that you cannot see or know of. I am getting down to the serious stuff now and take heed that these are the changes you were told about years ago when we described your new world. It is happening for you now and you would benefit to support these changes and help bring them about wherever you can. Pay attention to what is happening and let your voices be heard. Pray on these things and hold them close to your heart for this will be the way of your future and at this time you are in process of paving the road to it. A construction job so to speak and there is lots to do in this area.

Now, for the other thing. Your eating habits are atrocious and you must take care of your bodies in a more responsible manner. The smoking and illegal drugs must go and you will have help with this. Be advised a change is necessary for the body is the Temple of the soul and God has commanded it. This may take some time for you to adjust but it is upcoming. You still have freedom but once you understand and see the benefits of these changes you will want to eat and drink more responsibly. Soft drinks are not going to cut it loved ones. They are too acid for the body and cause major problems but you can still use them on your battery connections if you need to. I told you I would not lie to you and I will not. We are here and will help you weed out the list of must gos. It is what must be done as I have said when God directs He does not accept a no form anyone. I have certainly never heard of it happening. No one I know would have the temerity to try it! His requirement is compliance.

Now that I have your attention it may be that you are backing off and having questions. Good, this is normal and ideas are slow to form sometimes in your minds but they will come and it will be the way of your future along with the paving of the path or road to the future. Be at peace with it as much as you can and we will progress at a fast clip here for we are behind schedule. We will not be deterred in this education part and by now we had planned to be talking to the world. We will hope for the better outcome for this and not give up.

Thant is all.

I m Prosper

February 22, 2022

A partial re-post taken from August 21, 2020

Now we will study the spirit itself in its wisdom and beauty as applied to the human soul and body. The spirit is an energy of life and is the indwelling of the God principle. It was created at the time of the beginning and is placed into each living thing as it progresses into a certain stage of advancement. This can be at different times you understand and some people have a new spirit and some much older spirits. It is an advanced intelligence of the God life force and enhances the existing experience to a fuller meaning and experience. Spirit can be housed in all things, not matter what form once the minimum requirements are met for advancement and learning. I understand this is quite complicated but that is what these lessons are for. We gain our spirit and understanding comes more readily available to us through this enhancement. Our lives take on a new meaning and depth is added .

Now to the soul. The soul is everlasting in concept and is the keeper of records of life and experiences and the soul is where your heart lies and your emotions are pivotal around the energy of the soul. When the actions are in a Godly manner the soul is in harmony with all life. When the actions are evil or not in a Godly manner the soul is in opposition with all life and you feel a resistance of sorts and things are in contrast to harmony. Dissonance is created between all energies of the body, no matter what that body looks like or how it is shaped. The soul is everlasting and stays with the person throughout the lifetimes it takes. It remains with the being after death and goes with the life force energy wherever it goes and is the embodiment or essence of that personality and the result of all experiences. This is the real person. The spirit is an enhancement of God’s energy and the soul is the real person.

A soul can have a higher self and this means there are associated separate lives or beings associated with the same soul and expression. A soul advancing to a certain level gives an opportunity for life to be given to another being or person and remains as the higher self while the new offshoot is engaged in the path of learning and is unaware of the higher self until much later. At some point the two can merge forming a stronger more intense being capable of much learning and now the advancement continues. It is not uncommon for the process to involve several offshoots in a chain of progression over the years and that process continues in a long chain of descendants and learning for all involved. This is complicated in expression but works well in reality. Be advised you have a higher self and that entity has a higher self and so on. There is much opportunity in this level of learning for the higher self is helping those under them at all times and that also is part of the service to others.

Now, all life has some spirit given by God and you can feel this spirit in nature and the environment and in the universe. It is energy enhanced and is involved in the creative process. Spirit is to be respected and revered and not destroyed or attempt to destroy. The taking of a life does more things than you imagine and not only brings to an end of the physical body but ends the place for the spirit to dwell along with the soul. This is a double whammy you have caused in the termination of a life. The two are connected but both are deprived of the body now and must go elsewhere for expression. We will take this up again later in a different lesson.

Be advised that this is a deep subject and will take much examination on your part to understand. Let this part sink in for it is fundamental for other learning to come. Be at peace and prepare for what is coming in the dimensional area. I continue to serve as your teacher in this capacity and am happy to do so. That is all.

I am Prosper

February 21, 2022

This is a re-post from Prosper on August 20 2020.

Let us begin. I am offering a chance to play a part in the scheme of things for this transition and it is voluntary. Be it known that all will change when this turn around takes place. Those of the Light and knowing will have the right to persuade others that this is a natural process of sorts and is part of the way for all to enter into a better life . It provides an avenue to use more of your capabilities such as mental telepathy and mind creation for what is desired in life. Other things and abilities will come in time. Lean into the wind with it and offer help to others when the opportunity arises. Seek out time for yourselves to explore the capabilities you have that laid dormant for so long for it will take time to bring them back into activation again.

Display your courage at all times and those around you will see your confidence and come to appreciate your intelligence in this matter. Be a leader and show the way for others to follow. This is the time of service for you and yes, you are ready and capable to do this. It is what you have been training for for not only this life time but others and sometimes many others. This is the culmination point of history and the peak and transition point of a new beginning for everyone.

There are those who will not react well to what is about to happen. Most do not understand how much more to creation there really is nor do they want to explore it. It is scary to them and they will try to go back to what they think and feel as normal, but there is no going back. This is the way of the future for all. A promotion so to speak. Actually this is the demise of the play that has been going on for many years and the war between the dark and the Light forces and since we, the Light, won it is now time for the curtain to close and reality to set in.

This is a time for celebration and recognition of those who worked so hard for decades on earth to bring this about, even though most did not realize that is what they were doing at the time. You have shown your Light and worked with tireless efforts to accomplish what was thought to be impossible at times and we are celebrating here and are more than pleased at the result. Hallelujahs are in order and are spoken quite often around this group.

We started celebrating early here but are waiting on your return for the real deal and oh, what a reunion it will be. So much happiness and joy will encompass you at your return. Memory will come at stages and not all at once for your own protection. We do not want to overload you with information at this time. You have risen to the occasion, with much prodding at times and delivered the goods and the dark was summarily taken down in a long hard won battle of Light over dark. Pat yourselves on the back for we certainly do. There will come a time when you will learn and realize what a momentous thing you have done and the ramification of your defeat over the enemy. Another Hallelujah is in order here.

Enough of this and now onto the lesson. In the order of life it is imperative that you consider all your options to serve and do so within the parameters of the laws and commandments. Opportunities will open up to you on this front and you will be placed in the position and location for this service. You are now well experienced and have the love and desire to make earth a better place. Unfold your heart in this matter and get with others and be directed to fulfilling the recovery and growth of earth for she is waiting on you now to live her fullest expressions of life. See it through and do not be afraid to take things in hand and go forward in this endeavor. I challenge you to see what more you can accomplish now that you have freedom and leadership to do so. Let your talents come forth whether it be leader or follower or worker or whatever is your calling and your way into the new frontier of earth. Earth II so to speak and let your Light shine in the fullest my darling Chelas for you have amazed us in so many ways at your courage and formidable desire to succeed and continue. I, and others are in awe of your displays of fortitude and courage. There were times we had to take a back seat at your ways of doing things and we have learned a lot from you. Do not hesitate to feel good about this and it will be recorded in the history books of all things. Soon you will know.

We come to a close of this chapter in history and what a chapter it was. So many said it could not be done but Christ Michael and Esu just kept right on directing and laying out the path for you to follow and you came right along with your faith and hope in the matter and showed so many they were wrong in their doubt of you to accomplish what was needed and it was a huge need that you faced. Enough of praise at this time.

Turn to lighthearted avenues for a few moments before another challenge confronts you and take time to relax and reflect upon my words. Feel good about yourself and your service waiting on the next chapter to unfold. I give you my love in these matters and encourage you to reside in peace and in the Father’s Light always.

I am Prosper.

Thank you Prosper and in response I am going to speak for others, boots on the ground as we have been called, without their permission and hope it will be forgiven. Christ Michael and Esu always sustained us in the Light and directed us in our calling. There are so many others under their leadership that provided help that was always available to us.

We may have been in the same boat trying to overcome the challenges but without the support and encouragement that was given it would have been much more difficult if not impossible. You propped us up when we faltered, you watched our tears fall when we cried and you kept us focused and motivated at every turn. You provided the compass we needed and turned us in the right directions when we veered off course. In the most loving ways you helped us continue when we wanted to give up and you felt our pain.

We salute you in a most loving tribute of respect for what you have done for us. The bonds that were created as this team worked together will not be forgotten and this also will go down in the history books and is cause for celebration. Thank you from all of us.


February 20, 2022

This is a re-post from Prosper, August 19, 2020.

Let us begin. It is with gladness that I approach this turn of events in your history. It has been tumultuous at times and there might be more to deal with but the outcome is beauteous and grand to behold. It lies before you in all its glory and is waiting for you to claim it. Be at peace with the changes forthcoming and try to assimilate them into your working thoughts of how this is all reasoned out and was thought out in the beginning.

Afterward there will be reflection on everything and the pieces will fall into place I hope and it will make sense to you. Quite intriguing really how it was all put together for a higher purpose and the results were spectacular in unfolding, even though it took a long time to come about. We, with a much better view than you have, are in wonder at how things all took place and how they proceeded to turn out. There were times when we could not see the positive outcome but God has a way with all things and His will prevailed over it all.

We continue with your lessons and now we will take on the purpose of living in a physical body. It is your best learning arena to be in a physical body. It gives you multiple life times to continue with learning and gives you a reboot with each new life. Mistakes are your friend and a tremendous learning tool if used correctly and as purposed. You will find out much quicker what doesn’t work and in the long run eventually you will learn from them. Take heed and examine failure in depth. The cycle of life is tedious it seems to you but is always an opportunity to not only advance along your path of learning but to be of service to others. I speak of this service frequently and this is because it is the base of the purpose of life and was constructed by Creator God to set into motion the energy of giving and receiving. Nothing is lost in energy, it is passed along in different forms but is never lost or never looses strength. That is why love is so important as it is one of the things that can be used to multiply for a positive effect in all situations. It is most constructive and is part of the creative process when anything is created.

Light and energy make up the creative tools in every creation and eventually in everything. It is miraculous in its inception and all creation evolved from an original thought processed into creation and then eventually matter.

Back to the physical body. It is a pleasurable thing to feel the sun and the wind on your skin and to enter into the environment of nature with all her living things both plant and animal. You have yet to understand what a gift this really is for angels do not have this opportunity such as you do. Many are envious of your experiences.

Of course there is pain and other difficult experiences but this is what the learning process is for and not following God’s laws or commandments will cause pain and agony. The number one thing to learn is that not following them causes problems in life and with all things. Trust that living by God’s laws is the basis for a happier and more contented life in all avenues of living and expression.

Be at peace with these precepts and try them out in full. There is truth in living honestly and with forthright abandon for all things ungodly. Continue to educate yourself always in God’s teachings and this is what Christ Jesus came here to do was to teach you of His word and wishes for your ways of living that you may have a more abundant life. He is not vengeful or does not cast retribution upon you for mistakes but you enter into the energy of bringing about that which happens to you and this is the way it is. You are responsible for the good and the bad. God does have his hand in lives and brings about opportunities through his plan and machination, especially with angels who carry out his wishes for your opportunities. Many times the angels show you the correct way for you to go and it is left up to you to follow. You always have the choice to make for it is not forced upon you. God does not send punishment upon you but you attract things to you through the positive and negative energy you put out and also how you use the energy you are given. See that you make good choices in all things, even when it is inconvenient or difficult for in the end it will come back to you in a positive manner. Make no mistake you cannot get around the law of energy returning to you for that is how things are set up. Look into the mirror of things to come and see what you have cast upon the waters. It is unavoidable.

Observe the things coming about now in your country and the world. Much change, agitation and switching of commitment to different things is on the horizon and this is for the better. Be at peace with all that is and all that is about to be for you have prayed for it to come. Continue your work in prayer and visualization of what you want your world to be and it will develop into the picture you have in mind. A free more workable government with places for the individual to voice his opinion about governance. Choose wisely your leaders down to your local city halls and mayors.

Law enforcement will still be needed and they also should be chosen wisely in their intent. Most are truly devoted to protecting the people and bringing about peace in the world. They put their lives on the line every moment for you and when you need help they are in the positions to give of that help you need. Do not disrespect them by thinking so little of their lives and their profession that you dismiss their calling from on high. They also have been chosen, for the most part, to serve in a difficult position and this is not to be taken lightly. See to it that they are protected and no vendetta is put forth against them. Take this in hand and put a stop to the harmful groups and mobs that threaten your law enforcement for they are too public a figure to be protected most times and cannot hide behind cover when their position is called forth to protect and serve. Encourage them and support them. They are upholding those laws that keep society civil and orderly. You should not have to find out what it would be like if they were not there. I dare not think of it.

I am at present learning to give you the information you need to face the turn about that is coming.  Suffice it to say it may be confusing at the lest.  It is a dimensional thing and as yet you are not experienced in dimensional things, especially a sudden change.  Let it come naturally and try not to deny it in your minds.  You are not mistaken in what you will see or hear and as a person living now upon earth you will get to witness this event.  Just hang on in faith and trust that this is to be and was planned and is part of your evolvement.  More than just earth is involved in this adjustment and what happens here will affect so many others and a huge area in your surrounding universe and beyond.  It is because of your hard work and wanting things to be better that this can happen now so this is a good thing.  Be ready for a huge shift in perception and your reality.  It will open up to you in ways I cannot now describe to you.  Take advantage of this and do not be afraid for this is a good and positive thing.  It is like being given many Christmas gifts all at one time.  Do not be afraid to open them and try them out.  God has His hand in this in all aspects and was willed by Him.

Continue to pray to your Father, creator of all things and lay your heart before him. This is the most important relationship you will ever have and fail not to communicate with Him. He is your guide and help in all matters down to the smallest of things in your life. He fails you not. You just do not always listen to Him. Rearrange your schedules and your lives to accommodate this conversation and communication with God on a daily basis. Make it a habit like you do keeping up with the sports schedules and scores. It is imperative and much more important, like an investment that pays huge dividends. I am your teacher of truth and I will return with another lesson that will bring you a happier and better life.

I am Prosper

February 18, 2022

This is a re-post from Prosper on August 18, 2020 TM

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I begin this message and remain hopeful for contact with you on the education front. We have made headway into negotiations with others and some have been very receptive to our need. I think they realized we are not going away and we will finish this objective and they will not stand in our way, one way or the other. We do have some amount of power on our side even though we will not force our wishes upon anyone. It is God who will see to his wishes in the end when they are continually thwarted and opposed.

Be at peace for if ever there was a time for it, it is now. Too may people will not stop at friendly protest and take to fighting and violence in the streets. It is not our way nor should it be yours. There are other ways of getting through to people what is wanted by the masses and it is not through hurting someone else. Make banners, parade through the streets, write to your government officials but do not turn to violence for it is not the way God has requested we do things. Your rights do not include this option. Conform to His word and see how much better your lives can be . Train yourselves in the commandments and re-form your lives for your happiness. See that it is done, please.

Come with me to the table of learning and partake of the lessons I am offering. We have started on good footing and I want to keep it that way but I will not soften the words or the rules for you. The truth will be laid on the table for you to see at all turns of this education process.

Here we go. Take consideration of the amount of time you spend in pointless chatter on your phones. How much do you criticize others during your day. Are you always truthful in your dealings with others? Take note of how much time you spend watching useless TV and reality shows. These are the lives of other people who are making money for someone somewhere and that is the main objective of these programs. Do not play into their schemes and they will be forced to drop their programming.

Spend this time in a more constructive fashion learning the laws of God and the commandments and some are quite detailed. Go over them not only once but take them into your minds and learn them by heart and see that you endeavor to live by them. Be conscious of their meaning and do not bend or misconstrue their meaning for you will be held accountable for all and every thing you perpetrate upon this earth. It is written in your book of records and this does not go away. There will always be a witness to your activities and the witness is you.

See to it that your life is on a higher level for it is a gift and an opportunity to learn while you are here and learn you must if you are to advance on your path. This is our purpose, not to just exist and breathe air but to serve others and return to God. There will come a time when you will see how much opportunity you have wasted and wonder why you did not make better use of your time.

Be at peace during your journey for it is a much better way than living in fear and in resentment of others and what you think they have done to you. Do not blame others but be circumspect in your dealings with others and this is for your own good. The weights of justice are balanced in your favor for you have been blessed in all things. Start by opening your eyes to each new day and ask yourself, what can I do today to make this a better place to live. How can I improve the earth and take better care of her? Am I using my energy in a productive way and not just for entertainment for myself. Father help me to be accountable of my actions in all ways and be my comfort and help in all things for this is not only possible but is truth.

We support you in your efforts and try to guide you in your everyday lives. Listen to what we give to you for consideration for we have been in the teaching business for some time and you are not the only people or planet we have helped. It is our job and purpose to do these things. The table is set for you and you are invited to come and listen. Take advantage of this time and these meetings for education purposes. It is ordained by God that this is done at this time in your history. Give our words a chance for it is for your own good that we do this.

Comport yourselves in a Godly manner and at the end of the day lay your day out before God and offer it to him. It is in your best interest and you will see the difference in your lives. They will flourish in happiness and joy. It is the way of things.

Your economy is faltering at present and is on life support. Be prepared for some major changes concerning your monetary system and that of the world as a whole. The money situation is trying to right itself to a stronger based system and this has taken some doing for several years trying to work this out in all countries. It was and is a major concept with intricate parts to handle. It is being done as we speak and just a few more weeks or months and you will start to see light at the end of the long tunnel concerning your money. You have suffered greatly and worked hard for little in return. Those in power have taken from you for their own interests and this is stealing. This will be removed and a better system be put into place. See that you use your resources wisely and remove the leaders not worthy of your votes.

We proceed in your skies and on your earth, yes there are those among you who are from our teams working for you. They look like you and you cannot tell where they are from. It has been this way for ever in your history. Some good, some bad but we have tried to protect you since we have been given the OK to do so. We must get permission to act in all things before we move on any objective and this comes from on High. You belong to God and it is at His will that we proceed.

Take time to pray and talk to God. Lay your heart out before Him . This is a private conversation and see how He will move in your heart for a better understanding of your relationship with Him.

We are opposed to handing everything to you and will not do all the work for you. You are responsible for most of it so get cracking. Time is wasting. I have been accused of bringing out the whip and chair but this is not my style so be at peace with my teachings.

Some of you are doing quite well in the learning process and I am encouraged to see your light increase as you continue. It lifts our hearts to know that you are trying. I have talked enough for this lesson. Continue in your Godly ways and be of good cheer.

I am Prosper