March 26, 2021

Let us begin. We come now to the part where there is a decision on your part as to what you will do. Will you broaden your horizons, take a step of faith and continue your life with the promise of safety and step into the beam coming from a space ship, or do you remain upon earth and take your chances with earth changes where you live? You just may have to make this decision sooner than you think. The indications are that earth is in the beginnings of her roll over now and there is more to come.

We know this is a big step and there was a time in your past when it was contemplated whether to let your earth make her changes and have you remain upon her surface to suffer the consequences. There were many discussions, meetings and conclaves to address this very issue. This would have been one way to remove the dark from earth and be done with the problem. The chances of surviving this big a change are not that good and then there is the aftermath of such an action. This decision involved the input from many different planets and beings.

You see, there was another planet who’s actions ended in destruction and the damage was far reaching and some thoughts concerning the dark were only of getting rid of that influence completely and having a better neighborhood so they would not have to worry about major problems from earth anymore. You had people on your side speaking for evacuation and this was decided, even though it is a more difficult process. Letting nature take it course would have been the easy way out. There were many factors involved and the decision was complicated. So, it is understandable that you would give this decision much thought but do not take too long for it is upon you and when you do not know how long you have, it is always better to be prepared.

There are ways to keep up with everyone and your Father knows where every being is on earth that has a soul. Does this mean there are beings upon earth that do not have a soul? Yes, and these will remain on the surface of earth. There are some people who have made plans to escape to their bunkers below earth and remain there until the destruction is over and they think they will be safe. It is unknown for sure how much destruction there will be or exactly how far reaching it will be and therefore they will be taking a chance of becoming trapped below. In this instance there is no way to tell and their future will be unknown. On the other hand evacuation, which has a good outcome, will take people to safety and there will be everything needed for them when they arrive. You might say that this involves millions of people and that is a lot to prepare for and you would be right. Do you really have a good concept of how large your heavens are? Do you know how many people can be placed upon one very large craft, which has been prepared for you? We are hoping you would like to find out first hand. It is that simple and yet, that complicated for you in the deciding.

Let me speak now of earthly things. Many of you are waiting for a promised announcement and wondering what and when that will be. You may wonder if the talk of an evacuation has changed the announcement and if it is still forthcoming. Yes, the announcement is still forthcoming and it is of importance to you for the subject matter is revealing. It is part of the things you need to know and has not been postponed or put off. You are tired of these carrots put out before you of things to come and you just want the announcement and not the drama. We understand but we go back to everything in its place in the process and it will be revealed. It is hard to honor your request for being told of things to come for then you want the event right then and sometimes it does not happen that quickly and you are left wanting an immediate response and feel disappointed when it does not happen that week. At times we are hard pressed to know what to do regarding how far in advance to give you information of what will be. Then there is always a chance of a delay factor, which alters the event’s arrival and we are aware of your growing lack of belief in our words. We are in a delicate position for giving of information. We do our best.

We would have you give us some wiggle room, as you call it, and know that so many things, if not all, are predicated upon your behavior and response to what happens daily in your life regarding everything. Your thoughts and responses help form everything and this is taken into consideration in determining what and when we give you information. Then if circumstances change in your thoughts and responses it would also change what and when we give of certain information. The unknowns of your responses to many things are quite numerous and we monitor them daily to know how to serve you best with the giving of what is to come. We have a difficult job to perform in that the entire picture is very large and all encompassing in its scope and range. The announcement is coming.

Our encouraging words of going within and forming a close relationship with God within for your security, your stability and your guidance for all things is ongoing and we repeat it often for that is your true compass in all matters. There is no truer source for you than this. As hard as we try to give you the help you need we are not better than the God within you and this source is ever present. We do take our instructions from this Source as our instructions where you are concerned are God given but we do not replace this relationship you have with your creator. Go with your inner guidance concerning evacuation and meditate on this decision but we tell you that the earth changes are severe in nature and are before you now.

Life can go on and you can continue learning, laughing and enjoying your days. They will just be in a different neighborhood if you step into the beam to a different location. If you stay on earth the chances of being happy with a continued life are not good. We are here to serve and help you.

I leave you now with these words to consider. Some decisions are bigger than others and this is a big one.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 25, 2021

Let us begin. We know there are things you don’t understand and they are important to you. It is not enough for us to say just have faith and all will turn out well in the end. You are involved in this endeavor up to your head and a certain amount of understanding is required on your part. The thing that has caused more confusion is that plans were changed frequently and accommodations had to be made regarding everything it seems. Things and plans at the beginning don’t even closely resemble what they are now and who could have foreseen all the roadblocks and setbacks that have happened. It has been a trip and a half we have all gone through but the good part is that we are still here trying and not giving up.

One of the things not clearly understood is the statement we have made that the dark have been defeated. This is true but there are still big elements in your reality that have to be overcome still and we are working on that now. You want to know how this earth evacuation fits into the plans and at what point this will happen. There is an intelligence in the sequence and order of what will happen and some things just have to be a certain way. You don’t put the icing on the cake until it is baked and that is what we are looking at here. Gaia is going through a step up and this means different energies and vibrations for her and this causes earth adjustments that will affect you. We don’t mean that all will happen within the next week and it will probably take longer than you want but once things begin to happen it will be a rapid succession of events that you will hardly be able to keep up with. This is the nature of what we are facing now.

Events kept being moved and did not happen when first planned to give everyone more time to change their ways and come into the will of God and this includes both the dark and everyone else. Remember the black boxes were placed along the fault lines at one point to delay the major earthquakes to buy more time. Then there were the numerous times those on earth in key positions went back on their word and promise to fulfill certain agreements they made. Several involved signed contracts that would hold up in court but we chose not to take it in that direction believing we could accomplish what was needed without it. One involved the use of a major network for announcements. This fell through and there were other agreements you knew nothing about that were not honored. It has been a most difficult thing to gain ground in some areas along this journey. Many times information was given and the response was somewhat less than hoped for in the numbers reading and caring about what was said. Those devoting their energies to the cause have been faithful and their numbers are increasing and have been all along the way but still this is not the response we had hoped for. We wanted our messages to take hold and spread like wildfire and this did not happen.

Subjects that were once in the forefront of discussion were pushed down the list because of other topics taking their place in importance. They were still on the list but not brought up because of major happenings that needed explaining at the time. You have been confronted with a vast array of important issues to deal with and the most recent have been the Presidential election in the US and the world wide concern over the Covid virus. Your focus drifted away form the topic of stasis and of the magnetic pole adjustments that were inevitable and the resulting necessity for a world wide evacuation that had been discussed at length in the past. Still you have all these things in front of you now and they are getting in the way of each other in your mind and you don’t know how to place them in the list of importance. I tell you now that all of them are important and not one can be thrown aside.

Do not feel overwhelmed with what is happening or what you see as the lack of what is happening for it is taking place in the order and sequence of how it should unfold. Go back to the things that are stable items in your path and those things are directed work with Light and connection with God within for direction and peace for these times of stress in your world. Some things you now know from experience are solid and can be depended on and hold to these in your daily life. We will continue to be here and are not going anywhere. When you see us in your skies you will have the confirmation of visual presence which most of you want and need. Up until now these events of seeing us in your skies have been viewed by a few but there will come a time when they cannot be denied because the numbers seeing them will be in the thousands.

Once established the connection between you and God within cannot be undone, removed or destroyed. It is the most important key factor to everything else in your life and in your decision making from top to bottom. I cannot over emphasize this statement of importance concerning your turning to the will of Creator and your guidance and attuning to what is given to you. Only God knows what is needed for you and what adjustments need to be made and what is important for you for it is different for everyone. He knows your past, your present and your heart. Your every need is known and you are loved through out completely. The more you realize this connection the more you will want this relationship and you will not want to give it up. There will always be a place of peace concerning God within and this source will remain a comfort and joy no matter what challenges you face in your journey. This life is only part of your learning and advancement and you will go on to greater learning and advancement and accomplish things you cannot imagine now. I encourage you to look forward to the amazing times available to you with your relationship with God. You will be amazed.

I leave you now to consider my words and I encourage you to be optimistic in what is to come for it is part of a larger picture.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 24, 2021

Let us begin. We know you have questions concerning my last message and we are here to answer them for you. Yes, your earth has been evacuated before and people were taken off to different locations of safety. This was a long time ago in your history and you have no record of this. Your earth is much older than you know and many civilizations have come and gone.

There are different reasons a planet will do this tilting. One reason for an imbalance is the disturbance from another heavenly body that travels close to earth and exerts a magnetic pull. Another is being hit by debris in space. One thing you have had to contend with on earth is the heaviness of darkness in certain areas which makes your orb off balance and unable to rotate in a balance way. Earth has been fighting this for a long time. At present energies are unbalanced and need to readjust throughout the entire planet and that time is upon you. Gaia has postponed this for many years, trying to give her children more time to turn away from dark ways and turn to God. She has paid a big price to do this in terms of harm to her. It would have been to her advantage to give in to this re-balancing long ago but her love for you is strong.

We understand it is difficult to contemplate giving up everything and taking a chance to go somewhere else you are not familiar with but these are very important measures of saving lives. The disturbances in coast lines alone with inundating water will cover many acres and the water will come inland and cover land for miles when this happens. Gaia has also delayed her shifts in tectonic plates and we cannot say for sure when this will happen. She was determined to buy more time for you but now it can be put off no longer and these moves have to take place.

We wish we could give you some type of time line when these things will happen but that is not possible other than to tell you that all indications show these things will happen and now plans have to be made. We have more than enough ships to evacuate everyone and places are ready for you and have been ready for some time now. We saw this coming and started warning you long ago. Many are concerned about being separated from children and we tell you that families will be kept together concerning parents and children. There is the element of free will choice and no one will be forced to step into a beam of light against their will. Does this mean loved ones other than parents and children will be separated? Free will gives them this choice.

Are there dangers in this procedure? The biggest problem is with fear. Fear races the heart and raises blood pressure and brings about changes in the body that puts a stress on bodily systems. If you are severely impaired then fear is a danger and you should remain as calm as possible. Remaining calm is a key factor here because when you step into the beam of light you should remain still and calm. This procedure is safe and works well and has for many years of your time.

Now we get to the lies that are floating around and being spread by those who do not know us. We are trying to help you continue your life in the body you are in now. We have no desire to cause you harm and do not want to take anything from you. We have everything we need but we come to help you for this is God directed and His desire that this be done. We have comfortable chairs we could be sitting in when this happens and our viewers would give us a close up of the events but this is not our way. Our desire to help you is driven by love and there is no way we could idly stand by and not lift a hand to help you during this time. Permission has been given for us to intervene. You may have been watching too many movies where creatures from other planets have different motives and wish you harm. This is not the case with us and please do not fear our motives. You will adjust to new surroundings and you will be safe to continue your lives if you let us help.

Please ask your questions and we will answer so that you can understand what will take place. There are provision for animals also and they can be taken to safety. The time period for recovery from this tilt is unknown because we cannot determine the extent of any earthquakes or volcanoes that may happen. It may take awhile and I mean years for the land to be in condition for people to return. Once we give you the alert that we are coming and then we appear in your skies, time is of the essence and we prefer you drop everything and prepare to board. Yes, it is that important that you do so for it is a world wide event.

All of a sudden this puts things in perspective for you. Are long range plans looking different to you now? Our job is to prepare you for this event and tell you that help is at hand so that you do not perish. Study our words carefully and than study the earth and her physical events on a daily basis. See for yourself the increase in earthquakes and how severe they are. Look at volcanic activity and add all these things up for a clearer picture. Make your decision wisely when considering everything and go within for guidance.

I leave you now with these heavy decisions to think on. Our purpose in all this help for earth and her inhabitants has not changed from the very first day we arrived and that is to help everyone to the best of our ability. This is our directive and our God given instructions.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 23, 2021

Let us begin. I wonder how many of you would consider getting on a UFO? We hear lots of talk about wanting them to land and wanting to talk to people who would come out of one but in case of an emergency, how many of you would get on one to save their life? We have had several instances in the past where people in danger areas have been removed before an event, like and airplane crash, to save their lives and they continued to live in a different location. We don’t always do this, only in certain circumstances. There are many questions that have to be answered correctly before this is done for they are very special circumstances.

Back in the 1960s we started giving out information that there would be a polar tilt where the earth would begin to wobble and then continue to change positions where a different location was at the north pole and a different location at the south pole. Certain plans were formed to evacuate everyone on the planet, or at least give them an opportunity to evacuate, when this happened. This action of earth was delayed but a close watch began to monitor earth for signs of this eventuality. We have not completely removed this from the possibility of happening and want to mention it here to say that it is still within reason that this can occur. We will give you further information concerning this in the future. Certain forces have begun to pull a small wobble in the earth’s rotation and we are keeping a close eye on it. We have evacuated planets before and are well practiced in this process. There is no need for fear or anxiety but you do need to be informed of what is going on. With all else that is going on, now you have to have this come at you from left field and we regret this intrusion of another thing to consider.

There have been several descriptions of an event like this over the years and it has also been referred to as a magnetic pole reversal and a magnetic tilt, with somewhat different descriptions. Both of these scenarios involve the earth’s magnetic poles moving to a different location with the earth not actually changing places, only the magnetic poles moving. What we are talking about now is an actual tilting of the earth to one side during its rotation. We are watching this closely and will try to keep you better informed of this possibility. We are fully capable of both monitoring earth’s rotations and giving you further indications of any necessary information. Please stay tuned.

Now, let us talk of what ifs. In case there was a danger of this happening, after careful consideration of close monitoring, would you want to be taken off planet to another location of safety? Is it within your consideration to take this big step to save the life of your family? Unfortunately this question has to be brought up at this time. For now think about it. Where would you go, you might ask. We would see that you were placed with all needs met regarding environment and air quality. As we have stated, we have done this very thing before. How can we suggest this where it doesn’t sound out of the question for you to consider? It is not out of the question that this might happen again.

If so, it will be on an emergency basis and time will be of the essence. We have to bring this topic up to you again now after all these years. We know you have questions and we will try to answer them all. For now we give this idea to you a little at the time for it has been commanded that we do so. Those in authority have made the decision that this be done to keep you informed and it was not done without long hours of contemplation and decision making. We would not bring up such a serious subject just on a maybe or a whim. Certain imbalances on earth have caused an unbalanced pressure on the axis and created a heaviness in areas that would make this a topic to study for further consideration. This has been going on for some time now and has advanced to a level where we need to inform you of eventualities if it continues. This has happened many years ago in your history. We continue to watch this closely and will give you more information concerning this issue. It is not done lightly, we assure you.

I leave you now with the promise that we will make this as clear to you as possible. More information is coming. For now we have broken the subject to you for your consideration. This is necessary or we would not do it. You are in God’s hands and a way out of danger will be provided, for you will not be left to chance and uninformed.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 22, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to figure out what to do regarding the vaccines. Should they get them or not. It is being recommended by the governments to keep people safe and keep them from dying. We believe that Covid is becoming less and less and is on its way out and the people have done a good job of keeping it from spreading. Most have followed the rules and kept out of large groups. The washing of hands has been good also. We are not sad to see it go and we certainly do not want it to make a come back. People need to be free and to walk in the sun without masks. They need to visit with friends and meet in groups and tell jokes and have fun. Social aspects of society are very important to good health.

Those responsible will have things to answer for and their impact upon the world also included the lies regarding increasing fear in everyone, or at least trying to increase fear. Some did not buy it and continued to be free in their actions. Imparting fear is a number one tactic to keep people in control and is an old favorite. The year 2020 will long be remembered but it does contain efforts to divide people so they can be more easily controlled. The dark has failed. The people got a taste of it and realized they did not like being controlled. Their strength is coming back.

So much is being kept from you regarding your government and their attempts to rule by a few at the top. It is a long standing continuation of mind control to keep you working and sending in tax money for use in different areas of interest to make more money or exert more control over the masses. Along the way there were those who attempted to go against the few at the top and they met with threats and disappointments and some even death. This truth will come out and be told. Honesty would get you killed in the past.

Your world is changing and the movement against being kept at home is being challenged. This will be a summer of freedom and those at the top will think twice about using the same tactics again for you are catching on rapidly. You have decided freedom is a better choice, for staying immobile and wearing masks was also not in the best interest of good health. It also had its consequences. It turns out people can think for themselves and the days of blind sheep to be herded may be on the way out. We will see what happens.

Let me speak now of coming to terms with your past. History contains elements you are not aware of and reasons for certain actions are not what you thought they were. Wars were contrived at times in your past to make money and they did make money for those in control. This has been a favorite thing to use when more money is needed or wanted in certain pockets. The deaths of thousands of men and women who were basically sacrificed served to keep the numbers down and this was a desired side effect. Your best people were sent for reasons of greed for the most part and those behind it will be asked to face judgment and pay for their crimes.

Also in your past is the fight for control by one country over another and this desire for power fit into the hands of those who did want war and this desire for power was used to contrive the wars that were desired by the few at the top and do not make a mistake here, for there are only a few at the top who do control things. Others fit into the plans and if they did not the chess game began until the desired emotions were brought about and used to move the chess pieces into the proper positions for the desired results. It has happened many times in the world arena. Puppet strings were attached to heads of countries and the strings were pulled. A few well placed words and a few attacks implicating certain ones and the game was on. Those at the top were driving the aggression and the war was on. So many have died and left many grieving at home. This will fall on the responsible parties and the review of deeds will take place and laws of God will be followed. It cannot be avoided and there is no where to hide. Be prepared to know many were sacrificed for little reason other than profit.

The past has many secrets and they will be brought out and so many are ready to hear about the secrets and what went on behind closed doors. That is the trouble with going against God’s laws. You cannot get by with going against them and the day will come when a review of life will take place and this time there will be truth in the review of what took place. It will happen and is happening now concerning those who have already been arrested. We know you are ready for this to come out into the public, even though you do not realize what an in depth review will bring out. You are ready for action of review and for the secrets to come forward. You await some type of movement in the open that will reveal change and work for honest government to replace the ones ruling countries now. It is time and you want to see it happen. Your prayers will be answered and are being answered at this time whether you know of the movements or not. So much cannot be seen from your view point.

As time goes by a review will show that intervention was taking place and the road to complete freedom was started and is being carried out now. It is in the process and we know you are also tired of hearing this but it is true and it will be shown so there will be no doubt. There is power in your thinking and also in this time of patience and waiting to see what you want to see. We understand you have suffered long enough. If you are tired of having patience and want action what steps will you take for this to happen? What can you do to bring this about? You have heard about the power of prayer and seen it work in your past. Do not set it aside now and give up your meditations and visualizations and give up your work now because you are tired of waiting. If you knew how much you are needed there would be no question of action and continuing. You underestimate yourselves.

We urge you to continue your work in these positive creative areas and do not falter because of unseen results. The wheels are turning and you are headed in the right direction for we can see it from our vantage point. Feel the difference in the love that is present and the vibrations present now containing the help that you have wanted and needed. Please continue.

I leave you now to think on these things but mostly to continue your actions to bring about the changes you want.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 21, 2021

Let us begin. Often it comes to us that many are in a quandary concerning attitude. What is the right stance to take mentally about others who do not choose to advance or study or learn anything about who they are or why they are here. They wander through life trying to have a good time and forget serious subjects but keep up with current movie stars or famous people. What do we say to them after we have been told to spread the word of what is going on? We would say to you that they have free will and if they refuse to take seriously what is happening then walk away for they have chosen their course and made their decisions. They are not ready to confront the subjects at present and it will take more time for them. Learning has to be given time and the mind and heart are not ready to receive. More experience has to be given to have them receptive. One day they will ask questions, first to themselves and then to others. Eventually they will ask of God, but for now they will decide how they live their life and how they react to everything.

It is hard to step back and watch loved ones not be interested in truth for as you see it they will travel down the wrong road and this is disturbing for you. We see your lives before us and know that where they are, you have been. There was a time when you also did not ask the difficult questions and made your decisions. They will open their eyes when they are ready and seek truth when they are receptive. Love them enough to let them choose their own time to seek, for then they will listen, not only to you, but to their unseen teachers and God within. There will come a time when things will happen to trigger the appropriate circumstances and the questions will form and come forth and this is God’s timing for them. You are challenged when having to walk away before this time happens for you want them to understand and they are not ready. They are loved in the same way and the God within them waits on his children to turn to Him and seek Him in their journey, whenever this may be. This is how it happened for you.

There will be those who think they know truth and will not be moved in their opinion of who is right and you may be the recipient of harsh words for your knowing and your beliefs, but again walk away and do not let their criticisms burden you with unkind words. Do not carry around the thinking that you must prove to them that you are right and they are wrong. Carry your light and know from whence it comes for you have experienced the questions and the answers came and you are living your truth and your light. Know that each one is responsible for their own journey and their choices and their beliefs and you must believe in yourself.

When a person is ready they will ask and the door will be open. Do not flood them with information but answer their questions honestly with love and then let them take time to think on what is given. Things will happen that you will know and many will not believe you know what is going on for how could you when they did not and they see themselves as intelligent people. What gave you the right to this knowledge. Why was it not given to them. Little do they know how you have searched and asked in prayer and meditation for many days and nights for answers until you focused on the right questions and sought out the answers and meaning behind them. Your journey is continuing and so is theirs. Be kind when they ridicule you and call you names and say you are crazy or insane or of the devil for they do not see the whole picture clearly. We take time to work our way into a clear picture and then you realize how little you know and you keep going forward to learn more.

This journey is not easy and will not be easy for you have been given the opportunity to live with unbelievers and times are difficult. If everyone knows what was going on, what would be your purpose for being here. You are in the cauldron with all the harsh realities and living in these conditions brings about many challenges and harsh words and criticisms from others is part of it. Fortify yourselves for this time is about to come when you will stand out because you are solid in your knowing and your belief carries you through the unfolding without the reaction most will go through. You will stand out in your stance and reaction to all that will happen and you will be doubted by others and they may be afraid of you. Go forward in your knowing and truth and do not let fear be a companion for it will distort your vision. In times of unsteadiness go within and hold on to your source of strength and walk through all the confusion and fear and mind disturbing individuals that would throw you off course and bring you down so that they would have a companion to travel with. Remain on the high road and let God be your companion in and through what comes about, no matter what it may be.

You know now where your strength comes from and you know how to keep going when so much negativity is going on around you. Keep returning to that place within where truth is given and your reason for being here is always before you. You are never alone and those of like mind are abundant for you can join forces with them and together be strong. Do not forget your brothers and sisters in this mission you have chosen and fortify each other mentally no matter how far away they may be. This is a joint mission and you are together in your purpose of bringing earth forward no matter how many detractors may surround you.

I leave you now to think on these things, to gain strength in faith and in belief and to walk your path in Light and Love for you were God sent. Be at peace as much as possible in the midst of chaos for if you do not then who will?

I am Joseph In His Service

March 20, 2021

Let us begin. I see many who are preparing for something to happen and yet not knowing what that something is. There is movement from several different sources including the monetary system and the political front. People also are just tired of being held back by rules, laws and taxation, which do not let individuals express and live in a manner they feel free to do. They are bound by necessity to work incessantly to fulfill the requirements brought about by law. So, the feelings rising are a combination of several things, but the desire for freedom is unified and well defined.

We bring up the desire for freedom because it is world wide and brought about into focus by the restrictions of the Covid virus and government mandates. We seldom see a planet so moved by the same emotions as this time on earth and there is mounting energy to bring about the end to being kept at home and the wearing of masks. There is something else that comes into play here that is sometimes overlooked and that is the human touch. To connect with others on a physical basis has reason behind it and gives of friendship and love and is now denied going against the expression and flow of energy from one to another. This has been in the process of being denied because of ill intent in the past concerning the inappropriate actions of some and is now totally seen as ill advised for health reasons. The human touch is known to be healing in many cases of illness but there is more behind it.

The energy from one body to another for the purposes of healing is an old concept and used in more of the old practices. All forms of this being denied does not go well with anyone on a deeper level than you might think. This is another reason for wanting change and freedom and you do not have to understand it to want the restrictions lifted.

There is growing movement for this freedom and more people are stepping out and stepping up to voice their questions concerning the wisdom of continued restrictions. People want the freedom also to choose how they intelligently assess the information given to them concerning the whole picture of the Covid story. The time for government control is not only being reviewed but confronted and many have decided that many decisions do not belong to the government but returned back to the people and more local government. This is what we see going on concerning the world at this time. Your history is not one of freedom but of restrictions and for the first time the energy grows world wide to be free from all of it and this time will not be denied.

Now can we talk of eventualities coming. The time progresses and chapters are closing and completion of energies are upon you and those who came here from other places to help during this time of earth transition have completed their missions, or soon will. Many will be returning home and the method of return for many will be in a ship from their home planet. Those who are keeping track of you and the many lives you have lived on earth are well aware of your timing of return and are ever ready to see this is done properly when the time comes. This method has been accomplished many times before at other locations and is nothing new for them or you. Nothing is left to chance so do not wonder if you have been forgotten or if you will be left out. When, you might ask. Again there is a sequence of events that is coming and not determined by time but by accomplishment and this will be the deciding factor. We feel certain memories will return as time goes on as energies are more readily accepted within the consciousness. What would have been strange a few years ago will fall into place within some and they will plan accordingly.

Other eventualities concern those loosing their physical bodies and making transitions of a different kind to close out this life for them but they are also in loving hands and have not been forgotten. Remember all is as it should be and decisions have been made regarding certain aspects of departure from Gaia. The ascension process is still in the future for earth and the inhabitants upon her and some will be moving up into a higher vibration and not losing their physical body. As you can see there is a lot going on at this time and this takes many hands to help and they are here and have been giving of their services to see that all goes as well as possible for everyone and all things.

Everyone has had a chance to make their decision of following God and especially the dark have been given every opportunity to turn from their ways. Some have. Most on earth now are followers and some not even realizing the repercussions of the decisions they have made in the past. It has been decided for the most part and plans solidified.

Things will become more evident for you and a lot of your questions will be answered by the unfolding of events and information coming out. Pay attention to what is going on and as I always remind you, remain in the council of the God within you and seek His guidance. I leave you now with all this going on and the eventualities in front of you. The phone is ringing and it is for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 19, 2021

Let us begin. I see understanding in many and acceptance of God’s timing and way of bringing things about. It is pleasing to be in this state of harmony and peace resides within the mind and heart. It is disconcerting to go against the flow of things and acceptance and faith is better. Many desires of God take time and also many desires of God are thwarted by man’s reluctance to be obedient and for these two reasons movement seems slow.

I would like to speak now of compliance with creation and nature. The understanding of nature and plant and animal behavior adds to harmony and another step further than acceptance is working with both. The plants are bound by their own laws of need for good water and light but also they possess an intricate system of communication with each other. It is quite accurate in nature and is just now being discovered by science. Although not completely understood it is most comprehensive for their abilities aid them in not only resisting all types of harm but in fortifying themselves and thriving. Man has worked to understand only that part which allows him to take of the life giving qualities of certain plants but there is much to learn regarding the symbiotic nature of how one plant works with another to aid both. Plants are hardly at cross purposes with each other. Man could learn so much more about plants and it would aid both man and plants. There is much healing to be gained yet from plants.

Taking different types of plants from one country to another is not always a good idea for a plant’s chemistry is somewhat determined not only by the weather and soil but the vibration of that native location and when put in another country it changes the frequency of the plant and therefore the intention. You must still think in terms of vibration and their reason and purpose for being, with plants because they can be moved. If given for healing, then the conditions when created and given must be maintained to continue to adhere to the healing qualities of that plant and its intention for being. When the intent behind a plant is pure in its origin then the healing qualities are maintained in that country and environment when first established.

Plants for food are somewhat different as they can be given from one country to another for consumption as to be digested and turned into energy and physical regeneration. You see the plant adapts to the new environment knowing the people consuming the food there are also adapting to that environment and they are compatible. The plan therefore works. There is a belief that plants know if they are being raised for the purpose of making money only or if they are being grown by loving families for life giving qualities and there is wisdom in this belief in that plants do respond to surrounding vibrations from intent. It would help if food being considered for eating from far away would have a sensor telling if it would be compatible with you. I am not saying to not eat food from other countries, only that food may harmonize better if compatible with your system. The same would apply with plants for healing. It would help if the plant would tell if it is efficacious in healing what is not in harmony with you, but unfortunately there is no information by looking at the plant. Long ago information of healing plants and their purposes was given and written down and have continued to be available through the many years but few take note in today’s modern world.

Information will be given for a better understanding of plants and their purposes. They are most interesting and have yet to be appreciated in their fullest by the majority of people. Consider that the energy of creation goes into all living things and plants share this source of creation and energy and willingly give of it to you. A seed planted with loving intent in a tended garden by loving hands has a higher life giving vibration and so do plants raised by farmers who’s intent is for the betterment of mankind. The connection between all things is stronger than has been realized and the same goes for your influence in the world. Not only would it be helpful to understand this in its entirety but also to understand how to read that compatibility with all other things, or the lack thereof.

We come again to the teachings of everyone being connected but in reality all things are connected. Love one another has a much broader concept in its meaning when you consider that everything is connected, not just people. There is only one source of all things and the intelligence behind vibrational compatibility is so immense that it is hard to conceive of the science and structure behind it. Whether you curse the world or bless the world makes a whole lot of difference in everything.

I leave you now hopefully with a bigger understanding of a much broader picture of everything. Consider the in depth purpose and reasoning of everything you have never really thought about before and see how that understanding would increase your reverence and respect of the Creator of all things. I ask you to consider this for a moment.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 18, 2021

Let us begin. It behooves me to impress upon you the importance of staying in connection with your guidance and your God within. Listen closely to any urging or instruction that is given and when in doubt pray and meditate freely upon any subject or question. The connection of that question will be made, even if the answer is not known to you at that moment. The answer will be in the works, so to speak, and will be received by you when it and you are in compatible receptivity together. Guidance is real and I invite you to let it be real in your life.

Do not be afraid to change your mind. What was once a rule of thumb for you in the way of guidance in times past does not mean it will remain etched in stone for the rest of your life. You, along with your guidance, will change along your growing and what was once appropriate is now the new and improved guidance, for lack of a better description. Your guidance is customized and designed for your every need and sees within a state of insight connected with you that is in the moment. It is a highly underrated resource you have and I would ask that you attune yourself to receiving this help for it is readily available for you to ask. Do not give up and continue to go within and know that part of receiving is silence on your part. You cannot receive when you are continually telling of what you want.

When you are seeking answers, know where to shop. If you are seeking tools go to the hardware store but when you are seeking of God then seek in love and higher attributes of your life with reverence and respect for the Source. Seek peacefully and in harmony with all that is. When you are surrounded in chaos, do not look for answers within that chaos but seek guidance on another level of a higher understanding and that is not confusion and contradiction and misdirection. Establish within you a place of purity of thought that is created in Light and producing of love and this is where you will find your guidance. It may take practice but most of all it takes desire on your part. You have to listen for you will have several different sources of instruction during your lifetime.

There are, at times specialized sources that give of different things, such as comfort in time of stress, healing in time of sickness, security in times of danger and guidance in times of need for direction. See how you are loved in all things and in all times? And you thought you were alone. See that it is important that you learn of your available help and you develop these connections and you have them on speed dial. You can start by not denying them. Compare the difference between how your days develop when you try to do it all by yourself and without God direction and how your days go when you ask of your Father how He would direct your comings and goings. Decide for yourself from your experience for I think you already have the part where you tried it alone.

You might think this will take up a good bit of time doing all these things and it may seem complicated to you at first but the source of life that runs through your being that gives of this guidance is as firmly a part of who you are as your breathing. It is not something you go and pull off a shelf but a door you open that has only your name on it and only you have the key to enter. Crossing this threshold is one of the most peaceful and loving experiences you will have and once attained you will cherish and use it the rest of your life. Go within and ask, seek it out and you will find.

I leave you now with these thoughts and sort of a map to go by. Find your own way that is private between you and God.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 17, 2021

Let us begin. I beseech you to listen to my words today. The truth comes in all its complexity and all its many subjects and it will be difficult to take in. It will take awhile for it to be explained but it will be given and then it will travel like wildfire around the world for all to hear. Be ready, if that is possible and remember you wanted the truth. Once it starts there will be no way to avoid the rest of it for it makes a complete story or picture and one part will follow the next until all is laid out. The reasons for it all will be the most difficult to understand. You are so used to thinking in terms of only reasons that make sense to your world.

As we have said you will measure things by your sense of logic, goodness and propriety and what you will hear goes far beyond the laws you deal with, into a world that seems impossible. It may take some time for it all to be taken in. The readers here are better equipped to handle a lot of it, for after all you are reading words given by an off world entity that are given to someone by thought only. This shows you have reached out in your mind to take in what others might say is impossible. Everything has to be measured by your own yardstick of mental acceptability. Others may not be ready to push the limits of their imagination quite that far.

This is the gray area we believe to be unknown and this pertains to how each individual will react to what is brought out. Human behavior can be very erratic and different reactions will be produced. When one truth is given, you will hardly have time for it to settle before another will be forthcoming and so on. This is why we have tried to cushion you as best we can against what is coming. You will hardly have time to reflect. At this point there is nothing that can slow it down.

We are hoping that the God within each of you will give you stability and strength to traverse this part of the truth giving with the least amount of anxiety and emotional stress but there has been such a cover up and most of it successful. It has also gone on for so long that there is much information to cover. Let us move on.

In the grand scheme of things your world will be headed in the right direction for the first time in many years. Energies will be set on a course of healing and the collective consciousness will form into a more cohesive agreement with all parties on board in most areas, after all don’t most people want peace and freedom. The movement forward will take on new meaning and people of earth will come close to unifying in their work toward healing of Gaia. This will take some time but it will begin and you will be surprised at how much energy will go into making the world a planet of recovery. Before this happens it will start with truth being revealed and that is your next step and the one you have been waiting for.

There is not much more that I can say. We here stand with you regarding your next step. Remember to spend time going within for confirmation of truth regarding any and all subjects. There will be much more I can give you in the way of understanding when this truth process begins. Remain in the love and light of Creator and love one another.

I am Joseph In His Service