October 30, 2021

It is difficult to know what to say in a time like this. You deserve better than to be kept waiting. We all know that you are coming home, wherever that may be for you, but this has been drawn out so many times for different reasons. Usually it was because of defiant actions of the dark in one way or another and this caused so many delays. At first it was directed that we not override the actions of the people we were dealing with in order to let their free will be displayed and carried out. So many agreements were broken by those who wanted to do the right thing and then pressure was put on them and usually when it came to the safety of their family they ceased to comply with their intentions. Death of a loved one is a strong motivator.

Then we got to a point of intervention by Higher Source in a big way and the dark has been forbidden to continue in so many areas. So many have already been brought in and taken before the courts and sentenced. Still many are in the process now of that very thing. It is their privacy that keeps the video and sound from getting into public hands but there is a part of me that would like for everyone to know what they are facing and what happens when the free will of a person goes so wrong and their actions are so devoid of the God within. I guess this is why I have not been placed in a position pertaining to the court system for it just wouldn’t do. It takes someone who is well versed in the rules and laws of all that is to conduct the proceedings in a lawful manner. It is wise for I am not there yet. I am still dealing with the love one another part after seeing and knowing all that has been done by some. Maybe I reveal too much about myself but I have not witnessed such actions first hand as I have on earth and I am still on the road to perfection and the sign ahead telling how far it is shows triple digits. I’m afraid I try to make a joke of it but I think you know that most of us do our best with what we have learned and achieved.

That brings me to teaching so that all that can have information that will lead them in the right direction and part of this teaching is patience. God’s timing is not the same as ours and over the years of my existence I have seen His hand bring about so many miraculous things that would be hard to believe but it has all been in His timing and in His way. I could not begin to plan things and events so synchronous as God does and it is amazing how things all fit together. The reach of His hand has no limits and goes on for as far as our minds can imagine to bring about the intricacies that work together for His good, no matter how long it takes and I have witnessed end results that began hundreds of years ago in His making and at some point began to understand that nothing is impossible once His direction is set to a purpose and He “thinks” it so.

The lives you have lived have led you to your modern society and the name of the game here is have it done quickly. My concern in this matter is that you are given information to lead you to believe that it will be done quickly and then you cannot see the wheels turning on anything and you need reassurance that progress is being made. I assure you things are being done and progress is being made. There is an expectation now of a formal world wide announcement of truth and this is to come. What has come out is of the internet and certain ones on different websites that are giving of truth in copious amounts, but this is not world wide. Truth has an energy and volition of its own and is a living thing and this is gaining speed and energy and is coming out in greater amounts every day now. The public announcements are still going to happened and do not be discouraged. Many of these things are brought about by the intervention of God but are brought forth by men on earth and in this case all the details must be taken care of for it all to work correctly. You have been given dates of expectation by several people on earth looking into the future and this is a slippery slope and hard to solidify. It is necessary sometimes to take different measures along the way and this brings delays but they will happen. The concerns I am hearing from you are connected with those who are suffering and hurting. Your love for others is well established and when someone hurts we all feel that pain to some degree.

I cannot tell you why you have not already been taken home or offered evacuation but I do know it is coming. I can see the wheels turning from my vantage point and the perpetrators of dark deeds are being stopped in their tracks and pain is ending for so many now. The road to recovery is being taken by so many children especially and this is a matter that has to be handled with care and caution concerning the taking of time. In my journey to Higher things I still wanted to be there when some of the darkest hearts were told, “no more, you are through and out of here” but it is probably best that I not be a witness to this. It may not have been a moment that would have propelled me along the road of my achievement.

I wait as you do in the arms of Creator for the homecoming we have been promised. I am encouraged to keep on high ground in my thinking and so I do encourage you to also keep your thoughts on high ground and know that you are coming home at the soonest possible opportunity of God’s choosing. I would hold you close to your teaching and hope that you are not discouraged and maintain your hope and faith in what has been promised. We will keep our sights high and in the moment of the joy of homecoming and reuniting with family and loved ones, who have long been waiting for your return. I leave you now to gather more information concerning what is going on and will return to you.

I am Manning

October 26, 2021

Be it known that I am here to give you the information I think you need for this day. I do keep in touch with things on earth and what is necessary for you. I am deviating from my focus on advancement and concentrating on earth conditions at the moment.

We, and I do canvas others for this information, see that big changes are in store and prepare for truth to be revealed from several different sources, hard core revelations of what has happened and what is being stopped now. You, my readers, are somewhat prepared from your own study and seeking but others will be confronted with these heavy subjects for the first time and we think there will be a lack of acceptance and disbelief at first. There will be a process of acceptance when it continues, for first person testimony will come out and it will be progressively more difficult to deny. Be careful when you let it be known that you have known this for some time. I know you are used to ridicule in your lives but this will be a little different.

At first when others hear of this you will be seen as the guilty party with your words of agreement with what is being said. Caution is needed here for they may think they have the right to stop you or to impede you in your voice. It is unknown how far they will go as they will believe they are in the right and do have the right to stop you. Let this begin to sink in with them and pick themselves up to a better level of acceptance with what is. There is always the group that will never believe also. Travel cautiously in this time of first beginnings for others. Think clearly about the proper timing and words you will use when asked for your opinion. Do not deny your beliefs but try not to offend at first. This is a volatile time for them and this makes it also a volatile time for you.

On the bright side truth will be coming out and it will be felt at first like a harsh blow to the mind and body. From there it will become a steady stream of information difficult to hear for everyone, even you. Be good to yourselves and continue your communion with Source and surround yourselves with the Love of Father and His protection. Try not to give in to outwardly exhibiting the feeling of “I tried to tell you and you should have listened to me”, even if that is what you feel on the inside. You have every right to feel this way but let the love that is God given direct your feelings for others and also for protection of self.

I needed to come to you this day for your own benefit of safety. Go with the flow of release of truth and give thanks for these days ahead no matter how bumpy the road. My Chelas, you are loved in all ways from our side and these are the days you have prayed for. It is hard to put yourselves in the minds of others for you have lived with truth as students for some time but this will go harshly for so many others and compassion is needed. This should not be at the expense of yourselves. It is good to love others and have compassion for them but protect the you that is the God within. These are my instructions and also of many others whom I have consulted on our side. People react in different ways and so much in this respect is still unknown. Hold onto the peace within.

I am Manning

October 24, 2021

These next two weeks will be days of action for the world with lots of strange twists and turns. It is well that you are well seated in your Light and direction from within. These last days are full of the attempts of the dark to re-establish themselves and gain back their lost influence and they will fail. God’s hand is fully inserted in the goings on concerning earth at this time and you will see first hand how things will not develop for the dark. Give thanks to God.

Being human is no small task. There are things that will arise that you will never imagine and as you increase your horizons more will unfold and you need to be ready. You need to study God’s word and this is for your own preparation when you meet these challenges that will arise.

There was a question of teaching at night compared with teaching learned during the day. Both are important for they enter the soul’s energy at different points or places and they both have a purpose that is fully developed and meets the needs of the soul. One is not more important than the other for each has its own purpose. That of earth and consciousness will be remembered as known and that teaching at night will seek its place in the area of service to be used at the proper time, if not at the present moment. That teaching at night is more controlled in that it is customized to what is needed at your state of development, where as what you learn during the day may be an assortment of different topics and subjects. Nothing is lost but I believe that it is important to take things that build on each other and therefore I recommend those like myself who can do this and I am not above promoting my experience and sort of advertising myself for your needs.

Let us be prepared for what is to come on earth. Hold steady and maintain your focus in the service of God and listen to His direction. We are down to the changes now and even though they have been long coming they are none the less intense in their presentation and their depth of meaning. This is another short message but feel the love from all of us in my words as we watch you carefully as always.

It is difficult to explain how much our feelings are with you as you go through this time period. Feel our presence at your side and take comfort that you are never alone. Our service to you is freely given and we have become close to you over these past years. We have studied your lives and your desires and needs. This is a collaborative effort and we are highly invested as you are in the outcome. Always find your place of quietness and communion with Creator and wrap yourselves in His love and light.

I am Manning

October 20, 2021

I am ready to continue with certain facts concerning your advancement on your journey of life. It can be on earth, on another planet or in spirit, it doesn’t matter. You are still in a state of learning and of being and that is your expression of Creator. You underestimate your importance to all that is and your contribution to all that is. You feel what you do only has an affect on your surrounding area that you can see. This is far from the truth and what you do has repercussions which are far reaching. Do you realize that your collective consciousness as a group of Light workers has brought heightened energy to places far beyond your solar system. Yes, believe it for you are that strong in your mental energy.

Most all of you have had teachings at night while you sleep in the focus of your positive energies and how to use them to elevate all living things in your purpose. Even the animals and the plants and the elements themselves derive energies from what you do to better everything. Mostly you are concentrated with things of earth but know that the love and uplifting vibrations you put out cannot be stopped from spilling over into all facets of life and these are far reaching indeed. It may not have been wise to tell you how powerful you could be right at first for this would influence your work but as time went on it was evident that you were growing in intent and dedication and far enhanced your abilities to determined action. Each of you have endeavored to fulfill your contract in a positive way and have not shirked your agreement or put it aside for any length of time. Each of you have had to have rest periods so you would not burn out but then you always came back and focused on your work and stepped forward to continue.

We come to now when you are more aware of what you do and what you think is vitally important in your learning for this is a must in further advancement. You come to know that all is built now upon your basic thinking abilities to control your power upon that which is Godly and the channeling of qualities and thoughts that promote the Source love and light. It is the beginning of the point of positive power which is your basic premise of correct thinking and actions. Like the mother bear who protects her young, all else is set aside to keep her cubs safe from harm. Likewise you begin at the beginning with your thoughts inspired in the intent of all that is good and holy in the direct expression of your Father. This does not rule out joy, laughter and good times for this is of God. Be of good cheer in your being and hold dear your good times and enjoyment of life for this encourages the love you have in your thoughts and actions. Your service to others has risen in your intent and you have come to feel the contentment and joy in this giving of yourselves to the purpose, the cause, or to others. This may be to one individual or it may be to a group or to all that is as a whole.

I encourage you to grow in this effort to remain in the God directed thoughts and positive thinking that brings about the good fruit from the tree of your life. When you fall into the shadows of non productive thinking, pick yourself up and regroup and bring yourself back into the chambers of connection with your Source and begin again to feel God directed in your thinking. You are no longer wandering around looking for instructions on how to act for you are becoming like burnished metal in the fires of strife and discord and are much stronger than you were at the beginning. You now know where to go for your strength for all things are from God and there is no other source for your life or for your instructions. I am only a pointer of the way for your life was a gift from only one source. Be the strength that you are given and let your thoughts be the God creations as He has directed you to be. You are an enlightened group of immense Godly intentions. Continue to pray and meditate within the Kingdom and be the God expression of your own interpretation and way for we were all created differently for a reason and you have so much to give.

I am Manning

October 16, 2021

My dear children, brothers and sisters, we are coming to the close of an earth chapter and you are wondering how things are going and what is happening that you cannot see. Be assured that, even though things are obscured, that the dark energy is hitting the fan as we speak. It is in such a conflict as we see it and it is like the swirling of the water down the drain. I kid you not. Things are coming unwound and all is unraveling in the dark plans and communities. This is the disturbance you feel at night when you cannot sleep and the uneasiness you feel during the day when you say, “something is up”.

The light and energies that have been bombarding earth these past decades have overpowered the dark and the available good energies have been accepted into the hearts and bodies of the many who choose good over darkness. These same energies, when refused by those who choose the darker ways, go against all comfort and well being of the body and mind and things do not go well when those decisions have been made. It is of their own doing but will work their way into the collective of earth to bring about the discomfort you feel at times. This is why we continue to encourage you to surround yourselves with light and love as this will help you travel through the dark water with no ill affects. You are on a different plane and vibration and living and drawing to you more pleasant experiences. This is how someone can be in the middle of the turbulence of all that is going on but feel at peace and be happy. You are in the earth but not partaking of what darkness is going on. You are trying to enter into and live in the Kingdom of God.

We, on our side, have not seen things this conflicted in the dark hearts of the dark ones in a long time. It is not going well for any of them and if they profess it is, then they are deceiving themselves. Continue to hold yourselves apart from all this and center yourselves in the council of the Godly. This is a short message but I had to speak to you. May all be well in your corner the higher planes.

I am Manning

October 14, 2021

I come to you in the manner we are used to now but there will come a time when you, by choice, may be sitting in my classes and hearing from me in person. You have lived so long in your circumstances there on earth that you may not understand the freedom available to you here on our side. There will be a time of adjustment, of course, but after that you will come to know that which has been obscured to you during your journeys upon earth. It does not compare in words with what you are going through now. I speak of your near future. Hope, pray and be happy concerning your future for it is bright and bountiful. You may wonder why we are so consistently a happy lot when we come to you. Our circumstances and opportunities are part of the reason. The higher frequencies give us the love, which is readily available and this paints a completely different picture than what you have to look at there.

Your journey there has been necessary and if you see how much you have been able to affect the outcome, then it is definitely a success. I move you ahead in your thinking because you must plan ahead in your thinking for desirable things. It does not automatically happen without your input. We have not yet discussed the work and physical labor involved in making your desires come about. It is an integral part of creating and cannot be excluded. Surely you do not think you will sit and think and nothing else will be required of you. The proper thinking, which begins the creating, will open the avenues for you to see and actions to take that will bring about the desires of your heart. Remember the beautiful woman you wanted on your arm? You will have to take the necessary actions when she comes into view to win her heart and this is up to you. Thought without action is only half the journey. Action is the manifest thought on the road to materialization and creation. We are fleshing out this concept of creating now and were given bodies for physical labor, otherwise we would just be a brain in a somewhat round container sitting somewhere waiting for our thoughts to appear before us.

I have seen none of you lacking in hard work. It has been required of you on earth and this has been over reached but it has given you experience in getting out there and getting things done. The difference now is that you will be directing your collective thoughts for good and for the betterment of mankind instead of the benefit of a few at the receiving end of all your labor. You will manifest from the God inspired thinking that will create the new world of earth with Gaia smiling over all her children. Connect with source and visualize the beautiful beginnings of New Earth and as the respectful inhabitants create the awe inspiring environment that you desire as it is God directed. You will have help with your work and your direction and it will be of the best quality. Receive these things and these thoughts unto yourselves and see it happening. It has been promised to you and the opportunity will be given. The time is now to start this and I am here to get you on your way.

Put your best efforts and thoughts forward as the process of winding up the demise of the dark energies plays out on the world screen. Your thoughts and actions have a large influence in how things transpire. You have the ability to make things go more smoothly and I mean bring the difficulties down a notch or two, no matter what plays out or happens. Never underestimate the higher thought processes to make a difference upon, not only what happens, but how it happens. You do not want severe undesirable actions being experienced when you, as a collective group can bring about your God centered thoughts and help these actions be less undesirable.

My message to you is two fold. One of creators of your future with the beginning steps in focus and the strong influence you have practiced now for some time in aiding the here and now. Bring forth your lighted beings and Source inspired thinking and usher this long dark influenced attempt into its eternal end on earth. Then get a grasp on the picture of what is ahead and what can be that is everything opposite what you have been through. Set your sights into God’s Kingdom and work to bring it about. I can hardly wait to see what you can do. I love you all so dearly.

I am Manning

October 10, 2021

I come to you today with good news of beginnings. Let us not dwell now on endings but look forward into what is to come. I know I caution you about staying in the moment for this is the moment of power. I ask you to stay in this moment and use your power of creativity to place energy into that which will be your reality. It is an awesome task to think about what you want and an even more difficult task to control the parameters of what you focus upon and channel your energy into. This must be done carefully and with much forethought in detail. We have no desire to exert a haphazard flinging forth of undefined thoughts regarding what we will create. Think on this statement carefully for you have had experience in doing this before, I am sure. Lets say you want things to be better. You might think you want a handsome man who is prime husband material, for the ladies. Men, you might think you want a beautiful, desirable woman for a companion. These are very vague and in need of refining. You will get what undefined thought you cast out but you are taking a big chance.

Ladies, lets say a handsome man comes into your life and he is perfect “eye candy”, as you might think. He is also picking up litter on the side of the road in a community service program and has a drinking habit. You can see how this can go off course. Men, the same applies to your wants and lack of a better description. Let us just say that no one is perfect in all things but what you want may not be what you need. What is needed is a companion who exhibits the better God expressions and is extremely compatible with your expression of God qualities. Do you see the difference. Let this energy of need come to you in it completeness of God’s fulfillment of your needs and give this companion a chance if they are not at first glance magazine cover material. Allow God to work in your life according to His laws and not your avenues of what you think will happen.

Now we return to this moment of creativity concerning your future and what earth can hold. Give energy to those higher qualities desired of love, freedom, compassion, etc. and let the energies weave their vibrations into the completion of reality in the manner of the rules of the cosmos as directed by the hand of God. You, as a collective, have a tendency to want things to happen in a certain way and this may have been influenced by the many restrictions placed upon you. You have more energy to create than you realize and now you are learning to respect the laws of creation concerning energy into matter. In most all things you will incorporate happiness into your formula and this is an ingredient you should not forget. Always picture happiness in the end product of your creations. Love is very powerful and happiness is a by product of this love and a key element of all positive creations. You are embarking upon a lesson of chemistry, for lack of a better description, in the formulary of how to create. I think now you are getting the picture.

So now when you focus upon your reality in your future you know what to bring into the thoughts and the energies you use in this process. There is never a time when you will not be creating so be mindful of this process and how you go about it. Examine your thoughts and don’t cast out thoughts that are with little meaning and not in the direction you really want them to go. Example: I wish I had a new Ferrari! You see immediately how this could get you into complications. Consider words and thoughts tools to work with and like a box of puppies, once you set them free they will be hard to control if no plans have been made. I hope you will think on these things and begin to be mindful of what you say and what you think. You are in the process of attracting all those energies into your lives by way of the laws of the universe. I wish you all God minded creating.

I am Manning

October 8, 2021

We are the collective and it is true what we say about the truth being revealed. We keep a close check on those that will divulge this information and in the past minds have been changed at our great disappointment and yours. We have traveled close to your hearts and seen the intense longing for this day to come. It is ours also. We do not know how this will be received in those that know not one thing about reality on their planet. We have striven for decades to educate everyone the best we could but so much was blocked. Make no mistake about the fact that we will also be rejoicing with you when these revelations happen. There is much to come out and it may take some days to get it all revealed but this is the plan. We hope that it will go smoothly and not be interrupted for there are several who will have a voice in this process. It has been a long time coming. Our hearts have beat many times waiting for this truth and the hand of Creator to stem the flow of dark influence on your beautiful planet. We do not cross our fingers but we pray and give positive energy to this day that is so soon in your counting. We wait with you. We are almost holding our breath and our emotions are high. My Brothers and Sisters of earth this journey through the dark days is coming to an end. We thank you for all your prayers and meditations for it has been of great positive influence in all that is.

We are the Collective

Thank You

October 7, 2021

We come to you as a group today to give you information concerning your current conditions. I had to have help as I do not usually keep up with this type of information. So, the thanks goes to those who do this on a regular basis and they are quite adept with accuracy of events.

We see a major shift happening in the information about to be released and this will be truthful information and not the fluff and cover up that you have been used to. Major news networks are feeling pressure to change their programming focus and if they don’t come out soon with truth they will be left in the dust. There is so much more that goes on behind closed doors before the subjects for airing are chosen and I’m sure you would be amazed at the methods of strong arm tactics that are used to pressure the managers to mold the news that favor keeping you far from the information that would tell you what is really going on. This will stop one way or the other. October should be a revealing month for truth to happen and for these big changes to take place.

We are quite pleased at the amount of information that has come about on other web sites by private individuals who are not afraid to speak. The dark had a hold on what came out for a long time but as in most all cases there are those who lead with unwavering focus to bring you somehow what is being avoided by the big corporations and controllers. It is sad concerning what will be told for there will be names and dates given and proof beyond doubt. Now, this will be quite a jolt to those who are still in the dark or those who refuse to look into what has already been given. Have patience with these ones for they will suffer the shock of truth to their systems. Love is needed here.

As in the past we have hope that this will be done quickly for enough time has already gone by and there are now enough people that have taken in the energies of Light that this can be done. All things must work together and we see this is happening. Along these lines there are many facets or subject being tapped and brought forward to be given by different ones and this will make a comprehensive picture for you. We ask you to bring forth your courage for this in its revealing for courage will be needed.

We are confident that you will endure in your strength and your desire for all things better upon earth. It is happening for you, maybe not in the way or timing we had hoped for in the past but in the now. We send you our love and are standing by for you should you call out for help. We will hear and do what we can. Some things you must do on your own but make no mistake about Gaia for she has been adamant with her desire that you accompany her into the 5th dimension. Her love for you is great.

It looks like the truth is about to be set free according to the elements and energies we see prevailing now and we wanted to bring this to your attention. You have waited so long and we think the time is finally now.

We are the Collective with Manning

October 3, 2021

My Dears, Let us keep on learning, no matter what else happens in our lives. First remember the kingdom of God and all else will be added. This sounds simple but it does not mean frills and shiny things. It means fulfillment of life and the love of your Creator will enter your life and wonders will commence to come about in their synchronicity of happening. Sometimes you call them miracles but these are the things that happen in the Kingdom of God and they have been explained to you if you live in this attitude and this vibration of love, light, respect and faithfulness. We can see these things from our side how things fit together to bring about what needs to be but it is often obscured to you. So many things do not just happen and there is no happening by accident.

You might ask, “Manning, how to you seek out and live in the Kingdom of God?” and this is a good question. In the way you think we often see that you almost view it as a place or city by location but it is a state of mind and a belief system. You do not travel there by distance but you gain access by devotion, attitude and desire to become what your Father Creator has asked of you, to live the best possible life you can live. Imagine yourself in the Light of God. This lifts you up where you can grasp the concepts of the workings of the Kingdom. Honesty, loyalty, living by the laws of God and thankfulness. You see with clearer eyes in the Kingdom and you are well aware that this is the best of things regarding your travel on the road of advancement.

Whenever possible begin with a cheerful heart and that is a real challenge for some of you that live in dire circumstances. I know this is asking a lot of you but still your mind and imagine what this would feel like. See and feel the Light of God surrounding you and physically feel with your senses what joy feels like. Do not be hesitant and grasp and hold onto the happiness as it is presented to you. Hold it dear and know this is of and is from God. It is yours because you are of God yourselves. Become acquainted with this feeling of being in the Kingdom of God and live in that moment until you can recall it when you need to. The real objective is to stay there on a permanent basis but I understand this is a beginning for you and we have to start at the beginning.

There will be days coming that are challenging and this Kingdom of God will be needed by you for it will present more clear opportunity of protection, direction and communion with all that is favorable for you and your family. Be the leaders and partakers of this state of being, while chaos rages around you for you are His children and you are of the Creator. Connect yourself with your source of being and feel that you are one with all that is. I give you this beginning to all of you for it is offered to you and there is no higher way to live than in the knowledge of who you are and your Kingdom awaits.

I am Manning