October 25, 2022

Greetings to all.

It is my wish and desire to come to you this day before great changes will start to happen.  You have been told of these for some time now and in some cases for years.  It is upon us all to experience these major changes starting now.  Above all, do not be afraid for it decreases your desire to remain in the Light and to focus upon your security.

There are major land activities here that will change the appearance of land and oceans.  It is not prescribed to us in detail and is up to Mother Earth as she sees fit to let these changes happen.  There will be earthquakes in many areas, some small and some major, and these will affect the waters surrounding the area and this will cause waves.  Those in coastal areas take care that you are aware of all announcements from your governments protection warnings and move to safety when advised.

There will be those who will give in to fear and will be upset with it all and this is understandable but I am depending upon the readers here to know how important it is to remain unaffected by the fear emotion.  Remain strong through it all and know that provisions have been made for your removal from the dangers.  This is not to say that all will be saved for some have a life stream plan that does not permit them to move forward in the physical body.  This will cause sadness when news of this is announced and I ask that you give of your love to these people for they will continue their learning and advancements elsewhere.

You knew this day would come and now it has.  So long have you planned and prayed for time to speed up and get on with it and now that it is here I hope you are tempered like steel to pass through these difficult and trying times with angelic wings of glory placed there by long hours of prayer and meditation into the Father’s will for your life.

I come to you with suggestions of light eating and continued meditation and an ear to inner guidance for by now you are will on your way to hearing the guidance within.  You always have been and continue to be in God’s hands for you were sent her on assignment and have had the Light of mission and protection upon you from the beginning.  Yes, it has been a long and difficult struggle at times but you are still listening and walking your path with your own Light emanating from your soul in this body and this life.  Help those who are placed before you in your path for they come to you not by chance.  Speak your truth to them and let them take it or not but these words are important.

Do not put yourself in harm’s way for anyone but remain calm and care for your own life and that of your loved ones.  Your trials are almost over and your work is mostly done.  Put yourself in the recognition of importance that God has placed you in at this moment and remain there for you are loved beyond your understanding.

I Am Your Exalted One and I love you greatly,

I Am Lanto

2 thoughts on “October 25, 2022

  1. Dearest Lanto, are you one and the same as Lord Lanto the Sage of the second golden ray of refraction? If so, I have read your words before and I am humbly greatful that the Master Cohans have blessed us with your words of wisdom.

    I express my gratitude to “All That Is” for answering prayers. In my last response, I petitioned Taylor M. for help in teaching how to pray in the Spirit and not through 3rd dimensional speaking/thinking/feeling. I also petioned for help in hearing and understanding the voice of the I AM within. Shortly after asking these questions I was led to the answers. Additionally, your message is a direct answer on many points to questions my wife and I were discussing today. I am a witness on many occasions that the promise “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” is true. If we do not cancel out our sincere prayers through wrong thinking and living, the answers will come. They may not come when or how we may expect, but if we are open, and have eyes to see and ears to hear we will see when and how our sincere prayers are answered. I say this for the benefit of all the readers.

    Your brother Jay


  2. Thank you Lanto for coming. I deeply touched by Jays reply. He is pure of heart and my dear brother. Are you of the exalted realm? What is the order of a Anglehood or God hood in adamic? I am learning and curious. Much love and Light


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