September 21, 2022

I am so thankful to have been given this gift of receiving messages from all who gave of their time and words. In taking the words there were impressions I received in addition to the words on the page and these were sometimes very subtle and sometimes strong. I was instructed not to worry if the words would be believed but to only be concerned with accuracy and I did this as best I could. This means I could not add anything to the words as given. It would only have been me and not them.

I do not know what will happen but wanted to thank you before it became difficult to do so. It has been a long journey and it has certainly lifted me to be able to read your responses to the messages and know that I was not alone. I have been abundantly blessed in the total of this mission.

We are not the same as we were when we first came to earth. We have learned, grown and have become more aware of the strength and power of Source within us. We will go on to accomplish many more momentous and meaningful services, as Manning stated in his last message. We will most likely spread out in different directions when this is over but by our own choice we have united in our focus for this brief period of time to work hard for our intent was and is strong. I am proud to have served with you on earth. Our challenges were many but we prevailed. I think the words of our teachers aided us greatly to keep going and keep us motivated.

Hopefully we will look back upon these times on earth as more than what most people see as a difficult time. We were given insight and understanding to go within for a deeper meaning and will take with us the learning and turn it into wisdom for our continued journey. Was it hard, yes. Were we privileged, honored and blessed to have been asked to accept the mission, yes, but we would not have been asked unless we had completed certain achievements already.

It has been a wonderful experience to have taken these messages for you and I bless you in all ways for allowing me to bring the words before you.

Taylor M.

10 thoughts on “September 21, 2022

  1. Taylor thank you. Since the directive has been approved I can’t say much other than Good or God does win. While I cannot say much our friends are still with us and they all wanted me to thank you for your work beyond words fellow warrior for the light and truth wherever it may be. “O say what is truth!”


  2. Taylor M. I send my warmest greetings to you and all those who labor with you in the service of Father God Aton and the Creator/Creation within which we are all one. When we consider the dark times we have endured, and will yet have to endure, it is comforting beyond expression to know that there are those more advanced in the light, who have progressed beyond this 3rd dimension and are working with us to ensure the full success of the Creator/Creation’s purposes which in the end will triumph over all darkness.

    Taylor, will you please share a little about yourself and your background that we may become more familiar with you?

    As you may already be aware, there are those who read herein who have great faith in God and posess a strong desire to graduate with Mother Earth Shan into 5th dimmension, through living the Laws of God and Creation to the best of our ability. We thank you for coming to our aid and deliverance when Earth turns on her axis.

    I don’t know what you feel is appropriate for this audience, but I would love to learn how I may better recognize, discern, and hear more clearly the voice of the I AM within. How to pray by the Spirit/Soul within (Not through the words of the mouth or the thoughts of the lower mind, and beyond visualizations). How to recognize the influence of the Seraphic Guardians of Destiny. How to prepare to end the 3rd dimensional reincarnational cycles and enter into the ethereal rhealms without tasting death. How to become prepared to enter the Christed circle of infinity.

    Perhaps these are more personal matters, but unlocking these mysteries would better enable all men to live their life in greater alignment with the will of the Father/ Mother/God/Creator/Creation/One Source and Center of All Things.

    Your brother, Jay


  3. On a more practical note, can you help us understand the signs of the times? More specifically, the flash of light Manning spoke of, the rainbow and chord that Sanat Kumara speaks about before mother earth graduates, the New Madrid fault activity, The affect of Nibiru, timeliness, her passing and what we need to do to prepare for these things.

    On a more earthly level will the galactic alliance and Mother Earth allow WWIII and a global nuclear war. This information is not out of fear, but a desire to prepare should we have to live through events of this nature.

    Thank you for your patience and thoughtful response to an inquisitive personality.



  4. Thank you Jay for your words. You always inspire me online or in person. Taylor it is sad not being able to say much right now here but know there are many pages I would and have written for you in graditude and the other virtues and eternal principles. I do know our friends have for a personal message of graditude with more than we can discuss currently as we await the next phase to really emerge from where it has been building pressure. Oh how you are loved dear one. Thank you for all your efforts. I count you as a dear friend who we will meet someday in Joy, love and peace. If any other messages come from anyone be it Angel’s or anyone who desires such and you feel good about it certainly it would as always be edifying. Keep up the good work. We are working in random now with many levels. Love and Light and Glory and Praise to God forever and ever. Jacob


  5. Woops my spelling and grammar neet some improvement haha –
    Correction 1: “have for you a personal message of graditide and many other things. Certainly you must know!”
    Correction 2: “We are working in tandem now on many levels, many beyond any capacity of anything evil to possibly comprehend.”

    Thank you for bearing with grammer/spelling mistakes on my part.

    We will meet again. God speed


  6. Hi dear friends, Taylor and Manning and well all of you. Thank you for continuing to watch over us in the loving ways that you and always will. God bless you beyond mortal words. Exciting times!!!!


  7. Hello Taylor, while I believe you are all engaged in a tremendous work which demands your time, I must be honest in stating that I am saddened that the messages have become so few and far between, and I ask this question. Is the purpose of this blog of establishing trust better established by reducing the frequency of contact? In the world we live in, with the dark ones continually escalating their plans, more frequent messages would really help us. I say these things in love and a desire for your greatest success.

    In the end I know God wins. However, when a soldier is in the midst of the battle with the enemy advancing, all he dreams about is his loved ones rescuing him (beam me up Scotty). But if we must see this battle to its completion, any word from the comand center brings us hope when all seems hopeless. Until we cross the finish line, please know that there are some, even if only a few who treasure your words, and daily look forward to your next message of wisdom and love.

    Your brother, Jay


  8. Jay, let’s meet up in person and I’ll explain what’s going on. Just hold your breath it will all work out. Father is in control! The answers come within not just the evidence of the without. In Love and service always your friend Jacob


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