August 31, 2022

My Dear Friends,

We have come to the end of a long journey and Yes, the time is here for big changes to take place and I for one am more than ready. We have been working on our side quite steadily for some time now and feel we have been in tandem with you here on earth. It has taken both of us to continue this long battle against the efforts of the dark and they have been a formidable foe. I will not go into detail here for you are the ones who have lived it and you already know what they are capable of doing and have done.

Let me just say that I do favor my readers and I am not ashamed to say so for I have taken the time to get to know you on a deeper level and you will go on to realize your true selves and to accomplish many more momentous and meaningful services for Mother, Father God. Bless you all in your journey and the many opportunities you will have. With the experiences and understanding you now have you are capable of so much and no doubt will become known for your long distance journey upon earth. Only those who have had many lives here will know just what courage and determination it took to keep going under such odds and you faced many. Telling the story sounds unbelievable but there are the facts to back it up, of course.

It has been my pleasure and blessing to work with you and I am forever changed by having done so. What comes now, and I cannot give you a time, is the revelation of great information concerning not only yourselves but that of earth and what was perpetuated against you. You only know part of it. Take your information and continue working for the one Source of all things for you have earned a great honor and will be marked now as forever known to have been the warriors you were in the great earth conflict.

I thank you all as I take my leave and continue myself as one who has been privileged to be in this position to have had the opportunity to give you my words. It is time for all the curtains to come down and the events will take place for this to happen. Take a rest and reflect on just what has happened for you have accomplished more than you ever realized. You will have changed all that is. My love will forever be with you.

I Am Manning

A Servant

3 thoughts on “August 31, 2022

  1. Thank you so much, Manning. Your words are encouraging and match many rumblings I have heard elsewhere. That gives me hope. I am ready for the curtains to fall, revealing the tiny wizard.. and the truth for all to see.


  2. My dear Manning, speaking for myself and the readers of this blog, we have grown to love you also. Your message felt like a farewell. If that is so I hope it is only because a reunion is just around the corner. Please know of my love and appreciation for your sincere service. Give my love to Prosper, Albert, Joseph, Parker and my direct Pleiadian ancestry. Also please send my love to Aton/Hatton, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Ashtar and the Master Cohans. We your chelas are preparing to graduate with Mother Earth by continuing in our soul lessons, working with you in the lighted realms to overcome the dark ones, and striving to live by all the laws of God and Creation. Until we see each other face to face, your brother, Jay


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