August 10, 2022

My Dearest Readers,

I am very busy at present and things are moving faster now.  This does not keep me from thinking of you and wanting to spend time with you.  You are getting closer now to moving into the 5th dimension totally.  You have been, as an enlightened group, moved into the very lower 5th dimensions and unbeknown to you have had to back up a bit to take care of or handle situations in the 3rd dimension as the challenges arise.  This has not been done much before but has become necessary in that it saves time.

You are more powerful than you realize and in some way not known to me have spoken to each other on other levels and agreed to handle situations in the 3rd dimension to quell uprisings and take down the volume of wrong doing so the forces on my side can deal with individuals continuing the strife and agony of others.  I am impressed at your initiative in this decision and you are more experienced now at doing this.  This action on your part has surprised others on our side also.  You have forgone the experience of 5D and engaged again in your work with a focused agenda in a lower vibration to enhance the energy of higher ones and make the arena safer for all others on earth.  This is an accomplishment and we are most excited that you have done this and are happy to work with you.

What you have done is become aware of energies and difficulties in your earth and taken it upon yourselves to target these imbalances head on and use your light energies as a group to bring balance back to that group or area where it can be further controlled or returned to the proper levels.  This, in my memory is not usually done by those moving up for several reasons.  Once a person moves up they are loath to return back to the dimension they came from and crave the thing they have studied for and worked for for so long.  Another reason is because as an individual much work is lost and ineffective in lowering yourself  to do this, but as an agreeable group you are now a force, in agreement, to target and strategize your energies toward the situation and have become very effective.

Let me turn my back and you have grown and become so much more than was expected of you.  I implore you to learn that you are even more adaptive and powerful than you think and this was part of my lesson to you in the beginning.  So much happens on other levels and you have put your limitations in the shadows and brought out your thinking of “yes, we can.”   Be and become the Light Beings that I know you are capable of being.

My dear readers, I am so fortunate to have been able to come to you in the past.  Let this new information encourage you to continue.  We are getting close to the time of permanent advancement and those who have made their decision not to join us should also be prayed for and blessed in their continuation of learning.  I can stay no longer but had to give you this information of just what you have been up to on other levels of your energy and also while you sleep.  Open up further doors and spread your wings in changing, not only your world, but creation.  I love you dearly.

I Am Manning

3 thoughts on “August 10, 2022

  1. Thank you Manning for your words of encouragement, insight and inspiration. I know the truthfulness of your words by my I Am spirit that is in all things and connects all things into a grand and synchronized whole-THE CREATION. I thank you, and all those who are in service to Father/Mother/Creator/Creation, for helping us see through the 3rd dimensional veil to remind us of who we really are, and the power all of us have to ignite our creative force within to accomplish the will of our divine source. It is encouraging to hear that many of us are working in the lower 5th dimmension; and that our desires, and spiritual work are seen, and our efforts to change things within ourselves and the world we live in are being accomplished in realms unseen by those within this 3rd dimension. I look forward to that time when I shall see as you see, and know as you know. I am only saddened by how little response I see, as only a handful of readers thoughtfully reply to your posts. I hope there are millions of others who are silent participants of this blog, but I suspect this blog is not gaining the audience you had hoped for. I know you are very busy. Perhaps you can look into your readers souls to know how sincerely greatful we are for each and every message. Hopefully, that knowledge will bring you the joy to compensate for your time rendered in this selfless service. I pray that our appreciation of your work is sufficient for you to continue to give your time, attention, and wisdom in these last hours of Mother Earth Shan. Your brother, Jay


  2. Dear Manning and Jay, thank you for your remarks. These matters are truly soul searching aren’t they? Is it possible Manning to interface with you and your people directly when asleep? I don’t know which it’s probably good I don’t. Anyway keep up the good work. This has all got to roll out the way Eternal Father has directed. He sees the past present and future all as one. I’m curious how is your peoples reconing of time? What are it’s motions and calculations affixed to? Could you tell us anything about our local neighborhood and greater community or however it is organized and it’s peoples and cultures and history? Well that’s alot to ask. We are all on a tight schedule. On we go keeping on keeping on


  3. D&C 124 v13
    Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven.

    Dear Ones,
    It weighed heavily upon me in deciding on whether or not to mention anything at this point however a few issues have surfaced which are worthy to contribute here considering the rapidly changing landscape this 3d gaia realm is a part of. A bumpy ride is ahead for most. This includes tremendous shock with the added advantage of rapid learning beyond the bounds and blinders most on this planet survive under scraping by hour by hour or moment by moment as the case may be. I have lived many years in 3rd world nations literally on the streets among the peoples and also have had former friends who I vacationed/stayed with who are billionares and I have observed that tremendous gulf more than most people. It is unfathomably wide. One cannot truly understand the ease and callousness of the wealthy and also understand the greatest of human privations in lack and bondage without having experienced both. I really love Hawaii and one time I was watching a nice comfortable boat glide effortlessly across the water. Then a thought struck me. As easy as it is for that boat to glide above it is just as hard for a barefooted person to travail the harsh coral reefs beneath should there be no water. Saying that the wealthy are oblivious to the true dire plight of the poor is indeed a gross understatement. This is one of those things beyond words friends.
    Humanity is in bondage and not just the poor. The wealthy are in even greater peril spiritually for as mentioned before in our discussions there exists no agreement of value (except a false value based upon force and coercion which is non sustainable to say the least. devils (perdition) cannot exist indefinitely throughout the infinitude of time because they all eventually just rot to non existance for they all refuse to abide by eternal laws which are life giving rather than what they have always abused even the free will they were given like everyone else but choosing to become laws unto themselves. In other words no order or equality for anyone including their own stupid selves. (Sorry I tend to ramble on and am quite passionate about the beliefs I hold sacrosanct)

    Back to the topic – equal energetic exchanges where value is mutually understood are the divine principles upon which society here must rely upon for there to be equality and order in every way. Currency or money here is completely out of order and rapidly needs to be reformed based upon these divine life giving, life sustaining ways. The holy bible speaks to these principles when it teaches the vital need of ‘proper weights and measures’ being established in society.
    One side or the other will prevail entirely here. Yes God prevails always and will again. God is infinitely smarter than every possible scheme or mischief any evil imagines up. God created all things including the realms of darkness and light. The realm of darkness is simply the absence of light. There is no equal opposite of good. Though evil is the opposite of good it is doomed at conception simply by choosing to attempt to accomplish something out of harmony with our Holy Eternal Parents ways. Evil cannot operate in the light anymore than a man could survive attempting to walk into the sun. The parasite that evil is (for it creates nothing of its own, it only steals) can only function on a temporary basis. It is it’s own beginning and end. It can only operate in the dark holding no honor. It is what pride really is all about ignoring truth and charity or love seeking to destroy free agency. These idiots who bind together towards any evil end never do so in honor. They are so completely devoid of the virtues and principles of light/truth/love etc hating eachother and themselves it is impossible for them to prevail indefinitely. As wise parents God teaches us through experiencing many things including evil. At some point in our eternal progression evil becomes obsolete and irrelevant completely understood as foolish and without any value except to grow through experience whenever it pops up. Oh boy there is my rant for the morning friends. Be that as it may one does learn a great deal surviving sra abuse as a 3 year old and that hell that is beyond all imagination and description (unless you also go through it) is healed through Christ who is turning hell to heaven. He has that capacity and beyond. I am a witness of Him and Testify of Him.
    Thank you again and again our friends who assist us. Thank and Praise God always first, during and after. If ever there was a time/condition to call upon and ask to be invoked any type of “Omega Directive” that may exist certainly it is appropriate at this juncture save it be that this war spreads out further with greater intensity than it is in our unique and combined duties to allow at all costs to take place as followers of light even the children of God who we are. Manning thank you personally for addressing us at this time even in the midst of great obligations and thank all of you for considering whatever we communicate to you back. That really is not taken for granted and I truly desire to make a point about it more than I am permitted to say here. Joseph mentioned in prior communication about the United States having made certain agreements with you some time ago. While you have kept your side of things we have by and large not as defined within the framework/conditions/terms/directives of these agreements. I personally do not know what that represents for you or us, sincerly I do not know. Perhaps it might be possible to consider all of us here who in our souls sustain the principles these agreements were made in good faith about at face value as sacrosanct worthy to fulfill in honor and excellence the parts others choose not to respect? This nation of the Republic of the United States of America is very important and has responsibilities and obligations to handle honorably all that it has through any of its auspices (saught or stumbled upon) learned and become. The secret government crap the globalists have always funded and sustained needs to be wiped away. We have that opportunity now here at the precipice. I do not even know if the Constitution is held by a thread or it is not anymore. Sadly there are those who I personally know of who have been tasked by the holiest of divine instruction no less (who are taught or at least were taught that the constitution is like unto scripture) with preserving the integrity, dignity and respect of this divine document yet they have not lived up to the covenants they have made and have forgotten the covenants thier fathers made with their lives no less. So I do not know true dear ones out there watching and participating what to expect. I hope and pray like you do that we take our individual power and collective power that IS-real and overcome these awful things that have gotten above us. If all else fails at least by virtue as an exopolitition they now tell me haha remember asylum is requested.

    Thank you for enduring my rants. One has to let steam out in healthy ways. One of those ways is speaking truth and love. God and Good wins always. Light always overcomes darkness the same as fliping the light switch on in a dark room. That is a given. It is true the divine ones will direct us all as required in the ‘now.’ I don’t see it so much as time travel but as further understanding and application of/with this interesting concept we humans have of causality. What a wonderful ‘now’ to be living in and experiencing. A time where despite the increasing evil the light increases also and remember what is more powerful than its absence! It seems that again the outside conditions and for the final time (except after the millennium the final battle) have naturally detiorated (or ripenened) due to the abuse of free will by ‘secret combinations’. An example of secret combinations applicable to today that darkened minds are always planning these types of things throughout history is found within the contents here:

    An advantage to the turmoil that has been set loose is that most will become compelled or otherwise to seek humility including the divine within to set in order first allowing then the outside conditions to follow. Again to each of you assisting the forces of light where ever you are my/all of our thanks and love for each of you. I desire greatly the capacity to meet and embrace each one of you and thank you personally. This is a great team effort. Despite my many challenges and difficulties and imperfections and weaknesses im aware of or otherwise I know I am worthy as a Son of God or Good and I salute you. Keep on keeping on.


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