October 30, 2022

Now I have been reading your responses to my words and I am thankful for your inquisitive minds. This shows much desire to know and figure everything out. We see here a process that needs to be followed in learning and the path has perfection in it according to the way it is traveled so we proceed with what I like to think of as the clarity understanding, which is step by step.

We left off with the sun and the energy coming from it. This is proceeding and yes, it is perfecting the DNA as desired but the flash will be stronger and contains elements that will kick start your memory of who you really are and your forgotten past. It really isn’t forgotten but veiled from you, which is a subtle difference. It has never been taken from you, only hidden. This was done so that you could live your lives from a point of sincere learning instead of lofty thoughts of maybe already learning some of the lessons before. It humbled you and gave you a needed beginning of perspective that you would not have had.

Another aspect of transition is the elevating of your vibrations in accordance with ascension and the bringing with you others on the planet who needed this tug or lift to move along. You see, most all of you have already ascended before and yourselves were not in need of this ascension for your own growing but your mission was to help others to rise above the base density of third dimension.

There is a connection with all other planets and aspects of creation and what happens here with and on earth directly affects others and their planets and heavenly bodies. Your scientists are just now discovering that connection with all that is but as yet most don’t realize how all encompassing it really is. The ascension of Gaia and her children upon her will change all that is by way of this connection and all will reap the benefit of this action. Your existence on earth is a closed mental concept and was designed it that way to set the stage for this conflict. The unrestricted flow of traffic from nearby portals or what you call worm holes was halted and guards placed to keep others out as long as was needed to provide a clearer atmosphere for this conflict to take place for there were those who dearly wanted to interfere with the goings on upon earth. This was prevented. So you see there was much to do in setting the stage for everything.

When I speak of a mental concept it is difficult for you to imagine but it is like a bubble where this could be played out without disrupting other planets and also give earth a freedom to proceed without interruption and interference. At the time of ascension it will revert to its original intention as created in the beginning and the closed societies will then be free as all planets were intended to be. This means after ascension traffic will once again be allowed from far away but the elements of the dark that were living on earth will have been removed.

You view your lives on earth as real and in most ways they are but it is more like a mental dream you are experiencing in a prearranged stage play and the curtain will come down. You see you are more than what you perceive yourself to be in any one lifetime. Your energy is much greater than what you think it is and the totality of your being is mightier than this one life. There are over souls and that over soul has the capability to contact you and influence you. It is not necessary that this be done but in a lot of cases the over soul deems it necessary to aid in soul growth and so makes contact with the expression that is chosen for this one life. It is usually after a certain degree of attainment has been achieved before this happens. Do not think that you have failed if this connection has not been made. It is determined by discretion and desire of the over soul and this connection can be very subtle but it is always made smoothly with love.

My children, you still have things to experience here and there is much talk of what will happen when and how. You are thinking how can I possibly plan on anything with all these things looming before me for these aspects of your future involve so much. Yes, it can be daunting and confusing and I come to tell you that above all Infinite wisdom is in it all and there are many things that cannot be given for it is not known by us. It will happen as it is intended and determined by Divine order depending on how the previous event rolls out and what that event causes and how much is changed by its happening. So you see we on this side can only give you what we know and that is limited when referring to specific plans of the events and their timing. Some things may be deleted all together and we have tried to give you information regarding what is possible.

The earth will divest herself of all the dark embedded within her and the perpetrators will be removed. This in itself will be a very large procedure and the question is, will you be gone by then. Will all the bad guys have been removed by then? Many will be left on earth from their own choices not to leave. Many of the dark minions have already been removed from their influence to face the judicial system. You are well into the changes bringing Light back to Gaia and into the ascension process into a higher dimension. So, do not despair for it is happening and we plan for most of it to happen this way and part of this is that you do not see it. We determined that it would be utter chaos to land, take over, arrest all the bad guys and tell you who we were and who you are all at the same time. This would cause more harm than good.

Take heart and be uplifted for in spite of all the devious plans of the dark we are proceeding in a controlled environment with as little disruption as possible and most of this is only seen from our side. Yes, there are still ungodly things going on and you see this. It will come to an end.

I close now for another day and leave you with love that enters your being from both the inside and the outside. Imagine that atmosphere of love and know that you will soon be in it yourselves. I continue to love you greatly.


2 thoughts on “October 30, 2022

  1. Dearest Lanto, I cannot express my gratitude in words. Therefore, I ask that you look into my soul and the souls of the readers; for your attention to our questions bulsters our faith, increases our hope and strengthens our courage. This is not to say that other writers have loved less, for each have been involved in this battle at different stages of the war, and there have been times, which were very intense which required all of your time and attention. I thank all those who have written herein, including your scribes for the time and attention you have given to us.

    The quarantine of earth with its veils often causes us to feel alone, even forgotten and it is comforting to know that the Lighted realms are involved in this war with us, that the battle is nearly finished, and that we are winning. Stress comes from ignorance. It is so much easier to endure knowing what the good side is doing.

    Your messages are clear and faith inspiring. I will proceed with greater trust that all things are being accomplished in a divinely orchestrated manner and be content in not knowing how it will all play out.

    This reminds of an analogy of a child on a trip to the ocean. In the child’s ignorance, eagerness and impatience, the child may ask many questions, the answers to which the child won’t fully understand even when given. The most repeated question is “Daddy, when will we get there?” The father responds, “It won’t be long now.” Even with this answer, to the child the trip seems endless. At long last… from the car window the view of the ocean begins to emerge, and the sea breeze thrills the child’s senses. Finally the car comes to a stop, the door is flung wide open, and the child gleefully runs upon the warm and soft sand to the ocean’s edge.

    As this child, I will trust in this grand earth journey, knowing that all things are in the capable hands of the Father/Mother/Creator and Creation and strive to enjoy each moment. I thank all of you for the endless work you have given in our behalf, and in service to the Creator/Creation and all of the cosmos.

    Thank you Lanto for your teaching. I will look forward to every subject you introduce and more than trying to figure it all out, work on BEING and BECOMING, listening to the call within, and efforting to be about my Father’s business.

    Your brother, Jay


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