October 31, 2022

My Dear Children,

I want to get across to you that you can proceed with what needs to be done without knowing or having all the answers. Your capabilities are much more than sufficient to give you the security and faith needed to go forward in some sort of happiness and joy without knowing what is not even known to us from our point of view. I can only surmise that your journey upon the earth plane has grown you in a cautious manner and it gives you security to know exactly what is to happen and when.

There are scientific laws and rules that do determine what will happen and when in an overall sort of way and these must be followed to the letter as that is the way they were set up. It is not so much that things choose to follow in a certain manner but that they can only act in a prescribed way according to the dynamics and process set forth for them. Having said this I wish to have you know that there is a latitude of sorts as to exactly how this comes about. The expression of the experience is in the hands of the experiencer and how these rules and laws are carried out can be called the free will of the thing or person following the rules. There is so much diversity in all things that the beauty of life itself is in the choice of how the laws and rules are put forth in any given move or process. This is the real beauty and joy of life.

So don’t get so caught up in the what will happen next and how and when that you fail to live the pure joy of an experience in yourself or in someone else or in the cosmos with all its planets. Look at a rainbow and know that the light hitting the moisture and the rain droplets gives of its life but the rain or moisture has the opportunity to express that light in its own fashion or desire and it determines how the light will be refracted into the colors that you see and also how vivid and deep with color. It is an individual or in this case a collective decision made strictly belonging to the water the light is hitting. Try to say exactly how that will be seen and you will be wasting your time. Just enjoy how that light is expressed through the water and enjoy the view.

Such is part of what is happening now. Part of this process is at the discretion of the planet as to how she goes about returning to the directed energy and finished purpose of the planet. The sun also has a certain amount of latitude as to how the energies given will be processed and emitted and in what direction it will flow. All life is created so that each expression will be a little different in its living and progressing. Like the waters in a river will in time make a somewhat different path in its flow but it will always adhere to the laws set forth regarding water and movement. It expresses in its own way and each river has its own character and movement and way of being a living expression of life. This is why some of the answers cannot be given to you is because we do not know yet how many of the planned activities and processes will choose to experience what is before them to do. This includes also when exactly they choose to do them. Just as we could not tell you how a certain person would act if they won a million dollars. You would guess some of the activities but not all for all life is expressing in a different way according to their individuality and the way they choose to express themselves.

Now that we have established I don’t know nearly as much as you thought I might let us get into the topic of what you call the sleep. This is a new topic for you and has come up several times now and seems to be traveling around in the circle of information talks and videos. Here again is a process that is not new and follows certain guidelines but can take place in somewhat different ways. There will be an undetermined amount of time that will take place in a sort of inventory of all creation. You will not be hindered in any way or set back. It will happen according to the will of Creator and is a renewal of things. I, along with you, will have to see how this is unfolded in its Divine plan. I think I will leave it here so as not to get my guessing mixed up with the facts. We will just have to wait and see. Guessing is a free will venture and is constantly being used in the place of hard facts. There are those who specialize in conjecture. Do not get caught up in this guessing game but always go within and when facts are not forthcoming or are not revealed the best option is to remain in faith that it is in the hands of Mother Father God and listen for any actions to be taken on your part or any knowledge given concerning the subject in your future. Here again is the joy of living in that we do not know everything and how everything will happen or when.

Think of God’s expression in the form of a woman. How she chooses to love her children and the man in her life. Think of the different ways this can be done and the fact of not knowing how she will do this from day to day. There is such difference in the way a woman lives her life and the way a man lives his life. These differences in expressions can add joy and happiness and sometimes humor to a relationship. That is why it is never a good idea to try to change someone into something they are not. This is also why there are laws of behavior set up to follow for this happiness and joy to come about.

We will continue later if circumstances permit. Events are continuing to happen rapidly now and earth is making some continual changes and I am called upon for my presence is needed. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto bringing you my expression in words.

3 thoughts on “October 31, 2022

  1. Thank you Lanto for your honesty and wisdom. There has been a prevailing thought upon earth, that all things are known by the higher realms and you have clearly set this matter straight. I will apply the principles you have taught and enjoy the unfolding of the divine plan to manifest as it will in its beautiful expression.



  2. Thank you Lanto for pouring forth as much as you have been able to so eloquently. Your words do not upon deaf words or infertile soil dear friend. Thank you for the services you and others are working for in the light. Faith be in control NOT the mind. Glory be to Father


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