November 1, 2022

In our quest to inform you it is necessary to take steps that build on each other and this is one reason we do not jump ahead with a multitude of different answers. I am in the teaching business and hope to give you what you need to lay a foundation for other information. We left off with the time of sleep, as you call it, and now we will continue with some fascinating (I hope) tidbits.

Your over soul at one point was like you and was learning and growing and after a certain attainment dropped a portion of self (you) to travel the road of learning and attainment. This is a pattern that will continue to reproduce down a line of individuals and may go as far as 6 or 7 divisions of the soul. It is like birthing children. For one thing the soul is a very energetic and powerful thing and to put that much energy into a physical body into a third dimensional setting would overpower the physical capabilities of that body and destroy it. For this application of conflict on earth it had to be done this way. In other platforms or arenas the soul may remain as one without dropping another or portion of self and be seen as a Light being self contained. When you finish this journey on earth and return to your origins, at some point you will have the option to return to your over soul and the two shall become one again.

There are those who will choose to remain in the body and when earth is inhabitable again you will return to the new earth and live according to your life plan and personal choices to do so. Many will be needed to re-boot the earth cycle in its new environment and this will be done again as a vanguard of learned individuals that will lay the foundation for the proper start of life again on earth. Now let us talk about the new earth.

We see a vast range of needed ones in different areas who can take messages and direction and this will be needed in different fields such as animal husbandry, farming and food production, government and representation of the people and science and technology. Much help will be given and also a lot of learning will take place in the time between evacuation of earth and the return to it. We expect this to take several years before life can fully return. In the interim everyone will be taken care of in a very pleasing atmosphere conducive to learning and enjoyment. You have been thinking all this time of a certain period of time up to the point of evacuation and now it is time to broaden your horizons to include the return to earth and beginning again. Life will go on and those abundant prophecies from long ago sort of stopped at the point before this new beginning. A whole new time will begin and a new future, for you see when the old prophecies were told it was unknown at that time what was in the picture for the new earth. This new beginning will be watched and directed more intently than it was in the past and the directives will be more specific as they are carried out. There will be an abundance of joy and happiness and those from the old world will be telling stories of how it was in the olden days to their young and how blessed they are to be born in this new time. It will be hard for them to imagine and the telling of it will seem foreign and strange.

Health care will go down a much different path and there will be no disease like now and treatments will be available when imbalances do arise and recovery and healing will be of a shorter duration than you have ever known. We have yet to know how individuals will communicate, whether they will want to verbalize to express or whether they will choose to speak mentally, or a combination of both. There will be a lot of choices that will have to be made and it will seem that there will be a lot of freedom when you compare it to the life you are living now. This was the whole point was to do away with the domination of the few. One example will be free energy for all to use in constructive ways and another example will be shorter work schedules. No longer will people struggle for long hours with no time or energy left to enjoy life and the living of it. There will be no avenues of self destruction for the respect of the body will be taught and the desire to escape a happy life will not exist.

So, as you continue to try to stay in the moment where your creative power is, we have given you a glimpse into your future if your are one of the ones returning to earth. Many of you will come back and this may go against what you are thinking now that if you ever escape this planet you will never agree to return. Try not to cut yourself off from this thought as many of you will return to a different and wonderful adventure of forming the societies of a new earth. It will be like going to heaven. Think now of your breaking of day and the color of the dawn sky as the sun rises. Remember the Spring time and the new growth of flowers and the hatching of song birds. A lot of you returning to your original origins will not have this and will be confined to memories only. Earth was created with so much to offer everyone and will return again.

I will leave you now to consider the possibilities of what is to come. I continue to love you greatly.


2 thoughts on “November 1, 2022

  1. Dearest Lanto you never fail to provide significant learnings and new insights. Thank you for your daily messages. A couple questions for you. It appears to me that the oversoul and the IAM while in the greater aspect are one as all things are one with Creation, yet in another sense not the same entity, is this an accurate understanding? Also, if I understand correctly, when Earth transitions to 4th dimension for a short period and then settles into a 5th dimensional planet, it will shine like a sun. Those returning to earth will likewise be 5th dimensional beings. I can only imagine that the earth and all living things that dwell on earth will be greatly different than that of 3rd dimension. I suspect the Earth will also have a different location in the Nebadon universe. I look forward to the day of evacuation, when learning the finer details of all these things will be part of our adventure. Thank you for introducing this subject. As always we are eager to learn and thankful for your willingness to share.

    Your brother, Jay


  2. Hello Lanto, I know an important part of this life is to learn to commune with the IAM within and to communicate with the light energies of the creator/creation. You mentioned, “There are over souls and that over soul has the capability to contact you and influence you. It is not necessary that this be done but in a lot of cases the over soul deems it necessary to aid in soul growth and so makes contact with the expression that is chosen for this one life. It is usually after a certain degree of attainment has been achieved before this happens. Do not think that you have failed if this connection has not been made. It is determined by discretion and desire of the over soul…” Even though contact with our over soul, is at the discretion of our over soul, do you believe it is also an important work for us to be reaching out to our over soul, or should we just trust that if it is important, our over soul will make contact with us?

    Thank you, Jay


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