November 2, 2022

Now that we are in the last stages of earth journey under these planetary influences and about to embark into another cycle and another influence there will be noticeable changes also in our thinking and our bodily makeup, Before you came to earth you most likely had perceptions of detecting much more from another’s communication than you do now. You had perceptions of environmental influences and big events that were to happen, both positive and negative. Along with that you had more control of your life force and knowledge of how to use it and also how not to use it. One of these life force talents is that of healing, both in your own body and mind and also in other things and people. There are other talents some may have had such as moving objects with your mind but the possibilities of life force healing most likely had been given and you had experience with it.

This is available to you now and has been but not in the abundance it will be once the DNA has been corrected. Your presence and Light force has always been a possible healing energy and you will once again be using it to correct unbalanced areas in your body. The possibility of mental communication will return and you will have the choice of not having to speak verbally. Think of how convenient that will be. There is etiquette that goes with this option and mind control is, or will be a social necessity. Other things will reappear as they were before you came to earth and lived in 3D. You will not be picking up where you left off but you will bring with you the learning and experiences of your journey and the lives you lived while here and this will add to your intelligence and overall knowledge of things. You will be seen as an explorer of sorts having experienced the earth conflict and given the respect that goes with that accomplishment. Not as a hero but more like a conqueror for what you have been through is and was quite the momentous journey and even more so than was expected.

The I Am presence and the oversoul are intertwined but are not exactly the same. Closely bonded we should see the I Am presence as a direct connection with Source and the over soul comes with the learning and personality of the higher advanced entity that gave you the individuality of part of the over soul and comes with either what you would call the abundance or the limited knowledge of that being. The I Am presence is a direct connection and the over soul is at least I Am presence once removed or on a lower level and only contains the experiences the over soul has gone through. Seeking to connect with your higher self/oversoul is a worthwhile endeavor but not mandatory.

We come to the events of today and see that things are progressing according to the wishes of Gaia and she is now having her way with shifts and corrections in the way of earthquakes. Prepare for greater influences in this area and in the energy directions that these pressures flow. There is an intelligence in how they are presented and relieved and they are not haphazard by any means. Beware the danger areas where past history has given you clues to activity to come.

Be at peace as much as possible and remember to clear yourselves daily of any negative influences and remain in the Light. Refrain from fear or any other emotional mental state like fear that will drain you of possibly hearing messages from within. I will leave you now and I continue to love you greatly.


3 thoughts on “November 2, 2022

  1. I feel like a child in a candy shop. So many delicious candies to choose from and enjoy. I understand that in the lighted realms there is no time, and that with God/Source all things are in a present state or an eternal now. In other words, while we who dwell in the evolutionary spheres of time and space view events and time from a linear perspective (past, present and future), this is not so in the lighted realms and with Source. I bring this up because with the oversoul there seems to be a blending of both of these time perceptions. On the one hand we in the 3rd dimension at one point were dropped as the oversoul advanced, suggesting a past stage in the present evolution of the oversoul. Conversely, if the oversoul is in truth ourself in a more perfected state, this suggests a future state of our 3rd dimensional self. Furthermore, if at some future point we may elect to merge with our oversoul, then the different states of the oversoul would become one in a future present experience. This concept is an interesting one because it forces us to consider the idea that in one sense I am presently in the 3rd dimension, while at the same time an autonomous me also exists in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th… dimmensions. This idea is almost as though linear time is folded upon itself, such that all linear time illusions manifest simultaneously at different states or dimensions. Can you clarify, correct, and expand upon this concept?

    Also, when we talk of our soul’s progression, we use words like dimensions, stages, kingdoms and octaves to define our current state and future development. I know this is a large concept, and it may not be appropriate for this blog, but can you help us understand our eternal progression from where we are now to our soul’s full potential? We understand that we are presently in 3rd dimension, which from a soul’s evolutionary standpoint is very low. The next step is 4th dimension, which while higher than 3rd dimension is not a long stopping point and then transitioning into 5th dimension where there is no evil, and in the state that as you have said, many of us will return to earth. Yet there is still 6th, 7th dimensions, and if I understand correctly, progressive octaves. So that once we have progressed beyond the 7th dimension, we enter into the 1st dimension of a higher octave. I also understand that as our soul progresses from dimension to dimension and from octave to octave our nature, body and capabilities continually refine taking upon themselves higher natures and traits of the First Source and Center of All Things (The Creator and Creation of All That Is). I know this subject has many facets, but if you think this would help us in our advancement and this does not exceed the purpose of this blog, I would love to learn your understanding of these subjects.

    You brother, Jay


  2. With many things converging in the present is it possible that the grand Solar Flash and the ascension of earth from 4th dimension to 5D likely to play out once the EBS and announcements commence. Or are the light workers to experience some of the earth changes such as the new Madrid event simultaneously with the Africa roll down into the expansion of the Atlantic ocean creating a tsunami wave miles high hitting the east coast of the USA and destroying the Azores region? There is another Ridge in the North Atlantic which goes south west of Iceland where there has been quake activity. Could this weak point of activity Southeast of Iceland connected to the east coast fault line making all of this explosive action manifesting like Domino’s falling? Also has it become a popular opinion to pick up light workers while asleep at night. Are the energies more settled in the evening hours or is something that varies and changes in different earth locations according to ley lines and the magnetic fields holding the veil in place? When the magnetic fields and belts around the planet are at the optimum readiness energetically will the solar flair propel earth and her people to 5D or higher. Would lightworkers instead of ascending to 5D instead ascend to the scout shops to be transferred to medical on the ship they have a bonded one on waiting for them?
    .I have heard the solar flash called an energy projectile of pure Source love. I hope my questions are worthy of answers or a speculation that we can understand.
    Namaste,Randy Hobbs


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