November 3, 2022

I am here to give of information for your consideration. We know that you have studied and given of your time to please Mother, Father God and your sacrifices have been many. I look forward to the time when you will be on our side of this veil and you will not be hindered in your pursuits and there will be no threats of illness or death to have you looking over your shoulder during your life. This saddens me. It is time you lived freely and without suppression to hinder you in any way.

Let us talk of lives and their purpose for living here on earth. It goes back a long time in your counting and we have spoken of broken agreements and actions against the laws of God. Earth, in its beauty, was to be used in accordance with respect to the laws of God and this included respecting Gaia in all her beauty. It was found that many of her gifts could be taken and this led to thoughts of possession and this led to desire for power and lives were taken. Time went by and advanced beings were sent to influence individuals and teach concerning transgression. This you have recorded in your Bible of one you call Jesus Christ and his record has lasted throughout the years. There was little success and because of the continued desire for power much was distorted in the way of written records.

It was decided that enlightened souls would come to earth and change the times to overcome the dark influence. There was also the reason that those who came would gain experience and learn from their task and return with added wisdom. The struggle and ensuing conflict that has taken place has surprised most all of us and the degree to which the dark had set their minds to not giving up was underestimated. Earth, from their point of view was theirs and she was not going to be taken over by those who would put a stop to the power play that was the plan. Their deviousness was strong and they were practiced in their plans and in carrying them out. Your mission was obscured in the beginning but it was hoped that soon you would engage in the meaning of your sojourn on earth and make haste to use your Light and love to drive out this darkness.

It is hoped that in the process of turning things around you would also learn of the need to renew the condition of earth and take steps to correct the wrong that had been done to her. In this process of overcoming the control many lives have been taken of these lighted beings and the consequences upon those who are responsible will not be dealt with lightly. They will be represented in the courts as their transgressions are given and decisions will be made as to their sentencing. Those sent to struggle with the threats of the dark have walked in the valley of danger and much help has been given as to their protection. This time frame containing the conflict and war upon earth was of greater importance and will influence and has influenced so many and it is all recorded and will be studied for much time to come. It is seen that those on earth dedicated to this purpose of returning earth to the Light will need healing and that will be given along with council of adjustment when this time frame is over. Remembering your life before you came is no small event and there will be much help given as it is needed. Never question for your needs will be met. There are ways you have struggled in your life times that were not imagined and these have left deep impressions upon you and these will be healed.

Now we come to the greater influence of energies given and the healing process that is in progress now upon earth. You are elevating your energies and they have many purposes and one is this healing process that not only will target he body but also the emotions and the mind. It is difficult to explain the power of creative Light and just what it can do in its rejuvenation and correcting. As you have stepped up your vibrations in the endeavor to enlighten yourselves through study and meditation you have also been given Light in the form of higher vibrations that the trauma of events are mitigated by the return to the Lighted perfection in its all encompassing power and it is impossible for these dark impressions you were confronted with not to be changed and healed and returned to a closer thought of perfection and experience. If Source in all its creative power can create all that it has and experience through us it can surely also restore, correct and heal the dark influences that were perpetrated upon you during this process of conflict on earth. This was known in the beginning when you were sent here and it was never intended for you to remain one second longer than necessary in any way or form of hurt or sadness resulting from your journey. So you see your Father, Mother God, through love always knew that you would return from your time served here on earth to the healing and mental health that was desired. You would never be left in any way or form in sadness and impaired emotional state from what you volunteered to do. This love would not permit that.

There is much to look forward to in your return. Those who have loved you and waited upon your return will also be healed from their heartache and longing for theirs also is a gift of giving from their point of experience. As you can tell by now so many have given of their efforts to quell what has taken place on earth and it is now coalescing and solidifying into the energies needed to return all to the state of being that is needed and that was created in the beginning before the dark influence laid claim of corruption to all that was good about the gift of earth. Woe be unto the dark and their minions for theirs was a great series of transgressions and unimaginable actions. This sadness still remains in our minds here on our side.

All will be returned to love and Light. And now I will leave you in thoughts of all that is good about what you have done and what you will be returning to at the proper time. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto

4 thoughts on “November 3, 2022

  1. Thank you Lanto for your message. It is clear from your words that many of those on earth came from higher dimensions in the lighted realms and volunteered to help mother earth in the removal of darkness and the restoration of light and balance. In this choice they removed themselves from holier spheres to the dark conditions of earth. However, as a result these ones have forgotten who they are, their DNA has been corrupted, they are limited in their former capabilities, and as babies are born into and raised up in the dark teachings, practices, and cultural traditions of a degenerate and barbaric generation. In this condition those who once lived in the Lighted Realms are now subject to the lies of the dark ones and most often fall into the illusions of living in ways contrary to the Laws of God and Creation, which subject them to the eternal laws of justice or karma for wrong doing. Consequently at death, instead of returning to their place of origin in the heavens, they go to the Astral plain to review their life and choose how they will continue in soul growth. Some elect to stay in the Astral plain and continue to learn lessons for a time. Others return to the earth for another round of life lessons, but both are required to satisfy the karma from their previous earth life. Furthermore, in each lifestream the soul has the responsibility to come into the light of truth, and out of the illusion of the lie Satan and his minions have imposed upon us. This is no small task in itself as the dark ones do all in their power to conceal the truth. Many honest in heart seek to restore their connection with God, through various religions, never imagining that Satan has used religion as a primary control tool. Many good men and women faithful to their religions die, only to go to the astral plain to find that they worshipped a false image of God in a manmade cult. Thus mankind are the “people of the lie”, and only few awaken to the truth. I say all these things because if I understand correctly, in order to get out of the 3rd dimensional cycles of karma and reincarnation, we must first come to an understanding of the truth and live in the laws of God and Creation which create balance.

    Is it true that if a soul has not awakened to the truth and live in the Laws of God and Creation when the cycles of earth are completed, and Gaia graduates into higher dimensions, that these 3rd dimensional beings will be taken to another 3rd dimensional planet either through evacuation or death to continue in soul growth? What about those 3rd dimensional beings who volunteered to come to earth from higher spheres, but were caught in the lie and illusion of wrong living? How do these ones overcome this set back, so that they may be restored to their former glory? Will they have to regain their place in the heavens once again through many consecutive lives of toil and struggle in the 3rd dimension? If so what a sacrifice. I have heard it said that there is no regression, only progression in soul growth, and I suppose even these ones have greater understanding through experience, but at a such a tremendous cost. Or do I have it all wrong?

    In loving appreciation, Jay


  2. Lanto, thank you for this message. I see you have a new post that has been given and am eager to consider it after these comments. I realized I’m in a bit of a catch-22 because I’ve sent some of my friends (I have been richly blessed to have many friends and associates from a large variety of backgrounds and faiths) who are LDS and I also am LDS who are asking me questions about some of the topics here but they go beyond the box of the LDS elementary school that it is. Now I have an agreement with the brethren. Even a email plea from Elder Holland basically in a panic for me to leave them alone so as long as I leave them alone. This has pretty much been honored with a few misunderstandings over the years. I just want any stake president out there who has been asked to review anything here that I’m a proud eagle scout and went through that program and honor it and all those who are still involved in it doing the best they can. To all my LDS friends I plead with you to read Elder Polemans censored speech fittingly that he gave in 1984. Compare the original with the edited one. Which version sustains free agency more? Discern with the same Holy Ghost who we all know and love which version of the talk had more light. This should clear up any challenges.) Anyway eventually all the great religions and traditions and faiths tie into each other. Here on this blog we have invited an atmosphere of loving kindness and acceptance honoring our Eternal Parents as we witness their hand move in the events of heaven and earth. We are all learning. There is yet to be any Man Exalted or not who has been able to claim they know everything about everything with regards to how far progression goes other than it is indeed Eternal in every glorious magnificent possible way of light. Glory be to God first during and last.

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    1. And dear me please don’t anyone take what I said disparaging with regard to Elder Holland. I forgive him. The truth is actually that I do have an honorable covenant with the brethren to not rock the boat and I honor this sincerly. The church is not the gospel at the same time. I guess the best way to sum this up is by pointing out the many similarities someone like tom bombadil would face were he in my shoes.


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