November 4, 2022

My Dear Ones,

It is with sadness that we look back upon the actions of the dark, for this has not only affected those on your planet but spread to others through the connections of all things that are. Like the ripples in a pond they reach out to a lesser degree and agitate the water to make changes and they were dark changes. This Light correction on earth will likewise make ripples and change things with healing Light for good. We see lives already moved by the energy that creative Light can bring and this continues to grow as earth is released from the dark influence upon her. It is like a field of lilies blooming and what a beautiful sight.

We are hampered somewhat when bringing to you new ideas for words limit us in our conveyance of ideas and we have meaning along with the word itself that you don’t perceive. You will learn to use this method of communicating where it is not only the word itself but the energy of intention of the giver that will contain emotions and possibly color, music or a picture of events. It will open up so much more in the way of communication for you and not only receiving but the giving of ideas from you to someone else. Right now your mental ideas are not always in the niceties of social acceptance to be given to someone else as you have had to express yourself in your mind and this has been your freedom. It has been a private outlet for your emotions and at times not always kindly thought toward others or situations. You will remember how this is done and at the least refresh your skills in this area.

We know from monitoring you daily of your suffering and pain for the constraints upon you were heavy, especially in some countries, and some still exist today. Not much is what it seems as presented by the media but your suffering and pain is real for you and you struggle against this every day. The physical body alone brings things of the physical imbalance and you have no choice but to live with it for healing on earth is not in the best interest of the individual. This will be corrected and the healing planned for you will commence at the first opportunity and much is being done now to lessen and heal every area that can be touched and changed by us. The long distance healing is limited and you will receive more at a later date.

Your previous lives were meant to give you information concerning correcting actions to be taken for the future living. Sometimes it has taken several tries to come to the proper conclusions and it has always been that love is the key to thought, actions and state of being. It is the way for most to learn from experience of heartache or pain and in the physical it takes lifetimes for this to happen and they build one lifetime of learning on top of another and you bring information over from one to the next for the energy of memory is not lost in this earth platform. Reincarnation, even though denounced by many, is used here for your learning experience and is a fast track for this learning to take place. You may think your life time is long and arduous but in fact it is one of the best ways to advance and grow by letting you start over with another life and circumstance to try out your new learned skills. Once you learned that what you surround yourself with in your mind and put out in energy will return to you, it was a turning point of a major kind and this takes a different length of time for everyone. This point of knowing was a big key in your experience. As you gained in wisdom more challenges were given and you were able to see more clearly the process of living with love energy and this brings understanding in a much larger way. It is a light unto your path and you have used it in an ever increasing way to form and create your events for your future.

You realize I am speaking to a certain percent of individuals only here and your understanding is greatly different than a lot of peoples’ understanding. Most basic ideas I give apply to all but there are times I speak to only those of certain attainment as there is still much to be learned by those who have remained in the darker portions of their own choosing. In your endeavor to give of information and understanding to others it is quite difficult to lay out truth only to have it rejected and scoffed at by those who need it the most. It can be quite daunting to even consider attempting this process. It was not seen that you were to convince others but only to plant seeds for growth in their own experiences and they would determine their rate of understanding. You may never know what words you have spoken in the past that have gone on to develop into much greater ideas in others, so do not be concerned when others do not seem to take to new ideas or ignore you in big ways for the opportunity was given to them and it is their responsibility in the learning of it and not yours.

Being kind and forgiving has been seen as weakness in the past but is now growing in many with the ever increasing of Light given and that energy is taking root and proving to others what can be done to a world as a whole when compassion and love are practiced. There have been many setbacks for you but try to continue in your work as this time winds down for all kindness and love is sustained and continues forward. It is amazing how this can travel and change things, even on the periphery of the experience for its energy is contagions.

I will leave you now with these thoughts to consider. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto a teacher and messenger of ideas

5 thoughts on “November 4, 2022

  1. It is with sadness that I don’t see more responses to your messages. Thank you Lanto for helping us understand better the purpose of life and what we can look forward to in our next adventure. Your words are to me like a rare and beautiful sunset, given to all but enjoyed by only those who will stop to soak in the beauty. I look forward to personally meeting you and all those who have contributed to these posts. May you always be sheltered in the shade of the Creator and bask in the glorious light of Its love.

    Your younger brother, Jay


  2. Don’t worry Jay they will get to your questions. They’re giving general outlines and information to many as much as they can. You have very profound questions. We can also meet still as planned and explain everything in detail on a paper or chalkboard. Love & Light


  3. Hi Jacob, its a sadness stemming not from the writers of these messages, but from the readers. The messages are so profound, with so many pearls in them, that I am sad that they don’t arouse more reader response. Thank you Lanto and all others for your sustaining love and guidance.



  4. Oh they do! Imagine an honest news organization that distributes far across the quadrant and then the galaxy and then the universes. Also look within to see the expanded several encyclopedias large/full/worth of information even this last message truly contains! Quite a bit. Thank you all for what you give. I think the comments have been limited to those who are known to participate in excellence. Know the readership is far beyond any ability for mankind to determine with all their technologies. Thank all of you who read these messages and the comments. We also endow the words with sacred information for each of you. With all the Love and Light I am able to espress always in Eternal Father’s service – J’ah’ha

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  5. I saw the funniest cartoon the other day. Something about dinosaurs returning and this guy and his grandson working with them and society. I mention it not because it was funny but because it is an example of density bleedthrough taking place from higher or different realms that is helping creators like shows like that in expressing concepts that expand the human mind and soul. The actual reality is that truth is indeed absolutely stranger than fiction. I would only add that there is a Divine order to things and everything is not just everywhere all over the place.

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