October 29, 2022

In our study of the events of earth and what has transpired upon her we find that there has been a great conflict of ideas and ideals. Long ago there were those who wanted to denounce Creator and the Light creative source and become the Lord and Master of their own kingdom. This means the energy of this thought was in direct opposition to Creator and the laws that had been set forth in the beginning. It was not just a thought of “I don’t want to do it your way” but the process of taking the energy of Creator Source and turning it into a corrupted energy pattern and making it produce negative energy to perform in a way it was never supposed to be used. This is a much bigger defilement of Source that just a judgment call on who is to be boss. It was an ego trip that brought with it such darkness of intent because it went against the laws of science, Light, love, etc. and the whole mathematical and coded basis for all that is.

This dark energy and all it contained in its corruption ended up on earth and put down roots and began to practice this horrible way of enslaving others to conform to the dictates of the ruler or rulers, since by now there were those who were servants of this dark energy. It was seen that there had to be a way to correct this projection of continued overlord existence.

Concluding from long discussions and meetings of how to do this there was an idea that those of strong Light qualities could bombard earth with their frequencies and turn back the dark, eventually driving it out or changing it all together. This plan was developed and it was agreed after some time that it would be tried and so the plan was launched. There was a process of recruiting those who would infiltrate the masses upon earth and this was to keep their identity unknown for their own safety. The dark was nothing if not practiced in the taking of lives for its own purposes and their past was well known in the devastation department. The numbers of destruction speak for themselves. And so it was that the plan was advertised and those interested souls came forward to apply. In addition some were called upon specifically to volunteer for this service. It was not expected to take nearly as long as it did.

Thousands upon thousands were born to willing parents, on a soul level of understanding, and their light was of great influence. Many did not come to the realization of their importance and there were some whose light gave them away and they were killed as soon as possible because by now the dark smelled a rat and were on guard.

The conflict has been in full force all this time with the goal of bringing forth the truth of what had been done in the process and stopping the progress of any dark plan. Now the agreement of letting the dark live upon earth did not include this enslavement of people and destruction of the planet itself. There was an understanding and agreement in the beginning of this inhabiting of the planet that there would be no taking of lives and no ruination of anything. It was obviously not honored. Again the laws of Creator had been disavowed and the transgressions just kept multiplying.

You see where this has led to and what a despicable condition earth is in. This brings us to today and this is why the overcoming of the dark is cause for celebration. It has been a long time coming. This is the background upon which all efforts of the Lighted beings born on earth strove to use to overcome the tremendous wrongs that were perpetrated upon all that came between the dark and their goals.

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of some of the elements involved in the earth conflict and what it means to have success. Now let us look forward to the future and what is upon us today.

There are several elements involved in this transition of earth and one is Gaia herself and her needs to rid herself of the dark energies and all they represent in the energy involved. All must be returned back to the Creator intended perfection of creation. Another element is that of process and things that have to happen off planet. We are speaking her of intervention and energy from your sun and sustaining vibrations needed to help propel things forward. The sun energies will trigger certain bodily changes and also release healing processes regarding DNA and the return to original intent where they are concerned. This must be done for you see they have been desecrated for some time. By now you might think that the punishment for all these crimes is rather large and you would be right. Pray for those who took the creative energies of Light and turned them into channels of evil upon nature and mankind.

In correcting this DNA there will be a bringing back of your precious talents and you will once again be able to use surprising ways to express, learn and communicate. It is well worth looking forward to, this reinstatement of abilities.

We also have to consider what you have called the flash from the sun. This is just part of this process to return things to its original state of being before the manipulation. It will be just that, a flash of light, and is part of the healing and correcting that brings things back to its intended purpose. A Divinely directed set up that will be carried out. There was a point when it was determined that more powerful energy must be interjected into the equation of earth and there was no living thing on our side that did not feel that decision and know that Creator Source, Mother Father God had said, “ENOUGH” and set about the love energy of retribution and correction that was needed and this included the energy that would be given to all on earth. This included nature, elements, animal life and such like. All would be brought back to original intent. It is sad that things had gotten so bad that this was necessary but there was joy in our thinking when this was felt. These words do not fully contain the feelings in this joy and this is not the exact word that should be used but there is no word that you would understand that contains all the emotion this feeling contained. We suddenly realized we had been holding our breath and now we began to breath again. It had been that tense. We will not forget the day this happened.

Let me stop here and we will continue later if circumstances permit. Be of good cheer for things are looking up.

I continue to love you greatly,


6 thoughts on “October 29, 2022

  1. What an amazing message. Thank you for your clarification on the flash of light.

    You stated, “This brings us to today and this is why the overcoming of the dark is cause for celebration. It has been a long time coming.” What does this mean, and how has this been accomplished? How have we worked together to bring this about? Was this accomplished through our sending light and love to all things, even the dark ones, with you on your end magnifying and directing that light and love? Have heavenly sent petitions uttered by the light workers and souled ones had an effect upon the dark ones, Earth Shan, and the entire cosmos? Has there been power manifest through the light workers and souled ones excercising the transmutaion violet ray of St. Germain to uncreate the evil and unbalance on earth and wherever the dark influence has penetrated throughout the entire cosmos? Have the lighted realms used these petitions to accomplish their divinely appointed purposes in balancing the energies and helping mother earth prepare for her great transition? This site has talked about the dark ones being indicted and taken to heavenly tribunals. I have read on another site whose messages claim to come from a scribe for Aton/Hatonn, Sananda, and others of the Lighted Realms (I am not certain this is true, but that is the claim – inner discernment is needed here.) that Satan and his legions have been UNCREATED, leaving only his earth minions left who continue to act out their dark plans according to the agency afforded them by our Creator/Creation. If this is true, is this the cause for celebration?

    I ask these questions, because I truly want to know what we have done to help, and what our most effective way of working with you is in restoring balance through defeating the dark influence.

    While I want to believe the dark has been defeated/uncreated, we on earth see no slowing down of evil designs, plans, and intentions. In fact we see the contrary as depopulation programs on many fronts continue to be rolled out, with their consequences expanding to the billions in the next few years; resulting in global economic collapses, manmade famines, diseases, global nuclear wars, government corruption, the violation of gender, children, the rising popularisation of Satanism, and a never ending stream of disinformation from media outlets across the globe, which will never allow the common man to know what is really going on.

    You stated, “There was a point when it was determined that more powerful energy must be interjected into the equation of earth and there was no living thing on our side that did not feel that decision and know that Creator Source, Mother Father God had said, “ENOUGH” and set about the love energy of retribution and correction that was needed and this included the energy that would be given to all on earth.”
    My soul leaps with joy with the excuberant exclamation “Haleluia!!! Praise and honor be to the Father/Mother/Creator and Creation.” Manning has explained that higher energies have been coming to the earth, causing confusion in those of dense 3rd dimension. These energies would increase the frequency and chrystilization of our bodies and restore our DNA, giving us greater power. Is this what you are referring to when you state, “In correcting this DNA there will be a bringing back of your precious talents and you will once again be able to use surprising ways to express, learn and communicate. It is well worth looking forward to, this reinstatement of abilities.” Can you be more specific about the abilities we should be looking forward to, and when these abilities will be apparent within us? Are we talking now, in the next few months, or years? Outside of Prayer, meditation, believing that we are one with All That Is, that we ARE All That Is, Is there something we should be doing to activate this DNA and its accompanying abilities? Is there a method we should be using in our meditations to activate these abilities? Or will they emerge naturally without any effort on our part?

    Does this higher energy and the celestial timing and cycles you mention have anything to do with Gaia moving through the Photon belt? Has moving through the Photon belt shortened our time and does this relate to earth’s transition into 5th dimension? If so, is this event upon us now?

    You mentioned that the earth cycles have come to a close, that our work has nearly finished, and that we will shortly return to the planet of our origin. Joseph mentioned that not only is earth transitioning into 4th-5th dimension, but man will also transition with her. I know this does not include all men, but for those who are interested in transitioning with Gaia into 4th-5th dimension is there anything else we need to do outside of living by the Laws of God and Creation as best we can, to prepare for our own graduation with her?

    Finally, in the celestial timing of all these things, how does all this relate to the great null period or sleep, when all Creation and All That Is rests in order to be reborn anew?

    Lanto, my apologies if my questions are tiresome. They come from a Soul with an insatiable appetite for discipleship, progression and becoming a reservoir of valuable information pertaining to the kingdom of God; That I may be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty in the accomplishments of His/Her/Its eternal purposes. As your love for us demands you write these messages, my love for you demands I ask these questions, so that I may gain as much knowledge as I can while this precious and rare window is open. I prefer these questions were answered directly in my meditations. I am doing my part. Can you and the Lighted Realms help unlock things within to enable that communication?

    With loving appreciation for all you are about, your brother Jay


  2. P.S. Years ago I was studying the principle of multidimensional beings each an aspect ourself of greater and lesser dimmension – all existing autonomously at the same time. While I was meditating on that concept the eyes of my understanding where opened and I had a vision. While the vision was personal and revealing, it did not unfold the truth of multidimensional beings to me, only that it is a part of the grand creation.
    While I have tried, I have not successfully communed with other dimensions of myself, as some disciplines on earth say is a purpose of meditation.

    If you feel that unfolding this mystery would be for our benefit, I would love to learn more about it.

    Your brother, Jay


  3. Dear Lanto, thank you for so beautifully articulating everything that was being prepared to share with Jay and I’s next meeting. You said so well every point that was being considered. We can’t become Gary Mitchell and go the way he did. We have to use these new capacities basically the opposite way he did haha. Jay many of your questions recently are quite profound. I’ve noticed that many of them can only be answered from looking to Father’s power coming from within. It isn’t just out there we need to go. We need to stay on task as Tuvok said in Voyagers episode “The Omega Directive”. I think you will enjoy that. Lanto I know the true audience of this blog includes souls from many realms and dimensions l, numberless. For the record I think notoriety is for the birds. We are all divine children of Father Mother God. Whatever our last origin or realm or dimension or planet or glory our primordial life is in God our Eternal Parents. Let us all honor them. Let us thank them for all the miracles and light and other family members they are sending to assist us here and now. There are more than an infinate number of worlds in existence and cultures and varieties and glories of light ever out of darknesses grasp. Thank you Oh Great Holy Divine Origon of us messengers and listeners alike thank you for exactly how you are unveiling these great plans. Glory be to our great Messiah and His great sacrifice. Glory be unto you Father for the onward progressing of Thy great eternal plan. We love you forever and fear not.


    1. Also it might be helpful to consider what played is out somewhat analogous to a professional sports team of oh say any of them be it football or basketball or soccer or baseball – now suppose such a game say the world or galactic or universal league series was being played out. Suppose the loosing team in the last part of the regulation time broke the rules in desperate attempt to “win” as derrranged as that is they believed it. They committed flagrant and technical violations of eternal way so far that it became necessary for higher laws and Exalted Divine Ones to step in. The loosing side (evil) NOT just broke laws and regulations but violated them in such a manner as to attempt force creation itself abide its fallen nature false laws. They became a law unto themselves. This goes against Eternal Law. They have found themselves whether they acknowledge it or not inevitably destroyed by being broken by the law for eternal law is impossible to come to naught. It even upholds the realms the evil ones will now detiorate to non existance in through their own PRIDE. Things will become extreme. But the righteous will be protected and provided for. Father is in control. Keep holding your breath dear ones.


      1. We would have history know that we walked it’s sacred halls with honor and reverence and respect honoring the great creator of all.


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