October 28, 2022

My dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that there are questions and I love teaching and am glad to impart the things I think will benefit you greatly.  Now let us delve into some information for you to consider.

You know that you are most likely not from this planet originally.  Most of you here reading are from another planet and were picked (some volunteered) to help with the earth conflict and when this is over you will return home to your place of original residence.  Your parents on earth were carefully selected with your input to give you the best upbringing for the work you had to do.  You might find it interesting to know that there are hundreds of home planets represented here and some are from very large ships and have spent their lives there before coming to earth.  Interesting, no?

OK, so now you are on earth, born to your parents and before you is your mission.  Do you awaken?  Some do and some don’t.  Many less did come to the knowledge of why they were here than was hoped.  Most grow into this information gradually and at some point it hits them fully and they then focus upon the tasks in front of them.  All are at a disadvantage because their origin and who they were has been cloaked or shielded from them and this is to give them the best opportunity to learn the lessons presented.  This is an added bonus for the main purpose is to help earth through the conflict with the dark control and to break free of their imprisonment.  So many different talents represented in the different people now and each have a very important part to play.

It is difficult to explain the element of time to you with your limited knowledge of such but let me just say that most have many life times or life streams on earth and each gives the opportunity to learn the lessons presented.  When I say many I mean from 20 or 30 to close to a hundred and some very few, even more.  Now lets say you know there is something you are supposed to be doing.  The next big challenge is to find out what that something is.  This is where prayer and meditation come in to play.

You are beginning to see that to come her from far away, leaving loved ones and family behind, coming to the realization of having a purpose other than to enjoy your life, finding what that purpose is and how to use your talents is a major part of the challenge.  Now! How do you go about doing something that resembles the desired line of work that you were sent here for?  So many things were stacked against you and yet we had this plan to group all this talent into a force that would overcome the most insidious dark forces on earth.  Being that all is from Light to begin with, try to understand that you have more power than you realize and with help from our side you marshal your strength and join with others to give of your Light and love force to be used and we help direct this forward.  Now, you are getting the idea of how big this entire operation was and why we had to take it a step at a time.  All this did take time and also many energies and light beings to orchestrate this entire effort.

When I say that you will have the information to view when this is over I mean that all the many questions of how this was done and why it was done in the way it was will be available for you when your mission is finished here on earth and you return to your original home where your loved ones reside and your true roots are planted.  Your questions will be answered if you wish.  The cycles concluding will also be explained and have a lot to do with time frames as your planet has traveled through space into different influences of other planets and other energies.  Each influence or pattern of influences is required to finish a cycle and it just so happens there are three major cycles ending at this time while the planet is also entering a new cycle, or cycles and this is perfectly designed and is following Divine directives as was set up at the time of inception or creation.  Perfectly normal and nothing out of order about it.

Take this information and go over it and find your truth in it for it is truth and real and applies to everything you have been doing during this life time and all other life times and we won’t even get into the part about all of these life times happening at the same time.  Another subject for another day and I hope you will continue this learning experience as I have said before.  What is the joy of life and experiencing without learning something new and progressing to another level.  You have no idea how much there is to know and how it will open up your view of all that is.  Each level of understanding will open up your perceptions and broaden your existence because you are connected to all that is and why would you want to miss anything.

I will close now and maybe I have not only answered some of your questions but encouraged you to want to know more.  I hope so.  I love you dearly and you give me the opportunity to teach and this makes me pleased.


One thought on “October 28, 2022

  1. Oh Lanto, thank you for the love manifest in your personalized message in response to questions posed from your readers. Each word is a rare delicacy, prepared in the finest restaurant, delivered with great care, and savored to experience, absorb, and enjoy the most from each morsal. Your words and the greater view they give are more than a pearl of great price to me.

    I know you have said that time is short and thus your messages will be few. But if you will find it important enough to reply to these questions, I think many of your words will be equally cherished.

    The Zetas have stated that the New Madrid fault will erupt before the end of 2022. They further describe the devistating effect that this eruption will have on the areas surrounding the New Madrid fault line, and the following Psunami that will devistate the western European nations as a result of the Atlantic rift. Can you provide some insight into this? Is this part of the earth changes you mentioned?

    Can you please explain the role Nibiru plays in the devastations of the earth and the promised evacuation? The Zetas have stated that Nibiru will make its passage between 2026 and 2027. Are these events now upon us?

    Can you please explain how these earth changes play a role in the timeline of mother earth’s transition into 5th dimension?

    Manning spoke of a flash of light and Sanat Kumara describes a great rainbow that will appear in the sky. Esu, Immanuel, Sananda and Hatton/Aton mention the chord that shall be heard, and the memories restored to all souled ones which introduces the 15 minute window of evacuation. Can you elucidate on these things? Are these things part of the earth changes that are now upon us?

    Thank you again for your attention to
    these responses and the questions we pose.

    With much love, your brother Jay


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