March 16, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to make their way through these difficult times with understanding and it is difficult to tell what is going to happen with everything. Many have turned to prayer for direction and this is a good step. Being in the council of God is always a good thing and many are listening now where before they had not been. Difficult times always make many turn toward God for guidance. It is wise to turn toward God at all times and not just the difficult ones when you think you can not go on alone. Take time during your day, even for a moment, and focus upon a clear path you feel you are being led into and if you stray, then refocus.

The soul, if given a chance, has strong tendencies and if you listen or pay attention one will always be to turn to Creator and forward movement toward perfection. This is the basis for all movement, like an underlying foundation. In that movement toward perfection are many attempts and many failures and hopefully, much learning. Do not be afraid at failure. We have spoken of how beneficial failure can be and how much of a learning element it is. There are times when you need to analyze what has happened at the end of each day and see it clearly and ask for the learning to be remembered from the living and the experiencing. Try not to let a learning experience get by you without reflection and taking from it what should be remembered. Remember to forgive self and move on after prayer over any incident that bothers you.

Have you turned to action and movement instead of just sitting and waiting? Have you thought of the many areas and people who need love and light? If you see them in need, then it is before you to do something with your mind and intentions to give of your energy and prayer in this direction. If the opportunity is brought before you, it is an indication that your focus means you can share God’s love with others. Only your time is taken for you already possess the love in your heart and the ability to share your love with others, even if from afar. Do not think you have to be at their doorstep to give of this love, through God’s direction. Love one another does not necessarily mean only do this with those in close proximity. Do not limit your energy, thoughts, actions and love to a six yard radius of your being. This is confining yourself and an attempt to limit God within. Remember God, through you, is infinitely more powerful than the six yards around you.

You have affected more change before with your guided channeling of light and love, so now when you sit and wait, choose to take action and bring that God energy to others, even if they are far away. It will be received and again you will have changed things for the better. God works in many ways and on earth He has worked through you multitudes of times to bring about what is needed. You can never go wrong with love toward anyone, anything, or situation.

Now let us speak of separation from God and how this works out for you. It doesn’t! You can continue and go on and many are doing this thinking they have accomplished everything themselves. They have ignored the many gifts given through the love of God whether the individual recognized the God within or not. Have they ever thought about where everything comes from? God energy is there for recognition and when that awareness arrives there is a connection made and the energy will flow through out your being in a different manner. It will take on a new importance in your mind and the more you focus upon it the more God driven your life will be. This recognition cannot be forced upon another but there are opportunities given to each of us that bring the focus upon the God within. The journey is of a different timing for each of us but that is our goal.

Going so far as to create an element of darkness and separation from God, like the dark have done, gives an indication of what separation is like and what can happen. You only have to look at the history of earth to know some of the atrocities that have taken place in the darkness of separation from God. The energies that are coming in, and have been coming in, give everyone more opportunity to recognize the God created life in all things. It has elevated all that is and when you take these energies into your being and use them for good it is multiplied, not only in yourself, but in all things.

We hope you are beginning to see and understand just how powerful you can be in influencing all that is. You tend to think in terms of your own capabilities and leave out the intent and energy of God focused action for good that can be accomplished. Sometimes it is as simple as asking that God work through you to bring about what is desired, even if you don’t know at the time what that is. Do not hinder or obstruct what can be done through you when you ask to be used by God. Each day focus your intentions on doing good and doing God’s will, even if that means at times you remain silent. Listen for His direction and remember the importance of obedience.

I leave you now to think on these things. Live in the Light and Love of the God energy and your intent will help change the world and beyond.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 15, 2021

Let us begin. We notice that many of you are ready for something to happen, even to the point of something bad happening, just so you can see that there is action of some kind. There has been a long history of waiting for you and it does not sit well to sit and wait. You have questions of why suffering is not stopped and why intervention does not bring about more evidence of change. We understand these feelings and can see why you want all the hurt and hunger and pain to stop now. Some of you are going so far as to question yourself and wonder if your faith and loyalty is not misplaced. Surely God being as powerful as He is would not let the dark things continue on earth, after all He is a loving God.

It does make sense to you to think this but there is a strong element of free will present and it is still a factor in everything. You have thoughts of wanting to know what you can do to get things going or get movement forward. The creation, which is earth, is intricately complicated and involves many elements and all energies have to be dealt with in the manner applying to them. If it were easy it could have been done long ago. In scientific terms you can’t just jerk things around and have it turn out right. We also have the remnants of the dark energy to deal with, even though it has diminished it is still evident. Not that it is still a big factor, but in that it was a key player for so long that it has attached to so many things and all of them have to be cleansed of that attachment or association. It takes time to dissipate energy, be it positive or negative, and we are talking about a whole planet here.

You are up against the new energies and are trying to deal with them and they will bring about different effects in different people. Some of you are responding to the new energy is such a positive way and your energy is abounding and it is not equating well with the lack of progress that you think you see. You feel ready to make headway and don’t know how to proceed to make things happen. The soul is calling you to action and you are not feeling any sort of instruction or direction for that action. We have been encouraging you to involving yourselves in the clean up of earth and many of you are ready at the starting gate and are still seeing a stop sign with no place for your energy to be focused. These are indeed frustrating feelings.

The majority of you can take action and again you underestimate your ability to cause change with your energy. You are confining your action to a familiar venue and one you have become used to in the past and do not venture out to give of your love and light in other ways. You want familiar territory to work in and with and this particular time, circumstances are calling for action of another kind. There are also those of you who want direction for their action as they do not know what they are being expected to do. So you see there are several ways you see yourself as being inactive. Do not underestimate the energies that are coming in and changing things for they are changing you also both physically and mentally and preparing you for action of some kind. This brings about the agitation you feel for action and some do not know how to process this call to action for the way is not clear to them.

A steadying or stabilizing of the desire for action is needed so that this whole process is not painful for you and so each day does not bring about discontent within the mind and also within the body. See yourself asking for the way to be shown how you can use your energies in a positive way at this time. It may differ from what you are used to but most of the time the increased light and love you are receiving are being shared with all things and you do not realize it. Remember I said that just by being you are changing things and those of you wanting to do good are sharing this positive energy with all that is and with others in a huge way and don’t even realize it.

If you feel this creative energy is building up and there is no focus for it then consciously during meditation take this energy and see it going out from you to blanket areas of earth you feel connected to. It may be your home country or it may be a place you feel needs this love energy at present but call it to action and to healing and to improving the area you designate. Your energy is so alive and creative and it is unfortunate you cannot see how much difference you make. This focusing of your energy is a Godly act of love on your part.

Another way you can focus your energy is in the form of words for they can possess the meaning of the God within as you speak them. If you think you do not have a venue you would be wrong. Again during meditation focus your words to an area you feel inclined that needs your specific words and speak your God given words of energy to the people or area in need. Your focus will direct the meaning and have more affect than you can imagine. Now think of many people around the world doing this and speaking words of light and love to others and you can understand how this energy can create big changes. Do not feel your words have to go through the ears of others on a physical level to affect change in their mind or heart. Intent of a positive action has always been underrated. Take the feeling for action and use it in the way that feels most positive for you and give of yourself with these energies and feel the God force being used through you for good.

So as this energy of “don’t just sit there, do something” builds up within you find an avenue for it. Focus your God Light or your God given words upon an area or a people and give of your action in His service and feel the energy leaving your body and being channeled to others. I feel this will give you the confirmation you are looking for. Take this time and make it yours to give as you wait on other instructions to be given and remember as the arena and stage of what goes on changes, the manner in which you can be of help will also change to fit what is needed.

I leave you now to think on these things and call you to action for this time. Be of good cheer knowing that you as a God being have the power to move mountains. If not today then tomorrow.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 14, 2021

Let us begin. We see that you need time to understand what is going on with your government and the attempts to keep the present administration going with your President Biden. There are many setbacks concerning his state of mind and his inability to think clearly, We know this is confusing and you are wondering what can be done now concerning this situation. Vice President Kamala Harris is surely involved and the plan was to have her in the position of President within a reasonable amount of time after the inauguration. They foresaw this happening and she is in a place to do this. We know from listening to closed door meetings before the election as these things are planned out well in advance and they try to leave nothing to chance. Unfortunately this may not happen for the Democratic Party as they have planned. Often all this is done before hand and even the decision of who will be the President is chosen long before the campaign begins. It is manipulated that far in advance by a small group of people, mostly men.

The first big setback for them was the election putting Donald Trump into the seat of the President of the United States. That was a shock to them and definitely was not planned. They began working to remove him in some manner from the very beginning as he certainly would not follow their wishes or fit into their plans for the people of the United States. They failed and there were many attempts to remove him in several different ways. They made sure he was not elected again, and this was a sloppy job and it was obvious to most everyone. Many refuse to accept that it was not legal. And now here you are waiting for something to happen to set it straight. I am not trying to stir things up or agitate things in the least, in fact the fallout of setting things straight will not be that easy but it has to be done.

There are things in life that keep coming up and need to be dealt with and this is one of them. The resolution of an illegal vote will not go away and in spite of what many think it was not done legally and gave the wrong results leading to an improper inauguration. It is like planning a wedding to the person chosen and then having someone else step in at the last moment for the ceremony. This would be seen as so wrong and not legal and everyone would know. This is basically what happened. Does this mean the two people before the alter are not legally married to each other? Yes, it does for there was deception and the laws were not followed.

There were several big hands in the election to cause what appeared the final results and they will be brought out along with the truth and you will be surprised at how close the United States came to falling completely into the wrong hands and how close each one came to becoming completely controlled by an outside force. It is a complicated story but will be told in its entirety along with other truth that is necessary for you to know. Take heart for that time is coming. There was more than one group that wanted control of the United States.

The history of the world has many twists and turns and has seen many who attempted to conquer and control it. It is located in an advantageous position in the grand scheme of the universe and is prime real estate. It has been coveted by many and ownership was in the dreams of several large and powerful groups. You are not the first to claim it for it has been lived upon by others who have claimed it before and they came here from other planets. As I said it is a complicated story and the control issue has continued for quite some time.

Even with this diverse history we are in the now moment and responsibility of bringing earth back to her desired state of existence and environment is in your hands. Regardless of what has happened in the past there are things that need to be done for your planet and cannot be put off any longer. For the earth to remain inhabitable the air and water have to be restored to a state of perfection and there is no way around this. Keep this in mind when drawing up that list of things to be done for it can be put off no longer.

Do not become disheartened for progress is being made toward the correcting of all things concerning earth. Remember there is a proper and correct time for all to come about and it will but there are steps that have to come first or it will not stand correctly in its process. Certain elements have to be removed from influence and taken completely out of the equation and that energy removed. Certain influence has to be gone and out of the picture for this to work. It is being done.

You are standing ready and willing to continue your work and you are so necessary at all times but especially at this time of complete change. I leave you now to think on these things and to know you are greatly needed at this time. Be of good cheer and know you are being led by God’s direction in what you do. It will take many hands to get this done.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 13, 2021

Let us begin. Our indicators tell us that you continue to grow and learn and listen to the God within. I forget sometimes to whom I am speaking and that my readers want what is in my heart and mind for them to know. You are the seekers and you are the ones paving the way into the higher realms. I wish I had the ear of everyone but since you believe and understand, I am thankful you are here and I have this opportunity to speak to you. Be at peace, my readers for it is your purpose and my purpose to be here with this connection between us. A privilege for me to give a message and teach what is truth.

In the existing and thinking of the hearts of men and women is the innate feeling of wanting to go forward, to learn and to advance. There is no standing still because energy propels, only time for rest and reflection when needed. Being is a state of energy and is alive in all of us and takes us forward. We are designed to continue and this means doing and learning. Our mere presence brings our energy and light into the situation and circumstances of where we are and this is what I want you to be aware of. You are a being of Light and you influence all that is, by being. Everyone of you is a teacher, whether you know it or not, by your influence and your energy, by BEING. It is important that you know you affect everything and you change things at all time. Some make things better and some, unfortunately, make things worse and are a negative influence. Your words are so very important and they also have energy when you speak. Remember you are the individual expression of the God within and you have power and potential.

Think on these things and know that you have been placed here for this very reason of potential for change and your background and experience before you came here gives you the right to be here at this time. Yes, there is a responsibility that goes with being here now. Consider that you are a powerful, God filled being with enormous potential to change the world and in great numbers when you join with others of like mind you change even more than one world. I kid you not, you are that potentially influential.

So, when you breathe, breathe in the life giving created force of God and when you think, think of the God within and what your mission is for this life. When you act and speak, know that you can channel the words that God would have you speak and the action that He would have you do in all situations. You have that kind of potential connection of a God infused life to be lived at this time of immense importance for planet earth. This time of transition, this process now happening here has not happened on this level and scale before and you were chosen because of this potential to help bring it about. Do you now see yourself in a different Light? Do you now understand why I give of my words to try and get you to understand how important you are? It is you that have this position and this place to accomplish great things and deliver, not only the people, but Gaia herself from the dark forces that have plagued so many for so long. This is a deliverance of huge proportion and a mighty awakening opportunity for all beings who are in the position on their journey to do so. Do not ever see yourself as ineffectual or unimportant and remove these thoughts from your mind. Better yet, do not let them enter.

I bring you truth and words from Mother, Father God that you see who you really are with clearer eyes. Now, I ask you to go about your days with renewed strength and faith in your mission and when you think, think of what God would have you say and when you pray and meditate, know that you are sent here at this time to create the changes needed for what will be known as the liberation of earth and go about your work with renewed vigor and involvement in this whole process. Be compassionate and kind in your dealings with others and know they are also powerful beings for good if given the chance and understanding to do so. You were not picked up off of a street corner just so you could experience the ride. Much thought went into the decision for you to experience this. You have cause, reason and intelligence in this matter of earth and it has come forward now. One of the best parts of this knowing is knowing when not to speak and when not to act. You will, at times, be moved to this action also. It is in your experience to also be used in this way of silence. There are times you do not have to speak for you are an example and a teacher to others at all times.

I leave you now to think on these things and to use this time wisely. You are the Light, you are the Love and you are the truth.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 12, 2021

Let us begin. I am not going to tell you that things are progressing but they are. I am not going to tell you that you will have your promised earth but you will. I will tell you that you should be feeling the relief from the heaviness of the dark influence upon earth as the key players are being removed whether you can see this or not. Your senses have lived so long under the environment of the dark that it should be a noticeable difference now that this has been lessened. Your mind and heart should be able to bear witness to the fact that there is more light around you and this is continuing to increase. You should not need anyone to tell you because you should be able to experience this for yourselves. Your tiredness of remaining on earth while fighting for freedom is understandable but more of these days are behind you now than in front of you. Learn how to express yourselves without the restraint of the dark to hold you back and see how you feel and what you can accomplish along your road to ascension. It will be amazing for you and wonderful for us to see.

I would like to speak of regrets and imposed penalties. We all make mistakes and do things that are less than wise in our journey. It is part of learning and sometimes we fail to forgive ourselves and impose penalties upon ourselves. We come to the conclusion that we deserve to be punished and set about finding that this is the reason for some of what happens to us. There are those who carry this with them their whole life and never realize that this is self imposed and the burden is heavy. Do not do this to yourselves. When you transgress against the laws of God the energy generated will come back and mete out its own judgment according to the laws that are set up and this does not fail. Work to know when you should have made a better choice and then work to change that energy to one of forgiveness from another and then for yourself.

Holding onto self loathing creates such a negative reaction and it just surrounds you and you end up creating all sorts of things as punishment that will come to you because you generated it. It can be no other way for you are the creator of your life. At times there are past things that come into this life from other experiences that need to be dealt with but we are speaking of this life and the road to forgiving yourself. It does no good to bear this burden for years and we see this over and over and most of the time you label them as bad choices and are determined to make yourself pay for them. Remember bad choices are part of life and the learning experience and we all do it. How you react to them is what needs to be worked on.

Most of the time we are aware of our wrong doing or bad choices because it will come back for us to see the results. That is where we need to change our thoughts concerning what we have done and go about learning from it. Ask that all facets of this less than wise decision be shown to you. Seek to learn the reasons for what you did. Examine the why of your actions and also ask that you be shown if there are things you can do to make the experience less hurtful for others and for you. As you would go about forgiving another person then go about forgiving yourself and give thanks that you have seen the result of what you did. Be observant of others and see how their actions sometimes result in less than desirable results and seek to think before you speak or act. Forgiveness is a big lesson to learn and the part that we forget the most is to forgive ourselves.

If it can be done voice your knowing that you have hurt someone else and ask for their forgiveness. When you go about forgiving yourself realize that you must take the learning experience from the action with you and work not to repeat it. Always think before you speak when your emotions take over and it is always a good thing to wait until better thinking takes over. Use this knowing from experience to unburden yourself from the carrying of hurtful thoughts against yourself from lack of love for you. The being that God has created in you needs love and forgiveness as much as you think others do, so do not leave yourself out of this equation. Learn from the experience and carry this learning with you. Love yourself and forgive yourself and do not make it a life sentence of regret and inflict more pain upon you from your own creation of punishment. Hold your God self high with respect and forge ahead with God’s love surrounding you and realize that you and God are one. Get good at forgiving and do not carry all these burdens with you.

The joy of an unburdened life is lightheartedness and is a much better way. Create a life without huge boulders from your past and use only the learning from them to add to your knowing. Most people wish for and expect so much more happiness for others in their life than they do for themselves. Try each day to unburden yourself before you go to sleep at night from the things you need to leave behind and don’t’ wake up with them the next morning only to be carried around another day. Work with the God within you and ask to be shown the way. This is a two way dialogue for you have the inside track to this communication.

Sometimes it is not easy to give up the past. This is not a place you want to go back to repeatedly nor do you want to live there. The time of your creating and unfolding is in the now moment and always will be. This is where the wheel of direction is in your hands and you determine which way you will proceed in life. Be at peace with yourself and your direction by living with God expressing through you in each moment and work toward making that expression a positive one. This is what life is about. Try always to create a better future by fully living in the now in a law abiding and positive way.

I leave you now thinking on these things. Abide in the knowing that God can direct your steps and energies if you but ask and listen.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 11, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that most all of the activity concerning progress is where you cannot see it. It is all behind the scenes and you cannot tell. This makes it difficult for you to know that things are being done and this is the confirmation you need. Certain ones are still being removed from society and being placed behind bars, awaiting their appearance before a judge where the charges against them will be read. In addition to this others have hired their defense attorneys and wait for their time in court. There are so many to deal with now.

While this is going on the information concerning the Presidential election in the US is to be brought out soon and the public will understand why it has taken so long for all the statements to be taken and the evidence to be gathered. This is the end result of many working hard to bring all this about in legal form and according to law. Then the public will know the laws that were broken and who broke them and what a vast number of people were involved in forcing the results of the election. It has been like a gathering storm building up and it is about to break into something that cannot be denied.

I would like now to speak of coming into alignment with the will of the Father concerning your life. Each life is different and has different goals that are set and things to achieve and lessons to learn. It is obvious that many have never thought about this or asked what is set out for them to do in this life time. If someone does wonder about why they are here they never bother to ask how they should proceed. The point at which they believe in God and ask how they should live is a turning point in their life and things start to change in a positive way. This does not mean they become more beautiful or handsome and come into a large sum of money. It means that outer wishes have been set free to align with inner intent. This moment is a time for us to rejoice and the angels smile for another child has turned to God. This is no small moment.

There is a harmony that is set up in your life when you not only acknowledge your Creator but you consciously seek to do His will. The will for your life is custom designed for this life time and seeking inner direction is necessary. Very few of you are born with knowing what their intent in this life is all about. It can be so different than what you might think and receiving Divine instructions are needed to know how to proceed. Many of you go ahead and only find out what doesn’t work after years of trying the wrong thing. This also is learning and works to help you realize how much guidance is needed when going it alone did not result in a happy path. There is really no such thing as traveling life alone for there are so many who surround you, some in reality and some in thought, but they are there and are ready to guide you. It is up to you to ask and most of the time you ask when something planned has failed.

We suggest the best approach is to ask in advance of plans and on a daily basis what God wants you to do with your day and your life. It is for sure if you never ask you may try many things that don’t work in the long run. Even those who do ask and are pointed in the right direction have a difficult time in life. When the mind is aligned with the will of God there is a smoother sense of accomplishment than when you go it alone, depending upon your assessment of things only. It will often feel as if you are swimming up stream and there will be setbacks and roadblocks giving you clues that you may not be setting your eyes on the right goals. Living in the will of God does not mean everything will fall into place and you will have success a plenty but it does mean that compared to living outside the will of God, it will seem a lot better. At least you will have the peace and satisfaction that you have been obedient every night when you fall asleep and many times at night while you sleep answers are given.

The life well lived does not follow the same path as all others. The life well lived is the one designed just for you and lived according to the laws and commandments, no matter what roads are taken. This is why you are not to compare your life with others and measure success by modern standards. One may find success with repairing bicycles and doing the job well, while another may become a heart surgeon and help many to live a longer life. Both are following their life plan and living in the will of God for this life time. You cannot judge others by any rule. You must let God set forth the parameters of your goals and you must align yourself with the will of God and this will be different for each and every one of you. Do not seek the goal of others by thinking success looks good on someone else. Seek within for your own things to accomplish and set out to achieve them no matter how others judge you or look at you with criticism. It is the bond between you and God within that sets your course and how you go about living your life. Listen to your own directives and instructions in prayer and meditation and know that a Godly life is between you and God, not you and society.

We spend too much of our lives measuring ourselves with what is socially acceptable today and refusing to listen to what is solely for us. Think of the many men and women who live quiet lives providing for their family and raising Godly children and never are mentioned in the newspapers or given awards for achievements. These people strive every day to be Godly examples to their spouse, their children and their neighbors and do not seek recognition by the public. They have achieved a measure of success that many will never see and yet they are overlooked as examples of living in alignment with their inner instructions and wishes for this life time. Do not think you have not exalted yourself under the will of God if you are not recognized by the masses of society. Continue what you know is true for your life between connection and communication with the God within and find peace within. It means you have lived well no matter what assets you have in monetary form. You are blessed with riches of a heart nature and your life cannot be measured by the generally accepted rule of today.

Society is a cruel taskmaster and it is possible to work beyond belief and still not measure up to what society expects from you. These goals are false and buy into the common standards and beliefs. You may stand apart and surround yourself with others who also stand apart but you will rest in the arms of your Creator in the satisfaction that you listened when you asked each day, “God how can I live this day that will be pleasing to both of us and in alignment with your will”

I leave you now to think on these things and the plan for your life. It is between you and God and not you and society.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 10, 2021

We can begin. We see that you are so tired of waiting and having no visual verification of anything. I have endeavored to let you know that progress is being made but you want more. You have been waiting a long time now and still you have to struggle in your world under your rules to keep going. We understand. It was expected in November that you would see signs corresponding to what had been told to you concerning your election process and what happened was not what you expected. Now it is March of 2021 and you are still waiting. Many of you are weary of waiting and your patience is running out. It has been a long journey with many delays and our words of patience and waiting are not sitting well with you. Each month that goes by proves difficult for you to remain positive about what you think is happening or not happening. Your main question is, “Why the delay?”

There are many answers to your questions and what I have to tell you will not be what you want to hear.. It takes time to do what needs to be done and it must be done within the laws of earth you have to work within. You are under the misconception that being in God’s hands means that He will come down and automatically remove the dark, clean up the earth, put good people in office and put a sparkle in everyone’s eyes. The earth movement and the energy behind it was under your watch and the improvements and the corrections are being done by you. The responsibility is yours and it was decided that you would provide the impetus and labor for all to be reversed and the right trail blazed, UNDER GOD’S WILL. He is not doing it for you but will guide and help you do it for yourselves. You have heard this before and it is being done this way.

It is impossible to go back and tell you how long something will take in the future when it is unknown. All we have said will come about in its time of completion and this timing that is up to you, we do not know. We know you have been waiting on an announcement for some time now. It is coming and will happen. The fact that you were looking for it months ago is not something we have control over. Your background and clock dependency has you looking at a different frame of understanding than what is actually going on at the time. We think in terms of things evolving and coming about in fulfillment and completion of energies and you think of them in terms of what day and time it will happen.

We cannot control your faith and your expectations. We can, however, suggest and give you guidelines of how to view what is happening and what to expect in your future. How your earth gets to what has been promised is not designed and laid out by a clock but by milestones in achievements and accomplishments from your work to bring it about. God does perform what is seen as miracles but He also works in the hearts and hands of men and women to bring about His desire. This time He is not using his magic wand but is working with the minds and heart of those in positions to bring about what needs to be done.

It is discouraging for you to feel defeated and forgotten, we know. We also know your outlook is influenced by the fact you are tired of waiting. You would see things differently if you had not already waited so long for this to happen. I continue to encourage you not to give up but to remain diligent in these end days. I cannot tell you how long it will be, I can only tell you it will be. Take comfort my Chelas in your knowing and in the belief of the power of God to bring about what is needed. I leave you now in His hands, as and where you have been.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 8, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to understand what is going on in your world today. Questions are arising in many minds and answers are needed. Where does everyone stand on communicable diseases and how can the individual defend against them. Is this our new way of life and will we have to forget about how we used to live. Are other countries coming close to major aggressions against others. Will this Covid vaccine protect us.

The body has its own defense mechanism and if an individual will eat wisely and drink clean water the immune system will do a lot to keep anyone defended against communicable diseases. We have never been ones to advocate putting disease pathogens into the body to protect it and this is what vaccination is. Yes the body may build up an immunity against it but it is not the recommended way. Your lives need to be lived in a different manner because your food is devitalized and your water and air less than clean. It will take some doing to bring it back into what is needed. The questions remain and living in fear is not the way either. Fear flows throughout the body and this does not bring good health.

We recommend that you live in a state of belief in recovery and reform as far as your earth is concerned and you cannot go wrong visualizing and contemplating peace for everyone. Fear is not the way to go. Caution is good in certain instances and wisely brings alternative ways of avoiding harmful decisions. Creating your outer world begins in the mind and the mental collective is strong in creating what is needed. Begin in your creative center to form in reality what is wanted and in line with God’s laws and it can be achieved. Living in fear to breathe and go outside your homes is not conducive to good health.

Materialism has grown to have a strong hold on your world and drives most all to work long hours to get ahead. Most of the things you think you need are traps for holding you down and inclining you to serve the wrong motives for what you do. Rethink your needs and compare them to your wants and you will find a big gap between them. There is a trend now starting for a more minimalistic life and smaller housing. Having more things does not always lead to more freedom and enjoyment. Usually it ties you to having to take care of more things. Begin to simplify your lives from excess and in this you will find more freedom to live your lives in a manner that is less demanding. If you suddenly had more money how would you make your life better for yourself and those you love? Would you add to or simplify? Would you trade less material things for more freedom and time to enjoy life?

Many do not have what they need now and money would help them provide what would make their lives better. There is a big chasm between the haves and the have nots. The plans of the dark were designed to leave the money in their pockets and have you needing so much that you will follow instructions to maintain or try to get ahead. This leaves the few at the top to make the decisions and have control over everyone not having lots of money. There is a big difference in living in poverty and living simply. A large house with several cars has to be maintained, kept up and insured and this takes time and effort and leaves little time for enjoyment of life. Many are now leaving the large cities for a quieter life in the country where they can grow their own food and see the stars at night and they will not miss the sirens of fire trucks and police cars and ambulances. They may have to adjust to frogs, crickets and night insect sounds. The country life is not for everyone but many find more comfort in this way of living. Society moved from the country to the city and experienced it and now society is looking for a better way. Technology makes it possible for many to work from home and this means you can live outside the large cities.

Having the opportunity to decide where you want to live is a blessing and not offered to everyone. Your society is trying to find a better way of living and this will continue. Quiet time has dwindled for many and being alone is impossible for some. You must find time to go within and listen to your own thoughts and see how you are thinking and talking to yourself. Start by noticing what you think and how you encourage yourself during the day. Do you build yourself up and respect yourself? You need to make an effort to do this for you and your body are listening to your commands. You are stuck with yourself all the time and you need to be positive in your thinking and your outlook. This starts in your mind and your self talk and you have not yet learned how important this is. Most parents spend time encouraging their children and building self esteem and then when they become adults the negative mind talk begins and you end up becoming what you think others might see in you. If you want to become a better person start by telling yourself how important you are to all that is and how your energy blends with all life and you can make life better for all people by becoming more positive with yourself. Do you realize how all life on earth would be different if everyone would quit their negative self talk and speak in an uplifting manner to themselves? It would change the world. Respect yourself and be kind.

Most all things will never be the same again and by the end of the year there will have been so many changes that you will have trouble believing them. Accept the possibility that much can happen for the better and let it be a valid concept in your mind that your world can revolutionize and reorient the way all life conducts itself for the better. Pave this path with your positive thinking and allow it to happen with your prayers and visualizations and let this creative energy form into reality. It is a mighty team effort and cannot be accomplished by just one person. It is a collective thing just as your collective prayers for a better life were given up to God for Him to hear. Consider the possibilities and options for a better life for all people on earth and then allow it to happen. It can be done and this is the direction in which you are headed.

I leave you now with an open ended list of possibilities and options to improve, reform and create the life and world you envision in your minds. You are a source of where these ideas come from along with the help of God. You are always creative and most of the time do not realize it. I am asking you to take note of your creative abilities and join with others so you can change the world you live in and make it the place you want to live. It will be done.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 7, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be noticed that others not paying attention to what is going on will be confused and perplexed at the truth that will come out. Much is coming out now concerning the Covid 19 and how all the data was handled. So much is going unnoticed and many do not question but take what is given out by the government of the US and the main stream news as truth. Lots of you have questioned and this is good that you start to read other perceptions of what has happened. The truth is out there if you look for it is being posted and printed and voiced but you won’t hear it or read it on your main networks on your TV. The ones who do give out the truth may not realize what a brave stance they have taken for sometimes it does not end well for those who step out with facts. This has been proven from past experience. At present there are more and more doctors writing papers telling of the way the virus has worked and more importantly how it does not work. The question is which ones are telling the truth and how do you know.

We have talked about personal verification and discernment before but it bears repeating here that to make it a habit to go within and feel the response your inner knowing and your body give you while reading or hearing something in question. This takes practice but can be done. Listen to what your response is while you listen or read and feel any reaction. If you still have questions than give it some time and there should be a reaction to it all and it will build. Pray about it and meditate on it and don’t give up for in reality truth is difficult to overcome with lies and sometimes requires getting you to look in another direction while the lies are slipped in from the side. Lies also need a reliable source to spread them around and you have had this many times. There are consequences for telling a lie and it does not end well.

There have been many large lies that have been told to you and they have lived a long life and the correcting of them becomes the difficult part. One of them is that you are the only planet that has intelligent life. This involves several other lies off shooting from this one, such as the UFOs seen in your skies are all from your own governments and none are from other planets. The US has done well with their cover up for decades and they keep trying to keep it alive. One reason it has worked is because it is difficult for you to imagine that other life forms of an intelligent nature might have a different appearance or heaven forbid, be more intelligent than the people of earth. Your Bible gives you the confirmation you seek to help you believe you are the only children of God for you read through a preconceived idea of creation being limited. Many know they are not the only inhabited planet and yours is not the only dimension with living beings and the UFOs seen are not all from your own governments. This will come out and most likely will be received with more belief now than just a decade ago.

The trouble with lies is that most of them have a short life and die in the light of truth. This is why the dark have had to put so much energy into continuing the lies they have perpetrated so that you could be kept within the framework of their created design to one day control the world you live in. It was well on its way to happening but your prayers were heard. Just remember when you tell a lie it goes against the body and it will have a reaction in the body and this is not even considering what it does to others who hear the lie. You cannot remain healthy in body with continuing to speak lies for decades for this is a reaction you cannot get around. All things are connected such as your mind and your body and the energies will come back to you from the outside and from within. Speak the truth in your life and rest well in your being. Avoid the backlash and growing dissonance of vibrations that lies create. You are so used to having to see something right then as a result that you overlook the unseen that is a result of lies.

There are so many reasons backing the commandments that God has given. They are simple in their wording and sound reasonable but the consequences behind them, when broken, continue to gain negativity and snow ball until corrected. Trying to correct the aftermath from breaking commandments is much more difficult than you might think because the transgression of the original act multiplies as time goes by. Do you know the laws that God has given? Think about what your actions cause in others and dwell upon living a Godly life as was intended. Your life is complicated enough from your earth experience. We are coming upon a time of truth and this is the difficult part of correcting things. Align yourself with living in accordance with the commandments given by God and be an example of a better lived life. Pray for the deceivers for their transgressions are still needing to be corrected and this may take awhile.

I leave you now with these thoughts concerning lies. More importantly I leave you considering the choice of a Godly life and the fulfillment possible when living each day under His direction and will for you. Life is a continued journey and we wish for each of your days to be in the Light and Love of your Creator.

I am Joseph In His Service

March 6, 2021

Let us begin. We see many of you counting on certain things to happen regarding your world. You will not be disappointed but it will take some time. Do not give up but do give it the time it needs to transition into what is needed to create the correct atmosphere for soul growth and advancement. The setting has to be right in the beginning for the proper changes to take hold. It must be done in a certain way for all to prosper correctly. Let God be your guide and afford Him the amount of time it takes for his needs to be met for earth. He will not be denied and now it will be recovered in the right way. He sees with the eyes of understanding and His vision is far so give it the time it needs.

Many of you are offering of your services to bring us closer to healing of the earth reality and this is good. There is much work that has to be done in preparation for the energies to come and there is no other way than the work required. Take heart for the workers are there and they are ready to get started. So many of you are still doing the Light work and establishing what is required in that respect and it is wonderful to see. We have encouraged you to remain vigilant and you are. At times we tap you on the shoulder and need something special and you always answer, “yes”. It is heart warming. It is almost time for those who will step up and step out in leadership to come forward to your urging for service in other ways and you will feel the tap on the shoulder or the voice in your mind that it is you who is being called. Do not hesitate for you have been prepped for this to happen, even if you do not know how. A new earth requires leadership and now some will need to be voted into position where they can serve. It is coming together.

There is something about waking up in the morning and thinking of what you have to do and being positive and energetic about it. It is a pleasure and a joy to labor over something you feel good about and to achieve goals in a field you derive pleasure from. How many of you get to do this now? Not nearly enough. There will be more of this going on regarding your work, or service in the future times. Do not limit yourself in the choice of what you will do and choose something you are passionate about. No longer will there be a time of having to work at something you hate just to make money for you and your family. You may see this as impossible and think there are jobs that no one will want. Let us just see what happens with this for I believe it will work out. Do not deny it yet in your minds and do give it a chance.

Always remember there are ways you know not of and now the changes are happening for real and are no longer a wish, a hope or a far off thought in some distant day. The changes are here and are happening for you, whether you see them or not, whether you feel them or not. We see them. At long last the far off day has come when the dark are overthrown and as the vibrations rise the dark will disappear into the dark fog and haze they created for themselves. Most will be sent to a corresponding place where they will continue to be afforded the opportunity to learn. Some will be no more and we see this as a sad decision for them to make for there is always hope and chance for change.

Without really noticing, a threshold has been crossed into more Light and this will continue to be a creative Light as well as a creative emergence of possibilities for you and we ask that you use these energies wisely. Remain in the mental attitude of asking each day how God will direct you that day in your service and what He will have you to do. It is the way of a God directed person so stay tuned to His channel and listen for His energy to speak to you. This is how far you have come and now feel comfortable with your communication for He will speak to you in many ways.

How are things progressing? Very well, as we see them and you will not be disappointed in this progress. The cards are about to be laid on the table for all to see and they will be the winning hand. The ball has been released and thrown down the bowling alley and the pins are about to fall. You may laugh at my analogies and this is OK but it gives you the idea I am wanting you to have concerning where things are at present and where they will be. Watch and listen closely.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Use your energies wisely to create a peaceful, loving earth. It is what you have been praying and asking for.

I am Joseph In His Service