November 19, 2022

I see that you have taken in the last lesson and given it thought. This is good and will give you a boost in your thinking. Now let us ponder another concept. Of all the thoughts in your possibilities try to consider how you exist. Are you real in physical form or are you in thought only? Are you so real in manifestation of mental thought energy that you perceive of yourself as real in body form? Do you not have pain and hurt when injured? What is reality to begin with.

Earth is a special concept taking an agreement of many to play out a conflict between Light and darkness and all those years you think in linear terms concerning are not exactly what you think for they are happening in a more compact fashion. Those outside of this closed aspect of earth count time in a different way and your many years of existence on earth are counted in a shorter term for them. So your 500 past years for you will have been much shorter for those outside this earth concept. Why is this so?

Time is an element that can be designed when creating a closed concept and in the earth design it was made to be compact with its passing of time quickly in events for it was thought that the earth conflict would not have taken as long as it did and it would be over quickly. It has lingered. You see time can be manipulated when designed and for a differentiation, the area must be closed off for it to take affect. It cannot be integrated within other time frames being different with the intent of conflict resolution as it was designed. There are many planets having a different time base according to their placement in the heavens and rotations in their cycles but they fit in nicely as they were created. The conflict on earth was so observed and watched by so many that it had to be a closed happening so it could be helped in many ways if needed. A real scientific experiment in the finest and it was done. In the end you were all kept longer in this play of sorts than was thought necessary in the beginning.

This brings about the closing out of this closed society, which is earth, and how it will go about it. It has to dissolve or be done away with in the best way so as not to disturb things any more than necessary and this is the plan. There are several things that have to happen and ascension is one of them. This will resolve a lot for many of you when you leave the third dimension and move to a higher level. The earth herself will have her closed mental agreement of the concept done away with upon the directives of much higher beings under the agreement of Mother Father God and life will continue. So, does this mean that this closed conflict is false, no, it is a different form of real and you perceive it as intended to get the job done and this has been completed. It would not have done for you to be told all this time that what you were going through was not real for that was the whole purpose in having it this way.

Consider that it was a force field of sorts and you were inserted within it to accomplish a mission. You were taken from your reality that you had been living and placed energetically into this force field agreement, armed with your talents as weapons and also your vast experience to accomplish a goal and that was bringing Light to the earth. Along the way you were free to learn lessons in a speedier way through reincarnation and this was much different that the learning you previously experienced in your reality. This field had different rules and you had to learn to move within them. This playing a different game with different rules took some getting used to and to make it easier for you and less confusing your memory was veiled from you to remove confusing elements. You might not think so but this made it easier for you to progress as you needed and hopefully come into your directives quicker.

Some plans worked out as desired and some did not and intervention had to take place and things had to be helped, tweaked and augmented when necessary. This was the oversight that was given all throughout this time frame within. The struggle was intense and there were casualties along the way and many soldiers along the way did not come to purpose and got caught up in the pretend reality and never found their calling and to this day are still caught in the minutiae of what they think is reality. They never came to truth. Now you must pull yourself out of this intended created deviation from your previous reality before coming to earth and when the time is right move back into the reality that is indeed real for you. Confusing, is it not? Not really for it has been a play production of sorts in which the Light has overcome the dark in all ways and this is getting ready for the curtain to come down on the final act. The actors will go home back to their loved ones and take up where they left off but with a different degree of learning and a much broader experience of existence. Your whole expression of self is different and when your past and who you are, are once again in your conscious knowing you will have something to compare your learning on earth with and you will put things in their proper places and perspectives. It will be a rather large integration and may take some time but this has been a rather large production and is worthy of the time it will take to put all in their proper places. You are much greater entities at doing this than you realize for you have accomplished much more than you can now assess. Take this in as peacefully as possible. Walk out of this play production as an accomplished actor, playing your part with panache and talent you may not know you possessed. Like an academy award nominee but as I have stated before do not let your ego trip you up.

Here again are concepts for you to consider and spend time with and I hope you come to them fully for in this instance a full knowing is necessary for what is to come. You will walk this path soon and we will see that you walk it without confusion and trepidation for we have been helping you all the way and we will continue to do so. I, along with many others, continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto helping you walk your path.

5 thoughts on “November 19, 2022

  1. Dear Lanto, thank you for this timely message. I will consider carefully as all your messages as soon as circumstances allow today. There is a teaching in the kolbrin new testament that has proven profound in my life and in discerning all things. The Master taught to say not something is true but say something is true according to this or that. This allows all things to eventually be comprehended for what they are in perfect clarity and harmony with everything else. It might be somewhere here:

    I’m trying to find exactly how the Lord referenced it and where. My love to you and to all forever. All Glory Laud and Honor be given and acknowledged to the Father of Lights forever and ever.

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  2. Wow, this message will take reading and rereading, pondering and rereading again. We are in a time condensed matrix, where all that seems real is unreal. I can see more clearly why you continually refer to this earth experience as an illusion. A play with its numerous scenes in the ultimate battle between light and darkness. A huge orchestration of events designed to restore balance to the entire cosmos, all because one lifted up in pride convinced others that there was a better way. I am not sure if I should be upset by all of it or greatful. I choose the latter, for those who placed Jmannuel on the cross allowed him to manifest a purer love than even the angels can produce. I am greatful for the experience and soul expansion we have all gained through our exposure to the darkness in this illusionary theatrical play.

    Dearest Lanto, for many, many years, I have prayed “…all I want to know is the truth. I don’t care what that truth is, for I have felt your love and know that you are good. Please, help me to find the truth.” Thank you for removing the veil in part and giving us a greater understanding of things as they really are.

    While I trust Father/Mother God, I am concerned about something, which is part of the missing truth I don’t yet have. I love my spouse. She is my Queen. I hold her in greater regard and esteem than all things save the Father/Mother God and Creation. I have done all within my power to help her and our children in this illusion. I suspect we have shared multiple lifestreams together. I would like to believe that she is a twin flame. I have a difficult time believing my love for her is an illusion. When this earth play is settled, and we are returned to our loved ones and family, what will become of the ones we have loved during this earth sojourn? Will there be a continuity of those cherished relationships we have developed on earth? Or in our REAL reality will this earth experience and the relationships we had here be as a distant dream?

    I Am Jay


  3. On a Spiritual, Political & analytical pov … this is one of the BEST channellings I have ever read.

    To you Lanto … Благодарю Вас!!!



  4. Lanto there was a book I read years ago driving me crazy because the title of it is on the tip of my tounge yet it’s like it just won’t come – (and I don’t bother with the search engines these days most important things having been censored.) There is energy in your address directly correlates to this book. ✨️ I’ll try my best to explain it and perhaps someone will remember it. It was about a lady who was living on earth yet went to a private magicians club in Hollywood I believe to see a person who only rarely performed there. Anyway turned out this ‘magician’ was the type who could actually do what others only used tricks to do. He went on to tach her about the nature of her on earth being the type of thing Lanto is describing. He taught her about being caught up in some type of experimental existence that started up fair enough but more rules and more regulations were added and added and more complexities and evil darkness that took over. He was somehow permitted to expand her memories into her past self and realities where magical seemingly impossible things were commonplace. Talk about breaking the 4th and 5th walls!

    Jay, don’t worry “Good is never Lost”. Learn about Mother Mary Mae Maier. Nothing beautiful and good and pure and sacred and holy will ever be lost.

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