November 20, 2022

Now it comes to me that many of you see life as a one time thing with all learning in that life being all there is. Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter what planet you are from or whether you came to earth to experience on a mission. You will have multiple opportunities to learn in many different ways no matter who you are or where you live.

Your life can be short or long and you may express your self in different forms but you will always have opportunities to learn in different settings and scenarios. This is part of walking your path and striving to attain more wisdom leading back to Source, or back to your beginning. Learning comes in many different ways and forms. Teachers can be entities or teachers can be life itself and can choose the speed orchestrated by the learner. All learning is designed or created in its characteristics by the actions of the learner. It may take many lessons of the same kind to learn a major lesson or it can be learned in one setting, depending upon the impression it brings and the intensity with which it is experienced.

Not all planets are designed the same way and learn in the same format. Earth has, or had a reincarnational learning design for a faster learning opportunity. Some planets have entities that live long lives and theirs is a long term learning endeavor. Many planets have teachers that have classes leading the student in a structured way to learning and then hopefully to wisdom. Regardless how learning is conducted it is following the same path of mind and soul memory of information gained and this brings about the path to experience of the learning. Experience is the best way because of the impressions it leaves with the student or individual. Experience is not the only way that learning leads to wisdom but it is the preferred way because of the ramifications it brings about. This is what you experienced on earth and can come about at a faster pace. You still have the opportunity to take longer for learning any one particular lesson if you wish and this is entirely up to the individual and their expression of life itself. Learning is very individualistic in nature and travels at the speed desired by the individual. Once the lesson is learned, no matter what method it has come by, it remains a permanent part of the psyche and mind and experience and does not need to be repeated. You do not draw to you the circumstances for that learning again for you have it down with all the past feelings that go with the learning of it.

On earth ego steps in the way of learning in a reoccurring way for some time before it steps aside to reveal the secrets of the learning of a lesson and this may take many lifetimes or only one or two. The beauty of the experience is the expression of the individual and the desire to live life at ones own choosing. It all depends on how long it takes for you to put the information together that there is a way of choosing to look at an experience with the love and Light attitude or without it. Is it a position of victim you have chosen or a position of creator to draw out the elements of the happening and turn it into a positive experience to the best of your ability. What is your perspective of the situation. Learning is in the eyes of the student, so to speak. Once you learn to view something that is painful or disturbing or downright traumatic from a different point of view it can be turned into something of a more positive leaning experience and be used in the future for reference of a good nature instead of a horrible experience or seen as a bad thing. This turning point makes a big difference in your life when you learn to look at something from this advantageous point of view.

Two different people can have the same thing happen and come away with entirely different learning experiences depending on how they view it. Ask yourself what you can learn from an experience that is positive and can it serve a positive purpose in your life. This brings to you the open doors you need to advance learning. The learning of a lesson helps you to understand others on a much better level and have compassion for them in different ways because you now understand what they have gone through or what they are going through. This brings you closer to the connection with all others.

I leave you now with these elements of learning to consider and remember that truth is in the learning and is ready for you to discover it has always been there. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto, here for the learning for I too am on a path of learning.

3 thoughts on “November 20, 2022

  1. Sweet words to a weary mind. I personally perceive humanity overall would benifit from formal knowledge of life beyond. Since the officers in running the political scene have save a precious few we all know by name have abrogated their responsibilities in this manner in every gross capacity possible listen to the will of the people. You have these instruments to measure such esoteric data points. Love and Light and glory to God always first during and forever after

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