November 22, 2022

There are things happening now that are taking everyone’s attention and this message will be short.  This is necessary for closing out this earth venture in bringing Light to what is needed.  Thank you for being the attentive readers that you have been and moreover it is to your benefit that you have dedicated so much of your thinking to all that has been given over these past months.

Thank you to our scribe that they have given so much in the way to time and effort to bring to you the words of those before me who are highly revered in their learning and teaching skills.  This may be my last message but only for lack of time as I love my work and would gladly devote to you what you need and want.  You have been a blessing to me and getting to know you has been a joy.

Now I go to do the work that is necessary and will look forward to meeting you in person should the opportunity arise.  I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto having been blessed by each of you.

5 thoughts on “November 22, 2022

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. This is a time all of us can reflect upon a wonderful example portrayed so beautifully in the heritage of this part of the vinyard (the place I have been blessed to have this unique and beautiful mortality these four decades or this part of the beautiful earth I have had opportunity to grow and learn upon and within) I come from which is portrayed in popular history commemorating this Thanksgiving day. Imagine the possibilities of this new frontier of the journey as humanity again will begin to work with brothers and sisters from other worlds, planes, dimensions and realms of light. When first contact will happen for the masses I don’t know but for me it has and I am a witness of these realities. It is in the spirit of Thanksgiving day and it’s history that I formally welcome any from beyond to interface with us in harmony with divine protocol whenever and however that may be for humanity at large. This is said with sincere love and hope being grateful to add my portion and witness in reverence giving all the glory to that God who created us all.


  2. On another note as we witness the infighting and destruction of the secret combinations it is hilarious that evil thinks it could force matter to enable its mischief indefinitely as that very matter is created and holding its very form and existence in allegiance to God which sustains its existence. Nothing is created out of darkness as it has nothing to produce from of its pure own. All bayoronic baryonic matter or not baryonic matter (there is no such thing as immaterial matter) at all times holds allegiance to that God of Light and Truth who created it in the first place and at any moment God will call the elements to the order they desire – for they do desire order and to be added upon ergo detest disorder or evil. Possibility itself must be the universal field theory for what can exist in a more inherent way than possibility itself can manifest? And in harmony with that it is eternal immutable scientific law that has forever and ever proven an infinate times over that it is impossible for evil to prevail indefinitely. Light and glory are the opposite of entropy.

    Fax mentis, incendium gloria cultum


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