November 13, 2022

We come to the end of three cycles in the closing of the doors on the earth conflict. They are all different time frame cycles and different lengths. One is particularly difficult to end because it brings the most changes with it and people feel this the most, although going into the next cycle should be quite pleasing. This is as planned and follows smoothly. Another cycle is somewhat shorter in time and brings with it a good riddance as we look at it in our rear view mirror. The third one shouldn’t be that difficult as you are mostly already prepared for the new cycle to start. It is a natural progression of evolution in things as the planet travels through these influences as prescribed. New elements of influence are determined by location in the cosmos and the influence of stars and other planets. They carry their influence as they have their own energy and are part of the whole, but individualistic. You cannot get away from the influence you are under at the time.

Closing these out and beginning new cycles have a certain amount of monitoring, looking and evaluating that goes with them and we are busy doing this at this time. Most of the time things go smoothly on their own but some things require a little tweaking here and there; a little coding here and a little nudging there. It is a caretaker or maintenance person job. This is one of the things we are busy doing now. Also there are multitudes of people who do not take the energies well and tend to show ill will toward others and we try to mitigate these negative energies engendered by so many. It takes a lot of watching also. All this is in addition to the big elements going on from country to country and the political scenes present.

We are never at a loss for something to do and we never get bored. There are always new things to learn and new people to train for all is evolution of souls and all that lives. It is the way of things. Not evolving is against what was intended and people tend to have problems that are larger than usual during a time of stagnation or non evolvement. You can refuse to learn and evolve but it gets you nowhere and usually a bushel of challenges you don’t need and have to spend time recovering from. This is why you are commanded to continue learning and seeking. The information you need will usually somehow make its way into your attention or focus and this is how it comes about. You will draw to you what is needed in the way of learning and also situations to bring you the life lessons you need for that learning. There is more synchronicity in all that is than you realize for all comes from the creation of Creator and is intelligence based. There is infinite wisdom in all things from the smallest to the largest. There is nothing that has been created that is not in synchronicity with all else that is. How could it be otherwise.

Place yourself in this sea of intelligence of all that is and watch your vision and understanding grow for the doors will open to you. You have been closed off for so long that it seems strange to you that you are connected to everything else. You think there is a place that is your space and there are boundaries that you do not go beyond and some of it is a societal thing and how you were brought up. There is respect for others but be aware that sometimes when you see others you are also looking at yourself. How else could you recognize it because you already know it and have experience with it or it would not be visible to you. Open this door of possibilities of being connected and reacquaint yourselves with what you already know, but have been denied for some time now. The veil will be lifted and all learned things you possessed before coming to earth will once again be available to you in your records. As you can imagine this will be a period of adjustment in coming back into this information but for the most part it will be like a feeling of coming home again. It will happen and for the most part it will be smooth, even though it is an adjustment.

All life is transition of some sort, from one thing or knowing to another of a greater understanding for being alive in itself is transition from one breath to another. There is a sort of breathing of all things from rocks to planets, an in and out of life energy, taking in life and using what is needed and breathing out what is not needed. A delicately planned and created way of eternal living and therefore is much room for growth and achievement. Most of the time you are only held back by your own preconceived ideas of limitation and erroneous teachings. There always is and nothing is lost.

I leave you now to consider these ideas of truth and to open closed doors that need to be opened. There shall be no door opened before its time but some of you will have to dust off the doors that should have been opened long ago. I continue to love you greatly.

I am Lanto helping you to open doors.

2 thoughts on “November 13, 2022

  1. Dearest Lanto, please share my love and appreciation for the heavenly realms and their watchful care for humanity at this time. It brings me great comfort to know that the heavenly host are watching over this final stage of earth’s transition. Please express to St Germaine my appreciation for his violet ray of transmutaion, and St Michael for his blue ray of protection.



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