November 10, 2022

We, the people of your heavens, do constantly maintain a connection with you and send our love and compassion in waves to you. You are never without the love you have access to and it is coming from many sources. Concerning knowledge, it is the goal of all beings, whether animal or human, to advance and go forward. It is never the goal to just maintain your position for even in rest you are taking action to go forward.

There are always different speeds of going forward and they are usually appropriate for conditions at the time and you adjust accordingly. The dark were continually trying to take you down and then take you back to a place of non-movement or becoming stagnant, for only in this condition could they get you to lower your power of forward action to practice their devious plans upon you. It is the way of your soul to advance and move forward and this is being free. There are so many stuck in dark places and are not moving or advancing at all but remain in that dark place that they have become comfortable with. It is advisable from time to time to review and see if you are in a different place than you were last year at this time. How much have you grown and have you been reading and studying and meditating.

One of the times you learn is in helping others, even when it is unknown. Anonymous active work for the benefit of another or a group gains you a certain vibration of love and of giving and this is of benefit to you as a whole. You do not have to be known when giving but you do have to give with a loving heart for not all help is appreciated at that moment. Look at the love of a parent and the lack of realization on the part of the child. There may be resentment and opposition for years from the child before any recognition of love is realized but yet the parent continues. The same is with being of service to others. It is common to help others only if recognized as the giver or doer of good and when that is gone or not appreciated the one who helps decides they are not appreciated and ceases to be of service. Better to be of service in secret so that you may continue for the good of all whether you are acknowledged or not. This does not mean this is the only acceptable time for giving but do not get in a rut of having to be known for your work. So many now on earth do their Light work and service without ever being known for any of it.

Notice the opportunities Mother Father God will bring before you. Should you silently send love their way or to the way of the condition or situation? Ask of self and inner guidance if this is an opportunity for service. Do you stay out of all of it or do you take time to ask if this is for you to do something or take action? Many times things are brought before you for a reason and are not accidental at all. The synchronicity of events is very much planned for a reason and not all situations should be shunned only to walk away. Practice asking which circumstances are worthy of your involvement and action. This is a very important part of your service for not all things are needing your involvement and are working through things without needing you to turn to any type of action. You see some situations are already set up to work their way through with help from another source and there is forward movement in the process and your insinuation into the event would only be difficult and waste your time and energy. Ask of self which events would benefit from your energy and help. There are times you will need to back away and move on. We see this as something you need to work on for there is a tendency of loving and kindly intending people to want to help in all things and this is not what is always needed. Be discerning.

Often when we come to you we can only give of so much information for there is only so much that will stick, or be accepted. The state of understanding will determine what can be understood and taken in and anything else will be either ignored or not understood as it should be. So you see it is also our job to determine what is to be given and what should be held back for a later time. One of our challenges is in speaking to a group for it is decidedly difficult to determine the group readiness for certain information. The perfect situation of learning is one on one and this provides the teacher the accurate elements of learning which are needed in any learning opportunity. The teacher can know all there is to know about a subject (which usually doesn’t happen) but if it is not given in accordance with the understanding level of the student it can certainly do more harm than good. The practiced teacher not only knows the subject but the student and how to build information upon information for a more perfect understanding and this is best done in a long term process.

So you see when the givers of messages come to you in this type situation it can be very difficult to determine what to give and what not to give because of the vast audience or readership. There will always be those who are lost and do not get it while there will always be those who are more than ready to accept more complex information. Some will always be disappointed and some will be confused at the message. This is why many of you take lessons on a continuous basis at night from those who are close to you and know your needs in the way of what to give. Know that there is a reason why we do not answer all of your questions all the time for one individual is not the only one listening and we never want to do harm to anyone or provide a stumbling block for learning. This is why it might be difficult for anyone to step forward and give of messages for it takes discernment and understanding of the reader or audience and more understanding than you might imagine and many do not have the time to invest in this type of service. So much is going on right now and their energy and focus is needed elsewhere.

Do give attention to what is being given for it is given in love and with a certain amount of study and understanding before the commitment is made. Have patience with yourself and know that your desire to know and understand is most likely being addressed on a continuous level at night from teachers that know you and your level of what is needed at any given point in your road of advancement. You are never forgotten in your desire to learn for so many refuse even this opportunity. You are never forced to sit in a class or attend lessons if you do not agree to. Messages given come with planning and are not usually on the spur of the moment. Much thought goes into the whole process. So when I come to you with words there has been a certain amount of getting to know the readers involved and this determines what is given for our words are not haphazardly given out. They are carefully chosen and this should be remembered for you will give more respect to them. When you move from web site to web site trying to gain what is needed you need to understand that on a long term basis the giver of information has taken into consideration “his” audience as a whole and this is why some information will not resonate with you for it is not for you at this time. This does not always mean it is false but sometimes it just isn’t the right time for you to take it in. This is ruling out of course that information which is just false.

I leave you now to consider these words for your consideration and know that I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto with much consideration for your leaning.

4 thoughts on “November 10, 2022

  1. Thank you dear ones. This address really hits home and graditude is sincerly given in return for it and all that is given in love and wisdom. With full purpose of heart thank you again.


    1. Sometimes we can stumble because the acuteness of our good intentions is so sincere. At the soul level we so feel, yearn and long for the real changes promised to come to pass that the lessons taught in Alma chapter 12 are not honored in perfect excellence ad they always should be.


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