November 9, 2022

Now that we have established your part in this solving of the earth conflict it is time to think of the future when it has been resolved and it is time for ascension. Your have worked for a long time for this to happen and yet what is time but the now moment of your power to create your future. Ascension is the way of attaining a higher way of thinking and experiencing and there is no limit to what you can achieve all the way back to Source and this is the final goal.

Earth, or Gaia, has long wanted to take her children with her when this happens and this wish has been honored. Those attaining the higher vibrations will ascend with her. This is unusual for individuals usually ascend by themselves to a higher dimension. This act of ascension for Gaia will happen quite suddenly and many on earth have already traveled to higher dimensions in their living and thinking. It is a state of being and along with that comes more expressed light and you will notice a difference in the way things look. Only those who do the work and attain this character will be able to go through this process of ascension for it follows the laws and rules of existence by nature. You might ask when this will happen and it is conditional upon the collective of those attaining this status and upon Gaia. It is impossible for it not to happen when this benchmark is achieved. It is the way of all advancement and changing of dimensions. For those who are practiced it will be possible to return to a lower dimension to visit but most do not choose to do so for it will be uncomfortable and feel heavy.

Those who were of a higher dimension who came to earth found it difficult to adjust and had various physical problems throughout their life. You see there was much to consider when the decision was made to accept this mission to earth and it was not taken lightly. There was a contract involved which you had to sign and you are held to it. These are binding and lawful and there are consequences to consider if the agreement is broken. It was not seen at the beginning that the conflict would take this long and you would be away from home for this extended period of time but this is what it has taken to accomplish the intended goal. There are those who did not come to the realization of their mission and then there are those who did but chose not to honor it and there are penalties involved. These penalties will not be spoken of here for when your memories are unveiled this information will be there. The picture of this whole endeavor is much larger than you have ever imagined and involves many more lives than just those on earth. This also will be remembered in the unveiling of your past. This conflict was of great importance.

We come to the ending of this long conflict and it closes many doors that have been open for long periods of time for this disgrace of actions on the part of the dark started long ago with a difference of opinion of what it means to live a Godly life and who is in control. One individual was able to convince others of his new ideas and this led to recruiting others into this group and the lines of opposition were established leading into many years of destruction. None of us thought it would ever get this far and evolve into the war it had spawned on earth. This will never be allowed to happen again. It has taken so many to focus their lives to ending this conflict.

I tell you things are progressing now as planned and even though you think things are moving slowly, they are moving in an orderly fashion and you will be able to view it in its complexity from the records kept. The dark, as individuals are being removed now rapidly and being processed and also the parts of the earth with dark activities in the past are being cleansed and revitalized and this is part of the reestablishing of the commandments given in the beginning that all were to live by. They are given in the Phoenix Journals and are to be learned and studied with no exceptions for they are not suggestions. Just because you do not see the immediate consequences of and action do not think it is not recorded. This also goes for correct actions and living for all reap the harvest of their decisions and it is impossible for it to be any other way. The ways of the deceivers on earth have been stopped and the consequences are upon them.

These words do not answer all your questions and most of you will have to wait for all the answers to come. There is a process to all learning but it will be revealed to you in its proper time. Not all things can be laid at your feet at once as there is intelligence in this learning of things and it needs to be followed for proper advancement and concerns times and circumstances. You are deserving of answers and they will be given in their timing of correctness. Be of good will over this and trusting that this is the correct way. Unfortunately this most likely will bring more questions but it is an answer in itself.

I continue to love you greatly and I come to you in truth.

I Am Lanto

6 thoughts on “November 9, 2022

  1. Thank you Lanto for your words and confirmations. The way has been laid before us. The Laws are clear. Oh God give us the will, and the strength to live them. Jay


  2. Thank you sincerly Lanto. I have heard of the Phoenix Journals. Do they have anything to do with the Phoenix lights that took place some years ago that the governor of Arizona turned into a circus in handling correctly?


  3. Hello Lanto, I can understand that many made contracts of things to be done during a lifestream or series of lifestreams, but in order for a contract to be binding all parties must be of sound mind and cognizant of the contract entered into. How can a just system hold us accountable to a contract we don’t remember making? I don’t remember any of my prior lifestreams. Search as I may, it has never been revealed to me the purpose of my life, my life’s mission, and I certainly do not remember the details of a life contract. How can I be held accountable to something I don’t remember?

    Your confused brother Jay


  4. Just finished the Sipapu Odyssey journal. Very enlightening. Reminds me a great deal about some of my own personal experiences with John and in discovering the valley of the blue moon. Love and Light always and forever


  5. Hello Lanto, I was just attacked in two waves by dark entities in a sleeping state. Their presence was like a dark, very low vibrational weight trying to smother me. I have done nothing to invite them. I have dealt with and cast out darker and more oppressive beings in the past, also during sleep, then the ones I just encountered. These are not typical night mares as the dark frequencies are noticeable and a residue if their energy lingers after awake. Is this an example of the work you have mentioned some are doing while sleeping? Or is this just the dark entities trying to destroy me?

    Your younger brother, Jay


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