November 7, 2022

We come together to learn and to overcome difficulties in life. It would surprise you to know how old I am and how long I have been trying to overcome difficulties in life. I have had lots of experience, especially in my earlier years, trying to learn from my mistakes. Mistakes make an impression and tend to remain in memory. It is easy to become bitter and harbor resentment and other negative thoughts instead of forgiving others and self. One of the hardest things I found to do was to forgive myself for transgression against others, especially when they did not forgive me. I recommend to find a way to ask for forgiveness of the other person and try to forgive self, even if the other person does not forgive you. Take the steps necessary to correct things but do forgive yourself with a contrite heart. It will be almost impossible to forget the transgression but it can be put in its proper place so that it does not become a stumbling block to your learning.

We come now to the learning process itself. How do you take everyday life and learn from what you see? Look at the seasons on earth and life itself and how it renews. There are cycles and death and this is always followed by renewal. This is not an accident but design by Creator to continue forward in all that is. Does this not apply to your own learning in that you will return with the same soul identity even though you may have put on different clothes? Can you learn all you need to know in one lifetime to live in paradise with the angels? The information left to you in records has been either destroyed or removed for the express purpose of keeping you in bondage and holding you down with a subservient attitude to whatever ruler is on top of the heap at the time. The soul is everlasting because it is the expression of Creator and will move on to many lives and experiences on earth. There are lives among us now that do not require many lives but live for long periods of time and none of their experiences are forgotten. This is where you are headed when leaving the earth experience for your learning will take on a more continuous type of life expression. The earth experience was custom made for you in a controlled environment for the purpose of quicker lessons and this was good but in the process there is the forgetting of the past lives. This was designed for you to continually seek the wisdom of things and add as much compassion and love to your inner recordings as possible.

When your memory is unveiled you will no doubt review the experiences of your past and how you went about the process of learning. It was not required that you complete this in a time frame but as you chose to progress in your own time, no matter how long or short the learning process was. You might ask, well if I have already learned these things before I came to earth then why am I having to go through all this again. Many of your lifetimes were not only for learning but for example to other that you lived in the Light and your reactions were needed to show others that there was a better way to live and your lives were forever giving of your previous learning experience to others so that they might also learn. You have given much more to others from your many lives than you realize and the expressions of your previous learning have sparked many souls to better things and ways of experiencing life. You have been teachers whether you realize it or not. It would have been impossible for the collective consciousness to elevate the way it did were it not for the enlightened souls who chose to take on this mission of coming to earth and living the many lives you have lived.

There is also the element of joining with others of Light on this earth mission and combining your Light energy for a greater purpose of lifting others up into a higher state of thinking. Your energy in this manner goes from one individual to a much stronger force which is much more effective in its purpose and focus. This you were directed by us in the beginning but soon learned how to do on your own and when this was done you became much stronger than any dark intent could have. We helped to focus that Light and intent toward what was needed the most at the time and much was accomplished in this way over the years. It was like a battering ram to break the hold and barriers that the dark had taken so long to build as part of their plan. The hold and barriers were so strong that it has taken all this time to break through and decimate the energy that they thought would last forever. This is why so many were sent to earth so that the combining of the Light energies would become this force that could accomplish this and it was done. This is also why after the dark realized what was happening they sought to reach out and identify those Light workers and destroy them through impairment or death. Over your lifetimes you have been in much more danger than you realized and there were many on our side working non stop to make sure you were protected. Some on earth gave their lives as examples to show just how far the dark would go to protect what they had corrupted.

So you see that much was going on behind the veil and there was much intelligence in the process of what you were directed to do, even if you did not realize it at the time. Most all was choreographed and all were influenced in their decisions of how to go about this. All were being led at night while you slept and there was much accomplished during your sleep time. You became a force that never quit trying and worked during the day and night to push through the barriers and clear the way for Light to be reestablished on earth. You worked much harder than you ever realized and yet most of you had that feeling that you needed to be doing more than you were. You were nothing if not dedicated to the cause and I am speaking to those that came to the realization of why they were here.

Now you might ask what of those who did not come to the realization of their purpose. A lot of the Light workers did work at night while they slept even though they did not openly work on their mission during the day. They gave of their energy and their presence on earth contributed in a helping way. So many never to this day really know why they are here. It is also that some turned to the dark ways and lost themselves in the shuffle of things bombarding them from all sides. These individuals will also have a review of their earth sojourn and receive accordingly their life lessons. Nothing goes to waste. It is very difficult sometimes to discern who is contributing what and how much they have given but all is recorded. This is one reason we are not to judge for so much is hidden.

I leave you now to review from a broader perspective and bigger picture of things and more will be revealed to you as time goes by of the behind the scenes of the earth conflict. I continue to love you greatly.

I Am Lanto

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