February 23, 2023

I do not speak here because this is not about me, but I would like to say I have been shown amazing things.  When this web site first started I had no idea I would see such solid, dependable support as I have from the readers.  Because of the words channeled the response has been surprising and this shows a lack of faith on my part.

I should have known that when God steps in and directs there are no boundaries.  I thank all of you for your strength, determination and desire to achieve Source directed steps against the darkest of foes.  You not only have taken in the messages given but have shown me I need to step up and review my own faith where God’s hands have touched and brought about change.  My gratitude is given.

Taylor M.

4 thoughts on “February 23, 2023

  1. Taylor, in some ways this address you have given here is also the most profound. Most do not understand all that goes into these messages, barely even a little!. I am touched very deeply beyond words going over all that has been given here and how all things connect. There have been miracles associated with each message given here and when more than can be expressed yet will be known to all in time.

    It goes far beyond the words I felt impressed to ask you and all those great ones who deliver messages here to consider this week’s message titled:

    “Turn and Look, I Am Right Here ” Length: 21:02 February 26, 2023

    It is on the front page of http://www.livingtruthwithin.org

    Thank you sincerly for taking the time to consider this message. I love each one of you. We actually all know one another quite well. We are ancient. We are family. Children of our Eternal Parents who love us and are mindful of us as individuals. Off planet or on planet no difference. With Love and Light and Hope! Transpiring now are the great wonfers of the last days. Well into the 11th hour now. My love for you each again. My friends


  2. Dearest Taylor M. with all of my soul I express my love and gratitude to you, with the same appreciation that I have for Dharma, Druthea, and Sister Thedra. God blesses us through His scribes who convey His/Her messages from the higher realms. While it is not the messenger, but the message that is important, those who discern by the Spirit within the source of these messages share not only a love for the givers of the messages, but equally for the vehicle that brings them to us. The fact that this is “not about you” is support for the truthfulness of these messages coming through, for when it becomes about you, the higher beings are required to find a different scribe through whom they communicate. Thank you for your humility, dillegence, and the time you have given to receive and give of these messages. You are greatly loved, not worshiped, not followed, nor reverenced, but as a fellow traveler greatly appreciated. As I look forward to meeting our dear Pleaidian friends and family, I also look forward to meeting the person, who has strengthened my knowledge, and understanding of the workings of God and His servants in this generation. These messages have strengthened our faith that God is not only intimately aware of our situation, but has a loving and immensely orchestrated plan in vanquishing the dark, restoring the light, and earth’s transition into higher dimensions. The hardest part of knowing these things is knowing most people do not have the background, and spirital awareness to accept these things, and to have the patience to allow the divine orchestration of all that is to bring all things into balance.

    Your friend and brother, Jay


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