February 12, 2023

We see that you are trying to prepare for things to come and this is good.  There are so many unprepared and will suffer consequences from all that will transpire.  The world is constantly increasing their numbers of those who want the truth and are tired of the circumstances existing today.

I would like to tell you words of encouragement but your challenges ahead of you are large and not only will you need to take care of yourself but you will have to surround yourselves with security of white light and God’s protection.  Do not hesitate to ask for it.  It has been asked why you have not been allowed to go home and miss the devastation to come.  The answer is that you are more effective within the remainder of the third dimension arena and your energy of love and compassion will be of massive help to all as a collective and to individuals who know you and come to you for words of help.

Please know that you have not been forced to do this against your will and on another level you have agreed to stay for the time being.  At any moment you will be retrieved when necessary and you are in God’s hands.  As has been told to you before you do not as yet understand the greatness of your higher learning and vibrations and how they influence the energy of the planet and all living things around you.  If this were not so you would not have been given permission to come to earth in the first place.  My ones who read here, try to find some joy in your service and that of giving to not only earth and the collective of those faltering in their path but it goes far beyond that.  You are beings who have gained in power in your being and each of you is well known to us.

We continue to help all we can but there will be things you will face that are daunting and more.  This is the end times and all that will come, you have been given knowledge to conquer for yourselves and others if they listen.  Carry yourselves in faith and try to rule out fear for it is not productive in any way.  Caution, yes, but not fear.  Our hearts and our help are with each of you.  Travel these times with the greatest of faith in Source and who you are and know where your strength comes from.

I am Lanto and I bring you truth.

5 thoughts on “February 12, 2023

  1. Dearest Lanto, in love and light I thank you for your continued words of warning and encouragement. I petition once again from the deepest recesses of my soul for additional support and help from the lighted realms in working with me to gain access to the lighted communications within the stillness, that I may gain consmic conscious awareness and better sustain in His service during these turbulent times.

    Your chela, Jay


  2. You sound sorrowful, beautiful Lanto. For you and all that are of the Light, this too will be a difficult time. To see us struggle, to see Earth struggle.

    Sending you my love so you know I am with you as you are with us.

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  3. Thank you Lanto for these cautionary words. We love and appreciate you and go forth in the Love, Light and Wisdom of God knowing that ‘the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’.

    There are things on earth that prove difficult to totally prepare for. However, practicing presence through meditation and prayer, through faith and direct communication with Source, we are confident that direction will be given us in due time to accomplish all that is possible at the time. We thank you all for your service of love at this time.

    We also know that ‘perfect love casts out fear’.

    May the eternal and abundant Love and Light of our creator abide in and through us all through all circumstances.

    Be well everyone.




  4. Checking in. We’re doing it! Keep on keeping on everyone despite all consternation. Though there is separation there is not and we are all one even Children of God prevailing in Him. With Love and Light


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