January 21, 2023

My Dear Friends,

I felt a need to give of these words.  Much is going on in the way of clearing out and processing those who perpetrated evil things against you, Mother/Father God and the Host of Heaven.  It is a long process for this judicial system of ours but it is thorough and full of mercy.  It is the only balanced way it can be done.  These things are not seen by you but hopefully you will feel the Light coming in to earth as those ones are removed, if you do not already feel it.

There have been periods of slowing caused by a long list of ones to be processed but it is happening as fast as possible.  There are those on our side who are working with little rest to keep things moving as much as possible.  We know you are weary and ready to come home and this will happen.  Quite a few have already been taken back to their original place of origin.  Some by ending their life there on earth and some by being picked up by a craft or ship.  It has not been noticed by the public as a whole.  There is a plan at times for some of that person’s energy to remain in a body form so as not to upset loved ones.  Those under these circumstances will appear later to pass from this life in a normal way and close out this portion of things on earth.  This way is given to mercy.

There has been a long list of those waiting to return and this has been delayed for several reasons and the main one is the incompatible energies causing it to be difficult to find an energetic time that is safe for the ones being taken.  There will not be an attempt to remove you until it is safe to do so.  This prolonged period of incompatible changing energies was not foreseen in the closing out of these cycles and this information was not given to you.  This left you wondering, I am sure, why you were told you were going to be removed and then it has not happened.  Your time will come as soon as the energies pertaining to transferring you are non threatening to your health.  It has nothing to do with a change in your removal plans for you have been permitted to go.  It will be done at the first opportunity that does not harm your body.

As to other plans or happenings we are also waiting to see what Source has for us in the way of a time line of events.  There are several things waiting in the wings to manifest.  We have had several lessons of finding out our best plans can be re-organized by Source and the Infinite ways of scientific process.  We continue to learn about the closing out of more than one cycle and also the closing out of a closed planet system that has had so much dark control embedded so thoroughly within the people and the planet itself.  Please hold on to your Faith as God is still in control and Creative Light is coming in to earth for a future you cannot imagine.  All will manifest as has been told about the love and freedom of the New Earth upon ascension for it is happening and in process now.

My/our love to you all who read here.  Many who found I was going to give this message wanted me to carry their thoughts and love to you from them as they remember each one of you and think highly of you.  You have made such positive impressions on so many on our side and this will not be forgotten.  God’s Light of protection on you all.

I AM Joseph and a Messenger of The Word

11 thoughts on “January 21, 2023

  1. Joseph, it is with love and a sweet appreciation to hear from you again. Your messages and energy still resound in our hearts for the love, wisdom, and time you have given. The ability to experience the added light is perceptible. We see more people coming into an awareness of the help from our benevolent space brothers. We also see that the globalist agenda is often thwarted or delayed. The amount of security stationed around Davos, Switzerland shows the self proclaimed elite know the people on earth are awakening to their aweful agenda and they are scared. However, we who know the persistent plans of the dark ones, experience a sorrow from what is happening to so many people, which makes it difficult to feel the true joy of that added light.

    We have known for some time of the removal of those who are part of the satanian empire and the possibility of doubles, clones, and walk-ins. However, its hard to tell the difference, because with rare exception, these substitutes are still carrying out the original’s evil plans. Consequently, this whole idea must be accepted in faith. However, having said that, I have long known of the virtue of your spirit/energy, and that knowledge leads me to believe in and trust that what you say is true. Praise to all those who are engaged in the removal of the dark ones upon this earth. Please give to them our deepest love and gratitude.

    It is with great anticipation, that we await our time for lift-off. For all those who read here and love you, we only hope that part of our homecoming plans will include meeting you in person and sharing some time together, for you are part of our winding up scenes on earth and we have come to love each of you.

    Lift-off cannot come too soon,

    Your friend and brother, Jay


  2. Joseph, you mentioned, “There has been a long list of those waiting to return and this has been delayed for several reasons and the main one is the incompatible energies causing it to be difficult to find an energetic time that is safe for the ones being taken. There will not be an attempt to remove you until it is safe to do so.” Those in awareness are actively elevating the vibrations of their bodies so that when entering the beam no harm will come. What can we do to change these incompatible energies? Is this within our power to affect, or are these energies on a scale outside of our ability to manipulate?



  3. A good question, Jay, and one I would like to see a reply from the channel if possible. Although I suspect save maintaining our concordance with higher vibrational frequency the difficulties are really outside our powers of operation.

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    1. Sometimes our friends use technical terms that cover an array of possible applications in our comprehension which can give rise to these types of considerations. This doesn’t just apply to technical terms and processes of shifting our frequiencies to match the infinate possibilities (including leaving if one so chooses – hopefully AFTER their missions and works here are complete) that exist with these methods being discussed.
      Our friends who speak with us here and for that matter anyone who operates off planet or off these dimensions so to speak are dealing with many parameters and variables that we who primarily reside on earth are not aware of and then there is that of the many variables and parameters or conditions as you will that not only we not aware of but they also are not aware of. The latter is so much more
      immense by powers, orders, magnitudes exceeding anything anyone has ever proposed scientifically or theoretically – this unspeakably vast awesome landscape of progression we individually and collectively are all going through. It’s a wonderful, miraculous eternal evolving, progressing, and becoming for everyone to witness and participate in. There is just so much far more vastly beyond to it all than anyone has ever shaken a stick at. We can try to shake a stick at it yet sandcastles don’t tend to stick around long.
      Nevertheless, WE are all watching mostly the same things playout and will be for some TIME.

      In & with Love and Light


  4. Delighted to hear from you Joseph. Thank you for your presence and your words now and in the past that gave so much wisdom and joy. Peace, Love and Light to you all.


  5. Found this in one of the journals I am studying and it really stood out because it describes exactly the situation. The money will have major problems this 2023 year.
    Total economic debacle is foreseen. PREPARE. Setbacks will
    be sudden and immediate. Be not lulled by the apparent
    “heyday”. It is only being retained for the final maneuvering of
    the ones in control; therefore, you must use this time to very
    best advantage. Many props and bandages have been applied
    upon the economy, the money system and the banking houses.
    These will not prevent the collapse of nations and banking
    houses built on sand of human greed, ambition, and
    manipulation of the lifeblood of the people of God.
    Ones stand aside and mumble, “God will take care of me!”-
    you do not take care of self. Get your focus on how it really
    IS so that you can work in clarity.
    Beloved ones, the prophecies shall be fulfilled as God has de-
    creed them. No matter what any selected man may rise and tell
    you in his seemingly “knowing” manner. It will be as it is
    written–what you do about it is your choice; your free-will
    choice but my advice would be to be diligent in your study for if
    you are, reason from thy God-given mind will prevail.
    When all is built upon a foundation of sand, all must come down
    in order for the new to come forth in properness. You must
    first desire to survive this time come upon you–you can nicely
    do so if you act. Know that it is not only possible to survive the
    coming times, but totally probable if you take Truth unto you
    and move into action. Remember, I may bring these words unto
    you but I am not the origin of the great prophecies–I am but one
    more clarion to give you truth of that which IS! If you act
    appropriately in self defense, most likely some of the worst will
    not befall you as a nation of peoples. The demons will not
    strike ones who are ready for assault and stand totally prepared
    and secure.
    Go, then! Set your priorities. For where there is economic de-
    bacle, there, as history records over and over again, are the
    conditions that are of WAR. BE NOT ASLEEP! BE


  6. My dear friends, yet again I was put upon by a dark, heavy, and oppressive spirit/entity as I slept. Lately, the attacks have been more regular than in the past. I am not sure the purpose behind them, and what they are trying to accomplish. They certainly do not deter me from my path, and I have power to overcome them, but it is an unpleasant experience and one I never look forward to. They always happen in my sleep. I am not certain if I am engaged in some work in my sleeping periods that would result in these kind of experiences for they are not dreams.

    I know this is personal, but if you have any knowledge about these things that would benefit the greater audience, there may be others who would appreciate it. If not, I understand.

    As always, in love and light,
    Your brother, Jay


    1. Brother, at your side! It isn’t but a few moments before our friends are alerted to a new comment. The technology is literally out of this world. Hang in there. Sending support. This will end. Light will come.

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  7. Also remember that this particular planet is special. In all of our Eternal Parents great vast eternal domain this earth is the most challenging “school” for us to come to in our progression further to become more like they are. So expect horror and even worse than hell at many times. Also there is the wonderful as this beautiful song teaches:


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