December 22, 2022

It has come to our attention that there are many who have so much love in their hearts that it will be difficult for them to move forward when the time comes. Please be aware that there is conscious awareness you have only from this life and the conditions you live under there on earth during this life time you have now.

There is another awareness present in your being that supersedes your “now” knowing and this is what you will be returning to when you leave earth. This larger knowing has information you do not yet recognize and will make this departure from loved ones easier and definitely with a better understanding of their journey and yours. Please do not get bogged down in the sadness of departure from friends and loved ones for there is information waiting for recognition and comprehension that makes your decisions concerning leaving earth imminently more understandable and easier in its entirety.

My dear ones, there is so much waiting for you in several categories that will fill in all the gaps and help you to continue your life where you left off. The love you have for these individuals on earth will never be lost or wasted and you will not grieve over them as you might think. There always has been a plan in place for this procedure as it was meticulously thought out before implementing. So much is in place for your reentry into your previous lives that you cannot imagine now or understand and love is at the basis and was the beginning point of it all. It has never been intended for you to have pain and suffering upon your return.

I come to you with this message so you will understand more why you are asked to let others choose their own path and make their own decisions concerning leaving earth when the time comes. Do not fear for them or try to make them see their need to leave if it is against their will to do so. You will be comforted upon your decision and your return. This transition is done in God’s will and at his directives with His love for you all and He will have none of his children in emotional suffering after their return. It will be taken care of in ways you cannot now imagine. Those who do not choose to walk the same path you do will be taken care of as they walk their own path under God’s direction. Remember all of you are under the same hands of God’s leadership.

Walk in the Light and hold your decisions in understanding and with faith in the outcome of all facets of this return home. We will be with you and have never forsaken you. Your time is short now upon earth.

I am Lanto helping to bring you home.

13 thoughts on “December 22, 2022

  1. Thank you Lanto for your message of comfort and reassurance. In faith that all you say is true, I express my love and gratitude to you and all those who show continued love and support in these final hours.

    I am Jay looking forward to a return home.


  2. Lanto, in an earlier message Joseph suggested we prepare a carry-on with some basic essentials (clothing), including some sentimental items like photos of loved ones which may provide comfort in our transition. I seem to remember in the Pheonix Journals that those kind of belongings are not necessary to have at lift-off. We know that living by the Laws of God and Creation and how we treat our neighbors are how we get our ticket, but will you confirm with us those temporal things we should do to prepare for lift-off?



    1. Jay, some of those considerations you mentioned will be taken care of and succored as Lanto said in “unimaginable” ways. The calm peace within lights the way and the without answers always. Everyone is sincerly feeling their way through. Your sincerity my dear brother is pure and sweet, something cherished dearly about you with and beyond words. In Love and Light


      1. Ps. A good star trek example of “unimaginable” would be Rikers conversation with The Traveler. Don’t worry any friends reading who may wonder if I know more about star trek than reality, both are known 😉


  3. At the conclusion of this year, I want to express my love and gratitude for the help of Mother/Father God in defeating the darkness of the Satanian empire and bringing to a close this cosmic battle, and to those of our Pleiadian friends for their steady persistence in following their admonitions in support of God’s directives. Your messages have increased our understanding of who we are, the battle we are engaged in, and have given us the strength and courage to continue on; especially in those times when it seemed that the darkness was winning. I want to express my love to all the writers and scribes of these blogs for the love you have for your readers, and for the many words of wisdom and comfort you have shared, knowing that you can’t do the work for us bu that we work together, each doing our own part.

    On this the last day of the 2022, I will share my New Year’s resolutions:

    To better know my Self.
    To spend more time in the lighted communication of creative stillness.
    To bring into form those things received in communion with God.
    To live each day as Jmannuel/Sananda in oneness with God and being about my Father’s business.
    To live better the laws of God and Creation for balance and increased righteousness.
    To bring light to Gaia and comfort to men.
    To receive the light of the cosmos in the upliftment and transformation of this 3rd dimensional body.
    To increase the frequency of my body for lift off.
    To have finished my work here.
    To receive a warm welcome and a loving home-coming.

    May this New Year bring greater joy and soul development to all,

    Your brother Jay


    1. Thank you for sharing these sacred things Jay. Those who see as they are seen and known as they are known are all very touched. I’d like to suggest a powerful channel God has opened on this earth and ask that we all mull over all these new years considerations in the spirit of this week’s sabbath message at
      I promise these things are life changing and will invoke the living power of God from within and the without power of God will join, even all that is beyond. These things will merge and will correspond in ineffable ways activating ascension processes and enabling further progression that WILL take place that is as tangible as touch or any of the physical senses or beyond. When we know ourselves at the deepest levels everything else fits into place in divine magestic peace, order and harmony so beautiful, so exquisite even music which is not limited to our earthly heritage has never expressed in fulness. It goes beyond words. My love to you Jay and everyone else. Best wishes for this new year 2023 and all the challenges or rather I mean all the advantages it will bring us in our sojourn back to return to God who is our Home 🌟


  4. Very sad to see the scotus violate their oaths declare the Constitution as less than toilet tissue. The social contract with the government has taken one of if not its last gasps for breath. The checks and balances are NOT working and every branch of government has been compromised. The United States of America is now facing its most crucial test ever: Will military intervene?


  5. Hoping everyone is well. Thinking about each of you. It was quite a harsh comment made a few days ago yet it’s the reality we are in. More and more people are “awaking to the awful situation” which is good. Our friends from beyond this sphere will assist where they are capable and I know they are very capable. There is a Divine order and protocol to how everything works. On we go believing. Love to all and glory to God who does have a plan to get us out of this awful situation. We just need to become aware and prepare with God who will sustain us personally through all the tribulations. There is a good show that comes to mind to recommend: 17 miracles


  6. Felt impressed to share the forward of a favorite book today. I would also recommend Mother Mary’s book “Atlantis Speaks Again” after reading “Dweller on Two planets” & “An Earth Dwellers Return”:

    Printed in the United States of America

    The Great White Chief from
    whose Archives this Manuscript
    has come and to
    Awaiting the fulfillment of
    his Mission.

    The time has arrived when the knowledge of our material world will give way to an ushering in of the Spiritual World that will bring enlightenment to all those who desire sincerely to know the truth about all things in order for truth to grow and become manifested within each and every soul upon this earth.

    I, Mother Mary, believing that man was created by the Great Spirit out of love and nature, was placed by the Creator in man’s pathway to chastise man when he becomes disobedient or to reward him with abundance when he learns to become a true Son of God.

    The problems of food, shelter and lon­gevity are more conscientiously felt by those persons who have tasted the bitter cup of life than by those residing in more mech­anized surroundings. This, however, I believe, is a blessing in disguise, for those who live simple, thoughtful lives do not have to unlearn so many things in order to reap the Creator’s abundance in nature’s storehouse.

    I, Mother Mary, feel that many danger­ous misconceptions, such as in the misguided use of true knowledge for purposes of aggression, are hampering man’s current efforts to master space. Unless a definite change is made before it is too late, nature will carry out its God-given mission and destroy mankind. If, on the other hand, man realizes that he is the receiver of knowledge, nature will provide sufficient for all the needs of mankind, with a wealth of leisure and abundance beyond the concept of mortal man.

    Therefore, to accomplish this most desirable state of affairs, it will be necessary to combine actively the relearning of ancient laws under the guidance of the truly Holy and Wise Ones.

    The Bridge of Brotherhood can be built only with the stones of true faith, love and patience of selfless individuals with the Holy Wise Ones whom the Great Spirit chooses.

    When man has learned from bitter ex­periences that moderation in all things is desirable and he tempers his own desires in the oil of compassion for his fellowman, then truly has the seed fallen upon fertile soil.

    The seed of the Father’s love was planted in the mind of man when he was created. It needed only tears of compassion for his fellowman to fertilize, cause germination and bear the fruit of understanding of the source of all wherein man becomes in truth one with all and all with one.

    As it is quoted in all of the Sacred Teachings throughout the world, our Heavenly Father asks that all those who seek him must be honest with themselves, setting aside worldly experiences, humbly asking within themselves for the Father’s guidance and becoming, thereby, as a little child.

    Many nations have achieved a measure of greatness and then declined because they had forgotten the importance of true spiritual wisdom and the showing of proper re­spect for those rare individuals who were and are blessed by our Creator to act as the receivers of it.

    That is the reason why the truly Holy Men have been hesitant in showing them­selves, for they cannot force knowledge upon individuals or governments. They’ can offer it only under circumstances that would tend to guarantee its perfect use for the true betterment of mankind.

    They will not be a party to special favors for the individual or nation wherein advantage is sought or implied. Mankind should function as one family with duties assigned and responsibilities equally shared before true spiritual progress is possible. Only then will man have the opportunity of learning the true history of civilization and also what is necessary to manifest the Father’s abundance in effectually solving the problems facing each nation and individual today.

    I, Mother Mary, have the following special message for the mothers of the world: “Are you not the Temples consecrated for the ultimate perfection of all humanity? Dedicate yourselves truly with love and understanding that the Rays of All-abiding Love may be emanated. Pray, listening care­fully for guidance and the way will be made as clear as crystal—”

    Brothers, it is my wish to serve, if only in a small way, realizing that the Creator of all bringing his lost children together so that He can improve them in order to make one true, harmonious family on this earth; and to accomplish that ob­jective He will cause all of His worlds to serve each other. Did He not create them from one substance?

    Through an Indian this manuscript reached my possession. I feel it is truth and in my way of believing serving unattached waiting for guidance from the Great Spirit of all good.
    Amen Amen Amen

    To change any of the wording of this manuscript would lose its true mission therefore it is left just as it was written and if Echa Tah Echa Nah, The Great White Chief, deems it necessary in the near future where I can serve in this way I am ready. In publishing this book the author’s purpose is to tell of his experiences, wording the text just as it is found in the man­uscript, leaving some things out as intuitive guidance directs through a feeling that comes over my entire being.


  7. Dear friends, I felt impressed today to sincerly ask anyone who considers this thought to read The Book of Ether Chapter 8
    Setting: There is strife and contention over the kingdom—Akish forms an oath-bound secret combination to slay the king—Secret combinations are of the devil and result in the destruction of nations—Modern Gentiles are warned against the secret combination that will seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries.

    The fullness of the gentiles is at the doors let us all be alert and prepared.

    As always and forever with Love and Light beyond mortal words dear ones, let us cleave unto Christ and abide in His Bosom, I testify that Christ and Elohim Father live and are everthing and infinitely more and beyond than anyone has ever described, your friend Jacob


    1. Just now read some wonderful quotes from Neal Maxwell and just knew it would be awesome to share here as these things are true. They apply to the themes we have been learning about and discussing here on this site:

      “Men’s and nations’ finest hour consist of those moments when extraordinary challenge is met by extraordinary response. Hence in those darkest hours, we must light our individual candles rather than vying with others to call attention to the enveloping darkness. Our indignation about injustice should lead to illumination, for if it does not, we are only adding to the despair-and the moment of gravest danger is when there is so little light that darkness seems normal!”

      “Time is clearly not our natural dimension. Thus it is that we are never really at home in time. Alternately, we find ourselves wishing to hasten the passage of time or to hold back the dawn. We can do neither, of course, but whereas the fish is at home in water, we are clearly not at home in time–because we belong to eternity.”

      “A society which permits anything will eventually lose everything.”

      “We should not assume; however, that just because something is unexplainable by us, it is unexplainable.”

      “No love is ever wasted. Its worth does not lie in reciprocity.”

      Neal A. Maxwell

      Here’s the webpage that these quotes were found. Absolutely wonderful. There isn’t a quote of that dear man that has failed to inspire and uplift me whenever fortunate enough to come across them:


  8. Dearest Lanto, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, my Over Soul, Sananda, Aton, and those within the Lighted Rhealms who know and love me, please look within my soul to see the honesty and sincerity of my heart, in my plea for help!

    I am struggling to break through the veils imposed upon me due to the amnesia and limited conditions of this quarantined 3rd dimensional earthly state.

    As other adepts, my desire is to be one with the light of All That Is, that I may gain a conscience awareness of my Infinite Spirit within, know who I am, gain cosmic consciousness, and as those in higher dimensions, live in a constant communion with my I AM.

    I have no other objective than to know Gods will; that as Sananda, I too may live each day in His service.

    In faith and through much study I have come to understand my infinate nature, but I am seeking the greater light and knowledge that comes only through direct access to my Infinite Spirit. To that end I meditate daily in physical relaxation and mental stillness, with a humble and sincere desire to commune with my I AM presence.

    In view of the goal before me, I feel like a man alone in a vast desert who exerts all his strength to climb a tremendous mountain of sand, inching up the steep terrain with each giant step. Under the heat of the sun, and weary from the trek, I look up the mountain, and though I cannot see the top thereof the thought that others before me, though few, have successfully reached the summit, motivates me upward. Please be my guides as I strive to climb this mountain. Walk with me, show me the way, and give me the strength till I reach the top.

    I list here the steps I am taking only so you can know how to help and can see what lack I yet.

    I read and study daily the words that come directly from God through his scribes to increase my understanding of who I am, the divine plan as it pertains to this earth, and the mysteries of God that his servants have revealed for our learning and growth.

    In my pursuit to understand God and my relationship with him, I have come to understand the laws of God and Creation, which serve as guides in my daily walk.

    I have forgiven self and all others of all transgressions in this life and all other lifestreams. I hold no debts.

    I clear myself of all negativity each day, and I transmute by the violet flame of St. Germain all negativity and lower vibrations that may stand in my way. I have tried to clear, open and balance my chakras (light body).

    I eat a healthy diet of living foods and avoid those foods that would lower my vibrations.

    I have petitioned by name within for help from the lighted realms many times, before I meditate, with seemingly no response. Lanto, I have specifically petitioned within for your help.

    I don’t know what else I can do, other than just keep on keeping on, hoping that the door to the inner Spirit will one day open. However, I feel like I am running out of time as the cycles of earth are now completing.

    In confidence, I know I am doing all I can. Therefore, I ask for your help in faith with nothing wavering. Is there something, my over soul, my seraphic guardians of destiny (guardian angels), or others of the Lighted Rhealms will/can do? Is there a key you can give? A door you can unlock? or a physician you can send who can make me whole?

    I have faith in all your words, and believe by the will of God I can accomplish all He/She/It has in mind for me.

    Thank you for your continued love, support, and service in the light.

    Your brother, Jay


    1. Very deeply touched by your words Jay my brother. Every thought and every word you shared is known and kept sacred by all of us who are of the light. Some light beings understand more than others. It depends on the level each is at. The answers are there within always despite any evidence to the contrary. The timing however of the “openings” is one of the major things we all have to learn to deal with exactly as you said by “keeping on keeping on” with the matter until we arrive. The challenge is enjoying the journey in the midst of so much privation and depravity that is only getting worse by quantum leaps at this point. It can be done however. I’m still learning personally how to do this in greater divine way. It is a challenge words struggle to convey about, yes I know. The yearnings and pleadings are indeed heard every whit by Angels and Gods and many who serve in the eternal vast domains that exist without end who are aware of this earth and you personally. I sent you an email that goes into many things you shared. You are not alone. Some of us also are asked to endure and learn from many long nights of the soul. Here is the secret – the suffering is sacred. There will be a time when other parameters and other perspectives will be known. You will know everything about the matter from infinate perspectives. Even the beliefs now only but represent a few of the facts in the overall view. The turmoil we endure no matter how extreme or bizarre is part of this morality not only conceptually but also as you know by unique experience. This experience is not just for your benifit but many others. Every individuals unique challenges actually support others in their challenges if that makes sense. To quote our Heavenly Father, “It only hurts until it doesn’t.”

      I love you,
      Keep on keeping on, doin the same here. More WILL come. Jake
      Ps. Greetings to you Taylor. Thank you for all that you do. This is a team effort. A big eternal family team.


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