December 17, 2022

Dear Readers,

I come to you with good news that, even slowly we might be progressing, it is of upmost importance that we have succeeded in getting the results that were needed.  God’s love has blanketed the earth recently with His Light and Love and the energies to complete this rather large and long enduring conflict of Gaia.  It was laboriously fought by so many who not only held the Light but shared it with all others along the way and held the helm on a steady course.

We continue to see advances made as are needed for all to be concluded in a desired way that has long been our wish and desire from the beginning.  The middle of the conflict was sometimes in question but there were very few that actually gave up.  Many had to rest and gain courage to continue at times but they did continue and are still with us to this day.  We could not ask for more to be given.

There has been somewhat of a delay in some of you returning home and these hindrances have been overcomed and there should be a clear path now for return.  There is the flash from the sun to experience and many are wanting to experience this while on earth before their return and this wish shall be granted if at all possible.  Energies are still somewhat unsteady but the energies that are needed are getting to earth and uplifting all who are open to them.  We can only pray for the rest and those who are having trouble with all that is going on for they are not receptive to any of it.

We encourage you by saying that we are most pleased with how things are going right now and have every hope that they will continue on this path.  We send you our love as always and reach out and touch this group with our presence and always we will remember each of you and your contribution to the earth and the conflict as a whole for it could not have been done in this way without you.  You have already gone down in our history recordings.

Be prepared for strange things in the way of weather and the conflict that may come with it.  It is looking to be volatile in nature so be careful with strange elements where nature is concerned.

Be of good cheer as we remain connected to you now in perpetuity by our experiences together and the love that binds us forever.


5 thoughts on “December 17, 2022

  1. Ask and ye shall receive, nock and it shall be opened. Thank you for this timely message and the reward of your love and continued guidance. You are dearly loved and missed, and the hope of receiving your presences in their fullness ever remains present.

    Your brother, Jay


  2. English being my native language here in this mortality in this physical body still is the strangest language and most difficult for me to use yet I will attempt it. Oh friends, friends beyond in all of your variety of Holy orders, realms and dimensions and spheres. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for remaining near and working with us in all the capacities that you are able and do. We ARE working in tandem. Let’s keep the work going – Barkley by gum found out a way to communicate with voyager in real-time and out of time. Hmm, probably is best to ask my oversoul or spirit child of Elohim to join each of you at this now and speak with you through this music in an infinate variety of Holy and pure ways praising God without end, in infinate, perfect and orderly, beautiful & ineffable ways together. Ignore the ads, oh wait we can even work with those too. evil only knows how to operate in dark or entropy unto anahalation but WE can work with both being growing children of the great Gods of Light (who created all domains)and the LIGHT is eternal progression. On we go believing. With Shinah J’ah’ha

    Ps. I remember in the jungles of Chiapas meeting some beautiful indigenous people who were able to speak with one another at the same time and each knew what the other knew and added upon it and both knew together. One of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in this body. Let us praise our God forever and ever


  3. I am ever so greatful to the collective who have provided these messages. In this message you state “There has been somewhat of a delay in some of you returning home and these hindrances have been overcomed and there should be a clear path now for return.” Can you elucidate further on this statement. As there are many who, though still willing to do all we can in the service to God and Gaia, anxiously await our return home.



  4. Is anyone familiar with the Hopi Big Bear constelation prophecy and Hopi true white brother? I ask because it’s one of the things Hugh Nibley asked me in one of our conversations before he passed away many years ago to watch out for in the winding up scenes? Seems like that energy about it ties to what is going on lately. As always in love and light


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