June 25, 2021

Let us begin. We need to understand that certain things must/have to happen in this journey of earth for so much depends on proper sequence of energies. It cannot be thrown together as in emptying a bucket of items out into the air. Momentum is important and each item has a different momentum to deal with and has to follow in its place. Just as you have been blessed with different talents and abilities the subjects and items coming out now have their own composite of working energies and fit into this process nicely when placed correctly. We hold out for the correct energy to fall into place in a certain order for it is important and necessary. This is how we view what is to come and it is important. Sometimes we watch and sometimes we help sequence and at this time we are helping to sequence energies and vibrations.

I would like to speak now of the importance of words. Words, as the same with thoughts, have energy in their meaning and this is why what you say is so important. These energies take hold if repeated often enough and influence other things. Think about your word usage and how often you repeat things to yourself for you are creating your reality with what you speak. Be cautious of putting yourself down or putting someone else down. Negative word speak is rarely constructive and does not lead to the benefit of anything. Practice a type of review before you speak and if something is necessary choose your words carefully. The amount of emotion put into words is also important. Is it spoken softly or naturally or with anger or disgust. Most any word can have a much different vibration depending on the emotion behind it and this includes the volume also. There are so many things that are spoken that are just not necessary. Does something really need to be spoken? This is especially important when raising children. They are so vulnerable to words and sometimes have a lasting impression upon them. This is so difficult to understand when they ignore you and choose not to listen.

Choose your words wisely when speaking and at least give them some consideration before they tumble out of the mouth and then it is too late to retrieve them. Keep in mind that energy put out will return and this fact is a big eye opener. This will make anyone think twice about any thought, word or deed put out into the universe. This is such a positive tool if used correctly for it is always good to receive the love and support of returning energies you so lovingly put out. See this picture of a returning loop in your mind of the words, thoughts and energies going out and coming back in the same type and kind of frequency and meaning. It is a true picture of events, even though unseen with the physical eyes. It is how things work and how we are made. Break the habit of negative speaking and thinking and consider there can be a barrier between thought and speech. Just a fraction of a second of hesitation before speaking can do wonders in your life and the lives of others around you if you consciously review your contemplated words. There is no down side to this practice and you have everything to gain in what is returned to you.

Another factor to consider here is your behavior concerning thought and word usage when you are taken up on a ship to a new environment. We have mentally pictured many earth people moving into their new places around us and we see the need for some adjustments upon your part concerning your social skills. So many of you are already cognizant of this issue and have nothing to worry about other than the learning of protocol concerning mental communication and this will be given in due time. Others are habit and society driven and will have much bigger changes to confront. You are now at a point where this issue needs to be brought out and worked on. If you plan to join us there are social skills that will need review. Do not overly concern yourselves with this as you will be helped in your transition. You are about to embark upon a different trajectory in your lives for this will be necessary confronting earth changes coming up. You have had challenges before and this can be done, even though they may be much different.

I leave you now, hopefully still picturing the type of life you desire and better times ahead. Keep these ideas as blueprints in your mind, even though there are yet some difficult issues you must traverse to get to these times. We are continuing this journey together.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 24, 2021

Let us begin. We now see that things are bogging down and we need them to move at a good pace. Time is not on our side for Gaia needs to make her changes. Certain actions will be brought forward by our hand and this process will progress. It is required that energies bring forth the desired result. We need to get on with all that needs to happen. You have waited long enough. Expect action in this process.

I would like to speak now of all that is timely. There are certain events that must happen for they are relevant to all else. The pieces must fit together and this means introducing information to the masses. Do not be surprised if some are forced to be revealed in what might seem like odd ways. There is always a way and sometimes they need to be encouraged. It is needed that this information be funneled through the proper channels as it is brought out for the acceptance of it is an important part in this equation. Patience is now a thing of the past and it has been decided that we must take some of this into our own hands. Our wish that encouragement of the past make certain ones step forward was proper but now we need to step up the pace. You may feel this energy as a push and this is deliberate. Be advised it will be an energetic pressure of sorts. We will see how this is carried out now.

All opportunity was given and every door was open and yet action was slow to take place. We do this in the name of God’s direction and by His approval and it is also by his direction that we inform you that further encouragement is taking place on our part. Necessary events are headed for stagnation if we do nothing. The limit has been reached.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 23, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned at the number of people that have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes. So far many have not looked beyond what is being given and have taken it all in as truth. It is difficult for many to believe that they would be treated this way in such fabrications for the benefit of so few. We are at a loss as to how to get them to see what is going on and what has been going on for so long now. This has been a constant challenge for us to get everyone to question information being presented as truth. I often think how things would be so different by now if more would have looked beyond the facts presented to see if they were accurate instead of taking them in without question. People question their doctors, their mechanics their barber and such like but do not question the news. Their reputation is supposed to be trustworthy. Just recently has the news been in the spot light as to subject matter and slant as far as spin on the news. It will be difficult we are thinking to have many to believe that such information given could have been coercion of some sort to bring about the mind set that was desired. The news has been used in so many different ways to direct thought and behavior that it is almost beyond belief. There will be a predisposition to think that no one would do this to the public.

The action of replacing fact with false input started off with advertising long ago and it worked, so it was enlarged to try other means of channeling information to reinforce desired beliefs, and therefore desired results. The pendulum is beginning to swing the other way now and there is a pressure being reinstated into the fiber of the news media for integrity and honesty. It has been resisted for decades but is growing and will soon be enough to bring about a radical change in the way facts are presented. There is a crack in the dam of falsehood and it will no longer be strong enough to hold back the many influences upon it and they will be seen for what they are and that is a tool to manipulate the listener. Much has gone into the study of word usage, tone and inflection to bring about what was needed and this was so finely tuned that it has worked for years now. We see a large change coming in this area of news media and how it is presented.

I would like to speak now of harbingers of change. The voices that were once with very small audiences are now gaining volume and reaching larger groups. At first it was a few minutes each week and this has gained momentum and now many are invited as guest speakers to reach more listeners. These brave souls are speaking out more about what is going on and their listeners and supporters are increasing. It is no longer possible to eradicate everyone with facts about past history and current events because there are so many now speaking out. So many pressures were placed on these voices and their web sites were not allowed to continue but they found ways of coming back in other venues. There are too many at present to control all of them and they persist. These voices are getting results and are inviting everyone to take a closer look at what was formerly ignored. At least new evidence is now receiving a second look. There is a resistance to change and some are so ingrained with a certain way of thinking that nothing will get them to change their minds, but a certain percentage are open to new concepts and hang on for their mind has not been closed completely. We cannot force people to become aware and we hope the new energies coming in will go a long way in opening doors for many.

It is difficult to accept that so many will not change but will continue the same line of thinking they have always had. We accept their free will and they will continue their journey at their own pace for only so much can be done on our part. You who provide information to encourage people to think cannot be responsible for everyone and can only bring forth an atmosphere of questioning but cannot do their thinking for them. It is enough that you make information public and the rest is up to them. Do not get caught up in the refusal of the reader to take interest in what is presented for this is discouraging and hampers your positive outlook for those who do read and take in what is given. You are reaching others, even if it is on a limited basis. Accept what is given for you to do and do not take responsibility for the decisions of others to accept or reject. It is in their hands.

We are hopeful for what is coming in the way of change, even though not all of it will be easy going. I leave you now with a positive attitude regarding your future, no matter how we get there for it has been a long time coming. When God is involved in the outcome there is nothing out of control.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 22, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the places we could go to get answers, the best place is within. There is an absolute truth waiting for us there that is connected with the universe and with all that is that will bear witness to the truth that exists from Source and it is yours. There is no “off” time or out of service time and is your own personal and reliable means of finding truth concerning all things. For this to work you have to ask and feel the response from your body and you have to practice and get to know the responses, either truth or not truth. You should be doing this now and learning all you can when you bring things before the real judge of things. There are times you can go within and get an immediate feeling about something and the response will be evident and there will be no doubt. At other times the response will not be that noticeable and you may have to let the question linger for awhile for the answer to come, but it will. Often you will not ask for an answer because it is something you desire and you go ahead with what you want only to find that you have an uneasy feeling in your body. You find later that your answer within was true and accurate but you did not wait for it or you did not want it to be so. Develop this means and this practice with being in touch with all that is and you will be led correctly. Learn to listen to your responses within and the subtle differences in how you feel. It will come about.

I would like to speak now of coming to a state of different thinking under liberation and freedom. In your creating a future and a time line of peace you must reorient your thinking to venture out from under the control you have all been living under for so long. We see that this is slow to come about for you have not considered how you would live in total freedom. It is a new concept for you and you need to explore your thoughts for the differences this freedom brings. Meditate upon this concept and think on how it will change your days and ways of contemplated goals and achievements. You will have many restrictions removed and if all goes well you will have the means to follow through with new ideas and creations. Whereas now you have been so limited in your thinking because so much was not possible or available, now your sight of the things considered and things possible are for the most part unlimited. You will be living a life where the only restrictions will be the ones you place upon yourselves and not ones that are placed upon you by others. What would you like to do or pursue now that you have not thought possible before? What will be holding you back when all the restraints placed upon you by others are gone? We would ask that you now think on these things and feel the possibilities that this new freedom brings and see that they can now fall under a different category in your mind and this is one of reality in what can be achieved or experienced.

The energy of freedom is much stronger now and overtaking what was before and you are not yet seeing that freedom is prominent and coming forward. Let this new energy grow and fall softly in your thinking and creating until it is stronger and takes over in your words and actions, for it will lead you in the direction of new ideas that are limitless in the ways of improvements. We see that when people are liberated it may take awhile for their thinking to catch up with the reality of their physical removal from bondage. It has been awhile since you have been totally free and it was not in this lifetime. Look for the new markers of freedom when they come and make note of the steps to liberation for you are seeing the footprints now in your world for it is changing. Spend time with the what ifs in your mind and consider the desires of your heart for you will need to know how to live in your new world. It will not do for you to miss the newly opened doors and the fences that have been torn down and the locks that have been removed. They may happen without the proper spot lights upon them but they are happening now and they will continue to happen. Take note of them and give thanks for them and those who are in the fore front of this movement. This is the new environment that is being established now and you will need to act upon the changes in your thoughts of change. Take notice of what is going on and see where it all leads for it is not the same old world that you grew up in.

Continue your work that you came here to do and notice the increased light that is flooding your earth as the dark is being removed. I leave you now with all this new freedom to consider and how you will use it to make the steps to changes that need to be done. We continue to send you our love for this is a time of great importance to you and we wait to see how you will use this freedom.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 21, 2021

Let us begin. We see now that so many are coming into the slow trickling of truth that is coming out. No huge announcements so far but words here and there of what is to be brought up and thought about. This is ok and after awhile it will start to snow ball and become a preponderance of information that will tip the scales for many to get the idea that so much has been hidden. Glory be that day when the masses come into the truth of looking behind the curtain instead of accepting everything at face value. Could it really be that this much deception has been perpetrated upon the public? Yes, and this is what needs to be seen and acknowledged for everyone. Then the real questions can begin and the light of truth can come out with everyone paying attention. Right now not enough attention is being paid to the truth that is being given and it doesn’t matter how much is given if no one examines it. This has been a big problem we have faced for some time now. In the past there was not much deeper truth than what was given, but if no one is paying attention it fails. The big issues waiting are of such importance and content that everyone will take notice and this is the attention that is needed.

I would like to talk now of the importance of resistance to and questioning of information concerning your monetary system and how things have been handled for decades. You have been taxed, lied to and paid high interest rates for so long that you feel there is no real way to oppose without following the strict guidelines put forth by your monetary system. You have accepted these issues put out as what needs to be done and so much has been either taken from you or denied to you. Your struggles financially have been great and the ropes have been tightened as time has gone by. Take a look in your past and see that it is not much different than a long time ago when no one owned anything and just worked for the land owner for a meager pittance. If it is not like that already, then it is headed that way. Very seldom do you come to a point where you own anything but someone else does and you are paying off a note, or many notes, all while trying to find a way to be at peace and be happy with it all.

So many things in life are freely given but you have been so led in your thoughts to think that the way it is now is the way things have to be. Changes need to be made in your rights and freedoms and they will slowly come as you realize that it can be done. Help has been given and much work has been done in this arena of monetary world wide issues and it was met with great opposition all along the way. You cannot imagine the hoards of money that have been stockpiled and hidden from you in the past that was controlled by so few and this was done illegally in the name of power in general but also power over people and the desire to control everything. It is possible for someone to be so void of belief in the power of one’s God given life that all is external and that is all that matters. What has originated with the beginning of self and the expression of self, is the power and this is the real gift and this is found within and no where else.

What is coming up is a redirection of rules and procedures concerning money and world economic practices that will liberate everyone and remove the strict rules that take away everything from the individual and leave him with nothing. This has been in the works for quite some time now and much off world help has been devoted to this issue. God never intended for man to struggle so hard for so little. Earth’s original plan was so different than what has been developed by those who slowly took over in all aspects and arenas of your planet. It is being changed and will continue until it has been reversed.

Let us take a look at more of the things that are changing. Your school system and the education of your children is one issue that I would like to see completely redone. This is where the control starts and this is where it all begins with those who believe all they are told. Such subjects and content are tainted with issues of darkness being introduced little by little until it is accepted and the child grows up with a slanted impression and belief in such issues as to be hindered in life so far away from the laws of God. Why has this not been stopped before? Those who would have control of the adults have started with the children and been quite successful in bringing them to ways of living that are corrupted and out of line. The destruction of moral fiber starts here and is added to as the child grows with television and this includes cartoons and children’s movies. It is a dastardly plan that is successful in its concept and result and this needs to be changed. Examine and look at the slant that is being taken in your schools and look at the subject matter in depth and what those who are in control of your books and teaching materials are introducing into the school system. It is all about destruction of any thought concerning real values.

I leave you now to think on these things of starting at the beginning of life moving forward with your children in the Light of God. This is your future and what all life will become and it must be given the importance it deserves.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 20, 2021

Let us begin. We know all of you would like to communicate with us whenever you desire but only some are doing so at this time. Why has this been granted to them and why have others not been able to achieve this ability? The dedicated line of communication has been granted to some for specific reasons of enlightening the readers with certain information and this is to inform everyone of the existence of life on other planets and the fact that we are trying to establish communications. Others have the ability and are usually gifted with this from birth. There is a third category that is temporary and is only used in cases of emergency to protect an individual and only happens once or twice in a life time.

The individuals who are granted dedicated communication are somewhat predisposed to this ability in the first place or they would not be considered. They have put in the work and have the mind set to be compatible with the process. They are in a position to bring such information to others. The ones who come here with the ability have also put in their work but usually have had this ability in previous life times and bring it over into this life time. There are those that want so badly to have this ability but do not and wonder why it is not achieved or granted to them. There are many reasons.

One reason is that they are not conditioned properly for this to happen and more work has to be done first before this can be accomplished. One of the things considered is the reason behind the desire, is it frivolous or is it purposeful. Will it only benefit them or is there a plan to benefit others. The correct and compatible vibrations must exist within the individual to communicate with compatible ones on our side and this is not always easy to accomplish. We have spoken as if this ability will return and that you once did this before. This is true but when this took place you were on the same side with us and not separated by such variations in energy that exist between us and earth. This is a major hindrance in this process. Please understand that you are not being punished or set aside as not worthy. Our objective here at this time is to present ourselves in peace and trust to the masses and this is the main reason that communication is granted to some and not others. It is to further this objective and the circumstances of mind set as pertaining to dedication and determination to set aside part of their lives to this purpose has to be present. It takes a lot of self discipline and not all are willing to sacrifice to this purpose.

So many have asked what they can do to make this happen or what can I stop doing to have this happen. It is a complex set of circumstances that sometimes includes a prearranged agreement before birth to do this. Each of you have your abilities and some have the ability to communicate well in this manner. They are used to continue our delivery of information for the liberation of earth. Each of you has your own abilities that are being used to do just that in the liberation of earth and not all of you are talented in the same way. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the situation and why some are chosen.

I would like to speak now of weather. As you have noticed the weather has become more erratic and has caused loss of life in some areas. It will continue in this manner and we hope that you are prepared as well as you can be. We see the possibility of major hurricanes and typhoons as the year progresses. This will most likely bring a loss of power in the process until it is restored. Articles of first aid may also be needed in some cases. Continue with the preparations of food and water for they may be needed. You are also still vulnerable to those who would disrupt with cyber-attacks and this could cause a number of problems if successful. Be prepared.

I leave you now to consider my words and hope that this has brought a better understanding of things. Continue to surround yourselves with the Light of protection and security.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to tell you what is in the works at present. All is ready for announcements and it is going forward, thank goodness. We have all worked for this to happen and agreements have been made and this time we pray they will be kept. If we were doing it ourselves it would have already been done but it is better that this comes from those on the ground so the validity factor will be in full effect. We await this moment and it is a rather pinnacle in these events to come. I shouldn’t be so excited myself for this is for you, it is just that there has been so much going into this and waiting so many times that it is difficult not to let the tension build here on our side. We see it happening for you now, where as before it was murky and would not solidify. Pray that all will keep their word as given.

Un-kept agreements have gone a long way to ruin and destroy the faith you have had in us and we know how you have planned on what we announce to happen but we have no control over those who go back on their word. This time we have hope again that it will happen and there will be so much to follow. The timing for this to begin is this month of June, so I go out on a limb here with this statement and have not been quite so specific before. Dare I give this month when all have waited so long and even held their breath in some cases for so little word that has been foretold? We are doing the same as you and watch and listen for what will be happening. So be it.

I would like to speak now of the validity of the soul. You cannot see it or hear it with your usual senses but it has weight and takes up space and can certainly be detected with other senses available. So many do not believe in any life after death whatsoever and they live without hope or faith in gain or achievement of the soul. For them all is lost at the point of death and it colors their life so totally differently than anyone who knows of the soul’s existence. How do you prove the existence of the soul? This has been a question persisting for some time and there are those who have tried without much success to prove their point. The soul is created and has a life that maintains and thrives from the energy of God and is nothing outside of God. It is possible to have a body of some sort without a soul and there are many of them existing now on earth and even some in your skies. It is difficult to tell if a soul is not present just by looking for they appear as everyone else but a focus with your senses will come up against the cold and lifeless feeling when probed. It is evident to us from the lack of the God energy usually found within the souled body. With them the body does die a final death and it is no more.

Once acknowledged the individual opens doors and information and additional God energy comes into play and the person begins their journey along the path of enlightenment. Before the soul is acknowledged there are road blocks to learning and achieving and this holds you back somewhat, even though suggestions and markers are given to the unfolding of the soul existence. Those helping you do all they can to show you the validity of your soul and sometimes many times do they repeat their efforts. Even your body takes on a new meaning when you realize it houses the soul and life itself takes on new meaning. When this is done questions arise of what the soul actually is and what it contains. Is it just a higher form of life itself? The soul is the same energy and creative light that is in creation and all that is and is no different from the existence and creative energy of God, or what you call God. There is nothing that is not God and nothing that is created in less than perfection of this energy that is God. This is who and what you are. There is no subservient creation less that God that has to live in fear of an angry God meting out punishment for infractions of laws. You do not go somewhere else to meet God and worship for God is within and is you. The process of achievement along life’s path is your realization of this fact and of who and what you really are. If you think you are full of sin and a lowly unworthy soul then that is the life you will live. On the other hand, if you realize your soul and your being is no different than the almighty creative energy that has created all that is, then this is the life you will live.

There is no limit to what you can achieve and no limit to how far you can travel on your path of enlightenment, once you come into this knowledge of who and what you are. We on this side do all we can to help you come into this reality and knowing of this information. Most of the time it is a slow process because of all the false teaching you have come in contact with while growing up. There is a lot to overcome and this makes it difficult to come into this truth. The journey and learning continues and it changes everything.

I leave you now to think on my words and consider them in depth for your own enlightenment. It is one of the biggest changes you will make in your life when you realize who you really are.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 18, 2021

Let us begin. We need to keep in mind that all is in the hands of God and under His direction. It is so difficult at times to see how any of it could come to a good conclusion from the part that we can see. I have been through several adjustments, change overs, and revisions of situations and at times wondered how any of it could turn out to be a positive or a desired conclusion but it always does when the Will of the One is energetically calling the shots of it all. Faith is a strong thing to have but sometimes more difficult to maintain in the midst of chaos when we look at things with our physical eyes. There have been times when I have questioned a positive outcome in the past only to be amazed at how things came together in a way I could not have imagined. There is a perfection that is above our own understanding because it is on such a high level as to be un-thought of in our un-experienced minds. Have you ever known all that is to create anything that is less than perfection? We need to forge ahead with this in mind.

I would like to speak now of imitation and how something may look exactly like something else. There is a way we can be deceived with the effort of a practiced deceiver and taken in by movements and events that look like a favorable thing. As much as we have talked about the dark being defeated and on the way out I would like to remind you at how practiced and experienced they can be at imitation and deception. It is not a time to let your guards down and accept all without caution. Take all to question in your own process of holding it up to truth and see how it stands. Do not let yourself become vulnerable in an open situation before first standing everything up to the Light of God to see if it withers under His power and inspection. Feel the results in your minds and hearts and let it be stripped of any hint of falsehood. Be practiced in this method and do what works for you with all new concepts that may come out.

At present there are attacks going on, perpetrated by the dark, that are taking place in your skies. Those who fled from earth are trying to regroup and gain supporters to challenge all who took away their planet and their plans for total control. So far they have been rebuffed and again their plans have been destroyed but they continue, motivated by hate and revenge. Somehow they are unable to see their efforts would be put to much better use if they would use their energies for good. Your experience has been hard gained but it will remain in your minds and it is possible it may have to be used again to protect what you so diligently fought for. Cherish your past and your work and hold dear your resolve never to let any dark influence come between you and your envisioned future of peace and a better world. It is a promise to yourselves that will remain.

The strong will of each of you will create such energy that will create a time line that is so far above any that you have held before in your life time. The strong influence brought about from knowing what it was like to live under strong control will give you the strength to maintain such high standards that you will not let your guard down. This is how things are created and kept on the forefront of freedom and individual expression and nothing can replace the experience of your past. You understand now what it is taking to come out from under it all and gain the ground you need to bring about your promised earth. The records of it all will not be forgotten.

My words to you are one of encouragement and continued progress in your focus for what you want in your new world. In all that is yet to happen do not loose sight of this goal for yourselves concerning how you want to live and express the God within on your earth. There are opportunities waiting for you that you have not yet imagined and concepts that are above any thoughts of achievement you have had. It is a beautiful sight you are coming into concerning this liberated environment and we want you to have every opportunity to create what you can from the love and light that is given.

I leave you now to think on these things for you are at the creating point in the now, as is always the case of creating. Hold high your bar of excellence for what will be. Express the God within and hold back nothing of a loving and noble, compassionate life.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 17, 2021

Let us begin. We know it will be difficult for you to transition into this new age that has been promised for the changes that need to happen are great. There has to be this large energy of darkness to be removed and it will not always be without consequences in the physical world. So much energy has to either be transformed into something more compatible or either be totally removed and this will take some doing in many cases. Gaia, herself is ready and her adjustments are not gentle. Many individuals of dark influence who have made their choices will have to be physically removed in some manner or go down the drain in this process. They will not be allowed to remain in their present form and influence. So be it.

Try not to enter into the chaos that will ensue during this process of transition and remain grounded in your Light and faith. Your understanding will serve you well during this time for it is knowing the reason and the necessity that will carry you through. Life itself is a long sequence of changes and adjustments and you transverse them mostly without any problem. You are very stalwart in your character now and adapting to change is in front of you. Your biggest challenges are the people that are not ready and do not understand what is happening for they will not be prepared. This is understandable for they have not chosen to search the reasons behind what is going on and they will be surprised. Travel with caution during this time and through these waters of heavy currents and do not get swept away in the flow of emotions from the masses.

I would like to speak now of transitions of heavenly content for you need to tap into the subjects of the codes given. These codes contain information that you need and that will serve you well in the coming months. They will allow the changes to be made within your mind and body that will be compatible with the energies coming in and the transformation into what your body needs to be for your soul to travel in comfort. All along you have been making changes within your body to conform to this new energy environment and they will continue. Mentally accept the codes of a directing nature and bless these changes into the intention and execution of the new for your new body will serve you as it should and you will not have to think twice about it being ready. The uncomfortable symptoms you have been going through will discontinue at some point and you will have completed them.

The transitions of a mental nature will not be so automatic and it will take patience on your part for the new to take hold and be implemented into your daily lives. All along you have been accepting these new energies and codes of change and the new you is arriving a little at the time. The end result will be like a whole construction crew will have come in and remodeled your mind completely for your DNA is being redone to give you what you once had and this will feel new. You have come through a lot of this change already and do not realize it. It was done with minimal discomfort and the new available abilities will come on line slowly as you accommodate them and begin to use them again. Remember all this was once yours in the way of these abilities and they will return and it will take practice on your part.

We believe the mental approach to life now is one you have wanted for some time and many have prayed for now for decades. An atmosphere of love and harmony without the negativity of the former life. This will be the really noticeable part and appealing in nature to transition into. All these changes will happen together, and have been happening together. Do not let them become anything other than the gift they are for your new age and the new you. You are so different now than you were long ago and we wish you could stand beside yourself to make the comparisons and see the big changes in every part of your physical and mental state of being. You have come such a long way and there is still a ways to go. We encourage you to be at peace with these further changes as best you can and again the biggest challenges will be in those that are not prepared. Your work, study and understanding have gone a long way in taking you across some difficult times and it will continue to do so. Rely heavily upon your knowing and experience of going within for instructions and answers now. We are standing by.

Be at peace my children in all ways you can. Face each new day with your every increasing vibratory rate that gives you open doors to new information and understanding and this leads to accomplishment and wisdom. I leave you now with this view of how far you have come and the vastness of your journey in how you have grown and what you have accomplished. If you could have our view you would be surprised. So, take the new you and know that whatever comes now you are ready and have the experience to deal with it in a positive way. You are the individual expression of the God energy and you will overcome as you have in the past. You have all been so needed in this journey of reform and hold new positions in all that is. Come fully into your own being of God.

I am Joseph In His Service

June 16, 2021

Let us begin. We know the time is now and the stage is set. We just need all involved to play their part they have agreed to. Information will proceed and be delivered as prearranged. There is a perfect time in the course of events for each thing to happen and this follows intent to deliver. We look forward to what will be given. It will be like setting the table for everyone and putting food out. All that is needed is for everyone to partake of it in a serious manner. Examine it, consider it and decide on it one way or the other but give it serious consideration and your focus and then you can at least say you gave it your all.

I would like to speak now of events to come. There will soon be an end to the devious plots of the dark and you will not be blind sided with thought up continued events to put you in fear and subjugation. There will be no more of that and part of us will gladly be out of a job. We ever so happily look forward to this time when that will no longer exist but for now there are still dark thoughts about that try to ensnare you into their way of acting and thinking. Please consider all information that will come out and examine it completely as to context, content and especially origin. We cannot stress this enough for there is still mischief afoot in the minds of discontented ones that are giving it one more try. If something worked one time it may work again. Do not be fooled and hold it up against the Light and truth and see how it bears witness in the name of God. You are no longer sheep being led into darkness but the one Shepherd is your guide.

The continuation of generated lies keeps being pumped out like free candy waiting for you to gladly pick it up, its poisonous content ready to work the demise of individual thought in freedom and desire to overcome any control. Stand up in your own Light now and say no more and you will hear the reverberation of all voices echoing in the cosmos from earth for it will be that strong. This is my message today and it is a strong one that I could not have given before now. You have arrived at this point of knowing and your sight has been burnished by the fires of truth and your resolve is strong from the result of all your hard work and struggles. Let truth be rung on the bell of Holy Words and thoughts and walk tall in your individuality. Earth is being liberated one moment at the time by another voice who will say loudly, NO, no more.

Examine, hold everything up to the Light of God and proceed in your knowing for the time is now.

I am Joseph In His Service