August 23, 2021

I am pleased to tell you that the earth is stepping up her changes and it may be that all will rapidly go to a time of evacuating. It is difficult to predict how this will develop but I see many changes now in the form of earthquakes and some volcanic activity.

Yes, I have been seeking someone else to come to you and speak but as this is an active time and so many adjustments have to be made to earth and the corresponding vibrations and elements involved it is taking everyone to tend to all that is needed. Do not feel lost or forgotten for you are far from that in our thinking. Plans are being made for you now on a closer need for safety and removal from earth. Adjustment has been the name of most all things going on at this time. Preparation consumes us at this point for there is no room for any deviation from perfection in retrieving all that will come. There is nothing quite so moving as a homecoming.

Continue your study and learning and your bringing of Light to earth at this time. It is greatly needed for this transition period. There are many arrests going on and this is being covered up by so called experts in that field, for they have had a lot of experience in cover-up. Do not be deceived for the worms are squirming in their own filth and there is no where for them to hide. This will continue until the last day, whenever that is. They will be removed one by one and dealt with by our laws. Some are being dealt with by earth laws. It was directed by God.

Each of you is known and your heart speaks of deep desire to come home. The process is planned in all aspects. Be of good cheer in this respect for your location is known and you will be received in love and adoration. My love is with all of you.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

August 14, 2021

We have come to the time of disclosure and by this I mean the dialogue is set for speaking to you. It is wise not to give dates but you will be glad to know you will soon hear what you have been longing to hear and more.

I have been quite busy and am a second choice for speaking to you in messages for that reason. You need someone daily to communicate with you and answer your questions and I do not have that time to spare. My love for you is great and I do come to you at every available opportunity for there is much lost time in your learning and I would like to be the one to hold your attention in my hands and give to you the things you need to know. I love my work in education and it pleases me greatly to do this for you. You are deserving of much more than an occasional message and an answer or two and for that reason I am seeking someone who would have more time to give to you. Until then know that I cherish each moment with you and do what I can. You are a bright lot and I clearly feel your desire to know.

There is talk of a splitting of a time line into two parts and this is a simplified description for there is much more involved in this description. It is more of an energetic creation brought about by the Divine combined with the creation of more than a million minds seeking higher vibrations and a better life. Creation is a complicated process and you are seeing it happen at this moment. On the one hand there are those who are not ready to deviate from their mind set and wish to remain in the arena they are in so as to continue learning in familiar settings. This is lovingly granted and is in harmony with their needs and is lovingly given. On the other hand there are those who have struggled to learn and progress during their lifetime and desire to be in a vibration that is compatible with their higher needs. They have been dealing with the lower vibrations for most of their life and it is time they were given the opportunity to experience what they have created. This is the divergent road these two groups have chosen and it comes about at this time for the reason of their needs.

This synchronicity of different roads is in agreement with all other things including time, and all works together for this to happen. Nothing moves on its own but is in harmony with all other things for all is of God and is of one accord. The knowing and intelligence behind all of God’s creation works as one and there is no haphazard occurrence or action without this agreement. There are things not of God’s actions brought about by the distortion of man and this leads to sorrow and pain. My dears this was the teachings of Christ that you live in God’s will and life will be given more abundantly to you. You can see from your world where things can lead when not in the will of God. Driving without a steering wheel leads to perilous times. Spend time in the word of God and continue your study and contemplation of His word. Give of your life and energy into what is a God directed life and be faithful to that goal. You are greatly loved at all times but living in the will of God gives you greater sight into all things and leads you in the path of communication with Source.

So, now let us say that you are about to embark upon a time of truth coming out and this is what you have been asking for but not only that. It is God directed for it to happen and let us say that the words will have more meaning and power than just ink on paper or just the spoken word. They will be imbued with energy of truth, not from just man, but from God for make no mistake about it, His hand and thought is in this. There are mere words and then there are messages from God and you are about to hear what is directed from on High, so listen closely and give it all the attention it deserves as the words of God. You have read of the miracles of Bible times when Christ was living and have longed for miracles in your own time. You are about to experience something like that and I have tried to tell you how fortunate you are to be living at this time to experience what is happening now. Each morning give respect and reverence to the Divine Will and direction of God in your world now for His hand is heavy in all that is happening to heal everything and see that all is directed to that path. It in no way happened by itself and the hearts of many and their efforts are a direct result of Divine intervention and direction. It is that momentous.

I hope I have impressed you fully into the situation. I leave you now facing a greatly important time and you need to be prepared. Open your minds and hearts into what is Holly and embrace what is undoubtedly the most important change that is coming in your lives. His will be done.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

August 9, 2021

Let us commence. We see that things are coming along in a progression to the desired conclusion. There is the complication of the restrictions concerning the Delta variant and those who are falling under the illness of this virus. It is difficult enough when adults are caught in this sickness but it seems even worse when children are involved. One thing that is a fertile field for any virus is sugar, so keep that in mind. It would help if the diet is kept sugar down to a minimum and preferably none, if possible. Use honey and more natural sources of sweetness. Unfortunately sugar causes so many problems but we are discussing viruses here and sugar in the diet is a huge contributor for viruses to grow in the body. Keep this in mind.

You need to know that there is no giving up and there has not been any deviation or detour to the end result that has been planned. We are talking about there on earth, so your disclosure is still in the works for a public presentation. We here would love to see that this is done as soon as possible but those on earth have a plan and it will be followed. We sit up here and talk about what you should do and tell you to take the reins and get things done and now that you have done this we will leave certain things up to you for the creating of your future. We understand there is a growing energy for thinking that you will not go back into your homes to stay and there are even protests against restrictions that are imposed in certain countries and states. These are the people talking and showing their desire concerning how this should be handled. Our concern is the conflict between those who want to be free and those who want masks and restrictions for concern of their loved ones, especially their children. The truth needs to come out so all will know what is going on and also how best to fight this illness.

We suggest no physical conflict, for this will complicate things and we hope that you find a way to overcome differences with truth and all working in the same direction with individuals free to make their own decisions which do not harm others. This is a difficult time the world is going through now with the illness and so much is being done to try and keep the masses under control. Freedom is breaking out and this will continue.

On the UFO front, there are more sightings now and even more are planned. This is something that has to come out for the next step in your progression toward gaining a grasp on the real meaning of creation you live in. No longer will you confine yourselves to the thoughts of just one planet for things are changing and your vistas are broadening and you will never go back to thinking you are the only life forms in creation and this must be dealt with in your minds. Seldom have we seen such a wide gap in the thoughts of people on one planet from thinking they are the only life ever created to knowing there are other beings in existence to even communicating with these beings. All the while certain seekers search the skies for signs of any form of codes, sounds or communications from space and your space scientists take samples from space for signs of water and possible life. It is quite difficult to see this much of a chasm from the field of one end of the spectrum to the other. And here I am speaking to you listeners and readers and have been, along with others who have come before me. Quite perplexing in nature that we have been trying this long to do away with the great differences in opinion of the “life on other planets” question that still seems to remain on earth.

The other thing that amazes us is how much truth can be covered up for this great number of years and not be found out on a broader scale of understanding. Again we tell you that the dark influence that has caused this deviation from the laws of God is a practiced and intelligent group with lots of experience in this field. Planning is their strong point and you are still up against the last of the negative influence remaining that needs your expertise of equal experience now that is bringing Light in the form of opposition to earth to benefit all . You see you do not have to have dwelt in the trenches of warfare in equal numbers to overcome for Source Light has always been more powerful in its creative element and pound for pound can out do, out work, overcome and prevail in every instance. You are beginning to see this for yourselves. We recommend that you, as boots on the ground, continue your work as God instructs you to continue to bring this Light and Love into the arena of earth in the form and the way you are involved with this mission. So many of you are in so many different fields of work and bringing about change that this is the unified success that is growing and coalescing into what is happening at present.

Yes, it seems it has always taken longer than wanted, anticipated and wished for but we are here now in the present and that is the only moment we have ever had to work with. Continue.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

August 5, 2021

I come to you today to tell you that you should be ready for some surprises in the announcements. I know you have been waiting and think you are prepared but there may be some things that will surprise even you. My main concern is that you watch out for the reactions of those who don’t have a clue what is going on. Human nature is so unpredictable at times but we are looking for outright denial from most who will be confronted with this information for the first time. It will be so uncharacteristic of anything they have contemplated before.

The progress of earth has been slow leading up to about forty years ago. It is almost as if there were a physical barrier there against truth instead of a mental one. That is when the volunteers from other planets started gathering around your planet to seek their part in the liberation of earth. This was a monumental coordinating effort to say the least. It has been done before in other settings and circumstances but not on this large a scale for this long a time. You see getting along and working together can be done in peaceful coexistence. I have to admit it took some time for us also long ago to forge this kinship with others so different.

Things that you would think could not be done can be brought about with the loving light and energy of Source behind it. I have seen many of what you would call miracles happen when it is for a good cause and the love of beings who want a better existence and need help. Please take this example of what has happened on earth and in your skies and don’t doubt the existence of God or the ability to bring about that which is good for all concerned, no matter what the circumstances and barriers are. Believe on that which is life itself and the impetus for all love and compassion for all that exist. There is no life worth much without the strength, power and creative ability of Source behind it and breathing love into it. I give you all the years of my experience when I say that God is always within you but you loose so much in not recognizing this.

We do all we can from our side to help bring about your growth and your enlightenment but you have had the desire to be delivered from all the darkness that has brought about so much pain for so many. Our thoughts now are on your sight and understanding of what is to be spoken openly to the masses. There is an understanding of the heart along with the mind and we give of our energy that you will use this perception to linger long on the words and delve into the meaning and energy behind what is brought out. You have waited and prayed for the time when all would be delivered from the oppression that was forced upon you. Regardless of how it happened you were still challenged with the waging of war against this force that held you down and you are working your way out now. Continue this war against all that is unholy when you survey the reality and truth of what is.

We are not sure who will start this ball rolling but it will happen, so be ready and steady yourselves. Our love for you has always been there but now more than ever in this momentous time. You are not alone in this by any means. If you should need to lean on steadiness until things settle a bit call upon us for that help. We are here for you. I leave you now in your future history.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

July 31, 2021

Let us commence. I need to inform you of what is to come in the way of information given. There will be one or more to come forward soon in your time to reveal information of truth and they will be able to back it up. Dates, times, names and places will be given. We on this side are anxious to find out how it will be received. There is a term, cognitive dissonance, that is very apt to this situation and that means that some who will hear the truth and have it verified will still not accept it for the reason of this cognitive dissonance. It is easier to continue to think along the same path you have been comfortable with and to change would be upsetting for you. This will be a hindrance for you in accepting the truth, no matter what it concerns.

For some it will be a process to turn from deep ruts of thought and climb out of this comfortable place into one of uncomfortable truth. This process will be disturbing for some and take an undetermined amount of time. Please give it to them to make this change. Do not expect everyone to automatically see truth and change sides. Let it happen. More will come out and it will be difficult for them to consider such change concerning one subject, much less several. You are looking at two or three big subjects here.

The verifiable evidence concerning the deception of the election in November in the United States, the information concerning the cover up of UFOs in the United States and the agenda of long standing, and I mean many years here, of the dark. Be compassionate in your attitude of others and give them some time to adjust. We are talking here about the ones who will adjust, for there will be those who will never give in or give up of their previous thoughts. They will not admit to being wrong. Do not exclude yourselves as being the ones with total truth concepts. Listen to what is being said and examine the information yourselves. There will come a time when truth will not have to travel through the maze of elements and distortions it does now to get to you. There will be a more direct path and it will not be distorted, thank goodness.

Be of good cheer in your thinking for to receive truth is Divine and to be respected in its authenticity and source. Let the unfolding and revealing begin and let it come forth in the Divine will of our Father for it is at his directive that this be done. So, in this meantime until it begins, be in prayer and not in discomfort but in the feeling of being held in the arms of Creator, for you are. My children your lights are beaming and we can see you clearly from far away. A beautiful sight after so long toiling in the fields of conflict. I leave you now continuing your work as needed.

In His Love,

I am Parker

July 29, 2021

July 28 2021. Let us commence. I feel you are ready for another message. Your planet has been overrun with negative energies and you have been fed such erroneous information in small doses and it was accepted by you that it is going to be a shock when many of you read my words. There will be those who will continue to refuse truth.

Your Bible, considered a sacred book of truth, is full of inserts and deletions and has left you with not a clue as to what is correct. Jesus, as you call him, did come and was born of Mary and was destined to give of his love and teachings and had followers but great opposition. The dark was aware, even back then, that they needed to oppose Him in all ways they could. The dark influence was strong and thought they could negate any of his teachings but the Light He brought was so powerful that he taught truth whenever possible.

The followers traveling with him were hand picked and had reincarnated for this purpose and He knew them well before they came to earth. The denial of Peter was planned and was not a betrayal as is taught but was one of Jesus’ strongest and devoted. Hold no harsh feelings against him for he was asked to play this part. Jesus did ascend after three days. He did return and lived on to continue his studies and also to continue his teachings. He lived a full life and was a father of several children. This does not diminish any meaning in his crucifixion or his continued life. Believe on him in his coming and devoting his life to the people of earth.

No plan for you to hold any fear is ever intended for so called revenge of God for your actions. God is a loving energy and there has not been or never will be any type of punishment inflicted by God from your actions other than what you bring upon yourself. There are interventions in the past that have righted wrongs and brought about the desired actions needed for the time. You have been so deceived by getting you to spend so much of your life afraid to face God and therefore so many will not seek him. There is no stronger love for you than that of God for you are made from His energy and creative force and are part of Him. God would not and will not punish Himself. You bring about actions according to how you live and this is what returns to you.

The dark influence has infiltrated your religions and churches and what was intended by Jesus is far from what is upon your earth at this time. He did not come here to establish a religion but a freedom to be who you are in the laws of God and to express the God within. He wanted man to live abundantly, without fear and to love one another. Somehow we must start over in His teachings and begin again to straighten out what has been done and see that this time His teachings are correct.

You have ventured long upon the wrong path and I have seen you suffer long needlessly because of misinformation. My children do not live in fear, especially not from the love of Christ and that of God. There has been and still is a battle raging in the aftermath of sludge and residue of the dark and it is to be swept clean. As you fight in this battle turn your energies to oppose the falsehood layered upon you and bring your Light into the shadow of what is left. It will be eradicated with your help and your prayers and efforts. Give of your service to clean up the remains of dark intentions and do not let this attempt to remain viable exist another year, week or day. Pray that all truth will be brought out into the light and be accepted in fullness and see that your part is completed. I leave you now in this truth that comes. Receive it in God’s will that this be done.

In His Love, I am Parker

July 29, 2021

In addition, the time is running down quickly and changes are about to be made. I will come to you again and give more information that will be useful to you. You are cherished in your work and in your being. Reside in His love at all times. Go forth and stand firm in your faith for the ending is in progress.


July 26, 2021

Let us commence. I am destined to give of information to a new world and you are the ones receiving. There will be a bigger audience in the future and all will have a chance to hear. It is commanded of me to do this by our Father and by overseers of your planet. This part is preliminary but the future part is official and will be documented that certain information was given. It is required of ascended people who have come to a stabilized position that they receive certain information to continue and I have had experience in this with other planets. In your Father’s house there are many mansions and you will be amazed.

We know you are concerned about what will happen next. When will things correct themselves and when will the real truth be given. All is coming to fruition, but even if it does not happen as you have expected I would still be giving of certain information in your future. I have listened and I hear some of you say that you want the truth from the horse’s mouth. Well I am that horse, sent by God and ordained to deliver what is needed. You are His children and have never been forgotten. Sent on this mission, your presence has always been known and your whereabouts. Your Father does not forget or forsake His children.

I will make myself known with somewhat of a flurry later but for now you have my attention at this time and we are going ahead with this. Be it known that your names are recorded and your service also. You are part of the vanguard, leading others to a higher dimension. Set yourself to a higher standard and do not take lightly your part in what has been and what is to come for your service is extraordinary and so I tell you to continue in all respects as you have been instructed by your counselors and your inner guide. Connect with your God self daily and at all times possible for as much as you have taken your work seriously, your work has gained momentum and is vital at this point in time.

I tell you that what you think of the God directive within you should be done with holiness and reverence for you have been sent and sustained by His will and it is not upon Him to send simpletons to do his work. Take care of your body and remain in His light and do not loose your faith or determination while carrying out what is commanded of you. Be of good cheer in his calling of you for he chose well. Listen to His word and continue His study daily. I leave you now to think on these words and give you encouragement from His words that you continue within His light and love.

In His Love,

I am Parker

July 25, 2021

Let us commence. I am prone to getting too deep into earth history but part of it has to be known. At present your planet has been the place for work into changing a difficult dark influence into light and removing all remembrances of dark influence into the past. Long ago the Anunnaki were given permission to live on earth and this is where the most recent past chapter began. Of course there is more but we will start here. From there they moved into an alliance with Draconians and it was a race to see who could use the other to the fullest degree. It was almost a compatible situation because they were both deviant and far from the purpose of life itself.

Being developed further, servants, or minions as you call them, were recruited with promises of whatever was important at the time and a dark plan was formed to bring power and importance to a few at the top of the command. As time went on people were slowly pushed into a mind set of playing their part, which would lead life into one of subservience and bondage. This was not seen or known at the time and the true meaning of purpose was a closely guarded secret. If not for intervention their plan would have succeeded and it would be too late to fight your way back to what was left of any freedom.

Once again there was a difference of opinion on our side. Some thought more time should be given for people to see what was going on and to band together and overcome the frightful influence of the dark. Others had no hope for what was to come of any chance for things to change. This is in the past now and all is history. Some time ago it was decided that intervention was the only way for things to have any chance to right itself and bring back light to your planet. Earth is bound in its own envelope of reality and is supported by agreement until it is no longer necessary to do so and then it will return to the “real” reality. This is difficult to explain but I would call it a necessary environment for the conflict that was taking place between the light and those who were so devoid of it.

As it stands now you are only left with the servants or minions of the dark influence that once was and this influence is doing all it can to cause as much trouble and chaos as possible before they are removed and they do know they will be removed. It was believed that more light workers sent to earth would awaken to their mission and be of help in delivering earth from the grasp of the dark but this hope was limited and help from outside was called on and was delivered. It will be completed in its entirety of success and earth will once again be delivered into the place of purity and peace as it was intended.

There will come a time when you will see so much more than you do now and you will find that an understanding will come upon you and it will all make sense and will fit together. The important thing remaining now is to continue working and fighting for all that is good and Godly and of the light and to close out what is left in the will and energy that has been given to you. See this through to the end and into the new beginning with all the intention and love that you possess. So many of you are so much more than you ever imagine and have great strength and purpose much higher than just on earth. You are not reaching your full potential in your thinking of your capabilities here on earth. Be in completeness in your being of who you are and come forward in your full capacity to bring forward your light and love which is so much more powerful than any dark here on earth. This has been a war of sorts with so many fronts and it still is, even though it has changed in its leaders.

Have faith in your Creator Source and in the direction that is given and continue forward even though you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle at this time. Live in the fullness of the directive of the Father and serve as you are given to serve for deliverance of earth into the ascended planet that has been foreseen. All things will be given and known in good time and unfortunately now is not the time for all of the pieces and reasons for everything to be known and given. It is coming and I will be there to see this happen. You need to be on a higher plane for all of it to make sense and it will. The force that is carrying you along is not a magic carpet but the real energy and creative power the same as your Christ had when He came to earth to give of His teachings. This is no dream, or play in the force behind it driving it even though we speak of playing a part. The people you see may not be exactly who you think they are but the reasons for you being here at this time and your purpose is valid and accurate and you are driven by the highest cause and purpose.

Do no get side tracked by the confusion of who is doing what and for what reason but stick to your mission of leading all you can into the light and purpose of Creator and Source of all that is. Keep going within for your truth and faith and continue with your work. Serve without conditions and love as you are loved without ceasing.

In His Love,

I am Parker

July 24, 2021

Let us commence. I am gratified at your understanding of my words. I continue to read the website and I also get a feel for what is needed from the readings of our findings up here concerning earth and what should be told. I have a long history of teaching and have done this for many planets when it was called for. Please take my words into your knowing and remember them for they will serve you well in the future. Now we can continue to build upon what is known.

I am going to give you information you have to have. There will be those who don’t care and they will drop by the way side in advancing for we are commanded to spend time learning God’s word. Your earth will be going through some major changes passing through from darkness into light and this getting rid of darkness is a big deal. To dislodge and expunge the hold on earth that has taken place over the many years will take some doing to get rid of. This will take several forms as Joseph has explained.

My understanding is that you are confronted with quite a few ideas of how your future will take place and I must admit that even up here we are not all of one accord in our ideas of just what will happen when and how it will happen so I am not surprised that you have questions.

One main idea is that because of the amount of light that has been brought into earth that the major changes will be mitigated and there will be no need to evacuate everyone off the surface of earth. This is a lovely idea. In all the times earth has been through the cycle of learning and possibility of overcoming darkness these changes have never been avoided and each time earth has had to go through major land configurations and upheavals in the process. She has to complete this process to move ahead and shake off the restraints that have kept her so bound in the past.

A point of question also revolves around these changes and this is concerning time and disclosure of information. Will all information be given before the earth has to be offered evacuation? This is where our greatest complexity of thoughts lingers between the minds on our side. It is believed by the majority of people that this will be completed and all truth will be revealed and laid out before everyone. Please keep in mind that many times when we speak of things happening, we give you information up front that prepares you in order to keep you safe for the contingency of danger that you may not be prepared for. We are not in the mind of Gaia but dwell closely with her wishes but do not have dates for her changes.

There are many people giving of information through channelings of the receiving of information from off world beings. This is a complicated process and there are many influences that complicate this information. The receiver may be tuning into this information with accuracy for most of it but for various reasons not getting the entirety of the message or the topic. Keep this in mind when reading or listening to others. I tell you that Gaia has to go through her changes so that she can ascend and this has to be done. This involves measures of extreme movement and releasing of energy through various means. This will not be conducive to life and the continuation of it. The people will have to be removed to continue.

Will time permit the playing out of projected corrections and reveals of long held secrets of your planet? I believe it will but you have also been informed of how to prepare in the event of having to evacuate at any time. These two ideas are not in conflict as far as I see them. Through love of your Father you are cared for with information in any eventuality. This procedure is compatible with what is commanded of us in caring for you. Expect the truth to be revealed in all its dirty secrets and expect it to hit like a giant rock crashing in the middle of a small plastic kiddie pool. The water will be sloshed out and what is left is the truth and no one will be able to push it out of the way.

While this is going on you will have your things ready and thought out for your next move when necessary. You need to remember there is also a psychological aspect here of knowing that you are ready and prepared for evacuation at all times. This is a great support in your minds that cannot be taken from you. Live your life fully in each day as it comes and brings you what is, no matter what that may be. I see no conflict of ideas here. Do not concern yourself with having to know each detail of what is to come.

Life is fluid and especially this part of it that you are going through. The excitement and anticipation of God’s will has a certain amount of magic and this makes for a depth of needed faith and joy in His fulfillment of events. Take this opportunity and see it as the adventure and learning experience that you so willingly begged for when you thought of coming to earth at this time. You saw it in its proper perspective at that moment and now that you are surrounded by all this confusion you have lost sight of the greater picture. Enclose yourself in the process of His will and observe how He handles things for this is a once in a life time opportunity to be this close to the end of an era for a planet so close to death and you are watching a rising of great will in the overcoming of all odds against success. How fascinating that you are here to see this. Loose any fear you might have and fall to your knees and give thanks that you are here.

In His Love, I am Parker

July 23, 2021

Let us commence. I find that many of you know a lot about what is going on, not only in the world but with earth and her procedures. This is gratifying. I have availed myself of your website offeroftrust and it is enlightening reading your questions. This gives me more opportunity to give information, so here we go.

The earth is traveling through space in a spiral and we will say she is traveling upward. In space we do not use the terms up or down for it can be misleading. Your universes are somewhat on a flat plane and we speak of a planet’s position as being on the Central Sun side or away from the Central Sun side. When we speak of positions of planets we usually use the term “quadrant” for this is how they are measured off according to territory and how they are ruled or governed. So your solar system is quite far away from the Central Sun and is ruled by one called ATONN. This quadrant is under the patrol of the Ashtar Command and he is a Fleet Commander. The comings and goings of all the craft in this quadrant are under the Ashtar Command. As you might imagine this is a huge responsibility.

You might ask if your universe is somewhat on a flat plane then how could earth be traveling up on a spiral. Most all things are traveling in a spiral and we will use the term “up” again for there is enough space for all and everything to travel in any direction, at least as far as we can tell. So all things, including man, are on a path traveling in a progressive journey upward. This makes it easy to keep track of and to chart. The Central Sun is the hub of it all, or at least our known part, for we suspect there is much more that we do not know yet.

Let us take a look at what you call time. Each spiral of your universe is a measurement of advancement and of time. This term is handy to use to measure achievement and location. One spiral of your universe and therefore your earth, is a movement upward and not only that but an advancement and progression in all things, such as densities, knowledge, achievement and elements. Have you ever noticed that from time to time your scientist will discover a new element? This comes with density and corresponds to the advancement along the spiral upward. It would not do for a 3rd density planet to have far too many elements to deal with, or the same elements as a 5th density planet. Energy is not the only thing that corresponds with the density of things. All parts or elements are in a state of compatibility with where it will exist and it will only exist where it vibrates comfortably for it cannot exist elsewhere. Different densities or dimensions are composed of only the elements that are needed and used to make up that dimension or life contained there.

So, when you ascend to a higher level you are not only increasing your God knowledge with the increase in vibration but also all physical elements to go along with that increase and that which exists in that vibrational frequency. Are there many more elements contained in higher dimensions, yes, certainly. Things that you have not thought of yet do exist and here we get into the existence of things in different dimensions which are not seen by physical eyes or perceived with the body’s 5 senses. You see there are so many worlds you have not yet discovered and this is why God’s creation is more vast than you have ever imagined.

Let us get back down to earth and your ascension into greater dimensions. We are talking about a progressive movement contained within a definite time frame and this is the pattern for all planets but not the same time frame. When you compare the position of a planet as it pertains to how far it is from the hub of its universe, you will find that it will take a different amount of time for it to travel one rotation than it does another planet in a different position from the center of the planet’s rotations. All and everything you have, including your mind and body is geared around your location from your sun and the time frame it takes to travel one rotation around your sun. It is also geared to the time it takes to travel around one spiral of advancement through space. And here is where we get into magnetic fields changing places and recorded history of a planet. You are about to move up into a different dimension and all the changes that come with this change. Your world is about to become more comprehensive in all ways you can imagine and this is why different dimensions are a big deal. You are about to become a more advanced God creation and so is your environment. You have to qualify for entering this dimension. If you do not qualify it would be against all laws of science and this cannot happen. All of God’s creation is synchronistic and this makes it amazing. It is also automatic in its rules and parameters.

So, you see that those not qualifying are lovingly retained until they do for it is a scientific principle that is in effect here and is compatible with all laws of nature and being. This law also goes for plants, animals, elements, diseases, viruses and all living things. This is why you cannot have a 3rd dimensional disease in a 5th dimensional existence for it cannot exist there. All things follow the laws of existence.

I leave you now with this information for your better understanding and we will build upon this knowing for this is foundational.

In His Love,

I am Parker