February 2, 2021

Let us begin. It has been a pleasure bringing you my messages and I hope you have gained something in reading them. My scribe is onto other avenues of service and we will draw these messages to a close in a few days.

There are times when, without sign posts or apparent direction, you must continue in faith and belief and this is one of those times. You are asked to look at all the confirmation you have been given in other than visual areas and value it highly so you will continue forward in confidence. Do not throw away your reasoning because things have not happened as you have been expecting. There are reasons for this and the evidence of love and light you have in your past and in your memory have not gone away nor have they been negated. There is no loss in being patient.

Things are still going as they should and this is by no means over or concluded. The players have not checked out or forgotten their focus for a moment. They are moving within the parameters as they are given at the time and this is the mark of those who get things done, is to be able to work when changes confront you.

This message is short as there are things that need to be done. I will come again if times allows. I leave you now with continued strength in your faith.

I am Joseph In His Service

February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that we see animosity in a large degree for many reasons. Politically, and against authority in general. The mandates and rules keeping people at home and behind masks is not going well and there are those who advocate rebelling against both. This is understandable and needs a voice considering all the information available regarding the Covid 19. The political hatred is another matter and should be captured within the confines of non violent expression at all turns. There is no reason for destruction of property and loss of life. There are avenues to what is desired without these. It is necessary to bring both feelings forward to address, however. Attempts to keep you agitated and combative serve a purpose and you need to consider what that is and who benefits from it.

You are waiting on action of some sort that will explain things and make everyone happy and set all upon the road to progress again. If this is the case are you giving this outcome and this time line your energy so that it will come about? Instead of focusing on one political party or another try to focus upon the result of unity for all and for your country and this applies to all countries. We are moving away from sides or groups or what our parents or grandparents held to. Now we must make the changes that bring your world into what is best for all concerned and this is doing away with repression of thought and freedom. Look at your laws and see if they serve the citizens of your country. Look at your money and see where it is going and how it is being used. Are your political leaders serving in the best interest of the people they represent and this is regardless of political party. Try to think in terms without division and separation.

What to do? What to do? First I would suggest trying to educate yourselves with information that gives you a broader scope than what your news does. If all you base your beliefs on is what you see and hear on the TV and your news media you have a narrow view. There are other sources of ideas about what is going on and they take some looking into. Use those search engines and start reading and follow the ones that resonate well within you and use your guidance leading you to truth. This is our purpose and we are available at all moments with information that would help you to understand and so much of it is there on your internet. Take advantage of those who dare to bring truth to you, either by video or by written word and this takes time to watch and read. The answers you seek are being made available, even though so many have been prevented and removed from the public. Do not give up or give in to falsehood. Do not let the restrictions hovering over everyone keep you from seeking what is rightfully yours to know.

We come to a moment in your progress where you have to endure many unpleasant things and transition actions to get to where you want to be. Do not be confused by the many emotions existing upon your planet and find that security and support in your source of the only real love and security you know is everlasting. However many times it takes during the day when your mind becomes focused on the negative aspects of what is happening, pull your focus back to the God within and express these qualities of compassion, love and light and start there again. Breath in the life giving energy that is yours which is God given at this time and regain that determination to be confident and stand tall in faith that lets you know the path you need to travel is leading you to the earth you are creating out of all this chaos and turmoil. You have access to a source that is above all others, that is more powerful than all others and is your right to have, be in and live in at all times. Do not pass this by or forget to return your thoughts and focus back to this starting point at every moment necessary during your day. Make it a habit to ask yourself, “am I in the right state of mind and mental attitude to be the best expression of my God within?” Think about how many song lyrics you know and then ask yourself if you know the laws and commandments you are supposed to be living by. Do you know what God wants you to do each day and the manner and method He wants you to possess? Have you asked?

You come to us to help you and we are here, eager to serve and help you in any way we can. Now we give you keys to your better way of living and we ask that you take these and give them a try. Search for truth in all that is going on and don’t give up. Begin the habits or continue them that keep you in the energy of Light and Love in your everyday life. We cannot do these things for you. We do give you truth and ask that you consider it but this still resides with you in the accepting of it. There is so much that is waiting for you to understand. Base EVERYTHING upon the God within for you are not separated from it and respect yourself for who you are. Then respect your bodies as the gift for getting through this life. Then seek the teachings concerning how to live your lives. This sets you off on the right vision when you view everything.

I leave you now with the simple truth and it is what you asked for. When you live your lives from this standpoint you have accomplished much.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 31, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that many are not paying attention to the right things concerning your earth. Too much is put on outward appearances and not enough on what is right for the people. You have too many laws that cause restrictions of the individual because of actions of a few. This keeps you from being able to express yourself in many ways and if not corrected you will become accustomed to it. This is what has happened in many areas in your past. At one point you were able to speak your mind on things and not feel it was wrong. You are now letting this past prohibition of ideas and expressions to fade in memory. Revive your freedoms and bring them back to a normal state of respectful expression of self. This is also affecting your art and your expression in artistic endeavors. Your creativity is trying to flourish and is having a hard time. What once was public in art work has been reigned in to a personal level and your art is not being shared with others like it once was. This goes for the creativity in mental expression also. You feel the desire to be free in all areas and this is the discontent coming forward in some protests.

The waves of different vibrations help bring back your freedoms in all areas and this includes verbal expression and creativity. These should be free in a respectful manner. Take advantage of the lifting of restrictions and once again bring about the real self into the creative being that you were intended to be, no matter what avenue of expression that is. Maybe you loved to train dogs or bake bread or whatever. Are you doing that now? What has held you back. So many are not allowing themselves to be expressed because of circumstances and this has to change. You will be given the freedom to be you.

In days to come we see abundant changes that are needed and this will lead to the freedom you have to have. Some changes will be sudden and very apparent and some will be small but have far reaching affects. Do not be afraid to lean forward into your newly created world which will become your present moment now. It may take some doing because of the tendency for people to cling to what is and be apprehensive of change. There is a source of energy and knowledge waiting for discovery and there are many that have the desire to be an explorer into the unknown. There are many discoveries that await on a shelf to be chosen and pulled down into the mind and promoted into being used. Get used to the phrase “what if” and “lets try this for a change”. The creator inside of you is waiting to, once again, be free. Do it not only for yourselves but for others who would benefit from your work.

There is talk of a false invasion of aliens and this has happened before. There are always scare tactics that are being used on you and all are being tried now to keep you in check. This attempt with the alien invasion has been thwarted in the past and I am not certain that it will be stopped in your future but we will try to do just this. There is certainly no need for it for your movies have done enough to play up the evil and murderous aliens and you have bought into the falsehood. Let me remind you that all aliens are not loving and kind but you are under a different security system now and a different power and energy is at the controls. This is an entirely different game. We mean you no harm and bring you truth and love at all turns. We will try to prevent this false flag of evil invasion. We have waited for your agreement on so many things because of your freedom of will. We do all we can to tell you what is going on. As fast as the dark are being removed from your public this false invasion may not develop.

Remember to choose your time lines wisely. Do not give the gloom and doom your energy. It is wise to be prepared for what has to be but keep your focus and eyes on the harmony and atmosphere of loving intent that is to be your future. This is the time line that is already available to you and has been established. Give it your strength and your vision of reality and see it come about into reality. Your future is yours to create and you know what you want. Jump into the possibilities that are positive and for the good of all concerned. It is not only possible but is going to happen. This time line is the one that sparkles and says, “start here”. I am making light of this but you get the idea.

We are very busy as there is a lot going on that needs our attention. Continue your communications with all those who have come from far away to help you through this time of transition. They are experienced and have been through times like these themselves and are most eager to help in any way they can. You will get through this and even through all the surprises and be wiser.

I leave you now with even more opportunity with the energies that come. Be steadfast and do not limit the wonderful things that you can see in your promised new earth.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 30, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that there are not more people waking up to what is going on. We have used every channel and opportunity to get our information out that we possibly can. Still there are those who are so focused on material things that they completely bypass all signals and apparent evidence that something is being portrayed as truth, but is not. How can we get through to those who will not see?

Then there are those who already have their minds made up in a different direction and will not even stop to consider what is before them. The facts have been hidden for so long that it is hard for some to think that anyone would go to such lengths to put forth information that would lead anyone to such harm. How can this be so and the mind will just not accept this. It is difficult we understand to consider such a long standing plan of deception. Not only that, the destruction and damage this plan brings is hard to fathom. We look for ways to get everyone to understand what has been going on and what is going on now.

This is why we await disclosure from someone in a position of authority and also someone the people will believe. It has been agreed upon many times in your past and has failed to materialize. So many have not kept their word and again many detrimental threats were made if such was done that we could not consider the possibility of loss of life. We understand that life is not valuable to them and they know it is to us. It is difficult to make headway with that type of mentality. We make our way toward removing these unreasonable people from your level and most of this is being done now. They gave us no choice in the matter with their own decisions and actions. Their future is equivalent to their deeds.

On a brighter note we come to information concerning education. Again the larger plan has been delayed many times but is in no way put aside in the planning. Implementation will happen at the proper time and we are waiting, like airplanes on the runway for takeoff. We are in line with other events before us that have to take place before our way is clear. Our liftoff will happen and certain ones of you have been chosen to be involved in this broader process of giving history and facts to the masses and this involves communication avenues on earth in coordination with our people here. We have to have corporation at this level for it to happen and this is where the people chosen come into play. They are in a position to help make this happen. As we have said it takes a team and time. We all know we have seen the time go by and now we are waiting on results. It is a delicate time. Negotiating anything on earth takes finesse and knowledge of temperament and character. We have come to understand your terms concerning public relations quite well. The timing of our education for the masses is nearing and first comes the part where you learn of the attempted take over of your government into the hands of those who wish to keep you remaining in the dark so you can be handled like children. God forbid and it will not be done.

That really wasn’t the brighter note I was attempting but we will continue as much truth in your future is not on the brighter side. Our hearts are lifted when viewing the many Light workers dedicating their time and efforts to bringing this about. There is a solid foundation now with more waking up every day and this is most encouraging. There were times, no doubt, that you wondered if this time would ever come about but you kept going and now you are reaping the rewards of your labor. We rejoice here at the advancements you have made and continue to make. You are a hardy bunch, I have to admit, in that you refuse to be outdone by such low level entities. I have seen determination so strong in the lot of you. Your fortitude continues and you want to continue to the goals that have been set and this is certainly what is needed. It may surprise you to know that many of you have done this type of work before on other locations and other times when needed. Some of you will choose to continue this type of work in your future. You certainly have more experience now with being here on earth and no one can remove this from you. It will remain in your resume forever that you worked within this system to bring about the biggest liberation into freedom that has been perpetrated on so many. Your restrictions were many and so were your hurdles and setbacks but you overcame.

The status report now is very good, even though it may not appear to be so. Do not be discouraged in any event and continue your work with whatever details concerning Light are asked of you. You are very good at knowing what is required and receiving correct instructions for what needs to be done. Your work is not yet complete. We all continue at present for what is needed and have every reason to be positive about the outcome of your efforts.

I hope that the culmination of this decades long control of the dark is soon over and it appears that is so. Their last efforts to disrupt and damage all they can before their last gasp is raging at present and they are out of control all over earth. Take care, everyone in your asking for protection and remain cautious in your daily actions. They are desperate in their attempts to do damage. Remain in the Light at all times possible.

I leave you now, hopefully encouraged and looking forward to the events as they unfold, even though they will be most surprising. Help others through this as best you can and much of this will be by example. Do not forget that this is God’s will and it is under His control.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 29, 2021

Let us begin. It is joyful to see progress being made. We are delighted here for what is happening. We only wish you had our view and perception into the details behind the curtains and doors. We do have our ways you know. Individuals are coming to justice and as it has been said before, there is no place to hide when everything is recorded in your being. The fruit is ripening and will be ready to pick shortly.

Let us discuss becoming. This is a word you hear from time to time and it is sort of perpetual but does describe the process quite adequately. We are all becoming and this means on our way back to perfection. There are exceptions in that there are some who have made it back to perfection already but we will let them be for the moment and concentrate on us, including me.

I have been around for some time now and continue to study and strive to learn and perfect and as I said I have some things I need to work on concerning my character. We are all a work in progress. Ascension to a higher level is part of the path and is like an elevator to the next floor. A longer ride to get there but a lift up none the less. There is no pressure concerning time and you have however long it takes. A good question is, “is there more than one ascension” and the answer is yes. Not only is it mental advancement but is a sort of scientific state of being in that you cannot occupy what you are not compatible with. So, you have to inhabit the corresponding vibrational frequency you are compatible with and this is where you reside. There are visitations to other places and you must adapt in form to visit other places, be they higher or lower and there are restrictions that apply.

In some cases you can lower your vibrational frequency to visit a lower frequency place such as earth when beings on our side come down to walk among you and this is done when needed. There are many now doing just this for their work is necessary during this process and it has been done in the past during your history. There are considerations to be made and one is the manner in which they arrive. Are they born here, do they beam down, as you say, or are they walk-ins. Another way, if you are highly developed in your abilities, is to bring your consciousness to this realm for information or to communicate and most times this is not seen. We have several ways of getting things done when permission is given. You are so used to limiting your thinking to being in the body only that it is hard for you to consider traveling in any other form. You are entity first and body second and your mind is literally free to travel (within limits). Some places are off limits.

Joining forces with others brings about many benefits and one of them is to share experiences for advancements. Even when you do not have a designated teacher on hand you can always benefit from the findings and experiences of others and this includes what does not work. Unfortunately there are not enough of these meetings going on, especially in your past before the arrival of your computer and the different websites that contain accurate information. There are many good informational websites available but you have to try and find them and then ferret out the information you feel is what you can trust and then what you need for this particular time in your learning. What resonates with you. Each step in your journey requires the correct information presented before you to process and put in the place of truth and this becomes your base for belief and you compare other information against what you already have. It is important that you receive certain facts in order for all to make sense and for other information to fit into place and take hold so the process can continue without having to go back and correct. This would be an example of a smooth learning and this does not always happen in this order.

So much is learned after having a false premise concerning something and eventually finding it does not ring true and does not work and most times it brings about different levels of discomfort all the way to sorrow. These lessons remain vivid in the memory and are hard learned.

Try to establish that inner connection with your source of truth so you can test what is given by others. Do not put yourself under false pretenses where truth is concerned for you do not need the added complication in life and on your way back to perfection. It takes practice and the feeling of how things resonate with you physically and emotionally and this also includes people when testing for truth. Is this person a detrimental influence upon me in any way. Choose wisely and you have learned long ago not to go by appearance. Your world has been full of charlatans and not only that but good people whose time it is not to be bringing them close into your experience at the time. There is a good timing for everything and this also has to be learned. So much in life works well together when the choosing of people, truth and events is God given or God driven. There is a plan for you and your learning.

As we have said the power of God to work in your lives is limitless when you are working and living in compatibility with it. This is a goal in life for living and learning. I leave you now with these thoughts for you to consider. Not only strive to continue learning but give thanks for what you have learned and how far you have come. It is a joyful thing for you have worked for it and earned it or you would not be where you are.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 28, 2021

Let us begin. Joy brings more good life to the individual and also to those around them. Joy, laughter and lightheartedness are expressions of being connected with the source of life and gives depth to all that is experienced. It is a by-product of living in Light and creative energy. I would say it is impossible to live in true connection with your Creator and in the Light and not be in some type of happiness and joy. It shows in the life of the individual and is an expression of God and abundant life. Allow this process of bringing back the joy and happiness into not only your life but in those around you. Encourage others to make way for happiness. This sounds like something you have to work at but this is not the case. It comes as a condition and gift with who you really are and is in proportion with the degree to which you are living and being in the source of all things. It is automatic.

I once told you to work on being happy. This was worded incorrectly, as you have found out for yourselves. There is only practice of connection through intent and meditation or whatever works for you and the joy and happiness will come. How is it possible to be happy in today’s life with all that is going on? It is the power of love and is a state of mind that is not only possible but is greatly desired by your being and your highest expression of who you are. There is no gilt associated with this happiness, no matter what is going on around you. You assume that if others are suffering you should not be happy or that it is not respectful to feel good when others are feeling bad. Lift others up and show them what living within the parameters of the expression of God in your life can do for your attitude. There is absolutely nothing to loose. There are always moments of concern and problems that arise in life and there is a time for sadness but don’t stay there. Heal, revive and come from your many years of being held down and held back into the Light and power up.

Everyone seems to be talking about the strange energies or the changing energies and this is true. This time in your planet is different than any other with all the transitions that are happening. Your mind and your bodies are making changes that have never before been required of you and it may be unsettling but these are necessary. Your God given bodies are remarkable in their ability to adapt and they are coming through with express lane speed and can be aided with your positive mental attitude. Be kind to yourself with as much rest as possible and with a better, or proper diet. You have heard the suggestions before concerning what you should avoid and what you should be consuming. They were suggestions but valid and important ones. You have the choice to make this time extremely difficult where your health is concerned. The reverse is also true and changing habits can be easier than you think when you consider how differently you will feel if you adhere to what you know is recommended. The higher vibratory foods are so compatible with your vibrationally enhanced beings now and you will find that it is well worth your effort to change what you consume when you consider the outcome. The foods you choose are not the only thing to be considered but also is the amount. Yes, I have hit a nerve here and hope that my scribe is paying attention to this. I am trying to be kind here but it is important and in consciousness admittedly this is known. Do follow through on this suggestion as this is an important part in the becoming process.

You have read and you have studied enough to know the things that are recommended for you, not only for your body but food in thought form for your mind. Do not consume trash in any form by taking in thoughts that do not give you a chance to be the best expression of your Creator’s life that you can be. Do not make a trash can out of your reading, viewing and mental negativity. What have you accomplished if you clean up your diet and have trashed your mind. This sounds rather harsh but is a great consideration on your path of progression. I bring these things to your attention because you want truth and this is what I have given you. First love yourself and endeavor to give yourself the best choices in life that you can make.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. These thoughts are part of the whole picture and I want the best possible life for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 27, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that the news does not contain more of the movement toward removing the people who have been arrested. After all this time you’d think I would learn their motives to keep you uninformed. The lengths to which the media has been coerced into following instructions instead of bringing you the news is staggering when you consider what is brought to you as the news. No wonder you perceive things as moving slowly or not moving at all. Our efforts are so stifled when it comes to you hearing about them that we are disheartened for you. You end up being asked to maintain your faith with so little to back up our words. We, in no way, want to belittle the power of Source to work in whatever way is necessary and there is no law that says you have to be witness to every step but we realize the restrictions placed on your hearing about what is happening does cause you to have to make a bigger leap in faith in what we say. Nevertheless, we continue to bring you what we see for ourselves from our vantage point. Some day I hope to meet you, face to face and have you know that all is truth that comes from here. It is a short coming of mine, I guess that needs this validation for I do have things I need to work on concerning my character. It is just that we feel your wishes to believe us so strongly and sometimes have so little physical evidence for you to go on.

The strength of God’s will is without measure and when taken into the heart and mind rules out the doubts that crop up concerning all that is. The confidence in living with the One and breathing that life that is offered removes the source of doubts and fears that often arise when trying to live your life removed from the Light that offers not only so much but everything. This is what is needed for you to traverse what is going on now, as if a moratorium on news has been declared. We are frustrated by so much being held from you, along with so much being given that is slanted and this is putting it mildly. We continue, as you do and make our way as best we can in our appointed jobs.

Now that I have given all of us cause to grab a tissue, I will try to correct this and we will continue. This is not a time for sadness or looking back at the moment for you are moving forward in the right direction and this is a far sight better than what has taken place for many years. So, let me encourage you to pull yourself up into the Glory and Majesty of your Father’s Light and Love and forge ahead in your calling. Consider this a pep talk and keep the goal in your sights at all times, no matter what has been thrown in your way by the long held domination of the dark. Their intentions were God less and you know that the source of strength you have is limitless for you have proof of what you have already been through and have overcome. This is fact and cannot be denied. Continue with all haste and intentions to bring forth the Light and goal of your new world, without the influence of the dark as it is being removed from your energy of earth. This is a big moment in history, the time the dark were removed from earth. So much will be and is being lifted at this moment and this will continue.

Do take time to give thanks for what is happening for this is the culmination of much hard work on the part of so many and this includes you here on earth in physical form that committed your efforts so long ago to just this end. It is happening! You are all changing with what is happening and the energies are different and you are adjusting to them. There were times when you had to make your way in the darkness and you came out stronger than before. You have much more to go on now and all will be revealed, it just takes time. Do not give up on any of it. If it were easy lesser people would have been sent, but you were chosen because of your abilities and character to do this. You are not alone by any means, so take heart. The way ahead contains more light than you can imagine at present for some things are hard to comprehend.

I leave you now with uplifted chins and clear sight into what has been promised to you. See for yourselves in your knowing until all is revealed on your earth. The intervention that has taken place will continue and cannot be denied. Be ONE with all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 26, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I bring you news of forward motion concerning the arrests of certain ones around the world. Over night many have been located and arrested for the court system. These are ones that have had warrants for arrest and were on the list. We are talking about dozens here. They will meet their justice. Removing them from their chosen activities will bring better vibrations for all and make room for more light to be anchored. We are smiling here and we give thanks for those on the ground that have played a part in this. Not only the ones who tracked them down but the ones who worked over a desk gathering information and witnesses for statements. It takes a team and time. I knew you would want to hear this and hopefully it will be on your news or given out in some other form.

I need to remind you that this could not have been done without you and your dedication and work. You did not just play a part, you became more informed people and better educated yourselves in the ways of not only the Light but of the dark for it takes knowledge of both to change things and you chose to change things in a big way. As I said it takes a team and time. You have cause to feel good about what is happening for the wheels of justice are turning and you just may hear of what happened over night. In any event you can feel good about the results. It is a rude shock when you come to know that you have not escaped and you have been arrested and are on the way to a reckoning regarding your actions. It is very sobering. Many phones of attorneys around the world are ringing now wanting people to represent them and the process of this part begins. I have certainly not found any joy or pleasure in their wrong doing but I do find a huge sense of relief in this part where they are removed from society.

These people do need your prayers for their free will has kept the Light and the feelings that you have come to know from their lives. This part is so very sad and their sentencing will be also. This will show how lost someone can become and continue to be. There was no frame of reference to even get them to realize what a different life would bring them. All the power and self worth and security they could ever want for their lives and they refused the opportunity. There have been many tears cried over their actions and for the people they hurt along the way. Now they will review their actions that transgressed the laws of God and also the laws of man. It will take some time but it will be done.

As sad as this concept is, it is good news and what we all have wanted for some time now. Upon review the depth of their darkness upon others and severity of their actions overshadows the happiness and joy one might feel. I feel for all of you in the revelations of the facts of what has been going on for so long. Your angels in heaven will be attending you concerning your adjustment to learning what will be told. Some of you already know but most don’t. We are greatly concerned for you in the finding out. We will do all we can to help you. This time had to come and it is now beginning, the truth that is revealed.

Healing takes time and comes about in small stages. There are things you can do to help, not only yourselves but others. Keep in mind that this is part of your Father’s will and is part of freeing you from your bondage. You cannot complete this process without knowing what has been done. As I have said it is your right to know. Keep a watch on your emotions and try not to let any hate build up toward the wrong doers.

This is what happens when you do not allow the God within to be recognized and you refuse the Light and Love that is so abundantly given. Yes, you can be this far removed from who you really are and where your life comes from for you have free will to do so. What is ahead of them is part of the laws given for us to live by. Remind yourselves that the decisions you make have consequences and they will not be forgotten. This is why I advise you to ask every morning when you rise, Father, how would you have me serve you today. How can you daily express the God within? It is the fulfilled life that you are wanting and affords all the things in life that you need. Notice I did not say want, for sometimes we want things that are not needed.

The universe is giving of the things that you ask of it but along with enlightenment is the responsibility that goes with it and you will learn, as time goes by, the value of things and you will find that you do not need so many of the things you have wanted in the past. Your different perspective changes things for you when you look at your life. Use your knowledge and your wisdom gained through experience well when creating your lives. You will continue to change as you make your way along your path and you will come to know what it is that you really need.

I have brought you this bit of news, not only for your understanding, but in hopes that it may help you to feel that things are getting done. I am hoping that enough of this information will get to you with the news and maybe some video and this will verify my words. It has been proof that you are wanting and maybe this will go a long way in providing this for you.

I leave you now and tell you there is more to come that will verify other aspects of progress. Continue to remain in the Love and Light that you have worked so hard to acknowledge and to cling to. Love is really all there is. It is the learning of the importance of Love that is the challenge. Please, go in Love and compassion.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 25, 2021

Let us begin. It is apparent that certain abnormalities exist with the proceedings concerning your voting for President. Why these did not be recognized when evidence was given is because of premeditated attempts to conceal the facts. These will be brought out in time and things will be righted. This cannot be hidden forever. Dealing with the dark is a dangerous activity because they do not value life and lines must be drawn on how far we are willing to push them. They are destructive in all ways and they care not. You’d think if you were right that you could go ahead. Caution has to be taken for we are all dealing with those who are so far removed from the Light that correct thinking is not part of them. Do not harbor any hate against them and when possible pray for them.

Now let us get on with our road or path to learning. We gain information and after it is partnered with life activities that give us opportunities to see first hand how things work, or in some cases how they don’t work, we gain wisdom. Wisdom is a process that is backed up by experience of being and this is the business we are in is to gain knowledge that leads us to wisdom and gets us further along in our path or journey to perfection. It may take awhile and of course this is an understatement. The beautiful thing about this process is that we have the time to do this. The loving Father, or creative power, affords us the opportunities to do the learning, the experiencing and the knowing of all things. We have several Michael Sons that are ascending and several that are descending.

Those who are ascending Michael Sons are on their way up to become creators of their own universe. The descending Michael Sons have attained the Paradise goal and are on their way back down, along with their attained creative power to gain more knowledge and wisdom from the experience of creating, sustaining and managing their creations. As you can imagine this is an intricately, complicated process. They are to be respected for their attainment and achievements. Your Michael Son is well accomplished in his past and in his present dealings with all that is. He is so busy with everything that you hardly hear of Him. Believe me when I say it takes all of His attention to do His part. Are not all your heavens in their proper place and your planets revolving around your sun as they should? This is no accident for the same creative power that comes from Source is imbued within Michael Sons to perform their duty. It is magnificent to think about. That same Michael Son loves you beyond your knowing.

When I tell you that all your goings on concerning earth are under the loving gaze and control of Father’s intentions, this is true. There came a time when conditions became so out of control because of free will that intervention had to take place and you are in that time now. We are never given or offered instant healing in all cases. Christ was known for this when he was on earth and his “miracles” are well noted and remembered all these years. Your earth became so out of bounds that it is taking a lot of time for them to be corrected because it has to be done in a way that sets up the correct governance of the people and of the land on an entire planet. We are basically simple people but processes have to be funneled through us, upon earth, to set this new way of governing into affect. This is not happening with a magic wand and stardust.

Thank goodness that you are in a time of instant everything as far as communications are concerned or this would take longer. It is happening behind the scenes, for the most part but more will become evident as time goes on. I try to bring you the understanding that I can but I am lacking in physical evidence for you, except for the arrests that have already taken place. They are on record. Not much is being given out to you at this time and then there is always the misinformation, which is your steady diet on the news. This is unfortunate for it hinders so much in your taking in of facts. It really gets in the way and understanding is mandatory for you, not only for you to understand but for the respect that you deserve. It is yours to know. I do my best in my attempt to respect you with truth.

Please let the workings of Divine Will proceed at the pace that is needed to get the job done in the manner that has to be. The proper foundation was placed here for you long ago in your history when your America were young. You just have to get back to it and this will afford you your freedom to live and be as your Creator wills. Feed your energy and thought into a proper process with meditations and intentions for you are a strong part of the creative process and are needed greatly. Your achievements and knowledge are also being used to bring about God’s Will. This magnificent force that you call by different names uses all Light to bring about His desire and this force said “ENOUGH” and it is being done.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Be compassionate in all dealings with others for they are God created too. Love is the essence of it all.

I am Joseph In His Service

January 24, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that the indications are troubled. You have a dual set of circumstances that are going at the same time. One is the visible leadership that was constructed by deceit and is the one before you. The other one is the legal one hidden at this time but is the real one. Never before in your history has this happened and when so much is hidden the resulting emotions caused are also dual in nature. Let me explain.

Your sworn in President before the cameras is based on falsehood and is not legally holding the position of President of the United States. Neither is the sworn in Vice President. Both of these people are troubled by the legalities they know are binding upon them and they realize now they are playing a roll before the public. They continue to play their parts trying to follow through with what they have agreed to do. How do they know the show that was put forth is not real? They know the law and the deceit behind the election and they know what was presented as truth to the public.

The binding laws are complicated and for the most part the citizens do not understand what is happening at present. The election was illegal because of an erroneous ballot count and did not portray the true feelings and wishes of the citizens voting. Actions leading up to the vote set about things in motion for your previous President to continue as leader and his position is legal and binding at this time. This is where your real power of President of the United States comes from. Study your law as it pertains to opposition against the United States from within your country. As I said it is complicated. There are those who are voicing the law and giving out this information to the public and you will have to look for them but they explain it legally.

I am not trying to confuse you but things do have to be based upon the laws of your land and they are binding. The evidence will come out and will be explained to everyone. God is your Source in all things, in all ways and in all eventualities. This is your guide in what is happening. Again, I say go within for your answers for there are troubled waters and many will not be able to get beyond this to see the meaning of it all. The work that is needed for you to connect with your God within cannot be bestowed, given or bought. It has to be earned through intent to find the real meaning of your life and where that life originated and how it is governed. I cannot make you see what is unseen and I cannot make you feel what that connection to the God within you feels like. It takes the seeking of the Light and Love that is in all things.

This is your security and the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answer to prayer is “it is coming” and you must wait for it. Meanwhile you are grounded in the faith and understanding that sustains you in all things. Can you possibly be at peace with “it is coming”? Remember God is not the author of confusion and confusion is all you can see at the moment. Step back and take another look through the eyes of Oneness and rest there in your understanding. Allow the answers to come to you through truth and not from what you are hearing on your news. Seek these answers in the privacy of your own heart and mind and listen, then seek out the meaning and explanations that are available for they are there.

I encourage you to remain steadfast and to seek His council in all things. Make your decision to cling to Him during times of distress just as you have done when all was going well for you. These may be the times that try men’s souls but the truth is there and it will come out. Do not be discouraged and stumble over falsehood.

I go now and hopefully leave you with some portion of understanding. Stand firm in God’s Love and you will come through this as God intends.

I am Joseph In His Service