November 1, 2020

Let us begin. It is with glee that I come to you this morning. We have reached another milestone in our advancement and our probings into the collective consciousness tell us that you are indeed advancing in your acceptance of us and also on your path. We take these very seriously and give thanks for your work and are happy for you on your path. Earth has been difficult to council and help, especially at first but you have turned that corner awhile back where enough of you had your eyes open to the help that was offered and not only that you worked to get where you are today. It is most gratifying for us for in a way we feel you are our students and we take satisfaction in our efforts to bring you that which you need.

Now let us speak of your current events. We are also taking readings quite often now concerning the prevailing energies world wide and we have been keeping a close eye on them of late and and are still concerned that negativity is mounting for being put into play. This is not only in your country. In other places there is a protest against another lock down regarding the Covid virus and people are unwilling to be sent to their homes again and kept there. You here in the US have have another source of agitation and that is one of a political nature. Then there are countries who are dealing with certain factions of another religion who are trying to over throw the entire government. There is plenty of unrest world wide and there is an element that is necessary to bring out the true nature of desire for change but we are concerned about the destructive and harmful portion that erupts in an uncontrolled manner with possible destruction and harm to life.

It is evident that plans have been made for destruction in your country and these do not come from a true desire to bring everyone toward a more harmonious way of living. That is not their end goal. Their reason is to disrupt and destroy everything that you hold dear in your life. To take down as much as they can before they are stopped in their tracks, for they will continue until this time comes. When they promote their desired feelings they deceive others into joining them and outright lie in their purpose and somehow put forth the concept that this is righteous and needed to get the attention they are seeking and therefore others end up thinking this is the right thing to do. A manipulation of the mind brought about by lies. Some do not realize that this is not the way to proceed in changing the way things are conducted. The right ways are bypassed feeling they have not produced the changes before that were wanted so more serious measures are attempted. A follow the leader approach. A few good people set out with good intentions for change and end up associating with undesirable troublemakers. The end is not good.

We are thankful there are those who are faithful in their bringing of Light for this purpose and the dawning of the Light into its fulfillment is upon us now but first we bring forth the underside of the dark intent so that it can be seen out in the open and come in contact with the Light. There are still so many of you that do not have a clue as to what is happening now and what has been going on for many years. The opportunities for learning and asking questions about what is really happening have passed them by and all of this and the reasons behind it will be a shock to them and they will be in a sense of fear. They will wonder if the law enforcement which has been so heavily criticized will be enough to protect them and many will not want to leave their homes.

Many of you reading here will know the violence will end and a brighter environment will come about and also that fear takes away your ability to think clearly. Continue your meditations and surrounding yourselves with protective Light and Love from Source. It is your right to ask for this and will be given to you. Take precautions during this volatile time of acting out during your election and do not take chances, especially if things are threatening in your city or neighborhood. We have no desire to frighten you with this information but every desire to protect you and see that you protect yourselves. We cannot give you an exact approximation of what will happen where but we do see the energies promulgating into a violence and at this time the intent is strong. This can change but as of now it is there.

Let of speak of destinations. We have been talking in the now terms and would like to speak of your future. It also has energy and peace is forthcoming and is solid in its intent to prevail. More so in that it has the promise of Creator and will be given. It is gratifying for us to know just how things will be for you and we wish we could show you a glimpse of what is to come so that you would have a better understanding of just how wonderful it will be. As of now it is a concept in your imagination that is pleasing to you but you do not know the full meaning of the promise given. We understand it will have been a long time in coming and you have certainly been through a lot in your travels to getting there but it is real never the less and is in store for your future. Earth, Gaia, will come forth in all her energy and she is looking forward to all the help she will be given from those whose desire it is for improvements and corrections. To be restored is a beautiful thing and she will thrive and be even more beautiful than you are seeing now.

We have spoken before of living in that time of your future in a world of peace and service to others and thriving in an atmosphere of freedom and Light. It is really going to happen for you. First we have to get into revealing the truth that has been hidden for so long and this will be a difficult time for so many. Please have patience with them in their trying to understand and accept just how bad things have gotten and just what horrible deeds have been perpetrated upon others. There will come a time of realizing that forgiving is an option and is on the table. An option unthinkable by some and hopefully this will come about when all things are known. That is the education part and our desire to get this started still prevails as strongly as ever. Our efforts are going strong and the energy from Source will bring about many changes in your thought processes with love and understanding and this will make a huge change in everything. We look forward to this time for you.

I go now and leave you with these thoughts. Please do keep your eyes open and be aware of what is happening in all respects. I go in peace and hope you would hold dear to this peace in all ways.

I am Prosper

October 31, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you and tell you of advances made. We observe the results of your hard work with bringing more light into your reality and it is really needed at this time. There is much to overcome with the last push of the dark who are on their way out and they know this. None the less they are trying to cause as many problems as they can and to the extent that they can. They are mobile now in their efforts and travel from place to place stirring up trouble, including anger, violence and rage to the point of bodily harm for some. This is deplorable and I am hoping that the cities involved are well equipped to handle this type of group activity. Your efforts to bring in more light should include surrounding yourself in this light for your protection each day.

Now let us speak of performance. This does not mean a false front you put on but the earnest desire to perform your mental state in the service of God and help to others. It is not like your cars which only have one way of performing whereas you can alter everything about your actions in all ways to improve and become more than you think you can do because you have the strength and power of God’s energy to draw from and use. Do not limit yourself with your beliefs that you are only human and therefore can only do so much. Open your thoughts to seeing that it is not just you doing things. It is the love and light coming through that brings about the array of possibilities for service to the world. Think bigger and do not put fences up to confine your achievements. You are being bombarded at every turn with the lock down and limitation speech and thoughts on your TV and news. Do not buy into this idea with not being able to continue your deeds of kindness and assistance to others. Even if you are sitting at home this does not mean you cannot be of help and service to others with your channeling of love and light. This is a great opportunity to help without muscles and to use the practices of your mind to perform deeds of increasing benefits to all you focus on. Don’t let this time set you back in your service to not only others but to Gaia and all her life forms living here. It is not only people who need help.

So much is being manipulated in your reality and it is difficult to tell what is real and what has been manipulated or interfered with. Certain elements of your weather are created to make things worse and this does not happen all the time but those of dark intentions pick the best opportunities for their interference to do the most damage where your weather is concerned. It is true that things are out of balance and the energies have to be liberated and balanced again for the right vibrations to return to what needs to exist. It is also true that the technology is being used by several factions in difference countries to turn what is difficult in the weather to something increased and more intense. You can use your means of light to ask for security and safety in all things regarding your health and your life and your safety.

It is with delight that we see you standing your ground against those who would like for you to cower and retreat into your homes and become captured by their means of pushing you back. We do not recommend that you riot or unduly protest with anger vigorous aggression but do remember the freedoms and cherish them and do not let them be taken from you. There are many questions now as to where the line should be between being prudent with health issues and where the demands being made upon you cross over that line into control into a negative force leading to incarceration. Where and when do you step up and say this is enough of taking our freedom away from us. Also what is the truth about Covid and are we being given the real data and why is there so much controversy over what should be done.

Taking care of one’s health is necessary for the circumstance you are in now and each of you need to be observant of the information that continues to come out concerning this virus and do not hesitate to research for yourselves what is given for you to consider. Make up your own minds about what to do and we advise you to offer your thoughts in a peaceful way to affect change that you want and do not fall into any aggressive actions of violence against others. Take charge of the care of your own family and do what you are led to do with the information you have. Do not let others make critical decisions for you and do not let yourselves be bullied into becoming yes people no matter what is said or suggested. Soon more truth will be offered and will come out concerning this virus.

Our information concerning the creation of your planet was received well and we see our way clear to continue with other information. We have mentioned a long term plan by those who would use you for their benefit and we do mean long term plan. It is so much easier to bring about what you want if you implement changes a little at the time and this is what has happened to you as the worker bees. You have slowly been backed into a corner by years of increased obligations to your government in the way of taxes. You have slowly been backed into a corner regarding your increased lack of life giving food and restricted by regulations regarding your health care. Mental programming has taken place starting within your schools and children have grown up thinking this is the only way to live. It has been such an insidious goal to turn the world into a dictatorship one step at a time with those few at the top giving the orders and lining their pockets with what they think will make them happy. To change this is causing this upheaval you are seeing now and it has to play its way out to oust these people out of their positions and out of your lives for good. It has not been easy in any way to get this far and we have a ways to go yet so buckle up and keep your mind in your faith and trust that you are fully capable of being protected and remaining calm through out all the discord. Do not give in to fear for it will not serve you.

I go now and leave you with these ideas to consider. I go in peace and hope that this peace will remain with you in all things.

I am Prosper

October 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I come to you this morning and speak of plans that do not materialize in your reality. We are behind in your education and I am not pleased with this delay. You should be on your way now to some of the more complicated precepts in your foundation for learning. There is a possible complication in answering of questions at random for sequence is most important in delivering of truth and one concept builds upon another and especially in a time line. This brings about an erroneous platform when delivering truth out of place in education. It takes longer to put things together this way and that is the reason I have given more of a generalized lesson plan up to now. I am very tempted to go ahead and start at the beginning with the education part and have you begin to build that foundation. I had hoped it would be on a much larger audience but that is not happening.

It will not hurt if you hear the information twice in the beginning and that is recommended anyway so let us begin to go ahead and start on our lessons from the beginning if you will devote yourselves to taking in these educational precepts in earnest and we will use our means to see if you are understanding them so that we can proceed. I look forward to doing this and is my specialty and if I need further information from outside my specialty I will call in someone who does specialize in that subject so that you will receive always the very best of an education and truth.

Let us start with the beginning. Your earth was created a very long time ago and much longer that your archaeologist believe. There are things that have not been uncovered yet that will be and it will give you a much better understanding of just how old Gaia is. It was created with thought and Light and intent by your universal master through Creator and it was in a different state of being. It took many years in your time for earth to evolve into the physical state she is in now. There is a procedure of ripening or becoming that takes place and the elements evolve or become by a series of processes. A process that is set into place by only a creator that knows how to do this and your planets were all created and started this way and came into being what they are now. As you can imagine it takes skill to know how to take the raw materials of creational elements in space and use your intent and creative Light to form the concepts of physical matter that will take shape and form later by their processes that were set into motion in a certain way to bring about the end result. Not just everyone can do this through Creator Source and only those who have been around more time than you can imagine and who are practiced in certain experiences and learning. They have achieved their status by putting in the time and study of things to get where they are. This was your earth’s beginning.

Once evolved there was certain life placed upon earth and this continued with time and this was different forms of life such as the elementals, plants and animals. Each planet is prescribed in a certain way and is limited to a specific number of elements. As the planet evolves into a higher vibration or dimension the elements increase in number and therefore gives you more to work with as your intelligence also increases to use them. In the beginning the plan was for Gaia to be a special planet for certain flagship events to take place that would influence and effect other planets and areas. It was a beautiful plan and is placed in a very convenient place for traveling from universe to universe through time portals strategically placed through creation. It was prime real estate and was a jewel in all eyes.

Unfortunately as time went on and certain civilizations evolved in all goodness there were also visitors who found that earth’s elements were beneficial to them and they laid claim to the property as such and saw earth only through the eyes of service to self entities and laid out plans only to possess and take from earth what they wanted without thought of laws or any regard for her well being. Conflict began and many taking of lives over the earth began. This was how your earth began. Now I am leaving out a lot of information here about civilizations existing and going away for various reasons and this is all interesting information but I would like to skip some go get to your now so we can deal with what we have in challenges at this time. Many people here now are from somewhere else and for many reasons. You are dealing with those who were brought here long ago and stayed and some who were here to possess as I have stated and some who have volunteered to come at this time in your transition to affect change.

Things most assuredly got out of hand with the concept of ownership and we find ourselves in the situation we have now. One of the problems I am having in presenting this to you is that my scribe does not have the background for me to fully present the concept of some detailed information to set forth at this time and they are somewhat limited. I will endeavor to resolve this limitation so that all pertinent things can be brought in front of you. Setting down this information in this manner is also a detailed concept of transfer of information and certain information is needed for the understanding of flow of words concerning your past history. Difficult to explain but this is in the planning and will be done in due time. We set forth on this beginning and the plans continue for an all out education in all ways of the information you need.

Now as you can see this is going to become quite involved in concept and your attention will be fully needed for the understanding. This is a preview so to speak and the lesson plan is fully designed just for you. We continue with our contacts of the radio receivers and they continue with their questions and we have sort of settled in our numbers for everyone does not want to communicate with what is perceived as someone from outer space. Our number of contacts seems to have remained somewhat the same recently. That is another reason I wanted this to lead onto an announcement of some sort or revelation of our existence from a person in a high position bringing about disclosure. We are up against some other things that are high on your list of attention getters at this time and our agenda has been pushed down the list somewhat and is certainly not paramount on your minds as you have other things of importance taking place.

I will come to a close now and ask you to consider my words and hope that you look forward to further information custom designed just for your circumstances here on earth and what you are facing and why. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here see that things are escalating in your United States and we are joyful that those Light Workers are still bringing Light into this country and trying to mitigate any negative energies that arise. We are hopeful that these actions will indeed bring a measure of peace to all involved in interaction with others. There is a lot of negativity at present begin generated and it continues to escalate. We advise you to stay out of crowds and especially during the voting time periods. Do your best not to be part of any agitation or violent behavior.

Now we speak of splendor again and show you that the attitude and state of being you desire is attainable with work on your part. It does not come automatically and it takes practice to head off any thoughts of a negative nature. Train yourself in your private thoughts not to put yourself down and not to add to any negative mind talk or critical assessment of others. They will be having their own problems and challenges to overcome without your negative thoughts added to their own. If possible let the splendor of the creative Light and Love be your tools to create and grow this attitude of service to others in your mind and heart. You still do not understand how powerful you are and how much you can change things both negatively and positively. You are powerful beings because you contain the power of God which was given to you hopefully to use for a good cause. It is splendifferous. I use this word to get your attention and to draw it to the process of taking the gifts that God gives to you and using them in a magnificent way to better the world you live in. This is the plan, so simple in theory and for some reason it has been difficult for you to pull off. Many of you have the process down and have contributed in huge ways sharing this Love and Light with others and I wish there was some way you could see this on a machine that would record it and give you some numbers so you could see the importance of just how much good one life can do. Open your eyes to this thought that one person can change the world and some times it does not stop there. You underestimate yourselves and I am here to draw your attention to this fact.

Now how do you open up to the possibilities of what you can do with this power you have been given? Your state of mind should be at peace whenever possible. Meditate as much as possible to bring about this peace with all things within you and then spread it around. You do this anyway but when you are actively conscious of the process it magnifies the intent and the peace to all other things around you. You are growing into the realities of your abilities. I am trying to get you to open the power chest of your abilities and you will find that your power tools are much bigger than the size of the chest. The degree to which they can expand is limitless. Remember the saying in the Bible about moving mountains? It is true One of the big hurdles Christ had and one that I have is just to get you to consider this fact. It is a first step and most are tripping over it.

We see that you are growing and this sometimes takes longer than you would like. You want the abilities to do things without having done all the things required and time spent in practice to make you that adept. We here did not automatically have the abilities we do today. We had to take one day at a time and apply ourselves in the study and practice. It has taken us years of time and we are well acquainted with mistakes. Consider our words and see the goals set out before you. Be agreeable to put in the time and work necessary for great things. First consider that it can be done and this has been set out before you to attain and is a gift from God. Not many things in life are automatic like your appliances in your kitchens. We are not machines and the process in achieving contains the joy and happiness along with laughter if you let yourself respect the journey as much as contemplation of the destination. You are never alone in your travels and in your learning. Do not demand discipline of learning so much that you forget to enjoy the trip. You will miss all the scenery and that is a waste for it is placed there just for you. Another of God’s gifts to you in His splendor.

Now I/we give you these things to consider and contemplate. It is for your understanding and growth that we place these concepts before you. You are loved more than you know. I go now in peace and hope that you will go in safety and peace also.

I am Prosper

October 28, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that progress is being made and I ponder your reaction to that which comes. Progress is good but that which comes may not be seen as getting us where we need to go. We see much protest over the election and hope that the aftermath will not be violent. It is on your horizon and please do not give up on bringing as much Light into this now of your time as you possibly can. It is not just the election but is also a time of bringing forth the underbelly of beliefs and actions that need to be seen and transmuted into more positive energy for use in the universe. There is no escaping this part of the transition into ascension. There may be rough times for you to go through and hopefully you are prepared. Not only with food and water but mentally prepared. Stay alert and continue to pray and meditate on the things that keep you grounded and in the stability and faithful attitude of the One. We here see a tremendously big change coming for you in all of this the end of which will be what has been promised.

We now speak of glory in God’s goodness. We have talked of the grateful heart and its importance in your life. There is always a payoff to your actions be they good or bad. The result may or may not be seen or known to you but the effects of your actions and thoughts will follow. This is the glory of God’s goodness when you stand in your goodness and produce service to others your payoff will bring to you the glory of return, which is God’s law. Do not ponder what riches you will receive from your actions for it is automatic and part of the science of creation. Do good deeds and they will return to you in like kind. Of course the opposite is true also about bad deeds. You never have to worry about them forgetting to return to you. It is somewhat like a magnet that brings about good things. When you cast your thoughts upon the water of the universal pond the ripples not only affect everyone else but return to you in back ripples but do not lose energy in their travels. God does have mercy in his actions and his love for you is so evident in nature and all of his creation. This also is the glory of God. It is evident in all things. Do not fail to recognize His glory in creation and let this fully become known to you when you see His wonders of earth and heaven. The magnificence of his children alone in their glorious state of being is so supreme in the architecture and design. Do not let this pass you by in your daily thanksgiving.

We would like to tell you about yourselves. It is that we do know about you more that you know yourselves in most cases. We have access to so much more than you do and we can read so much about you without ever cracking a book of your information. Your color or aura tells much and this is associated with your vibration, which is unique to only you. Then there is your record of existence which is kept for review and there are few that have access to this information. Now that this has been explained we know that you do not take advantage of all that is offered to you from God, from us and from the Universe. Very few of you cast your wants upon the universe for fulfillment of dreams and needs. So many do not receive the love that is available to you and it is there for your recognition and acceptance. Yes, your mind tells you that you are loved and your needs will be met but in your heart you skim over this abundance of good things and do not fully drink from the well of goodness. This is yours to receive and grow with throughout your soul experience. It is for all and not just a few.

You might ask how you do this receiving of love and riches of life. First you must know that it is readily available to you and then open the door to that possibility that this statement is true. What a treasure in your own grasp and in your own heart and you have not skimmed the top of the riches off of what is yours. See yourself acknowledging this love and gift is yours. Own it and make way to receive in your mind. Expect the love of God to reside in your mind because it already resides in your heart. Let the light shine on it and see it spreading throughout your body and watch the love take hold and grow for you. See the way clear for this source to be yours and cherish it and respect it for it is boundless. When you find yourself upset or angry or in sorrow turn back to the love of God and open that door again to this abundance and let it wash over you in your trials and settle your mind and see how it can comfort you in all ways. I tell you as yet you do not fully realize how powerful and meaningful this love is and words do not exist in your vocabulary to give you the import of this powerful gift. It is for the taking. Do not deprive yourself from the receiving of it.

Now we see that things are on your horizon, first the upturned basket so to speak and then a period of adjustment which might be an understatement, and then the transition further into the new. We advise you to be steadfast in your faith and knowledge of what is to come. Keep yourself in the Light and know this openness of bad things revealed is part of the transition and has to be seen in the Light.

I leave you now in peace and ask that you think on these things. There may be a time when peace is fleeting for you but always return to the Light and the One. You are loved in all things and in all ways.

I am Prosper

October 27, 2020

Let us begin. I am happy with what has been done to stem the actions of the dark at this time. They have been countered regarding their actions and are abated. Let us not forget their capability and desire to do harm at every turn. We are still having to contend with them and cannot let our guard down. We see their active desires to destroy all they can and this has not changed. Their intent is alive and well and they continue to use their energies to contrive disruptions and harm wherever they are allowed. We have our forces at large on call at this time to respond to their intent in most cases and their plans do not develop. There are occasions where their intent develops and our forces have to deal with the plans that are carried out and sometimes the dark succeeds. We had rather stop them before they begin.

Our forces are keenly trained and most have many years of experience in dealing with all types of discord and intent from many types of life on this planet and others. They have weapons and aids of detection that you cannot imagine but are fighting cunning and expert opponents at times and their challenge is great. Many lives of our teams have been lost as they devote their time and talents to protecting life of all kinds and property. Their lives are quite consumed with this work and it is a big sacrifice on their part to devote this much of their attention to this type of work. Many are from other planets and travel to different places of discord wherever needed. It is work that comes at a high price both in learning, in training and in actual protection and also the taking out of the enemy no matter in what form they may take. They have to be prepared for all types of aggression that is against the laws of God. Taking of a life is serious and is monitored by an oversight committee and there has to be special approval before this can happen. It is not done with a big stoke or a blanket issue. There is care and identification involved when encountering aggressive and revolution type behavior. This is when we call in our troops and they have worked on a non stop basis on your earth for some time now. You are just not aware of them. Their life is a very different type of life. They have a deep sense of the importance of life and yet they dedicate their lives to protect even to the point of taking life to protect the masses. Such a dichotomy and a delicate balance of mental training and actions. They seek no appreciation and for the most part people are unaware of them and their movements and talents are never known. We, here give thanks for their work at every turn and know of their successes. We are offering this information so that you will know of it also and may want to give thanks also for their work.

Now let us speak of tremors. There are two types of tremors. One is in your earth where the ground shakes and tectonic plates shift and shudder. The other is in your daily lives where the prevailing vibrations give in some sort of shift and fluctuations or equalization. You are enduring both types at this time. The earth is equalizing its pressures in different places as it has to do from time to time and your vibrations are shifting during this time of advancement and recalculating of incoming energies. This is causing many changes in your perception of these changing energies and your mind does not quite know how to take these changes. Your bodies are also taking in changes on a big scale and they are not all coming from your earth but many energies are coming from off planet.

These changes are increasing and what once was a possible mild perception of these are now a growing well perceived feeling of changes from all directions. You are being bombarded by change on all fronts. This is part of the ascension process and cannot be avoided. This is why ascension with such a large group is seldom done and also ascension with a planet ascension is seldom done. It is a difficult procedure coordinating everything with all the big changes coming for everyone at the same time. Usually ascension is done on an individual basis whenever that person has achieved a certain level and it is a natural process. Even though this is a natural process it is a big deal involving everyone at the same time. We are aware of all the comments of things feeling funny or different or the energies being disturbed or agitated. Try to be at peace as much as possible with the fluctuating energies during this process. We are here to give you relief from extreme discord, if any, you are having to contend with and do not hesitate to call upon us if these become intolerable. We can mitigate some of the symptoms. The incoming frequencies will remain and continue to come mostly in waves and you will still be adjusting to them for some time now. Your bodies are changing tremendously from 3D adaptive bodies to higher dimension adaptive bodies and they are bringing in a lot of light to all parts of your being. This involves big changes and most of you are very aware of them.

Unfortunately those who are not closely attuned to higher thoughts and ways of life find these changes most disturbing and they are unable to maintain balance and strike out in less than desirable behavior and thought patterns. This is when addictive behavior is on the increase and many tend to try and cover up these feelings of agitation they are feeling. If you will do all possible to remain in the Light and in tune with living in the council of the One you will have very little problem with increasing higher vibrations and will make this transition in a much better position to enjoy the peace and tranquility that they bring. This is not only a transition period but a living in the new energies time and they will not go away. Only the lower frequencies which are no longer helpful to your growth will pass away from your life and you will become adaptive to the higher vibrations and dimensions. What I am saying is try to get used to them for they will be around until you advance out of them into even higher vibrations and dimensions. Therefore it is to your advantage to accommodate them and befriend them if at all possible for this will diminish your discomfort tremendously. Easier said than done you say. Maybe so but your reality none the less. Make it as easy on yourself as you can and this involves food, water and thoughts. You, by now, know the drill. The instructions are nothing new. It is the way of ascension and we are here to help but most of this process is up to you.

Now let us talk of appreciation for all blessings of life. We cannot place too much importance on the grateful heart. We have spoken of this before and this is just a reminder to take time to reorient your daily habit of becoming thankful in your heart on a continuous basis for this is one way to Teflon the road for your getting through life. Yes, it does make that much difference. Life, the gift that it is, is precious in all ways and is to be respected and cherished. What do you do or receive that is not a gift from God? All things are gifts whether perceived that way or not. Learning is not easy. If it were we would all be in your so called heaven in a light form in the presence of the One. Try to give thanks in all things.

I leave you now with these things to think on and ponder. I go in peace now and hope your focus and brain cells are working on the information that has been given. Be at peace also.

I am Prosper

October 26, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I come to you this morning in your time. We see that many of the attempts to destroy anything they can are dissolved or prevented by our efforts and this has a lot to do with the Light that can be increased at the point of the destroying inception. They have yet to realize how powerful Light really is compared to their desires of dark and pernicious energies. We are getting better at keeping them from their work and they are becoming weaker. They do not like the reality of things and are panicked. We have given them every opportunity to change and many did but these are the ones that remain and they are determined. What fuels this determination can be different reasons but all of them do not have the Light to give them the sight they need to see what is happening. They will not succeed in the end and are frantically spinning their wheels to get nowhere. It is not the number of forces we have but the strength of the creative power of the One and the Light that is created and channeled to the dark that prevents them from succeeding. Yet they continue but again, so do we.

Now let us speak of suppression and its ability to change the total atmosphere of understanding and learning of truth. For so many years now you have been under the blanket of suppression and it has been quite effective to stifle your desire to seek the truth behind the smoke screen of control. You did not wake up long ago and look behind the reasons for many of the attempts to make worker bees out of all of you. Such a successful plan was this one to feed you bad food and bad information that it went on for years and not many woke up to what was going on at the time.

Now things are different. You have given our words a chance and when examined you determined it was time to seek the reasons behind what you were being told and you did not like the answers you were getting. They did not make sense with what you were being told. You began to see the control of the monetary system and how you are slave labor for taxes, which by the way do not go where you were told. You are also now still locked into the medical system and as sad as it is the doctors and health workers are just as much at a loss with all the rules and paperwork as you are as a patient. How can you break free of this strong system in place and come to know the healing power of what is available for you. This is a big area where we have focused our truth for you and much can be done to bring about the healing you seek and need. First there are some big changes that have to be made and breaking free will take some effort on your part. There is a way and with our help you can achieve the freedom of choice you need to strike out into freedom where your health care is concerned. We are here to give you the information you need. This is why we have this big push for revealing ourselves and for contact. We need this bridge that will make this possible on a large scale.

Our attempts to bring about disclosure have not materialized as yet and that bridge is not in place but we keep trying and one day it will happen. Right now everyone is consumed with your election and with the virus. We need a view of things that will take you from the immediate into your future where better options await if they are given a chance. Do not get caught up in the now so much that you fail to plan for your future where we are concerned. We hold so many things and so much information that will catapult you into a better way of living than you can imagine and you cannot make a way for us to do this transfer of information and education if you do not at least give it some time for thought and opportunity. Do not give up on disclosure from someone and from somewhere. We certainly have not.

As important as your election is it is also important that you remain focused on the interplanetary friendships that need to be developed and nurtured so that you can not only grow in leaps and bounds but become a part of the interstellar community and have a say in what goes on. At some point you will have a say and a vote and this will be new for you to consider. This is of paramount importance so do not give up your focus on these things. It will only delay your happiness and joy in the new earth dynamic which includes so many positive things for you.

We come to a part of information which can be viewed as both positive and negative and that is your biology and DNA. The strands of DNA are slowly being re-connected and this brings about putting into play more of your ability to sense things which have been blocked off. You were once aware of so much more but through devious plots you were “dumbed down” in this respect and think your 5 senses is all you are supposed to have. This is not so and was not so in the past. These strands are now being reconnected and abilities you once had are returning. At first this will cause confusion and you may not know how to take it all in. It is a natural ability and will give you so much more information once you get over the shock and will become second nature to you. Please try to put this in perspective and see it as a gift of recovery and purposefully try to learn how to use these new abilities without fear or apprehension. We are here to help you with this part of your freedom and growth. It is something that has been a long time in coming back to you. We will speak more on this as time goes by and you have more of an idea of what we are talking about. It will be disconcerting at first when other information of strange people and places come into your perception but it will soon be put into order and you will learn how to control this information.

We like what we are seeing with your Light work and ask that you continue your efforts for they are giving you the new world you desire. You are responsible for the increased Light for so many others. I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder and consider. I go in peace and hope that you will also. Peace is still uppermost in our minds now that your election is nearing. Again do not involve yourself in any association of places that would promote violence of any kind and surround yourselves with the Light of protection.

I am Prosper

October 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I address you now. We have been thwarted at every turn concerning your education. I have repeatedly tried to advance the efforts of our team here into the plan we had for you but it seems there is a last ditch effort to block and cross us at every turn now. We feel it is only temporary but it is disappointing none the less. We do not see that we have done anything to warrant this opposition to anything we propose but it is there staring us in the face. We are not sure how high up this opposition goes but feel it comes from very high up and into the controllers that are hidden and not known to you at this time. There are a few who remain cloistered from public view and pull the strings. We even take a chance with our channelings and have extra security on the scribes who receive and upon those who publish our words. A most uncomfortable place to be and we hope to have this resolved with great speed.

We are used to blocks and opposition to our efforts but at this late date it was hoped that surly everyone could see the writing on the wall of truth and pack their things and give up. It is their decision but will not go well for them in the final analysis of their behavior. The final end is facing them and they retreat not. They are sticking to their vow of stopping us with all they have and this will not affect the outcome in the least for it is known. It will however delay things a bit in our education process and this was needed to continue to uncover things for you and to have you understand just what has happened in your past that brings us here to this point concerning the control they had over you.

Their control was brought bout on several fronts and they were programming, health, economy and mental issues. Not many could overcome all these and most who did were not in the main stream of life but lived far from the big cities and conducted their lives away from TV, medicine and advanced society. They kept to their colonies and friends and their way of life and this helped to secure them from the influences that would imprison them into the road of servitude that was desired. It was not and is not possible to remove yourself from these influences without being touched by one or more of the dark efforts to enslave you. You were hit from many sources of control.

We were hoping not to have to wait them out for they will be rooted out to the last one and this takes up time. We were hoping for our efforts to be overwhelming such that they would know any other action on their part would be hopeless and a waste of their time. You will not be enslaved for their use and by God’s own declaration and directives this planet will be given to the desires of the One in its use and design by its Creator. There will be no deviation. I inform you of the current events to let you know that there is still opposition and there are efforts to do anything that prevents forward movement on our part. They do not know they can not possibly stop all our movements. We are too many and they are dwindling to a few. Most of our plans continue and the dark are being hunted, found arrested or escorted to their awaiting judgment. They have failed but do not seem to have the intelligence to understand this concept as yet. Only a fool would see this and try to continue when it would only lead to their destruction and I mean total annihilation. Sad but true. They are lost in their own darkness unable to even have the desire to live. A twisted mind to be sure and that is the road they have taken. Who would have thought we would be up against such demented thoughts as they have exhibited to the point of their own destruction.

Now for something hopeful. They will soon be an afterthought for all will be consumed with the new energies coming to earth and this continues our plans for you making great advances in all aspects of your life. Imagine great strides in every avenue that you have in front of you including health, economy, education, child care and possibilities for growth and improvement. It is happening as we speak and this cannot be stopped. We would just like for it to have started earlier. Your efforts have paid big dividends for everyone and the design to bring Gaia back to her intended status of the beautiful and healthy planet are in front of us. Even now there are many who see the need and have not waited to start working toward clean air, clean water and other environmental challenges. There is also a big effort to work on the plant and animal improvements that are greatly needed.

We see the way clear for all who want to begin their work in these areas and if not then there will be a way shortly for you to put your intentions and efforts with others into the improvements that are greatly needed. The desire is definitely there on your part and there will be others who will join in shortly.

I leave you now with only a small delay in things and also the view of a brighter tomorrow and future that is not hampered by anything that would give you any delays. I go in peace now and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

October 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I speak to you. We begin with the news that there are many Light Workers who have dedicated their lives to bringing Light to Gaia and this has tipped the scales in favor of the new earth. We speak of all the hours spent in prayer, meditation and Light work in obedience to God and to their mission agreed upon before they came here. We observe the efforts still in progress and see that this has continued to take place on a daily basis for most of you and not only that but there is so much work going on at night also.

Conditions were such that all this was needed in great quantities to overcome the drastic conditions and state of the environment that had established itself here. The dark had plans that would have eventually destroyed everything in their path and they would have moved on to another planet and continued their dark work there. As it is they are even now trying to find a way off the planet to avoid the retribution that is in store for them. They will not escape. Many are even now looking for places to hide underground to avoid capture and the possible end to their life. Our teams who are practiced for this eventuality will hunt them down and bring them to justice. It is unavoidable. God’s will prevails in all things and they will be no longer.

We would like to speak now of that retribution. There is always equal assessment of actions and nothing is hidden from Father God when this time comes. There are fair judges and payments carried out and some will be placed on planets for quite some time to think on what they have done and they will be longing for the Light to come to them. Nothing they have with them will lesson the sparseness of light and they will live in darkness without all their power available to them to bring about any comfort. The purpose is to bring them into wanting Light. It will take however long it takes for this to happen. There will be no riches or comforts for them to enjoy and only the darkness to remind them of what they brought about on earth. It must be so that they consider the quality of Light and its importance to each of us. This mental journey to the recognition of the importance is necessary for them to start the process of just what Light does and the part it plays and has in all things.

Others will have chosen to give in and will be on their way to being taught how their actions brought sadness and devastation to many and this alone will go a long way in bringing about the teaching of what they have done and how it went against all laws that were set forth for us to follow. Some will find it difficult to forgive themselves and will struggle to maintain the desire to live any longer in any state of being. There has to be checks and balances and adjudication is unavoidable. We all face these checks and balances regarding our actions and in the extreme cases where those in question refuse to give in after long opportunities to do so will choose to be no more and this is also the road they choose. It is always said to see this happen in any case.

My point is that you are responsible for all your actions and not only that but your thoughts. The idea of your thoughts not being held up to some type of rule and judgment is false and there will always be a record of your hearts feelings be they good or bad. The path of learning is clear in the respect that accountability is solid and your status, position or economic situation does not play any part in judgment. It is a sure thing. So, when this information comes to you and solidifies in your thinking it puts a new light on all that you are and all that you feel and think. Your responsibility to yourself and your future where retribution is concerned has you trying to better your life in all ways including your thoughts. Even if no one hears what you are thinking it is recorded and your long held hatred and dark thoughts toward others has meaning when reviewed and brought out into the light at the time of review upon the end of your life. These reviews are for your growth and your benefit. You choose your next step upon what you need and how that might come about. The circumstances are chosen that bring you the best opportunity for this growth and learning experience. Much consideration is given to these choices and you have help in this review and decision making process. You are all loved and given the best opportunities for advancement on your journey.

Now let us speak of the ladder of progression. Consider how far you have come. At some point you will know of your past lives and your struggles and you will see what you have learned and struggled to overcome. It will amaze you in your learning of this and you will be taught that the way ahead of you is just as open and free for you to continue to grow and learn. There are always opportunities for advancement and time isn’t really a factor for you have all the time you need to get this done. This ladder is in increments of joy and happiness and you will have teachers and guides along the way to aid you in your travels. Be at peace with this process offered to everyone and all things and it is much better to be in a state of happiness and peace during this learning. This state of being opens so many more doors for you and you not only help yourself but you help all others you come in contact with. What you do and what all others do is part of the whole and together you make your way up this ladder of learning and being and doing in the Will of the One. Each of us continues learning. It is the way of things.

I come now to a part of the education that is noteworthy as we talk of riches. You are beginning to realize just what this means and what it does not mean. So many struggle under the thought that the money makes one happy and this is just not true. Some do use their money to help others and this makes them happy but it is the love of their fellow traveler up this ladder that has them trying to help others and trying to do things that will benefit all others. The good that people do lives on and the energy from it spreads and sees good things come from it. It is the energy of love that matters and this is never destroyed. Even if you do not have a penny to spare you can do great things and spread the love that has been given to you and accomplish great things with your actions and words. You have great riches and the capability to give this to others in the form of love in action. Start thinking of riches in your strength in the ability to love one another and this will increase your worth and you will find you are indeed wealthy in the most precious way and using the love that is God given to help not only yourself but others.

I leave you now with these thoughts for you to ponder that all things have consequences from the dark deeds to the ultimate in love for one another. Be at peace with your journey up this ladder of learning and being. I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

October 23, 2020

Let us begin. It is with glee that I come to you this morning for circumstances show that great strides are being made in the area of increased Light and higher vibrations. This is good and helps rule out the darker ones that are causing so much trouble. As the Light increases their abilities decrease somewhat or at least their ability to affect change in a negative way. We see them retreating but they are still active and trying. They do have focus and desire of great strength and if that could be turned to do good it would get a long way. So far many have not given in and given up. Your prayers and Light work in visualizing what you wish to create for your future is having great affect on all things so we encourage you now in a way that says not to start something new, for you are practiced, but to keep up what you know how to accomplish. We are quite pleased with your determination to get things done and keep things in the right direction in spite of the threats given by the dark ones. We hope that all people will remain in the Light of protection during these difficult times.

May we speak of attrition. The old ways are leaving and the new energy of higher vibrations is coming in and taking hold and giving of its energy to bring about positive change. You will notice that all that no longer serves progress into Gaia’s new world will soon disappear and be gone forever. Only that which gives of love, service and progress into the new dimension will thrive and remain. This is how evolution into a new dimension happens. That which is of the old dimension leaves or disappears and that which serves the new dimension appears and thrives. The same goes for people, animals and plant life. There are many lower vibration viruses that can only exist in the lower realms that will no longer exist in the higher ones. Only can something survive when it is fed and the means for living do not exist for many things of the 3D world. It is the way of advancement. Out with the old and in with the new.

Sometimes it is necessary to give of yourself to the process of letting go of the old. Some things are difficult to leave and one of the big ones is that of habit. It doesn’t matter what the habit is, if it does not serve you in your advancement along your growth it needs to be left behind for a better way of handling your life. Things like over eating, drinking in excess of alcohol, smoking and such like are best left or overcomed. Work on these and along with them you may think of habits such as gossiping, continuous negative statements like criticism and telling of lies. It takes work to discontinue a long held habit but these things are to be worked on and are part of your enlightenment and understanding that all things go together to make up the whole of a person. Work on these and give them of your attention. Change one by one into a more positive way of dealing with your life. Feel the energy associated with each one and learn how that negative habit holds you back. Be conscious of your words and thoughts and make sure they are positive and the energy they create is positive.

Let us bring your attention to that which is necessary for change. It is easier to go along in the same way you have always done things and that is the path of least resistance. It takes effort to recognize you are in need of change and more effort to make the changes. The longer an activity is conducted in a certain way the harder it is to change. Make small moves at first and then take control of your actions and you will see that it can be done. All things negative can be turned into something positive and you will be amazed at the freedom it will give you for learning and growth along your path. It starts with recognition of the need to change. Start with learning the word of God and His desire for your life. Read of His word and do not fall into the thinking that they don’t matter and they are of no consequence. There is a time of review and reckoning when your life is over and there most definitely will be the laying out of your actions during your life time. This is the rule and no one is exempt from it. Nothing is hidden from God and all things are recorded on your record of life. Make the necessary changes to leave the negative behavior behind with all the old and begin the new that is a life of service and love. This is one of the reasons we are here is to bring your attention to these things and to help you recognize them and change them. Call on us for help in your work for a better life.

We come to the continued work of living. No longer will you just be getting by every day and hoping you will have enough energy to make it another day. Your circumstances are about to change in a big way and there have been many statements to this affect but no details have been given. There is the big wave and some have called it a flash from Creator that will miss no one. All will be affected by this event. If we were to tell you or describe to you what will happen the words would fall short and it has been said that you should remain steadfast in your trust and faith and not give into fear. This is true. It will change the way you perceive things and is a gift and should be viewed in that way. It is something to look forward to.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Stay in the Light and hold true to your sharing of Love with all you encounter. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper