May 22, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that your patience is running thin. There have been delays before but we do not see this announcement as being delayed at this time and it should be coming as scheduled. There is a right timing for it to happen and it will. Time is running out and it needs to happen soon. Do not give up and try to keep your faith in this plan for all has been prepared.

Now, let us talk of regeneration. We are speaking here of several issues contained within this one word and one is the body itself. Changes have continued and your body is responding as it should to the incoming codes and energies. This is automatic if given a chance and has been going well, unless the body is severely damaged or compromised. The codes given instruct the DNA and this is done on a cellular level, which in turn gives you more of your abilities that you once had. It has to be slowly done so that the body can continue to function well and will not be out of commission at any time while making these changes.

Another change is in the mind and we are even including the animals here. They are making changes also and you may have noticed more of them getting along better with other animals and with other species. The mind in people is remembering people, places and happenings of earlier before you came to earth and this is done gradually also. It would not be to your advantage to have any of this happen all at once for it would be difficult to take and understand. Memories are being slowly unlocked and hopefully you can take these memories and place them in a meaningful position for understanding and upgrades. These memories may not come across as new to you but as something that has been there all along and do not be surprised if this is how it is viewed by your memory. They will fit right in and be a part of everything and not be tagged as just happening.

This brings us to changes in circumstances and surroundings. The upgrades in vibrations are continuing to go well and fitting in perfectly with your body regeneration and mind changes and must coordinate with all else. There are upgrades in color, energy, environment and many other things that go along with this regeneration that are so perfectly happening that you may not even realize what is changing. More light is coming in and this enhances all things perceived and even more. People are reacting by being more compassionate and caring concerning all living things and this is if they are moving up also in their own vibrational levels. There are those who are not moving up with this regeneration, even if their bodies are. They do not have the capability to do this because of lack of experience and still having lessons to learn that would give them this capability to make the adjustments in the area of compassion and understanding. The codes and energies are there for them to receive and some are taken in and some cannot make the transition into the new, and therefore things are not going well for them concerning moving up. This is as it should be when advancing is concerned for the lessons must be learned and there is time and opportunity given so this can be done. If not at this moment then another time and another opportunity will be provided for this to happen. The soul is always given these opportunities and the element of time is not restrictive when it comes to learning and advancing. Certain steps of advancement will happen in all good timing when the soul is ready and not before for it works automatically in this way. No one is held back when they should be stepping ahead and no one is advanced without proper learning and understanding.

Concerning coordination, these steps taken are compatible with the steps that Gaia is making and she is very much connected with the people of earth and is making this trip with you, or more accurately stated, you are making this trip with her. This is as she has wished and it was granted and it is a tandem move. When moving up in vibration there are certain laws of science that determine what discoveries go along with each dimension and one of these is the number of elements that are known and used by each dimension. As the dimensions move up, the number of elements increase and this comes about by discovering these new elements as time goes along and all things are compatible with the dimension.

The more you study all things you will realize how each thing in existence is very compatible and fits in with all other things as it should and there is intelligence in all things created. The more that is discovered the more synchronicity is realized that exist in all that is and all that happens. Everything in creation fits together as it should with all other things in creation, except when man tries to make something fit in that does not and these attempts can be disastrous. Usually it is a case where all aspects of an event or a condition are not taken into consideration and only one part has been discovered and the rest of the ripples of events having far reaching consequences are not fully known or realized. Your partial discoveries are not fully sequenced in all resulting changes involved and you are exploring territory not fully understood. This is where we have had to step in and make changes or either watch your activities constantly for dangerous moves or attempts that could result in complete annihilation. This constant watch is taking place now with several scientific experiments on your planet.

As you might understand there are complex issues that must fit within all creation and these have been created in perfect harmony with all else and there are reasons why all things move and exist as they do. One thing depends upon another in its relationship with all that is and this is what is happening now with the revelations coming out in a certain timing of events. Its place in the sequence of events is necessary for the flow of changes and even if delayed the result of having you informed is necessary and lays the groundwork for certain other events to take place in the grand scheme of things. It all fits together as it should and progress is made in the right way instead of things being left out. The energies must be corrected and harms and injuries repaired and restored. There is a lot of restoration processing and in store and even if surface events seem chaotic and unorganized, the underlying concepts of it all are God instructed and willed and this means it is happening as it should and in His perfection of things as all of creation is. It all fits together.

I would like for you to consider if God would will something not needed or not in order or harmony with everything else and all that is. Believe that perfect will is being carried out and being conducted, no matter if you can or cannot see or understand it. The beautiful design of all things is happening now on earth and there will come a time when you do understand. What you are seeing in all the chaos is the lack of adhering to God’s laws and these are the consequences of acting outside the laws. This day had to come as reaction follows action. This is the time of correction and it will not go down easily for many. Free will has a way of correcting itself.

I leave you now and ask that you try to see the perfection of this correcting time that had to come. God does not bring about what is not perfect. Only man does that.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 21, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the challenges you have faced, this one coming up will be the most incredible for you to tackle. I say that because it involves the basis for everything that has been going on, on your earth. The premise of the conflict between good overcoming dark. You have known the final outcome and it has taken a lot of time and effort on the part of everyone to obtain the results that you have now. The explanation you have looked for concerning why this battle was allowed in the first place will be forth coming and the reasons involving this conflict will be given. Listen closely for it involves your reality and what you perceive as reality. You are almost at the close of this whole chapter of events and so many of you have questioned why all the pain and cruelty was allowed to exist and persist. Couldn’t it have been stopped before so many were killed and what purpose did it serve in the larger picture of things. These are questions that deserve answers and they will be given. This mental concept you are under has been supported for some time now and it has served its purpose and is almost over. Then you might say, if this is not the “real” reality, then what is. Why all the effort put into a reality that is not real? I ask that you listen closely to what is to come so that you may know all the reasons and the reasoning behind what you have been living in. This is to give you a heads up for those that do not care and have no interest will miss everything.

I would like to speak now of where you are in the battle against the dark that has been created. This dark energy, devoid of most of the God force, has tried to envelope you and take over your lives. Your strength stood firm but so many gave in and lost their control to an energy they never saw coming. There are certain ones that were confronted with gifts of worldly pleasures and they made the exchange of control over their lives and the trade was completed. In steps to regain the light that once was, by overcoming and removing the dark the conditions have been greatly improved and this continues. When certain levels of advancement were reached, we rejoiced and forged ahead. You are coming upon the last days of struggle and those remaining are mostly aware now that a force much larger than the gift giving hucksters trolling for more control are not as powerful as once thought. Slowly but surely this darkness over earth is being eradicated and removed and replaced with light and now those who were in contract with the dark are wondering what will happen to them. How will their lives be altered by the closing of this chapter on earth?

The coming light that was once talked about many years ago when we first started telling you of your future on earth is here and that light, with your help, is overcoming the devastating energies that were once in power. There remains conflict but not nearly the amount and strength that there was in the beginning. Light is so much more powerful that darkness. It may have seemed like the effort wasn’t getting anywhere but progress was made and now souls are being relieved of that influence that once had dominate power over this planet. There are pockets of darkness that still need attention but your status now is looking tremendously better. Gaia has her adjustments to make for all to be in order and this is on a somewhat different level but compatible with all that is going on never the less. It is all synchronized with all other energies and things are going well as we see them. We look forward to your understanding of the whys behind everything. The expression of all the energies, both dark and light, were and are necessary to gain the experience that is the result of it all. Enlightenment is continuing to come if all will listen and take notice.

Let me say that we wish to give of information that you need in the understanding of everything and all will fit more into place in your understanding than it does now. The large gaping holes of what is not known will be filled in soon and the larger picture will start to come into view. Everyone has waited so long for this to come and we ask that you now in your light work and meditations allow this to take place and ask that the energies all fit together for the purpose of the completion of God’s will. Trust and have faith that it will all work out as it should and you will see the new day dawning.

We come to a time of souls losing the facade of the earth part they have been playing and return to the reality of who they are with all their experience and knowledge. We have talked of this day coming and it is now upon everyone and the return will be a time of transition and has slowly been going on now as you gain information. As you gain more about your true identity, you will begin to understand just how deeply into this battle of light against dark you have been submerged. You were totally into your part and now it is time to surface and let the curtain fall. Step out of what was for you to do and step back into what is that you are. We have said these transitions will be difficult for some but you have looked forward to this realignment of who you really are and we feel those reading her are ready to tackle this challenge. Let these end times express and happen in the best possible ways for you with peace and faith. You know where you are going for this is from where you came and is not new but a continuation of your true lives. Be gladly anticipating of this change and accept this process with gratitude for it is a type of graduation and a mark of accomplishment that you have achieved.

First, that which is necessary is coming and it will not be as smooth but you have seen these times before and have every capability to deal with all events within the council and guidance of the Father. All your efforts have brought you close to the God within you and now that source of all that is will carry you through what is to come without you resorting to fear and doubt. Please do continue your directed light work and express the love and compassion for all others including yourselves for this is necessary. I leave you now to look forward to what is to come for there is nothing that is more creatively powerful than the will of God and you do not ever travel alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 20, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the planets I have seen, earth is the most beautiful, and I have seen many. You have been blessed with a most precious jewel to live on and to sustain you. It has so many different types of landscapes to enjoy and there was at one time so much clean water and land. It is worth fighting for and I know you will restore her to the healthy condition she once was. This is also one reason that wars and disagreements have taken place over the years between different people wanting to own and rule this planet. Your history contains many who came and wanted to control what went on here and they attempted to fend off others that had the same idea. Even to this day there are others who claim that earth belongs to them for they came and lived here for some time and were driven off by new comers. The ownership of earth has pretty much always been in question in some minds.

Earth contains so many different types of people from different places and when travel was in its infancy it wasn’t a problem because each race had their own continent. Now it is a different story and there are mixed races in every country. As strange as this may sound you got along much better when you were separated by large bodies of water. You could keep your customs and language with no problems but travel changed this and people moved from one place to another to discover new land and conflict began. It is asking a lot for all races of people to live together and respect each other without resistance, but that is what you have today. There is always a tendency for some to think that others have a better piece of land or a better government and here we go. One cause of conflict is one race trying to push their ways and customs onto another race and this can apply from one neighbor to another and from one country to another. It doesn’t work. Each should be allowed to continue their way of life, if under the laws, no matter who their neighbors are.

Pushing people of different races and different customs together has never really worked. You are trying to force yourselves into something that is difficult until you learn complete tolerance and that has not yet come in all instances. It was not as important in the early part of your world, but now there are so many people and they have the freedom to move around and that tolerance has not been perfected. Your planet is over crowded and everyone wants to live in the prime real estate. As long as you intend to live together in the same manner you are now, you would do better to allow all others to live their own lives with their own customs in a free manner as long as it is under the law of God and the land. Making everyone adhere to the same customs goes against their ancestry and up bringing. Now that you have scripted the way one family of one country moves next to another family of another country, it is best that no one try to make others conform to living another way. You see the problems and challenges that arise from these choices of trying to make every one be the same for it does not work. Try to have patience with others and their ways of life and living if they are lawful people.

I would like to speak now of training and teaching of the laws of God and of the land. One should be compatible with the other in all respects and there should be no conflict. You would think that the rules of the Supreme Creator that is the source of all that is, would be posted on every street and in every home. People know the rules of their favorite sports games and how it is played and when the games are to be held but do they know the laws of God and of the land. Wouldn’t you think this would be more important than most anything else when living on God given earth? How does it happen that one can be born, live and die without ever knowing of God’s laws and the manner in which they are supposed to live and conduct their lives? Think how things would be different if everyone was taught these laws at a young age and they tried to live under them correctly. You have free will and this gives you freedom to choose and to refuse and there are consequences to every decision. Some know the laws and find them too restrictive and live their own way and this has caused long standing problems within not only the individual but in society as a whole. It undermines the structure and unity of a law abiding society and destroys it from the inside. There is a reason there are laws and a reason there are penalties for law breakers. Your laws are based on having freedoms to pursue happiness and not to control and restrict you but there are those who do not see it this way and rebel. The laws of God give you the best possible life you can have and nothing is hidden from you so you can see this result in yourself and in others.

As a whole you have slipped so far from these laws that it is to the point of being unable to be corrected without major adjustments and this is where you are now. To keep you from destroying yourselves there have been interventions in your past that were planned to protect you and some of your weapons were interfered with. Your past history has shown that left alone to you own devices you would choose behavior that would have ended in complete destruction and this could not be allowed. On several occasions minds were changed and aggression was avoided with help from off your planet. You do not know how close you have come to not having this planet to live on and this is a result of not living within the laws of God. There is a combination of destructive energies here and one is the dark intentions of those who want to control the entirety of your world, but another is the energies of individuals, who are basically good people who wander off from God’s laws and this has fitted well into the plans of the dark. These lives you live have been used against you for you could not see that your freedoms were being done away with by your own deviant behavior and wants. This coming back to the laws that were intended has to be your choice and is. You are free to live as you wish and the consequences will come, but wouldn’t it be better to take a look at the laws God provided for you to live by and put ALL of them into practice?

With freedom comes responsibility and you know this. I leave you now to think on these things and hope you see the wisdom in my words. Your freedoms will be returned and I ask that you take a look at how you are living and know the laws of God in all things you do.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that often people do not consider all sides of a problem. They skim over the subject and do not look into the rest of the facts. This is what is happening with the subject of information given from your news media. Each time the subject of UFOs or people existing on other planets comes up it is immediately dismissed because the elements of atmosphere and temperature rule out intelligent life and the discussion is over. The truth that it is possible that other life forms may have learned to deal with the harsh realities on another planet do not factor in because people on your planet think that the cost would be prohibitive and life there would not be desirable. You assume that all life needs conditions like you have on earth. There are other life forms that are greatly intelligent that do not have the same requirements for life that you do and they reside comfortably on planets far away and they function well there.

There is so much to consider when considering life itself. Does the body require the same elements as earth people do? Are other life forms existing in the same dimension as your are? Is life confined to a planet and could it exist off planet in a ship that may be able to travel vast distances? Does the definition of a home or residence mean that it has to be on the surface of a heavenly sphere, or could life function well under the surface? Does the soul have to have a body like those of earth, or can they exist in different forms that you do not yet understand? Is there a state of being where distance and time are not a consideration when traveling from one place to another? Is there a form of intelligent life that is observing earth without being seen or known by earth observers looking out?

If other vastly advanced life exist, isn’t it possible that your level of intelligence would not have perceived them yet? There are many levels and forms of life that exist and have for many years of your time that are completely unknown by anyone on earth. All you have to discern life is your own means of perceiving life and this is not adequate to determine all forms that exist. God’s creation is so vast and there are many forms of life that you have not considered. First we must consider the fundamental questions now within your ability to understand and this means is there life on other planets and are they capable of travel? If so, why would they only limit their communication to a few scientists when there are so many people on earth capable of receiving information? The scientific community only seems to validate communication if they alone receive it and all other communication with anyone else is not real. This has been a big barrier to exchange of thoughts and information from anyone to earth. So far we have had to come and blend in and be like everyone else. What happens when everyone finds out we have been on your planet for a long time now.

Visitors to earth in the past were perceived as gods because of their abilities. In your time now we are hoping to give information that will help you in health, science, industry and many more aspects of your life. Working behind the scenes has been necessary because of the wishes of your leaders and we will not force ourselves upon you unless it is necessary to insure that God’s will is carried out. We have respected the wishes that we are not welcome by your governments. In the coming years this is about to change and there are plans to have a peaceful exchange of ideas and concepts. This will be a big turning point in earth’s history. So many times now we have given ideas for improvement to different individuals through mental transfer without them realizing where the ideas came from and you have benefited from this. Only with permission can this be done and have it fit into the advancement of your people.

As time goes on things will vastly change and we will give of more ideas that will continue to improve life on earth and this will most likely happen in small steps at first. Later on we will be more readily accepted and this will open up ideas of advancement to a greater extent. One reason this is being done is because you have been held back for so long. We are here and we are real and we are benevolent and want to help.

I would like to speak now of space travel. This is a concept that is being developed in secret by governments in several countries. It will receive greater attention now and be brought out more into the open. Your rockets launched in the past is one way of travel but there are better means of getting around in space than burning of fuel. Overcoming gravity is another way and several space ships that have crashed on earth have been reverse engineered for study. Ships made on earth do function and are used and have been seen by several witnesses. There is so much evidence that we find it difficult that so many sightings are still denied, for the most part. We are hoping this will change soon. Space travel has been around for some time and distance is not the barrier that you might think. There are universes of information that are waiting for you and we are eager to help. This can’t be done while there is still so much opposition from so many and this opposition is for different reasons. Some governments do not want it known that they have covered up so much. Others are living in fear of people from space for there have been those in your past who did not mean well and were not here to help. We continue to try to change these attitudes.

I leave you now with these changes soon coming. Your world will not be the same and we will overcome these barriers in the way of great progress possible. Consider your world of tomorrow and what it could be if given a chance. There are no barriers on our side and we hope that the ones now in place on earth will soon be removed.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 18, 2021

Let us begin. It is becoming evident that there is a big disconnect with truth. Not only is it not getting to many of the people around the world but also when it does it is rejected by many. This is not the reception we were hoping for and by now we hoped so many more would have been in contact with much more truth being told. This is disappointing for it makes this transition time more complicated as we see it waiting so long for things to come out and being confronted with so much at the same time. We have to work with the conditions that exist at the time and adjust our language accordingly. There is a mental process that takes place with any new information and it can’t be hurried and herein lies another concern. There may not be that much time because earth has already started her changes in equalizing energies and making changes in tectonic plate movements.

Information concerning truth is coming out now from individuals but the audience is usually the ones already familiar with what is being said and not the ones that would be new to the concepts being told. The minds of so many are made up and there seems to be no room for anything new from our line of work. There is a big chasm where there should be information about many subjects and especially the world being controlled and earth being visited from people from other planets. This has been a large concern for us for some time now and we have not seen a way clear to overcome it other than to go ahead and give out the information to everyone when this transfer of things to know begins. This makes the concepts more difficult to receive all at once for so many. This is why we tell you to see how people will take the information at first before coming forth with your thoughts. You will get a better feel for the situation after awhile and know better how to approach others. The time for coming out long ago and making this a smoother transition into truth has passed and our opportunities for doing this were refused, denied and blocked. This is the time for your continued prayer and meditation on the people receiving truth when it is revealed.

I would like to speak now on this transition into truth being given leading up to and including the offer of evacuation from earth. This, obviously, is a big mountain to climb from, “by the way you have been deceived for decades and your earth will become uninhabitable and would you like to leave everything and evacuate?” You see our challenge and we have studied long and hard on how to approach each of these subjects to first time listeners. This time we will have help from earth individuals in key positions that will get things started on earth history of control and how it developed leading to today. I have talked before about the evacuation process and it basically remains the same when the time comes. At some point it will have to be included in the news and at least then it will be discussed as a topic of interest and conversation. If the same amount of interest were given to world conditions and our coming as is given to sports and interviews we would be much better off and the people would be better prepared to make their decisions. There is an invisible wall of resistance that has been present for a long time now and it persist to today. We have tried to remain positive about the giving of truth and our coming but this resistance has made this whole process more complicated. We continue to do the best we can under the circumstances.

In all instances of life it remains that your connection with the God within and receiving direction from this source is paramount to the best possible outcome. This includes opening the Pandora’s Box of truth for all to see and hear. It will happen and be given and each one is responsible for their reception of this information and it will be their choice. There will be many who will not be ready to proceed with this information and no one can save everyone when they are not ready. Do not forget there is a Divine plan in place and as much as the many may refuse what is given, there is a way that has been made for all in this larger picture. Allow others to be the captain of their own ships for there must be understanding before belief and their journey will continue.

Just a word here about faithful followers. We are so pleased in many of you that continue to work in spite of all that has confronted you. You have remained faithful in your trust and belief in us and the Will of God and our efforts to help you. We are gratified and more by all this and continue forward with hope that more will come to this place that you hold. Our way is clear with you and we receive your prayers and well wishes and not one is missed and we thank you for this trust and it helps carry us forward day by day.

I leave you now to hold to yourselves your connection with all that is true, holy and Godly. Think on these things I have given for your time is drawing near.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 17, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many have the desire for better government all over the world. Their attempts at changing things have not helped, but only caused more concerns. Control is tight in many places and changes have not come. Your whole world needs freedom for the people and better leadership who can bring about the changes that are needed. The hold that the dark had was ever increasing and last attempts at continuing this hold are being attempted. Their power has been challenged and will not continue. You may not be able to see it but things are changing.

I would like to speak now of power of the individual to affect change. Much can be done in all ways by just one individual. Just the act of getting things started so that the energy is changed can lead on to greater things with others following. Attention will be given to the one and this also changes the energy. Change is usually always brought about by the start of one individual and grows from there. One person talks to another and then another and then there are questions of change and then a group of people who want change and things begin to happen. Ideas are voiced and plans are made and ripples of change are sent across the land and energy is gathered and this is how change is made.

More change would have come about in your past if so many had not been killed when the attempt was made. Many avenues were destroyed by powerful people to stop change and your control remained. People for change had to go underground in some countries as this would have caused death to the ones who were found out. Change has come at a high price for so many. It is not as if attempts were not made. This is one reason it has taken so long to get anywhere where change was concerned. Thousands of lives have been given to the cause of change. This is how thoroughly those in control have remained in power is to eliminate the opposition, thus setting an example to others. This never got rid of the desire for change and the movement of wanting change developed better means of keeping their desire a secret so it would be unnoticed. The desire for freedom never in your history has gone away for this is a deep desire of everyone and is part of expressing life itself. So many of you have had to be born into fear and live in fear your whole lives because of the hold that was developed by the dark over your planet. This is changing and this hold is slipping.

This all started in small steps and grew to a point where it was known by everyone that domination was the goal of a few. We need to look at the concept of opposition to this control. The power of prayer or the combined effort of many to seek the same result in their mind is more powerful than you realize and the energy generated from this activity does have power for change. It may take more time than overt action of resistance but it has power none the less and can be used in all cases of change without the loss of life by exposing self. It would help if you would have been able to see this mental energy all this time and you could see how the science of energy brings about change but you have not been able to see this. It is real and this is one of the things so many teachers have come to your earth to tell you in your past. Words have power and thoughts have power.

Be careful how you use the power of your mind for there is no test you have to take in order to be correct with this force. You can just as easily send this power off in the wrong direction by not knowing the science behind attraction. The rules have not changed in this respect. You have an unseen and for the most part of your history, an unknown tool to attract what is desired in your lives and this includes freedom from control. Examine it, study it and know it but do not overlook it for it is active and in action in the on position whether you realize it or not. First you must know that what you focus on and repeat in your thoughts is what is formed into energy and sent out, into what you think is dead space, and the change starts there.

This is an exciting energy flow and you need to know how this works. You cannot constantly think one thing and say something else verbally and expect them not to cancel each other out. The energies conflict and nullify each other. Be of one mind in your thoughts, words and actions and this goes for families, groups and countries if you want change as a collective. The energy does not die without doing anything as it has effect on matter and will eventually overcome. What is asked for has to be under the laws of science and the laws of God but it will effect change for there is not other way for this energy to act. So take heart for you as one individual have power in thought and as a large group will always have potential for great change. Do not concentrate on what you do not have or the negative aspects of a thing but focus on what is desired or the positive aspects of what is wanted.

If you do not have enough food do not let your thoughts labor in the fields of poverty and lack but see that your thoughts live in the fields of abundance and the preparing of food and setting the table with all that is needed. See your plates full and your children fed and the plates cleared. This is the desired way of energy flow from the mind and also the law of attraction that will work for you. It applies to anything else in your life and is aided by a thankful heart, even if it has not come about yet. Give thanks for what you do have and for what will come and reap the rewards of this positive thinking. We understand this may be difficult for you but this works for what you send out will come back and you want all your thoughts cast out to be of a positive nature so that the return of energy, in whatever avenue of return it might take, is also positive. You will find that the way in which these positive thoughts return to you are not always expected but they will return. This whole process also applies for dark and negative thoughts. Use this tool wisely and for small and great change. Train your mind in the way of positive thought so that good things will come back to you and give thanks along the way for the blessings you do have.

I would like to speak now of giving thanks for this is also an energy that affects change. A thankful heart lives in a certain vibration that is productive of good and affirmative things and contains an element of love that is not present otherwise. It is possible to be thankful in all things, even in events you do not see as positive. You can ask that something positive will come out of any event, even if you can not understand at the time how that could happen. The thankful heart is more at peace in all things for there is also an element of faith that events are in God’s hands and will lead to what is desired from a Master architect’s position.

I am trying to get you to understand there is a way of living and thinking that will always give you the best possible results in life if you know these concepts of proper thought and a thankful heart. This will not eliminate all bad things or challenges from your life but it will give you more happiness in your journey and accompany you through your life with more ability to receive light and love for you are more receptive of these energies. I am not just suggesting these things for a better life, I am telling you also that they are laws in existence that are your right to use every day of your life. You cannot fit these things in if you are busy resenting others for what they have and what you do not. Or if you secretly harbor hatred for past things done to you and you have been unable to forgive or let them go. Two thoughts cannot be had in your mind at the same time and the better way is to start now and eliminate all that keeps you from being the best possible expression of God’s light and love and attracting back to you the positive and thankful thoughts that are preferred.

We understand these are the challenges of life but you can take that step that leads to a better controlled pattern of thoughts leading to more positive outcomes. By all means do eliminate all thoughts of putting yourself down and limiting your respect of self. You are of God and this is deserving of your respect at all times. Make the moves that unbind you from less than positive thinking and send out the best thoughts you can for they will return in some form.

I leave you now with these thoughts on your mind and I hope they are positive ones for these will return also.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 16, 2021

Let us begin. We know you are waiting for something to happen. You have been waiting a long time. Time is very illusive and has elements you do not understand but it can be a handy device to use in your current life. There is much understanding waiting for you along your road and it will come. You have taken big steps in respecting life and learning and this earth experience has been a difficult but good teacher for you. The learning that you have achieved while here will stick with you and be of service from now on. There are so many good advancements that have come after difficult challenges which you have overcome. There are so many heartwarming stories we have seen coming from adversity and this was one of the reasons you are here. You have lived successful lives.

Let us look now at retaining information learned for future use. These lessons learned are recorded to be used from now on just as past information has been recorded for your benefit. It is quite possible that you have more beneficial and useful learned information in your arsenal than you realize. It may come as a surprise to you later when events present challenges that you know how to handle them from what you have experienced in your past. Much of the learning from past lives is not yet recognized by you as wisdom, but it is there waiting for you. The limiting conditions of earth have not all been removed as yet for you to see the real picture for you are more capable when going forward than you realize. It is like you have lived a blindfolded life and had to feel your way through everything. Many surprises await you when you regain your real understanding of things and who you really are will be one of the most surprising truths you will find. We gladly anticipate this time of revelation for you.

It has not been easy for you to live a life of hidden reality. You took on a roll of difficulty to work undercover but the truth was not just hidden from everyone else, it was also hidden from you. The mental adjustments you will come to will be guided and it will be a planned revelation of the real you with all your experience and previous accomplishments. Your family and loved ones are very proud of you. You are now even more experienced in your learning, having taken and almost completed this schooling of the earth experience. It will be most exciting for you to see things from our side of the veil for a change and it will soon be coming to a theater built just for your viewing. What lies ahead still contains a lot of information that will not be new but will be re-visited and re-established in your conscious knowing. We stand by to support you in this time of return. Not quite time yet but it is coming.

We try to give you the information you need for going forward with understanding of what is to come. You have had enough surprises with little warning of events so we try to help you as best we can. You are better prepared now for all events in a general way. The details are that part of life that will always be the human nature reactions to what happens. For the most part you, as a collective group, have reacted very well to events, once you gained experience and came into the understanding of what was possible for you to accomplish. Almost at every turn you have underestimated your capabilities and possibilities of the good that you could do. It has been our job to encourage you whenever possible to extend your belief in yourselves. You are now coming into your own understanding of your energy and power to affect change and do it with God’s direction for nothing of Divine will is accomplished without His influence. Remember this in days to come for we hope you will seek Him for direction and execution of that will.

Now to events and we see that past energies put into motion are coming full circle with present higher influences now and maturing into the changes desired. These energies, such as prayer and heart felt desire for better times are being delivered and lower energies are being removed and replaced with higher ones. This is having an overall effect on everyone and everything. Your world is changing for the better and becoming what you desired and hoped for. It is slow but getting there. Change is often a step at a time and difficult to measure but it is happening. Attitudes are changing and the actions that follow these changed attitudes are for the better. More compassion and love is being brought out and continues to improve with actions on a daily basis.

There is a bigger divide now between those that have favorably accepted the energies coming into earth and the ones that do not react well with them. Their resistance has been great and this is their choice and their learning will be continued in an environment suited for them. At present they are not responding well and find things are more difficult for them in most all ways. Their vision is not clear as to what is happening and they can’t find their way to compatible behavior to fit in with the new changes. Patience will be needed for these ones who may have lost their footing and their defenses are trying to keep them from being hurt from current circumstances. Their opposition to almost everything is apparent and they seem to be hitting road blocks in their path regarding advancement. Their learning is in their own timing and this is as it should be.

It may be difficult for you to have peace with all that is and with all that is coming. There will be a turn of events with information coming out and it will get the ball rolling. The details of what happens next will be lived moment to moment as we all experience the changes. Life is interesting and most certainly headed for change against all odds and may be challenging, so prepare as well as you can.

I leave you now with these things to consider and contemplate in your understanding. Continue to hold your relationship with the God within close to you and place your faith strongly in this blessed communication for it is indeed the way and the life.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 15, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are ready for something to happen and we know they are looking forward to announcements and some sort of disclosure. This will come but change will also come with it and your world will no longer be the same by the end of it all. It will bring movements and discussions and clashes in groups of people who differ with other groups of people. Please know that not all will react well to what will come out for they will not believe. As we get closer to that time it is a little easier for us to tell what will happen in general terms and some will think all of it is false and a form of subterfuge. The truth should stand on its own but some will not have it no matter what is shown.

I would like to speak now of giving to others during times of need. There is a strength in people that springs forth to continue forward and survive during all types of hardship. So much information will come to people in a small space of time that it will be overwhelming and too much for them to handle. Be careful how you attempt to help others for some will react violently. It will be their survival mode kicking in for them to reject what is happening and they will be unpredictable. You will have that feeling of being helpful and comforting to others but be careful how you select what action to take and how to help. Sometimes the world is unforgiving and lashes back at difficult ideas when they are presented. We care for you and do not want any accidents. Avoid crowds of protest and stay away from heated discussions with possible aggression when you are tempted to set things straight and give of your testimony. Your truth is valuable in the right setting but choose wisely. We are unsure of how the reactions will play out in some.

Be at peace with unbelievers for there will be many when the time comes to discuss us and our visitation to your earth. Denial has been deep rooted in some and others are fearful and talk will not help. Be mindful of what you say where. Go about your days quietly if need be for there will be a time when you should not speak. You may be seen as the enemy or even considered to be one of us and this may bring you into a place of danger. See how things go first and then judge the reactions wisely. In some cases it will be better to remain silent at first for you will have a strong desire to be on our side. Give it some time to settle in with the information.

We are looking forward to the information coming out concerning the dark and this is a time that has come in your history. So let it be. So much will depend upon the reception and reaction of the masses. Then we will go from there. Some things cannot be scripted and the reaction of human nature is one of them. These events call for much caution. Even now there are movements and groups trying to push their agenda of one thing or another upon others. Talk of a different or opposing reality is not what they want to hear.

There is a time for containment of ideas. For so long we encouraged you to speak out about our reality and wanted you to spread the word. Times are different now and we feel the best approach at first is to keep your council until we find out what is in their heart regarding acceptance. We do not what you to put yourself in danger in any respect until more is known of their reactions. There is so much which is unknown.

Let us take a look at betrayal and deceit for a moment and think how it has been used to bring about what was wanted by the dark. One of the big ways this was done was to stage an event somewhere else that took your attention and focus away to another avenue or arena. This is what is going on now with trying to have you look at hot spots of aggression in the world while they buy more time. Other plans are being contemplated on how to grab your belief again in continued efforts to divide and separate you and keep you from talking to each other. They are afraid now of your numbers and your possible large movements for freedom. How can they come up with another valid plan that will keep you under control and the best avenue they have at present is fear. Fear of something that will have you listening to the experts on the subject and what they have to say that will save your lives. Be aware that this is going on as we speak and different things will be used against you to continue your fear. What they do not realize is their time is over because you have changed.

You now have had a year of being kept at home and behind masks and you understand more clearly what freedom means to you and your communities and you have seen what this has done to your friends, your families and to your children. At great cost you will no longer be controlled like you have been for the time is up in which you can believe it is in your best interest to do these things. Watch for their continued efforts to change your minds on this issue. Good common sense toward good health is to be used in all cases but look closely at what is asked of you and verify the content for authenticity. It will be good now to question all information for truth for more is coming out. You are better educated now of certain health issues and you know how to look at things with a practiced eye because you have had to.

I leave you now to prepare for there will be many things coming at you concerning different topics and you will need to be on your toes to review them all and give them due consideration and thought. Be the informed students of leadership that you now are. These are strange times of slight of hand but the time of the magician is over.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 14, 2021

Let us begin. There are times in life when you have to take a look at yourself and strive to improve. It can be physical or mental but there is always room for improvement. Many of you have a need for physical improvement. I mean the part that is directly controllable by you. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep or maybe you need to change the type of food you eat. Some are not getting any enjoyment out of life to feed the soul. You tend to treat your dogs and cats much better than you treat yourselves. They get the best food and sometimes the best cushion to sleep on. There may be a part of you that thinks your body will not notice being too tired all the time and you might think what you do is necessary or it cannot be avoided. There will come a time in your future when you will have time for rest and relaxation and that should be a goal now to take better care of your body. It is remarkable and does repair itself if given a chance but there is so much you could do now to help that process along.

The mental and emotional side of improvement is as important and you are deserving of fun and happiness and I am not talking here about alcohol and numbing the senses when your perceptions have been altered. I am speaking of enjoyed time with friends or hobbies. Physical activities can serve both purposes of improving emotions and physical body. So many of you are locked into schedules that deprive your life of even the fundamental few moments of each day with some type of personal joy and enjoyment. Try to put these things back into your lives in some way. Joy and laughter brings you a greater harmony with life and relieves stress and puts you in a much better mental position for connection with your earth and universe. Your body chemistry functions better when you are happy and having a good time than when you are hurried and stressed. Your whole self is better connected with your source of power and energy when happy. Be good to yourselves.

I need to speak here of enlightenment and how it comes to your attention. The circumstances you find yourselves in here on earth is always giving of enlightenment and lessons but most of them are not recognized, mostly because you are in too big a hurry. There is a lot to be learned from nature and what it has to teach all of us. The seasons of earth and renewal are interesting in how life is everlasting and continues from a master plan that insures continuity of existence and expression of the energy that is given. Just as there are different energies expressed in their own form in nature, there are different expressions of God with each soul. Most of your social expectations have you confined within only a small parameter of acceptable behavior and does not allow for true expression of self. If all beings in human form could express in their own way, enlightenment would come more easily in life and you would not have to struggle and work so hard for it. It would come more naturally. Spending time in complete freedom lends itself to greater advancement along your journey of knowing, leading to wisdom. All expression has to be done within God’s laws, or needs to be. The imposed restrictions of the Covid virus has done more to get people thinking about freedom to express than most anything has in a long while. After this year long experience your freedoms are much more appreciated than they were and you have learned how necessary they are for expression of life itself.

We are hoping this will translate over to your governments world wide and how freedoms are now seen in a different light. A lot of realization and enlightenment comes from contrast and you have certainly had your share of having freedom and not having freedom. Things that needed examination concerning your governments have been brought to your attention recently for review and this needs to be a positive thing leading to change. Contrast of one thing against another gives you evaluation and puts the light on choice and how you live your lives. You may not realize something can be improved until it is taken away completely and you have to live without it. When it is returned, or when you have to work to get it back it is valued more highly and takes on a different importance in your life. Think of this in reference to your struggle with the dark and what they have taken away from you and now what you must do to get back your freedoms and your joy of life. How alert will you be in your future when someone, or some group tries to take away your freedoms a step at a time and what will you do to stop this from happening.

First, now things have to be restored to what was intended for you and this brings about the real need for you to see what was taken away, or how else will you be brought to enlightenment. We are talking here of the need for contrast between what was intended for you and what was allowed to happen that was so far away from your freedoms. Only in this focus of contrast will you learn how this has been done and how it should never happen again. If we came down and took all the bad things away that have been going on and you never saw them, you would be robbed and cheated out of the learning and the enlightenment of being capable of stopping this from happening ever again. You would be no more equipped to protect yourselves in the future than you were when this all started long ago. Take heed to the details and all aspects of what is happening in your reality now when things are brought out for you to see. Yes, they will be difficult but do not bypass or miss the learning and enlightenment from the whole experience and what it has the power to give you. Let this experience fortify you and strengthen you as a group of earth beings that will resolve never to let this happen to them again for its intensity and depth was great and has rocked you to your core. It was designed to separate you from every bit of connection you had and would have with your Creator and the freedoms that were lovingly given to you to enjoy. The expression of self was systematically planned to be removed and came near.

When every item comes out and is revealed take a close look at how this was done and the enlightenment will spring forth from experience and contrast between a Godly life and the depth to which created darkness can be taken. Learn and go forth with new found knowledge and wisdom which can never be taken from you.

I leave you now to sit in a position of receiving education. Think on these words I have given and make the most of the opportunity you can have in the midst of all the horror and chaos of what the dark has done. Do not give them an inch of knowing you were not moved by the learning of their ways. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you will always recognize the attempt of anyone to take away the God expressions you were meant to have and you will fight to see that this is never done again.

I am Joseph In His Service

May 13, 2021

Let us begin. We need to be clear here concerning our coming and I mean landing. Certain things have to happen first before we are comfortable with landing and walking out of our craft. We do not want to be met with firearms of any kind and put our people in danger. We have lost enough people by coming into hostile situations and we need certain assurance that this will not happen. We understand that this is not up to you for you are ready for this to happen. False flag attempts are planned and we may not be able to do away with all the hype completely and we do understand heads of families wanting to protect their loved ones.

We do not have the capability of advertising our non-threatening and friendly purposes like they do on your televisions every 15 minutes and the word may not get out that we want to be of help. The ones in your government that know of our willingness to be of service may not spend time on a campaign to educated everyone to our plans and therefore we would be taking a large chance to come before disclosure or announcements are repeated. We have had planned for a long time that walking on your planet, in plane sight is the best way if all goes well in our reception. At present there are so many that do not want this to happen and we will use caution here. Trying to walk among you, dressed in your clothing has not been met with any belief that we are real, no matter what we say. You are so programmed that we will be seen in some type of metallic suite and strange shoes that you will not accept anyone looking like your average person. This is counter productive since we already walk among you and have been for decades. Also incarceration is not our goal here and we would rather not be locked in a room for study. So, we wait for better timing and circumstances.

I would like to speak of coming home for many of you. There is a time for this to happen when chapters are closed and life missions are completed. The earth experience has taken its toll on many of you and we have not been certain of your mental ability to make a good transition back into your previous lives. This is a large adjustment and should be done with care. Most of you think you would do fine and long for this to happen but it is more complicated than you might think. First of all there is the big adjustment of having to leave your possessions behind and these are the things you have worked for to acquire. Some of them are very meaningful and we do understand this. The adjustment of relocation itself into a new neighborhood of friends, no matter how loving, is still an adjustment. Then there is the fact of loosing all of your material things in the process and this will most likely be challenging.

Care will be taken to face these challenges when you return and all will be done to make you feel at home but still there will be many differences. A big concern for you will be the change in food and even though our food is better for you in all ways, you will not be able to find any fast food drive thru anywhere. No home delivery and no number to call for ordering ahead for pick up. Our society is structured differently as you know and the positive parts will far outweigh other things but there will be things to overcome from habit alone. There will be no locks on your doors for we know when there are inappropriate times to be calling on someone from the energies we receive when inquiring. You will not be able to go to a window and raise it for fresh air to the outside if you are in one of our ships. Our air quality is perfect indoors. You will not have vacuum cleaners for carpets nor will you have to dust the furniture. There is also our adjustment to you. Yes, we will have to get ready for your thoughts that will run the gamut of topics and some will be inappropriate until you learn social customs and overcome habits. It will be interesting to say the least.

So, when you think of coming home please know that the abounding love you will find will help to overcome any difficulty that may arise and everyone will adjust in time. There will come a time when you will most likely realize you will not be returning to earth after the weekend is over. You do not yet realize what great adjustments you have had to make to go through the lives on earth you have lived. Also you do not realize that it will take time to adjust back to the life you did once live with us. Keep in mind that where you came from is your real home and what happened on earth was only temporary. The earth you left will have you accustomed to instant everything and when you return, adjustment will not be instantly accomplished. It will come and all will return to your knowing. We ask that you have patience and understanding.

We tell you all this to inform you for time is drawing closer to when you will be coming home and it will follow on the heels of so much that has yet to come on your earth. You have yet to go through some big things there, so place all this concerning coming home in the back of your mind for future reference and tackle what you need to looming in front of you first. We do anticipate your eager return home once the timing is right after the last curtain call.

You have done well in living a double life, one in the earth environment and one connected to your real home and stored memories, which have been kept for you. Continue your assigned work whenever possible, whatever that directive has been and stand firm in your faith and understanding for you are tenured now and are no longer a novice on earth and untested. Let God’s Light, Love and Will flow through you with each now moment and bring as many home to God as you can with your continued work. So many are depending upon you. You have long passed the time when you questioned what was happening to you and kept asking if this was real. You are in important times now more so than ever and what you do and how you react to what will happen is paramount to arrive at the best outcome possible.

I leave you now with these words and thoughts to ponder and review in meaning. I hope you feel their importance.

I am Joseph In His Service