April 19, 2023

My Dear Ones,

You have no doubt wondered why things do not seem to be progressing as you have been told.  Actually, they are but most of it is behind the scenes and hidden from you.  Often this is the case as history is made of many small decisions leading to large changes.  This entire earth is having so many changes in everything now.  Politics, economy, ecology, and everything else.  Do not think events have stalled or stopped.  They are going full speed ahead.

Key players have been either replaced, arrested and taken before the court systems or incarcerated.  The earth’s crust is in constant movement now and not stalled at all.  There will be further movement soon that will be very evident.  The weather that has been so erratic and in force is cleansing areas as it passed through or over.  Yes, it has been destructive in places but balance has to be restored and this is one way.  New discoveries in medicine will continue to develop and be usable for the public shortly and this will be aided by many experienced medical people on our side.  There are more and more dedicated medical professionals on earth that look for other remedies than destructive drugs or processes and they are finding them.

We try to bring you as much comfort as possible, but some are distraught in their belief they have been misled or abandoned.  This is far from the case.  We will continue to help in all ways possible.  The maturation of certain energies is still going on and it was unforeseen that it would take as long as it has.  Do not be discouraged.  These energies were corrupted at one time, and it has taken awhile to restore their validity in their focus with the attunement that is needed to correct the damage that has been done.  There was a lot of damage done to and on earth.  This was in the imprisonment of the people with false information and also the damaging of the many aspects of earth herself.  All has to be repaired and healed and this takes time and has taken more time than we anticipated.  It is still going on now.

The objectives are still the same as they were.  The people who are complicit have to account for their actions and this will involve a legal review of actions.  Those that need to be in key places are being moved into those places and will serve in a directed way for the benefit of all.  This has taken many lifetimes to prepare them and give them the experience they need.  Ascension is ongoing and the atmosphere of emotions of those on earth is so different now than it was even a year ago.  There have been resting times, which are greatly needed for both people and energies.  Mother earth is doing all she can to help in every way possible.  She is still concerned for her children but is moving forward.

We are here keeping a close watch on all that is and most of it is difficult to report or describe in terms that you would understand.  Please be patient and know that all is going toward the final goal of change and ascension.  Be at peace as much as possible and do not be discouraged.  We are working with most of you at night while you sleep to give you the healing we can and also the information to uplift you and help you carry forward with faith and belief in what is going on.  We continue to be with you in this journey of all that is.  This is a necessary transition and all aspects you see are very necessary in the whole picture of things to bring about what is needed.  We continue in our Divine directed way to serve in this grand change from dark to Light.  It is a momentous time of change and ascension and everything that goes with it.

We are God’s servants and also yours.

Our love is eternally with you in all ways.

10 thoughts on “April 19, 2023

  1. This is an interesting update for it is directly related to a very well informed article about the agenda of the global elite and their plans for humanity. I am posting the link to this article for both the readers and our guides so that all can understand at least from a human perspective, the war we are in, the plans, operations, advances, of the dark ones, and why all our efforts to resist the global agenda seems to go nowhere. Here is the article: https://www.globalresearch.ca/we-being-smashed-politically-economically-medically-technologically-elites-great-reset-why-how-do-we-fight-back-effectively/5809364

    I am thankful to those of the light and your continued efforts to change the direction of human events. I hope that we will begin to see these victories in the expansion of freedom, morality, and the rule of law. But at the present, it is difficult to see any real advancement on the side of humanity.

    I am hoping for and trusting in the promise of the two timelines, and focusing on the ascension timeline, so that no matter what happens in the future my family, those I love, and all those within my sphere of influence do not have to live through the worst of it on earth. Praise, honor, and adoration to the light and all who are aligned with it.

    Your chela, Jay


  2. I want to express my sincere love, gratitude, and appreciation beyond words for the guidance and direction so lovingly offered by all those associated with the writing of these messages, and to Taylor M. for your dedication to this work. You all have touched many lives for good. I further thank you for stretching my patience, as I daily look forward to and await your next message.

    My hope and prayer for all those who are on the ascension timeline is that when we have finished our work on Earth, that we may promptly participate in the ongoing ascension and continue our service to the Creator/Creation in higher realms. Oh may it be so.

    In love and light, Jay


  3. Sending Love & Light to all of you all the time and out of time. Heres a little bubble up into the cyberworld 👋. On we go believing. Though there is separation there is not. Lots to come ✨️

    Glory to God


  4. I reread this post again today, and the Spirit of peace that attends these messages replenished my soul. This message was concluded with the signature “We are God’s servants and also yours. Our love is eternally with you in all ways.”

    As I read that, the Spirit within me said, “You are also God’s servant.”

    There are many on earth, who like our beloved Pleiadian family, are also God’s servants. God’s hand is revealed by those on both sides of the veil. I know this. I also have faith that His work will be accomplished through the combined efforts of all those who are in the service of the divine light.

    Dearest writers of this blog, I return to you the same sentiment you gave to us. “Our love is eternally with you in all ways.” I am certain you can feel that love, and I know it strengthens you as your love strengthens us so that we can finish the work we are given to do. For in the end, there is only light, there is only love, there is only reality, there is only truth, there is only ONE Creator/Creation of which we are all thought-form projections manifesting the God within, and as all things came forth from this God, so shall all things return. Therefore, all praise, all honor, all adoration, and all emulation is to the ONE Source and Center of All That Is.

    Can there be a greater work to be united with? Can there be a greater fight to be involved with in the entire cosmos than the one we are engaged in on Earth? No! Therefore, what shall we do? Carry on, and hold high that banner of truth, until all enemies are subdued, the victory won, and God Aton and Sananda shall say, come home ye dear ones your work is finished. Let us bandage your wounds, and wash your feet in loving gratitude for the services you have rendered. Rest a while, and recover your strength for there is yet more work to be completed in the mansions of OUR Father’s kingdom.

    So be it! Jay


    1. Your remarks touched me very deeply Jay (as always). Thank you for sharing them. Many hearts within this veil and extending beyond it into greater spheres are also touched. Indeed, we are all members of our great Eternal Family of Light and Love and Glory. Some have memory and cherish those of us who are still awakening fully beyond our capacities to now understand, yet what is real is real forever and all will be made known in Gods perfect timings and ways. I love you my brother. I love all of you. I love our Eternal Father and Mother and Honor them and their great purposes greatful to be participating in these divine things with each of you. God wins. Always has and always will forever. We’re here to learn to deal with fallen nature and those who have chosen to abuse the free agency they were given because that’s just one of the phases of how we grow and learn, often times away at school in a veiled state. It’s simply about our learning, advancement and Eternal Progression under the watchful loving perfectly mindful aware eyes of our Eternal Parents


  5. Thank you Jacob for your kind words and loving nature. I am glad to read your comments, feel your spirit and see you are still hanging in there. As always my love for you is returned my brother, Jay


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