May 23, 2023

We are all checking in with you and send our love to you for this time of transition and it is a big transition involving everyone and everything.  All plants, animals and sea life.  Our duties are many at this time and it does our hearts good to know that you are so dedicated in love that we can rest assured that you are not at the top of our list of disturbed individuals that have not gone within and found their way.  No matter how difficult it becomes on our side we all say to each other that we feel good about all reading here, that they have read out messages and filled their hearts and minds with love.

If you have time please go back and re-read as many of the previously given messages as you have time for.  These are for everyone.  We love you dearly and always will.


on Offer Of Trust

4 thoughts on “May 23, 2023

  1. Thank you for coming. Thank you for lending your support & love in the many innumerable ways that offer such cherished blessings of service for each and all. When in the service of others it is in the service of God. We have quite the road ahead together ❤️ ✨️ ∞

    JST, Genesis 9:22–23:

    22 And this is mine everlasting covenant, that when thy posterity shall embrace the truth, and look upward, then shall Zion look downward, and all the heavens shall shake with gladness, and the earth shall tremble with joy;

    23 And the general assembly of the church of the firstborn shall come down out of heaven, and possess the earth, and shall have place until the end come. And this is mine everlasting covenant, which I made with thy father Enoch.


  2. As I mentioned in my last comment, rereading the posts is a rewarding experience. We thank all the writers of this blog for all the information given and look forward to further details that will help us in this transition period.

    For your information, there is a site called that echos the words of this blog as sourced from the Phoenix Journals and it provides a link to the Offer of Trust.

    With love and light, Jay


  3. As the transition is a big work, this statement from Sipau Oddesy gives two ways we can work with the lighted brotherhood.

    “There is still a chance–a SLIGHT chance, that this great upheaval can be avoided. However, it will take extreme cooperation from you people of Earth–cooperation unlike you have ever exhibited before in this age.

    “1. Avoid giving off negative energy through your distrust, greed, hatred and begin to help each other. By helping each other, you give off positive vibrations (energy). LOVE GOD! The positive energy in large mass will neutralize the weight of negative energy which has built up around the pole of your planet–this could keep it from tilting if enough positive energy is received in time. Your planet is a living organism. Send mental positive energy by thanking the Earth for all its bountifulness you have received.

    “2. By whatever peaceful means at your disposal put sufficient pressure on your government(s) to permit us to land our spaceships on your planet and meet with your leaders and offer them our assistance and technology. WE WILL NOT DO THIS UNTIL WE ARE ASSURED WE WILL NOT BE TREATED WITH HOSTILITY OR BE INCARCERATED. With the cooperation of your world governments, we can greatly help you in more orderly evacuation of your planet, if indeed it still becomes necessary–which it may! If it does not then we can work together in the sharing of technology and live in brotherhood.

    Go to this link to read this statement in its greater context.

    This was written nearly 30 years ago. I am not sure how successful anyone would be at speaking to people in government today as they are largely controlled by the dark ones.

    If our guides have more current suggestions about ways we can help in this transition process, I am sure you will find willing hearts and helpful hands.

    Your brother, Jay


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