July 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy this morning that I speak to you. Things are falling into place and we proceed as planned. Make note that all is going well now and sightings have begun around the world. Announcements will come out and people will talk about seeing us in their skies. I am encouraged by things so far. We proceed.

The disclosure from key figures is in progress and hopefully will not be disturbed or delayed. They are on board with us. I can hardly believe it is happening finally. So many long hours in the planning process to get this far. The dark forces have been thinned almost to extinction on your planet and the atmosphere is lighter (in weight) and Lighter (with light). You will begin to live your lives in freedom now and learn how it was meant to be by your Creator on high.

There have been lives lost on our side to bring this about and this is unfortunately the case when going up against this type of foe. We mourn our losses like you do and special care is taken to tend to them when this happens. They will recover and go on with their experience in another form but still live to the fullest. The Spirit is not deterred in this respect. It is strong and hardy and does not give up its path to achieve. That is how dedicated we are that we give of our lives to free you from your bondage.

Now to the fun part. If only we could wave to you on the ground. That time is coming soon. Right now we are being sighted over large cities to confront the most people and word will travel in your papers, on social media and in the news. Undeniable it will be for sure. A BIG deal, so you say, and we plan to keep it that way for awhile until all cannot deny it is happening.

Be at peace for we bring you good news and give of our knowledge freely if you will just listen. For we are from the Father in this and in all things concerning you and this project on your planet. It has been a long time coming and all are rejoicing at the moment. We beseech you to receive us in good faith and no one needs to be afraid or apprehensive about this. We fail not to liberate you completely from your terror of bondage, even if you did not know it at the time. We liberate you and you will finally know the extent to which this was done. The truth will hurt but this has to be shown to you and you must know of it. This may take awhile but we now have the time and the means to do so.

Now is the time of disclosure and then education. We are back on track and things look good. Thousands of books written trying to inform everyone of our existence and now here we are in front of you, as it were. Happiness is in our hearts and minds this day and we revel in it for it was a long time coming. I bid you farewell for now and will see you from my vantage point in the skies. I want a first hand look at how you receive us and will not be denied of this. I do have my rank to do so and this pleases me.

I am Prosper

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