August 24, 2020

Let us begin. Our national endeavor for broadcast has been coming around and looks favorable again. Your prayers have been enormously successful and have impacted the minds of the ones in position to give us access to do this. We keep hoping that a full and outright go ahead is coming and we will not tarry to get this started. It is necessary to acquiesce on the amount of time we want control but once this gets underway I believe the information will speak for itself and the world will want this to continue. There is scientific and industrial items that we need to deliver for your advancement and this will be extremely beneficial to everyone in the long run. We have so much to further your country in every category that it is not even funny. You have been held back for so long now and you could have had a much better life. We aim to change this status for you and bring you up to speed, so to speak.

It is with hope that we can once again get on with the public broadcast in the way we had first intended and prove to all that we are of no harm and our thoughts and plans are solely for your benefit and support. Continue to pray for this as I can tell the difference in the results that are needed. You are doing well in this area and I am so pleased.

I continue with the education part. Now, let us talk about tradition and standing in the same footsteps as your fathers and grandfathers. It has come to my attention that some activities and customs are archaic and need to be scrapped, one being the way your government lets people hold positions for life. There are those in positions of influence that should have been ousted long ago. They are no longer of sound mind to keep up with everything and no longer care. As far as that goes there are some of sound mind now that no longer care. Some only care to see their name in the news and some only care to feel the money in their pockets rattle. This must be stopped. Elect your congress members for terms and see to their dedication and watch the results that issue forth from their decisions and decide if they are worthy to be there. Your leaders are atrocious!

Be that as it may you struggle along facing surmountable odds with the laws you are under and how anyone could make headway from those restrictions I do not know. It is almost to the point you need to scrap them all and start over. You need a team in there that can go through them one by one and evaluate their efficacy and re-vamp everything. In any event it is a huge job and time is wasting. See to it, all of you for you are responsible, please.

Now to another subject. Hydro energy as a source of energy. There is available now a system that will produce electricity from the water power you have available in your tides. This has been studied and planned out with concepts that actually work now. This can be further developed and enlarged on a scale that will produce so much power that you will be amazed and it is free and will not hurt any life whatsoever if done correctly. You certainly have the man power capable of planning and pulling this off. Look into it and you will be sent help in this area.

The other source of power for your people is of course the universal power that Tesla developed and tested himself. This was confiscated and hidden and never revealed because of money hungry individuals at the time. It is free now and can be developed. Money has been the hold back along with power hungry monopolies. See that this is funded and given free reign to give everyone free power for all that is needed. You have been blessed with the freedom to do so now. It is in the works and help will be given in this area also.

Let us go to money. There is a large movement waiting to be unrolled now that will give everyone a boost in lifestyle and give you more freedom. We will do our best to see that there are no roadblocks here and it is shortly to be implemented in your banks and monetary systems. It is a huge changeover and has involved years of planning and money had to be freed from those who had it all in their control. It is coming. It will not be a money give a way as you might think but a system rearrangement of values in all countries. It will work.

Now on to springing forward in concept of thoughts. New ideas in all areas of inventions and concepts will come to your people with the avenues to bring them forth and roll them out into workable ways of availability to all. Many areas will immediately be enhanced and improved. Others will take more time and effort to plan and bring to concept. These are all beneficial to you and are yours to have. It has been willed that this is so. We are here to help in all these matters and the avenues are paved for a ride to your better life and better mental health.

Speaking of mental health, it is necessary to put a stop to this mind control that has been going on for decades now. You are being hit from several sources with influences guiding you toward an end that will keep you locked down and purchasing the products and acting the way that controllers want you to act. No more. Your mind is your own and you have the right to use it however you see fit. There will be no more mind control of the masses or of the individuals or of the children. We are taking some of the video games that are present now upon your markets for they are training your children and some adults a way of thinking that is not of God’s ways and the practice of taking another life day after day in these games is not Godly and should be stopped. Do not practice killing or taking the life of another in any way. The life is not yours to take, it belongs to God and he is the creator of life. Only he can decide the termination of a life, not you. Do not practice evil.

Do I have your attention now? I proceed and am not slowed down just because you are amazed or do not agree with me. This is real business we are here to carry out and I am not threatened by your disbelief in these matters. Harsh, you might think, no it is the way of God’s dealings in the matter and remember you did ask and pray for help. We heard your prayers and this is the help you asked for.

See us through on these things. All is for your benefit. Do not wonder why you are in the conditions you are in . It is because you have allowed these influences to take over and invade your lives and minds and did not stop to think that they were the cause of the unbelievable atrocities that are occurring today. It is time that these things are corrected by reworking or by getting rid of them altogether. It is your responsibility if you want a better life and to remain free and it is as simple as that. Harsh, maybe but we did not come here to pamper you and baby you in a better life. This will take work and time and dedication on your part to get this done.

Remember you asked for it and here we are answering your call. This is the answer, not the punishment. Open the door to us and our messages and you will be amazed at the difference it will make. Better yet the good will and love that will abound in your lives. Give us and our messages a chance, will you please? I will continue to deliver this information as God intends and it is up to you to consider . I am done.

I am Prosper

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