August 28, 2020

It is with pleasure that I speak to you this morning and I bring good news. Our agreement with the broadcast station has been finalized and we will go on the air Monday morning at prime time around 9 AM Eastern time. This is per a contract deal that was made with the heads of the company. I sure hope this materializes in good faith. It has gone bad before on several occasions and we have learned our lessons well. I am trying not to get too excited over this but my heart is pitty pat on occasion when I think of the ramifications that will come about after this message. I am aghast at the inference that we are pleasure seekers and here seeking ulterior motives, of course all things have been thrown at us and we have been accused of many things which are not true. I seek to prove this statement that we have made all along of helping you is true and will prove it if given a chance.

Now, on to other things. At present your earth is wobbling at axis and will continue to be out of balance and there will be certain non pleasant occurrences in your future regarding this out of alignment, earthquakes being one of them. Your East coast and Mississippi River area is in grave danger at this time and has to relieve itself of the pressures inflicted upon it by normal plate movement. Normally all people think of the West coast with its problems of similar activities but now it looks as if the East coast is top of the list. We removed all delay techniques a while back and let Gaia take her natural course regarding this for it was time for her to move ahead. This is part of the overall changes that will occur and we have tried to inform you of these for many years now. We stand by to discuss this with you and to help you as much as we are allowed if disaster should occur. There are some natural events where our hands are tied as these things have to be in normal process to go forward and it has been so in all your history.

We endeavor to give you all necessary information regarding earth changes and I see you are well on your way into the hurricane season and things will be a little active this year in that area. Suffice it to say there will be many to form and it remains how many will make landfall this year. Prepare well in advance for some might be extremely strong in building up of energy. They are quite destructive because of the water force that is involved along with the wind. There are those who try to manipulate their intensities but this will be not allowed as much as we can control their activities in this area. There are those still wanting to cause as much trouble as possible in your lives since they cannot have their way in all things. We have won and there is no going back for them and they are acting out until the very end of their lives. This can be arranged for them and will be if they proceed.

Now for the news. You know it has been manipulated for quite some time now and this too will change. How would you like to wake up one morning and hear the real truth of everything? It can be done and this is one of our long term goals. No more control by a few who run what you think about and how you process your lives. When God gives a directive it will be followed one way or the other. Your news area is one of the areas that will be changed no matter how long it will take. There is no need for lies any more. Only with truth can you recover and go about reclaiming your rights and liberties that are due you. These are long term goals, I understand but goals nevertheless. They stay on the things to do list.

Now we come to adrenachrome and the dastardly deeds that go along with that process. My goodness how this has been kept from you for so many years. On the other hand it was so well known among many. The children have been recovered, thanks to some very brave individuals that stormed these captive places and rescued them , while endangering their lives to do so. It has been appreciated that they volunteered to do this and will be rewarded in the long run regarding good deeds in their future. What a subject to discuss but you have to know what has been going on behind closed doors now and mainly who these people were that participated in this drinking of blood from children. Yes, it is true and we bring it to you, not for the shock value but for the truth you must have to go forward and heal. This planet and her people must start to heal from all the negative influences plaguing them over the years. It is part of this going forward process and must be done. We do not look forward to this part and it has saddened us for years that this has gone on and been kept from you. Enough!

Now for the lessons on air. First the announcements from several individuals who are quite good at this speaking and then on to the truth of the universe and more pointedly your area of the universe. It will amaze and astound you and we bring these laws and rules to you in complete history and accuracy so you can take your place now and be represented on the councils concerning your universal presence, which you have now earned. Use this representation wisely and choose your representative leaders well. You have always been part of the universe but now you will have a say in your future regarding your neighbors as well. You have come into a new chapter of your history and you will be guided in your choices and decisions when needed. We are here on a long term basis and we fail you not. Of course the responsibility is yours whenever earth is concerned now and you will wear this responsibility well, I am sure of it.

This has been a good week for all here and we look forward to more progress in the future. Think on these things and I will leave you now in peace.

I am Prosper

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