February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that we see animosity in a large degree for many reasons. Politically, and against authority in general. The mandates and rules keeping people at home and behind masks is not going well and there are those who advocate rebelling against both. This is understandable and needs a voice considering all the information available regarding the Covid 19. The political hatred is another matter and should be captured within the confines of non violent expression at all turns. There is no reason for destruction of property and loss of life. There are avenues to what is desired without these. It is necessary to bring both feelings forward to address, however. Attempts to keep you agitated and combative serve a purpose and you need to consider what that is and who benefits from it.

You are waiting on action of some sort that will explain things and make everyone happy and set all upon the road to progress again. If this is the case are you giving this outcome and this time line your energy so that it will come about? Instead of focusing on one political party or another try to focus upon the result of unity for all and for your country and this applies to all countries. We are moving away from sides or groups or what our parents or grandparents held to. Now we must make the changes that bring your world into what is best for all concerned and this is doing away with repression of thought and freedom. Look at your laws and see if they serve the citizens of your country. Look at your money and see where it is going and how it is being used. Are your political leaders serving in the best interest of the people they represent and this is regardless of political party. Try to think in terms without division and separation.

What to do? What to do? First I would suggest trying to educate yourselves with information that gives you a broader scope than what your news does. If all you base your beliefs on is what you see and hear on the TV and your news media you have a narrow view. There are other sources of ideas about what is going on and they take some looking into. Use those search engines and start reading and follow the ones that resonate well within you and use your guidance leading you to truth. This is our purpose and we are available at all moments with information that would help you to understand and so much of it is there on your internet. Take advantage of those who dare to bring truth to you, either by video or by written word and this takes time to watch and read. The answers you seek are being made available, even though so many have been prevented and removed from the public. Do not give up or give in to falsehood. Do not let the restrictions hovering over everyone keep you from seeking what is rightfully yours to know.

We come to a moment in your progress where you have to endure many unpleasant things and transition actions to get to where you want to be. Do not be confused by the many emotions existing upon your planet and find that security and support in your source of the only real love and security you know is everlasting. However many times it takes during the day when your mind becomes focused on the negative aspects of what is happening, pull your focus back to the God within and express these qualities of compassion, love and light and start there again. Breath in the life giving energy that is yours which is God given at this time and regain that determination to be confident and stand tall in faith that lets you know the path you need to travel is leading you to the earth you are creating out of all this chaos and turmoil. You have access to a source that is above all others, that is more powerful than all others and is your right to have, be in and live in at all times. Do not pass this by or forget to return your thoughts and focus back to this starting point at every moment necessary during your day. Make it a habit to ask yourself, “am I in the right state of mind and mental attitude to be the best expression of my God within?” Think about how many song lyrics you know and then ask yourself if you know the laws and commandments you are supposed to be living by. Do you know what God wants you to do each day and the manner and method He wants you to possess? Have you asked?

You come to us to help you and we are here, eager to serve and help you in any way we can. Now we give you keys to your better way of living and we ask that you take these and give them a try. Search for truth in all that is going on and don’t give up. Begin the habits or continue them that keep you in the energy of Light and Love in your everyday life. We cannot do these things for you. We do give you truth and ask that you consider it but this still resides with you in the accepting of it. There is so much that is waiting for you to understand. Base EVERYTHING upon the God within for you are not separated from it and respect yourself for who you are. Then respect your bodies as the gift for getting through this life. Then seek the teachings concerning how to live your lives. This sets you off on the right vision when you view everything.

I leave you now with the simple truth and it is what you asked for. When you live your lives from this standpoint you have accomplished much.

I am Joseph In His Service

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