February 20, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that you have denied yourselves so much joy and happiness. It is almost that you feel you are not worthy. I hear, “I could be happy if…” or “If he/she would change I could be happy. Happiness has an energy of its own and thrives in the most dire of places and circumstances because the individual knows the secret. It does not come from the outside of you. It comes from inside and the connection you have with your source of life and the God within. God is the creator of Light and Love and within that is the happiness and you seek it out like buried treasure and invite it into your consciousness. The happiness overtakes you and thrives within you and is always there. You become connected with it when you allow God given creative Light into your being and you acknowledge it and therein lies the happiness you seek. It is yours, always, as is the Light of God. There are days you just don’t feel it but that does not mean it isn’t there along with the Light, for God, along with the Light is in everything. You can think, how can I be happy when I have no money and the bills are coming in and we need food? Is not your Father the giver of all things sustaining the heart and mind no matter what the circumstances might be? Work with the Light and through it and partake of the meaningful energy that comes with it and you will find that happiness contained in this type of journey. It is not dependent upon outward things but inner connection. It does not favor one over the other.

We see so many of you who have worked hard to overcome so many things being in the joy that God brings and you are not wealthy. You do not live in luxury and drive an expensive car, yet you thrive in the power and glory of God given Light and the love that comes with it and the joy cannot be held back. It is because you have allowed. You are already a creation of the Father just by being and you see the possibilities in the creative force that comes with the connection. You have been so used to living in such a state of poverty where happiness is concerned that you think it is normal and you do not have enough going for you to be happy. Try to reorient your thinking to knowing that you are loved no matter what you have or own and are deserving of a Light filled life and therein is your happiness. When you continue to remain in the lower vibrations of 3D it is difficult to experience happiness. The higher vibrations make it so much easier to connect with that source that contains all the things that are available that you seek.

So many think they will have to give up so much in 3D if they want to move up but the real things that are lasting and bring a better path of life are always available with that connection with source and this is what is propelling you into 5D. You need to think about the things you think bring you joy and ask if they are lasting and do they build upon your path to higher existence. Will you take these things you have valued in the past with you when you loose your physical body. You will not find the higher vibrations in the lower aspects of 3D living. Giving up certain things does not mean giving up happiness, even though it may seem that way. Your value system has lived in wrong thinking of what is important for so long that you continue to seek material things.

Most of you reading here have risen above that and know where the life sustaining source of joy and happiness is. If appropriate help others and know you are always an example to them by the way you live your life. You have worked so hard to help others come along with you in this journey toward ascension. Each time you bring more Light into your realm you make the way clearer for others to travel higher in their path. You see others are still struggling with wrong thinking and this is concerning for you. So much of this journey has to be done by yourself and there is only so much you can do for others as you have found. Do not take on their burden but given an opportunity be of help to them.

You may think I am trying to encourage you toward happiness because of the many things of a negative nature that will be brought out before the public and this is true but my words are also a reminder that when you are overcome by any emotion of a lower nature, such as grief, hate, sadness and such like you will know where to go and how to connect to overcome these. It is only natural that you are concerned over what has happened in your world and there will be a healing process because of it but keep in mind where the source of overcoming and healing is. Do not forget this and do not let others who do not understand as much as you do take you down so low with them. This is your journey and your mission and you will travel this part of the transition knowing you will overcome and regain your equilibrium if you become unbalanced for a moment. Do not question your ability to recover from anything you might encounter or be challenged with. You have been through so much and risen above at other times and at present you do not remember this. You are stronger than you think.

I leave you now facing the next steps in your journey to fixing and correcting what needs to be changed in your world. Remember only the strong were sent.

I am Joseph In His Service

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