April 10, 2021

Let us begin. We need to say here that we understand your apprehension for leaving your homes and going somewhere you have never been. It is almost unthinkable at present but when the need arises and there are earthquakes of destruction and volcanic eruptions then the motivation will be strong for wanting to get away to a a place of safety. When you are motivated to leave in a hurry you will find out quickly what is important to you. The things you will be able to take with you will be limited. It will almost be like a house on fire. Would you stop to grab something on the way out or would you just want to hold your family close and get away? Yes, it will be that important if you want to survive. In the beginning it will start slowly but then it will progress until all the energies have reached their balance. We must come close to the beginning of the changes because to remain in your skies as the changes progress would not be safe and we will not take this chance when you have time in the beginning of evacuation to make your decision.

As in a house on fire, will all be lost? In most areas of the earth the answer is yes for destruction will take place. In many places the land will be inundated by water. Earthquakes more severe than you have ever experienced and more that one or two volcanoes will shoot ash and rock high into your skies. This ash will pollute your skies world wide as it spreads and make it impossible to breathe. There will be no place to go, except for possibly deep underground and that is questionable in that it would be difficult to find a safe place and then what would you do for food? This is not exaggerated and is generally accurate in its facts. This is a much better option than it would be if you rocketed out into space looking for a new place to live. We have places already planned for you to live until earth has recovered from these changes. Will you be able to return? Yes, at some point you will and many will return. Some will choose to remain for it will be their returning to home. This is where they originated from before coming to earth for their many lifetimes. It all depends on their choice and if their mission has been completed. The contracts signed long ago were for different goals and the people chosen are of different talents and abilities. Many will want to return and carry out earth’s recovery and return to original condition before all the pollution. The work will continue on until this is completed.

Often when this happens to a planet the people returning do very well and there are no obstacles in their continued possibilities for happiness. The plants will return and the animals that have been picked up will return and life will continue on a better level than before. You will have a world without darkness and imposed control and you will create your own governance based on a true will of the people and not some distorted contrivance of a few. The better life you have been promised will be given and then it will be up to you to make the most of it through your own work.

We would prefer you think on these things now instead of putting them off until you only have 15 minutes to decide. It is the better option. If time is available we will answer more of your questions for we do not know Gaia’s schedule, only that it will happen because it has to happen from a scientific standpoint. I leave you now to think on these things for there is much to consider and yet it is very simple. Let God be your guide in all decisions.

I am Joseph In His Service

9 thoughts on “April 10, 2021

  1. Hello – will everyone on Earth need to be evacuated? Or will parts if it remain fine throughout the duration and those people be able to stay without assistance? Will some areas go unharmed?


    1. We can say that we do not know exactly what areas, if any, will remain untouched by the balancing of pressures. The equalizing of pressures can and will become most violent around the world. I would not say there would be any SAFE areas for fear of misleading anyone. Since we are responsible for your only means of evacuation it is upon us to see to your safety and I dare not tell you that any certain place will be safe. We do not want to loose anyone. Thank you for your question. Joseph


  2. Hello Joseph – Thank you, and thanks to Prosper also for these very timely and relevant messages. I have a simple backpack with my laptop containing all my family pictures, that and my dogs leash nearby is all I’ll need as my dog, (also hopefully my spouse who doesn’t believe any of this yet) and I leave our house and enter a beam. As for the 15 min preparation I will try to convince my spouse and neighbors to step into the beams, I hope to be successful!!


    1. We know this is a very difficult time and emotions are deep regarding loved ones. At some point others are responsible for their own decisions, either leaving earth or staying. I will tell you that there is God’s love for all no matter their choice. Some are not ready and will not go. Our hearts go out to everyone concerning this evacuation and hopefully seeing the rising dangers earth will produce will convince some to take that leap of faith and step into a beam. Thank you for your comment. Joseph


  3. Many volcanoes erupting now on earth. How soon will the event take place? Days,weeks,months?I had and experience several years ago on my way to work one winter morning. 3 bright flashes of white light each one getting brighter.Then for about 3-5 seconds there was a blue beam appeared straight up into clouds.I have had other sightings as well. I see numbers.Are these number synchronization a message?


    1. I see urgency in preparing you for evacuation and I do not want anyone uninformed. This means I need to start early and repeat often concerning the same message theme. There will be time to prepare so that you can get things in order for this to happen and our time being so different than yours, it is difficult for me to give you any indication for all is subject to the reflecting of change. Much more than this I cannot say but you will see with your own eyes how things evolve and increase in intensity.

      Regarding the question of seeing numbers I feel these are repeating confirmations for you and do contain messages for you personally. Part of the message is that there are no accidents and there is a strength of purpose for you in your life and you are to pay attention to it. It is the universe and higher forces speaking the language of knowing in terms of numbers. This is happening quite a lot now and is a form or communication. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


  4. Bonjour , votre texte a été publié sur Facebook ces de la où je vous est connue . Quelques personnes sont dubitatif , et ce méfie ( peur que ce sois les mauvais extraterrestre ) , personnellement j’ai fait un rêve qui me semble prémonitoire je rêvé d’être dans un vaisseau j’étais sereine il sais déposer sur une planète ou tout était orange avec des parterres de fleurs mon conjoint n’était pas là ni mon fils mes j’étais sereine bizarre , en ce moment beaucoup d’éruption volcanique , nous verrons bien comment cela va ce passer , j’ai regardé pour la 5 ème fois le film prédiction avec Nicolas Cage cela y ressemble beaucoup un grand merci a vous je vous embrasse . Audrey


    1. Dear Audrey, Thank you for your comments. I am glad my words are given to you on Facebook. I know some people fear us but our purpose is not of harm but of help and love. Your dream sounds interesting and has meaning for you. We will have volcanoes. I am unaware of the movie you mention but know that a lot of information is inserted into movies for the public to see. We are aware of your Light. Be strong in your faith. Joseph


  5. Hi Joseph, I hope that you are getting belated comments on these earlier posts. As I am rereading earlier posts like you requested.

    Can you clarify some points you make? How much time will there be between your announcement and when you appear in our skies for evacuation? Will the announcement tell us when and where your local transport will be so we will know where to board? I don’t understand the 15 minute time frame. I don’t see how people will be able to gather their families and board a ship if we only have 15 minutes, especially if the kids are in school and both parents are separated at work. Even if parents left immediately, the time it takes to pick up their kids from school, drive home to pick up their carry-on and drive to wherever the ship is located will take longer than 15 minutes. When people return to earth after evacuation, will Gaia be fully ascended into 5th dimmension? If so, will we also be fully ascended into 5th dimmension? How long does transformation from 4th to 5th dimmension take? Will all those who board the ship be at least 4th dimensional beings? If so, is the announcement to evacuate earth and board a ship personal or will it be a public announcement? Thank you for your answer, your brother. Jay


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