April 9, 2021

Let us begin. Often when a planet is ready to ascend there are no people going with it. In this case the timing of the ascension is directly related to the co-ascension of the planet and the inhabitants on that planet. This is very unusual and is at the request of Gaia because of her love for her children. She sees all of you as her children and wants to make this journey into the higher dimensions together. This has been a long term goal for her and she prolonged her suffering so this joint ascension could be accomplished. Her dedication to you has been extraordinary. Evacuation is not ascension as they are two entirely different things. Evacuation will not negate ascension.

The time has come, however where she needs to make adjustments in her surface because of pressures and she can no longer put them off to give anyone more time to come to God. This has to be done. This will necessitate major corrections in the tectonic plates all over the earth and also relieving of pressures concerning volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately this much needed adjustment she so desperately needs is dangerous for many in certain areas and the extent to which it will cause disruption is unknown. One thing usually leads to another and it is a trigger affect for other pressure sensitive areas. So many will be in danger.

We have spoken of evacuation before and it has loomed around earth several times in the past in many of your lifetimes. One reason was because of possible problems at one or more of the atomic energy plants producing electricity and another reason is war that possibly would go too far. Another reason is earth’s need to balance the pressures and this is what Gaia chose to delay. So you can see this is not a new concept we are talking about and has been prepared for long before now. The need, until now, did not materialize. We will not be able to deflect or postpone this need to remove people from earth any longer.

The plan is simple and as I have stated before we have done this before many times and we are practiced and have experience. With so many planets in God’s creation there is always a planet now and then that needs to make changes for different reasons and the beings will need to be relocated, either for a short period of time or longer. This is earth’s time for changes and many places will no longer be safe in the initial adjustments and the ash and smoke from volcanic eruptions will make it unsafe world wide if they are large enough. The air quality will be affected world wide. The availability of food, gas and other commodities will be disrupted and life will become difficult.

We know you are concerned but life can continue elsewhere while this is being done and you will no longer be in danger if it is your decision to leave. We will not force anyone to leave earth. We would highly suggest that you do for there has been provided for you places for a comfortable continuation of your lives and we think you will find these places very pleasant. New opportunities will be provided and an amazing array of teachings and healing will be available. You will still have your free will choice within limits and I mean no harm to others will be allowed.

What will happen when evacuation is necessary? We will appear in your skies in our ships and you will know time is of the essence, as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not give much notice. Your experts in this field will likely warn the masses of impending danger. We will come low over your surface and a beam will become visible below. You will step into this bean and remain very still and be lifted up into the craft and the process will be repeated until everyone is given a chance to be evacuated or time has run out and we can no longer safely remain this close to the surface. It will not be long that we are given. You need to be prepared mentally in advance for this opportunity.

What will you see when you are lifted into a craft? These will be shuttle craft and are used to transport you to another location. They are comfortable and the atmosphere will be to your liking regarding air quality and gravity and pressure. There are many large crafts that can accommodate everyone who will be leaving earth. That is no problem and yes, they are this large. We have lived on them for many years and everything you need will be provided as we have stated before. It will be different but considering the other alternative of an uninhabitable earth it seems the better decision. There will be no fast food drive thrus. Our food quality far surpasses yours and you will feel the difference in your energy. There are no liquor stores or illegal drug connections to be made for they are not available. Our medical facilities also far surpass yours in our ability to heal and this will be a definite plus for you.

Will there be places for pets and yes there will be but there are limits regarding size. We expect to have 15 minutes available, once the need becomes known, to evacuate everyone who wants to be taken. Yes, it can be done and has been. Will there be confusion because of separation from loved ones at time of boarding and yes there will be but adults have their own free will to accept or reject and we cannot change this. Children will be returned to parents and that is the exception. Others will make their own decisions.

Even though this is a large undertaking it is manageable. There have been requests to know what it will be like and we have tried to give you answers to your questions. All details of what will transpire are not known because of the different reactions of the people. Many will not listen and many will be afraid. We had hoped to give you more information long ago regarding this time but it did not happen. Please consider all these things and know we provide the best plan we can for you under the circumstances concerning the dangers seen. Others have done this and been very happy. We think you will be also.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “April 9, 2021

    1. In the past stasis has been used almost exclusively for adjustments concerning the earth or energies around the earth. Stasis can also be used in the event of safety for the people if there is an uncontrollable panic in times of danger. This is an option at our disposal and determination for use on either the earth or to prevent further danger or harm of the people. Stasis can be used either in the confines of earth gravity or outside earth’s gravity and I am referring here to the time of transportation on a ship from earth or after being located aboard a larger ship. On earth it is a blanket imposed condition but can also be used on an individual basis once a person is outside of the earth’s gravitational pull. Will it be used? That remains to be seen but likely it will be used to prevent those approaching a health issue on board a ship when life is threatened by fear or agitation. There are also other imposed calmness conditions that can be used which do not fall under the name of stasis. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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