April 8, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to talk now of rules and things to live by. We need rules to keep us within parameters of action and there have to be road signs along the way. You have your rules of conduct for social behavior and the laws of the land. There are also laws of conduct for Universal behavior between planets. Most people know of the commandments given in your Bible and there are 10 of them. I am here to tell you that there are more and there were more given to Moses at the time on the mountain top.

These commandments were in stone and all of them were not put into your Bible. Moses did receive them but they were purposely left out because it was thought that they were too strict and people would rebel against having to live under such rules. Many things were left out of your Bible for different reasons and certain things were added to keep people manageable and fearing God. Attempt to control you goes back that far. Who ever heard of God asking you to kill one of your children! This did not happen in the way you think and the story was distorted to give the example of complete compliance to rule. This should have been a big clue that something was not right when you heard of this happening. Translations have also been inadequate in some cases concerning word usage and meaning.

The teachings given and commandments to live by go on to tell that it is not enough to act within the laws but you must also give importance to your thoughts and emotions against all others. Do not harbor ill will against anyone, whether you act it out or not for this energy has meaning and influence. We often wonder what your world would be like if you had been given the actual words that were given for you to read and know. Would this have made a difference? It would certainly have included the concept of reincarnation and also some information concerning UFOs. The distortions are many and the real messages would have taken the fear out of living. Fear God and keep His commandments was not intended then and it is not intended now. Fear has no place in the same sentence with God. Understanding of the laws of consequences from actions does. It is all a matter of the attempt to control you by getting you to fear living outside the rules that were given by those in power. It made it easier to punish people publicly so others would see and be afraid to live any other way.

We know you hold your Bible in respect and the words and concepts that were given are sacred and at the time truth was given when Esu walked the earth. I come to give you life and give it more abundantly was indeed what he was trying to get across and He did a good job of doing that while He was here. There were also other teachers that came to earth to give of truth and they also did a good job while here. Unfortunately they were not given the importance at the time for a lasting and correct record of their words and examples to remain as a truthful written word to be handed down in your history. The attempts were made and usually with a big sacrifice but accuracy became corrupted as time went by and you have only what is left of this attempt to teach truth and give you the real meanings of the words spoken. So you have whole religions based on some truth but not all and also based on some falsehoods. It surprised us as to the number of different beliefs that branched off into individual concepts and interpretations of what you had and these formed different religions that you have today. So much conflict over the basic truth of love one another.

It is most interesting to read of the development of life on a planet and to see how they attempt to take the information they have and weave it into their every day life. Earth was infused so many times along the way with visitors from other planets. Some stayed for long periods of time and some did not but all left their mark and beliefs upon the people they touched at the time. Your concepts, therefore took several turns in societal meanings and many records still exist today of these different influences. Your planet has not been a pristine and untouched civilization of one original set of thoughts on how to live, but many civilizations touched at different times by other worldly concepts leaving you with the diverse beliefs you have today. People usually end up believing what their parents did and depending on their opportunity to come into contact with other worldly beliefs, end up picking one that mostly corresponds with how they feel. Some people refuse to buy any of it and remain untouched by the positive aspects of belief and live a life of not believing in anything other than the one life of pursuit they are living at the time. How daunting to think it will all be over in a few decades and you can understand how this view greatly affects how you spend your time.

Just where do you go for truth and how do you know what to believe? Fortunately there are common threads of belief over the years that remain in the many teachings that tell of study, meditation and going within for answers. It takes many life times to make your decisions and it is unusual for someone to take in the many aspects of the opinions of prominent teachers and come out with a solid footing on things in just one life time. So many are born, believe as their parents do, live from that view and die believing the same thing and never take the time to listen to anything else or anyone else. It is a one concept life from beginning to end. This would be lovely if their belief gave them the truth they needed to make headway along their journey through their may lifetimes. Take the time to consider the many ways to look at life and see what resonates with your own mind and heart in a positive way. This is why we tell you to go within for your confirmations because there are so many different views in the world and all claiming to be the truth to live by.

It is now upon you to take hold of your beliefs of life and we hope that they are well founded and will give you the support you need to get through any difficult times you might have. In the beginning there is love and this will never change. In all our recorded history we have available to us this remains true in all instances. We highly recommend that whatever you believe that it contain this core truth that love is the beginning and is the way you should live your life. It is the basis for all your actions and not only that but all your thoughts. It should permeate all actions of every society and every relationship and construct of family. If you remember nothing else we have said remember this, that love is the foundation for all life and you should live in love and base all you do on this concept. This is how you are judged.

I leave you now to think on these things and to think of why you believe what you do. Is your life and your thoughts based on love, not only for one another but for yourself?

I am Joseph In His Service

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