April 7, 2021

Let us begin. We see a movement to overcome the dark and it is quite deliberate and is large. It has grown and solidified recently and is strong and growing by the day. The enslavement of the people of earth is moving to be over and freedom is the thought on the collective mind. This is a very strong energy and is active and working for the good of mankind. The energy is substantial and will overcome what is left of the attempt to control the masses. The long standing attempt to control the masses will fail and dissolve into very small fragments, which will have no holding on anything of importance. The movement of the group of Light contains strength and understanding of their efforts and directly targets the dark and is now in control in its forward directions. It is quite supported and is led by the strength and direction of the Father and source of all that is. There is no other way for it is established in His word and will.

Now that this has been done we implore you to continue using exactly the means that have been given to you and practiced by you to complete your efforts regarding the conflict of Light and dark that has been going on for far too long. What a battle it has been but the Will of God is not denied by any means and even though it was a long time coming it will be complete in its entirety, when finished. The finality of the word of God is exact and definitive in its execution and result. This is what was explained to the dark on numerous occasions and the meaning, leading to belief, never quite seemed to sink in and they continued their efforts in vain.

Now we come to the conclusion of it all soon and the process of facing what has been done is gathered for exposure. Do not be deluded into thinking it is exposing itself for the hands and minds of many have labored long and hard to bring about each step in this large effort to lay it out before you. If you could only see the wisdom in each move and counter move executed it would reveal the hand of God and there is no other way to describe it. God at work by whatever means is chosen to bring about the result needed. It will all be easier to see in time and many will study for ages what has taken place and what continues to take place now on earth. There will no doubt be speakers and lecturers before large audiences telling of what men and women did to liberate earth, but make no mistake about it for it was the work of God through these individuals.

We have come to many of you individually asking that you remain unmoved by fear and apprehension for you are the base and structural foundation upon which others find their footing to move ahead after such a shock when all is revealed and comprehended. Many must have help to get through this with their determination to gather themselves up and begin again without the restrictions they have lived under for many years. Liberation will be daunting for them for they have no experience with it in this life time. New freedom needs direction and you will again come into play regarding which way to go and you will set this by example of how you live your lives. Speaking loudly with your examples as you say very little at first for your faith and belief speak loudly for you. You will show out like a jewel in the dried up mud for that is what you have gone through. The Light and Love of the Father has dried up all the dregs of society and what is left is a new beginning. Let me not get ahead of myself.

The ending has not yet transpired and you cannot yet sit in a comfortable chair with popcorn and drink and watch the remainder of what is to be shown. You are the actors and crew on hand that bring about what movements are remaining and God is the production manager and producer. Study and know your parts thoroughly and completely for you are up now on stage and slowly the focus lights will be on you for complete illumination. Let your Light shine from within and play your part well for this is also a reason you were sent and you must complete what was set out for you in the beginning. The curtain is not down yet. The instructions will be given and the delivery and execution of God coming through each of you will weave the most beautiful fabric of new life needed, for each of you is a different expression in His service and you fit together most elaborately and extraordinarily. The coming together like the facets on a jewel to make the light available to all and everything. It is up to them to make use of it.

We have done our best to give you what you have needed along the way and now it is time for you to use all this information and direction for going within to gain the information you need to continue. Do it with reverence and understanding of the respect to be given in this completion on earth with every move you make. Many others not on your earth are depending upon the outcome. I leave you now to know that you are fully capable of doing what is needed.

Think on these things and draw upon the experience and the knowing you have. Be confident in the power of God working through you as He goes about directing his children for this monumental completion of a long journey earth has taken.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “April 7, 2021

  1. Is the New Madrid fault adjustment still threatening at any moment?
    I have the opportunity to move into a new space next to and on the same property I now live on. There is much to move that is heavy and my health condition is not such that I am able to tug under and lift much of my belongings. Should I stay where I presently am living and not make this move if I am going to be taken to ship for further training etc…?

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  2. Yes, the New Madrid fault adjustment is threatening at any moment. It is difficult to tell when it will make its move. To the second question, there are many now making changes in not only location but in relationships. The opportunity of a better place to live is tempting but the move itself would be difficult. We would suggest you spend time in the new location, maybe for half an hour, just to see how it feels and then make your decision. We see no reason you could not move other than stress. It is offered but consider all aspects as time is relative. What would be a short time to us might be a longer time for you to remain in your same location. It is within soul’s choice to make this decision. Joseph


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