April 6, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me to think that all on earth need to prepare for what is to come. I wish I could give you an itinerary of the events in question and their order of happening but there is no way it can be done. There are so many variables and unknowns concerning what will happen next. We see the unfolding of truth to the masses and that will be done. Then there is the surprise of earth adjustments to be made concerning earthquakes and such. We also have the reaction of the people regarding rebellion of being kept at home for so long for the people want to be free. All these things are unknown as to when they will happen.

You know that things are about to come forth in events and maybe you are more prepared than I realize. We know there are quite a few who are giving of this information on different web sites and many are viewing and listening in an attempt to gain information as to what is going on. It is impossible to keep everyone devoid of truth all over the world. Our attempts to inform you are met with a minimal amount of success for those who really need to be informed will not take the time to look for it and worse, if they should see it they will not take it in as truth. We attempt anyway and continue. Maybe a word or two will be remembered and they will come back for more.

We spoke in the past of giving of information over the radio and television and we were blocked at every turn in this plan. We still have avenues we can use and our information can be delivered when the time is right. This is a big plus for us and we would like for this to happen as soon as possible. We, however, cannot push ourselves upon you without some kind of preparation or introduction and this needs to be done without delay. The long awaited and coming forward of disclosure concerning people from other planets is still needed and hopefully will happen soon. It should fit nicely into the cauldron of shocking news that awaits you. What a time is upon you now with everything coming that you have to adjust to. We wish it could be different and planned for it to be that way but the push and resistance against our existence was strong and ever present. This is where you are greatly needed in your knowing and experience with us. We are hoping all the information concerning us will not be seen as harbingers of doom and you can give of your knowing for some kind of reassurance to others. There will be a lot for everyone to take in.

And who will help the helpers? We are here to do what we can and our actions depend on the events and the reaction of people on earth as to what we say and do. This is why it is so difficult to say what we have planned for all is predicated upon what this reaction of everyone will be. We stand ready in any event.

As the truth comes out the energies will be reflecting of the mental environment of the people and that means they will be unsettled to say the least. Be prepared for confusion and changing of the energies for awhile before all settles down to a state of acceptance. Change and adjustment will be the state of things for some time. We ask that you observe now what is coming out and try to put it all together in a comprehensive manner that makes sense.

The energies are turbulent at present so this will be short. I leave you now to observe, hear and formulate the real foundation of truth regarding what has taken place upon your earth. You will go from not knowing to knowing and then all knowing and this is a long journey. We wish you well in this journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

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